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Subject: FAQ: Ska (alt.music.ska) Frequently Asked Questions (Part 3 of 3)

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Archive-name: music/ska-faq/part3 Last-modified: $Date: 1996/10/15 17:53:26 $ Version: $Revision: 1.1 $ Part: 3 of 3 URL: http://www.twillis.com/ska/faq/ URL: ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/news.answers/music/ska-faq/part3
FAQ for (news:alt.music.ska) Questions and answers about ska music Tomas Willis tomas@twillis.com Administrivia: Go forth and skank. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: 3.1: Introduction In response to all of those ``Isn't ska some dance form of reggae?'' questions, I present the following historical background to the music we call ska, gleaned from liner notes I have lying about the place, various postings to (news:alt.music.ska), and sundry emailings with helpful ska fans. *** [August 96] The Hypertext Ska FAQ has moved to its final home! The new URL is <a href="http://twillis.com/ska/">http://twillis.com/ska/</a>, at the International House of Ska. This webified FAQ contains text, links and graphics that don't fit here in alt.music.ska. Please update your bookmarks! This is part 3, $Revision: 1.1 $, posted to (news:alt.music.ska), (news:rec.music.info), (news:alt.skinheads), (news:alt.answers), (news:rec.answers), and (news:news.answers). This FAQ is posted twice a month, whether it needs to be or not. This FAQ file is also available for anonymous ftp on the archive site rtfm.mit.edu as the file `pub/usenet/news.answers/music/ska-faq/part3'. This FAQ file is on the Web as URL:http://www.twillis.com/ska/faq/ Acks: Michael Cancilla (mailto:mcancill@polyslo.calpoly.edu) posted a long list of ska bands that I have incorporated into this FAQ. That list has grown to list over 500 bands! Mike Fragassi (mailto:mfragass@ucs.indiana.edu) emailed me about 10k in response to my request for more info and is still at it. Thanks Mikes! Thanks also to everyone else in a.m.s and other reaches of netspace who sent me info. Dance harder! Tomas Willis (mailto:skafaq@twillis.com) Also, you can get at this document on the World Wide Web (WWW) at URL:http://www.twillis.com/ska/faq ------------------------------ Subject: 3.2: Table of Contents The ska FAQ is now distributed in three sections. Part one addresses background questions, part two contains information about ska via various media, and part three contains infomation about bands. Table of Contents: Part 1 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Table of Contents 1.3 What is ska music? 1.4 Where did ska come from? 1.5 What is first-wave ska? Second-wave ska? Third-wave ska? 1.6 What is ska-core? 1.7 What is a rude boy? 1.8 What is with the narrow-brim hats, dark suits and narrow ties? How come some of these ska bands look like the Blues Brothers? 1.9 What is skanking? 1.10 What about reggae? 1.11 Oi! What about skinheads? 1.12 Recommended reading and Bibliography Part 2 2.1 Introduction 2.2 Table of Contents 2.3 Where can I hear ska on the radio? 2.4 Where can I hear ska live? 2.5 Is anyone doing ska video? 2.6 Are there any ska movies? 2.7 Are there any books about ska? 2.8 What are some ska-related 'zines (fan-created magazines)? 2.9 How do I get a ska email-based mailing list? 2.10 What are some more Internet ska resources? 2.11 Can anyone reccommend some good ska albums for someone who has absolutely no clue about ska? 2.12 What are addresses of some record labels producing ska discs? 2.13 Are there some mail order stores that carry ska? Part 3 3.1 Introduction 3.2 Table of Contents 3.3 What are the names of some ska bands? 