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--------------------------------------------------------------------- STEVIE NICKS FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Maintained by CLMoon <clmoon@pipeline.com> Suggestions, corrections and updates welcome --------------------------------------------------------------------- Contents 1.0 Who is Stevie Nicks? 2.0 What's Stevie done lately? 3.0 A Brief Biography 4. Music --- 4.1 Where can I find a discography for Stevie Nicks? 4.2 Where can I find lyrics to Stevie's songs? 4.3 Who is Rhiannon? 4.4 Who is "Emmiline," in "Seven Wonders?" 4.5 What words is Stevie screaming in "No Spoken Word" on the Red Rocks video? 4.6 I heard there was a lawsuit about "Sara?" 4.7 Is "Buckingham Nicks" available on CD? 4.8 I've seen a song mentioned that I've never heard of. What album is it from? 4.9 Where can I get information about videos featuring Stevie? 4.10 Who are Stevie's influences, as far as her stage performance? 4.11 Who are Stevie's backup singers? 4.12 Has Stevie ever written a book? 5. Gossip --- 5.1 Who has Stevie been romantically linked to? 5.2 Has Stevie ever been married? 5.3 Who is Robin Anderson? 5.4 Is Stevie a witch? 5.5 Did Stevie do drugs? 5.6 What are Stevie's favorite books/TV shows/movies/etc? 5.7 In the "Enchanted" booklet, who is the girl singing into a hairbrush in the mirror? 5.8 Who is Britney Marx? 6. Addresses --- 6.1 How can I contact Stevie? 6.2 Other Stevie addresses 6.3 What is "Night of a 1000 Stevies?" 6.4 Stevie Places 6.5 Where is Fleetwood Mac's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? 7. Stevie on the Internet --- 7.1 Where are the web sites for Stevie? 7.2 Where can I talk to other fans? 7.3 How can I chat with other fans on IRC? ===================================================================== 1.0 Q: Who is Stevie Nicks? A: She is a singer/songwriter, whose first recording was released in 1973. She spent the better part of three decades as a member of the band Fleetwood Mac, and began a concurrent solo career in 1981. --------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.0 Q: What's Stevie done lately? A: Stevie's latest release is on Reprise, titled "Trouble in Shangri-La." Stevie bought out her Modern contract on November 6 1996 for $125,000 and the agreement to the boxed set release, in order to go under contract with Reprise, a subsidiary of Warner Brothers. Stevie's appearances include the following: 5-10-01 Scheduled to appear on "Charmed" on the WB network. 5-4-01 Scheduled to appear on "The Rosie O"Donnell Show." 5-3-01 Scheduled to appear on "The Late Show with David Letterman" on CBS. 5-1-01 Release of new full length CD, "Trouble in Shangri-La." 4-30-01 Appeared with Sheryl Crow in a club date at Shine, New York City NY. 4-21-01 Performed a five song set at the 16th annual Yellow Rose MS Foundation Gala at the Hotel-Intercontinental in Dallas TX. Attendance was 1,500 and tickets were $300 or $3000 for a table. 4-10-01 Performed at the 7th Annual Blockbuster Entertainment Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles CA. Stevie performed "Fall From Grace" with Sheryl Crow, who also presented the "Artistic Achievement as a Storyteller and Songwriter" award to Stevie. The show was broadcast on the Fox network the following day. 4-9-01 Premiere broadcast of an episode of "The Chris Isaak Show" featuring Stevie performing "Solitary Man" and "It's Late" with Isaak. 3-31-01 Performed at a showcase for an industry audience at Studio Instrument Rentals in Los Angeles CA. Sheryl Crow also appeared. Attendance was about 300. 3-19-01 Attended the 16th annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. 2-6-01 Release of the single "Touched by an Angel" on the "Sweet November" soundtrack. The film premiered on 2-12-01. 1-6-01 Peformed a full set with Fleetwood Mac in a tent on the White House's South Lawn, at a farewell party thrown for President Clinton by his political staff. Christine McVie did not attend. 12-14-00 Appeared at "A Very Special Christmas" in a tent on the White House's South Lawn. Stevie performed "Silent Night." Attendance was 340. The concert was broadcast 12-19-00 on the cable network TNT. 9-23-00 Performed a full set at a benefit for the Arizona Heart Institute at America West Arena in Phoenix AZ. Special guests included Lindsey Buckingham. Ticket prices ranged from $25 to $1000. 8-29-00 Performed a full set at a private corporate function for the National Association of Chain Drug Stores Convention at the San Diego Marriott hotel ballroom. 8-8-00 Performed a full set at a private corporate function for the World Shoe Association at "The Joint" in the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas NV. 2-11-00 Performed at a private function for the National Basketball Association's 49th All-Star game festivities at the Cow Palace in San Francisco CA. After Stevie performed a five song set, Al Green headlined. 12-28-99 - 1-9-00 Performed in a mini "Pondering the Millennium" tour: four dates at House of Blues Hollywood CA, two dates at the Sun Theater in Anaheim CA, and New Year's Eve at the House of Blues in Las Vegas NV. 1-6-00 Performed at a private corporate function for Zenith dealers at Comdex (Consumer Electronics Show) at "The Joint," inside the Hard Rock Casino, Las Vegas NV. Jay Leno opened for Stevie. 11-19-99 Performed at a private corporate function for First Data Corporation at the Civic Center in Omaha NE. 9-14-99 Performed "Gold Dust Woman" at a Sheryl Crow concert held in Central Park's East Meadow in New York City. The show was simulcast on the Fox network, and promoted a new credit card. Tickets were free. 7-17-99 Performed "Strong Enough" with Sheryl Crow at Lilith Fair at the Pasadena Rose Bowl in CA. 6-8-99 Performed a full set at a private corporate function for the National Association of Chain Drug Stores Marketplace Conference at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans LA. Attendance was 2000. 