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2. -Songs/Albums- 2.1 Short discography Gish (1991) - single for "I Am One", 'Lull' EP for "Rhinoceros" Peel Sessions (1992) - Siva (different version), Girl Named Sandoz, Smiley Siamese Dream (1993) - singles for "Cherub Rock", "Today", "Disarm" and "Rocket" Pisces Iscariot (1994) - B-sides from previous singles, some unreleased Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (1995) - singles for "Bullet with Butterfly Wings", "1979", "Zero", "Tonight, Tonight", and "Thirty-Three" The Aeroplane Flies High (1996) - all MCIS singles & B-sides, plus 5 covers Adore (1998) - includes singles "Ava Adore", "Perfect". Several soundtracks & compilation CDs also have unique tracks. For more info, check out the complete discography, maintained by Dave Asselin at: http://www.xero.com/sp/spdiscog.txt OR, the visually-stimulating discography by Steve Hemming at http://www.smashing-pumpkins.net/discography/disco.html 2.2 Finding lyrics At this time, there is no completely comprehensive (and original) lyrics site. Two original-work sites are currently in progress, so this will be updated when they are completed. At the moment, the best source is Siva: http://blamo.simplenet.com/sp/ 2.3 Guitar/bass tablature Guitar tablature can be found at various SP web sites. The site with the most tablature I'm aware of is at Pumpkin Soup: http://www.starla.org/pumpkinsoup/ More guitar tablature can be found at OLGA (the OnLine Guitar Archive) and its mirrors: http://www.olga.net/ 2.3b Piano score Piano scores of songs like "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness", "Thru The Eyes of Ruby", "Farewell & Goodnight", "For Martha", and "Once In A While" can be found at: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Backstage/5295/ 2.4 Cover songs Songs that have been covered by SP and which appear on official releases are as follows: Song Title: Original Artist: Where Found: Clones (We're All) Alice Cooper TAFH box set Dancing in the Moonlight Thin Lizzy Disarm single (Heart) Destination Unknown Missing Person TAFH box set Dreamin' Blondie TAFH box set Girl Named Sandoz The Animals Peel Sessions, PI Jackie Blue Ozark Mtn Daredevils K-Tel compilation Landslide Fleetwood Mac PI, Disarm (Heart) My Blue Heaven Whiting/Donaldson 33 single, TAFH box set Never Let Me Down Again Depeche Mode Rocket single A Night Like This The Cure TAFH box set Rudolph the Red-Nosed (traditional) Kevin & Bean comp. tape Reindeer Sad Peter Pan Vic Chestnutt Sweet Relief II comp. Terrapin Syd Barrett I Am One 10" vinyl You're All I've Got The Cars TAFH box set Tonight Transmission [Joy Division], Boys Don't Cry [The Cure], Godzilla [Blue Oyster Cult], Out of Focus [Blue Cheer], and a bit of Sunshine of Your Love [Cream] can be found on CD bootlegs, as well as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Performances of "Auf Wiedersehen", "Baby Loves to Rock" and "If You Want My Love" with Cheap Trick are also available on the numerous CD boots from 10/23/95, the pre-MCIS release concert. When the band opened for KISS on Halloween 1998, they were dressed as the Beatles, and opened their set with a cover of the Beatles' "Money, (That's What I Want)". 2.5 Unreleased songs Recent songs that have not been released, and perhaps never will be, include Let Me Give the World to You, Blissed & Gone [aka "17", aka "Need"...], Methusela, Speed, Towers of Rabble, and Wishing You Were. 2.5b 'Mashed Potatoes' box set During the past year, the 'Mashed Potatoes' box set has been one of the discussed topics on the newsgroup. The 'Mashed Potatoes' box set is a set of CDs that Billy gave to a select group of people in 1994 (or there-about), and is said to contain live and unreleased songs from 1990 to 1992 or so. Very little, other than what is mentioned here, is actually known about the set, regardless of what you may hear. So, in short, asking about the box set will probably just get you killfiled or flamed, both of which you probably don't want. Please don't email me, asking for information on the set, as I have no information other than what is here. Thank you. 