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Subject: alt.usenet.offline-reader FAQ (02/02) software

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Archive-name: off-line-readers/usenet/software Alt-usenet-offline-reader-archive-name: software Posting-Frequency: biweekly Original-Author: Rhys Weatherley Last-modified: 2001-Apr-07 Posting-Via: news.demon.net (mail2news) Not-Posting-Via: my connectivity provider who doesn't do news for uucp now Not-Posting-Via-The-Cable-Modem-Because: I don't want to
auo == alt.usenet.offline-reader FAQ == Frequently Asked Questions The FAQ lists for alt.usenet.offline-reader can be found on the Internet: <ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/alt.usenet.offline-reader/intro> <ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/alt.usenet.offline-reader/software> <http://www.faqs.org/faqs/off-line-readers/usenet/intro/> <http://www.faqs.org/faqs/off-line-readers/usenet/software/> ============================================================================ part 01/02 intro 1 Credits and Disclaimer 2 Spam 3 Other sources 4 QWK and Crayons 5 Overview 6 Newsgroups of interest to offline readers 7 What is an offline reader? 8 What is the difference from getting a news feed? 9 What are QWK and BlueWave? 10 What is SOUP? 11 What is ZipNews? 12 Where are tutorials? 13 Where can I find the Good Netkeeping Seal of Approval? 14 Why does Forte Agent get its own group? part 02/02 software 100 Where can I get the software? 200 Where are the QWK readers? 300 common sites, template 400 author contacts 500 ftp sites 600 miscellaneous 700 packers 800 readers ============================================================================ Whilst every effort has been taken to ensure the information contained herein is correct, neither the current author, the current poster, nor any previous author or previous poster can accept ANY LIABILITY WHATSOEVER for errors, ommissions or damage howsoever caused. ------------------------------ Subject: a.u.o software: 100 Where can I get the software? From: auofaq@locutus.ofB.ORG (Alt.Usenet.Offline-reader FAQ) 100 Where can I get the software? There are two pieces of software that you will need for any offline reading activities. A "generating program" (also known as a "packet generator" or "door") to build the packets on the BBS or login account, and a "reading program" (also known as a "packet reader") to read the packets on your home machine. This section lists software that can be used for each of these activities, together with the authors, FTP sites, and packet formats supported. In the case of interactive dial-in users, you may find that a suitable generating program may already exist on the system you call: ask the system administrator if you are unsure. For Waffle systems, you will need to ask the system administrator to install the generating software. For Unix, anyone who has access to a C compiler can compile and install the currently available software, so no intervention from the system administrator is required. 101 Where are the reviews? not here. if you are looking for reviews, post your requirements and see who else knows what you need. please do not be vague -- no one can help you when you just say you're looking to evaluate some `offline software for your computer'. what kind of computer is it you're using? what is the computer it's connecting to? what do you want to do -- mail, news, both, more? how much are you willing to pay? what sort of interface do you need? how sophisticated are you? etc. I will not be putting any reviews in here, partly because they would be difficult to maintain, and partly because I want to avoid any flak from a negative review