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Commercial PPP software *** Go back here. To the top page here. Read on here. 7. COMMERCIAL PPP SOFTWARE PACKAGES Before even thinking of reading this document, refer to the disclaimer in part 1 of the "frequently asked questions". 7.1 Amiga Inet 7.1.1 KRUSE-PPP 1.30 KEYFILE VERSION. Author Holger Kruse <kruse@cs.ucf.edu> Public FTP archive on Aminet; ftp to e.g. wuarchive.wustl.edu, cd to /pub/aminet and read the instruction about the nearest mirror to you. The necessary keyfile has to be issued by the author; a registration form is enclosed with the evalutation version (see Status Full Version, with configurable Asyncmap. Supports IPCP, is reported to work with AmiTCP-3.0, AmiTCP-4.x and AS225R2, claimed to work with AmiTCP-2.3. More Information available at http://www.america.com/~kruse/amiga/PPP.html 7.2 MSDOS with and without MSWindows 7.2.1 COMMERCIAL PPP PACKAGES FOR MS-DOS AND MS-WINDOWS This information orignally appeared in the December 7th, 1992 issue of "Open Systems Today", a newspaper published by CMP Publications, (516) 562-5882. Each of these packages costs around $400 not including volume or other discounts. Call the vendor for details. Each of the packages is a complete TCP/IP stack with assorted client programs, ftp, telnet, etc.., that run under MS-DOS and/or MS-Windows. The TCP/IP client programs included in each package vary. Some use the DOS command line (even under MS-Windows) while others have full Windows GUI interfaces. A PPP client (but not server) is included with each of these packages. LAN WorkPlace for DOS 4.1 (see also 7.2.2) Novell USA: (801) 429-5588 Summary: This is an MS-DOS TSR (Terminate and Stay Ready) solution so it runs under either MS-DOS or MS-Windows. It includes a program called "DIALUP" that only allows connections at 8 bits, no parity. You can use the public domain "kermit" program instead if you need 7 bits, parity connections. PC/TCP FTP Software USA: (508) 685-4000 Contact: info@ftp.com Summary: PC/TCP is an MS-DOS TSR solution that had PPP long before it was fashionable. Not surprisingly, it was the only non-beta product available for this review. Comment: PC/TCP 2.2 was shipped 24/25 March 1993 (information indirectly through one of their customers.) I copy parts of the feature list: 1. Autoinstall/Autoconfig (graphical interface, easy install) 2. PCTCPNET (mount InterDrives from File Manager) 3. PCNFSD Print Support (multiple print redirection through PCNFSD) 4. Router Discovery - RFC 1256 5. 8K UDP Writes 6. WMSG (Demonstrates IP Multicast) 7. NFS/TCP Support 8. International Character Set Support / Names in InterDrive 9. International Character Set Support / Directory in InterDrive 10. MVSLogin Support for InterDrive 11. TN Mouse and light pen Support 12. VJ Compression for both SLIP and PPP 13. WinSockAPI Meets Final Revision 14. Interdrive EMM Caching Support - use EMM for buffers 15. Inet - Serial line additions debug SLIP and PPP connections 16. Kerberos/Ktelnet 17. Kernel/Netbios Interactions imporved support for LANtastic, LAN MAN Distinct TCP/IP 3.2 Distinct Inc. USA: (408) 741- 0781 Summmary: This is a Windows DLL solution. Version 3.2 supports Winsock 1. 1 Nice scripting features and built-in support (stored configuration strings, basically) for various modems. Reported to also work with the Novell Winsock stack. Super-PPP for Windows 1.0 beta Frontier Technologies Corp USA: (414) 241-4555 E-mail: tcp@frontiertech.com Summary: This is a Windows DLL solution that is an optional component of their Super-TCP for Windows product. Super-TCP comes in both TSR and DLL flavors but the Super-PPP product is strictly DLL. Very configurable. Performance notes: If you run PPP under MS-Windows, your performance will suck (it might not work at all!) unless you have 16550A UARTs in your PC. If you have an extra card slot, you can add two 16550A ports with the DSP 550 card from STB Systems, (214) 234-8750. To find out what kind of UARTs are in your PC, use the program "msd.exe" in your MS-Windows 3.1 install directory or retrieve the program /published/open-systems-today/uarttype.zip from ftp.uu.net . Older UARTs are the 8250 or the 16450. These UARTs will work ok under MS-DOS. A fast CPU helps, though. No performance tests were run because three of the four packages above are still in beta. For more information, read the Open Systems Today article and stay tuned to this FAQ. TechSmith Corporation Enterprise Wide Foray PPP Server Self-description Foray PPP Server is a low-cost remote access software solution that runs on MS-DOS and supports the IP and IPX protocols. Workstations can dial in over standard telephone lines to access the corporate Internet connection as well as other TCP/IP and IPX LAN resources. Foray PPP Server supports workstations running Windows 95 and Windows NT (using their native 32-bit drivers), standard WINSOCK apps or PPP drivers for Windows for Workgroups, Mac, OS/2, and Unix. It supports Windows 95 remote access features including callback and DNS negotiation. System administrators can reuse their 386 machines as they migrate to 486, Pentium, and PowerPC technology. An evaluation version of Foray PPP Server is available from our web site at http://www.techsmith.com. Foray PPP Server starts at $189.95 for a four port license. 