2.6 Where to find given songs Check the bootlists at either Jackboot (http://www.starla.org/jackboot/) or the bootleg discography, and they'll tell you every CD-boot release you can find something on, except where there are no recordings of the song. 2.7 Short guide to radio songs The following is a short guide to songs you're likely to hear on the radio, so if you don't know a song by name, this should help you out: 1979 - played semi-often. Drum loop with live drums, clean guitars. "Shakedown, 1979..." Found on MCIS & single. Ava Adore - heavy, distorted drum loop (electronic-style drums). "You'll always be my whore". Played heavily before and after release of 'Adore'. Bullet with Butterfly Wings - played often in 95-6. Distorted. "Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage." Found on MCIS & single. Cherub Rock - played often during SD era. Opens with drum roll. "Let me out, let me out..." Found on Siamese Dream & single. Destination Unknown - very synthy Missing Persons cover found in TAFH. Disarm - played often a few years ago, still played occasionally. Acoustic guitar, timpani, cello and bells. "Disarm you with a smile..." "I used to be a little boy" etc. Found on Siamese Dream & single. Drown - played occasionally. Long, spacey. "No matter where you are, I can still hear you when you drown..." Unedited version includes a long feedback solo at the end. Found on Singles soundtrack. The End Is The Beginning Is The End - song from Batman and Robin soundtrack, released for radio play. Heavy distorted guitars, some synth, electronic drums. Eye - played occaisionally. Drum kit, synth. "Turn to the gates of Heaven, to myself be damned..." Found on Lost Highway soundtrack. Frail & Bedazzled - used to be played often, still airs occasionally. Heavy I/IV guitar riff, one verse drops to vocals-only. Found on PI. Landslide - solo acoustic Fleetwood Mac cover. "And I saw my reflection in a snow covered hill..." Found on Pisces Iscariot & Disarm Heart single. Muzzle - played semi-often. Distorted guitars, fairly heavy. Drums cut out & enter loudly back in several times. Starts off "I fear that I am ordinary just like everyone." Found on MCIS (-no- CDS single). Never Let Me Down Again - played occasionally. Clean guitar, mellow cover of Depeche Mode song: "I'm taking a ride with my best friend" etc. Found on Rocket CDS or 7" (hard to find). Perfect - second single from 'Adore'. Light, poppy song. "Perfect, I promise we'll be perfect...". Played often. Video is the "continuation" of the 1979 video. Rocket - played often during SD era. Layered distorted guitars. "I shall be free..." Found on Siamese dream & single. Thirty-Three - played semi-often. Acoustic guitar & piano, no drums. "And you - can make it last, forever you." Found on MCIS & single. Today - played often during SD era. Alternating clean/distorted. "To-day is the greatest..." etc. Found on Siamese Dream & single. Tonight, Tonight - played semi-often. Strings, clean guitar. Found on MCIS & single. You're All I've Got Tonight - Cars cover. Verses are mostly drums. Found in TAFH box set. Zero - played semi-often. Distortion/harmonics. Found on MCIS & single. 2.8 Songs sung by other members Billy doesn't sing -every- song... Those featuring James on lead vocals are (these do not include James' solo album "Let It Come Down", 1998) : Believe, The Bells, Blew Away, The Boy, Farewell & Goodnight (1st verse, w/ Billy), A Night Like This, ...Said Sadly (w/ guest Nina Gordon of Veruca Salt), Take Me Down, and Terrapin. Of course, he's also sung a few songs live (Boys Don't Cry, Country Girl, I Feel You, Kooks, Germans in Leather Pants etc.) D'Arcy sings on Daydream (Gish), Dreamin' (TAFH box set), and in the second verse of Farewell and Goodnight (MCIS), as well as backup on many other songs. She's also featured in Catherine's "Four Leaf Clover" and "Punch Me Out", and on a few Fulflej songs. Jimmy Chamberlin, the band's former drummer, sings along with D'Arcy in the second verse of Farewell and Goodnight. 