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Smiths And Morrissey Frequently Asked Questions Who's Who ? _________________________________________________________________ Last Updated : 1999/12/15 For cover stars of Smiths & Morrissey record artwork, see [1]Cover Stars. _________________________________________________________________ There are millions of people missing from this Who's Who. Please, please, please [2]contribute (new people, descriptions, corrections, better descriptions of people listed - anything !) _________________________________________________________________ Allman, Rob Johnny Marr's first writing partner, in the band White Dice. Babylon Books Published Morrissey's books. Bedford, Mark (a.k.a. "Bedders") Morrissey's one-time bassist for [3]Kill Uncle, and formerly a member of Madness. Bellis, Pat Rough Trade's press officer. Bragg, Billy Marr conspirator. Covered Panic, Ask, and several other Smiths songs (see [4]here). Black, Cilla 60's pop artist. The Smiths covered one of her songs, [5]Work Is A Four-Letter Word. Bolan, Marc T-Rex frontman who wrote a song covered by Morrissey, [6]Cosmic Dancer. Bollock Brothers, The Whom The Smiths were amazed to find themselves supporting on a European tour date. Boorer, Lyn Wife of Boz Boorer. Former member of the The Shillelagh Sisters. Plays double bass in Sonny George's band. Boorer, Martin (Boz) Plays guitar, writes with, and sings backing vocals for Morrissey solo. Former member of The Polecats. Has also written songs with and played for Adam Ant. When not playing in Morrissey's band he along with his wife Lyn can be found playing with Sonny George, ex-frontman of the Planet Rockers. The Planet Rockers opened for Morrissey on a leg of his 1991 tour. His website is [7]http://www.boz.dircon.co.uk/. Bowie, David Seminal influence on Morrissey. A solo artist with his golden years in the 70's; had a distinct effect on the young Steven. Later covered [8]I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday. Brady, Ian One of the Moors Murderers, along with Myra Hindley (see [9]Suffer Little Children). Bridgwood, Johnny A classically trained bassist that replaced Gary Day after he was sacked. Bridgwood left the band after the 1997 Maladjusted tour. Brown, Angie Johnny Marr's wife. Burns, Pete The lead singer of Dead Or Alive and Morrissey had a "pop star" friendship in 1985. Burns appeared at several "Meat Is Murder" shows. At The Royal Albert Hall he sang a duet with Moz on [10]Barbarism. They were interviewed together in 'Smash Hits' in a hilarious piece of camp innuendo - according to Rogan. Bushell, Garry Idiot who penned a piece in "Sounds" about the child sex scandal. Cantona, Eric Footballing favourite of Morrissey, played for Manchester United. Carrack, Paul Played on [11]The Smiths. Cartel, The Geoff Travis' distribution company. Coates, Ann Fictional character, a pun on an area of Manchester, credited with the backing vocals for [12]Bigmouth Strikes Again (in reality a speeded-up tape of Morrissey's vocal). Cobrin, Spencer James Drummer for Morrissey solo, from 1991 to 1997, previously in The Memphis Sinners with Gary Day. Also co-wrote [13]Wide To Receive and [14]Lost. Currently in a New York City-based band called Elva Snow. Cookies, The Band who did the song covered by The Smiths, [15]I Want A Boy For My Birthday. Cowie, Phil The Smith's tour manager. Cummins, Kevin NME's chief photographer, based in Manchester in the early '80s. Photographed The Smiths in September 1983 for their first NME cover. A last-minute decision was made to go with a Big Country cover instead. Cunliffe, Grant One of The Smiths' soundmen. Dannell, Debbie Originally a hair & make up artist, she now doubles as Morrissey's personal assistant. Davalos, Richard Starred with James Dean in "East of Eden". Cover star of [16]Strangeways, Here We Come. Day, Gary Played bass guitar for Morrissey solo before he was sacked. Previous bands The Memphis Sinners, The Gazmen, The Sharks, The Caravans, The Nitros and the bizarrely named Frantic Flintstones. Particularly noticeable for his tattoos. Was re-hired in 1999 for Morrissey's Oye Esteban tour. Defoe, Martha Rough Trade employee who helped The Smiths in an organisational capacity. Doonan, Patric Name-checked in [17]Now My Heart Is Full, he was an actor from the 1940's who appears in the film "Cockleshell Heroes" (the same film from which [18]Maladjusted gets the Anthony Newley quote). Duffy, Billy Guitarman from The Cult, the original member along with vocalist Ian Astbury. Billy's connection to Morrissey comes through his old band "The Nosebleeds", for which Morrissey once joined as a singer for a brief period. Durkin, Bobby Member of White Dice. El Vez See Robert Lopez. Elva Snow Spencer Cobrin's band. He plays guitar rather than drums. Fall, The Manchester band, contemporaneous with The Smiths. The Smiths were support for them; months later, The Fall supported them. Farley, Andy Member of The Hoax. Ferrari, Nick Slimy Sun reporter whose piece "Child Sex Song Puts Beeb In A Spin" started ... you know what. Ferry, Bryan Ex Roxy Music frontman, became friend of Marr's during 1986. He also added lyrics to the instrumental [19]Money Changes Everything, calling it "The Right Stuff" and released it as a single, featuring Johnny on guitar. The B-side is an instrumental version oddly credited only to Bryan Ferry... Gannon, Craig "5th member" who provided 2nd guitar in live shows and was the temporary replacement bassist when Andy Rourke was sacked. Used to play with Aztec Camera, and Colourfield. Gough, Caryn Worked on the sleeve artwork for The Smiths. Hando, Stoney Morrissey signed off a press release for [20]Maladjusted using this name which is the name of a skinhead character in the Australian film "Romper Stomper". Heart, Steve Played on [21]Kill Uncle, notably the bizarre sound effects in [22]The Harsh Truth Of The Camera Eye. Herman's Hermits 60's Manchester band. Morrissey covered their song, [23]East West. Hindley, Myra One of the Moors Murderers, with Ian Brady (see [24]Suffer Little Children). Hoax, The Mike Joyce's original band. Hood, Fred Grant Showbiz's co-conspirator, drummer and friend of Marr's. Played drums with The Smiths on [25]The Draize Train and [26]How Soon Is Now? at Brixton Academy in October 1986. Hynde, Chrissie Morrissey-collaborator and frontperson of The Pretenders, singing