3.4 Can I write to any of these bands? ------------------------------ The Bands ********* Hey, if we're going to dance, someone has to make the music! Bandlist ======== Subject: 3.3: *What are the names of some ska bands?* These names are culled from various sources, especially Michael Cancilla (mcancill@polyslo.calpoly.edu), Brian Rosenthal (brianr@skamusic.com) and others on alt.music.ska. Giusy Grasselli sent in more Italian bands. Hector Rivas (rivash@ing.ula.ve) sent info about Venezuelan bands. Thanks to everyone who sends me information. We now list over *760* bands! Yes, we finally go `A' to `Z'. The format: Bandname (Location) {Style} [time period] e.g. Fubars, The (Verona) {Funky ska} [1989-1992] So, please help! Send me any info you have for this little project, which I think will make this band list much more informative. Also, for bands with non-English names, I will alphabetize by the name, *including the article* (`Los,' `Die,' `La,' etc.). That is, `Les Enfants de St. Gall' are listed under `L,' even though, in a more multilingual world I would list them under `E.' Additionally, Jay Vidheecharoen, jvidhee@kuhub.cc.ukans.edu, snail mail at: 1800 Engel Road #747, Lawrence KS 66045, is developing a "Directory of Ska." Contact Jay for details. 0 to 9 ------ "100 Men" (UK) {traditional/rocksteady} See , for address infomation. "17 Tight" (Lancaster,OH) {ska/punk/ska-core} [Current-] See , for more info. "2 Many Daves" (Panorama City) {ska/2-tone/traditional} [1-] See , for more info. "2000 Flushes" (Pennsylvania) [1995-] See , for WWW information. "3 Ball Combo" (buquerque, New Mexico) {"High energy, punk influenced, heavy metal, Hard Core, Rock -N- Roll, Ragga Muffin, Ranchera Ska"} [1995-] See , for more info. "311" (Redford, Michigan) {funk/rap/metal/punk/reggae} [Current] See , for more info. "3 Minute Hero" (Fargo, ND) {ska} [1996-] See , for more info. "3rd. Way, The" (The NETHERLANDS) [Current] "4-Skins, The" (UK) {punk/ska/oi} "5point0" (Kennett Square, PA) {ska/punk} "7-10 Split" (Worchester, MA) {traditional/third-wave} [1996-] "7-6-1 Trifecta" (Parsippany, New Jersey) {ska/punk} [1996-] See , for more info. "75" (SWEDEN) {ska} [Current] See , for more info A - "A Dream I Had" (Montreal, Quebec, CANADA) {Post-tropical Celtic Ska Swing} [Current] See A Dream I Had, for address information. "A-Kings" (New York City) {Modern ska} "Absence" (Michigan) {ska} [-] "Active Culture" (Boston, MA) {hyper/funky ska} [Current] See , for contact info. "Adams, Aubrey" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s] "Adjusters, The" (Chicago) [Current] "Agent 99" (New York City) [-1996] "Agent Bulldog" (SWEDEN) {oi/ska} [Current] "Agent Groundhog" (Duluth, MN) [Current] See , for contact information. "Agents, The" (Providence, Rhode Island) [Current] "Against All Authority" (Florida) {punky ska} [Current] "Air Cushion Soul" (Canberra, AUSTRALIA) {ska/soul} [1994-] See , for more info. "Aitken, Bobby" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s] "Aitken, Laurel" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s-present] "Akrylykz" (UK) {2 Tone (Roland Gift)} [1980] "Aks Mamma" (Michigan) {ska} [-] See , for more info. "Alcapone, Dennis" (JAMAICA) "Alien Spy" {East Bay Area, California} [Current] See , for internet contact info. "Allentons" (Los Angeles) {traditional ska/rocksteady} [Current] See , for more info. "Allniters, The" (AUSTRALIA) {Traditional} [Early-mid 1980s] "Allsorts, The" (AUSTRALIA) "Allstonians, The" (Boston) [1992-present] See , for address information. "Almost Barry Manilow" (Houston, Texas) {ska/traditional/big band/ska-core} [Current-Current] See , for more info. "Alphonso, Rolando" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s-present] "Anderson, Frank" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s] "Anklebiters, The" (Madison, Wisconsin) {traditional} [Current] Contact