which I did not write. if you want to periodically post a collection of reviews, go ahead. you don't need my approval. ------------------------------ Subject: a.u.o software: 200 Where are the QWK readers? From: auofaq@locutus.ofB.ORG (Alt.Usenet.Offline-reader FAQ) 200 Where are the QWK readers? not here. I don't plan on listing any software that mangles headers as much as QWK does. some QWK software also can also be instructed to ignore the QWK headers and use correct headers in the bodies of messages, and product fully compliant messages. obviously, this has nothing to do with the QWK format anymore (since all the QWK information is ignored), and requires support from the unpacker to also use these body `headers' and ignore the (useless) QWK headers. the SlipStream Jet packer tries to compensate for QWK limitations, but often fails unless you have a very long expiry time and/or you frequently upload your replies, because it needs the original, unmangled articles to rebuild the missing headers. so, look elsewhere for QWK readers. if you must. ------------------------------ Subject: a.u.o software: 300 common sites, template From: auofaq@locutus.ofB.ORG (Alt.Usenet.Offline-reader FAQ) 300 Common sites, template If you know of any other products that support offline activities for RFC-compliant mail and news, please send the following information in mail to auofaq@locutus.ofB.ORG . Also, be sure to post your announcement, to make sure everyone knows about it. Name: [Product name] Author: [email address] Location: [ftp site] [filename] * Type: Packet Generator/Packet Reader/Both Environment: [msdos][mac][ms-windows][os2][atari-st][unix][etc.] Formats: [soup][zipnews] Description/Comments: * the Coast to Coast Software Repository seems to have disappeared in mid-1998. for the Coast to Coast Software Repository collection, just use `coast' for the ftp site, and give the first two directories (e.g., `msdos/offline') plus filename. the main mirror is ftp.coast.net:/Coast -- if you connect to <http://simtel.coast.net/Coast/> you'll get a list of mirrors. most files can be found at <http://simtel.coast.net/Coast/msdos/>, and in particular <http://simtel.coast.net/Coast/msdos/offline.html>. Coast to Coast seems to be in the process of discontinuing their Software Repository. Coast/SimTel had decided to stop allowing files which do not include the address and phone number of the author, which annoys me to no end. there are rumors that this policy has been dropped; if not, consider alternate sites. the special entry ``simtelnet:'' indicates the SimTel.net collection, available in many places, including CD-ROMs, and its main ftp mirror, ftp.simtel.net:/pub/simtelnet/ -- if you connect to <http://www.simtel.net/simtel.net/> you'll get a list of mirrors [?]. SimTel.net, which is clearly not a network provider, and is thus badly misnamed, is a new Walnut Creek site. for the Cica ms-windows collection, just use `cica' for the ftp site, and give the first directory (e.g., `util') plus filename. on cica itself, the ms-windows files are in ftp.cica.indiana.edu:/pub/pc/win3/ see also ftp.winsite.com , cica's new home. for the sumex-aim info-mac collection, just use `info-mac' for the ftp site. one of the main info-mac sites is sumex-aim.stanford.edu . ------------------------------ Subject: a.u.o software: 400 author contacts From: auofaq@locutus.ofB.ORG (Alt.Usenet.Offline-reader FAQ) 400 author contacts soup meteor@sprintmail.com zip zip-bugs@wkuvx1.wku.edu unzip zip-bugs@wkuvx1.wku.edu getnews ppg@oasis.icl.co.uk solar kjhoule@iowegia.des-moines.ia.us uqwk seb3@gte.com uqwk-js js@xs4all.nl uqwkselector seb3@gte.com zipnews jkilday@nlbbs.com hpv meteor@sprintmail.com slnr