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Subject: [FAQ] Terry Pratchett/Discworld Merchandise

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Changes: new maintainer, slight changes throughout. Added details of BursarVixen Enterprises. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This FAQ consists of the following sections: 0. Before we begin... 1. Where and how do I buy Terry Pratchett novels and audio/video tapes? 2. Where and how do I buy Clarecraft Discworld figurines? 3. Where and how do I buy Discworld clothing and jewellery? 4. Where and how do I buy Discworld CD's and CD-ROM games? 5. Where and how do I buy other Discworld paraphernalia? 6. Where and how do I join commercial fan activity? 7. Where and how do I get things for free? 8. FAQ Maintainer's disclaimer. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0. Before we begin... ---------------------- Many of the URLs given in this document indicate files available for downloading from the Terry Pratchett Archives at ftp.lspace.org. If you are not familiar with the Archives, read the alt.fan.pratchett Mini-FAQ. Where appropriate, I'm giving URLs to both the FTP and the WWW versions of the resources mentioned. You will probably be doing yourself a favour if you read the Pratchett Newsgroups Mini-FAQ, the Terry Pratchett FAQ and the Terry Pratchett Bibliography as companion documents to this FAQ. <ftp://ftp.lspace.org/pub/pratchett/faqs/mini-faq> <ftp://ftp.lspace.org/pub/pratchett/faqs/afp-faq> <ftp://ftp.lspace.org/pub/pratchett/faqs/bibliography> <http://www.lspace.org/faqs/mini-faq.g.html> <http://www.lspace.org/faqs/afp-faq.g.html> <http://www.lspace.org/faqs/bibliography.g.html> The most recent copy of this FAQ is always available from the Pratchett Archives, or (together with many, many other FAQs) from the news.answers anonymous FTP site rtfm.mit.edu. If you can't do or don't know about FTP, just send an e-mail message to mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu containing the word "help" in the body of the message. <ftp://ftp.lspace.org/pub/pratchett/faqs/merchandise-faq> <ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/news.answers/pratchett/merchandise-faq> <http://www.lspace.org/faqs/merchandise-faq.g.html> 1. Where and how do I buy Terry Pratchett novels and audio/video tapes? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ In the UK and in most of Western Europe, Terry Pratchett's entire oeuvre is readily available from the bookshops. Even if it isn't, ordering is generally not a problem. However, Terry's novels (especially the recently released and earliest ones and the ever-elusive _Eric_) are not so easily available in the USA, thanks to braindead publishers, and bookshops that apparently do not consider it part of their job to order books for their customers. For a list of titles and ISBN numbers of all Terry's novels (including info on the places his short stories have appeared), read the Bibliography: <ftp://ftp.lspace.org/pub/pratchett/faqs/bibliography> <http://www.lspace.org/faqs/bibliography.g.html> With the advent of the World Wide Web, several on-line bookstores have become available. The following look like winners in the Terry Pratchett department to me. o Interstellar Master Traders. I.M.T. is Lancaster's specialist science fiction, fantasy & horror book and role-playing games shop, obtaining books in other areas to order. They sell all of the Terry books (including - subject to availability - the first editions and US hardcovers), the audio cassettes, Discworld GURPS, Josh Kirby artbooks, Discworld diaries, maps and calendars, Paul Kidby's colour and mono Discworld cards and many other items connected to Terry. I.M.T. will ship abroad; they have an American agent who accepts USD checks on their behalf, which avoids customers having to pay conversion charges on top of the exchange rate current at any time. Address: Interstellar Master Traders 33 North Road Lancaster LA1 1NS UK Tel: +44 (0)1524 382181 Fax: Available on request E-mail: i-m-t@i-m-t.demon.co.uk o Amazon. Amazon, the on-line bookstore, seems to be pretty comprehensive in their listing of Pratchett merchandise. The American branch <URL:http://www.amazon.com/> sells the "Wyrd Sisters" video for USD 34.95 and DVD for USD 35.99, the "From the Discworld" CD for USD 17.97 and most of the Pratchett books, including the more recently released editions. The UK branch <URL:http://www.amazon.co.uk/> sells all of the Pratchett books, the audio cassettes, plays, maps and foreign language editions. A more recent addition to the available items are videos, including the "Soul Music" and "Wyrd Sisters" box sets (UKP 17.99 each) and the "Wyrd Sisters" DVD for UKP 16.99. o Visually impaired information. Information about Pratchett novels for visually impaired fans can be found at The Audio Web: <http://www.chloe.karoo.net/> o The Discworld animation video tapes. In 1997, animated versions of _Soul Music_ and _Wyrd Sisters_ were produced by Cosgrove Hall for Channel 4 television. Both "Soul Music" and "Wyrd Sisters" have been shown on British television (and Australian?), but they are also both available on video from Polygram, who have taken over from the previous suppliers, Astrion. The videos cost UKP 14.99 (plus postage and packing outside Europe) and are available throughout the UK from all good video stockists and selected book stockists - for example, see 'Amazon' above. American fans can buy the "Wyrd Sisters" three-volume VHS boxed set or the DVD from Acorn Media Publishing for USD 39.95. Tel: 1-800-999-0212 E-mail: <info@acornmedia.com> Acorn Media's on-line catalog <URL:http://www.acornmedia.com/> lists the "Wyrd Sisters" boxed set and DVD, but not "Soul Music". o The Discworld animation DVDs. "Wyrd Sisters" was released on DVD at the end of March 2000, and is available from Amazon and Acorn Media (see above). Exclusive extras include a short test film made by Cosgrove Hall, a Pratchett bio, Discworld book list, character bios and images, and storyboards from the production, with hand-drawn images, directions and text notes, all linked to the scenes they represent so you can compare them. As for "Soul Music", Acorn Media currently plans to release it in 2001, when it is likely (though not guaranteed) that both the VHS and DVD versions will be made available. o The "Truckers" video tape. Made by Cosgrove Hall, this television show (telling the story of the first book of the Nomes trilogy) was a big success but was, unfortunately, unavailable on video for a long time. Now it has been re-released by VCI. Address: VCI plc 76 Dean Street London W1V 5HB England Tel: +44 (0)207 396 8888 Fax: +44 (0)207 396 8889 Web: <http://www.vci.co.uk/> The video -- product code TV8159 -- runs 110 minutes, costs UKP 9.99 (excluding shipping), and is in PAL format. It can be ordered online from <http://www.amazon.co.uk/>. o The Discworld audio tapes. Corgi audio is releasing audio cassette versions of the Discworld books, narrated by Tony "Baldrick" Robinson. These are abridged versions, running time approximately three hours. Isis Audio Books is releasing unabridged (and more expensive) versions. Some were narrated by Nigel "Neil from the Young Ones" Planer, _The Truth_ and _The Fifth Elephant_ by Stephen Briggs, and _Equal Rites_ and _Wyrd Sisters_ by Celia Imrie. You can order by snail-mail or on their Web site (where audio versions of some Discworld novels are available in mp3 format and on CD). Address: Isis Audio Books Isis Publishing Ltd 7 Centremead Osney Mead Oxford OX2 0ES UK Tel: 01865 250 333 Fax: 01865 790 358 Web: <http://www.isis-publishing.co.uk/> E-mail: sales@isis-publishing.co.uk Most of the mail-order bookstores should be able to order these audio versions for you just as easily as the books themselves, or you can visit the Internet Talking Bookshop which sells both the Corgi and the Isis audio tapes. <http://www.goodreading.co.uk/audio/main.html> 2. Where and how do I buy Clarecraft Discworld figurines? ---------------------------------------------------------- For years Clarecraft has been producing handmade Discworld figurines. These are extremely popular, and are very accurate representations of the Discworld characters. Terry himself is a regular customer, and had this to say about them: "I like the Clarecraft figures. They're made by people who read the books very carefully and then sculpt what they see on the inside of their eyelids. They