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Subject: [rec.nude] REC.NUDE FAQS Part 5 of 5

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Archive-name: nude-faq/part5 Posting-Frequency: monthly Version: 1-Jan-08 Copyright: (c) 1998-2008 Dennis Kirkpatrick Maintainer: D. Kirkpatrick <recnudefaq@sunclad.com>
REC.NUDE FAQ Part 5 of 5: The Newsgroup Itself - REV: 1-Jan-08 Maintainer - Dennis Kirkpatrick - recnudefaq@sunclad.com ========================================================== ** Rec.Nude is NOT Google Groups. Google Groups is an interface that can access Usenet Newsgroups (of which rec.nude is a part) as well as Google's own private groups. If you are reading this file from Google Groups, please take a moment to educate yourself. See this FAQ Part 1, 1A. Naturism is flourishing on the Internet. Here is a list of electronic resources for your perusal. This is an incomplete list. ______________________________________________________________________ Table of Contents: 1. World Wide Web 2. Newsgroups 3. Mailing Lists 4. Point-to-point Communications (Instant Messaging) 5. Online services (AOL, CompuServe, etc.) 6. Bulletin Board Services (BBS) 7. Endmatter 7.1. Revision History ______________________________________________________________________ 1. World Wide Web There are hundreds of naturist web sites, with more being added all the time. Since there are several pages that attempt to exhaustively list all these pages, I will not duplicate that effort here, but will instead refer you to these links: o rec.nude FAQ - (this document) The FAQ file describes this newsgroup, its operation, various quirks, popular usage, and a substantial amount of information about nudism/naturism as a lifestyle practice and on-line. The latest version of the FAQ is always available at the following location(s): See END MATTER at the bottom of this document. o Site Reports FAQ - (depreciated and removed). No longer maintained or archived) See the publication "World Guide To Nude Beaches" by TNS or contact your local naturist organization for specifics o Legal FAQ - (depreciated and removed) See: http://www.naturistaction.org/ for a state by state synopsis of nudity laws. o uk.rec.naturist - A forum or place for the discussion and exchange of information & ideas of Naturists & Naturism in the UK and Europe The full FAQ post can be seen on the NUFF website at <http://www.gravis.demon.co.uk/naturist/pages/nuff/FAQ.htm>, or the Easy-to-remember URL for NUFF is <http://w3.to.nuff> o Kent Ashton's list of links <http://members.home.net/kjashton/naturist.htm> o Charles Daney's list of links <http://www.best.com/~cgd/home/naturism/nudelink.htm> o Naturism and Nudism Web Ring: <http://www.sunclad.com/webring/> This Web Ring is a moderated resource of naturist/nudist web sites, private, commercial, and group, that are on-topic, spam free and porn free. Each site in the network carries a link system to all of the other sites. Great for naturist/nudist web surfing! Links are also provided where appropriate in other sections of this FAQ. In particular, there are many links to various organizations in part II of this FAQ. 2. Newsgroups Besides rec.nude, there is: o alt.nudism.moderated, established in 1999 in response to growing issues of off topic postings and "flaming" in rec.nude. This newsgroup may not be on all news servers as yet but a request to your news administrator may bring results. Make sure you explain that it is a "moderated" newsgroup. o uk.rec.naturist, for discussions of topics pertinent to naturism in Great Britain. o aus.culture.naturist for discussion pertinent to naturism in Australia and New Zealand. o nl.naturisme, for discussions (in Dutch) of topics pertinent to naturism in the Netherlands. o es.rec.naturismo, for discussions (in Spanish) of topics pertinent to naturism in Spain. o alt.christnet.nudism, for discussions amongst Christian naturists. o alt.cult.nudism, which exists for no purpose evident to me (and gets very little traffic of note, anyway.) o Regional newsgroups that are specific to a particular geography are always being added to the choice of Usenet styled newsgroups. Running a search on the available "Full Group List" from your internet service provider may turn up one of these groups in your area. Recommended search terms include "naturist", "naturism", and "nudist" or "nudism", although you may turn up some newsgroups with questionable agendas in doing so. A discerning eye will find the right newsgroup. In those instances when a newsgroup is not available or a request is refused by a news administrator, a good source for locating newsgroup material is the free service at <http://www.google.com/> Google.com With any web browser you can search this service by keyword and topic and view newsgroup postings from both current and archival material. Note that the group "alt.binaries.pictures.nudism" is not considered a naturist group, but is (like most of the alt.binaries.pictures.* groups) chiefly an outlet for pornography of various types. This group was not created by naturists (or nudists), and most rec.nude readers want nothing to do with it. Due to problems with illegal material or copyright violations of photo authors some servers do not carry this newsgroup (such as AOL and CompuServe). Various other "nudism" groups exist for purposes of binary (image) posting that are generally not supported by most on-line nudists due to association with soft or hard porn. 3. Mailing Lists Some mailing lists or message boards relevant to naturism: o The CO Digest (Deleted 1-Jan-08) The COD ended publication in early 2007. o ClothesFree.com http://www.clothesfree.com (click on forums) California naturism but a world-wide focus - Very Busy. o NetNude <http://www.netnude.com/> Hosts various naturist pages and a web-based chat system. Based in Ontario, Canada but with interest to a global market. - Very Busy! o RixPlace, a mailing list run by Rick Jaggers Nudist News & Views of a social/friendly nature. See their web page <http://www.rixplace.com/> for information on how to subscribe or e-mail at: <rick@rixplace.com>. Individual list server style messages or digest formats available. o The Naturist Forums & newsletters http://www.sunclad.com/nforum Web message board and a Google Group. 