5-25-99 Release of MTV video jockey Jesse Camp's album "Jesse & the 8th Street Kidz." Stevie duets with Jesse on his composition, "My Little Savior." 5-18-99 Won two Citations of Achievement at the 47th annual "BMI Pop Awards." The ceremony was held at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills CA, and this performing rights organization recognized Stevie for her songs "Landslide" and "Silver Springs." 4-30-99 Appeared at Patricia Barnstable-Brown's annual Kentucky Derby party, held in Louisville KY. 3-30-99 Appeared as a special guest at Sheryl Crow's Union Hall Phoenix AZ concert, and dueted with Sheryl on "Strong Enough." 11-4-98 Performed at the City of Hope Cancer Center benefit held at Barker Hangar at the Santa Monica Airport. Stevie performed "It Takes Two" as a duet with Don Henley, and also Allanah Myles' "Black Velvet." Admission was $500. 11-1-98 Premiere broadcast of the "Storytellers" live performance on VH1. The performance was taped 8-18-98 at Sony Studios in New York City. 11-1-98 Premiere broadcast of the "Behind the Music" documentary special on VH1. 10-18-98 Premiere broadcast of Stevie performing "Strong Enough" as a duet with Sheryl Crow on Sheryl's "Storytellers." This performance was taped on 8-20-98. 10-6-98 "Practical Magic" soundtrack released, which includes Stevie's previous compositions "Crystal" and "If You Ever Did Believe." 9-26-98 Performed at the Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation benefit at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas NV. Stevie sang "At Last," "Dreams," "Rhiannon," and "Stand Back" with Mick Fleetwood. 9-3-98 Appeared at "Stormy Weather," a benefit for the Walden Woods Foundation held on Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay. Attendance was between 2000-3000, and tickets were by invitation only. 8-18-98 Premiere broadcast of the VH1 "Fanatic" segment with fan Elena Bernal. This segment was taped on 7-25-98 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas NV after Stevie's Enchanted tour performance. 8-14-98 The Enchanted tour wraps up with this appearance at "A Day in the Garden," a festival held at the original 1969 Woodstock Festival site of Max Yasgur's farm, in Bethel NY. 6-16-98 Appeared on Late Show with David Letterman, performed "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You." 5-27-98 "Enchanted" US tour begins, to continue through mid-August. 4-30-98 Appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, performed "Stand Back." 4-28-98 Participated in a Yahoo real-time chat with fans. 4-28-98 Release of "Enchanted" three CD boxed set. 4-16-98 Appeared at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles CA in "Stormy Weather," a benefit for the Walden Woods Project. Performed "When Sunny Gets Blue" and Etta James' "At Last." Admission was $75-$150-$500. 2-25-98 Appeared at the 40th annual Grammy awards ceremony at Radio City Music Hall, New York City NY. Performed a medley of hits: "Rhiannon," "Go Your Own Way," and "Don't Stop." Stevie was nominated for three Grammys: Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal for "The Chain," Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal for "Silver Springs," and Best Pop Album for "The Dance." 2-9-98 Appeared at the 16th annual Brit Awards at Docklands Arena in London England. Performed "Don't Stop," "Rhiannon," "Go Your Own Way," and "Everywhere." George Martin presented the "Outstanding Contribution To British Music" Brit award to Fleetwood Mac. [Aired in the US on ABC-TV April 11.] 1-24-98 Appeared on the German TV show "Wetten Dass." Lip-synched "Silver Springs." 1-12,13-98 Appeared on the David Letterman show with Lindsey Buckingham and performed "Landslide" and "Big Love." 1-12-98 Accepted Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction award with the rest of Fleetwood Mac at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York City NY. Performed "Landslide," "Big Love," and "Say You Love Me." Admission was $1250-$2000. 12-19-97 Read as 'Ghost of Christmas Past' in the play "A Christmas Carol" to benefit the Salvation Army. Admission was a food donation. Presented by local radio station KTAR, the annual event took place at the Herberger Theater, Phoenix AZ, and began at 1pm. Stevie's neice was also in the play. 9-17-97 to 11-30-97 The Dance tour with Fleetwood Mac. 8-26-97 VHS video version of "Fleetwood Mac: The Dance" released, containing songs not included on the CD version. 8-19-97 CD version of "The Dance" released. 8-12-97 Premiere broadcast of "Fleetwood Mac: The Dance" on MTV. 5-22,23-97 Appeared with the Rumours line-up Fleetwood Mac band at Warner Brothers Burbank CA studios for an MTV taping, which included one new song by Stevie, "Sweet Girl." 3-9-97 Appeared at Union Hall in Phoenix AZ with Don Henley as a special guest and performed "Dreams," "Landslide," "Leather and Lace" as a duet with Don Henley, "Rhiannon," and "My Back Pages." The event was a benefit for the Southwest Center for Biological Diversity. There were two shows, at 2 PM and 7:30 PM, and tickets were $51 and $36. 12-20-96 Read as 'Ghost of Christmas Past' in the play "A Christmas Carol" to benefit the Salvation Army. Admission was a food donation. Presented by local radio station KTAR, the annual event took place at the Herberger Theater, 222 E. Monroe Street (bet 2nd/3rd Sts.) Phoenix AZ. 11-12-96 Track released on the "Party of Five" soundtrack, Stevie covers Tom Petty's "Freefallin." Many fans remark that the CD has distortion. 10-12-96 Appeared at the Boston Common in Boston MA, for the annual WBMX Mix Fest 96. Admission to this event was free. 9-96 Attended the 50th birthday party Ringo Starr threw for his wife Barbara Bach. Tom Petty also attended this party. 