ppg@oasis.icl.co.uk unor rrusbasa@nyx.cs.du.edu zipnewsreader jkilday@nlbbs.com yarn cthuang@io.org yarn cthuang@vex.net yarn-os2 cthuang@io.org yarn-os2 cthuang@vex.net yarneditorsh pg@login.dknet.dk yarnfoldutil brusberg@stud.uni-frankfurt.de paperboy vart@clark.net rfdmail yon@world.std.com toadnews jpmah@undergrad.math.uwaterloo.ca pronto pronto@commtouch.com, [800-63-TOUCH,+1 415 578 8580] nnrnews hero@login.dkuug.dk offlinepgp staalesc@ifi.uio.no versatermlink maxwell@sales.synergy.com soupcmd combee@prism.gatech.edu macslurp ... offliner [was: harknesb@metronet.com; now unknown] offline-orbit jts@krk.fi williamsnews rwilliam@netcom.com snuupm mlawrie@apies.frd.ac.za uufree uufree@locutus.ofB.ORG macsoup stk@berlin.snafu.de readmail Jeroen.Schipper@let.ruu.nl newswerthy billw@eskimo.com newshopper nh@sw15.demon.co.uk newsfetcher h9151382@idefix.wu-wien.ac.at rnmac rrwood@io.org okami wr@bara.oche.de [old?] okami Michael_Schwingen@ac2.maus.de okami josdb@xs4all.nl tetrix Johannes@tetrix.internet-eireann.ie winyarn ? souper cthuang@io.org souper cthuang@vex.net souper bobr@mcs.com wssoup magnus@world.net olmenu kgresham@america.net sonr kgresham@america.net wsomr wang@durian.usc.edu.ph nautnews [formerly strombus@xmission.com] forte-agent agent-info@forteinc.com autonews EDL@cityscape.co.uk vweave info@virtuoso.com ddigest bobr@mcs.com foldscan jhoglund@mirage.skypoint.com postroadmail innoval@ibm.net thor thor@hstud6.cs.uit.no imail astevens@ddj.com phhnews fransen@thing.xs4all.nl newspkg ccrlphr@xensei.com newsxpress kenng@hk.super.net turnpike info@turnpike.com netcetera netcetera@airtime.co.uk bobs-sumfile bobr@mcs.com uqwk-sel-dos brusberg@stud.uni-frankfurt.de oui sales@dvorak.com [?] oui +1 303-661-0345 [?] quickelm badda@btp2x5.phy.uni-bayreuth.de shownews rreid@ecst.csuchico.edu bluewave bluewave@cris.com nfx nicko@westonia.com tropical miron@ksc.au.ac.th virtualaccess 70007.4727@compuserve.com virtualaccess sales@atlantic-coast.com gravity support@microplanet.com palmtopreader Mickeyj@hk.net nettamer nettamer@cei.net nettamer-ware tomburl@net-connect.net pgmail petergl@ix.netcom.com golded odinn@goldware.dk snarfnews [withheld by request] soup2pkt jffraiz@poboxes.com mountainrdr awatson@pacifier.com offlinelist jhanoian@kannoncom.com why ddonati@mcs.net slipit-ukappp khweis@mvmpc9.ciw.uni-karlsruhe.de slippper support@circularlogic.com wippper support@circularlogic.com @ccessnews support@vamail.com niespnr niesp@inf.fu-berlin.de hogwasher hogwasher@asar.com yirx [not given explicitly; see the web pages for a big hint] plor ... newsflex jan@panteltje.demon.nl pronews ... multimail wmcbrine@clark.net beinformed ... ------------------------------ Subject: a.u.o software: 500 ftp sites From: auofaq@locutus.ofB.ORG (Alt.Usenet.Offline-reader FAQ) 500 ftp sites soup coast:msdos/offline/soup12.zip soup http://www.gatech.edu/acm/soup12.html [error 1998/May/13] soup http://www.yak.net/combee/soup12.html zip ftp.uu.net:/pub/archiving/zip/* unzip ftp.uu.net:/pub/archiving/zip/* getnews ftp.adelaide.edu.au:/pub/news/readers/off-line/slnr/ ...? solar coast:msdos/waffle/solar094.zip solar ftp.netis.com: ? solar http://www.netins.net/~kevin/solar.html uqwk ftp.gte.com:/pub/uqwk/uqwk1.8.tar.Z uqwk-js http://www.xs4all.nl/%7Ejs/warez/js-ware.html uqwkselector ftp.gte.com:/pub/uqwk/us/us1.1.tar.Z zipnews coast:msdos/offline/znews97g.zip hpv coast:msdos/offline/hpv101b.zip slnr ftp.adelaide.edu.au:/pub/news/readers/off-line/slnr/* slnr ftp.freebsd.org:/pub/FreeBSD/ports-current/news/slnr/patches/* unor ftp.gte.com:/pub/unor/unor0021.zip zipnewsreader coast:msdos/offline/znr093b.zip yarn coast:msdos/offline/yarn_088.zip [not latest] yarn-os2 ftp-os2.cdrom.com:/os2/comm/yrn2_088.zip [not latest] yarn http://www.vex.net/yarn/archive/yarn_091.zip yarn-os2 http://www.vex.net/yarn/archive/yrn2_091.zip yarneditorsh coast:msdos/offline/yes-020b.zip yarnfoldutil coast:msdos/offline/yutil04.zip paperboy ftp.clark.net:/pub/vart/pboy205.zip rfdmail garbo.uwasa.fi:/windows/comm/rfdml122.zip toadnews ftp.halcyon.com:/pub/tisk/tidbits/uucp/ pronto [retail package] eval: commtouch.com:/pub/commtouch/eval.exe nnrnews coast:msdos/offline/nnrnews2.zip offlinepgp coast:msdos/offline/apgp212.zip versatermlink [retail package - nothing ftp-able] soupcmd ftp.gte.com:/pub/soupcmd/soupcmd.tar.gz macslurp ... offliner [old: metronet.com:/pub/xfer/ol06a.zip] offliner ftp.oslonett.no:/gopher/Software/Windows/Comm/Offline/ol06b.zip offline-orbit [via mail from author] williamsnews ftp.netcom.com:/pub/rwilliam/wnnws10b.zip snuupm coast:msdos/uucp/snuupm26.zip uufree ftp.worldgate.ca:/pub/rschulz/uufree07.zip uufree ftp.worldgate.ca:/pub/rschulz/uufres07.zip uufree http://www.worldgate.ca/~rschulz/uucp/ macsoup info-mac:comm/inet/mac-soup-* macsoup http://www.snafu.de/~stk/macsoup/ macsoup ftp.nacamar.de:/pub/Macintosh/MacSOUP/MacSOUP-2.2.sit.hqx readmail ftp://ftp.let.ruu.nl/~jeroen/readmail/ readmail ftp://ftp.visi.com/users/astanley/ newswerthy coast:msdos/offline/nwrth202.zip [not latest] newswerthy simtelnet:msdos/mailnews/nwrth210.zip newswerthy ftp.eskimo.com:/u/b/billw/nwrth210.zip newswerthy http://www.eskimo.com/~billw/software.html newshopper http://www.demon.co.uk/sw15/ newsfetcher ftp.halcyon.com:/pub/tisk/tidbits/tcp/news-fetcher-045-hc.hqx rnmac ftp.halcyon.com:/pub/tisk/tidbits/uucp/rn-mac-13b6.hqx okami ftp://ftp.stochastik.rwth-aachen.de/pub/atari/okami/ okami http://okami.home.pages.de/ okami http://www.xs4all.nl/~josdb/okami.html tetrix ftp.internet-eireann.ie:/pub/ie_access/dos/winsock/trp* tetrix cica:winsock/trp110.zip winyarn coast:win3/offline/winyrn71.zip souper http://www.vex.net/yarn/archive/souper16.zip souper http://www.mcs.com/~bobr/ftp-dir.html souper ftp-os2.cdrom.com:/os2/network/tcpip/souper13.zip souper ftp://ftp.mcs.com/mcsnet.users/bobr/souprw05.zip wssoup http://www.ozemail.com.au/~magnus olmenu ftp://ftp.america.net/~kgresham/olmnu117.zip olmenu http://www.america.net/~kgresham/olmenu.html olmenu ftp.america.net/pub/offline_readers/OLMenu/olmnu117.zip sonr ftp://ftp.america.net/~kgresham/sonr101.zip sonr http://www.america.net/~kgresham/olmenu.html sonr ftp.america.net/pub/offline_readers/OLMenu/sonr101.zip wsomr http://www.primenet.com/~dbeko/wsomr120.zip nautnews [formerly ftp.xmission.com:/pub/users/s/strombus/nn051b.zip] forte-agent ftp.forteinc.com:/pub/forte/free_agent/fagent10.zip forte-agent [commercial full-blown version available, not for ftp] autonews ftp.cityscape.co.uk:/users/ay89/autonews.zip vweave ftp.std.com:/vendors/virtuoso/vweave/vweave10.zip vweave coast:win3/offline/vweave10.zip ddigest coast:msdos/offline/ddig-007.zip foldscan mirage.skypoint.com:/pub/members/jhoglund/foldscan.zip postroadmail ftp-os2.cdrom.com:/os2/demos/pstrd102.zip thor hstud6.cs.uit.no:/pub/amiga/thor222_main.lha thor hstud6.cs.uit.no:/pub/amiga/thor222_inet.lha imail ftp.mv.com:/pub/ddj/packages/imail.zip phhnews coast:win3/offline/phn044b.zip phhnews coast:win3/offline/phnextra.zip phhnews <http://www.xs4all.nl/~hawk> newspkg ftp.xensei.com:/pub/users/ccrlphr/newspkg3.tgz newsxpress ftp.hk.super.net:/pub/windows/Winsock-Utilities/nx10b4-p.zip newsxpress ftp.hk.super.net:/pub/windows95/wskutil/nx20b0.zip turnpike ftp.demon.co.uk:/pub/mirrors/turnpike/evaluate.zip turnpike ftp.demon.co.uk:/pub/litee111.zip turnpike ftp.turnpike.com:/pub/evals109.zip netcetera ftp.airtime.co.uk:/netcetera/NETC250.ZIP bobs-sumfile