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Subject: [alt.paranormal] Posting FAQ - read this before posting!

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CONTENTS 0. Introduction 1. What is the status of this FAQ? What about other FAQs? 2. What is Netiquette? 3. What is Net abuse? 4. Is it OK to post commercial articles? 5. What is alt.paranormal for? 6. What can be done about people posting things I find objectionable? 7. What about Flames? 8. What is alt.paranormal.moderated? 0. Introduction. Welcome to alt.paranormal. This newsgroup is for the discussion of all aspects of the paranormal, and unexplained phenomena. The purpose of this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is to give information and advice to new users in order to help them participate in this newsgroup effectively. It does not attempt to answer questions about the paranormal. This FAQ is based on the alt.astrology posting FAQ which was produced by Sherilyn (Sherilyn@sidaway.demon.co.uk). Any additional questions and suggestions for improving this FAQ are welcome, and should be sent to pharrison@ramtop.demon.co.uk 1. What is the status of this FAQ? The purpose of any FAQ is to provide a central source of useful information. Neither this FAQ, nor any other one should be seen as a rigid set of rules that must be adhered to when posting to alt.paranormal. In common with most unmoderated alt.* newsgroups, there is no official charter, except for a reference to discussions which took place in alt.config prior to the creation of alt.paranormal. There exists no voting mechanism to govern administration of an alt.* newsgroup, and as this is an unmoderated newsgroup, no participants have any degree of authority. This isn't the only FAQ regarding alt.paranormal, and it is not intended to compete with other alt.paranormal FAQ's. If you have particular questions to post that may have been asked before, you might wish to look at the alt.paranormal FAQ maintained by Bruce Daniel Kettler at: http://www.psicounsel.com/altparfaq.html Please not that the "charter" in the above document was not posted with the newgroup control message that created alt.paranormal, and should not be regarded as authoritative in any way. For more information about the alt.paranormal charter, look at: http://www.sidaway.demon.co.uk/paranormal/charter.txt 2. What is Netiquette? Since the purpose of USENET is communication, some people who have used USENET effectively for a long time have produced guidelines for posters, collectively known as _netiquette_. In order to learn some basic netiquette, I recommend the new USENET user subscribe to the newsgroup news.announce.newusers, and read any information supplied on their own ISP's website. The following document, which is posted directly to the above newsgroup, is recommended reading before you post to USENET. http://www.faqs.org/faqs/usenet/primer/part1/ The following URL can be used to scan _all_ regular FAQs posted to news.announce.newusers. http://www.faqs.org/faqs/by-newsgroup/news/news.announce.newusers.html 3. What is Net abuse? Net abuse is defined as abuse _of_ the net, not abuse _on_ the net. The most common form of net abuse is known as SPAM. This is defined in the SPAM FAQ: http://www.uiuc.edu/ph/www/tskirvin/faqs/spam.html Read your ISP's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), if they have one. The purpose of an AUP is to delineate the conditions under which, in the better interests of the USENET community, your ISP may take action to limit or curtail your ability to post to USENET. Typical bans are on commercial postings in non-commercial newsgroups (such as alt.paranormal) and binary (non-text) postings in non-binary newsgroups (such as alt.paranormal). As ad hoc guidelines: Do not repeatedly make posts of no significant or of the same byte-for-byte content (spam). Do not make binary posts to alt.paranormal If you want to learn more about net abuse on USENET and how to fight it effectively, or if you have ideas to contribute, subscribe to news.admin.net-abuse.usenet. Here is an excellent primer on anti-spam countermeasures which you may find useful. http://www.mall-net.com/spamfaq.html 4. Is it OK to post commercial articles? This really depends upon the policies of your ISP. Some ISP's expressly forbid the posting of commercial articles to newsgroups unless they were set up for that purpose. If your ISP does not forbid the posting of commercial articles to discussion newsgroups then you will not be breaking any rules if you post a commercial article, as long as you don't repeatedly spam it. Similarly, if the article is relatively short and relates to the topic of the paranormal, most people will probably not object to it. However, alt.paranormal is a discussion newsgroup, so don't be surprised if your article generates some discussion. For a more extensive guide to posting commercial articles on usenet, see: http://www.faqs.org/faqs/usenet/advertising/how-to/part1/ 5. What is alt.paranormal for? This newsgroup is for the discussion of all things pertaining to the paranormal. Not all posters to alt.paranormal will necessarily share your own beliefs and opinions. People who have an interest in the paranormal do not necessarily believe in all aspects of the paranormal. The paranormal is a very broad subject, and discussions in alt.paranormal range from scientific investigation to more esoteric topics. 6. What can be done about people posting things I find objectionable? You will almost certainly see opinions you don't agree with on alt.paranormal, and sometimes you will even see posts that are just downright nasty. The correct way to deal with such posts is described in the USENET Primer (see section 2 of this FAQ): 'If you find an article offensive, consider taking it up with the person directly, or ignoring it. Learn about "kill files" in your newsreader, and other techniques for ignoring people whose postings you find offensive.' An ISP is very unlikely to respond favourably to complaints you send them because you dislike the contents of an article posted by one of their users. 7. What about Flames? A "flame" is an angry post. Sometimes you will find angry posts in follow-up to your own. The temptation may then be to make an angry post in response. Think first. You should bear in mind that whatever you post to a newsgroup reflects upon you as a person. Firing off an angry response straight away is almost always a bad idea, as it usually leads to a "flame war" and the thread becomes uninteresting. If you keep your sense of humour and either ignore the message or respond calmly, then you will find your participation in the discussions much more enjoyable. 8. What is alt.paranormal.moderated? Alt.paranormal.moderated is a newsgroup that is intended to cover paranormal topics, but all articles are directed to a moderator who decides whether the article should be posted to the newsgroup or not. It is a separate newsgroup to alt.paranormal. The intention behind this newsgroup is to permit discussion of the paranormal, but not to allow articles that would provoke a flame war. As this is a relatively new newsgroup, it may not be carried by all ISP's. If you would like to subscribe to this newsgroup but cannot find it, you should sent a polite request to your ISP asking them to carry it. The moderator of alt.paranormal.moderated is David Lindauer. A copy of the charter is stored at: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Shire/3581/charter.html -- Phil Harrison