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Section 1: General Information 1.1) Questions about alt.sys.pc-clone.Gateway2000, FAQs, & Usenet. 1.1.1) What is alt.sys.pc-clone.Gateway2000? 1.1.2) What is the Usenet and "Netiquette"? 1.1.3) Where can I get a copy of this FAQ? 1.1.4) What can/can't I post to the newsgroup? 1.1.5) Where can I ask for help? 1.1.6) What other newsgroups can I use? 1.1.7) What does TLA mean? 1.2) Questions about Gateway. 1.2.1) What is Gateway (Gateway 2000)? What's up with the cows? What is going on with Gateway and the lawsuits? How has Gateway made history? 1.2.2) Why should I buy a Gateway system? 1.2.3) How can I get in touch with Gateway 2000? 1.2.4) Does Gateway provide support on the Internet? Does Gateway have a world wide web site? Does Gateway have an FTP site? Does Gateway have a Telnet site? + Does Gateway have a Usenet Server? 1.2.5) Where can I get current prices/specs? +1.2.6) Does Gateway charge sales tax in my state? Why does Gateway charge sales tax? +1.2.7) What other companies does Gateway own? What is the status of Gateway's ISP(Gateway.Net)? * What is Gateway doing with Amiga? 1.2.8) Why won't Gateway Techs help me with my 3rd party product? 1.3) Other Sources of Information. 1.3.1) Gateway 2000 mailing list. 1.3.2) Gateway's own mailing lists. 1.3.3) What other FAQ's should I read? 1.3.4) Contact information for related companies. 1.3.5) Where can I get cow spotted (and other) goodies? 1.3.6) How do I contact the 10th Anniversary Club? 1.3.7) Where are some personal Gateway2000 Homepages? 1.4) Rumors about Gateway2000. 1.4.1) Gateway is owned/has been bought by... Bill Gates. Intel. Motorola. Compaq. IBM. 1.4.2) Gateway is going out of business. +1.4.3) Gateway (and/or Dell) will use AMD chips. 1.4.4) Gateway is moving to San Diego, Irvine, CA or New York. Section 1: General Information 1.1) Questions about alt.sys.pc-clone.Gateway2000, FAQs, & Usenet. 1.1.1) What is alt.sys.pc-clone.Gateway2000? Alt.sys.pc-clone.Gateway2000 is an Usenet newsgroup for discussions on issues regarding Gateway computers. It is not only for owners of these computers, but for potential owners and the curious as well. The newsgroup started on Thursday, 29 Jul 1993 12:09:55 GMT from the UUNET control message from John M. Grohol from Nova University. The first message was from Nelia Lyda to Tod Pike. It was designed as discussion group for Gateway 2000 owners. It's earliest incarnations (parents?) were a discussion group on Prodigy and Fido Net newsgroup of the same name. An unofficial home page was created at http://www.mcs.com/~brooklyn/home.html. (which is now down). The first version of the newsgroup FAQ was posted on September 21, 1993. Current Statistics for the Newsgroup. - Actual readers of this group: 23000 - Average number of messages per day: 118 - Kilobytes per day: 163k - Percentage of Internet sites who receive this group: 52% - Crossposting: 7% Thanks to Tod Pike, David Eitelbach, Mike Friedman and Nelia Lyda for this historical information. 1.1.2) What is the Usenet and "Netiquette"? Basically, the Usenet is a world-wide distribution system of messages and information. Alt.sys.pc-clone.gateway2000 is one of over 20,000 different newsgroups. To get the most and best information on what the Usenet is (and isn't!) you should check the FAQ archive (of which this FAQ is part of) at http://www.faqs.org/faqs/usenet/what-is/part1/ "Netiquette" is Net-Etiquette, very clever huh. It is the common rules and courtesies used when posting to the various Usenet newsgroups. to get more information on Netiquette check, http://www.faqs.org/faqs/usenet/posting-rules/part1/ 1.1.3) Where can I get a copy of this FAQ? This FAQ is located at the following sites, - http://come.to/alt.sys.pc-clone.gateway2000.faq - http://www.uic.edu/~tbrann1/gateway.html - http://www.wwa.com/~brannans/gateway.html - http://www.faqs.org/faqs/pc-hardware-faq/gateway2000/ - http://www.landfield.com/faqs/by-newsgroup/alt/alt.sys.pc-clone.gateway2000.html - ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet-by-group/alt.sys.pc-clone.gateway2000 http://www2.uic.edu/~tbrann1/gateway.html is now down. This FAQ is posted once each month (around the first) to the news groups alt.sys.pc-clone.gateway2000 , alt.answers and news.answers. An announcement is also posted on Gateway's news server, news://customernews.gateway.com/gw and to the comp.sys.amiga and the comp.sys.amiga.advocacy news groups. 1.1.4) What can/can't I post to the newsgroup? Any questions regarding a Gateway PC is perfectly fine and very welcome. Also questions regarding purchases of new/used Gateway PCs is fine. Other issues should be handled as follows, - HTML/MIME Text.. Not everyone reads the newsgroup the same way. Please post only in plain text. - Binaries. Please refrain from posting binary files. This increases the newsgroup traffic and may prompt a news administrator to drop the group. Instead try any of the appropriate "alt.binaries.*" or "comp.binaries.*" groups and include a pointer to it. - For Sale/Wanted to Buy. If you have any item for sale please put FS for "For Sale", WTB for "Wanted to Buy", or WFT for "Wanted for Trade" in the subject line. You may also post in any of the "*.forsale.*" newsgroups and place a pointer to it. Try news://misc.foresale.computers. - Crossposting. Crossposting also increases network traffic. If it is important to more than one group then fine. But in general it is best to avoid it. - Commercial Advertising. Refrain from trying to sell something not related to this newsgroup. There are thousands of other groups that are more appropriate. Please read the "Advertising on Usenet FAQ" at http://www.faqs.org/faqs/usenet/advertising/how-to/part1/ - MAKE.MONEY.FAST and Chain letters. Really, this should go without saying. But here it is. Do not post the infamous MAKE.MONEY.FAST letter. It is a scam. No one has ever made any money on this but you will lose your internet account, and at least one person has gone to jail over it. The same goes for chain letters. In brief; the cookies are good, but cheap; the kid got better, thanks for the cards; and no one lost sexual potency from not forwarding e-mail. - Virus Announcements. Before warning the world of a "new" virus, check to be sure that it is not a virus hoax. "Good Times" and "Join the Crew" are two (in)famous examples. Neither is a virus, so no need to warn us. These are only suggestions. It is up to you to judge to appropriateness of your own post. 1.1.5) Where can I ask for help? There are two different groups that are set up to answer questions from Gateway system owners. The first is the Netnews group alt.sys.pc-clone.gateway2000. This was created in the middle