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How to get more PPP Information 6. HOW TO GET MORE PPP INFORMATION 6.1 FTP SITES try also the ftp sites mentioned above in the 'packages' section. Merit PPP collection at merit.edu:/pub/ppp/ KA9Q NOS collection at ucsd.edu:... A list of AmiNET mirrors (for Amiga networking software) can be obtained by ftp-ing to, e.g. ftp.etsu.edu, directory /pub/aminet, and reading the README file found there. 6.2 News Groups comp.protocols.ppp 6.3 WWW pages of interest Charm Net Personal IP Page at http://www.charm.net/ppp.html Ethernet home page at http://wwwhost.ots.utexas.edu/ethernet/ethernet-home.html (in case you need to connect more computers) -- -- -- Unsolicited junk e-mail will be proofread at US$50.- per page. By sending such e-mail to my address, you accept these terms.