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Subject: Newton FAQ: Part VI - Books [8/9]

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PART VI: Newton Books * A) Using and finding books + 1) How can I view NewtonBooks on the Newton? + 2) How can I tell my Newton to read NewtonBooks out loud using Macintalk? + 3) Where can I find NewtonBooks? + 4) Can I read PilotDOC books on the Newton? * B) Creating NewtonBooks + 1) What Apple software is available? + 2) Is it possible for me to create a NewtonBook directly on my Newton? + 3) How can I view PDF files on the Newton? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- A) Using and finding books 1) How can I view books on the Newton? The book viewer is already built-in (in Newton ROM). See your Newton User Guide for help to turn pages, view TOC, annotate, set bookmarks, etc. 2) How can I tell my Newton to read books out loud using Macintalk? There is a separate application called Bookreader (Bernie Bernstone's reader) that allows you to do that: <http://www.bernstone.com/personal/newton/products/> You can also read books using the books routing menu (action button) if you have the HTMList extension installed: <http://www.kagi.com/weyer/#HTMList> (this also allows you email a specified range of book pages) 3) Where can I find books? * The Newtonberg project produced many books for Newton: [Dead link?] <http://members.aa.net/~robwest/pn/> * AMUG has a complete set of books, including Sherlock Holmes novels by Sir A. Conan Doyle: <http://cdrom.amug.org/http/newt/books.html> * J. Farmer compiled many books (mostly Paul Bowles books) [Dead link] <http://www.planetnewton.co.uk/> * Newton's Library <http://www.algonet.se/~anniqat/> * UNNA Book Section <http://www.unna.org/unna/books/> * Alex Catalogue automatically generates Newton Books on demand: <http://www.infomotions.com/alex/> * Terry Fischer's website: <http://home.earthlink.net/~newtonbooks/> * [Any other reference?] 4) Can I read PilotDOC books on the Newton? With Steve Weyer's PilotDOC plugin for Newt's Cape, you can read PilotDOC books. Please see <http://www.kagi.com/weyer/#PilotDoc> for more details. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- B) Creating NewtonBooks 1) What Apple software available? You can use Apple's software to design books from RTF files or any other XTND format (Newton Press) or from files with a special format (with Newton BookMaker). Links are under Press and Development Software (VB2). 2) Is it possible to create NewtonBooks directly on the Newton? Yes, Steve Weyer's Newt's Cape can create books directly on the Newton from HTML pages: <http://www.kagi.com/weyer/#NewtsCape> 3) How can I view PDF files on Newton? There is no PDF viewer on Newton yet (and probably there will never be one). However, you can use Adobe PDF->HTML conversion from <http://access.adobe.com/>, and then view the result into your favorite browser. Besides Newt's Cape by Steve Weyer allow you to save the result as a Book package (this will compress the data).