2.9 "Secret" messages/sounds Sometimes you can hear weird noises that probably shouldn't be there, or people talking in the studio. Sometimes they're obvious, sometimes you have to strain to hear them with headphones on. NOTE: This isn't meant to be a complete listing of every time you hear a strange noise, but it's a list of the most interesting and notable noises & extra words you can find. Many more can be found at Pumpkin World's secret sounds page: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Club/2204/secrets.html Bodies words spoken in background of second "Love is suicide" chorus- destroy / despise / distrust / disobey / destroy / distrust / disloyal / disarm / destroy / despise / dissect / deny / destroy / despise / distrust Bury Me song opens with James saying something (most plausible ideas are "Boys, let's do it" and "Poised like an angel") Cherry studio talk at beginning: "Listen- wanna just start it?" "Ready, Flood?" "Yeah." "1, 2, 3, 4..." Dancing in the Moonlight Billy talks at the end about choking in the middle of the song Daydream click of bow hitting cello at 1:10.5, jingly noises around 1:20-21 Galapogos incomprehensible muttering from 3:16-27 Glynis opens with synthesized "Hello", allegedly from a Red Red Meat song Hello Kitty Kat ends with Billy saying "Song's over" Honey Spider I Billy laughs at end & says "Aha! That's everything..." La Dolly Vita strange, cartoonish "Ooh!" noise at 3:33; cuckoo at 3:44 Marquis in Spades studio talk at beginning: "Rolling..." "I was just on another planet for a sec." "Run it back, Mole" (amp on) "Fucker." Quiet strange, very quiet (ha ha) voices at the end of the song. Try it with headphones. Silverfuck ends with BC saying "Alright, this take, don't give a fuck" & playing a few notes Siva (Peel Session) at 4:09, D'Arcy says she stepped on something; BC counts to 4 for re- entry Soma ends with TV evangelist clip: "and you need to resist the devil so that he will flee" Soothe "you can hear the 7am buses slithering by" at 2:18-21 (PI liner notes) Spaceboy ends with TV talk show clip: "Now it's, uh, kind of strange, and, uh, kinda hard for me to talk about, but I thought maybe you could help- um, when we start getting physical, rather than having intercourse, he ends up just masturbating himself, and I end up feeling very alienated and unsatisfied, and it's really come between us-". Some versions include the clip as the beginning of the Silverfuck track. Starla "listen for the police car go by" at 5:27-30 (PI liner notes) Transformer starts with 4 drum clicks & Billy saying "Hit it" Where Boys Fear to Tread DOOM explosion mentioned in liner notes: 1:20, 1:55, 2:29, 3:01, 3:44 2.10 Song/album meanings Discussing the meaning of songs is sometimes an interesting topic, but the band seem to shy away from explaining them outright. On 120 Minutes, November '91, Billy and D'Arcy said the following: BC: Um, my songs are really personal... and... you, it's like I'd have to tell everyone the story that goes behind every song, and I just... it's kinda- it seems silly to me that I'd have to say "Well one day I was walking down the street, see, and..." [shrug] it doesn't- it wouldn't make any difference. I- and I don't- I mean, that's one of my problems with the video medium, is- is having to attach symbolism and specifics to songs because I think in some ways it's the ambiguousness of things that makes people find something in their own... life. D: I sometimes think that... people get more out of a song (BC nods) if they don't know exactly what it's about- you can, you can listen more to the music, and that's mostly what we're about is music & emotions come from that. BC: Freedom. Freedom of thought. I mean, we're not here to preach or tell you what to think, you know, if- D: We're here to say 'think for yourself,' you know... 2.11 Vieuphoria/Earphoria - extra/unreleased songs Vieuphoria contains several songs unavailable elsewhere, which are as follows: Bugg Superstar - techno song playing while James talks about his dog (repeats "Bugg, Superstar..."). Pulseczar - distorted guitar chords, no drums, weird visual effects. Starts with "I hear you calling from the sky" Sinfony - 53 second EBow-driven guitar piece at beginning of tape Why Am I