8, 16, and 32 port configurations are also available. Foray PPP Server may be ordered from TechSmith Corporation, 3001 Coolidge Rd., Ste. 400, East Lansing, MI 48823 USA. Please send email to sales.foray-server@techsmith.com or call 1-800-517-3001 in North America, or +1-517-333-2100. TechSmith's Enterprise Wide Foray PPP Client for Microsoft Windows for Workgroups and Windows 3.1 Self-description Foray PPP Client allows Windows for Workgroups and Windows 3.1 users to dial in to the same servers as Windows 95 and Windows NT, accessing network resources including the corporate Internet connection. Foray PPP Client supports IP for TCP/IP networks and IPX for Novell networks, with deferred connection and autodial support under Windows. It is an ODI MLID driver and supports features such as callback and DNS negotiation. Users can define multiple communications servers to connect to, and use login scripts for automated access. This initial release supports PAP authentication. An evaluation version of Foray PPP Client is available from our web site at http://www.techsmith.com Foray PPP Client is $24.95 a copy and ten users at $199.95. Site licenses are also available. Foray PPP client may be ordered from TechSmith Corporation, 3001 Coolidge Rd., Ste. 400, East Lansing, MI 48823 USA. Please send email to sales.foray-client@techsmith.com or call 1-800-517-3001 in North America or +1-517-333-2100. Persoft Portable PPP Self-Description Portable TCP is a Windows Sockets TCP/IP stack compliant with the Windows Sockets 1.1 API standard providing users TCP/IP connectivity using PPP, SLIP, or network adapters. The dialer is tuned for the needs of a mobile user providing many features: ppp, slip, cslip automatic calling card handling dial on demand script recorder multiple configuration directory intelligent dialing including international capabilities dhcp, bootp, & rarp support ODI, NDIS, PC LAN, Ethernet, Token-Ring support Retail pricing: $149 / $99 each quantity 10 Persoft Inc. 465 Science Drive Madison, WI 53744-4953 608-273-6000 John Freeborg (johnf@persoft.com) 7.2.2 MSDOS/NOVELL: Novell now offers PPP support (asynchronous) in LAN WorkPlace for DOS version 4.1, and PPP support for synchronous and T1 connections on NetWare v3.11 servers in the MultiProtocol Router WAN Links option. NetWare server support for the routing of IP and IPX protocols over asynchronous dialup lines will be available sometime around mid-1993. This is an excerpt from LWP41.TXT, a document describing LAN WorkPlace for DOS v4.1 (the entire text can be found on sjf-lwp.sjf.novell.com in ~/lwp4dos/lwp41.txt):. You can also try the marketing blurb from Novells European Support Center. * SLIP (Serial Line Internet Protocol) and PPP (Point to Point Protocol) support. SLIP and PPP support is provided in the form of a custom ODI driver for LAN WorkPlace: SLIP_PPP.COM. This driver allows the Novell TCP/IP Transport for DOS v4.1 to use asynchronous connections for IP services required by DOS and Windows applications. It supports the following: - SLIP - Compressed SLIP (C-SLIP) using Van Jacobson TCP/IP header compression (as described in RFC-1144). - PPP with support for Van Jacobson TCP/IP header compression option negotiation and PAP (Password Authentication Protocol) as described in RFC-1334. - Support for National Semiconductor's 16550, 16550A, 16450 and 8250 UARTs (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter). Use of a 16550 UART is strongly recommended (and is required for use with Windows at speeds of 9600bps or greater). NOTE: One can use the Microsoft Diagnostics program supplied with Windows v3.1 (MSD.EXE) to determine which type of UART is installed in a PC. - Interface speeds up to 57,600 bps when used with a V.32bis/V.42bis modem and 16550A UART. brian@novell.com (Brian Meek) clarified on my request, that: IP is the only protocol supported directly by the LAN WorkPlace SLIP_PPP driver in this initial release. One can use the IPTUNNEL LAN driver (also included in LAN WorkPlace) to encapsulate IPX in UDP/IP and attach to a NetWare v3.11 server running a similar driver. This "IP Tunneling" mechanism is described in RFC 1234. Direct IPX support for this PPP driver will be added later, but the current tunneling mechanism is presently more widely applicable... since few (if any) PPP implementations are presently available with support for IPX. 7.2.3 KLOS TECHNOLOGIES PPP ODI DRIVER FOR NOVELL SOFTWARE Self-description "PPP is a Novell compatible ODI network driver designed to allow notebook and personal computers to access network dial-in services and direct connection via standard