8-24-96 Appeared at the Polaris Amphitheater in Columbus OH , 35th anniversary of local radio station WNCI. Proceeds went to Kids in Camp, for children with cancer. Admission was $25. 8-20-96 Dave Koz "Off the Beaten Path" released including "Let Me Count the Ways," track 4. Stevie sings backup on this song: "How do I love you? Let me count the ways." 8-96 Release of "The Crow" soundtrack includes Courtney Love and Hole's cover of Stevie's "Gold Dust Woman." 7-20-96 Appeared at the Sharell Club, Phoenix AZ and joined Kenny Loggins onstage to sing their 1978 duet hit "Whenever I Call You Friend." 7-4-96 Appeared at the St. Petersburg FL Pier, for local radio station MIX 96 annual free concert. 5-9-96 Attended the "Twister" movie premiere in Los Angeles CA. 5-7-96 Track released on the "Twister" soundtrack. "Twisted" reunites Stevie and Lindsey Buckingham. 5-3-96 Appeared at Patricia Barnstable-Brown's Louisville KY pre-Kentucky Derby party, performed "Johnny B. Goode" with Mick Fleetwood. 4-21-96 Appeared at Dr. Ted Dietrich's private home in Paradise Valley, AZ for an Arizona Heart Institute Benefit. This was a private event, but a handful of fans were in attendance. 12-31-95 Appeared at Hard Rock Cafe Phoenix AZ with the Freddy Jones Band, sang "Feelin' Alright," the Joe Cocker classic. Summer 95 Appeared with Gin Blossoms at AZ State Fair. --------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.0 A Brief Biography Stephanie Lynn Nicks was born to Barbara and Jess Seth Nicks on May 26, 1948 at Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix, AZ. Jess was a Corporate President. Barbara was a housewife and was protective of her daughter. She was kept inside much of the time, and Barbara would read fairy tales to little Stephanie. Stephanie had trouble pronouncing her name, so she called herself Stevie. At the age of four she sang country songs with her grandfather, Aaron Jess Nicks, including Goldie Hill & Red Sovine's "Are You Mine." Stevie was close to her grandfather, and he had an influence on her choosing music as a career path. AJ lived out of two trailers in the Arizona mountains. He played guitar, fiddle, and harmonica. He took freight trains all over, and was a pool shark. Stevie's brother Chris was born when she was five. Due to Jess' career changes, the family moved quite often. In 1965 Stevie was a sophomore at Arcadia High School in Los Angeles CA, where she had just joined her first band, The Changing Times, a folk outfit. Then in 1966 the family moved to Atherton CA, where she attended Menlo-Atherton High School for junior and senior years, and met Lindsey Buckingham, who was a sophomore. In the Fall of 1966, The Fritz Raybyne Memorial Band was formed, named after a fellow classmate at Menlo-Atherton High. Fritz -- Stevie, Brian Kane, Bob Aguirre, Javier Pacheco, and Lindsey Buckingham -- got their start playing current Top 40 cover tunes at dances held at their own high school. The band rehearsed in Lindsey's garage. In the early days Stevie would play guitar on her own country flavored tunes, "Where Was I," and "Funny Kind of Love." The on-stage theatricality she displayed in covering Buffy Saint Marie's "Codeine" would foreshadow later performances of "Rhiannon." Intertwining her voice with Lindsey's was fine tuned by performing renditions of Ray Charles' "Georgia." In 1968 her family moved to Chicago, and Stevie stayed behind in California. She attended Canada Junior College in Redwood City CA for two years, and San Jose State University for three years, but quit S.J. State just short of receiving a degree in Speech Communication after five years of college. She had planned on becoming an English teacher. Instead, she transitioned into a professional musician. With the help of upstart booking agent David Forest, Fritz soon progressed from playing high school dances to playing Stanford fraternity parties, Bay Area community colleges Caņada and De Anza, and Winterland and Fillmore West. On July 12 1970, Fritz opened for Janis Joplin at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, and Stevie met her idol at that time. Janis would be gone three months later. In 1973 Stevie, Lindsey, Richard Dashut, and Tom Moncrieff shared a house in Los Angeles. During these lean times, Stevie worked for one day as dental assistant, was a waitress at Copper Penny, Clementine's (a Beverly Hills singles restaurant), was a hostess at Bob's Big Boy, and did housekeeping for her record producer, Keith Olsen. Lindsey did some phone sales, but mostly sat around the house practicing his guitar. Stevie's first recorded music can be heard on "Buckingham Nicks," released in 1973. Then, on New Year's Eve 1974, a fateful phone call came that would change Stevie's life forever. It was Mick Fleetwood, drummer for the band Fleetwood Mac. He had heard Stevie and Lindsey's "Frozen Love" at Sound City recording studios, and was impressed by the guitarist, a position that needed filling in his current band. Mick asked Stevie and Lindsey to join Fleetwood Mac, and no audition was required. For 15 years, from 1975 to 1990, Stevie Nicks sang lead for Fleetwood Mac. Stevie parted ways with Fleetwood Mac from 90-97. She had left the band over a disagreement with Mick over rights to the song "Silver Springs," which she wrote intending royalties to be funneled to her mother. Mick had refused to allow Stevie to release "Silver Springs" on her 1991 Greatest Hits collection, "TimeSpace." The band reconciled for one gig, to play "Don't Stop" for President Clinton's inauguration celebration on January 19, 1993. In 1997, Stevie rejoined Fleetwood Mac for "The Dance" television special and tour. Stevie has concurrently had a successful recording and touring career as a solo act beginning in 1981, and continuing to this day. --------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Music 