So Tired? - instrumental played over ending credits Note that the long jam at the end of Silverfuck also appears as a riff called "Jackboot" in Pastichio Medley, but is not usually considered a completed song. 2.12 Differences between releases Most releases have several versions available. Special versions, usually imports from central Europe or Japan, sometimes contain extra tracks not found on the other releases. Check it out before buying to avoid having to buy several versions of the same single to get all the songs. :-) For more details, consult either discography: Visual Discography, found at http://www.smashing-pumpkins.net/discography/disco.html Text-version, found at http://www.xero.com/sp/spdiscog.txt 2.12a Gish - original/remastered The original release of Gish was on Caroline Records, has the cover image on the CD, and was released in 1991. The rerelease was on Virgin, has no picture on the CD (just the writing), and was "remastered." It's hard to tell by listening, although the bass was supposedly brought out a bit... 2.12b Siamese Dream - clean/explicit version, import Certain versions of Siamese Dream have the titles listed on the back, while others don't. This is the "clean version", assumed to be produced for large chain stores, due to the title "silverfuck". Aside from the back cover, there is no difference. There are also differences in the inserts- after the initial pressing, someone decided to save money by taking all the photographs, which were on their own page in the first pressing, and combining them all onto 2 pages, turning the booklet into a foldout, and rendering the handwritten lyrics quite small and difficult to read. Canadian editions of Siamese Dream are ALL the full insert - with pages for every song. The repressing included an address for fan club info and lyrics- unbeknownst to the 'fan club' person (read 'mail reader') for some time- resulting in many returned letters, until every- thing was finally explained... The Japanese import version contains a bonus track, labelled "Hikari Express". This is simply "Pissant", which can be found on Pisces Iscariot. 2.12c Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness - 3LP Mellon Collie was released on vinyl in March of 1996. This came out on 3 12" vinyls. Here is an explanation of the availability of this, as found in the text discography: "The 3LP version of MCIS was originally solicited in February of 1996 as a limited-to-5000, numbered edition. When it was finally released in April, it was allegedly limited to 15,000. Since that time, numbers above 18,000 have been confirmed, leaving open the question of how many copies were actually pressed." Most recently, Mark Andrew Hamilton has reported that Virgin Records has re-issued the set, and has it listed as "In-stock" in their catalogues. More will be posted here as it comes available. 2.12d Adore - Japanese version The Japanese version of Adore includes a bonus track, "Once in a While", which is also found on the US and UK versions of the Ava Adore single. 2.12e Ava Adore - 7" vinyl The UK Ava Adore 7" was supposed to be limited to 5000 copies. But, as with the Mellon Collie 3-LP, many more (up to 3000 more, I think) appeared. 2.12f Earphoria - promo/bootleg The promo for Vieuphoria, entitled "Earphoria", exists as a promo (rare) and as various bootlegged/copied versions. The promo CD is light blue with pink SP-hearts, and includes a picture of James and Bugg on the back of the liner. The bootlegged versions are usually cheap copies- image quality on the liner is obviously inferior, some versions are missing the picture of James & Bugg, and some of the CDs are simply black hearts on blank CDs. Some versions also mess up the tracks by combining French Movie Theme and Pissant onto one track, and splitting Silverfuck into two tracks. The biggest apparent difference, though, is price- the promo will usually cost significantly more, if you can find it anywhere. Also note that there's a bootleg CD entitled "Billy Don't Be a Hero" that is, essentially, a copy of Earphoria. 