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Subject: Wolfstone FAQ

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WOLFSTONE FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Maintained by Gabe Helou (gabe@mystery.com) Version 1.48, November 30, 2008 Welcome to the Wolfstone FAQ. This document provides basic information about the band; it is intended for unfamiliar with Wolfstone as well as current fans. The latest version of this FAQ can be obtained by sending the following message to Majordomo@ml.wolfstone.org: get wolfstone FAQ end The most recent version is posted monthly to the Usenet groups rec.music.celtic, rec.answers and news.answers. Table of Contents General Information - What is Wolfstone? - What is new with Wolfstone? - Is Wolfstone currently touring? History - How did Wolfstone begin? - What Wolfstone releases are there? - What about "Wolfstone" and "Wolfstone II"? - What Wolfstone tours have there been? - Where can I get their video? People - Who are Wolfstone? - What happened to Struan Eaglesham, Mop Youngson and Ivan Drever? Fan Organizations - What is the address for the fan club? - How can I get announcements about the band? - How can I participate in on-line fan activities? - Does Wolfstone have a home page? Informational Resources - How can I use the on-line archives? - Can I get a more readable copy of "The Half Tail" lyrics? - What other informational resources are there? - What other bands might Wolfstone fans like? - Where can I hear Wolfstone live? - Where can I get booking information? - Who distributes Wolfstone's music? Credits _________________________________________________________________ General Information What is Wolfstone? A band from Scotland (The Highlands, Perthshire & Glasgow) that brings together the drive of rock-and-roll with the melodies of Celtic music. They produce a style of Celtic rock that many find irresistible. Described as "bagpipes with an attitude," the energy and vitality that Wolfstone brings to the stage is infectious; their audiences are often brought to their collective feet with the opening notes of the first tune. What is new with Wolfstone? In January 2007, Wolfstone released their highly anticipated album "Terra Firma" with a launch party at The Ironworks in Inverness. Is Wolfstone currently touring? They toured extensively throughout Scandinavia, Britain, Europe and the USA in 2006. Details for future tour dates will be announced as they become available. You can check the Wolfstone mailing list or refer to: http://www.wolfstone.co.uk/gigs.php for up-to-date information. _________________________________________________________________ History How did Wolfstone begin? In 1989 Duncan Chisholm found himself recording a solo album in his native Scottish Highlands. Until this point, although having interests in most styles of music, Duncan had been a first- class exponent of the traditional Scottish Highland fiddle style, studying under the expert tutelage of the late Donald Riddle, but here surrounded by an array of studio toys, he began to see the means to scratch the itch which had begun to bother him for some time. Duncan had met Stuart Eaglesham at a session in a local pub and a short time later and ask him to join in forming a band. Stuart`s brother Struan, working on the west coast at the time and playing keyboards was given a similar offer. Piper Alan Wilson blew in from Bonar Bridge to back Duncan up on the tunes and Roger Niven from Avoch on the Black Isle provided lead guitar, soon to be replaced by Andy Murray. A couple of years later the songwriting talents of Orcadian Ivan Drever completed the embryonic Wolfstone line-up who, with sequenced drums and bass, performed their launchpad gig at the first Highland Traditional Music Festival held in nearby Dingwall in 1989. Playing tunes and songs the way they wanted to hear them, the band were offered further gigs as a result of their H.T.M.F. appearance and embarked on what was to become several interesting years of playing the village halls up and down the length and breadth of the Highlands and Islands. Their teeth well and truly cut, the band were offered their first recording contract with the Lismore/Iona record label in Glasgow, and an opportunity to work with the legendary Silly Wizard accordion virtuoso Phil Cunningham as producer resulted in their first album Unleashed in 1991 The Unleashed album saw both a musical step forward and a chance to cast aside the drum and bass sequencer and work with a real drummer and bassist in the shape of John Henderson and Neil Hay. Both John and Neil, very experienced and respected session players, helped the band surge forward not only in the studio but also in a number of live gigs promoting Unleashed. During the recording of Unleashed the band were offered a support slot on the Runrig stage at Loch Lomond near Glasgow. The exposure to and experience of playing in front of the huge audience saw the band catapulted onto a new level of touring and playing larger