mlhowell@students.wisc.edu, for band information. "Andy and Joey" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s] "Andy, Bob" (JAMAICA) {traditional} [1960s] "Animal Chin" (Minnesota) {ska} [Current-Current] See , for more info. "Anti-Quix" (San Antonio, Texas) {punk/ska-core} [1997-] See , for more info. "Antix, The" (West Chester/Wilmington) {ska/punk} [1996-Current] See , for more info. "Apollo 7" (UK) "Apollo's Creed" (Lancaster, OH) {ska/punk/hardcore/ska-core} [Current-] See , for more info. "Aquabats, The" (Orange County, California) {Surf-Superhero Ska} [1994-] See , for internet contact information. "Area 7" (Melbourne, AUSTRALIA) [Current] "Army, The" (Europe) [80s] "Army of Juan" (Flint, Michigan) {ska/punk/ska-core} See , for more info. "Arpione" (Bergamo, ITALY) [Current] "Arpioni" (Bologna, ITALY) {ska/reggae} [Current] "Arsenals" "Arthur Kay and the Originals" (UK) "The Articles" (Detroit, MI) {ska/rocksteady/jazz/traditional} [1995-] See , for more info. "Assassomators, The" (Cleveland, OH) [Current] "Assorted Jelly Beans" (Southern California) {punk/ska} [Current] See , for internet contact info. "Attaboy Skip" (Las Vegas) [Current] See , for more info. "AWOL" (New Jersey) {ska/funk/a touch of jazz} [1993-] B - "Babysnakes" (SWEDEN) [Current] "Baccone Dolce" (Gainsville, Florida) [Current] "Bad Manners" (UK) {2 Tone} [late 1970s-1980s,1990s] See , for address information. "Bakesy's Midday Joggers" (UK) "Banana Boat" (SPAIN) "Banana Buster" (Chicago) [-1994] "Banana Peel Slippers" (Cologne, GERMANY) "Banditos, The" "Banton, Pato" (UK) {Mostly Reggae} [Current] "be Nuts" (Bavaria, GERMANY) [Current] See , for more information. "Beat Soup" (Boston) {ska/reggae} [Current] See , for address information. "Beat, The (English)" (UK) {2 Tone} [late 1970s-mid 1980s] http://www.best.com/~sirlou/ukbeat.html. "Beatbusters, the" (The NETHERLANDS) [Current] "Beatdowns, The" (Ohio) [1994-] See , for WWW information. "Beckford, Theophilus" (JAMAICA) {traditional} "Bender" {ska-influenced punk} "Benders, The" (New Orleans) [Current] "Beurk's Band" (FRANCE) "Big Bad Chubba" (Joplin, Missouri) {ska/traditional} [-Current] "Big Dog Small Fence" (Los Angeles, CA.) {ska/reggae/2-tone/ska-core} [1993-] See , for more info. "Big Lick" (Boston, MA) [Current] See , for contact information. "Big Mambo" (ARGENTINIA) {ska/?} [Current] "Bigger Thomas" (New Jersey) {skalypso} [Current] See , for contact information. "Bill Wennington Fan Club" [Current] "Bim Skala Bim" (Boston) [1983-present] See , for address information. "Bingo Mut" (Florida) {punky ska} [Current] "Bishops, The" (Omaha, NebraSka) [Current] See , for contact information. "Black Happy" (Coeur d'Alene, Idaho) {jazz/ska/metal/rock} [Current] "Bleichreiz" (GERMANY) [-1996] See , for address information. "Blind Spot" (California) {third wave} [1993-] See , for contact information. "Blue Beat Players" (JAPAN) {ska/traditional} [Current-] "Blue Beat Stompers, The" (Berkeley, California) {first wave} [1991-] See , for address information. "Blue Beats, The" (New York City) [Current] See , for contact information. "Blue Chateau" (GERMANY) See , for address information. "Blue Meanies, The" (Chicago) {punk/ska} [Current] See , for address information. "Blues Blenders, The" (JAMAICA) {traditional} [1960s] "Bluebeat, The" (Julich, GERMANY) "Bluebeat Allstars" (Melbourne, AUSTRALIA) {a.k.a. Strange Tenants} [mid-80s] "Bluekilla" (GERMANY) {Third-wave} [Current] "Bob and Marcia" () "Bob's Quick Fix" (Buckeye, AZ) {modern punk/ska} [Current] See , for more information. "Bodysnatchers, The" (UK) {2 Tone} [1980] "Boilers, The" (NY) See , for address information. "Bombassa Beed" (GERMANY) "Boom, The" (JAPAN) "Boothe, Ken" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s] "Bop Harvey" (Rhode Island) {debateable} See , for address information. "Born Annoying" (Atlanta) {ska/punk/hardcore/ska-core} [Current-] See , for more info. "Boss" (UK?) [1980s] "Boston Stranglers SC" (Boston, Massachusetts) See , for address information. "Botor, Ska and Eiren" (The NETHERLANDS) "Bouncers" (NETHERLANDS) [Current] "Bowler Boys" (Austin, Texas) [Current] See , for address information. "Boxboys, The" (Los Angeles) [late 1970s] "Boy O Boy" {now Fighting Gravity} See , for address information. "Braces, The" (GERMANY) "Brave New Girl" (New York) {Samba/Ska/Soul} [1996-] See , for contact information. "Brooks, Baba" (JAMAICA) {Old School} "Brownies, The" (San Jose, CA) {ska-core} [-1996] See , for address information. "Bruisers, The" "Buck-o-Nine" (California) See , for address information. "Butumbaba" (Santa Fe, ARGENTINA) {ska/punk/reggae} [1993-] See , for more info. "Bunny and Skitter" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s] "Burial, The" "Burma Jam" (Richmond, Virginia) "Burnt Toast" (Houston, TX) [Current] See , for contact information. "Buster's All Stars" (UK) {all-star Band with Bad Manners and others} "Busters, The" (GERMANY) {Third-wave} [Current] See , for contact info. "Butlers, The" (Berlin, GERMANY) {soul/ska} [Current] See , for address information. "BVD (Bij Vorrbatt Dank)" (Amsterdam, The NETHERLANDS) [Current] See , for WWW connections. "Byron Lee and The Dragonaires" (JAMAICA) {Old School} C - "C'mon Jack" (Omaha, Nebraska) {ska/punk} [1994-] See , for address information. "Cables, The" {Rocksteady} "Cairo" (Europe) [80s] "Cairo East" (London) {Madness covers} [Current] "Camerini, Alberto" (Europe) [80s] "Camper Van Beethoven" (California) {early albums only} "Can't Say" (Albany, NY) {crunchska/3rd wave} [1992 - present] "Capone and The Bullets" (Scotland) [1985-present] "Carlos Malcom and the Afro Caribs" (JAMAICA) {Old School} "Carre Blanc Pour Serie Noir" (FRANCE) "Case" () "Casino Royale" (ITALY) {ska} [Current] "Charmers, The" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s] "Checkered Cabs" (Washington, D.C.) {Motown/British pop/traditional} [Current] See , for Internet contact information. "Checkmate" (Clovis, CA) {traditional/3rd-wave} [1990-] See , for contact info. "Checkmates, The" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s] "Cheesecake Circus" (Montreal, Quebec, CANADA) {Progressive ska} [Current] See , for address information. "Chencha Berrinches" (Los Angeles, California) {ska/punk/ska-core} [Current] See , for more info. "Chencho y los Bingos" (SPAIN) {ska/2-tone} [Current] "Cherry Poppin' Daddies, The" (Oregon) {big-band swing/punk/horns} [Current] See , for address information. "Chickenpox" (Fagersta, SWEDEN) {2-tone style} [Current] See , for more information. "Chico and the Hornets" (Fresno, CA) [Current] See , for contact info. "Citizen Fish" (UK) {ska/ska-core} [Current] "Citizen King" (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) {ska/funk/rock} [Current] "Citizens, The" "City Kids" (New York City) {Modern ska} "Clancy Eccles" (JAMAICA) {Old School} "Claredonians" (JAMAICA) {Old School} "Clay Henry" () [Current] See , for Internet contact information. "Cliff, Jimmy" (JAMAICA) {Rocksteady} [mid-1960s] "Club, The" (UK) {former Loafers members} "Club Ska" (Sydney, AUSTRALIA) {Sixties Ska} [mid-80s] "Clue J and His Blues Blasters" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s] "Code 26" (Renton, Washington) [Current] "Coke Head Hipsters" (JAPAN) {ska-core} [Current] "Collins, Dave and Ansel {rocksteady/blue beat} [60s-]" "Colourfield, The" (UK) {Hall of Specials/FB3} "Conehead Buddha" (upstate New York) {funky/latin ska} [Current] "Connotations" "Conspiracy" (San Francisco) [Current] "Conspiracy, The" (Ohaha, NebraSka) [1990-1993] "Cornell Campbell" (JAMAICA) {Old School} "Correcaminos" (ARGENTINIA) {ska/?