4.1 Q: Where can I find a discography for Stevie Nicks? A: For a complete discography, please consult: http://www.nicksfix.com/snalbums.htm http://www.nicksfix.com/snalbum2.htm 4.2 Q: Where can I find lyrics to Stevie's songs? A: http://www.nicksfix.com/snsongs.htm 4.3 Q: Who is Rhiannon? A: Rhiannon is a figure in Welsh mythology. The Mabinogion, a book of Welsh mythology, is loosely translated by Evangeline Walton, a fantasy novelist, in the four books: "Prince of Anwyn," The Children Of Lyr," "The Song of Rhiannon," and "The Island of the Mighty." Rhiannon is a horse goddess and the "maker of birds," and the legend of the song of the birds of Rhiannon goes as follows: In times of hardship or pain, the song of the birds can be heard. Down the pathway will come three singing birds, one snow white, one emerald green, and one golden. The song of the birds will put you to sleep, and when you awaken, all hardship and pain will be gone. Stevie wrote the song "Rhiannon" in October 1974, after reading a novel by Mary Leader called "Triad" (Putnam, 2-73, ISBN: 069810496X). The novel featured a heroine by the name of Rhiannon. Stevie was not aware of the legend at the time she wrote the song. 4.4 Q: Who is "Emmiline," in "Seven Wonders?" A: This song was written by Sandy Stewart. Sandy's demo had the lyrics "you held the line," but Stevie heard it as "Emmiline." As to who or where Emmiline is, Stevie has been quoted as saying that she made it up. 4.5 Q: What words are Stevie screaming in "No Spoken Word" on the Red Rocks video? A: "I don't know how to learn, not from the pages, not from a book!" 4.6 Q: I heard there was a lawsuit about "Sara?" A: In 1980, Carol L. Hinton of Rockford MI sued Stevie for the rights to "Sara," claiming she'd submitted the lyrics to Warner Brothers in November 1978. Stevie submitted a demo copy from July 1978 to the Court. But to avoid a long court battle, Stevie's attorneys settled out of court for $1500. 4.7 Q: Is "Buckingham Nicks" available on CD? A: There is no official CD release of this title. In December of 1995 there was a bootleg CD recording of the vinyl release "Buckingham Nicks" available marked "copyright 1995 GEMA CAT# BN01". Another is marked "Au Revoire" and has a close-up photo of Stevie's eye on the back. The latter is supposedly of lesser quality than the first, but both are recorded from 22 year old vinyl records. There have been at least two bootleg CD versions released. 4.8 Q: I've seen a song mentioned that I've never heard of. What album is it from? A: Stevie has collaborated with and sung back up for many other artists over the years. In addition, being such a prolific writer, there are scores of her compositions that have never made it to release. Leaked either by people she's worked with or those close to her, the following demonstration recordings and studio outtakes are circulating among fans: All The Beautiful Worlds, All The King's Horses, All These Years, Amber, Anybody Out There, Are You Mine, At the Fair, Baby Doll, Beautiful Ghost, Belle Fleur, Blue Water, Castaway, Cat House Blues, Cecilia, China Doll, City of Hope, Come Back Jimmy, The Crystal, The Dealer, Dial the Number, Do I Bring You Down, Don't Treat Me Like a Stranger, Forest of the Black Roses, Goldfish and Ladybug, I Need You, I Wanna Talk to You, If You Were My Love, Impossible Task, It's Not a Dream, I've Loved and I've Lost, Joan of Arc, Julia, Knocking on Doors, Lady From the Mountains, Love and War, Love Don't Fail Me Now, Mabel Normand, Mistaken Love, Night Gallery, No Light (Planets of the Universe), Nomad (Candlebright), Old Fashioned, One More Tomorrow, Ooh Ooh Baby, Prettiest Girl in the World, Rock a Bye Baby, Running Through the Garden, Sanctuary, Secret Love, See the World Go By, She Calls You Missing, She Loves Him Still, Smile At You, Something Exquisite, Spinning Wheel, Starshine, Stay Away, Three Birds of Rhiannon, Tied Up in Promises, The Tower, Tragedy of One's Soul, 24 Karat Gold, Watch Devil, What About Love, What Has Rock 'n' Roll Ever Done For You, When Will We Love Again, Without You. 4.9 Q: Where can I get information about videos featuring Stevie? A: http://www.nicksfix.com/snvideo.htm There are also quite a few concept videos that were not released commercially. They include: Fleetwood Mac - Gypsy, Tusk, Big Love, Little Lies, Seven Wonders, Everywhere, Skies the Limit, In the Back of My Mind, Save Me, Paper Doll. Stevie Nicks - Edge of Seventeen, If You Ever Did Believe, Stand Back 'civil war' version, Rooms on Fire, Whole Lotta Trouble, Sometimes it's a Bitch, Blue Denim. 4.10 Q: Who are Stevie's influences, as far as her stage performance? A: Janis Joplin, Natalia Makarova, Isadora Duncan, Greta Garbo. 4.11 Q: Who are Stevie's backup singers? A: The two backup singers that Stevie has worked with primarily are Lorri Perry Nicks, and Sharon Celani. Lorri Perry Nicks, formerly Mrs. Gordon Perry, is now married to Stevie's brother Chris Nicks. They have a daughter named Jessica, Stevie's niece, born September 27 1991. Lori is originally from Dallas, TX. Sharon Celani is from Maui Hawaii, and formerly sang lead in a band. Stevie met Sharon in 1978 when she joined Sharon onstage at the Blue Max in Maui to perform "Poor Poor Pitiful Me." Sharon was also wardrobe mistress for the 1979 "Tusk" tour, and lived with Stevie in 1980 in LA. Susan and Diana's Sharon Celani Page http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Balcony/9248/index.html Mindy Stein became one of Stevie's backup singers in the late nineties. She holds a Bachelors in Music from the University of Miami, has sung backup for Don Henley, and currently teaches voice at the Los Angeles Music Academy in Pasadena CA. http://www.lamusicacademy.com/2000/vocal/instructors.html 4.12 Q: Has Stevie ever written a book? A: Amazon booksellers has listed a book published