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Subject: [alt.fan.sandra-bullock] FAQ: The alt.fan.sandra-bullock FAQ Ver 3.14

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Archive-name: personalities/sandra-bullock/afs-bfaq Posting-Frequency: weekly (Monday) Last-modified: 2002/03/26 Version: 3.14 URL: http://www.cass.net/~duane/Sandra/faq/sandyfaq.html
##### The alt.fan.sandra-bullock FAQ ##### Version 3.14 - 26 MAR 2002 Authored by Duane Ebersole, duane@cass.net Original Author Todd Lawson, tlawson@amug.org Contributors: Robster@usa.pipeline.com, andrewc@ix.netcom.com, sirfitz@earthlink.net, homais@indirect.com, bskca@cnsnet.com, and TheKohser@aol.com. This document is available on the World Wide Web at http://www.cass.net/~duane/Sandra/faq/ and in plain text format at http://www.cass.net/~duane/Sandra/faq/sandyfaq.txt and ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet-by-group/alt.fan.sandra-bullock/ This posting no longer contains the contents of the FAQ, please use one of the web or ftp access methods mentioned above. Below is the table of contents for the FAQ. ### Table of Contents ### 1. Some Basics 1.1 - What is this document? 1.2 - What's the point of this group? 1.3 - Is this group moderated? 1.4 - How do you post? 1.5 - What does this acronym stand for? 2. a.f.s-b Content 2.1 - What if I think Sandra sucks? 2.2 - Can I post pictures here? 2.3 - Why is there a restriction on the placement of binaries? 2.4 - What about the group alt.fan.sandra-bullock.binaries? 2.5 - Where are photos of her? 2.6 - What about advertisements and solicitations? 3. Sandra Info 3.1 - What about Sandra herself? 3.2 - Is Sandra really on the Internet? 3.3 - Does Sandra monitor this newsgroup? 3.4 - Does she have email? 3.5 - Does Sandra have an account on AOL? 3.6 - Does she go on IRC? 3.7 - What is her address for regular mail? 3.8 - Does Sandra have a boyfriend? 4. Regular a.f.s-b Controversies 4.1 - Does Sandra have big feet? 4.2 - Does Sandra have an annoying voice? 4.3 - What is her birthday? How old is she? 4.4 - Has Sandra posed nude? Where are the pictures? 4.5 - Does Sandra have anorexia? 4.6 - Who is []Softsofa[]? 5. Administrativa 5.1 - What about questions not in this FAQ? 5.2 - How are things added to this FAQ? 5.3 - Wait, my site doesn't get alt.fan.sandra-bullock. What do I do? 5.4 - Where did the huge site list go that was in earlier versions of this FAQ? ##### This FAQ may be freely distributed and reproduced as a whole document. Excerpts from it should be attributed, but may be used without permission. (C) 1997-1999 Todd C. Lawson, (C) 1999-2000 Duane Ebersole.