2.12g Import/domestic singles Differences in singles are quite common- generally US and UK singles are limited to two or three B-sides, for chart/ratings purposes- including more songs would change their status from 'single' to 'EP', which would mean they couldn't be counted in certain charts. Usually, where different versions of a single exist, the US version will simply omit certain B- sides, UK releases will be split into two parts, and Japanese or central European releases (Germany, Holland, etc.) will include all tracks. CD singles for I Am One, Cherub Rock, Rocket, Bullet with Butterfly Wings, and Zero either exist only in one form (from one country), or have the same number of tracks on each release (except that the box set release of BwBW also includes 5 cover songs). Disarm is in two parts from the UK, labelled "Heart" and "Smile". Tonight, Tonight, Thirty-Three, and Perfect, as well as having 2-part UK singles, also have a US counterpart with omitted B-sides. 1979, Tonight, Tonight, and Perfect have central-Europe releases with all B-sides included. 1979 and Perfect also have US releases with omitted B-sides. Today and Tonight, Tonight also have Japanese import versions: Today features Hello Kitty Kat, Obscured, French Movie Theme, and Apathy's Last Kiss (only otherwise available on the Today 7"). Tonight, Tonight has the same tracks as the central-Europe release (i.e. all 6 B-sides). For detailed information on singles and the different versions, consult either discography. 2.12h Vinyl - variant B-sides The B-sides (and C-sides, where they exist) of vinyl releases often differ from those of cassette and CD/CDS releases. Following is a list of songs that can only be found on vinyl (excluding unofficial/bootleg releases): Daughter - Reflex magazine 7" flexi-disc (good luck) Bullet Train to Osaka - I Am One 10" Honey Spider I - Tristessa 12" Honey Spider II - Pisces Iscariot bonus 7" Infinite Sadness - MCIS triple vinyl (3x12") My Dahlia - Light Into Dark compilation 12" Not Worth Asking - I Am One 7", Pisces Iscariot bonus 7" Purr Snickety - Cherub Rock 7" (also in Siamese Singles box set) Siamese Dream - Disarm 7" (also in Siamese Singles box set) Sun - Light Into Dark compilation 12" Terrapin [Syd Barrett] - I Am One 10" The original 7" version of I Am One can be found on the Absolute Middle of Nowhere #17 compilation CD, and the Today 7" b-side "Apathy's Last Kiss" can be found on the Japanese Today import CDS. 2.13 Common/recurring lyrics Billy has been known to use a few words or phrases several times, so to keep people from constantly re-'discovering' them :-) here's a list: june: 1979, Bye June, Mayonaise, Rhinoceros, Tales of a Scorched Earth, Where Boys Fear to Tread my one and only: By Starlight, Lily, XYU, Zero On Q101 radio (Chicago), 10/95, someone actually asked about this- the reply was that he simply did that to see if people would notice. A more likely explanation is simply that he likes those words, and/or they rhyme well... 2.14 Photos/Cover art Since some people wonder where all those pictures come from in all the releases, here's a brief synopsis: SD insert - random pictures found by the graphic artist, not related to the band (same goes for Cherub Rock cover) Today cover - D'Arcy's sisters Pisces Iscariot cover (CD) - of continuous debate. Some say it's James, Courtney Love said it's her with a cherry in her mouth, Billy said it's his now-ex wife, Chris, although he may have been referring to the necklace picture on the inside liner Bullet with Butterfly Wings insert - from an advertisement in the 1800s for some sort of youth potion called, "Brittle's Blood Bitters". Zero insert - a Giorgio Armani model (NOT Yelena Yemchuk, the photographer) Thirty-Three - cover painting=Rasputin, insert=Lenin Adore cover - Amy Wesson Adore insert- the pictures on the inside of the CD liner were taken while the band was on tour in Poland during the Mellon Collie tour, it is assumed Ava Adore cover - Amy Wesson also. Perfect single covers - unknown (so far) 2.15 mp3s Recently, this has been one of the most commonly asked questions. "What are mp3s?" mp3s are a type of sound file that combines high sound quality with relatively low (compared to .wav files) file size. The average 4 minute song in mp3 format is approximately 4 to 5 megabytes in size, or about 1 megabyte for every minute of high quality sound. The same song in wav format is about 50 megabytes, even at the same sampling rate. "I want some!" "Hey, this is great!", you must be thinking. "These should be everywhere! Free mp3s for everyone!". 