of 1993 and is enjoying increased propagation and participation from the Netnews community. If your site gets Netnews, but does not receive this group, you should ask your news administrator to add it. The second group is a mailing list for Gateway owners. You can subscribe to the list by sending a mail message to gateway2000-request@sei.cmu.edu. This is an automatic subscription system - a mail message with a subject of help will get you a list of recognized commands. Sending a message with a subject of subscribe will subscribe you to the list. Note that the address for the list itself and the address you need to use to subscribe and unsubscribe are not the same. To unsubscribe send unsubscribe in the subject of a message to gateway2000-request@sei.cmu.edu. The mailing list is not just a copy of the newsgroup, but is a forum for getting quick responses to problems and questions. There are many helpful people on the list, and Dave Grabowski deserves special mention as being especially helpful. Other very useful posts have come from Tim Folker and Lance Cummings. The list has a higher ratio of technical information to commentary than does the newsgroup alt.sys.pc-clone.gateway2000. 1.1.6) What other newsgroups can I use? Dr. John M. Grohol posts the PC-Clone Hardware Newsgroup Pointer FAQ to this and many other newsgroups.It will help you know what hardware related newsgroups are about and how to find the information you need in them. Like all FAQs it is located at RTFM. ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet-by-group/alt.sys.pc- clone.gateway2000/ PC-Clone_Hardware_Newsgroup_Pointer. It can also be found at, http://www.faqs.org/faqs/finding-groups/pc-hardware/index.html 1.1.7) What does TLA mean? TLA is a three letter acronym for "Three Letter Acronym"! The computer industry, the Usenet, the Internet and nearly every profession has it's own set of terms and acronyms. The Usenet is particularly full of them because they save time in typing or (as in my case) aid in horrendously bad spelling! Here are some common TLA's to be found in alt.sys.pc-clone.gateway2000. FAQ Frequently Asked Question Gw2k Gateway 2000 IMHO In My Humble/Honest Opinion RTFM Read The F***ing Manual IDK I Don't Know AFAIK As Far As I Know YMMV Your Mileage May Vary YRMV Your Results May Vary GTW Gateway's stock symbol on the New York Stock Exchange. Other abbreviations can be found at Tla.html. 1.2) Questions about Gateway. 1.2.1) What is Gateway (Gateway 2000)? Gateway (formerly Gateway 2000) is the second leading direct marketer of personal computers in the United States. Gateway develops, manufactures, markets and supports a broad line of desktop, laptop, business and family computers for business, individuals, families, government agencies and educational institutions. Gateway was started by Ted Waitt, chairman and CEO, in September 1985, in Sioux City, Iowa. He was 22 years old at the time. He was joined by business partner Mike Hammond, vice president and later his brother Norman Waitt, who later left. The company moved to its present location in North Sioux City, South Dakota, in January 1990. Gateway, sells computers on the direct market. You call up Gateway and order your PC to either your specifics or choose a general configuration it is then shipped to you. This method has proven to be very successful for Gateway. Gateway is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE :GTW) after going public in 1993. Ted Waitt initially invested $10,000.00 in Gateway, today his personal wealth is listed by Forbes at $3 Billion. Starting in April, 1998 Gateway announced it was changing it's name to Gateway, from Gateway 2000, and a new logo and ad campaign. Adds have appeared in many large newspapers such as the Chicago Tribune, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. You can find more information regarding Gateway at their web site, http://www.gateway.com/corp/aboutgw/ What's up with the cows? Waitt grew up as a fifth generation Midwesterner. The previous four generations of Waitts were cattlemen, a breed known for their independent, risk-taking approach to business. Ted Waitt took the cattleman's spirit into the world of high technology. With his Midwestern and cattlemen roots deeply in place, Waitt choose the Holstein cow as the company's mascot. It is also to remind us how Gateway got their start; in a barn next to the cows! What is going on with Gateway and the lawsuits? Part of the reality of being a large business are lawsuits. Without getting into detail or taking sides, here is a breakdown of recent lawsuits against or by Gateway2000. Much of my information comes courtesy of Jim Taylor, senior vice-president of global marketing, who was kind enough to give me a personal phone call and also had this to say about Gateway's current lawsuits, "We have built tremendous relationships with customers built on trust. A person has to call us up, buy something they've never seen, that hasn't been built and trust us to deliver it. So the defense of our name and the integrity of that name is really critical," (PC Week, January 24, 1997) . Gateway2000 v. Mark H. Berkowitz CrystalScan Monitors and 486 Upgradable Computers. Gateway recently settled a class-action lawsuit regarding the 486 computers that were advertised as Pentium-ready. This lawsuit also covers certain MAG Innovision monitors that Gateway has sold. If you have any of these components, then Gateway will be mailing certificates for extended warranties or for price reductions on your next Gateway2000 purchase.Questions on this should be directed to 1-888-888-1090. Gateway2000 v. TUCOWS This suit was over TUCOWS use of Holstein cows on their Internet pages and ads. This is the letter from Gateway2000 to TUCOWS: Registered Mail From Gateway 2000, Inc. ---- October 22, 1996 CERTIFIED MAILRETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED Scott Swedorski, President TUCOWS 5415 Dundas Street West Suite 301 Etobicoke, Ontario M9B 1B5 CANADA RE: Use of Holstein Cow by TUCOWS Dear Mr. Swedorski: It has come to our attention that your company is infringing on a valuable trademark of Gateway 2000, Inc. Specifically, we note that you are depicting Holstein cows on your web site to promote your company.Please be advised that Gateway 2000, Inc. owns the valid and subsisting federal Reg No. 1,725,231, marks consisting of a stylized design representing cow spots. This trademark and the Holstein cow are widely associated with Gateway 2000 and represent valuable goodwill and company assets. Gateway 2000, Inc. has promoted the Holstein cow and cow spots extensively to the consuming public and the trade, including the display of its cow spots trademark on boxes in which itsproducts