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Subject: Bristol FAQ alt.bristol v. 0.1 (modified 01/08/1999)

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Summary: This is the Charter and the FAQ for the Bristol newsgroup alt.bristol Archive-name: places/uk/bristol Posting-Frequency: monthly Last-modified: August 1, 1999 Version: 0.1 URL: http://www.psyche.demon.co.uk/bristol.html Copyright: (c) 1999 Peter H.M. Brooks
Charter for alt.bristol This charter is subject to change as required. The newsgroup alt.bristol is designed for the discussion of, argument and insult over Bristol. The original, real, Bristol is a city in England. This group, alt.bristol, is not intended to replace or supercede the possible group uk.local.bristol that may be created some day - if people prefer to use that, then this may well become defunct. There are a number of other Bristols, but alt.bristol is the proper place to discuss any or all of them: Bristol New Brunswick Bristol Quebec Bristol Pennsylvania Bristol Rhode Island Bristol South Dakota Bristol Virginia Bristol Connecticut Bristol Colorado Bristol Florida Bristol Indiana Bristol Georgia Bristol Massachusetts Bristol New Hampshire Bristol Vermont Bristol Alaska Bristol Island - Sandwich Islands Bristol Lake - California Bristol Mountains - California Bristol Silver - Nevada There are also many Hotels called Bristol, in Berlin, Genoa, Brussels, Frankfurt, Lyon, Panama, Washington D.C, Sheffield, Springs, Gibraltar, Dallas, Munich, Rome, Buenos Aires, Vienna, Sorrento, Paris, Mulhouse, Warsaw, Riva del Garda, Abano Terme, Milan, San Diego, Adelboden, Zermatt, Pietra Ligure, New Delhi, Newquay, Haryana, Salzburg, Bonn, Portofino, Bordeaux, Florence, Cologne, Bergen, and Geneva, to name a few. Half the population have Bristols, which is something that the other half is also pleased about, these can also be discussed here, though they could be discussed in alt.bristols. Bristols are also fine motorcars, clearly this is the place to discuss them as well. Binary postings, people arguing about wars in far off lands, html, or postings in foreign languages are not welcomed - unless they have a direct bearing upon Bristol. Should the need arise, alt.bristol can be treated as an heirachy, so that somebody could create alt.bristol.arts, alt.bristol.lunch, alt.bristol.traffic, alt.bristol.bbc, alt.bristol.slavery, alt.bristol.croquet or what ever suits the need of the moment. Here is a picture of a fine pair of bristols kindly supplied by Joanna - for details, see the credits below the FAQ. At the moment, this is being maintained by me, Peter Brooks, peter@psyche.demon.co.uk you can look at my web-site at http://www.psyche.demon.co.uk/ if you wish. A copy of this can be found at http://www.psyche.demon.co.uk/ bristol.html Bristol Frequently Asked questions with answers: This is the first posting of this FAQWA. Since this group only came into existence officially today, there have been no questions and certainly not any frequent ones, so this is an empty FAQWA for the moment. Should you wish to send me a question that you think will be asked frequently that requires an answer, I will consider adding it.Questions that might be suggested might include: 0. Why are tits sometimes called bristols? 1. Why is Bristol called Bristol and not Bombay? [a good question as Bombay is free at the moment] 2. Why is Black Boy Hill next to White Ladies Road? 3. If a good portion of the wealth in Bristol is from the Slave Trade, should it be given back? If so to how and to whom? 4. Ditto Tobacco. which would lead to: 'How many people died to build the Bristol Museum?' 5. Why are there so many balloons in Bristol? 6. How does Bristol manage to keep the tourists away? 7. Is it true that the seats in the Arnolfini were designed for use in the torture chambers of the Emperor Bokassa - who rejected them as too cruel? 8. In 'Jerusalem' did Blake intend us to understand that Jesus Christ was a Bristolian? 9. Is it possible to travel under Bristol by canoe? 10. Is it true that the woman who survived jumping of the Clifton Suspension Bridge by her skirts acting as a parachute suffered vastly from wind until her sad death in a freak smoking accident? 11. Which lecture theatre at Bristol University is known for the number of people who have been caught in flagrente delicto? What is the record number of people so caught at the same time? How do I find it? 12. Why does the Poly claim to have a campus in Frenchay when it is, in fact, in Stoke Gifford? 13. Is there any truth in the rumour that Cromwell hid a ton of gold under College green? 14. Is it true that there is part of the Bristol library reserved for lesbians? 15. Is it true that you can get biltong and boerewors in Clifton? 16. Why did Arthur get stuffed at the top of Park Street? 17. Why is the Bristol morgue closed on Tuesday afternoons? What do they do with the bodies then? 18. Is the weather in Bristol ever worse than that in the rest of the country? 19. Is there really a cider ward in the BRI? 20. Does the Eye Hospital do teeth as well? 21. Is it an offence under local bye laws to drive with an inaudible stereo after 10:30? 22. Where was the black spot delivered? 23. How many opera companies perform regularly in Bristol? 24. Why do some charity shops in Bristol have anti-ram-raiding posts? 25. Is it possible to miss your 'plane from Bristol airport because the bridge is pointing up stream? 26. Why does Bristol have two airfields, but use the one furthest away as its airport? 27. Can flying guppies be seen in the Bristolian skies? 28. Does Bristol have a metro system? So where was I last night? 29. What religion is practiced at Temple Meads? 30. Is there a camera in Bristol into which six people can fit? Why might these people see suicides? 31. Is it really true that it is furry in the middle of the Triangle? 32. When did they remove the fence around the Victoria Rooms and why? 33. If traffic cones were not invented in the Boer War, why is the memorial to that war topped by one? 34. How many months holiday does the Japanese restaurant take? 35. Was Bristol blue glass made to conceal the peculiar colour of the plonk served at the old Black Boy Inn? 36. Do you really have to pay to park at Southmead Hospital? 37. Why is a town known for its history of slavery and tobacco so popular with Quakers? 38. Why do more people go to see films in Bristol than anywhere else in the country? Why were they all there talking when I last went to see one? 39. Why can't you go to the dogs in Bristol any more? 40. Where can I find a good tailor now Golanski has retired? 41. Is it true that Camelot was Bristol? So, was the song about Camelot in the film really about Bristol? 42. Where can I go for a swim in Bristol? 43. Why is St Mary's called 'on-the-Quay' when it isn't? 44. Why isn't Bristol called Bombay when all the taxi drivers seem to come from there? 45. Why is the large bus shelter outside Bentalls shaped like a ship? 46. Where can I find an evening class to learn Bristolian? 47. What's a 'Bedmie? 48. Why are there more men in Bristol than women and why do they all go to the Queen's Shilling? 49. I'm thinking of moving to Bristol, can you tell me about house prices, jobs and good schools. 50. Where can I park? 51. What's it all about, eh?? 52. So why go after those who aren't the problem? [Re the CPZ] Questions & Answers [eventually]: Question 0: cherrytree@breathemail.net (R.B.) Questions 1-41: Peter H.M. Brooks peter@psyche.demon.co.uk Questions 42-50: Joanna Prescott joanna@lotos-land.demon.co.uk [and the Bristols!] Question 51: David Davis feline1@catsweep.freeserve.co.uk Question 52: Jim Darling JimDarling@disconnected.freeserve.co.uk