don't always get it exactly right (no-one could), but they get it wrong a lot better than anyone else would." The Clarecraft Collectors' Guild Web pages feature an on-line catalogue and high-quality pictures of all their figurines. <http://www.clarecraft.co.uk/> Clarecraft no longer sell direct to the public, apart from a few *specials", however they can be purchased via: <http://www.collectorsgifts.com/> Address: Collectors Gifts Unit 1 Newlands Otley Road Grundisburgh Woodbridge Suffolk IP13 6RY Answerphone: +44 (0)1538 388333 Fax: +44 (0)1538 388333 Email: info@collectorsgifts.com Non-UK fans can order figures direct from the site. There are secure facilities to use, and there are things on the site that you can't buy in the shops. As well as the figurines, Clarecraft also sells posters, keyrings, pictures, rings, tee-shirts and mouse mats. Details are available on their Web site. 3. Where and how do I buy Discworld clothing and jewellery? ------------------------------------------------------------ o Stephen Briggs. Stephen "Cut-Me-Own-Throat" Briggs, aka CMOT Briggs, known for his Discworld stage adaptations and his co-authorship with Terry of _The Discworld Companion_, _Nanny's Ogg's Cookbook_, _The Streets of Ankh-Morpork_, _The Discworld Mapp_, _A Tourist's Guide To Lancre_ and _Death's Domain_ has also been responsible for supplying the alt.fan.pratchett readership with certain items of very popular Discworld merchandise -- if somebody on the newsgroup mentions T-shirts, these are the ones they probably mean. Stephen will send his products abroad, with an increased P&P cost (all payments in pounds sterling, EuroCheques no longer accepted). Stephen will soon have his own Website. It is not available yet, but the address will be: <http://www.cmotdibbler.com/> CMOT's postal address is: Stephen Briggs, PO Box 147, Oxford, OX2 8YT, UK Or you can e-mail him for a full list at <sbriggs@cix.co.uk>. o T-shirts. There are quite a few other T-shirts available, such as promotional shirts by Gollancz, Clarecraft, the Conventions, etc. Most can be found by visiting the various Discworld merchants merchants mentioned in this FAQ. 4. Where and how do I buy Discworld CDs and CD-ROM games? ---------------------------------------------------------- Here are some other 'multimedia' items that are directly related to the Discworld/Pratchett universe: o The "Discworld" CD-ROM games by Perfect Entertainment/Psygnosis. There are now three Discworld CD-ROM games. The first one is called "Discworld", and is available for PC, Macintosh, Sony Playstation and Saturn. The second one (generally regarded as the easiest of the three as the puzzles can usually be solved simply by having a good knowledge of the Discworld books) was released as "Discworld 2: Missing, presumed...?" in the UK, and "Discworld 2: Mortality Bytes" in the USA (no, I don't know why either), and is available for PC and Sony Playstation. The third game, "Discworld Noir", which has now been released is in the style of 'film noir' and features new characters and storylines. These games should be available from most major mail-order houses, on-line Web sites, and normal computer stores. For more information on these games (including the walkthroughs) consult the game FAQ or the games pages on L-Space Web: <ftp://ftp.lspace.org/pub/pratchett/faqs/discworld-game-faq> <http://www.lspace.org/games/discworld/> o The "From The Discworld" CD by Dave Greenslade. I know of two places on the Internet that carry this CD. -- The first source is an American-based outfit called "Compact Disc Europe". The CD costs USD 22.95 without shipping, and the catalogue number is E9451. Web: <http://www.cdeurope.com/> E-mail: sales@cdeurope.com -- The second source for the Discworld CD is the UK-based mail order company "Cheap or What! CDs" (formerly: PastelBlue). Here, the CD costs UKP 9.50, and the catalogue number is EMI-CDV2738 CD. They can be reached at: Web: <http://www.cow.co.uk/> E-mail: help@cow.co.uk o The "Soul Music" soundtrack to the Channel 4 animated series. Meanwhile, this CD featuring extended versions of all the songs is distributed to the shops through the normal channels, but in a pinch you can buy it directly for UKP 13.99 (plus UKP 1.50 p&p) from: Address: Pluto Music Limited FREEPOST NWW 15259 Tarporley CW6 9DJ UK Web: <http://www.plutomusic.com/> E-mail: keith@pluto.prestel.co.uk. The Pluto Music Website used to contain audio clips of the album: the site is currently not available, but it will apparently be relaunched in March 2001. The album is also stocked by CD Zone <http://www.cdzone.co.uk/>, who sell it at UKP 12.49. The catalogue number is TH30746. 