coast:msdos/offline/bus-013.zip uqwk-sel-dos coast:msdos/offline/uqwks04.zip oui http://www.peaktopeak.com/ oui http://www.peaktopeak.com/ouibeta.htm oui ftp.dvorak.com:/pub/oui/oui_te.exe quickelm simtelnet:msdos/mailnews/qelm110.zip quickelm coast:msdos/offline/qelm102.zip shownews coast:msdos/offline/sn-311.zip bluewave http://www.cris.com/~bluewave nfx simtelnet:msdos/mailnews/nfx270.zip tropical http://taygate.cl.au.ac.th/web/miron/ tropical coast:win3/offline/tr131e.zip virtualaccess http://www.atlantic-coast.com/ virtualaccess http://www.atlantic-coast.com/cgi-bin/sellonline/va.htm gravity http://www.microplanet.com/ palmtopreader http://eddie.mit.edu/ftp/distrib/hp95lx/NEW/pnrv10.zip palmtopreader http://www.inet.net.au/~muzza/pnrv11b1.zip nettamer http://www.nettamer.net/ nettamer http://people.delphi.com/davidcolston nettamer simtelnet:msdos/nettamer/n110-386.zip nettamer simtelnet:msdos/nettamer/n110-xt.zip nettamer garbo.uwasa.fi:/pc/connect/n110-386.zip nettamer garbo.uwasa.fi:/pc/connect/n110-xt.zip nettamer-ware http://www.net-connect.net/~tomburl/ntwares.htm pgmail http://www.ergomatrix.com/ golded http://www.goldware.dk/ snarfnews http://www.users.dircon.co.uk/~crypto/ soup2pkt http://www.arrakis.es/~jffraiz/soup2pkt.htm mountainrdr http://www.pacifier.com/~awatson/ offlinelist http://www.kannoncom.com/~jhanoian/readers/ why http://www.mcs.net/~ddonati/why/why.html slipit-ukappp mvmpc9.ciw.uni-karlsruhe.de:/gopher/public/x_slip/* slipit-ukappp coast:msdos/offline/slip_itj.zip slipit-ukappp http://mvmpc9.ciw.uni-karlsruhe.de/public/uka_ppp/ slippper http://www.circularlogic.com wippper http://www.circularlogic.com @ccessnews http://www.vamail.com/accsnews.exe niespnr coast:msdos/offline/mynr11.zip hogwasher http://www.asar.com/ yirx http://www.vex.net/~x/yirx/ plor ftp://ftp.linux.it/pub/mirrors/pluto/developers/ plor ftp://ftp.linux.it/pub/mirrors/pluto/developers/plor-0.3.2.tar.gz newsflex http://www.panteltje.demon.nl/newsflex/ pronews http://www.panaceasoft.com/ multimail ftp://ftp.clark.net/pub/wmcbrine/bbs/offline/ beinformed http://www-classic.be.com/beware/network/beinformed/ ------------------------------ Subject: a.u.o software: 600 miscellaneous From: auofaq@locutus.ofB.ORG (Alt.Usenet.Offline-reader FAQ) 600 miscellaneous soup - Simple Offline Usenet Packet format offlinepgp - soup-aware pgp addon yarneditorsh - editor shell+utilities for yarn yarnfoldutil - utilities for yarn folders winyarn - ms-windows front-end to yarn olmenu - menu-based front-end to uqwk sonr - simpler version of olmenu snuupm - easy-install of snews, uupc, and pmail uufree - free uucp/mail/news, with installation/configuration program ddigest - extract articles from digest into newsgroups foldscan - scans news for keywords, puts hits into file or folder bobs-sumfile - select threads based on subject lines, uqwk and soup uqwk-sel-dos - works with uqwk's summary mode to select threads soup2pkt - convert soup <-> Fidonet PKT offlinelist (OLMR) - ASCII text info on SOUP (and other) offline mail products why - windows front-end for yarn yirx - Yarn Information & Resource eXchange ------------------------------ Subject: a.u.o software: 700 packers From: auofaq@locutus.ofB.ORG (Alt.Usenet.Offline-reader FAQ) 700 packers -- `name' - `function'; `platforms'; `standards' 701 getnews - generator; Unix; soup 702 solar - generator; msdos Waffle; soup 703 uqwk - generator; Unix NNTP, Unix spool; soup/zipnews 704 uqwk-js - generator; Unix NNTP, Unix spool; soup/zipnews 705 uqwkselector - generator; Unix NNTP, Unix spool; ... 706 zipnews - generator; msdos Waffle, PC-Board, Wildcat; zipnews 707 nnrnews - translator; msdos; nn save files, soup 708 soupcmd - uqwk add-on; Unix; soup commands that uqwk handles non-souply 709 macslurp - news importer via SLIP; mac; ... 