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Subject: comp.protocols.ppp part1 of 8 of frequently wanted information

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PPP FWI Letter from the editor 1. LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Important Changes Introduction Information wanted CD-ROM policy DISCLAIMER 1.0 Important Changes 1995-JULY Started to implement explicit CD-ROM policy. Updated once again part about NeXT PPP. Updated some commercial products from my email backlog. OLDER CHANGES none. VERY OLD CHANGES Updated part about SVR4 ppp (5.3.1). (5.6.3) added blurb about ISPA, a msdos computer "packet driver" which - among other de facto used protocols - also supports PPP over ISDN, hopefully as of the RFC. few days or weeks ago added some vendors of PPP soft- and hardware in part7/part8. I want to express, that that list, as any other information in this postings/document, can't contain all products available, as I can't possibly read all publications/advertisements all over the world and put them in; I only include what people tell me or I stumble about. See the disclaimer. switched to another PPP relevant RFC search machine. It is still situated in Europe (this time in Germany), so ppl. shouldn't use it at regular intervals if from abroad. 1.1 Introduction I took the Information in Ed Vielmetti's FAQ files, my personal experience, and lots of stuff from comp.protocols.ppp, and built a new document. Later, lots of people contributed at one or the other place. This document will be reposted fortnightly, as soon as it is fairly stable, and weekly till then. Changed sections should be marked in the Table of Contents with a ! or + for something got added or - for something got deleted. 1.2 Information Wanted If you have experience with anything mentioned here, or know of newer versions, or of versions of software for other hardware/OS, or ... send me mail. I'll include it and possibly mention your name, if you don't express otherwise. The last paragraph applies explicitly to the authors themselves! Keep me informed, please. If you send me complete entries, consider to get the HTML version from http://theory.cs.uni-bonn.de/ppp/part?.html and send me an edited version. CD-ROM policy This sample of documents was collected by me from the various sources, including the Usenet news and direct contributions from others. I started with it before the outbreak of the CD ROM plague, so the special issue of ppl. collecting machine readable data, storing them to master disks and selling copies thereof never occured. Personally, I think that pressing higly dynamic data collections (like FAQ lists) to write-once media is a very stupid thing to do. However, there might be reasons to include the PPP-FAQ with other data; e.g., when preparing a NetBSD distribution on CD-ROM, an off-line readable copy of the PPP FAQ might be helpful for those wanting to set up a PPP connection from their newly aquired NetBSD for the first time... how could they access the online copy without having a working PPP connection? In the last few years I got lots of requests to allow the PPP FAQ to be added to such CD-ROMs. As I never had asked for such permissions from the contributors, I was not able to say "yes", even if I would have given the permission for my own work. If you contribute s.th., please state clearly if you would allow inclusion of the information to CD-ROM collections. At the moment, I can't give the permission to copy this stuff to CD-ROMs which are sold afterwards, even if I would like to, for the stated reasons. DISCLAIMER I want to express that any information in this posting or its follow-ups is provided on an "AS-IS" basis as a service to my colleagues at other Universities, without any implied or explicit warranties. To be more precise: I don't promise that all freely available programs are contained, or that programs described here are (still) available, or ar suited for anything useful better or worse than others. If you wan't me to include s.th., tell me about it; but I don't promise that I'll include it the same day or week or at all. I don't promise that commercial products contained here exist, that all commercial products in existance are contained here, or that products contained here are suited for anything useful better or worse than others. If any vendors feel their product should be included, and tells me about it, I probably would do it; but I don't promise that I'll include it the same day or week or at all. After all, doing this FAQ isn't my primary duty at work. Ignatios Souvatzis <ignatios@cs.uni-bonn.de> -- -- -- Unsolicited junk e-mail will be proofread at US$50.- per page. By sending such e-mail to my address, you accept these terms.