on [27]My Love Life. Jablonska, Annalisa Sang on [28]Suffer Little Children and [29]Pretty Girls Make Graves. Jam, The Three-piece band fronted by Paul Weller. Morrissey covered their song [30]That's Entertainment . James Smiths-contemporary band, with mutual admiration. The Smiths covered their song [31]What's The World ? live. Jake See Walters, Jake. Jarman, Derek Ex-director who did a short film backed by the songs [32]The Queen Is Dead, [33]Panic, and [34]There Is A Light That Never Goes Out. The video was done without The Smiths' collaboration, although the band did meet Jarman several times under other circumstances. Jensen, David "Kid" Radio DJ who broadcast several Smiths sessions. Joyce, Mike The Smiths' drummer, formerly of The Hoax. Kirk, Kris Journalist who wrote an article complaining about Morrissey's sexual ambiguity when he uses gay icons on the front of The Smith's record covers (see [35]here). Lillywhite, Steve Morrissey's long-time producer. Lopez, Robert AKA El Vez. Opened for Morrissey for the Santa Barbara show on the 1999 Oye Esteban tour. Morrissey has stated in several interviews that he is a fan of his. Lopez also played in a gothic reggae band called Catholic Discipline with Phranc on vocals. See [36]http://members.aol.com/elvezco/. Lorca Spencer Cobrin and Alain Whyte's band. Ludus Band fronted by Morrissey's friend, Linder Sterling. MacColl, Kirsty Sang on [37]Ask and [38]Interesting Drug. Married to Steve Lillywhite. Maker, James Friend of Morrissey's during the early days of The Smiths. Appeared as a go-go dancer with The Smiths at some of the early gigs. Mardy, Steve Member of The Hoax. Marr, Johnny Originally John Maher. The brilliant tunesmith of, er, The Smiths. McCullough, Dave Foolish Smiths-friendly reporter who started the whole child sex thing due to an unfortunate misinterpretation. Memphis Sinners, The Band that once boasted Alain Whyte, Gary Day and Spencer James Cobrin. Mitchell, Craig Member of White Dice. Morrisey, Paul Director of Andy Warhol's Flesh, from which a still was taken for the cover of [39]The Smiths. Morrissey, Steven Patrick Amazingly enough, the lead singer of The Smiths. Moir, Jim AKA Vic Reeves, a comedian who covered versions of Smiths songs in humorous ways, and created the quite brilliant character "Morrissey the Consumer Monkey". He also sang on Morrissey's [40]cover of That's Entertainment. Moss, Joe In 1982, Moss was the 40-year-old manager of Crazy Face, a clothes shop in Manchester's Chapel Walks. Johnny Marr worked next door at X Clothes. Moss managed The Smiths from autumn 1982 until the end of 1983. Joe Moss now manages Manchester band Marion, whose hit single "Sleep" bore an uncanny resemblance to [41]Hand In Glove. Muir, John Head of Babylon Books. Nevin, Mark E. Wrote the music for several Morrissey songs, notably most (all ?) of [42]Kill Uncle. Formerly of Fairground Attraction. Newley, Anthony Actor whose line "On this glorious occasion of the splendid defeat" in the film "Cockleshell Heroes" was used in the Morrissey song [43]Maladjusted. New York Dolls, The 70's punk band, much admired by Morrissey. Morrissey covered their song [44]Trash on the Kill Uncle tour. Nosebleeds, The Manchester punk band, briefly had Morrissey as vocalist. O'Hara, Mary Margaret Did the eerie vocals on [45]November Spawned A Monster. She released an album called "Miss America". Paresi, Andrew [46]Viva Hate, [47]Bona Drag, and [48]Kill Uncle. As of 1998, he is also known as Raymond Sinclair, the only vaguely funny thing on the UK Radio 1's Morning Show. Peel, John Radio DJ who recorded several sessions with The Smiths and gave them their first big radio break. Phranc Opened for Morrissey for part of the 1991 Kill Uncle Tour. Also appears (topless) in the Kill Uncle Tour programme. See [49]"http://www.phranc.net/. Piering, Scott The Smiths' record plugger, and later caretaker manager. Porter, John The Smiths' producer for a time. Reeves, Vic See Moir, Jim. Reilly, Vini Worked on [50]Viva Hate, and does solo work as Durutti Column. The Durutti Column album "Vini Reilly" came with a limited seven-inch of [51]I Know Very Well How I Got My Note Wrong. Riff, Eddie Morrissey's hotel sign-in name during 1992, and during the 2000 South American tour. Rogan, Johnny Author of the controversial Smiths biog, "Morrissey & Marr: The Severed Alliance". Morrissey famously claimed to hate the book, despite his help and reviewing of the book, hoping that "Johnny Rogan ends his days very soon in an M3 pile-up". Ronson, Mick Bowie's old guitarist. Produced [52]Your Arsenal. Sadly died of cancer in 1994. Rothwell, Talbot Pseudonym Morrissey used when writing notes for Jo Slee; he is the writer of many of the "Carry On ..." films so beloved of Moz. Rough Trade The Smiths' first record company, headed by Geoff Travis. Originally a record shop, it evolved into the record company, along with related distribution company, The Cartel. Rourke, Andy Of course, The Smiths' bassist. Sacked temporarily for problems related to his heroin addiction. Sack A 5 piece (unsigned) band from Ireland that opened for Morrissey on the European leg of his Oye Esteban Tour. See [53]http://www.sacktheband.com. Shaw, Sandie 60's artist whose career was resurrected when asked to sing on [54]Hand In Glove, which later went on to chart in the Top 30. Showbiz, Grant See Cunliffe, Grant. Siouxsie Sioux Singer of Siouxsie and the Banshees, and one-time Morrissey collaborator with [55]Interlude. Slee, Jo Helped with the sleeve design for both The Smiths and Morrissey releases. Author of lush, interesting and sadly out-of-print book Peepholism: Into The Art Of Morrissey. Smart, Elizabeth Author of prose classic "By Grand Central Station I Sat Down And Wept", obviously a favourite of Morrissey's, as you can read [56]here . Smith, Richard Journalist who wrote an article complaining about Morrissey's sexual ambiguity when he uses gay icons on the front of The Smith's record covers (see [57]here). Smith, Robert Lead singer of classic band The Cure, and famous Morrissey enemy. Their long-running and public feud includes some classic quotes from both sides, the most immortal being Robert's "If Morrissey says don't eat meat, then I'll eat meat, because I hate Morrissey". Smith, Spike T. Morrissey's current drummer. Formerly of The Damned and London based band Jolt. Sterling, Linder One of Morrissey's