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Subject: List of Periodic Informational Postings, Part 2/20

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This is part 2 of the List of Periodic Informational Postings. See the posting entitled "List of Periodic Informational Postings, Part 1/20" for more information. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Newsgroups: alt.comp.virus,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: ALT.COMP.VIRUS POSTING GUIDELINES - READ ME FIRST From: gwenzel@telusplanet.net Frequency: Weekly Summary: What to post, and not to post, to alt.comp.virus. Archive-name: computer-virus/posting-guidelines Date: 12 Mar 2000 10:29:58 GMT Newsgroups: alt.comp.virus,comp.virus,alt.answers,comp.answers,news.answers Subject: Mini-FAQ: alt.comp.virus From: gwenzel@telusplanet.net Frequency: Every 7 days Archive-name: computer-virus/mini-faq Summary: The most important things to know before posting to a.c.v. Date: 12 Mar 2000 09:55:04 GMT Newsgroups: alt.comp.virus,comp.virus,alt.answers,comp.answers,news.answers Subject: [alt.comp.virus] FAQ Part */* From: gwenzel@telusplanet.net Frequency: Fortnightly Archive-name: computer-virus/alt-faq/part1 Date: 23 Mar 2000 20:09:03 GMT Newsgroups: alt.comp.virus,comp.virus,comp.sys.mac.apps,comp.sys.mac.misc,comp.sys.mac.system,alt.answers,comp.answers,news.answers Subject: Viruses and the Mac FAQ From: Susan Lesch <lesch@macvirus.com> Frequency: Fortnightly Summary: Why viruses are a Mac problem, too.... Archive-name: computer-virus/macintosh-faq Date: 13 Mar 2004 09:35:00 GMT Newsgroups: alt.computer.consultants,alt.lang.basic,alt.sys.alpha-micro,comp.lang.basic.misc,alt.answers,comp.answers,news.answers Subject: Business Basic FAQ From: gary@gdma.com (Gary McClellan) Frequency: monthly Summary: Business Basic History and Resources Archive-name: business-basic/faq Date: 18 Mar 2004 09:14:30 GMT Newsgroups: alt.config,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: Emily Postnews answers your questions on how to create a new alt group From: wth0019@decster.uta.edu (Billy Harris) Frequency: monthly Archive-name: alt-hierarchies/emily-alt-advice Date: 29 Mar 1995 21:45:44 -0600 Newsgroups: alt.config,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: How (not) to create Alt groups FAQ From: david@home.net.nz (David Farrar) Frequency: monthly (first Tuesday) Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 09:46:24 GMT Archive-name: alt-hierarchies/alt-advice Newsgroups: alt.config,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: So You Want to Create an Alt Newsgroup From: barr@cis.ohio-state.edu (Dave Barr) Frequency: every other week Archive-name: alt-creation-guide Summary: This is a guide for anyone interested in creating a newsgroup within the alt.* hierarchy. It is posted every 14 days. Date: 11 Aug 2001 21:23:31 -0500 Newsgroups: alt.config,alt.newgroup,news.admin.misc,news.admin.hierarchies,news.groups,alt.answers Subject: Another listing of newsgroups in the "alt" hierarchy, Part * of * From: alt-list@gts.org Frequency: monthly Archive-name: alt-newsgroups/part1 Summary: A listing of newsgroups in the "alt" news hierarchy, as it appears from one site. No attempt to make any recommendations is implied by this list; it is for informational purposes only. Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 15:21:06 GMT Newsgroups: alt.config,news.answers,alt.answers Subject: england.* Newsgroups Help and FAQ From: Darren Wyn Rees <merlin@netlink.co.uk> Frequency: fortnightly, every 2 weeks (or thereabouts) Archive-name: uk/england/groups-faq Newsgroups: alt.config,news.groups,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: Pitfalls of Newsgroup Moderation From: Russ Allbery <rra@stanford.edu> Frequency: monthly Archive-name: usenet/moderation/pitfalls Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 08:00:03 +0000 (UTC) Newsgroups: alt.config,news.groups,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: [FAQ] Gathering Traffic Data for Proposed Newsgroups From: Rob Maxwell <robu-san@excite.com> Frequency: Monthly (on the 1st) Archive-name: usenet/creating-newsgroups/justification Date: 19 Mar 2004 09:36:25 GMT Newsgroups: alt.config,news.groups,free.control,alt.answers,free.answers,news.answers Subject: The Free.uk Usenet FAQ From: usenet-uk@bigfoot.com (The Reform Group) Frequency: monthly (on the 1st of every month) Archive-name: uk/free/free-uk-faq Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: Conspiracy Theory Literature FAQ From: xpoez@pair.com (Xavier Poez) Frequency: 21 days Summary: diverse conspiracy theories and popular references on them Archive-name: books/conspiracy-theory Date: 10 Mar 2004 10:09:12 GMT Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy,alt.revisionism,soc.history,soc.answers,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: HOLOCAUST FAQ: Willis Carto & The Institute for Historical Review (*/*) From: nizkor@veritas.nizkor.org (Nizkor (USA)) Frequency: monthly Reply-To: kmcvay@nizkor.almanac.bc.ca Archive-name: holocaust/ihr/part01 Summary: Research guide to Willis Carto's racist machine Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004 05:15:03 -0000 Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy.flying.elephants Subject: Flying Elephants FAQ From: masson12@haven.ios.com (Tim Masterson) Frequency: unknown Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy.usenet-cabal,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: alt.conspiracy.usenet-cabal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) From: pyld@avocet.ma.iup.edu (Matt Schnierle) Frequency: Monthly (7th of each) Archive-name: usenet/cabal-conspiracy-FAQ Summary: This posting contains frequently asked questions and answers about the usenet cabal conspiracy Date: Thu, 7 Sep 1995 17:08:18 -0400 Alt-conspiracy-usenet-cabal-archive-name: FAQ Newsgroups: alt.consumers.free-stuff Subject: FAQ: alt.consumers.free-stuff From: msimons@usacs.rutgers.edu (Master and Servant) Frequency: bi-monthly Newsgroups: alt.cult-movies,alt.video.laserdisc,rec.music.movies,rec.arts.movies.past-films,rec.arts.sf.movies Subject: The LEGEND FAQ (Film 1985/86 directed by Ridley Scott) From: Geoffrey Wright <geoff@halcyon.com> Frequency: Monthly Newsgroups: alt.cult-movies,rec.arts.movies.misc,rec.arts.sf.movies,alt.answers,rec.answers,news.answers Subject: LIST: MOVIE TRIVIA: in-jokes, cameos, signatures From: muzzle@cs.uq.oz.au (Murray Chapman) Frequency: monthly Archive-name: movies/trivia-faq Summary: Movie trivia, behind the scenes in-jokes, signatures Date: 24 Nov 1998 13:49:26 GMT Newsgroups: alt.cult-movies,rec.arts.sf.movies,rec.arts.movies.past-films,news.answers,rec.answers,alt.answers Subject: MOVIES: ALIEN FAQ part */* From: E.W.C.deVos@twi.TUDelft.NL Frequency: approx. every month Archive-name: movies/alien-faq/part1 Date: 23 Nov 1997 15:44:28 GMT Newsgroups: alt.cult-movies.rocky-horror,alt.cult-movies,rec.arts.movies,alt.answers,rec.answers,news.answers Subject: Rocky Horror Theater List From: gburgyan@nforce.com (George Burgyan) Frequency: Monthly Archive-name: movies/rocky-horror-theaters Summary: This posting contains names of theaters that are showing the Rocky Horror Picture Show all over the world. Date: 30 Jan 1996 01:42:52 GMT Newsgroups: alt.culture.cyber-psychos Subject: alt.culture.cyber-psychos faq * From: jsailing@nyx10.nyx.net (Jasmine Sailing) Frequency: unknown Newsgroups: alt.culture.tuva,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: alt.culture.tuva FAQ Version * [1 of *] From: kerryy@nortel.ca (Kerry Yackoboski) Frequency: monthly Archive-name: tuva-faq Summary: This posting contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers) about the culture of the Lost Land of Tannu Tuva, an actual country in the centre of Asia. It should be read by anyone who wishes to post to the alt.culture.tuva newsgroup. Date: 20 Jan 2000 15:26:15 GMT Newsgroups: alt.culture.virtual.oceania,alt.politics.libertarian,sci.misc,soc.misc,alt.answers,sci.answers,soc.answers,news.answers Subject: FAQ: Oceania - The New Country From: oceania@news.enet.net (Eric Klien) Frequency: monthly Summary: This FAQ contains information about the new country Oceania. Archive-name: oceania/faq Date: 28 May 1995 22:31:55 GMT Newsgroups: alt.current-events.earth-changes Subject: FAQ alt.current-events.earth-changes From: "Peter P." <ptp@primenet.com> Frequency: unknown Newsgroups: alt.cyberpunk,alt.2600,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: Cowgrrlz FAQ version * From: sage@wimsey.com (Stephen Kawamoto) Frequency: monthly Reply-To: sage@vanbc.wimsey.com Archive-name: alt-2600/cowgrrls-faq Newsgroups: alt.cyberpunk,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: alt.cyberpunk - FAQ From: frank@knarf.demon.co.uk (Frank) Frequency: every two weeks to alt.cyberpunk, approx. monthly to *.answers Archive-name: cyberpunk-faq Summary: answers to frequently asked questions about "cyberpunk" artistic and social movements Date: 09 Feb 1997 19:50:08 -0600 Newsgroups: alt.cyberspace,alt.hypertext,alt.internet.services,comp.groupware,comp.infosystems,comp.infosystems.hyperg,comp.infosystems.interpedia,alt.answers,comp.answers,news.answers Subject: Xanadu World Publishing Repository Frequently Asked Questions From: xanni@xanadu.com.au (Andrew Pam) Frequency: monthly Archive-name: xanadu-faq Summary: This posting contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers) about the Xanadu(tm) World Publishing Repository(tm) project. Date: 25 Jan 2002 15:45:23 +1100 Newsgroups: alt.dbs.echostar Subject: alt.dbs.echostar FAQ * update From: Shawn <sk1@ally.ios.com> Frequency: unknown Newsgroups: alt.destroy.the.internet Subject: Welcome to alt.destroy.the.internet! From: dave@universe.digex.net (Dave Flater) Frequency: unknown Newsgroups: alt.dev.null,alt.answers Subject: alt.dev.null faq From: ansimar@arh0065.urh.uiuc.edu () Frequency: unknown Date: 25 Mar 1997 01:20:33 GMT Newsgroups: alt.devilbunnies Subject: Alt.devilbunnies Supplemental FAQ 1 *** The Address List Subject: Alt.devilbunnies Supplemental FAQ 1a *** Who's Who: The Fudds Subject: Alt.devilbunnies Supplemental FAQ 1b *** Who's Who: The Bunnies Subject: Alt.devilbunnies Supplemental FAQ 1c *** Where's Where Subject: Alt.devilbunnies Supplemental FAQ 2 *** Fudd Technology Subject: Alt.devilbunnies Supplemental FAQ 3 *** Bunny Technology Subject: Alt.devilbunnies