'Fraid not, kiddos. While there have been large archives in the past (Smashing Pumpkins Audio Archive had over 600 at it's peak), they cost a lot to maintain, as large amounts of filespace are needed to host these songs. The RIAA also has a problem with these mp3 sites because they feel that with easy access to such high quality songs for free, people will stop buying CDs. Many mp3 sites are shut down for this reason. "Can I set up a site?" Since the downfall of the indisputable King of mp3 sites in November of 1997 (the Smashing Pumkpins Audio Archive), many FTP sites and various internet sites have tried to take its place, but most have been unable to keep up with the demand for live (and occasionally, studio album) mp3s, and have shut down within a month or two, whether it be due to lack of server space, or the RIAA shutting them down. If you watch the newsgroups, (alt.music.smash-pumpkins or alt.binaries.smash-pumpkins), new mp3 sites will pop up, then quite often disappear. Keep your eyes open, as a permanent site may one day be revived. However, in the meantime, there are alternatives. RealAudio is a very cheap alternative, albeit quite a quality difference. For more information on RealAudio, visit the website at http://www.real.com. Smashing Pumpkins RealAudio songs are available at: http://www.smashing-pumpkins.net The SPLRA sometimes posts recent concerts in mp3 or RealAudio for download, so check their website too: http://www.starla.org/splra. 3. -Band Info- 3.1 Origin of name Most answers to this question are only semi-serious, as they've heard it way too often. The March '93 fan club newsletter gave the following story: "Gene Simmons came to us in a dream and said: 'Joe Strummer is a pumpkin, drunken and smashed.'" On Vieuphoria, they simply said "It's a joke." However, the most serious answer comes from an interview with D'Arcy by the Washington Post (11/19/93): "The name of the band is a stupid name, a dumb bad joke and a bad idea, OK?" she says. "Billy named the band before there even was a band. He was like, 'I'm gonna have a band and it's gonna be called this.' 'Smashing' is not a verb, it's an adjective. It's not like we like to smash pumpkins or anything. And we are not amused by pumpkin jokes anymore." So, there you have it. "Smashing" is an adjective, not a verb (think British here if you're still having trouble). :-) 3.2 First appearance Billy and James first appeared in a Polish bar called Track in 1988. Their first radio broadcast was on WNUR in Evanston that year. (Info from the March '93 fan club newsletter). The first gig as a complete band was on 07.09.88 (July 9, 1988) at Chicago 21. This show did not include Jimmy, as he had not yet been hired. It consisted of James, D'arcy, and of course, Billy. 3.3 Short Bios Since everyone MUST know their birthdays, here they are: Billy Corgan: March 17, 1967 D'Arcy: May 1, 1968 James Iha: March 26, 1968 Jimmy Chamberlin (former drummer): June 10, 1964 For people obsessed with looking through old high school yearbooks: Billy went to Glenbard North in Carol Stream, IL, James went to Elk Grove Village HS, IL, and D'Arcy went to L.C. Mohr in South Haven, MI. 3.4 Recording sessions As you may have heard, most of the recording for Siamese Dream was done by Billy (drums excluded). His reasoning: "I was obsessed to meet a standard that was beyond our capability. I was more concerned about technical efficiency than heart." The MCIS sessions were "a joy, compared to the tense Siamese Dream recording," and all members worked collectively. For information pertaining to when and where particular songs and albums were recorded, consult the Recording Sessions, by Jesse Miller (only the mirrors could be located at time of release): http://www.netphoria.org/recording/recording.html http://www.smashing-pumpkins.net/recording.html 3.5 Is Billy left-handed or right-handed? Billy is left-handed. He writes with his left hand. However, he plays the guitar as if he was right-handed. This is because he felt that it was silly to have his weak hand doing the tough fret-work. Another reason is that when Billy and his father went to buy a guitar, Billy asked which was more common. He went with a right-handed guitar. 