5. Where and how do I buy other Discworld paraphernalia? --------------------------------------------------------- There are numerous other organisations who also produce Discworld merchandise. I shall attempt to list them all here, but there is a high chance that I have missed some out. If this is the case, then *please* e-mail me with the details of those which I have missed. Anyone wishing to produce Discworld merchandise may only do so with the permission of Terry or his agent, Colin Smythe. o Architecture, plates. Isobel and Bernard Pearson (formerly of Clarecraft) run a company called Pearson Waxworks: they now sell Discworld architecture and plates, and intend to add to their range in the near future. For a free brochure, just send them your postal address. Also, they now have new premises where you can browse their products at leisure. Their Emporium also stocks all the books and many other Discworld products including Clarecraft and CMOT Briggs ranges. Address: The Cunning Artificer's Discworld Emporium 41 The High Street Wincanton Somerset BA9 9JU UK Tel: +44 (0)1963 824686 Web: <http://www.artificer.co.uk/> E-mail: bernard@cunningartificer.demon.co.uk o Badges, keyrings, door plaques. These are plastic laminated items featuring phrases and sayings borrowed from or inspired by the Discworld. If you send these guys an SAE they'll send you a catalogue. Address: P & J Von Der Fecht 24 Holly Court Chester Rd Helsby Cheshire WA6 0PH UK o Discworld Beer BursarVixen Enterprises (BVE) is the purveyor of Discworld Beers, among them Ridcully's Revenge and Old Kingdom (a Djelibeybian brew). You can also buy other Discworld merchandise from them such as mugs featuring Kidby images, and t-shirts bearing Josh Kirby's cover artwork. Future plans include producing a genuine Scumble! Address: BVE, PO Box 2002, Romford RM7 7DQ, UK Tel/Fax: +44 (0)709 226 4571 Web: <http://www.bursarvixen.com/> Email: info@bursarvixen.com o Buttons. Snapdragon Gifts is a small Californian family firm, specializing in fannish gifts. They have been given permission by Terry to produce a line of buttons with quotes from the Discworld novels on them. 10% of all the profits from these particular buttons will be given to the Orangutan Foundation. Address: Snapdragon Gifts 615 Malarin Avenue Santa Clara CA 95050-6958 USA Tel: +1 408 615 9830 (9:00am - 7:00pm) Fax: +1 408 615 9831 Web: <http://www.snapdragongifts.com/> E-mail: info@snapdragongifts.com o Cross-stitch kits. These are embroidery kits of, at present, eighteen different Josh Kirby/Stephen Briggs & Paul Kidby graphics, including all the Coats of Arms. Most kits vary between 7 & 25 UKP. For more information contact Julia Froggatt at: Address: Lyndisfarne Quarry Lane Kelsall Nr Tarporley Cheshire CW6 0NJ UK Phone: +44 01829 752686 Web: <http://www.lyndisfarne.com/> E-mail: julia@lyndisfarne.demon.co.uk o Discworld Convention Merchandise. The Discworld Convention has many high-quality items of Discworld merchandise for sale. Their range of products includes various T-shirts, posters and birthday cards. Web: <http://www.dwcon.org/> E-mail: info@dwcon.org o Discworld GURPS. There is a Discworld version of the popular GURPS, owned by Steve Jackson Games. More information can be found at: <http://www.sjgames.com/gurps/books/Discworld/> o Doll's House. I have recently heard that the latest pieces of merchandise available are doll's houses fashioned to look like buildings from the Discworld. They are made by a company called Dream House and each _general_ design is approved by Terry Pratchett (but it is the company themselves who work out the finer details). Each one is hand made, and due to the length of time taken to produce them, they cost UKP 799. The Website is not yet available, but Dream House can be reached by e-mail: Dream.House@tesco.net o Jigsaw puzzles. In 1995 jigsaw puzzles became available, featuring Josh Kirby Discworld drawings. These have all gone out of print, and are no longer being made, so any that turn up are likely to be pretty valuable. However, in early 2000 Gibsons produced two new Discworld jigsaws in conjunction with Colin Smythe. These feature the full prints of Josh Kirby's "Carpe Jugulum" and "Maskerade", and are puzzles of 1,000 pieces. These are available from good retailers such as WHSmith. They can also be purchased online for UKP 9.75 each from Mail Order Express: Web: <http://www.mailorderexpress.com/> Tel: 08700 129090 o Paul Kidby prints. PJSM Prints sells various prints and Hogswatch cards by Paul Kidby, who started his Discworld involvement with _The Pratchett Portfolio_ and has since gone on to do many other projects with Terry and Stephen Briggs. Prints and original artwork are available from their Website. Address: PJSM Prints PO Box 1770 Salisbury Wiltshire SP5 5SS UK Tel: +44 (0)1722 780939 URL: <http://www.paulkidby.com/> E-mail: sales@paulkidby.com 6. Where and how do I join commercial fan activity? ---------------------------------------------------- There are two ongoing UK-based fan efforts pertaining to Terry Pratchett and his works. o The Fan Club -- "The Guild of Fans and Disciples" "The Guild of Fans and Disciples" is the unofficial fan club of Terry Pratchett and Josh Kirby. It is run on a non profit-making basis by a group of fans who produce a bi-monthly newsletter containing reviews, letters, articles and, of course, the latest news. Terry has no direct involvement in the club, but does supply them with news and quotes and even makes the occasional appearance in the letters page. The cost of one years membership (6 issues of "Ramtop to Rimfall") is (in pounds sterling): 10.00 in the UK 13.00 in the rest of Europe 15.00 in USA, Canada and Africa 16.00 in the rest of the world There are GOFAD representatives in Germany, USA & Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, who can take membership fees in local currency - details available on the Web site. Cheques and postal orders should be made payable to "The Guild of Fans and Disciples". Membership payments can also be made on-line via a secure service provided by Clarecraft. Address: The Guild of Fans and Disciples (I/N) PO Box 42 Bramhall SK7 1FP UK E-mail: Phil Penney (philpenney@bigfoot.com) URL: <http://www.geocities.com/Area51/1777/> o Octarine The Science Fiction & Fantasy Humour Appreciation Society. Terry Pratchett and Robert Rankin are honorary members, and they have their own quarterly magazine, "Tales From The Broken Drum". Membership rates are 5 pounds per year in the UK and 8 pounds for the rest of the world. You can also buy Discworld T-shirts from them. Address: Octarine 12 Thorne Road Nether Edge Sheffield S7 1RG UK Web: <http://www.asmodeus.free-online.co.uk/> 7. What can I get for free? ---------------------------- o Pratchett Archives As you may have gathered by now, the Internet also has lots of Terry Pratchett resources available for free, to be found mostly at the Pratchett Archives, its mirror sites and its WWW interfaces. For more information, read the mini-FAQ mentioned earlier: <ftp://ftp.lspace.org/pub/pratchett/faqs/mini-faq> <http://www.lspace.org/faqs/mini-faq.g.html> o Discworld Monthly There is also a free on-line Discworld magazine, called "Discworld Monthly"; for information on subscription, and past editions, visit their Website at: <http://www.ufbs.co.uk/dwm/> o Wossname This is another free Discworld newsletter available online or by e-mail; it is more aimed at the North American fan and can be found at: <http://welcome.to/wossname> 8. FAQ Maintainer's disclaimer. -------------------------------- I am not responsible or otherwise accountable for any problems you may encounter with any of the service providers mentioned in this FAQ. Although I'm fairly sure they're all nice people, for all I know they *may* turn out to be incompetents, crooks, cut-throats, robbers, and axe-murderers whose only goal in life is to separate you from your money. Please don't blame me if Things Go Wrong. Thanks. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------