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FAQ for the Newton Community This is the September 2002 Update. Released on September, 1st. Newton 1999-2002 FAQ Group: Please don't ask us questions directly, but post them in related groups/forums. * Maintainers: + Steve Weyer <weyer@kagi.com> + Peter Rand <rand_peter@hotmail.com> + Sean Luke <seanl@cs.umd.edu> + Paul Guyot <pguyot@kallisys.net> * Hosters: + Grant Hutchinson from Splorp <grant@splorp.com> + Rich Lindsay from ThisOldNewt <thisolnewt@aol.com> + Chris Stephens <cstephens@cat2.com> + Victor Rehorst from Newton Resources <chuma@chuma.org> + Mark Rollins (Newton Book compiler) <mark@mrollins.com> + Bill Davis from Info-Newt <newton@ecity.net> + Laura from PlanetNewton <webmaster@planetnewton.com> + Bill Shamam from Guns <bill@guns-media.com> + Anthony V. Jeancola from Newton Resurrection <newton_user@mac.com> RESPONSIBILITY: This FAQ is provided "as is" with no warranties expressed or implied. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Top five questions * IIC6a My Newton won't turn on. What should I do? * IIA1e I have a Newton model H1000. What is this? * IIIB3 How do I connect the Newton to my Mac/PC? * IIB2a Which modem can I use? Are there drivers for my modem? * IIA1f I heard a rumor that Apple is making a new Newton. Is this true? Table of contents * PART I: Introduction Basis information and links to other FAQs. * PART II: Newton Hardware The Newton MessagePad family, compatible hardware & hardware problems. * PART III: Newton OS System versions, use of the NOS & problems * PART IV: The Newton Community on the Internet Groups & links * PART V: Newton Software Sources, Apple software, Internet, Fonts & localization software * PART VI: Newton Books How to find & create books * PART VII: Development Links to development solutions & documentation for all platforms and languages. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Change History