gigs and festivals, not only in the UK but increasingly now in Europe, North America and Canada. What Wolfstone releases are there? The following CDs should be available at most well-stocked stores: 1991: Unleashed (Green Linnet - US; Iona elsewhere) 1992: The Chase (Green Linnet - US; Iona elsewhere) 1994: Year of the Dog (Green Linnet) 1996: Half Tail (Green Linnet) 1997: Pick of the Litter: The Best of Wolfstone 1991-1996 (Green Linnet) 1998: This Strange Place (Green Linnet) 1999: Seven (Green Linnet) 2001: Not Enough Shouting - Live (Once Bitten) 2002: Almost an Island, May 2002 (Once Bitten) 2007: Terra Firma, January 2007 (Once Bitten) In addition to these albums, the following items were once available, have long been out of print, but may be re-released in the not-to-distant future: "Captured Alive" -- This concert video was recorded at the Music Hall in Aberdeen during 'The Chase' Tour, 1992 "Burning Horizons" -- a three-song EP. Features the only version of "Battle" currently recorded. "Unleashed - The Preview" -- Four track sampler of the Unleashed CD, featuring different versions of "Erin," "Song For Yesterday," "Ready for the Storm" & "A Stoir Moi Chroi." What about "Wolfstone" and "Wolfstone II"? These are re-issues of old recordings that don't have anything to do with the current group and are being sold against the band's wishes. The band gets no royalties from them. Duncan Chisholm offers the band's word on these two: "We disown those two albums. The band we are in does not reflect what was going on then; a different line up with different ideas and objectives; anyone buying those two albums is not buying a Wolfstone recording. We would never promote them and we certainly wouldn't sell them to anyone." Some of the fans have been less reserved in their comments: A friend of mine went to Scotland and Ireland and bought the offending Wolfstone recordings there. I couldn't stop her ... they're not what I think of when I think Wolfstone. What Wolfstone tours have there been? With the release of _The_Chase_ in 1992, Wolfstone's touring schedule expanded to include Europe and North America. Highlights included the headline spot at the Avante Festival in Portugal where they played to over 70,000 people. Their success at the international Tonder Festival in Denmark caused them to be the only band ever to be invited to perform for three consecutive years. In North America, repeat appearances at California's Strawberry Festival and the prestigious Telluride Festival in Colorado brought them legions of new fans with their energetic and electrifying live performances. On the strength of their Green Linnet album, _Year_of_the_Dog_, Wolfstone embarked on an extensive tour of North America in 1995, beginning in February on the West Coast. Festivals appearances included The Winnipeg Folk Festival and the Vancouver Folk Festival. 1996 saw a tour of Europe in June and July, followed by a North American tour and the release of _Half_Tail_. With tour dates in Europe during the early part of 1997. Since 1997, Wolfstone have continued to play festivals and special events. In 2002, the band returned to the USA to the delight of their North American fans. In 2003, the band conintue to tour throughout Europe, but have had to postponed their North American tours due to logistics problems. 2004 found the band making three tours of North American, in addtion to their ongoing European schedule. 2005 and 2006 continued the global trend with two more North American Tours, as well as continueing their tours of continental Europe and the British Isles. Look forward to seeing more of Wolfstone in the future. Where can I get their video? The video is currently out of print, but may be re-issued in the future. _________________________________________________________________ People Who are Wolfstone? Duncan Chisholm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fiddle Stuart Eaglesham . . . . . . . . . . . . . Guitars & Vocals Davie Dunsmuir . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Guitars Stevie Saint . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pipes & Whistles Alyn Cosker . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Drums Colin Cunningham . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bass What happened to Struan Eaglesham, Mop Youngson and Ivan Drever and Wayne MacKenzie? Struan is plying a marine engineering trade and still playing fine music. Mop is still playing music including a stint with the Old Blind Dogs and more recently performing in a project with Ivan Drever. Ivan is kept very busy with his solo career and his duo performances with Duncan. Wayne's non-performing career no longer affords him the flexible time needed for touring and he's concentrating his efforts there. _________________________________________________________________ Fan Organizations What are the addresses for the fan club? Fans can get most of their Wolfstone questions answered at the band's web site: http://www.wolfstone.co.uk/ Fan