oldest friends, and frontwoman of Ludus. Also sang backing vocals on [58]Driving Your Girlfriend Home. Street, Stephen One of The Smiths' producers and co-writer with Morrissey solo. Suede Band much trumpeted by Morrissey when they appeared on the scene in the early 90's. Morrissey sometimes covered their song [59]My Insatiable One on tour. Suggs From the 70's group, Madness. Did guest vocals on [60]Piccadilly Palare, then went on to achieve wide-spread loathing by ruining such classics as "I'm Only Sleeping" with half-cock reggae chart-licking versions. Tate, Troy Originally intended to produce [61]The Smiths. Thatcher, Margaret British Prime Minister throughout the 80's and subject of [62]Margaret On The Guillotine. Travis, Geoff Head honcho of The Smiths' first record label, Rough Trade. Twinkle 60's artist who wrote a song covered by The Smiths, [63]Golden Lights. Walters, Jake Jake Walters was Morrissey's personal assistant from '92-'94. During this time they became very good friends, and there were/are tons of rumours of the two being MORE than just friends. They had a falling out in late '95 and have not spoken since (or so sources says). Weaver, Mick Played on [64]The Smiths. White Dice Johnny Marr's previous band. Whitehead, Sheridan Morrissey nom-de-plume pre-Smiths, taken from the film "The Man Who Came To Dinner". I'm a bit confused about whether this should be Whitehead or Whiteside, anyone care to correct me ? Whittall, Paul Member of White Dice. Whores in Retirement FIXME Whyte, Alain Plays guitar for, writes with, and sing backing vocals for Morrissey solo. Was in The Memphis Sinners. Is also in a band called Johnny Panic. Wilde,Oscar Nineteenth-century Irish playwright, poet, humourist and writer. One of Morrissey's more important influences, Wilde's life ended in tragedy after a conviction for homosexuality. Read everything he has ever done, now. Wickham, Vicki Former music producer and songwriter she was Morrissey's manager for the Maladjusted era until he fired her. Former manager to Marc Almond, Dusty Springfield, and "The Lunch Lady" For more info, see [65]http://www.guardianunlimited.co.uk/Archive/Article/0,4273,3 936463,00.html. Wright, Steve Vile DJ who became the topic of [66]Panic after following up a news item about the Chernobyl disaster with the equally vile "I'm Your Man" by Wham!. Steve Wright is also responsible for a Morrissey parody song; you can read the lyrics [67]here. Wright, Steven After impressing Morrissey with his live photography, the Manchester-based Wright was hired for the famous Salford Lads Club shot for the inside sleeve of [68]The Queen Is Dead. Also photographed the Strangeways sign. Not to be confused with Steve Wright ... EVER. _________________________________________________________________ This section of the FAQ is maintained by [69]John Levon. 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[1]How Soon Is Now ?. Haven't I heard "insert lyrics here" somewhere else ? Check [2]Sources. Aren't those lyrics referring to something ? Check [3]Sources. What's the song that goes "insert lyrics here" ? [4]Do a search to find the song. How does Morrissey write his lyrics ? He keeps a notepad on which he writes phrases for future reference. In the days of The Smiths, the group would hand him a ready-made song, which he would take away, and come back a few days later with full lyrics and a full vocal. Aren't the songs [5]Asian Rut, [6]The National Front Disco and [7]Bengali In Platforms racist ? Ah, the old "is Morrissey a racist?" discussion. This conversation has been beaten to death numerous times on Smiths lists and (surprise) a conclusion was never come to. Many feel he is speaking from the character's (who may be racist) point of view. Others think these are Morrissey's own true feelings and that he "proved it" by wrapping himself in the Union Jack flag while in concert in '92, an event thrown into sharp contrast by the recent Britpop "explosion" which saw many British artists wearing and identifying with "fascist emblems" such as this, with nary a whisper from the press. At the heat of the racist debate, the frankly despicable former NME editor Steve Sutherland wondered if Morrissey's alleged racism "might be a gay thing". Which goes to show the level of discussion of the topic at that point. Another spin has been added to this argument recently as Morrissey issued a press release concerning the album [8]Maladjusted with the pseudonym Stoney Hando. Hando is the name of the lead skinhead character in the 1992 Australian film "Romper Stomper". What's all this [9]Piccadilly Palare ? The "Piccadilly Palare" was slang used in the gay London of the 60s. Several words are used in this song : bona - good drag - clothes vada - see, look at eek - face riah - hair The source that Morrissey used was a radio show from the 1960s called "Round The Horne". It starred Kenneth Williams and Hugh Paddick, who played two homosexuals. Each show was on a different topic and was named things like "Bona Law" (hence Bona Drag). This show used the words above, plus several others. What were the original lyrics to [10]Wonderful Woman ? The song was originally [11]What Do You See In Him ? Who is [12]Sunny about ? Rumours abound that [13]Sunny is about Morrissey's (former) personal assistant/friend Jake Walters. What does Morrissey mean in the couplet "Leather elbows on a tweed coat / Is that the best you can do ?" in [14]Alsatian Cousin ? In Britain, leather-elbowed jackets give a distinct suggestion of "old England" when everyone played cricket and drank tea. They are associated with Morrissey's verdant idealistic England, long gone, and only remembered in the old 60s films. The lines could be referring in part to the lover's old-fashioned ideas: Morrissey here is sneering at the hackneyed old way in which the character is living out the affair. Other interpretations abound, and are welcome. Who is the "silly old man" in [15]Get Off The Stage ? Probably Mick Jagger. What does Morrissey mumble at the end of [16]I Started Something I Couldn't Finish ? "OK Stephen ... do that again ?" to Stephen Street, the producer. What are they singing at the start of [17]The Queen Is Dead, and who are they ? The best we have is : Oh ! Take me back to dear old Blighty, Put me on the train for London Town, Take me anywhere, Drop me anywhere, Liverpool, Leeds or Birmingham But