Supplemental FAQ 3a *** The Bunny Virus Subject: Alt.devilbunnies Supplemental FAQ 3b *** Nanotechnology Subject: Alt.devilbunnies Supplemental FAQ 3c *** MorphArmor Subject: Alt.devilbunnies Supplemental FAQ 3d *** Bunny Transportation Subject: Alt.devilbunnies Supplemental FAQ 4 *** Ancient History of the Devilbunnies Subject: Alt.devilbunnies Supplemental FAQ 5 *** The Ferrotti Subject: Alt.devilbunnies Supplemental FAQ 5a *** The Ferrotti Language Subject: Alt.devilbunnies Supplemental FAQ 6 *** More Fun Stuff From: Bill Keyes aka the Ferret-Meister <bkeyes@lamar.ColoState.EDU> Frequency: varies Newsgroups: alt.devilbunnies,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: Alt.Devilbunnies Frequently Asked Questions *** part */* From: bkeyes@lamar.ColoState.EDU.zap.for.email (Bill Keyes) Frequency: Approximately twice per month Archive-name: devilbunnies-faq/part1 Summary: Everything you ever wanted to know about the Evil that Fluffs (tm) Date: 25 Aug 2003 09:33:14 -0700 Newsgroups: alt.disney.beauty+beast,rec.arts.disney.announce Subject: alt.disney.beauty+beast FAQ (*) From: zm4@columbia.edu (Zarina Mustapha) Frequency: unknown Newsgroups: alt.dragons-inn,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: alt.dragons-inn Mini-FAQ From: dwomack@runner.utsa.edu (Dave Womack) Frequency: weekly (monthly in *.answers) Newsgroups: alt.dreams,alt.dreams.lucid,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: Dreams FAQ Pt.1/*: General Information, dream interpretation Subject: Dreams FAQ Pt.2/*: Nightmares, OOBEs, paranormal issues Subject: Dreams FAQ Pt.3/*: About Lucid Dreaming Subject: Dreams FAQ Pt.4/*: Research, Help, reading recommendations From: olaf@bigred.inka.de (Olaf Titz) Frequency: biweekly Archive-name: dreams-faq/part1 Summary: This document tries to answer some frequently asked questions on the alt.dreams and alt.dreams.lucid newsgroups. Main contents are about sleeping and dreaming in general, dream interpretation, lucid dreaming. Date: 20 Dec 1995 14:35:17 GMT Newsgroups: alt.dreams,alt.dreams.lucid,alt.out-of-body,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: Lars' Dreaming FAQ Subject: Lars' Lucid Dreaming FAQ From: larsrune@sf.telia.no Frequency: weekly Summary: This FAQ answers Frequently Asked Questions about Dreaming. Archive-name: dreams-faq/general Date: 25 Mar 2004 10:03:44 GMT Newsgroups: alt.drinks.kool-aid,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: Kool-Aid FAQ * From: Paul and Bess Dawson-Schmidt <dawsons@visi.com> Frequency: Roughly every 2 weeks Archive-name: food/kool-aid-faq Date: Wed, 08 Dec 1999 14:19:06 GMT Newsgroups: alt.drugs Subject: Clandestine Chemistry FAQ From: "yogi (y.) shan" <yshan@bnr.ca> Frequency: unknown Newsgroups: alt.drugs,alt.drugs.culture,alt.drugs.pot,alt.privacy,misc.activism.progressive,sci.techniques.testing.misc,talk.politics.drugs,alt.answers,sci.answers,misc.answers,talk.answers,news.answers Subject: Drug Testing FAQ (v. *) From: hbcsc096@csun.edu (justin gombos) Frequency: monthly Archive-name: drugs/drug-testing Summary: This is a comprehensive guide reguarding drug testing. It should Date: 5 Aug 1996 16:06:53 GMT Newsgroups: alt.drugs.caffeine Subject: Coffee FAQ * Part * of * From: Daniel Owen <coffee@aomt.netmegs.com> Frequency: unknown Newsgroups: alt.drugs.caffeine,alt.coffee,rec.food.drink.coffee,alt.answers,rec.answers,news.answers Subject: Coffee and Caffeine's Frequently Asked Questions From: alopez-o@daisy.uwaterloo.ca (Alex Lopez-Ortiz) Frequency: every two weeks Summary: All you wanted to know about caffeinated beverages Archive-name: caffeine-faq Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 19:05:10 GMT Newsgroups: alt.drugs.psychedelics,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: alt.drugs.psychedelics FAQ From: quincy@hampstermash.com Frequency: quarterly Archive-name: drugs/psychedelics/adp-faq Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2003 16:46:05 -0500 Newsgroups: alt.education.alternative,alt.education.distance,misc.education,misc.education.adult,misc.education.home-school.misc Subject: GNA FAQ: Web site with thousands of DL courses From: Rebecca <tracy.25@osu.edu> Frequency: unknown Newsgroups: alt.education.distance,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: alt.education.distance FAQ (part * of *) From: rlaws@homes4kids.org (Rita Laws) Frequency: monthly Archive-name: education/distance-ed-faq/part1 Summary: This document offers answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding distance learning, also known as distance education, or non-traditional education. Distance learning most commonly involves the earning of post-secondary credits via non-traditional means, i.e., correspondence courses, and college courses via the Internet, TV, radio, satellite, etc. Date: 18 Mar 2004 09:14:34 GMT Newsgroups: alt.education.university.vision2020 Subject: alt.education.university.vision2020 FAQ From: rpost@ag.Arizona.EDU (Roger Post) Frequency: unknown Newsgroups: alt.emulators.classic-arcade Subject: alt.emulators.classic-arcade FAQ From: rbonine@mindspring.com (Roger Bonine) Frequency: unknown Newsgroups: alt.eo,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: Official Alt.eo