are shipped, which in 1995 amounted to almost 3.7 billion insales. Your company's use of the Holstein cow and cow spots in connection with services relating to products of Gateway 2000 is likely to confuse and deceive the consuming public. We therefore call upon TUCOWS to cease all use of trademarks of Gateway 2000immediately.Please contact us within ten (10) days of receipt of this letter with written assurances that TUCOWS has undertaken to cease its infringement of our registered trademarks. Absent a satisfactory response from you, we will take whatever legal action we deem appropriate without further notice to you. Sincerely, William M. Elliott Senior Vice President and General Counsel l610 Gateway Drive P.O. Box 2000 North Sioux City, South Dakota 57049-2000 Telephone 605-232-2000 Fax 605-232-2023 Toll Free 800-846-2000 ------------------------------------------------------------- This suit has been resolved to the mutual satisfaction of both parties. Gateway2000 v. Cyrix Gateway2000 sued Cyrix over the use of cows in their ads against Gateway. This suit has also been resolved and Cyrix has pulled the ads. Gateway2000 v. Alan B. Clegg Gateway2000 has sued Mr. Clegg for "predatory Business practices" for his use of "www.Gateway.com" as an Internet site. Gateway 2000 claims that Mr. Clegg infringes on their copyright. Alan Clegg claims that the term "gateway" is generic, and therefore he can use it. As of the beginning of March 1997 the law has agreed with Mr. Clegg, Gateway 2000 is appealing the judges rule. Recent developments in this case: Gateway 2000 has gained ownership of www.gateway.com, Alan Clegg's site has moved to www.firehouse.net. Gateway2000 v. Jeff Blackmon Jeff Blackmon was an unhappy former employee with Gateway2000. After he quit his job as a computer technician he wanted the world to know his opinion of his former employer. He created and posted the (now infamous and defunct) "Gateway 2000 Sucks" page. The pages included, "Top Ten Reasons Not to Buy a Gateway computer", "How to Outsmart Tech Support" and Ted Waitt's personal email account. Gateway sued Mr. Blackmon on his use of copyrighted Gateway2000 images and logos. They successfully obtained a court order against Mr. Blackmon. While Gateway acknowledged that Blackmon has a right to express his opinions about Gateway, they did sue to keep him from using their copyrighted logos. Mr. Blackmon agreed to remove the pages and Gateway did not seek the hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. Gateway also said they would look into Blackmon's complaints. The "Gateway 2000 Sucks" page debuted in January 1996 and was removed in October of 1996. Gateway2000 v. Hill In Hill v. Gateway 2000, Inc., 105 F. 3d 1147 (7th Cir. 1997), a federal appeals court held that telephone purchasers of a Gateway 2000 computer were bound by an arbitration clause in a license agreement placed in a computer box. The court analogized to other scenarios in which contract terms are imposed after the purchase of goods or services and are accepted by conduct -- buying an insurance policy, an airline ticket, a concert ticket or a product containing the warranty on the box -- and rejected the theory that the shrink-wrap contract terms were an amendment to the underlying purchase and sale agreement, enforceable only if agreed to by the buyer. The Hills ordered their computer by telephone and paid for it by credit card. Within a few days, a box arrived containing the computer and a list of terms that purported to govern the relationship of the parties unless the purchasers returned the computer within 30 days. The Hills kept the computer more than 30 days before complaining about its components and performance. The Hills filed suit in federal court, and Gateway 2000 asked the court to enforce the arbitration clause. When the trial judge refused, Gateway appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. The question before the court was: are the terms in the box effective as the parties' contract, or is the contract term-free because the order-taker did not read any of the terms over the phone and elicit the customer's prior assent to them- The court held that the contract contained in the computer box was enforceable. Circuit Judge Easterbrook, who also wrote the opinion in ProCD, reiterated that a vendor may invite acceptance by conduct and may limit the type of conduct that constitutes acceptance. The court concluded that by keeping the computer more than 30 days, the Hills accepted Gateway's offer, including the arbitration clause. Gateway2000 v. FTC Gateway 2000 Settles FTC False Ad Charges 07/23/98 WASHINGTON, DC, U.S.A., 1998 JUL 23 (NB) -- By Bill Pietrucha, Newsbytes. Gateway 2000 [NYSE:GTW] has agreed to pay $290,000 to settle allegations the company made numerous false statements in advertising its refund policy and its on-site warranty service. Gateway v. Web America Networks Gateway has sued Web America Networks for "failure to meet the needs and expectations of Gateway and its customers." Web America has been providing Internet Service to Gateway for it's Gateway.Net customers. This follows a "breach of contract" lawsuit filed by Web America against Gateway. While the lawsuits are proceeding, Gateway.Net customers are encouraged to download new internet connection software. More information can be found at http://www.zdnet.com/zdnn/stories/news/0,4586,2189230,00.html and http://www.gateway.net/. How has Gateway made history? Most companies would be happy with the sales-history Gateway has done. But Gateway has also made history in other ways. Gateway was the first PC company to offer CD-ROMs, CD-Recordables and DVDs as standard equipment. They were also the first to offer Pentium Pro and Pentium II systems, including the 400mhz. Among Gateway's other first's in the computer buisness are: - The first mail order company to offer a catalog store, Gateway Country. - The first to offer Internet connections with a new PC. - Your :) Ware program first of it's kind for the home direct market. Also Gateway was the first, and only, computer to be sold in space. Two MIR cosmonauts purchased two Gateway G6-233 systems from MIR's internet service. Gateway also was thrust into the world of E-commerce as President Clinton and Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern signed an historic communique at Gateway's Dublin headquarters. This was the first ever digitally signed communique on world commerce. It was done on two Gateway FireAnt Laptops. 