by Dolphin Books in November 1989 ISBN 0385189877 entitled: "Wild Heart: An Autobiographical Journey," but no other source can confirm that such a book ever went to press. Stevie has kept many many journals over the years and has reportedly been working on a book for some time. There has been one unauthorized autobiography published about Stevie, "Everything You Want to Know About Stevie Nicks" by Ethlie Ann Vare and Ed Ochs, Ballantine Press, 1985, ISBN 0-345-32238-4. It is out-of-print and considered to be a rare item among collectors. Two other unauthorized biographies exist, although fans have widely panned both editions: "Stevie Nicks, Rock's Mystical Lady," 1993, and "Lady of the Stars, Stevie Nicks" 1995; both by Edward Wincentsen. --------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. Gossip 5.1 Q: Who has Stevie been romantically linked to? A: Dave Young, Brian Kane, Lindsey Buckingham, Walter Egan, Don Henley, John David Souther, Mick Fleetwood, Curry Grant, Kim Anderson, Joe Walsh, Waddy Wachtel, Paul Fishkin, John Stewart, Jimmy Iovine, Brad Jeffries, Dennis Dunstan, Rupert Hine, Johnny Starbuck, Doug Casper, Glen Parrish, Les Dudek. 5.2 Q: Has Stevie ever been married? A: Yes, once. On January 29, 1983, Stevie married her long-time best friend's widower of three months. The groom, Kim Anderson, was a born-again Christian. He became delusional that Stevie was Robin, the one so close to them that they both had lost. The marriage lasted three months. The divorce became final in April 1984. Her wedding dress was black lace over white. 5.3 Q: Who is Robin Anderson? A: Robin Snider (later Anderson) was Stevie's dearest friend from the age of 15. Robin was a speech therapist and toured in 1979 with Stevie in that role. Robin suffered from leukemia and passed away on October 12, 1982. Stevie was naturally devastated by her passing and the effects of grievous loss became apparent in her songwriting and performances. 5.4 Q: Is Stevie a witch? A: Stevie always denies being a witch in interviews. Her most recent answer to this question, given on a Yahoo chat on April 28 1998, was: "I have no idea what precipitated those rumors... I am not a witch. Get a life!" She was born into Episcopalianism, and went to several Catholic schools. 5.5 Q: Did Stevie do drugs? A: In November 1986 Stevie spent a month at The Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage CA for help overcoming a decade of cocaine usage. To kick the habit was mandatory for Stevie as she was advised that if she didn't discontinue using cocaine, she would most likely suffer a brain hemorrhage. A second 45 day detox occurred in 1993 at Exodus Medical Group in Marina Del Rey CA for a six year dependance on the tranquilizer Klonopin. 5.6 Q: What are Stevie's favorite books/TV shows/movies/etc? A: Books: "A Course in Miracles" 3 volumes by Helen Schuman, "Sacred Symbols of the Ancients" by Edith L. Randall, "In God's Way" by "a psychic," "Diary of a Drug Fiend" by Aleister Crowley, "Ceremony of the Innocent" by Taylor Caldwell, and "Vindication" by Frances Sherwood. She is also inspired by Wilde and Keats. Artists: Sulamith Wulfing (1901-1989, Wuppertal Germany), Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939, Czechoslovakia). Television: "General Hospital," "One Life to Live," "The Muppet Show," "Miami Vice," and "Star Trek: The Next Generation." Movies: Jean Cocteau's 1946 "La Belle et la Bete," or "Beauty and the Beast," "Julia," and "Mary, Queen of Scots." Backstage atmosphere is provided by Paradise tea, Jasmine candles, and Nag Champa incense. Stevie also collects dolls. 5.7 Q: In the "Enchanted" booklet, who is the girl singing into a hairbrush in the mirror? A: Sara Recor Fleetwood. 5.8 Q: Who is Britney Marx? A: In the 1980s Cheryl Cusella was a Stevie Nicks impersonator in Phoenix. She claimed she owned a limo company, and went into the concert promotion business. Cheryl booked acts she couldn't produce, and didn't pay the ones she did, including Mick Fleetwood's Zoo. Cheryl was convicted of two counts of fraud in 1989, served 38 days in jail, got seven years probation and paid $32,000 in restitution. She then changed her name to Britney Marx. Reportedly in 1990 she published a book called "Sweet Poison: A Heartfelt Diary." Most recently in June of 1999, Britney was charged by the Arizona state attorney general's office with six counts of theft (totalling nearly $500,000) and one count of fraudulent schemes and artifices related to an animal rescue organization. --------------------------------------------------------------------- 6. Addresses 6.1 Q: How can I contact Stevie? As of March 2000, Stevie Nicks no longer has an assistant with the fan mail. There is currently no fanclub in operation. The rights to operate an official fanclub are held by Stevie's brother Chris and he opts to not run one. 6.2 Other Stevie addresses: * HK Management, Howard Kaufman/Sheryl Louis, Los Angeles, CA phone 310-550-5240 fax 310-550-5241 * Publicist, Liz Rosenberg * Warner Brothers/Reprise Records, ToReprise@aol.com, (Betty) * The Robin Anderson Memorial Fund, City of Hope, 208 West 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014 6.3 Q: What is "Night of a 1000 Stevies?" A: "Night of a 1000 Stevies" is an annual event, formerly held at club Jackie 60 in New York City. The theme of the event is Stevie Nicks. People attend dressed as Stevie. The club is decorated with her pictures, and draped with shawls. The 11th annual event was held at Don Hill's, on Greenwich Street in New York City. * Night of a Thousand Stevies, 212 929-6060 http://www.mothernyc.com/stevie/ 5th annual - May 9 1995 6th annual - May 14 1996 7th annual - May 13 1997 8th annual - May 12 1998 9th annual - May 11 1999 10th annual - April 25 2000 11th annual - April 24 2001 San Francisco held an annual Belladonna Ball to