FAQ v* From: Evil Overlord <webmaster@thedarkcitadel.com> Frequency: weekly Summary: This posts describes the newsgroup alt.eo Archive-name: humor/evil-overlords Date: Sun, 08 Dec 2002 19:15:21 GMT Newsgroups: alt.evil Subject: FAQ, Alt.Evil From: kjohn@midway.uchicago.edu (ERMREY) Frequency: unknown Newsgroups: alt.fan.aly-walansky,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: alt.fan.aly-walansky FAQ v* From: cattekin@best.com (Frisco Del Rosario) Frequency: bimonthly Archive-name: personalities/aly-walansky Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 05:49:22 -0800 Newsgroups: alt.fan.arianarichards,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: alt.fan.arianarichards FAQ v* From: Wim Godden <wimg@geocities.com> Frequency: fortnightly Date: 3 Feb 98 11:38:01 GMT Archive-name: celebrities/ariana-richards-faq Newsgroups: alt.fan.art-bell Subject: [alt.fan.art-bell] FAQ From: "DoctorTim BsD" <hill.tim@usa.net> Frequency: unknown Newsgroups: alt.fan.asprin Subject: [FAQ] ALT.FAN.ASPRIN From: mythadvtrs@aol.com (MythAdvtrs) Frequency: unknown Newsgroups: alt.fan.bgcrisis,rec.arts.anime.info,rec.answers,news.answers Subject: alt.fan.bgcrisis: The FAQ! From: Steve Pearl <starbuck@cybercomm.net> Frequency: monthly Archive-name: bgcrisis/FAQ Date: 2 May 1996 06:47:09 -0400 Newsgroups: alt.fan.bill-gates,alt.windows95,alt.destroy.microsoft,alt.news.microsoft,seattle.general,comp.os.ms-windows.advocacy,comp.os.ms-windows.nt.advocacy,comp.answers,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: Bill Gates "Unofficial" FAQ From: billg40@tiac.net (Bill G.) Frequency: weekly Date: 18 Apr 1997 01:59:36 GMT Archive-name: personalities/bill-gates-faq Newsgroups: alt.fan.blade-runner,rec.arts.movies.misc,alt.cult-movies,rec.arts.sf.movies,rec.answers,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: Blade Runner FAQ From: Netrunner@Netrunner.co.uk Frequency: monthly Archive-name: movies/bladerunner-faq Summary: Discussions of Blade Runner, a frequently debated movie. Date: 18 Mar 2004 09:11:07 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.blues-brothers,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: alt.fan.blues-brothers FAQ From: pringle@yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au (GLen Pringle) Frequency: Monthly Summary: List of frequently asked questions (and their answers) about The Blues Brothers. Archive-name: movies/blues-bros-faq Date: 10 Jul 2003 17:08:04 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.cecil-adams,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: alt.fan.cecil-adams FAQ From: RM Mentock <mentock@mindspring.com> Frequency: irregular Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 15:16:26 GMT Archive-name: misc-facts/cecil-adams Newsgroups: alt.fan.conan-obrien,alt.tv.talkshows.late,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: Conan O'Brien Faq, v.* From: Damone <damone@styx.ios.com> Frequency: Monthly Archive-name: tv/conan-obrien-faq Summary: Frequently Asked Questions list for "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" Date: 20 Jan 1997 00:14:28 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.dave_barry,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: alt.fan.dave_barry Frequently Asked Questions From: msteele@muenster.cs.wisc.edu (Michael Steele) Frequency: monthly Archive-name: dave-barry-faq Summary: FAQ Date: 21 Jul 1998 12:33:48 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.dejanews Subject: Welcome to alt.fan.dejanews! From: bhuston@eden.com (Bill Huston ) Frequency: unknown Newsgroups: alt.fan.dennis-miller Subject: THE DENNIS MILLER FAQ * From: tomalhe@aol.comdontspam (TOMALHE) Frequency: unknown Date: 09 Aug 2003 00:37:12 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.devo Subject: alt.fan.devo FAQ From: <C92CC@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU> Frequency: unknown Newsgroups: alt.fan.douglas-adams,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: alt.fan.douglas-adams FAQ From: nhughes@umich.edu (Nathan Hughes) Frequency: monthly Archive-name: douglas-adams-FAQ Date: 1 Jul 1997 17:56:07 -0400 Newsgroups: alt.fan.dr-pepper,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: alt.fan.dr-pepper FAQ v. * From: chrisf@pipeline.com (Christopher Flaherty) Frequency: trimonthly (more or less) Summary: Answers to most questions about the soft drink Dr Pepper. Archive-name: drink/dr-pepper Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 07:48:11 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.dragonlance,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: alt.fan.dragonlance FAQ v* (*) From: dropdead@mindspring.com (Styx) Frequency: monthly Single-Subject: alt.fan.dragonlance FAQ v* (*) Archive-name: books/dragonlance-faq Summary: This posting is more or less a survival guide in the wilderness of alt.fan.dragonlance. It should be read by anyone who wishes to post to alt.fan.dragonlance and/or understand alt.fan.dragonlance Date: 30 Jul 1997 10:53:23 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.dragons Subject: Welcome to alt.fan.dragons From: fxdlk@camelot.acf-lab.alaska.edu (D. Kienenberger) Frequency: weekly Date: 7 Nov 1995 18:04:25 