1.2.2) Why should I buy a Gateway system? There are many different companies that make IBM PC clones; most of these are viable machines that will do the job for you. The real question that you need to ask yourself when thinking about purchasing a machine is "What do I want from this system, and what am I willing to put up with?" If you do not understand systems at all, and don't want to learn, you will probably be better off with a system from a large ("first tier") company such as IBM or Compaq. These companies put out computers that are more expensive, but they provide first rate support and documentation and are willing to hold your hand when you don't understand what is going on. On the other hand, if you are willing to do some work yourself, you can save considerable money by purchasing from a mail order house. At this point, you should be looking for a company that is stable, will be around for a while to provide support, and gives good value for the money. While there are quite a few companies that meet these criteria, many of the people in this group have chosen (surprise!) Gateway 2000. We feel that although there are some problems with Gateway as a company, the systems they produce are the best for the money around. Frequent problems reported with Gateway are difficulties contacting the Technical Support staff, late delivery on systems, problems with the CD-ROMs, and some problems with the monitors. The first two are prevalent with companies that are growing too fast; Gateway is now shipping close to 7600 systems *per day*. This is up 38% from last year. Trying to contact Gateway's toll-free telephone tech support has been difficult, according to most reports. It had improved for a while, then slipped again, and now it is on the upswing again. Gateway has introduced a premium support alternative. Gateway is now getting their modems from 3Com/US Robotics, which has a good reputation in the field. Also, the quality of the monitors (made by MAG) has also improved. Some of the larger monitors have Sony tubes, which are considered one of the best in the market. On the plus side of Gateway, they do produce very nicely configured systems at close to the best cost around. They put some first-rate parts into their systems (the ATI GUP board was very good, and their hard disks and motherboards are made by top notch companies) and often upgrade their systems with newer and better components. In short, if you are willing to put up with a few problems and are willing to spend some time diagnosing any system problems, Gateway will give you a good system for the money. Gateway was the first PC company to offer CD-ROMs and DVDs as standard equipment. They were also the first to offer Pentium Pro and Pentium II systems, including the 400mhz. Also Gateway was the first, and only, computer to be sold in space. Two MIR cosmonauts purchased two Gateway G6-233 systems from MIR's internet service. Gateway has recently been voted highest in customer loyalty. With as many as 50% of Gateway's customers saying they would be a repeat buyer. 1.2.3) How can I get in touch with Gateway 2000? Here are the telephone numbers and addresses for the various departments (from the manuals) : Mailing Address Gateway P.O. Box 2000 610 Gateway Dr. North Sioux City, SD 57049-2000 USA Numbers: - Customer Service: 1-800-846-2000 Fax: 605-232-2023 - Technical Support: 1-800-846-2301 Fax: 605-232-2182 - Add-on Components: 1-800-846-2080 Fax: 605-232-2121 - Portable Tech Support: 1-800-846-2302 - Automated Tech Support: 1-800-846-2118 - FaxBack service: 1-800-846-4526 - Gateway 2000 BBS: 605-232-2224 (V.32 BIS/HST 300-38400 BPS) - Gateway 2000 BBS: 1-800-846-7562 (fixes and drivers only) - Technical Telecommunications Device for the Deaf: 1-800-846-1778 Overseas Offices: - International calls: 1-605-232-2000 - International Tech Support: 1-605-232-2191 - Dublin office: 353-1-797-2000 - Customer Service Fax: 353-1-848-2022 - European Faxback 353-1-867-0400 - European BBS: 353-1-867-0433 - European BBS: 0800-97-3140 (free-phone, from UK only) - UK Sales office: 0800-20-2000 - Ireland office: 1800-44-2000 - Ireland Tech Support: 1800-46-2000 - France Sales: 353-1-797-3040 - France Sales Fax: 353-1-797-3700 - France Showroom Fax: 331-1-45-63-4569 - Germany Sales: 353-1-797-4040 - Germany Sales Fax: 353-1-797-4700 - Japan Customer Service: 0120-54-2000 or 045-338-2000 - Japan Customer. Service. Fax: 045-338-2046 - Australia Sales: 1800-648-096 - Australia Customer Service and Support: 1800-802-776 - Australia Fax: 844-8588 - New Zealand Sales: 0800-445-868 - New Zealand Support: 0800-445-765 - New Zealand Customer Service: 0800-445-766 - Canada Sales: 800-846-3609 or 605-232-2191 - Canada Sales Fax: 605-232-2613 New: Gateway Dial-up Server: Telephone Number: Toll free- 1-888-888-0520 Username: gwclient Password:(there is no password) Protocol: TCP/IP with DHCP enabled URL: http://gateway.your.way Modems 72 X2 modems Configure a new Dialup Connection in your Dialup Networking program using the information above. Dial the number and wait for a connect box. Login, wait for the connection to be established and then open your browser. type http://gateway.your.way in the URL box and press Enter. It may take a few seconds. This is a toll free area to get drivers and other information. Internet: GATEWAY'S OFFICIAL WORLD WIDE WEB (WWW) SITES: - http://www.gateway.com/ - http://www.GatewayCountry.com/ - http://www.destination.com/ - http://www.gateway.net GATEWAY'S OFFICIAL FTP SITE: - ftp://ftp.gateway.com Gateway support personnel: COMPUSERVE (TO ACCESS THE FORUM, TYPE GO GATEWAY) : - 75300,1300 - Forum Administrator (Brian Kelly) - 74774,3022 - Technician (Cynthia Correia) AMERICA ONLINE (TYPE KEYWORD GATEWAY): - G2KBrian - Forum Administrator (Brian Kelly) - G2KLori - Technician (Lori Seibold) These are addresses of contacts at Gateway, but the address to use for tech support and client relations is support@gateway.com. It's understandably tempting to e-mail or CC a favorite technician at Gateway. A lot of people are doing this, which results in good technicians getting swamped. Please resist the temptation and instead just e-mail support@gateway.com, allowing Gateway to fairly distribute the workload. - Web Submission Page. Just click right here, http://www.gateway.com/home/support/contact_tech to submit an email on the Gateway website. There's a handy, easy-to-fill-out form located here for your convenience. - support@gateway.com is for Technical Support and Client Relations. Please don't e-mail or CC individual representatives unless you are carrying on an already established e-mail dialog with them. Also, when you compose your message, be sure to include your full name, customer ID, Serial Number and Order Number, or as many of those as you can find, and also give a complete description of the problem. The more detail, the less emails back and forth. - E-mail supervisor@gw2kbbs.com to get the boss. Gateway now offers specialized e-mail tech support for various system components. - Motherboard questions, motherb@gw2kbbs.com. - Modem questions (except portables) , modem@gw2kbbs.com. - Multimedia questions, multimedia@gw2kbbs.com. - Network questions, portable@gw2kbbs.com. - All portable questions, portable@gw2kbbs.com. - Questions on GW2K software sent with system, software@gw2kbbs.com. - Storage device questions, storage@gw2kbbs.com. - Video questions, video@gw2kbbs.com. - All Destination questions, destination@gw2kbbs.com. - Customer Service questions (non-technical) , custserv@gw2kbbs.com. All e-mail sent to these addresses is also CCed to tech@gw2kbbs.com, so don't CC there yourself. 