I don't care, I should like to see my... It is a sample from the film The L-Shaped Room. What's that sample during [18]Spring-Heeled Jim ? It's from "We are The Lambeth Boys", a 1959 documentary about the last man to be hanged in Britain, and is [19]cockneys talking. Morrissey has said in an interview before that it's not a sample, but he was obviously joking. What's that sample at the end of [20]Billy Budd ? It is from the film "Oliver Twist" starring Alec Guinness. Wasn't [21]Margaret on the Guillotine written before [22]Viva Hate ? Yes, the lyrics to [23]Margaret on the Guillotine were originally written during the [24]Strangeways, Here We Come sessions but never had music put to them. The title [25]Margaret on the Guillotine was also almost the name of the album [26]The Queen is Dead. What unreleased songs are there by Morrissey ? [27]Oh Phoney, [28]Striptease With A Difference, [29]My Name Is Mortimer, [30]Born To Hang, [31]Fantastic Bird, and [32]Stay As You Are. Also there are rumoured songs "Buddy Buried Deeply", "Snake Curves Silently", and "In Control Of Dame Dominance", although there is even less evidence for these. Apparently the last song is about David Bowie. Where can I find sites in England mentioned in songs? Check out [33]Mozguide UK. What does Morrissey sing at the end of [34]Suedehead ? "It was a good lay". From the [35]Sounds 1988 interview : I mean, did he really sing, "It was a good lay" at the end of "Suedehead," his first solo single? "No, 'It was a bootleg'. I mean, good heavens, in my vocabulary? Please..." Honestly? "Well, have I ever been dishonest?" he laughs. "Do people think it was 'a good lay'?" I do. "And is that quite racy?" Oh, yes. "Well, it was actually 'a good lay'." And was there one? "No, I just thought it might amuse someone living in Hartlepool." Is the song [36]I Won't Share You about Johnny Marr ? Although Morrissey has never said as much, it probably is. The Smiths' drummer, Mike Joyce, certainly thinks so. Why did Morrissey change the lyrics to [37]Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference when sung live ? Morrissey changes the line "How I love all of the very simple things of life" to "complicated things of life". This is probably without much particular meaning; Moz is a fan of flippant lyrics changes in live versions, witness [38]You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side live, where "Someone kindly told me that you'd wasted eight of nine lives" becomes the humourously sinister "Someone kindly told me that you collected very sharp bread knives". Why does the lyrics booklet for [39]My Early Burglary Years not contain anything like the full lyrics for [40]Girl Least Likely To ? Probably for simple design reasons (fitting all the lyrics at a readable size in the booklet), but conspiracy theorists may prefer to believe that it was done to thwart attempts to decipher the line that appears to be "Or standing around the shops with thieves". _________________________________________________________________ This section of the FAQ is maintained by [41]John Levon. 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Yes, you did. Morrissey appeared on Saturday Night Live (SNL) on November 14th, 1992 with host Michael Keaton and performed "[1]Glamorous Glue" and "[2]Suedehead." In case you want to see it, Comedy Central reruns SNL daily. Didn't I see Moz on The Tonight Show a few years back? Yes, you did - perhaps even twice. He first appeared on June 14, 1991 when Johnny Carson was hosting - you do remember him don't you? Moz performed "[3]Sing Your Life" and "[4]There's A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends." If you're watching closely, you can see Boz hit a wrong note and Alain gives him a look. Moz returned a year later on August 9, 1992 with Jay Leno. He performed "[5]You're The One For Me, Fatty" and "[6]Certain People I Know." Jay even got an autograph. In case you missed these shows, you may be out of luck. These aren't being rerun anywhere. However, you might be able to find another kind fan on the Internet who will copy them for you. Didn't I see Moz wearing a hearing aid when he was on Top of The Pops doing "[7]Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now"? Yes. According to interviews, he wore it in sympathy for a disabled Smiths fan who had written to him. We've also heard that's just a rumor and it was in honor of Billy Fury (1950s singer) who was partially deaf. Didn't Moz do a concert in 1988? Morrissey's first ever solo gig was at the Civic Hall in Wolverhampton, England in 1988 as documented on the "Hulmerist" video compilation. Though this was a solo Moz gig, half of the tracks were Smiths material (from Strangeways only) and the backing band was The Smiths (minus Johnny, plus Craig Gannon). Can you give me a solo Moz gigography? 1988 Wolverhampton show 1991 "Kill Uncle" World Tour 1992 "Your Arsenal" World Tour Early 1995 "[8]In Person" Tour (in support of Boxers - Europe only) Late 1995 "[9]Southpaw Grammar" Tour (opens for Bowie except for Japan) 1997 "[10]Maladjusted" World Tour (more fan reports [11]here) 1999-2000 "[12]Oye Esteban" (more info [13]here) From what movie does the video to "[14]Girlfriend In A Coma" come? The movie featured in the video is the 60s cult classic, "The Leather Boys." The two actors seen the most in the video are Colin Campbell and Rita Tushinghon Is there a studio version of "[15]Jack The Ripper"? Yes, a studio version of "[16]Jack the Ripper" (as opposed to live on "Beethoven Was Deaf" and "World of Morrissey") can be found on the UK "[17]Certain People I Know" single. This single is no longer being pressed and usually costs around $35 when found at CD stores. Wasn't moz supposed to do some concerts in 1994? Yes, Morrissey had two NY gigs and one LA, set for the summer of 1994 (in support of Vauxhall) but canceled both at the last minute. Apprently he was not even informed the shows were to happen. Wasn't "[18]Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want" on the soundtrack to "Pretty in Pink"? Yes, it was. Wasn't there a Smiths song in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"? Yes, an instrumental cover of "[19]Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want" by the Dream Academy is played during the museum scene, when Cameron gets hypnotized by the Seurat painting. A recording of this cover (with