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.duane,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: alt.fan.dune Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) Pointer From: dunefaq@email.com (Gunnar Harboe) Frequency: weekly Newsgroups: alt.fan.dune,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: alt.fan.dune Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Part */* From: dunefaq@email.com (Gunnar Harboe) Frequency: monthly Archive-name: sf/dune-faq Summary: A periodic posting of frequently asked questions about alt.fan.dune, _Dune_, and related matters. Date: 30 Jan 2000 03:22:11 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.eddie-izzard Subject: Welcome to alt.fan.eddi-izzard ! (Mini-FAQ) From: Mark Henwood <Mark@thieves.demon.co.uk> Frequency: unknown Newsgroups: alt.fan.eddie-izzard Subject: alt.fan.eddie-izzard FAQ (semi-)regular posting. From: "I, James Mason" <I_James_Mason@> Frequency: unknown Newsgroups: alt.fan.eddings Subject: alt.fan.eddings Frequently Asked Questions List From: aphrael@microserve.net (Aphrael) Frequency: bi-monthly Summary: Information on fantasy author David Eddings and frequently covered topics in the alt.fan.eddings newsgroup. Archive-name: sf/david-eddings-faq Date: 11 Nov 1998 13:49:02 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.eddings.creative,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: Alt.Fan.Eddings.Creative Frequently Asked Questions List From: Aquarius <aquarius@kryogenix.albatross.co.uk> Frequency: monthly Archive-name: sf/david-eddings/fanfic-faq Summary: This document answers commonly-asked questions about posting fan fiction set in the fantasy worlds of David & Leigh Eddings Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 09:34:55 +0100 Newsgroups: alt.fan.frank-zappa Subject: alt.fan.frank-zappa FAQ (*/*) * From: sweet@skat.usc.edu (Rob Sweet) Frequency: monthly Date: 19 Nov 1994 12:58:32 -0800 Newsgroups: alt.fan.furry,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: [alt.fan.furry] Incomplete Listing of Zoomorphic Publications From: Felyne32k@softhome.net (Felyne32k) Frequency: Posted on the 13th and 30th of each month, and Feb. 28 Archive-name: furry/zines Summary: Do you like Bugs Bunny and "The Lion King"? Do you read science fiction novels like C.J. Cherryh's "The Pride of Chanur"? How about adult-themed comic books such as "Omaha the Cat Dancer"? This FAQ lists numerous amateur publications by and about furries! Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 9:47:05 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.furry,alt.fan.furry.muck,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: alt.fan.furry semi-FAQ From: lynx@lynx.purrsia.com (Conrad Wong) Frequency: Posted on the 8th and 25th of each month. Comment: Maintained by <lynx@netcom.com> (Conrad Wong) Archive-name: furry/faq Summary: Do you like Bugs Bunny and "The Lion King"? Do you play games such as "Starfox" or "Sonic the Hedgehog"? Do you read science fiction novels like C.J. Cherryh's "The Pride of Chanur"? Do you enjoy adult-themed comic books including "Maus" or "Omaha the Cat Dancer"? Find out about furries in alt.fan.furry! Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 10:47:08 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.goat,alt.goat,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: alt.fan.goat FAQ (modified *) From: AFG Historical Society <afgfaq@yahoo.com> Frequency: semimonthly Archive-name: n Newsgroups: alt.fan.goons,alt.comedy.british,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: [alt.fan.goons] Introduction From: r.street@auckland.ac.nz (Russell Street) Frequency: monthly Archive-name: tv/british-comedy/goon-show Newsgroups: alt.fan.greaseman Subject: alt.fan.greaseman FAQ From: jrw78@aol.com (JRW78) Frequency: every 30 days Newsgroups: alt.fan.greaseman,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: FAQ: The Greaseman From: greaseman-faq-maintainer@jcas.com (Carlos Castro) Frequency: monthly Archive-name: greaseman-faq Date: 20 Oct 2000 08:25:35 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.greg-kinnear,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: Greg Kinnear FAQ v* (revised *) From: crclark@dreamscape.com (Christine Clark) Frequency: every other month to alt.fan.greg-kinnear Summary: Bio of Greg Kinnear and information about Talk Soup and Later Archive-name: tv/talk-shows/greg-kinnear Date: 24 Sep 1999 12:30:50 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.hannibal-lecter,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: Hannibal Lecter FAQ* From: cory@gladstone.uoregon.edu (Cory Compton Coleman) Frequency: monthly Archive-name: movies/hannibal-lecter Date: 7 May 1998 18:02:22 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.happyman,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: HappyMan FAQ From: jaanders@europa.com (John Anderson) Frequency: monthly Summary: HappyMan MetaComic Frequently Asked Questions Date: 11 Sep 1996 22:54:28 GMT Archive-name: comics/happyman-faq Newsgroups: alt.fan.harlan-ellison Subject: FAQ:alt.fan.harlan-ellison V.