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Subject: Comp.os.research: Welcome to comp.os.research [l/m 6 Jan 1996]

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This periodic posting serves as an introduction to newsgroup comp.os.research. A set of companion postings, the Frequently Answered Questions for comp.os.research, summarises some of the past discussions in the group. Comp.os.research is a moderated Usenet newsgroup created to foster the discussion of and exchange of information on topics in the field of operating systems research. The moderator is Darrell Long <darrell@cse.ucsc.edu> of the University of California at Santa Cruz. The maintainer of the FAQ is Bryan O'Sullivan <bos@serpentine.com>. As far as moderation policy is concerned, the following two principles are applied to each article submitted for posting: is it interesting? is it related to research? Job announcements will be posted if they are related to operating systems research; blatantly commercial postings are not acceptable. Calls for papers for most conferences and journals related to OS research will be posted. This is fairly broadly interpreted, since OS research is a large field. Smart alec comments are generally filed unceremoniously in /dev/null. Finally, discussions are cut off when the signal-to-noise ratio falls below a certain (fairly subjective) level. Please consider setting the Followup-To: line whenever discussion drifts away from operating systems research. This posting, like much of Usenet, is maintained on a purely volunteer basis. It is subject to comment and improvement by sending email to <os-faq@cse.ucsc.edu>. Please note that there is a discaimer and copyright notice at the end of Part 2 of the FAQ.