asynchronous serial ports. A packet driver interface is also provided to support ethernet packet driver based IP software. Running under DOS or Windows, PPP supports IP for TCP/IP networks and IPX for Novell networks. Security is provided by either the Password Authentication Protocol (PAP) or Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP). PPP includes full modem support with Auto-Dial and Demand- Dial features. Users may define connection profiles for quick configuration and access to multiple networks. Guardian utilities for both DOS and Windows are included to warn the user of attempts to load large programs from the remote network. A demonstration version of PPP is available via anonymous FTP on the Internet at mv.mv.com:pub/users/klos/pppdemo.zip and on the Klos Technologies BBS at (603) 429-0032. Single user PPP is priced at $29.95 a copy and five user at $129.95. PPP is available immediately and may be ordered from Klos Technologies, Inc., 604 Daniel Webster Highway, Merrimack, NH, 03054 (603) 424-8300." 7.3 386/486 PC's with SCO Unix: 7.3.1 SCO UNIX ODT2.0 AND LATER FOR 386/486 PC'S CONTAINS PPP. 7.3.2 MORNING STAR PPP RUNS UNDER SCO UNIX AND ODT (SEE 7.4) 7.4 for lots of computers running some Unix derivate: Morning Star PPP Price: $795 (40% discount for .edu) Supported systems: Sun 4, Sun 3, NeXT, DECstation, RS/6000, SCO UNIX, ISC UNIX, and Silicon Graphics (for an actual complete list, look at the self-description. Features demand-dial, scripting, filtering, redial, header compression, client, server, tunneling, extra escaping, the ability to work with various keycard access systems that require user interaction during the script Self-description Morning Star claims that their async PPP and SLIP run fine over UNIX systems' native serial ports, with no additional hardware required. For better performance, they recommend that users of PC-based UNIX systems install either a serial interface card based on the NS16550AFN UART, or a multiport "smart" card. They claim to do async PPP and SLIP/CSLIP as fast as the underlying UNIX supports (usually 38400), and to do sync PPP up to T1 (1.544Mb/s) or E1 (Euro-T1, 2.048Mb/s) over their SnapLink. They provide dynamically-loadable modules for SunOS 4.1.* and NeXTStep 2.1 and 3.0, so users needn't even reboot during the installation process. WWW http://www.morningstar.com FTP ftp.morningstar.com ftp.uu.net:/vendors/MorningStar/ E-mail: marketing@morningstar.com 7.5 for SUN computers running SunOS 7.5.1 MORNING STAR PPP see above. 7.5.2 BRIXTON PPP Supported systems: Sun 4 Features: demand-dial 7.5.3 SOLSTICE PPP 3.0.1 see http: //www.sun.com/sunexpress/na/catalog/us_english/parts/PPP-301-CD.html Requires SPARC(R) or x86 system running Solaris(R) 2.4 or later. Works with SPARC onboard serial ports, 3rd party network interface cards, and with the SunLink HSI 2.0 board for speeds up to T1/E1 (2 Mb/s). Features synchronous or asynchronous links, CHAP, PAP (RFC 1334), VJ header compression (RFC 1144), PPP compression (RFC 1661), dynamic IP address allocation, load sharing; uses multiprocessor architecture if available Price $995 (media, doc, and RTU) [in the USA only] for server on a SPARC desktop. Educational discounts are available. Client is free. 7.5.4 SOLARIS 2.3 Solaris 2.3 and up contains a ppp module. Most ppl. think dp-3.1 is riper. You're mileage may vary. The patch for the mishandling of Async control character mapping (in the LCP and IPCP negotiation) for Solaris 2.3 is patch number 101425 (the current revision level is -01). It should now be available from your favorite Sun patchetorium (e.g. U.S. Answer Center, SunSolve, SunService, etc.) This should allow you to interoperate with PPP that weren't able to deal with this bug such as the Telebit Netblazers. It also allows interoperation with versions of PPP that do not support IP address negotiation. therbert@r2d2.Eng.Sun.COM (Tom Herbert) 7.6 for NeXT 7.6.1 MORNING STAR PPP SEE 7.4 7.7 for Apple Macintosh 7.7.1 INTERPPP Vendor InterCon Systems Corporation 950 Herndon Parkway, Herndon, VA 22070 USA +1 703 709 5500 (voice), +1 703 709 5555 (fax) Self-description InterPPP is an implementation of PPP for the Apple Macintosh that supports both TCP/IP (in conjunction with MacTCP) and AppleTalk protocols over PPP, sharing the same PPP connection. Users can define multiple PPP configurations for use with different servers or from different locations, selectable on the fly. InterPPP also provides extensive logging and monitoring capabilities which can be useful for troubleshooting. Price: $99.95 for a single copy, with discounts available for volume, educational, or government purchasers. Contact Phone: 1-800-INT-RCON (1-800-468-7266) in North America or +1 703 709 5500 worldwide. Email to "sales@intercon.com" *** Go back here. To the top page here. Read on here. -- -- -- Unsolicited junk e-mail will be proofread at US$50.- per page. By sending such e-mail to my address, you accept these terms.