celebrate Stevie's birthday for five years [3rd 5-25-98, 4th 5-25-99, 5th 5-24-00]. The tradition continues with San Francisco's first annual "Wild Heart Affair," see: http://www.wildheartaffair.com/home.html 6.4 Stevie Places * Hard Rock Cafe, Atlantic City, NJ, in Trump Taj Mahal, a pair of black patent spike heeled boots signed by Stevie in silver ink, "Mirage" gold record. * Hard Rock Cafe, Baltimore, MD a signed white guitar hanging on the back wall. * Hard Rock Cafe, Boston, MA, long blue satin dress of Stevies, signed drum head. * Hard Rock Cafe, Chicago, IL, Mick's drums above the door, Christine's satin jacket, and FM record awards. * Hard Rock Cafe, Cleveland, OH, signed "Wild Heart" guitar, signed drum head, "Rumours" gold record, signed "Tusk" album cover, a Stevie jacket, and a Stevie reading lamp. * Hard Rock Cafe, Dallas, TX, has the chiffon costume from "Belladonna." * Hard Rock Cafe, Indianapolis, IN, a pair of Stevie's boots. * Hard Rock Cafe, Myrtle Beach, SC, signed white top hat, "Tusk" gold record. * Hard Rock Cafe, New Orleans, LA, gold "Rock a Little" LP. * Hard Rock Cafe, Niagara Falls, NY. Opened 7-10-96, the white lace dress worn in the "Talk To Me" video is located in a corner between the kitchen and the bathrooms, also here is a gold record of "Rumours." * Hard Rock Cafe, Orlando, FL, boots, white dress with gold trim, gold "Rumours" LP. * Hard Rock Cafe, Philadelphia, PA, Opened 1-16-98, signed full-length white satin gloves. * Hard Rock Cafe, Phoenix, AZ, a hooded black velvet cape with gold embroidered trim, a signed tambourine, and portrait of Stevie encased over a background of gold records, hanging over the entrance. * Hard Rock Cafe, San Antonio, TX, a signed "Rumours" tour poster and a Fleetwood Mac white album signed by the band. * Hard Rock Cafe, San Diego, CA, white dress and jacket from the "Little Lies" video, signed on the collar. * Hard Rock Cafe, San Francisco, CA, tambourine. * Hard Rock Cafe, Niagara Falls, NY. Opened 7-10-96, the white lace dress worn in the "Talk To Me" video is located in a corner between the kitchen and the bathrooms. Also here are gold records for "Rumours" and "Greatest Hits," a signed tambourine, and a "Tusk" tour jacket. * Hard Rock Cafe, Toronto, Canada, signed white top hat worn in the "I Can't Wait" video, and a signed drum head. * Hard Rock Cafe, Mexico City, Mexico, a red velvet dress from the original version of the "Stand Back" video, a gold "Rumours" album. * Hard Rock Cafe, Tijuana, Mexico, pair of beige boots, signed OSOTM photo. * Hard Rock Cafe, Puerto Rico, a gold record, and shawl from the "Tusk" tour. * Hard Rock Cafe, Lima, Peru, signed Stevie costume, "Tusk" gold record. * Hard Rock Cafe, Tokyo, Japan, tamborine signed by band. * Cooperstown, Phoenix, AZ, guitar signed by band. * Dick Clark's American Bandstand, Cincinnati, OH, blue velvet jacket, and "Tusk" gold record awards. * Dick Clark's American Bandstand, Indianapolis, IN, signed tamborine * Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, OH, a Stevie dress, a signed "Tusk" tour book, tamborine. * Rock Inn, 1107 Withers Alley, Myrtle Beach, SC. Located behind a local nightclub called "Rockburger," room 201 of this hotel boasts two Stevie murals by artist Phillip Wilson. [Note: Hard Rock Cafe regularly rotates their exhibits. Please phone ahead to assure that the items are still on display before travelling to see them.] 6.5 Q: Where is Fleetwood Mac's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? A: Fleetwood Mac's star is located at 6608 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles CA, between North Cherokee and Whitley Avenues, on the south side of the street. It is located directly in front of Frederick's of Hollywood. --------------------------------------------------------------------- 7. Stevie on the Internet 7.1 Q: Where are the web sites for Stevie? A: There are several. * John Kinney's "Nicks Fix" the official Stevie Nicks website: http://www.nicksfix.com Tour Dates, Albums - Solo, Albums - All, Articles/Interv., Ask Stevie, Benefits, Books/Mags, Chat Info, Concert Sets, Cover Songs, Games, Hot Dates, Links, Mail Lists, Photos, Radio Shows, Reviews, Song Books, Songs & Lyrics, Sources, TISL Album, Trivia, Updates, Video List, Notes. * Martin Adelson: http://fleetwoodmac.net/penguin/ Biographies, Discographies, Photo Gallery, Q & A Sessions, News & Archives, Fan Forums, Album Corner , Concert Info, Future Games, Penguin Pages. * Angelily Lisa: http://www.sistersofthemoon.com/Angelily.html Stevie Nicks Art Gallery, Photo Gallery, Live Photos 81, Collages, Art Gallery, Links, Gift Shop, Events. http://www.sistersofthemoon.com/BDB2000.html San Francisco's Bella Donna Ball 2000 * Atlantic Records: Enchanted boxed set promo page, wav and ra files. * Bear: http://www.brandisdream.com/ Gypsy83 -The Movie, Stevie Nicks inspired clothing and original clothing designs. * Blue Lamp: http://members.aol.com/Bluelamp/index.html Photo Galleries, Grammy and Letterman Video Capture Photos, Enchanted Tour Photos, Wavs, Links. http://members.tripod.com/~Enchantee/ Scanned photos of Stevie's tourbooks. * Glen Bourgeois: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Academy/ 1931/bucknick.html Buckingham Nicks album in ra format. * Salvatore Cennimo: http://members.nbci.com/_XMCM/scennimo/stevie.htms Photos, Links, Reviews. * Adam Chalmers: http://www.angelfire.com/sc/stevienicks/index.html Events/Releases/Tours, Single Releases, Articles/Reviews/Interviews, Pictures, Links. * Michell Chase: http://members.nbci.com/_XMCM/StevieLNicks/SNindex.html Stevie Gallery, FM Gallery, Collectibles, Multimedia. * Tammy Crouch: http://www.tns.net/~tammy/fireflies1.htm Links, Photos, Virtual Greetings, Chat. * Esther: http://members.fortunecity.com/moonlark1/Early.htm http://piedpiper.jumptunes.webjump.com/ Demo MP3s. * Garami: http://perso.club-internet.fr/garami/ Bio, Albums Solo, Singles Imports, Autographes, Collection, Archives, Photos, Videos, Lui ecrire, Liens, L'ecouter. * Tracy Garner: http://burnish.net/ Discography, Videography, Audio, Galleries, Written, Created, Links, Toys, Board. * Kelly Graham: http://msnhomepages.talkcity.com/TreasuryDr/camias/gallery0.html Cresent moon and pyramid pendants made from measurements of Stevie's originals. * Gypsy0033 Teri: http://members.aol.com/Gypsy0033/Gypsywildindex.html Photos. * Gypsy63: http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/WildestHrt/index.html That Rock and Roll Gypsy Look, Behind The Music Video Stills, Enchanted Photos, About Rhiannon, Five Fireflies, Links, Night of 1000 Stevies Photos, Photo Galleries, News, Gypsy83 -The Movie. http://www.rockandrollgypsy.com/main.html Stevie Nicks inspired Jewelry and Accessories. * Hande: http://members.nbci.com/handess/stevie.html Stevie Photos, Songs, Links. * Mike Henderson: http://members.aol.com/seejagger/nicks.html Wav files http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Cafe/8153/ Trading * Keith Henson: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Backstage/5130/ Biography, Discography, Photos, Links, Multimedia, Calendar, Monthly Video. * Roland Hui: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Atrium/5328/ Handcrafted Stevie Nicks stained glass jewelry boxes. * Brian Humphreys: http://www.queenofrock.com/ Video, Songs, Interviews, Midis, Articles, Photos, Links. http://home.midsouth.rr.com/wildheart/Landslide.htm Landslide ra files - all four Maxi Single tracks and other artists covering Landslide. * Jacqueline: http://members.aol.com/kmccarron/stevie.html Photos, Lyrics, Sounds, Links. * Jan: http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/flowrbele/lookingglass.html Photos * Jeff Silver Springs: http://homes.acmecity.com/music/keyboards/312/ index.htm Trading * Jennie EnchantedDuv: http://www.geocities.com/enchantedwhiteduv/MyTributeToTheQueenOfRock.html All About Her, The Robin Anderson Story, Artwork By Stevie, My Collection, Enchanted Gallery. * Jennifer SbleOnBlnd: http://members.aol.com/rhiannon73/ Stevie Photos, FM Photos, Links. * Jennifer U.: http://members.aol.com/Chrissi627/gypsyg.html Stevie Snapshots, Stevie Style, Stevie Concerts, Links. * Jerry Wldhrt69: http://members.aol.com/wldhrt69/welcome.html Photos, Trade Lists, News Articles, Links. * Jill Stvnxfn: http://members.aol.com/Stvnxfn/jillsbio.html Send an e-card, several pages of Photos, Links. * Karen rhiannon@ibm.net: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Picture/ 8677/index1.html Bio, FM, Solo Albums, Lyrics, Photo Gallery, Rhiannon Painting, Facts About Stevie, Quotes, Links. * Keith Hiwayman9: http://members.aol.com/hiwayman9/index.html Audio Trading * Christine Kilger: http://www.inherownwords.com/ Interview excerpts on her songs and her life. * Leah Kindsey: http://members.tripod.com/~rhiannonn/index.html Interview Excerpts, Image Gallery. * Kitenz Laura: http://members.aol.com/Nightbirdy/index.html Photo Gallery, Demo Lyrics, Stevie's Paintings and Artwork, Stevie's Influences, Rhiannon, Stevie e-card, Trading, Sulamith Wulfing Gallery, Links. * Kitten: http://www.purplemoon.com/stevienicks.html Tour Dates List, Concert Photos 1997-2000, Poster Museum, Picture Sleeve Museum, Backstage Passes, My Stevie Memorabilia, Links, Rhiannon Book Photos. * Lady Ruthvn: http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/ladyruthvn/ stevie_nicks_gallery.htm Original sketch art of Stevie. * The Marinos: http://hometown.aol.com/bluemoondreams/kathy.html Fleetwood Mac tribute band from Philadelphia PA. * Marissa StephanieNicks_98: http://www.gurlpages.com/music/ stevienicks/ Galleries, Chat, Send an e-card, Articles, Trade List, Stevie Style Links, Links. * Mark: http://jmcage.tripod.com/White_Winged_Dove.html Stevie Gallery, Links, Sound Files, Artwork, Stevie Satire, Blue Denim Group. * Daniel Matsumoto: http://spynote.tripod.com/BellaDonna/Ball2000.html San Francisco's Bella Donna Ball 2000. http://www.wildheartaffair.com/home.html San Francisco's "Wild Heart Affair," a first annual gathering to be held at the Ramada International on 5-26-01. Tickets are $30. * Barbara McLuin: http://hometown.aol.com/IvoryWing/index.html Stevie Nicks Illusions * Erin Mirala: http://www.fortunecity.com/roswell/gypsy/13/fmmv.html Video Synopses. * Missy Sister Honey: http://www.mindspring.com/~missyqp Photos, Links. * N1ghtb1rd: http://members.aol.com/N1ghtb1rd/index.html Photos, Links. * NightSky09: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Amphitheatre/6482/ stevienicks.html Sounds, Biography, Gallery, Links, Lyrics. * Erica Oatman: http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/efwo/index.html Metropolitan Museum's Rock Style Exhibit. * Official Fleetwood Mac site: http://www.repriserec.com/fleetwoodmac/ Biography, Release Dates, Song Clips, Photo Gallery, Liner Notes, Quicktime Clips, Tour & Broadcast, Vital Statistics, Discography. * Robin Oost: http://surf.to/StevieNicks Room, News, History, Music, Links, Quiz, Special. * Greg Pieper: http://pw1.netcom.com/~gpieper/index.html Stevie Photos, Video List, Links. * Johanna Pieterman: http://www.johannas-art.com/MyArtworkInspiredByStevieNicks.htm Stevie Nicks inspired original artwork. * Pruerock: http://velvetmoondesigns.com/stevie/home.html Important Dates, 1985 Worthington Calendar Photos, Tourbook Photos, Picture Gallery, Links. * Reen: http://members.xoom.com/UndoingLaces/greatwoodsphotos.htm 1998 Enchanted Boston Photos. * Rhiannon: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Forum/2769/stevie.htm Interviews, Links, Pictures, Audio Files, Video Files, Albums/Lyrics. * Rumours tribute band: http://www.classique-productions.com/ pages/PAGE10C.HTM CA Fleetwood Mac tribute band. * Rumours of Fleetwood