1.2.4) Does Gateway provide support on the Internet? Yes. At http://www.gateway.com/support/, there is a large support section with Tech Docs, FAQs, a customer newsgroup, and a tech email submission page, along with much more. Gateway also provides e-mail tech support at support@gateway.com. The turnaround time is about 24 hours. Gateway did provide support to the newsgroup until late January of 1996, at which time it was withdrawn. Does Gateway have a world wide web site? Yes, at any of these URLs: - http://www.gateway.com/ - http://www.destination.com/ - http://www.GatewayCountry.com/ - http://www.gateway.net/ International users should try these sites: - Australia: http://www.au.gw2k.com - France: http://www.fr.gw2k.com - Japan: http://www.jp.gw2k.com - Netherlands: http://www.nl.gw2k.com - Germany: http://www.gw2k.de - Sweden http://www.se.gw2k.com - United Kingdom: http://www.gw2k.co.uk - New Zealand: http://www.gw2k.co.nz If you're having problems displaying the pages, the site may show up better in Netscape version 3.0 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0x. Gateway's preferred choice is Microsoft Internet Explorer. For those who are curious. Gateway 2000, Inc. registered their first domain name 'gw2kbbs.com' in February of 1994, and followed with the registration of: gw2k.com (September 1994), gateway2000.com (January 1996), gateway-2000.com (January 1996), gway.com (March 1996), gw2000.com (March 1996), gway2000.com (March 1996), spotshop.com (March 1996), and destination.com (November 1996). Does Gateway have an FTP site? Yes, at ftp://ftp.gw2k.com. FTP to ftp.gw2k.com log in as anonymous or ftp send your e-mail address as password, for example, billg@aol.com. If you are unfamiliar with FTP, you can type help at the FTP prompt to get a list of available commands. You can then type the word help followed by the command you need help with. Editor's note: I find that a dedicated FTP program, such as WS-FTP, usually work better than all-in-one programs like Netscape or Internet Explorer. Does Gateway have a Telnet site? Yes. You can reach it at telnet://bbs.gw2kbbs.com. + Does Gateway have a Usenet Server? The server is now officially down. You might be able to read some of the old messages. Try the following news groups, news://customernews.gateway.com/gw news://customernews.gateway.com/gw.desktop-tower news://customernews.gateway.com/gw.desktop-tower.motherboards news://customernews.gateway.com/gw.desktop-tower.multimedia news://customernews.gateway.com/gw.desktop-tower.software-os news://customernews.gateway.com/gw.desktop-tower.storage-devices news://customernews.gateway.com/gw.desktop-tower.telecomm news://customernews.gateway.com/gw.desktop-tower.video news://customernews.gateway.com/gw.destination news://customernews.gateway.com/gw.portables news://customernews.gateway.com/gw.portables.software-os news://customernews.gateway.com/gw.portables.pcmcia These groups work the same as alt.sys.pc-clone.gateway2000. That is a forum to discuss issues regarding your Gateway PC. Here is the information from Gateway's Newsadmin: >Welcome to the newsgroup! >Our newsgroup is up and ready to go! What's a newsgroup and what does it >mean to you? Well, the Online Services department has implemented a >peer-to-peer communication system that you can access through your web >browser. It's not a new idea on the 'net, but it's great way to communicate >with other Gateway owners. You can now post messages in a Gateway-specific >environment where other customers will be able to read and reply to your >mail. If you have your news reader configured, the name of the newsgroup is >customernews.gateway.com. Note: As of Februrary 1st, 1999 the Gateway server is back up. 1.2.5) Where can I get current prices/specs? Well, prices change rapidly, as do the specs on the systems that Gateway offers. To get online copies from Gateway check , http://www.gw2k.com/. Online copies in this FAQ would be out of date too fast to do any good. If you call Gateway Customer Service at 1-800-846-2000, they will quote you information (or fax it to you). The FaxBack service is a good source of the same information, and you don't have to wait on hold! The Gateway BBS e-mail server for prices and configurations is down. No word on when or if it will be back up. Thanks to Brian K. Palmer for pointing this out to me. +1.2.6) Does Gateway charge sales tax in my state? Gateway collects tax charged by the following states: AR, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, HI, ID, IA, IL, KS, KY, MA, ME, MD, MN, MO, NE, NV, ND, NJ, NY, SC, SD, TN TX, UT, VA, and DC. Currently Gateway also charges sales tax in any state that has a Gateway Country store. So if they don't know they will soon charge sales tax in your state if your state collects sales tax. Why does Gateway charge sales tax? This has been a recent concern lately. According to the Gateway2000 representative I spoke to Gateway charges sales tax in states that request sales tax from them. It seems to up to the individual states. It has also been suggested that Gateway now sales tax in this states because of recent pressure from the Federal Government and a threat of paying back taxes. +1.2.7) What other companies does Gateway own? Like many businesses Gateway has purchased other companies. Amiga Technologies GmbH. See below. Advanced Logic Research (ALR) Gateway purchased Irvine, CA based ALR for $194 million, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Gateway 2000. Gateway plans to use Advanced Logic Research as their entry into the business client and server market. ALR has now increased their line of desktop computers. ALR ads run independently and concurrently with Gateway's ads with both featuring similar looking products. ALR (Gateway Partners) information can be found at http://www.alr.com/ Gateway Country Stores A wholly own subsidiary of Gateway 2000. The Gateway Country stores offer the newest Gateway products in a country store-like setting. They can be found all