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Subject: fine art digitized groups general info, welcome and FAQ

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This is the welcome message and FAQ for alt.binaries.pictures.fine-art.d alt.binaries.pictures.fine-art.graphics alt.binaries.pictures.fine-art.digitized WE ARE NOW ON THE WEB. Archives can be viewed at http://www.wiu.edu/users/mflll/art.html These groups all deal with the use of computer graphics and computer digitization in art. These are all moderated groups. The two alt groups are for the posting of digitized files. These materials are also being made available via FTP for those sites not receiving the alt groups. alt.binaries.pictures.fine-art.graphics is for those pictures done using computer graphics programs. alt.binaries.pictures.fine-art.digitized is for people who have made paintings, drawings, prints, etc. and wish to distribute reproductions of same. Thus those who have used "conventional media" to produce their art work and wish to digitize same and share this with us, will have their material posted in this group. Pictures will be accepted in any reasonable format including IFF, TIF, GIFF and JPEG. We will attempt to convert formats such as BMP to GIFF or JPEG, unless indicated otherwise. Some readers complained when I sent a BMP file. (If we are unable to view the picture with our hardware/software environment, we may ask the contributor to mail us slides or other similar hardcopy so that we can perform our moderation.) alt.binaries.pictures.fine-art.d will be a discussion group for both of the above picture groups. For each entry in alt.binaries.pictures.fine-art.graphics and alt.binaries.pictures.fine-art.digitized the poster must send a short biography and any other information associated with the drawing. Art submitted without this information will not be processed. The biography should include: a) name b) education c) affiliation d) physical mail address e) electronic mail address f) exhibition record (optional) g) age (optional) ALSO PROVIDE INFORMATION ON media/programs used FOR ALL SUBMISSIONS. This is intended to be the same sort of information that would be included in art book. A long-term goal would be to assemble an art book and/or a CD-ROM based on the work submitted. (Of course, we would request the consent of each poster prior to including their work.) This would include the possible non-profit distribution to art departments worldwide. People wishing to discuss the use of computer graphics in fine arts may submit their postings to alt.pictures.fine-art.d archives can be found the file /pub/fine-art on wiu.edu by anonymous ftp. The file "list" will contain a list of what we have. (Remember to set binary--most everything is binary or compressed except the list.) Your moderators are Eugene V. Solot, M.F.A. Laurence L. Leff, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Art Associate Prof. of Computer Science Emeritus Western Illinois University Western Illinois University 312 N. William Street Colchester, IL 62326 Macomb, IL 61455 Please send all submissions to: artcomp@wiu.edu and send all administrative electronic mail to: artcomp-request@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu We also ask all people reading this posting to tell artists and the local art department about our services. Most artists are NOT on the net and you are probably the only way that the artists you know will hear about us. We would also appreciate it if you would offer to help them with such tasks as obtaining an account with access to USENET, reading and posting news, uploading files and performing the digitization. Thus, please spread the information so that everyone can take advantage of this service. Thanks! The following are answers to some of the questions raised during the original call for discussion. We feel these may be concerns of new subscribers and potential posters. We thus include these issues. 1) Copyright protection Please don't post any material that you haven't done yourself. This is to avoid copyright problems. In other words, this is not the group to send your copies of the Mona Lisa or Van Gogh's works. We are concerned that someone on the net might steal and plagiarize pictures distributed on this group. In other words, some unscrupulous individual might monitor these groups, download a picture, and then remove any signature with a paint program. Then, they could submit the picture to a juried show or as homework in an art class. That would be a risk that would be born by any contributor. We trust that artists monitoring this group would be of fine character and never do something so dastardly. However, we strongly recommend that no individual contributor distribute more than five drawings using these group. This is also a reason that we will be requiring the biographical information. If someone wants to exchange more works, they can do this by private electronic mail. 2) What is art? Someone asked, "What is art?" We will not censor anything for posting. However, we will limit the works to a manageable amount--in order not to swamp the net or those wishing to monitor these groups. Of course, if we are making up a disk or publishing book, we will use our discretion in choosing what will make the best possible publication. 3) How do I view the art work? There is a wonderful FAQ posting that deals with picture formats. It is posted regularly to alt.binaries.pictures.fine-art.d It is also available from a couple of mail servers. For anonymous FTP access, you can look on either rtfm.mit.edu in the directory /pub/usenet/news.answers, on archive.cs.ruu.nl [] in directory NEWS.ANSWERS, on cnam.cnam.fr [] in directory /pub/FAQ, or on ftp.uu.net [ or] in directory /pub/usenet. In all cases, you'll want to get one or both of the FAQ parts named as files "pictures-faq/part1" and "pictures-faq/part2". Both parts are also available on bongo.cc.utexas.edu [], in the gifstuff directory as FAQ.abp.1 for part 1 and FAQ.abp.2 for part 2. For e-mail access, send a message to mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu with the mail body "send usenet/news.answers/pictures-faq/part1" to get the first part, and "send usenet/news.answers/pictures-faq/part2" for the second, or e-mail to mail-server@cs.ruu.nl with "send NEWS.ANSWERS/pictures-faq/part1" and/or "send NEWS.ANSWERS/pictures-faq/part2" in the body of the message.