* From: jalmatom@wco.com (James Shearhart) Frequency: biweekly Newsgroups: alt.fan.harrison-ford,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: [alt.fan.harrison-ford] FAQ From: ochfd42@yahoo.com Frequency: bi-weekly Archive-name: movies/harrison-ford-faq Summary: Questions about Harrison Ford and his movies Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 00:47:59 -0300 Newsgroups: alt.fan.harry-potter,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: FAQ: alt.fan.harry-potter Frequently Asked Questions From: Petrea Mitchell <pravn@parkstreet.m5p.com> Frequency: weekly Newsgroups: alt.fan.hofstadter,comp.ai,alt.tanaka-tomoyuki,alt.tcj,alt.answers,comp.answers,news.answers Subject: <alt.fan.hofstadter> and "GEB" FAQ From: tanaka@catbert.ucdavis.edu (Tomoyuki Tanaka) Frequency: at most once every two or three months Archive-name: books/hofstadter-GEB-FAQ Date: 26 Jun 1999 11:39:34 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.james-bond,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: alt.fan.james-bond FAQ -- Version *.* From: Michael Reed <reed55@core.com> Frequency: 15 Days Archive-name: james-bond/FAQ Summary: This posting answers Frequently Asked Questions in the alt.fan.james-bond newsgroup. It covers James Bond movie history and publications of the James Bond novels. Date: 19 Mar 2004 09:36:25 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.jimmy-buffett Subject: alt.fan.jimmy-buffett FAQ - */* From: adavid@cs.ucf.edu (David Anderson) Frequency: unknown Newsgroups: alt.fan.jimmy-buffett,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: Key West, FL - Frequently Asked Questions w/answers From: rwm@MPGN.COM (Rob Miracle) Frequency: every two weeks Archive-name: music/jimmy-buffet/key-west Date: 17 Sep 1996 11:45:39 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.joel-furr,alt.bonehead.joel-furr,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: Joel Furr FAQ From: jfurr@furrs.org (Joel K. 'Jay' Furr) Frequency: monthly or thereabouts Archive-name: joel-furr/faq Summary: http://www.furrs.org/FAQs/jffaq.htm Date: 15 Mar 2004 09:44:24 GMT Alt-fan-joel-furr-archive-name: faq Alt-bonehead-joel-furr-archive-name: faq Newsgroups: alt.fan.john-winston,alt.alien.visitors,alt.paranormal,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: alt.fan.john-winston Frequently Asked Questions From: "Mark F. Heiman" <mheiman@carleton.edu> Frequency: monthly Summary: This posting contains argueably pointless information about net personality John Winston and the newsgroup which bears his name. Archive-name: personalities/john-winston Date: 14 Mar 1996 18:31:56 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.kim-stanley-robinson,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: [alt.fan.kim-stanley-robinson] FAQ * From: jeandre@techie.com (Jeandré) Frequency: weekly Date: Sun, 05 Aug 2001 00:07:44 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.lemurs,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: alt.fan.lemurs: Frinkquently Asked Questions (Part * of *, Lemur Humor Part *) Subject: alt.fan.lemurs: Frinkquently Asked Questions (Part * of *, Lemur Poetry) Subject: alt.fan.lemurs: Frinkquently Asked Questions (Part * of *, DUPC) Subject: alt.fan.lemurs: Frinkquently Asked Questions (Part * of *, Real Lemur Facts) From: "Joel K. Furr" <jfurr@best.com> Frequency: fortnightly Archive-name: lemur-faq/part1 Summary: Lemur Humor Part One Date: 28 Feb 2004 09:08:09 GMT Alt-fan-lemurs-archive-name: lemur-faq/part1 Newsgroups: alt.fan.lemurs,alt.cows.moo.moo.moo,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: alt.fan.lemurs: Frinkquently Asked Questions (Part * of *, Lemurs Versus Cows) From: jfurr@acpub.duke.edu (Joel K. Furr) Frequency: fortnightly Summary: This FAQ posting details the ugly truth behind the Lemur-Cow feud. Archive-name: lemur-faq/part4 Date: 28 Feb 2004 09:08:10 GMT Alt-fan-lemurs-archive-name: lemur-faq/part4 Newsgroups: alt.fan.letterman,rec.arts.tv,alt.tv.talkshows.late,alt.answers,rec.answers,news.answers Subject: [alt.fan.letterman] The Dave FAQ From: aaronbarnhart@yahoo.com (Aaron Barnhart) Frequency: twice a month Newsgroups: alt.fan.lynne-russell,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: [alt.fan.lynne-russell] Frequently Asked Questions From: shiva@io.com (Earl Cooley III) Frequency: monthly Summary: Frequently Asked Questions about Lynne Russell Archive-name: celebrities/lynne-russell Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 06:01:49 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.meg-ryan,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: FAQ for alt.fan.meg-ryan at *. Part */* From: bwong@wave.co.nz (Sleepless in Seattle) Frequency: monthly Date: Sun, 16 Feb 1997 04:35:33 GMT Archive-name: movies/meg-ryan-faq Newsgroups: alt.fan.mich-pfeiffer Subject: [alt.fan.mich-pfeiffer] FAQ ver. * From: chanquez@aol.com (CHanquez) Frequency: unknown Newsgroups: alt.fan.mira-furlan,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: [alt.fan.mira-furlan] FAQ - Welcome - read this first! From: moyra@interlog.com (Moyra J. Bligh) Frequency: monthly Archive-name: celebrities/mira-furlan-faq Summary: This posting describes the newsgroup alt.fan.mira-furlan, including where to find more information.  