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Subject: COMTRADE (& Others!) Opinion/Info/Review

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______________________________________________________________________ Comtrade Opinion/Information/Review File By: John M. Grohol The Online Computer Buying Guide -------------------------------- http://www.cmhc.com/computers/ Due to the extraordinary length of this file, and because of the maintenance requirements that I didn't have time for, I have placed the FAQ on the World Wide Web. It is now available at: http://www.cmhc.com/computers/comtrade.htm Individuals can also add to the file from this page. The file is extremely lengthy, so it may take a while to download. But if you're considering buying from this company, it's definitely worth the wait. This Web site, the Online Computer Buying Guide, also hosts a number of additional information files on people's experiences with different mail order vendors. These currently include: Comtrade Dell Gateway 2000 Midwest Micro Additional vendors will follow in due time. John Grohol grohol@coil.com PS - Don't have access to the World Wide Web? Receive the file by e-mail. (It's not pretty and it is a *large* file, so you've been warned.) Send e-mail (leave the subject blank) to: webmail@curia.ucc.ie In it, write: go http://www.cmhc.com/computers/comtrade.htm