3.6 Equipment I'm not an equipment expert (I don't even have an electric guitar), so I can't provide detailed lists of everything you'll need to perfectly imitate that pumpkin sound. The SP Guitar and Amp Settings Archive has lots of great info, at: http://www.smashing-pumpkins.org/forever/ The intro articles at the beginning of the tablature books for SD, MCIS and Adore are also of interest. 3.6a Special effects One of the cool effects I -can- explain is the 'reverse echo' used on the "bang bang" part of Silverfuck, as well as other songs. The track is recorded, then flipped backwards, and echo/reverb is added. It's then flipped back to forwards, so the effect is that of echoing -into- the note. Pretty cool, eh? :-) This is also heavily used by the Cure (see "End" from Wish). 3.6b EBow An EBow (electronic/electromagnetic bow) is a small, hand-held magnetic device that causes guitar strings to vibrate continuously, resulting in a long, sustained tone. These are used most notably on Sinfony, Soma, & Drown. James uses EBows a lot live, on songs like Shame, & Porcelina. There's even a web site for EBows at http://www.ebow.com. 3.7 Personal info for the prying fan I'm not about to invade their privacy, but here's what they (apparently) don't mind letting us know via press, etc.: D'Arcy was involved with James for a while in the early days of the band. She is now married to Kerry Brown, drummer of Catherine. Billy is separated from former wife Chris, and is dating photographer/ director Yelena Yemchuk. 3.9 Silly rumors (Small Wonder, Sea Monkeys, etc.) Every once in a while, someone will resurrect a really stupid rumor (see "Troll" under 1.5). No, Billy was not in the TV show "Small Wonder" (the character of Jamie Lawson was played by Jerry Supiran, if you must know), and who cares if Marilyn Manson supposedly had him snort Sea Monkeys (Manson even admitted later that that was a joke)? Such rumors aren't even worth bringing up (so please don't). 3.10 SP Fan Club The "fan club" started when the Siamese Dream liner notes included the words "smashing pumpkins fan club information" next to their PO box address (which was different on both releases of Gish). Since then, there have been a few newsletters & t-shirt order forms, but the one person running it (Laura Ann) is a bit more enthusiastic than the rest of the band, who hasn't been giving her stuff to send out. For now, Laura serves mainly to read their mail, attempt to answer basic questions, and sell T-shirts. Until further notice, however, it may be wise to hold off on "joining," since the $3 "membership" fee isn't really going anywhere. But if you don't mind sending money to someone to send off to an accountant somewhere or if you just feel like sending mail, the address is: SPFC, PO Box 578010, Chicago, IL 60657. 3.11 Contacting the band Send all meaningful mail to the address listed above. Try to hold back on short, meaningless messages like "You rule!", as they've already gotten tons of those already. Do NOT send mail to (or visit) their homes, and do not ask for their home addresses. Have some respect for their privacy. As for email, there's no such address. If the band had a publicly- available email address, it would be instantly flooded, requiring a large staff to read it all. If any members were to have email addresses, they would be for personal/business reasons, so keep that in mind before asking for them. |--[mike*hamilton]--(michaelh@ualberta.ca)--| |--please stop loving me, please stop loving me, I am none of these things--| |--[smashing*pumpkins*faq]--(http://www.ualberta.ca/~michaelh/FAQ.txt)--| |--[lifepoint*mp3*files]--(http://members.tripod.com/PegRecs/index.html--|