It should be read by anyone who wishes to post to the alt.fan.mira-furlan newsgroup. Date: Sat, 04 Jan 2003 19:32:08 -0500 Newsgroups: alt.fan.monty-python,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: alt.fan.monty-python FAQ part */*, * From: analda@hiwaay.net (Analda Anglin) Frequency: monthly to *.answers, semi-monthly to alt.fan.monty-python Archive-name: monty-python Date: 23 Jun 1998 06:14:39 -0000 Newsgroups: alt.fan.nanochrist Subject: alt.fan.nanochrist weekly FAQ From: "Nanochrist" <rockgods@nanochrist.com> Frequency: weekly Newsgroups: alt.fan.pern,news.answers,alt.answers Subject: Welcome to alt.fan.pern (Semi-monthly posting) (Part * of *) From: quirk@swcp.com (Taki Kogoma) Frequency: twice per month Summary: Introductory material for the alt.fan.pern newsgroup Archive-name: pern-intro/part1 Date: 15 Mar 2004 01:00:08 -0700 Newsgroups: alt.fan.piers-anthony,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: alt.fan.piers-anthony Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) From: umholme0@ccu.umanitoba.ca (Douglas Holmes) Frequency: monthly Archive-name: books/piers-anthony-faq Date: Mon, 09 Jan 1995 07:59:09 -0600 Summary: This posting contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers) about the author Piers Anthony and his works. The material favours the factual, subjective discussion is left to the newsgroup. Newsgroups: alt.fan.pratchett.announce,alt.fan.pratchett Subject: Welcome to alt.fan.pratchett! (mini-FAQ, please read) From: leo@cp.tn.tudelft.nl (Leo Breebaart) Frequency: weekly Summary: Lots of information about Terry Pratchett is available on the Internet. Why not check out this article before posting to the newsgroup? This reminder is posted weekly to alt.fan.pratchett. Archive-name: pratchett-mini-faq Date: Mon, 19 Dec 1994 22:59:49 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.pratchett.announce,alt.fan.pratchett,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: FAQ: Terry Pratchett/Discworld Merchandise From: Leo Barium <Barium@lspace.org> Frequency: monthly Summary: Quanti Canicula Ille In Fenestra? Archive-name: pratchett/merchandise Date: 21 Aug 1997 13:39:59 +0200 Newsgroups: alt.fan.pratchett.announce,alt.fan.pratchett,alt.books.pratchett,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: [FAQ] Terry Pratchett Bibliography From: "ppint." <yppint@lspace.orgy> Frequency: monthly (on the 28th) Archive-name: pratchett/bibliography Date: 28 Sep 1999 01:00:07 +0200 Newsgroups: alt.fan.pratchett.announce,alt.fan.pratchett,alt.books.pratchett,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: [FAQ] Terry Pratchett Newsgroups From: "ppint." <yppint@lspace.orgy> Frequency: monthly (on the 28th) Archive-name: pratchett/bibliography Date: 28 Sep 1999 01:00:07 +0200 Newsgroups: alt.fan.renee-oconnor,alt.tv.xena,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: Alt.Fan.Renee-OConnor Newsgroup FAQ (Part 1 of 1) From: "Paul Hilling" <gabfan@rocfan.org.uk> Frequency: Six-weekly or whenever Archive-name: celebrities/renee-oconnor/faq Summary: List of frequently asked questions about Renee O'Connor and the newsgroup for her fans, alt.fan.renee-oconnor Date: 05 Jun 2002 11:16:50 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.rush-limbaugh,alt.president.clinton,alt.answers Subject: The Beltway FAQ From: paul@hsh.com (Paul Havemann) Frequency: unknown Newsgroups: alt.fan.sailor-moon Subject: Sailor Moon FAQ From: arromdee@jyusenkyou.cs.jhu.edu (Ken Arromdee) Frequency: unknown Date: 5 Sep 1996 14:51:37 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.samantha-fox,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: alt.fan.samantha-fox Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Part */* From: ap296@torfree.net (Shiloh Costa) Frequency: monthly Summary: This article contains information about the Page 3 Girl/Pop Singer Samantha Fox in the U.K. Archive-name: personalities/samantha-fox/part1 Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000 07:48:53 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.sandra-bullock,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: [alt.fan.sandra-bullock] FAQ: The alt.fan.sandra-bullock FAQ Ver * From: "Duane Ebersole" <duane@cass.net> Frequency: weekly (Monday) Summary: Frequently asked questions about the Sandra Bullock newsgroup. Archive-name: personalities/sandra-bullock/afs-bfaq Date: 25 Mar 2004 10:03:30 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.sandra-bullock,news.answers,alt.answers Subject: [alt.fan.sandra-bullock] a.f.s-b Web Site List Ver * From: "Duane Ebersole" <duane@cass.net> Frequency: bi-weekly (Monday) Archive-name: personalities/sandra-bullock/site-list Summary: A list of Sandra Bullock World Wide Web Sites. Date: 25 Mar 2004 10:03:39 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.sarah-m-gellar,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: [alt.fan.sarah-m-gellar] FAQ From: jamie@softham.co.uk (Linux Jay) Frequency: Monthly Archive-name: n Newsgroups: alt.fan.shostakovich,rec.music.classical Subject: alt.fan.shostakovich FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) From: richard@bofh.its.rmit.EDU.AU (Richard A. Muirden) Frequency: monthly Date: 30 Nov 1997 23:54:40 