Mac: http://www.allancoz.freeola.com/home.htm Fleetwood Mac tribute band from the UK. * Angelo Russo: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Mezzanine/ 2891/stevie.htm Pictures, PC Sound Event Wavs, Demos & Outtakes, Links. * John Seger: http://www.geocities.com/johnseger/steviemain.html Interview with Daniel De Los Reyes, Free Calendar, Mailing List, Chat Room, News & Updates, Midi & Karaoke, Album Reviews, Pic Galleries, Stevie Postcards, Links. * Shane: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Gala/5044/ Demo List, Audio and Video Trading Lists, Lyrics, Quotes, Links. * JJ Shank: http://members.tripod.com/~jjShank/stevie_music.html Guitar Tabs. * Shelly: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Stage/9406/nicks.html Wav files, Fashion Goddess, Photos, News, Links. * Takuji Shimoda: http://www01.u-page.so-net.ne.jp/ca2/soullove/ sheryl/english/stevieandfriends_photos_e.html Photos from "Stevie Nicks & Friends" 9-23-00. * Siledrmr: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Alley/3605/ Art Galleries, Photos, Links. * Angela Simpson: http://members.nbci.com/_XMCM/sismoon13/tourbook.htm Tourbooks, Photos, Collages, Trading. * SNicksRox: http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/snicksrox/treasures.html Tour Photos, Worthington Photos, 1985 Calendar, Interviews, Media Clips, Rarities. * StarshineSilver: http://www.sararhiannon.com/ TISL, Demo & Outtake Lyrics, Demo Version List, News, Biography, Photo Galleries, Stories, Journals, Discography, MP3s, Robin Anderson, e-cards, Trading, Trivia, Links. http://members.aol.com/Sara421421/Wildhearts.html Wildhearts - Photos of fans from the AOL Stevie Board. * Michael Stephens: http://www.enchanted.org/Stevie.html Enchanted Mailing List Members Page. http://members.spree.com/jbhumphreys/Members/EnchantedMembers.htm Photos of Fans. * Laura Stuckey: http://www.teleport.com/~nitebird/index.htm Photo Albums, Portland Concert, Lyrics, Art by Stevie, Links, My Collection, News. * StWeBr Alex: http://alexnkris.homestead.com/TheOtherSide2.html Stevie Artwork, FM, Collectables, Rumours and Tusk Tours, Backstage, Links, Robin & Stevie, Forum. * Taper: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Mezzanine/1707/ Audio Tapes, Video Tapes, WAV files, Enchanted Tour Tapes, Live Enchanted WAVs, Pictures, Links. * Marcie Thompson: http://acjournal.org/holdings/vol2/Iss1/essays/thompson.htm College thesis on Stevie Nicks. * Tommy TA: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Amphitheatre/6184 Assorted Photos, Black/White Photos, Stage Photos. * Jeroen Van Der Weijde: http://www.vdweijde.net/ Blockbuster "Fall From Grace" mov and mp3 files. * Velvet Gypsy: http://www.velvetgypsy.com/StevieNicks.html The Hits, Behind the Music, Stevie Graphics, FM Graphics, Stevie Sounds, Links. * JCWillmers: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Lot/1717/index.html Index, Biography, Pictures, Sounds, Links. * XPro: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Underground/6477/ Stevie graphics. 7.2 Q: Where can I talk to other fans? A: There are a myriad of discussion areas. * Usenet newsgroups rec.music.artists.stevie-nicks alt.music.fleetwood-mac You can read the newsgroup using Google: http://groups.google.com/groups?oi=djq&as_ugroup=rec.music.artists.stevie-nicks To make your visit to the newsgroup or any other discussion area more enjoyable, take a moment to become familiar with the basic tenets of "Netiquette." http://www.albion.com/netiquette/ * Online service bulletin boards America Online To reach AOL's "Friends of Stevie Nicks" message board, enter this in the "keyword" box: aol://5863:126/mBLA:432729 To reach AOL's "Stevie Nicks Discussion" message board, enter this in the "keyword" box: aol://5863:126/mB:432732 The long way around is: keyword "MMC," click "Music Artists" on the right side, then click "Music Community - Artists - N," then scroll down to "Nicks, Stevie." To reach rec.music.artists.stevie-nicks from AOL, enter this in the "keyword" box: aol://5863:126/rec.music.artists.stevie-nicks To reach alt.music.fleetwood-mac from AOL, enter this in the "keyword" box: aol://5863:126/alt.music.fleetwood-mac Compuserve On Compuserve, enter Go: fanaclub to go to the Fan Club A Forum, which lists a message section, file library, and chat room # 3 called "Fleetwood Mac/Nicks." * Web message boards The Ledge http://ledge.fleetwoodmac.net/index.php FM Legacy Message Board http://pub11.ezboard.com/ffmlmessageboardfleetwoodmac * Private mailing lists Michael Stephens' "Enchanted" Join the "Enchanted" mailing list by sending email to majordomo@firstinternet.net with the following in the message body: subscribe stevie-l [your email address]. Lorene Casey-Socobasin's "Rumours" http://members.nbci.com/_XMCM/Rumours/main.htm Join the "Rumours" mailing list by sending e-mail to reen1@mediaone.net with the following as the message subject: Subscribe Rumours Cher & Leannan Carter's "Nightbird" Join the "Nightbird" mailing list by sending email to nightbird@welshwitch.com (eGroups) 7.3 Q: How can I chat with other fans on IRC? A: To participate in Internet Relay Chat (IRC) you will need an IRC software program, also known as an IRC client. These programs are downloadable from the following web sites: PC users: * mIRC Home Page: http://www.mirc.co.uk/get.html Mac users: * Ircle Home Page: http://www.ircle.com/ The programs come pre-loaded with various IRC servers to connect to assorted networks, and have help files to answer various questions about IRC and how to use the programs. Stevie Nicks IRC chats are now held on WEBBnet. The channel name is #nicksfix IRC server irc.webbnet.org or irc.crstexas.com. The Stevie Nicks FAQ was first posted on March 14, 1997. --------------------------------------------------------------------- CLMoon <clmoon@pipeline.com> (c) C. L. Moon 1997-2001