vocals) can be found on the compilation cd "Sedated in the '80's Vol. 4" (The Right Stuff 7243-8-34661-2-2). Tt can also be found on a video put out by The Dream Academy. What's going on in the video to "[20]November Spawned A Monster" with that band aid, the apple, and the VILE hat? Your guess is as good as ours with that band aid and apple. Perhaps he injured himself preparing for the video shoot and also got hungry as they were filming it? Morrissey does have a history of writing words or phrases on himself or objects (see some Tops of The Pops appearances and his tambourines on tours). What's that introduction to "[21]November Spawned a Monster" on "Beethoven was Deaf"? That's the music to "[22]Oujia Board, Oujia Board" (which has never played live in full). What's that sound at the beginning of "[23]Speedway" supposed to be? It's supposed to be the sound of a motorbike (the type driven at a speedway) but they actually recorded a chainsaw (it's Danton Supple "playing" it ). What's that sound at the beginning of "[24]Sorrow Will Come In The End"? Two theories: A whip or, more likely, the sound of a court room gavel. What's that sound at the end of "[25]Margaret On The Guillotine"? The sound of the guillotine dropping. What's the "The Queen Is Dead" film at the end of the video compilation "The Smiths: The Complete Picture"? British filmmaker Derek Jarman made a short promotional film of the songs "[26]The Queen Is Dead," "[27]There Is A Light That Never Goes Out," and "[28]Panic." The Smiths never met Jarman, nor were they involved in the project. What's this I hear about Johnny singing on backing vocals? Yes, Johnny Marr sang backing vocals for The Smiths live on about 4 songs for the first 10 or so gigs that they ever did. Where can I find rare, old, or even current Morrissey and Smiths records and CDs? Check out the [29]Cemetry Gates Shopping Page for numerous online vendors. Where can I find setlists and other tour information for Morrissey and The Smiths? The gigography question above has links to some Internet resources on recent Morrissey tours including setlists and fan reports. " [30]Severed Alliance" has extensive Smiths setlists in the back. Where can I find sheet music for The Smiths? Right now we know of a few places to get some. [31]This page has more information, or [32]here. Where is the sound of a woman (either weeping or laughing) towards the end of "[33]Suffer Little Children" from? We're not really sure. Perhaps it was just a recording the studio had or they asked someone to record it? Who are all those Moz impersonators in the "[34]Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before" video? The fake Mozzers in the "Stop Me" video were recruited members of the Smiths Indeed fanzine. You may notice Lucette Henderson amongst them, she later appeared in the "Everyday is like Sunday" video. Who has covered The Smiths and Morrissey? Stephane has the definitive [35]Song Cover Lists. Who has done backing vox for The Smiths and solo Moz besides Johnny Marr, Boz Boorer, and Alain Whyte? -Kirsty MacColl on "[36]Ask" and "[37]Interesting Drug" -Linder Sterling on "[38]Driving Your Girlfriend Home" -Chrissie Hynde on "[39]My Love Life" -Mary Margaret O'Hara on "[40]November Spawned A Monster" -Suggs on "[41]Piccadily Palare" -Jim Moire (Vic Reeves) on "[42]Sing Your Life"? Who is the girl in the "[43]How Soon Is Now?" video? We don't know exactly who she is yet, but we've gotten some interesting info from fans. First, the video was made by student filmmakers in England who were commissioned by Sire. The girl was a friend of the filmmakers and was either a model or an acting student. Second, she is a friend of a friend of a Smiths fan! At the time the video was shot, 1985, she was working at a modelling agency in New York. Through the agency she got the opportunity to appear in the video. She didn't know who The Smiths were at the time and wasn't and probably isn't a fan of the band. However she apparently did listen to some cool music and was open minded. She has a child now and is living in Alabama. Perhaps we'll just leave it at that so we don't unleash a mob of Smiths fans to her door. But, if you're reading this, [44]e-mail us! Who is that singing backing vox on "[45]Bigmouth Strikes Again"? That's Morrissey's voice sped up. Ann Coates is a play on Ancoats - an area of North Manchester Who is in the picture shown on the wall in the video for "[46]We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful?" It is a still from a Madness video. You can see it in the 'Divine Madness' cd-booklet too. Why did my music professor say that "[47]Billy Bud" is an opera? Because it is! It is also the title of an opera by Benjamin Britten, an early 20th century composer who was known for his operas, and for his unusual affection for young boys. It's also a novel by Herman Melville. Melville also wrote a very short piece called "John Marr." Hhhmmm. Why does the music to "[48]The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils" sound familiar? It is a few seconds of Shostakovich's Fifth Symphony sampled and looped. Why does Morrissey look like he got into a fight in the concert video "Introducing Morrissey"? Don't forget that was his [49]"Boxers" tour. And what do boxers look like after a fight? Don't worry, it was only makeup. _________________________________________________________________ This section of the FAQ is maintained by [50]Scott Krajewski References 1. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/yourarse/glamorou.htm 2. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/vivahate/suedehea.htm 3. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/killuncl/singyour.htm 4. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/killuncl/theresap.htm 5. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/yourarse/yourethe.htm 6. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/yourarse/certainp.htm 7. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/hatfulof/heavenkn.htm 8. http://www.cemetrygates.com/vault/news/feb95.html 9. http://www.cemetrygates.com/vault/news/bowie.html 10. http://www.morrissey-solo.com/tour.htm 11. http://www.cemetrygates.com/vault/tour97/tour97.html 12. http://www.morrisseytour.com/ 13. http://www.morrissey-solo.com/tour.shtml 14. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/strangew/girlfrie.htm 15. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/othermor/jackther.htm 16. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/othermor/jackther.htm 17. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/yourarse/certainp.htm 18. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/hatfulof/pleasepl.htm 19. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/hatfulof/pleasepl.htm 20. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/bonadrag/november.htm 21. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/bonadrag/november.htm 22. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/bonadrag/ouijaboa.htm 23. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/vauxhall/speedway.htm 24. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/maladjus/sorrowwi.htm 25. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/vivahate/margaret.htm 26. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/thequeen/thequeen.htm 27. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/thequeen/thereisa.htm 28. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/theworld/panic.htm 29. http://www.cemetrygates.com/shop 30. http://www.cemetrygates.com/shop/books.html 31. http://www.cemetrygates.com/vault/smiths/sheet.html 32. http://www.cemetrygates.com/shop 33. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/thesmith/sufferli.htm 34. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/strangew/stopmeif.htm 35. http://www.ultim.net/%7Emorrissey/ 36. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/theworld/ask.htm 37. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/bonadrag/interest.htm 38. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/killuncl/drivingy.htm 39. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/worldofm/myloveli.htm 40. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/bonadrag/november.htm 41. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/bonadrag/piccadil.htm 42. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/killuncl/singyour.htm 43. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/othersmi/howsooni.htm 44. http://www.oz.net/~moz/faq/cont.htm 45. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/thequeen/bigmouth.htm 46. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/yourarse/wehateit.htm 47. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/vauxhall/billybud.htm 48. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/southpaw/theteach.htm 49. http://www.cemetrygates.com/vault/news/feb95.html 50. mailto:krajewsk@moz.pair.com Record Questions _________________________________________________________________ Last Updated: 12/03/99 Album information: The Smiths: The original title was "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle." Meat Is Murder: The soldier's helmet orginally read: "Make war, not peace." How did the albums and singles do in the UK charts? Stephane has this information in his [1]Discographies. Wasn't "Bona Drag" intended to be a full (non-compilation) studio album when work first started? Yes, when Morrissey sat down with guitarist Stephen Street and said "let's make my sophomore solo album" it was intended to be all new material from the same sessions. But after recording a few songs "they" ran out of ideas and released a few of the songs they had recorded as singles ("November" etc.) A few years later the b-sides from later singles were added on and "Bona Drag" was released. Wasn't [2]Sunny supposed to be on the Friends Soundtrack? Yes, but (in true moz form) he changed his mind about the inclusion of it at the last minute. What are the most rare Smiths items? Here's the top 10 as of November, 1992. Title Current Mint Value in poun ds ----- -------------------------- -- 1. "Reel Around The Fountain"(7" test pressing, RT 136) 120 2. "The Smiths"(Ger. promo LP, RTD 25, numbered,multi-coloured) 100 3. "Hand In Glove"(7",RT 131,w/misprinted blue sleeve) 80 4. "You Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby"(12" test pressing, RTT 195) 65 5. "Meat Is Murder"(US promo LP, WBMS 130,w/interview) 60 6. "Meat Is Murder"(Jap. promo LP,Tokuma Japan Corp 25 RTL 3001) 55 7. "This Charming Man"(7" test pressing, RT 136) 50 8. "This Charming Man"(Jap. 12",Tokuma Japan Corp 15 RTL 3) 50 9. "This Charming Man"(12" test pressing, RTT 136 NY) 50 10. "Meat Is Murder"(12" test pressing of live EP, RTT 186) 50 What records are (insert song here) on? Check Stephane Daigle's song checklists, available at : [3]http://www.ultim.net/~morrissey/ What's the Salford Lad's Club pictured on the inside of "The Queen Is Dead"? Salford Lad's Club is a Working Men's Club in Manchester, England. The famous photo-shoot for "The Queen Is Dead" album took place directly outside there, on the end of the "real" Coronation Street (no doubt a discrete reference to one of Morrissey's favourites, the soap Coronation Street). What's this about a different working title to "Viva Hate"? The working title to Morrissey's first solo album, "Viva Hate", was "Education in Reverse." A few copies on vinyl and cassette were pressed in Australia and can be found at record conventions for about $80. What's this I hear about a "Viva Hate" reissue? "Viva Hate" was reissued by EMI in early 1997 to "celebrate" EMI's 100 anniversary. The "special edition" Viva Hate (which was released on the UK only) includes 9 extra tracks (which had already been released as b-sides): [4]Let The Right One Slip In, [5]Pashernate Love, [6]At Amber, [7]Disappointed (Live), [8]Girl Least Likely To, [9]I'd Love To, [10]Michael's Bones, [11]I've Changed My Plea To Guilty. What's this little CD-sized book with a 3-track CD I've seen at record stores? It's a little book called "Extraordinary Ordinariness." The 3 tracks on the CD are "This Charming Man", "Jeane" and "Accept Yourself". According to one fan, the booklet is basically nothing new if you've read "Severed Alliance." It has the usual history and discography and also info about the 1996 [12]court case. There's also some shocking new photos of The Smiths and some drawings and paintings with lyrics on them. What was the first Smiths single? "[13]Hand in Glove" backed with "[14]Handsome Devil" - May 1983. Where can I get a list of all the etchings in the grooves of my Smiths and Moz vinyl? Many are listed in the book "." But if you don't have it Stephane has an excellent list of [15]etchings. Who was on the cover of ... ? Stephane