activities are also carried out via the Wolfstone mailing list. How can I get announcements about the band? Announcements will be posted to the band's web site as well as to readers of the Wolfstone electronic mailing list. How can I participate in on-line fan activities? Wolfstone is discussed on rec.music.celtic fairly frequently. You can also join the Wolfstone mailing list by sending the following message to Majordomo@ml.wolfstone.org: subscribe wolfstone end If you are using a mail system that tends to produce unusual "From:" headers, you may need to send the following: subscribe wolfstone user@some.site (Your Real Name) end For example: subscribe wolfstone gabe@fergus.mystery.com (Gabe Helou) end The Wolfstone mailing list is a discussion-oriented mailing list. If you are only interested in getting announcements about the band, you can subscribe to wolfstone-announce instead. Just substitute "wolfstone-announce" for "wolfstone" in the above instructions. _________________________________________________________________ Informational Resources How can I use the on-line archives? You can get the most recent list of files in the archive by sending the following message to Majordomo@ml.wolfstone.org: index wolfstone end Can I get a more readable copy of "The Half Tail" lyrics? Send the following message to Majordomo@ml.wolfstone.org: get wolfstone notes.half_tail end What other informational resources are there? The Wolfstone mailing list and home page (see above) are an effort to get information out as fast as possible. If you want to keep a close watch on the band, check these out. What other bands might Wolfstone fans like? Wolfstone credits Runrig with paving the way for Celtic rock groups. If you've already picked up all of the available Wolfstone releases, you might want to look into some early Runrig. Some band member also try to catch Dick Gaughan or Dougie MacLean when they can. Where can I hear Wolfstone live? You can get the most recent list of tour dates by mailing the following message to Majordomo@ml.wolfstone.org: get wolfstone tour_dates end The definitive source for tour dates is: http://www.wolfstone.co.uk/gigs.php Where can I get booking information? Wolfstone uses the following booking agencies: SPAIN El Cohete Internacional Carlos Barral C/Mendizabal 4-1 IZDA, 33003, Oviedo, SPAIN Tel 00349 8520 5396 Fax 00349 8520 5481 www.elcohete.com E-mail - carlos@elcohete.com SCANDINAVIA Art & Music Havrevangen 17 DK-8740 Braedstrup Ph.: + 45 75753291 Fax.: + 45 75751970 www.art-music.dk E-mail - artmusic@bentjuul.dk Contact: Bent Juul Rasmussen ITALY Frame Events Snc (Executive Office) Via provinciale, 24 - 24024 Gandino (Bergamo), Italy Mr Gigi Bresciani Tel/Fax 0039 035 732005 www.frameevents.com E-mail - info@frameevents.com REST OF THE WORLD Neil Macrae PO Box 5591 Inverness, Scotland, UK IV2 7WA Tel - +44 (0)7766 741499 www.wolfstone.co.uk E-mail - wolfstone1ltd@hotmail.com Who distributes Wolfstone's music? CADIZ MUSIC LTD (Cadiz Digital Ltd) 2 Greenwich Quay, Clarence Road, London. SE8 3EY, England, UK Tel +44(0)20 8692 3555 Fax: +44(0)20 8469 3300 e-mail contact@cadizmusic.co.uk HIGHLANDER MUSIC Unit 7D, Muir-of-Ord Industrial Estate Great North Road, Muir-of-Ord Ross-shire. IV6 7UA, Scotland, UK Tel +44(0)1463 871422 Fax +44(0)1463 871433 e-mail info@highlandermusic.com _________________________________________________________________ Credits This information was provided by Wolfstone and others. Some bits are straight out of Gabe Helou's imagination. _________________________________________________________________ -- ---- --- -- - - - - - - - - - - - "People were leaving the seats of their otherwise sedate little folk venues to usashamedly dance in the aisles and, in some places, even on the tables." -- Dirty Linen Magazine last-updated: (BGH) Fri Oct 31 15:42:03 EST 2008 It might be a good idea to call ahead to check on ticket availability, times, and exact locations before driving long distances to these concerts. Hope to see lots of you out there! Tour Dates ==========----------------------------------------------------------------- -- November 2008 ------------------------------------ Scotland 15 Lonach Hall, Strathdon, Aberdeenshire Tickets ?15 & available at www.thebooth.co.uk or The Spar Shop, Bellabeg. Tel 019756 51414 for more information. http://www.lonach-hall.com/index.htm 21 Back Recreational Community Hall (Back Football Club), Upper Coll, Back, Isle of Lewis. Special Fund Raising Gig for the Isle of Lewis Macmillan Cancer Support Committee. Tickets ?12. e-mail all ticket requests/enquiries to: macmillan.wolfstone@yahoo.co.uk or available from the An Lanntair Arts Centre (ticket office; not online) Kenneth St, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis (Tel:01851 703307). http://www.macmillan.org.uk/Donate/Donate.aspx -- ---- --- -- - - - - - - - - - - - To subscribe to the Wolfstone mailing list, send nothing more than "subscribe wolfstone" in the body of a message to Majordomo@ml.wolfstone.org