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.spinal-tap Subject: alt.fan.spinal-tap FAQ From: jrblevin@edcen.ehhs.cmich.edu (Jerry R. Blevins) Frequency: unknown Newsgroups: alt.fan.suckdotcom,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: alt.fan.suckdotcom FAQ --- POSTED NO TRESPASSING!!! From: david@tipjar.com (David Nicol) Frequency: irregularly, as needed. Summary: take heed, a.f.sdc is for discussion of http://www.suck.com Archive-name: net-abuse-faq/alt.fan.suckdotcom Date: 1 Feb 2000 09:46:25 -0600 Newsgroups: alt.fan.teen.starlets,alt.binaries.pictures.teen-starlets,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: [Teen Starlets FAQ] v* From: jrwatkin@progsoc.uts.edu.au Frequency: monthly Archive-name: movies/Teen-Starlets-FAQ Date: 24 Nov 1997 21:35:45 +1100 Newsgroups: alt.fan.the-bob,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: alt.fan.the-bob FAQ v* From: asdamick@unity.ncsu.edu (Andrew S. "Gurk" Damick) Frequency: weekly Archive-name: the-bob/alt-fan-the-bob-faq Date: 21 Sep 1999 19:21:58 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.the-bob,alt.legend.the-bob,alt.fan.gur-obo,alt.sex.fetish.the-bob,alt.support.the-bob,alt.silly-group.spiffo,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: Club BOB(c) FAQ Version * From: asdamick@unity.ncsu.edu (The BOB(c)) Frequency: weekly Alt-binaries-pictures-the-bob-archive-name: BOB(c)FAQ Archive-name: the-bob/club-bob-faq Date: 21 Sep 1999 19:26:00 GMT Alt-legend-the-bob-archive-name: Club_BOB(c)_FAQ Alt-fan-gur-obo-archive-name: Club_BOB(c)_FAQ Alt-sex-fetish-the-bob-archive-name: Club_BOB(c)_FAQ Alt-support-the-bob-archive-name: Club_BOB(c)_FAQ Alt-silly-group-spiffo-archive-name: Club_BOB(c)_FAQ Newsgroups: alt.fan.traci-lords,alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.traci-lords,alt.sex.traci-lords,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: Traci-Lords-FAQ From: aftlfaq@unbounded.com Frequency: monthly/whenever updated Archive-name: personalities/traci-lords Summary: This article is a collection of information on Traci Elizabeth Lords Date: 09 Sep 2003 10:52:11 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.vladimir.zhirinovsky,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: alt.fan.vladimir.zhirinovsky Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) From: holman@katk.helsinki.fi (Eugene Holman) Frequency: fortnightly Archive-name: personalities/vladimir-zhirinovsky Newsgroups: alt.fan.wedge,rec.arts.sf.starwars Subject: alt.fan.wedge FAQ [MS Word uuencoded] From: mveaudry@hermes.acs.ryerson.ca (Christopher Veaudry - PHAS/W94) Frequency: as required to alt.fan.wedge Archive-name: starwars/wedge-faq Newsgroups: alt.fan.winona-ryder,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: Winona Ryder FAQ [*/* - *] From: duprey@panix.com Frequency: monthly to *.answers, twice monthly to alt.fan.winona-ryder Archive-name: movies/winona-ryder-faq/part3 Date: Sat, 08 Feb 1997 14:50:26 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fan.woody-allen,alt.sex.woody-allen,rec.arts.movies.lists+surveys,rec.arts.movies.people,alt.answers,rec.answers,news.answers Subject: Woody Allen FAQ From: westbrok@hsnp.com (BrYan Westbrook) Frequency: monthly Archive-name: celebrities/woody-allen-faq Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 03:20:45 GMT Newsgroups: alt.fiction.original Subject: alt.fiction.original FAQ From: janemac98@excite.com (Jane MacDonald) Frequency: unknown Newsgroups: alt.filesystems.afs,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: AFS distributed filesystem FAQ From: mpb@mailserver.aixssc.uk.ibm.com (Paul Blackburn) Frequency: approximately every two months Archive-name: afs-faq Summary: Introduction to AFS with pointers to further information Date: 18 Mar 2004 09:11:17 GMT Newsgroups: alt.flame.right-wing-conservatives Subject: alt.flame.right-wing-conservatives FAQ From: jhavok@antibot.stuff.lava.net (James R. Olson, jr.) Frequency: unknown Newsgroups: alt.folklore.college,alt.folklore.computers,alt.internet.services,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: FAQ: CSH Coke Machine Information From: drink@drink.csh.rit.edu Frequency: monthly Archive-name: csh-coke-machine-info Summary: So I hopefully won't have to answer too many questions... 8^) Date: Sat, 4 Feb 1995 19:45:09 GMT Newsgroups: alt.folklore.college,soc.college,soc.college.grad,alt.folklore.urban Subject: alt.folklore.college Frequently Asked Questions From: thf2@kimbark.uchicago.edu (Ted Frank) Frequency: every two weeks Date: Tue, 15 Mar 1994 16:23:42 GMT Newsgroups: alt.folklore.computers Subject: alt.folklore.computers FAQ - Part */* From: wilson@best.com (Wilson Roberto Afonso) Frequency: monthly Archive-name: afc-faq-1 Date: 14 Jul 1995 07:23:18 -0700 Newsgroups: alt.folklore.computers,alt.usenet.kooks,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: Net.Legends.FAQ (Noticeable Phenomena Of UseNet) Part */* From: David DeLaney <dbd@panacea.phys.utk.edu> Frequency: every 73 days Archive-name: net-legends-faq/part1 Summary: This FAQ gives information on some of the more noticeable or notable people, places, and/or things occuring on UseNet. Not to be taken internally. Date: 8 Feb 1995 20:24:57 GMT