has an excellent list of [16]Cover Stars. Why did Morrissey switch from Mercury to Island records in 1997? It was a last ditch effort to find a record company who would include the track "[17]Sorrow Will Come In the End" on the album "Maladjusted". Island decided not to include it either but did say they would let me him release it on an independent label. Why does my copy of "The World Won't Listen" have "[18]Money Changes Everything" and "[19]Golden Lights" on it? This was re-released in 1992 by Warner (WEA) with "[20]Money Changes Everything" on WEA cds and "[21]Golden Lights" on WEA cd and cassette reissues. "[22]Money Changes Everything" is found all cassette releases. Why does the beginning of "[23]Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others" decrease suddenly in volume, then rise back to the normal level on my copy of "The Smiths...Best Vol.1"? One theory is that sound engineers, when they do a final "test mix" of a song, often purposefully do this or something similar to a song to ensure they get paid (otherwise the record company could just release the final test mix itself). It's possible that's what happened here, but this time even that didn't work and it got released as is. Alternatively, the test mix was *accidentally* pressed. Why doesn't my copy of "Kill Uncle" have "[24]Tony The Pony" on it? It's only on the Sire Records US and Canada pressings of the album. Why doesn't my copy of "Maladjusted" have "[25]Sorrow Will Come In The End" on it? It was not included on the UK releases because of the 1996 [26]court case which may have provided the inspiration for the song. It was included on the US release. Why doesn't my copy of "Meat is Murder" have "[27]How Soon Is Now?" on it? It's only on the Sire LP, CD and cassette, on WEA CD and cassette and on Australian Rough Trade LP. Why doesn't my copy of "The Smiths" have "[28]This Charming Man" on it? It's only on the Sire LP, CD and cassette, on Rough Trade UK and France cassette and on WEA CD and cassette. It is also included on Australian releases, but at the end of the album instead of at the beginning of side 2. Why doesn't my vinyl of "Viva Hate" have "[29]Hairdresser on Fire" on it? Because "Hairdresser on Fire" wasn't originally on the album. It was added when the US and Canada CDs of it was made. The song was originally a B-Side to "Suedehead". _________________________________________________________________ This section of the FAQ is maintained by [30]Scott Krajewski References Visible links 1. http://www.ultim.net/%7Emorrissey/ 2. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/othermor/sunny.htm 3. http://www.ultim.net/%7Emorrissey/ 4. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/othermor/lettheri.htm 5. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/othermor/pasherna.htm 6. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/othermor/atamber.htm 7. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/bonadrag/disappoi.htm 8. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/othermor/girlleas.htm 9. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/othermor/idloveto.htm 10. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/othermor/michaels.htm 11. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/othermor/ivechang.htm 12. http://www.cemetrygates.com/vault/news/court.html 13. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/thesmith/handingl.htm 14. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/hatfulof/handsome.htm 15. http://www.ultim.net/%7Emorrissey/ 16. http://www.ultim.net/%7Emorrissey/ 17. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/maladjus/sorrowwi.htm 18. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/theworld/moneycha.htm 19. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/theworld/goldenli.htm 20. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/theworld/moneycha.htm 21. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/theworld/goldenli.htm 22. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/theworld/moneycha.htm 23. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/thequeen/somegirl.htm 24. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/othermor/tonythep.htm 25. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/maladjus/sorrowwi.htm 26. http://www.cemetrygates.com/vault/news/court.html 27. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/hatfulof/howsooni.htm 28. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/thesmith/thischar.htm 29. http://www.oz.net/~moz/lyrics/bonadrag/hairdres.htm 30. mailto:krajewsk@moz.pair.com Hidden links: 31. http://moz.pair.com/information/books.html Trivia _________________________________________________________________ Last Updated : 1999/06/14 Where can I get the latest Morrissey font (Truetype format) ? [1]Here. Haven't I seen Morrissey spoofed on Bill Nye? (USA show) Yes, you have. Morrissey was spoofed on an episode of "Bill Nye - The Science Guy" that was devoted to the topic of momentum. A Morrissey impersonator changed up the lyrics to "The more you ignore me" to fit the show's topic. In case you want to see it, Bill Nye is a nationally syndicated television show so check your local listings if you live in the USA. Haven't I seen Morrissey spoofed on Mystery Science Theater 3000? (USA show) Yes, Morrissey was spoofed on Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode #403 "City Limits." The mad scientists invented Tupperware to preserve aging pop stars such as Morrissey. A Morrissey puppet sang a spoof song. What's Morrissey's birth name? Morrissey was born Steven Patrick Morrissey on May 22nd 1959 at Park Hospital in Davyhulme, England (now called Trafford General Hospital). He began going by just "Morrissey" around the time the Smiths began. He said it was because it was a new beginning for him, and he wanted to forgot the old "clumsy and shy" Steven. Where does this "Moz" / "Mozzer" / "Mozza" nick-name stuff come from? It was coined during the Smiths days by the NME in Britain. Why are The Smiths called The Smiths ? Many stories and explanations as to how and why abound. Most agree that Morrissey thought up the name, and a popular story is this one : Morrissey thought of three names, "The Smiths", "Smiths Family" and "Smithdom". He asked Johnny Marr to choose; he chose "The Smiths" and the rest is history. As to the meaning: there are tons of