over the U.S. and at http://www.gateway.com/home/country/ What is the status of Gateway's ISP (Gateway Net)? On November 5, 1997 Gateway announced it was going to offer Internet services to new and current customers. The service will be shipped on all Gateway computers starting December 3, 1997. It will be offered to existing users beginning sometime in 1998. Gateway will charge $12.95 for the first 30 hours of Internet use each month, and $2.95 for each additional hour. The actual service will be provided by another, undisclosed provider, and will be a 100-percent digital network using U.S. Robotics' x2 56Kbps technology. Customers will be able to access the service nationwide. More information can be found at http://www.gateway.com/net/ Gateway is currently in discusion with American Networks, who had provided service to Gateway as their ISP. This has resulted in periods in which subscribers have not been able to access Gateway.net. * What is Gateway doing with Amiga? In March 1997, Gateway announced that it plans to purchase Amiga Technologies GmbH. This purchase covers all patents, trademarks, and tradenames. The company was a subsidiary of ESCOM AG, a German-based computer company. Before that Amiga was owned by Commodore Business Machines in the U.S. Purchase of the Amiga was final on May 16, 1997. The Amiga is a 32-bit computer based on the MC processor. It was a pioneer in the areas of multitasking, multimedia and auto-configuartion. Gateway plans to support the existing Amiga community and to develop new products based on the Amiga open standards. - Amiga information can be found at http://www.amiga.de/ or http://www.amiga.com/ - The Amiga Announcement FAQ can be found at http://web.wt.net/~gpeake/faq.html - Eric Schwartz's thought's on the announcement. http://www.compsoc.net/ericschwartz/art/GW_Amiga.jpg More information can be found at http://amiga.com/diary/executive-e.html or the newsgroup comp.sys.amiga.advocacy. Currently there is much debate on what exactly Gateway is going to do with the Amiga computer and company. 1.2.8) Why won't Gateway Techs help me with my 3rd party product? Gateway provides lifetime technical support for any product that they sell. If you install a third party product, hardware or software they will still provide you with tech support. However they cannot support the 3rd party product you purchased. In Gateway's own words, from their FAQ Installing 3rd Party hardware and applications shouldn't void your warranty. However, there are thousands of products available for your computer, and each of these have unique requirements for installation and use. Unfortunately, Gateway technicians can't possibly have access to all of the information necessary to support all of these devices. The manufacturer or vendor of these products is usually the best place to turn when you need help with a 3rd party product. 1.3) Other Sources of Information. 1.3.1) Gateway 2000 mailing list. Tod Pike maintains the Gateway2000 mailing list. Like this group it is an independent source of information. It is not a copy of the newsgroup and usually has a higher level of technical information. From Tod Pike: My name is Tod Pike, and I have volunteered to run the mailing list, as I have the software and resources to do so. Currently, an "alt" newsgroup has also been created to discuss Gateway 2000 systems. Ask your news admin. to get "alt.sys.pc-clone.gateway2000" if he can! I expect this list to be similar in content to the Gateway news group. Many people do not receive netnews, and many other people prefer to receive groups such as this via e-mail. In any case, this list will hopefully be a good source of information for Gateway 2000 owners on the Internet. A few notes about this mailing list: IT IS NOT MODERATED! It is simply a mail reflector. This means that all messages sent to gateway2000@sei.cmu.edu are redirected to the entire list. I expect that this list will be primarily directed towards asking questions, with a summary of the responses to be sent in by the original questioner. Please direct replies to questions directly to the author, unless you feel that the answer will be of use to everyone on the list. Please keep personal attacks and flames to private mail! I would also like this list to be a good source of information about Gateway 2000 products. Feel free to send me current information about prices and products, and I will collect them and post a "current information" post periodically. Enjoy this list - only you can make it a success! You can subscribe to the list by sending a mail message to gateway2000-request@sei.cmu.edu. This is an automatic subscription system - a mail message with a subject of help will get you a list of recognized commands. Sending a message with a subject of subscribe will subscribe you to the list. Note that the address for the list itself and the address you need to use to subscribe and unsubscribe are not the same. To unsubscribe send unsubscribe in the subject of a message to gateway2000-request@sei.cmu.edu. 1.3.2) Gateway's own mailing lists. Gateway's mailing list is down. The old URL http://www.gw2k.com/interact/maillist/subscribe.htm, no longer works. 1.3.3) What other FAQ's should I read? This FAQ posting covers things that are specific to Gateway 2000 computers. Since many of the parts of the Gateway systems are common to other PC systems, you can also get information from the FAQs of other computer groups. For example, you can get the following FAQs from the machine RTFM.mit.edu in the directory /pub/Usenet/news.answers: - os2-faq - msdos-programmer-faq, Parts 1- 5 Below, in the directory pc-hardware-faq, you can get the PC hardware FAQ in five parts: - PC hardware FAQ, part 1 - PC hardware FAQ, part 2 - PC hardware FAQ, part 3 - PC hardware FAQ, part 4 - PC hardware FAQ, part 5 Many users on the Internet have run into the same problems. Sometimes they will even post their answers and suggestions. Some good places to check are, Other hardware FAQs are, - The Hardware Page - FAQs and Info, http://www.dfw.net/~sdw/index.html. - ComputerCraft's PC Hardware FAQ, http://www.computercraft.com. - Hardware Benchmark FAQs, http://hpwww.epfl.ch/bench/bench.FAQ.html. - Ben Myers' FAQs for Gateway motherboards are at http://www.uic.edu/~tbrann1/Gateway2000/Motherboards.html. - Chris Biow's Monitor FAQ can now be found at http://www.uic.edu/~tbrann1/Gateway2000/MonitorFAQ.html. - Mike Lewis' Telepath Modem FAQ also at http://www.uic.edu/~tbrann1/Gateway2000/ModemFAQ.html. - Information on SDRAM, http://www.blvl.igs.net/~sysfix/sdram.htm. Windows 95 FAQs and information: - http://www.primenet.com/~markd/win95faq.html - http://http://www.kingsoft.com/qaid/ - http://www.microsoft.com/windows/qa/qa.htm - http://www.orca.bc.ca/win95/ - http://www.uic.edu/~tbrann1/Gateway2000/WinTips.html My Windows95 Tips page with Gateway2000 specific information. Windows NT FAQs: - Windows NT 3.5 FAQ, http://www.iea.com/~daler/nt/faq/toc.html - The Windows NT FAQ, http://www.ntfaq.com/ - Windows NT Fax Server solutions, http//www.ntfax-faq.com John Navas' excellent modem FAQ can be found at: http://web.aimnet.com/~jnavas/modem/faq.html For setting up and tuning a Winsock (great fun!), try these: - http://www.webcom.com/~llarrow/welcome.html - http://www.cerberus-sys.com/~belleisl/mtu_mss_rwin.html 1.3.4) Contact information for related companies. Here are some telephone numbers and e-mail addresses for companies that currently provide or have provided parts for Gateway 2000 systems. I have personally verified all of these numbers and web sites, but companies change so often, feel free to send corrections and/or additions! - 3Com Network cards at http://www.3com.com. - Adaptec SCSI cards at http://www.adaptec.com - ATI Technologies, http://www.atitech.ca/index.html. - Colorado Memory Systems, now a division of HP. - Colorado FTP site: ftp://col.hp.com. - Conner, http://www.conner.com/, now a division of Seagate. - Creative Labs, makers of SoundBlaster sound cards, - Creative Labs WWW site: http://www.sounblaster.com/ - Creative Labs FTP site: ftp.creaf.com or ftp://creative.creaf.com - Delrina WWW site: http://www.delrina.com/. Now a division of Symantec. - Diamond Multimedia - Diamond WWW site: http://www.diamondmm.com/ - Diamond FTP site: ftp.diamondmm.com - Ensoniq, makers of Soundscape sound cards. - Ensoniq (voice): 610-647-3930 - Ensoniq Faxback: 800-257-1439 - Ensoniq WWW site: http://www.ensoniq.com/ - Epson: http://www.epson.com/connects/support/index.html - Hewlett Packard: http://www.hp.com/ - Hitachi http://www.hitachi.com/ - Hitachi Download: http://www.hitachi.com/Specs/ - Hitachi Data Systems: http://www.hdshq.com/ - Intel WWW site: http://www.intel.com - MMX Processor site: http://www.mmx.com - Iomega Home Page: http://www.iomega.com/. - Matrox Video - Matrox WWW site: http://www.matrox.com/ - Matrox FTP site: ftp.matrox.com/pub/video/ - Maxtor's Home Page: http://www.maxtor.com/. - Micro Firmware BIOS: 800-767-5465 - http://www.firmware.com/ - http://www.firmware.com/gwfaq.htm - Micronics is now a division of Diamond Multimedia. Thier new website is, http://www.diamondmm.com/products/index-system.html - Micronics motherboard owners should also look at Dick Perron's hardware page http://www.gw.total-web.net/~dperr/pc_hdwe.htm. - Micropolis Corporation Home Page: http://www.microp.com/ - Mitsumi CD-ROMs - Mitsumi BBS: 408-970-0761 - Mitsumi WWW site: http://www.mitsumi.com/frmmai.htm - NEC - NEC BBS: 508-635-4706 - Number 9, video accellerator cards. - Website: http://www.nine.com/ - Drivers FTP site ftp://ftp.nine.com - Phoenix BIOS: http://www.ptltd.com. - Philips Computer Technologies - Philips BBS: 719-593-4081 - Philips WWW site: http://www.philips.com/ - Promise Technology - FAX: (408)-452-1534 - Voice: (800)-888-0245 - Tech Support: (408)-452-1180 - BBS: (408)-452-1267 (BBS) - WWW site: http://www.promise.com/ - Quantum Corporation WWW Server http://www.quantum.com/ - Seagate http://www.seagate.com. - Seagate Software, - Upgrade your Arcada Backup for Windows95 for free! ftp://sssmg.seagate.com/pub/arcada/buwin95/abwin95.exe. - Or upgrade your Conner Backup for Windows95 for free! ftp://sssmg.seagate.com/pub/arcada/buwin95/cbewin95.exe. - For other backup software at http://www.sssmg.seagate.com (formerly Arcada). - SONY - BBS: 1-800-955-5107 - Sony's CD-ROM Drivers, http://www.ita.sel.sony.com/support/storage/drivers.html - STB Systems - STB Systems (Rocket): 800-234-4334 (voice) - STB Systems: 214-437-9615 (BBS) - STB WWW site: http://www.stb.com/ - Tseng Labs, Manufactures of the ET6000 chip used in the STB Lightspeed. - WWW Page: http://www.tseng.com/ - Toshiba Technical Support: http://www.toshiba.com/tais/csd/support - Ultrastor BBS: 714-453-8174 - US Robotics: support@usr.com, now a division of 3COM. - 800-762-6163 (faxback) - 847-982-5092 (BBS) - 847-676-7323 (fax) - 847-982-5151 (tech support) - sales@usr.com (Sales support) - 800-DIAL-USR (Sales information) - USR WWW site: http://www.usr.com/ - Western Digital: - Phone: 714-753-1234 - Web site: http://www.wdc.com/support/ 1.3.5) Where can I get cow spotted (and other) goodies? Since the spotted cow is the official mascot of Gateway 2000, it be-hooves us to keep a few cow spotted items around to keep our systems happy. Here are a couple of items spotted (heh) by Nelia Lyda: Mouse pad with the required spots (712) 255-3667 $5 plus $3.75 s/h Gateway itself also offers a Microsoft mouse with Gateway's own cow-spotted mouse pad for $79; you can get this through their add-on service. GatewayCDI (formerly "The Spot Shop") also sells Gateway2000 related merchandise. They have cow spotted/Gateway2000 shirts, coffee mugs, ball caps, underwear(!), and the Gateway2000 spotted mouse pad. GatewayCDI 2701 Clark Ave. St. Louis, MO 63103 Phone: 1-800-536-4002 8am-5pm CST Fax: 1-314-535-3637 http://www.spotshop.com. I haven't ordered any of these items, but probably will someday. I *do* have a spotted cow from one of my three year old's farm sets sitting on my system, just to be on the safe side, however. [Tod Pike speaking here] There is also a company that sells dust covers for your Gateway system (among other things, of course): PC SOFTWARE & SUPPLY (VISA or MasterCard accepted) 2404 Dakota Ave. South Sioux City, NE 68776-0278 Phone: 1-800-728-5031 8am-5pm CST Fax: 1-402-494-8711 1.3.6) How do I contact the 10th Anniversary Club? The 10th Anniversary Club is no longer being updated. Craig Moseley ran the site. Owners of 10th Anniversary systems should check out the problem- and solution-oriented WWW site of the 10th Anniversary Club. This site, which deals with issues specific to 10th Anniversary systems, also has much valuable and clearly presented Gateway-specific information: http://www.angelfire.com/sd/10thclub. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this site, you may find that it contains a bunch of helpful information, hints and links to other web sites for owners of Gateway 10th Anniversary and similarly configured Pentium 133 systems. If your Gateway computer contains any of the following components, you may find useful information at this web site: Aladdin mother board, Matrox Millenium video card, Wearnes CDD-620 6X CD ROM drive, Sanyo CDR-S16 6X CD ROM Drive, Telepath IIv 28.8 Fax Modem & Faxworks software, Altec Lansing ACS 450 Speakers, Colorado Jumbo 1400 Internal Tape Backup Unit, Western Digital Caviar AC31600 (1.6GB) hard drive Craig Moseley, 10thclub@usa.net 1.3.7) Where are some personal Gateway2000 Homepages? Not only does Gateway produce fine computers, they also produce loyal customers. Some of these have created their own web pages. Here are some links to other Gateway2000 related pages. - The Gateway2000 Support Page (one of the first) is down, http://www4.ncsu.edu/eos/users/p/prhaikal/Home/GW2K/gw2khome.html - Gateway Users International is down, http://www.mcs.com/~brooklyn/home.html. - The GUI E-zine is also down, http://www.pionet.net/~gui/. - Craig Moseley runs the 10th Anniversary Club, No Longer updated. http://www.angelfire.com/sd/10thclub - Dr. Jarik's Flaky PC Page, formerly the Flaky Gateway Page, http://execpc.com/~jarik/flakygw.html. - Ben Myers' FAQs for upgrading Gateway motherboards is at http://www.uic.edu/~tbrann1/Gateway2000/Motherboards.html. - Glen M's Page for Gateway users, http://www.li.net/~glenn9. - Steve Lee's Gateway User's Site, http://www.hgea.org/~slee/Steve05.htm. - Chris Biow's Monitor FAQ can now be found at http://www.uic.edu/~tbrann1/Gateway2000/MonitorFAQ.html. - Mike Lewis' Telepath Modem FAQ also at http://www.uic.edu/~tbrann1/Gateway2000/ModemFAQ.html. - Takashi Shiga's Japanese Gateway 2000 Page. http://www.kyoto.xaxon-net.or.jp/~takashi/, is down. - Y. Kishino's Ushikai and Icon's Room. http://www.ushikai.com/. Home of the Japanesse Gateway FAQ. Sorry, no english version. "Ushikai" means GATEWAY2000 user in Japanesse. - Ryoichi's Gateway 2000 User's Page. http://www.threeweb.ad.jp/~ryoichi/index.shtml. Japanese only, but some very cool Java apps. - Dick Perron's Micronics Motherboard page, http://www.gw.total-web.net/~dperr/micindex.htm. - Tim Folker's computer page and Cow Pasture webring. http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Pines/6986/ - Jim Payne's new Gateway page. Tips on the G6-400XL. http://start.at/Gateway2000 - John Toliver's Gateway Users Group website. http://www.compu-trek.com/gw/ And finally a recent Frequently Asked Question, why am I doing all of this! Check out the answer in my mini-FAQ, http://www.uic.edu/~tbrann1/Gateway2000/MiniFAQ.html. 1.4) Rumors about Gateway2000. 1.4.1) Gateway is owned/ has been bought by... Like many companies, rumors of buyouts and takeovers surround Gateway. Here are a few that have made their way into alt.sys.pc-clone.gateway2000. Bill Gates. STATUS: FALSE Their is a certain amount of ignorance/paranoia of the computer industry to those on the outside. This rumor is a result of that. Some people feel that if it is computers and it has the name "Gate" in it somewhere then Bill Gates must own it. Also some people believe that Bill Gates owns or is trying to own everything. Intel. STATUS: FALSE Another version of the Gateway buyout rumor. Motorola. STATUS: FALSE This one has floated around the comp.sys.amiga.* newsgroups lately. They all seem to stem from one individual that seems convinced the only reason Gateway purchased Amiga is because Motorola bought Gateway. I can tell you this; anything Motorola does here in Chicago is big news. I would have heard this one. Compaq. STATUS: FALSE, but almost true. Gateway CEO and founder Ted Wiatt did consider selling Gateway to Compaq, but changed his mind at the last minute. Ted stood to personally make millions of dollars in this deal but decided that Compaq's standards were not as high as Gateway's. It has also been said that he worried what would happen to the people who worked for him. A new verison of this rumor is that Compaq wants to buy the Gateway Country Stores or Radio Shack. Neither have been confirmed. IBM. STATUS: FALSE. The latest rumor (end of December, 1997) is that Gateway will be bought or merge with IBM at the beginning of 1998. Both companies have denied this rumor. Currently the best source of information has been CMP Net's TechWeb. Check, http://www.techweb.com/investor/story/INV19971230S0001 and http://www.techweb.com/se/directlink.cgi?CRN19980105S0127 1.4.2) Gateway is going out of business. STATUS: FALSE Various sources to this rumor. One points to Gateway's less than stellar 3Q97 earnings. Another points to the various problems with tech support, or customer service. And third has even stated because of Gateway's Midwest roots they couldn't handle business Silcon-Valley style. Gateway has posted strong 1Q98 earning. So strong that they were 22% above what industry analysts had expected. For full information check, - http://www.zdnet.com/zdnn/contact/zdnn/0423/309526.html and - http://www.zdnet.com/anchordesk/story/story_2141.html +1.4.3) Gateway (and/or Dell) will use AMD chips. STATUS: TRUE, but soon to be FALSE This rumor started on the Dell newsgroup in mid 1998 about Dell using AMD chips. It quickly morphed into Gateway, not Dell, chunking their Intel partner and going with AMD. Gateway has annouced they will begin using AMD K6-3 chips in March of 1999. They will continue to offer chips from Intel, including the new Pentium III chips. More can be read at, http://www.zdnet.com/pcweek/stories/news/0,4153,1013790,00.html. Gateway has announced (9/99) that they will no longer be using AMD chips in their computers. Check http://origin.msnbc.com/news/313613.asp?cp1=1 for details. 1.4.4) Gateway is moving to San Diego, Irvine, CA or New York. STATUS: TRUE. Gateway is moving some business to the coasts, but it's center of operations will still be in North Sioux City, SD. Here is the breakdown, - North Sioux City, SD - Operational headquarters. - San Diego, CA - New Administrative headquarters. Ted Waitt, will maintain offices in both locations. - Irvine, CA - the new site for Gateway Business in conjunction with ALR. - New York, NY - Web development headquarters. You can get the details at Gateway's site at, http://www.gateway.com/home/aboutgw/pressreleas/pr040798. And from ZiffDavis Net, http://www.zdnet.com/zdnn/content/zdnn/0409/305973.html -- This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is Copyright 2000 Timothy S. Brannan. All rights reserved. Information has been checked to the best of my ability, but is not guarantied or warrantied in any manner. Unless specificly noted all information has been authored by Tod Pike, David S. Eitelbach, or Timothy S. Brannan. Gateway & Gateway 2000 are Copyright 2000 Gateway Inc. All rights reserved. All other images are copyrights owned by their respective companies. This page does not represent the opinions of Gateway2000 or the University of Illinois at Chicago. - Timothy S. Brannan, MS. Ed., Ph.D (ABD) University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Medical Education tbrann1@uic.edu tbrannan@usa.net tbrannan@iname.com The alt.sys.pc-clone.Gateway2000 FAQ http://www.uic.edu/~tbrann1/gateway.html