710 newsfetcher - news importer via SLIP; mac; ... 711 souper - packer of SLIP mail/news; os2; soup 712 souper - packer of SLIP mail/news; ms-windows; soup 713 wssoup - packer of SLIP mail/news; ms-windows; soup 714 slipit-ukappp - packer of SLIP/PPP mail/news; msdos; soup 715 newspkg - news importer via SLIP; perl (unix or other); std directory tree 716 snarfnews - makes SOUP-subset rnews batches from NNTP (and other things) 717 slippper - ? [includes automated NNTP]; msdos; ? 718 wippper - ? [includes automated NNTP]; ms-windows; ? ------------------------------ Subject: a.u.o software: 800 readers From: auofaq@locutus.ofB.ORG (Alt.Usenet.Offline-reader FAQ) 800 readers -- `name' - `function'; `platforms'; `standards' note that `TCP/IP-based proprietary' often means that the package will grab messages via nntp or pop3 or imap, and keep them in a local proprietary database. many of these packages can also work online. most packages will hand mail and news 801 hpv (helldiver packet viewer) - reader; msdos; soup 802 slnr (simple local news reader) - reader; Unix, msdos, atari; soup 803 unor (USENET offline reader) - reader; ms-windows; soup 804 zipnewsreader - reader; msdos; zipnews 805 yarn - reader; msdos, os2; soup 806 paperboy - reader; ms-windows; soup 807 rfdmail - reader; ms-windows; proprietary 808 toadnews - reader pre-processor; mac; soup 809 pronto - reader; ms-windows; proprietary 810 versatermlink - reader; mac; proprietary 811 offliner - reader; ms-windows; soup; DISCONTINUED 812 offline-orbit - reader; amiga; soup 813 williamsnews - reader; ms-windows; soup 814 macsoup - reader; mac; soup 815 readmail - reader; msdos; soup 816 newswerthy - reader; msdos; soup 817 newshopper - reader; mac; proprietary 818 rnmac - reader; mac; soup? 819 okami - reader; atari st, Linux; soup, text 820 tetrix - reader; msdos; TCP/IP-based soup 821 wsomr - reader; msdos; soup 822 [nautnews - reader; ms-windows; TCP/IP-based proprietary] 823 forte-agent - reader; ms-windows; TCP/IP-based proprietary (use a.u.o.f) 824 autonews - reader; ms-windows; TCP/IP-based ? 825 vweave - selector; ms-windows; uqwk selection files (not soup-based) 826 postroadmail - reader; os2; custom pop3-based 827 thor - reader; amiga; soup, TCP/IP-based 828 imail - reader; msdos; custom 829 phhnews - reader; ms-windows; ? 830 newsxpress - reader; ms-windows; TCP/IP-based proprietary workaround 831 turnpike - reader; ms-windows; proprietary 832 netcetera - reader; ms-windows; proprietary 833 oui - reader; ms-windows; proprietary? 834 quickelm - reader; msdos; front-end for Unix shell 835 shownews - reader; msdos; proprietary news 836 bluewave - reader; msdos, os2; bluewave, QWK-ignore-headers, soup (promised) 837 nfx - reader; msdos; soup 838 tropical - reader; ms-windows; soup 839 virtualaccess - reader; ms-windows; TCP/IP-based proprietary 840 gravity - reader; ms-windows; announcement didn't mention method 841 palmtopreader - reader; HP palmtops, msdos; zipnews 842 nettamer - reader; msdos; TCP/IP-based proprietary 843 pgmail - reader; ms-windows; announcement didn't mention method 844 golded - reader; msdos; soup and others 845 mountainrdr - reader; ms-windows; soup and others 846 @ccessnews - packer+reader; ms-windows; proprietary 847 niespnr - reader; msdos; downloaded files with messages all run together 848 hogwasher - reader; mac; TCP/IP-based proprietary 849 plor - reader; unix; soup and others 850 newsflex - reader; unix; announcement didn't mention method 851 pronews - reader; os2; unknown 852 multimail - reader; msdos, ms-windows, os2, unix; soup and others 853 beinformed - reader; be; unknown