references you could choose, like Patti Smith, and others as well-catalogued in Rogan's book. Myra Hindley's family are repeatedly referred to as "The Smiths" in the book Beyond Belief. My personal favourite explanation is that Smith is a very common name here in the UK: it brings with it overtones of mundane average lives, all insurance policies and washing the car on Sundays. The Smiths was all about escaping from this hole of boredom, to reaching a Wildean hedonist appreciation of life. Of course, Morrissey being Morrissey, there's another side to this - maybe it indicates how dull and dreary reality is for him, despite his dreams. This explanation also fits the story detailed above quite well. What's Moz's marital status ? Single as it gets. What about children ? Well, he hasn't got any, and it doesn't look like he's going to. See [2](I'm) The End Of The Family Line. How tall is Morrissey ? "Nowhere near the 6 foot mentioned in the program". I have received estimates ranging from 5'8" to 6' from various people who have met him. We appear to be no clearer as to his actual height. So how tall is he then ? Er, don't know. Suggestions ... What's with Johnny spelling Maher, M-A-R-R ? Johnny was born John Martin Maher on October 31st 1963. John was referred to as Johnny to distinguish himself from his father and the name stuck. Johnny changed the spelling to Marr in '83 to distinguish himself from Buzzcock's drummer John Maher. Where does Morrissey live now-a-days ? He moved to Ireland in late '96 but recently sold his first home there, Wellfield. Currently he spends much of his time in Los Angeles, and is rumoured to have moved back to Manchester. What's the connection between Douglas Coupland, author of Microserfs, and The Smiths ? Douglas Coupland is a big Smiths fan and even named one of his books after a Smiths song ([3]Girlfriend In A Coma). At the signings for the book, Smiths music was piped through. What did Moz write on his tambourine during the In Person tour? A few times during the Boxers tour Morrissey wrote on his tambourine either "ERIC" or "CANTONA" as a tribute to Eric Cantona, a Frenchman who played for Manchester United in the English Premier Football League and was regarded as one of the best and most controversial players of his time. His mid field teammate at Manchester United was Roy Keane ([4]Roy's Keen might be a pun on this). Cantona also appears in the "Introducing Morrissey" video on the back of the mag being read at the beginning by the young skinhead. He also wrote "Self Self Self" during the 1995 Boxers UK tour. Does the intersection still exist that provides the sign for the back cover of [5]Strangeways, Here We Come, and where exactly can it be found? Off Deansgate somewhere ... (details ?) Doesn't Morrissey hate Johnny Rogan, author of "The Severed Alliance", the best Smiths biography ? He claims to, following up a desire to see "Rogan end his days very soon in an M3 pile-up" with a wish to hear of him "consumed in a hotel fire". Isn't Johnny Marr married? Yes, to Angie Brown since 1986. Is Morrissey religious ? Moz is of Catholic roots but is non-religious himself, with seeming inclinations towards atheism. Does Moz drive ? For a long time Morrissey did not have a driving license and consequently didn't drive much. But Morrissey did finally get his license around 1993, and owns at least two cars. Are Morrissey and Marr friends again yet ? As far as we know, they haven't spoken to each other yet, although both are showing a more friendly attitude. I wouldn't get your hopes up about a collaboration though. What's everyone's favorite Smiths and Morrissey song? Have a look at Mope's [6]poll results. Or you could [7]vote yourself. Does Robert Smith of The Cure hate Morrissey? Yes, Robert seems to hate Morrissey as much as Morrissey hates Robert. More recently, things seem to be smoothed over somewhat, as Moz apparently called Robert "a nice person" in a radio interview, and said he had been invited to one of Robert's private parties. But did he really say "If Morrissey says don't eat meat, then I'm going to eat meat, because I hate Morrissey." ? Yup. Does Morrissey smoke ? I've seen pictures of him with cigarettes. No, Moz doesn't smoke, although he was thrown numerous cigs while singing [8]Our Frank on the Kill Uncle Tour in 1991 and jokingly acted as if he was smoking them. Morrissey on smoking in 1985 : "I have spasms of wine but I don't smoke." What's the importance of 384 Kings Road ? It was Morrissey's Manchester address for most of his early life. What's Beechmount ? The posh estate Morrissey's mother lives on. Who's that laying on the stool in the sleeve of [9]Strangeways, Here We Come ? Almost definitely Mike Joyce. Before becoming a singer, what jobs did Morrissey have? A civil service clerk, a hospital porter, and record store salesman. Didn't Morrissey like The New York Dolls? Morrissey was the president of their fan club in the 70s at the age of 18. What is Morrissey's favourite Smiths song? [10]I Keep Mine Hidden and [11]Shoplifters Of The World and probably many more... What were Morrissey's parent's professions? His mother was a librarian, and his father was a hospital porter. When did Morrissey start wearing glasses? Morrissey started wearing glasses at age 13. What's Morrissey's sister's name ? Jackie. What are Morrissey's minders called ? Steve and Creg, apparently. Is it Johnny Bridgwood or Bridgewood ? Bridgwood, despite occasionally mistaken credits. As with Spencer Cobrin, not Corbin. Didn't someone hold up a radio station with a gun and demand Smiths songs ? Yes, five hours of Smiths songs, at a Denver radio station in 1987. Does anyone have any more details ? Whose is the tattoo on the back of the [12]The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get ? It's Jake Walter's (see [13]Who's Who ?), and no, the tattoo isn't real. What's with that necklace on the sleeve of [14]Vauxhall And I ? FIXME Wasn't there a question about The Smiths on Jeopardy ? The category was "Death In Pop" for a $1000. The answer was "Hang the D.J. was the refrain of [15]Panic by this defunct British pop group led by Morrissey". The contestant correctly answered with "Who are The Smiths ?". _________________________________________________________________ This section of the FAQ is maintained by [16]John Levon. 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