4. Point-to-point Live Communications 4a. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Naturists gather in several channels on several different IRC networks. Due to the transient nature of IRC channels, a list is not possible. Look for channels named #nudists, #nudism, #naturists, etc. 4b. Instant Messaging. Instant messaging is available from various providers. AIM (AOL Instant Messenger which links to all other AIM users and AOL's Buddy List for AOL account holders), MSN Messenger (links only within MSN) and Yahoo Messenger (Links to only other users of Yahoo Messenger). Programs allow users to direct-communicate with your acquaintences when they are on-line. 5. Online services (AOL, CompuServe, etc.) Updates from those who are on these services is always appreciated. It should be noted that since this FAQ was created there has been an explosion of on-line resources associated with the world wide web, e-mail list server services, message boards and more. It would be immpossible to keep track of all of them. The following is but a few. There are many private systems as well as numerous Yahoo Groups and Google Groups areas. o America Online: Buried within the Travel Channel under Nude Beach Travel. Hardly any traffic since AOL deleted its original nude beach messages area. o CompuServe: Nudist area closed in 2000 when system was revamped. o Delphi: (depreciated and removed - no longer active) o Prodigy: (depreciated and removed - no longer active) 6. Bulletin Board Services (BBS) With the proliferation of Usenet and the web private BBS services and other services such as FIDO echos are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Persons hosting or having knowledge of BBS systems dedicated to the nudist/naturist option are welcome to contribute that information for inclusion in this FAQ. 7. Endmatter Copyright 1998-2008 - Dennis Kirkpatrick All rights reserved. <recnudefaq@sunclad.com> Contributions to this FAQ have been added by numerous persons since the rec.nude newsgroup was founded. This includes the various FAQ maintainers and newsgroups users as well. This body stands as a compilation of these efforts over time and serves as both newsgroup charter and FAQ. While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this document, the publisher assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein. This document may be reproduced and distributed in any medium, physical or electronic, so long as the entire document, including this copyright notice and the modification date below, remains intact and unchanged on all copies. Commercial redistribution is permitted, but you may not redistribute it, in whole or in part, under terms more restrictive than those under which you received it. If you have questions regarding reproduction and/or distribution of this document, please contact Dennis Kirkpatrick at: recnudefaq@sunclad.com The latest version of the FAQ is always available at the following location(s): NEWSGROUPS: ---------- rec.nude - posted on or near the first of each month or within the first 7 days (+/-) of the month. rec.answers - same as above. news.answers - same as above. Your news reader program can be back-dated if you miss these postings. FTP: --- ftp://rtfm.mit.edu//pub/faqs/nude-faq/ ftp://rtfm.mit.edu//pub/faqs/nude-faq/part1 ftp://rtfm.mit.edu//pub/faqs/nude-faq/part2 ftp://rtfm.mit.edu//pub/faqs/nude-faq/part3 ftp://rtfm.mit.edu//pub/faqs/nude-faq/part4 ftp://rtfm.mit.edu//pub/faqs/nude-faq/part5 Using an FTP or "Anarchie" type program you can access the FAQ from this public archive. WEB: --- http://www.sunclad.com/nfaqs *(www.faqs.org is no longer a reliable reporitory for Newsgroup FAQ files. The site appears to be abandoned and has not updated in several years.) 7.1. Revision History This document will carry a revision history by date. Any time a change is made to any of the five sections of this FAQ the revision date will change on each section to reflect the revision date of the FAQ as a whole. The revision dates will be carried in last to first order with the most recent change at the top of the document. This will allow readers to know when the FAQ was last updated. Revision 1-Jan-08 -Updated various segments to current standards. Revision 31-Mar-07 -Updated various sections to current requirements. Removed www.faqs.org as safe repository for FAQ. Revision 10-Oct-05 -Updated various sections to current requirements. Revision 16-Aug-03 -Updated link to Prodigy Message Board & other updates Revision 1-Jul-02 -Issued various corrections & updates as noted within. Revision 1-Nov-01 -Various updates to links and addresses. Revision 5-Mar-00 -Updated various web links to current requirements. Revision 1-Sep-99 -Updated listings for AOL, Compuserve, Prodigy, and other reference material as necessary and submitted by newsgroup users. Parts 1, 4 and 5 effected. Revision 1-Aug-98 -Updated Posting Locations of FAQ and various URL updates. Revision 1-Jul-98 -Added FTP locations for FAQ. Revision 31-May 98 -Added HTML locations for FAQ and other link updates. Revision 15-May-98 -Changed information for the Nude Travel section on the AOL system in Part 5 of the FAQ. Revision 21-Mar-98 -Corrected URL for Fed de Quebecoise de Naturisme Revision 1-Mar-98 -Adjusted 4 part FAQ into 5 to conform with limits of web browser sizing. Revision 1-Feb-98 - Carried over from previous FAQ maintainer and updated FAQ maintainer contact info and some access info regarding the AOL Naturist/Nudist posting areas. Revisions Prior to January 1998 not documented. Please do not e-mail the FAQ maintainer with questions that may otherwise be answered in the newsgroup FAQ or the associated Beaches FAQ. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= D. M. Kirkpatrick FAQ & Charter Maintainer - Newsgroup: REC.NUDE recnudefaq@sunclad.com =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=