} [Current] "Courtjester's Crew" (GERMANY) {reggae/ska} [Current] "Crank" (SWITZERLAND) [Current] See , for address information. "Crawdaddy" (California) [Current] See , for address information. "Crazy 8's" (Oregon) [1980's-1995] "Creepers, The" (Hawaii) [1996-] See , for internet contact info. "Crime In Italy" (Saratoga, CA) {Two-tone} [1994-present] "Crisis Band" (New York) {late rocksteady/early reggae} "Critical Mass" (San Francisco Bay Area) {ska/2-tone} [1992-Current] See , for more info. "Crucial Dread Beat Control" (Santa Barbara, California) [Current] See , for address information. "Cryin Out Loud" (Hoboken, NJ) [Current] See , for address information. "Culture Shock" {ska-influenced punk} D - "Dance Cleopatra" (The NETHERLANDS) {Became "Screamin' Abdubs" and "Longshot".} [1991-1995] "Dance Hall Crashers" (Berkeley) See , for address information. "Dandy" {Old School, original "Rudi, Message to You"} "Dave's Big Deluxe" (Tuscon, Arizona) [Current] See , for address information. "Dawkins, Horrell" (JAMAICA) {traditional} [1960s] "Daybreakers" (USA) [Current] See , for address information. "Deal's Gone Bad" (Chicago, IL) {ska/rocksteady/reggae/traditional} [1994-] See , for more info. "Debonaires" (Los Angeles (Riverside)) {ska/rocksteady/reggae/jazz/traditional} [1996-] See , for more info. "The Decals" (Columbus, Ohio) {ska/rocksteady/2-tone/traditional} [1997-] See , for more info. "Decepticonz, The" (Washington, D.C.) [Current] See , for contact informantion. "Deep Six" (Sacramento, California) {ska-core} See , for address information. "Defactos, The" (New York City) [Current] See , for contact information. "Dekker, Desmond" (JAMAICA) {Old School - Master} [1960s-] "Delroy Wilson" (JAMAICA) {Old School} "The Delroys" (Columbus, Ohio) {ska/rocksteady/traditional} [Current-Current] See , for more info. "Deltones, The" (London) {2 Tone/reggae} [Current] See , for address information. "Dymentia" (Ft. Myers, FL) {ska/punk/oi} [Current] See , for more info. (Formerly "Dementia") "Desmond Dekker and the Aces" (JAMAICA) {Old School} "Desorden Publico" (Venezuela) [Current] http://www.ing.ula.ve/~rivash/despub.html, for the history of Desorden Publico (in Spanish). "The Determinators" (JAPAN) {ska/traditional} [Current-] "The Dial-Tones" (Worcester, MA) {ska} [1995-Current] See , for more info. "Die Aeronauten" (Zurich, SWITZERLAND) [Current] See , for address information. "Dig This" (Boston) {Ska/pop rock} [-1994] "Dillon, Phyllis" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s-present] "Discipulos de Chagua" (PUERTO RICO) {ska/ska-core} [Current] "Discípulos de Otilia" (Barcelona, SPAIN) {ska} [Current-Current] "Dobson, Dobby" (JAMAICA) {traditional} [1960s] "Donaldson, Eric" (JAMAICA) {Rocksteady} [late 1960s-early 1970s] "Dog" (Los Angeles) [Current] "Donkey Show" (Los Angeles) "The Double Agents" (Ft.Lauderdale,FL) {ska/2-tone/traditional} [1996-] See , for more info. "Downbeat Rulers" (Washington, DC) {traditional/modern/rocksteady/reggae} [1995-1997] See , for WWW information. "Downfall" (Berkeley) {ska-core} [late 1980s] "Dr. Calypso" (SPAIN) [Current] See , for address information. "Dr. Castrato" (Des Moines, Iowa) {ska} [Current] See , for WWW information. "Dr. Manette" (Champaign, Illinois) {ska/funk/soca/punk/rasta} [Current] See , for more information. "Dr. No" (FRANCE) "Dr Raju" (Sydney, AUSTRALIA) {ska/reggae/soul/R&B} [1993-] See , for more information. "Dr. Ring Ding" (GERMANY) {traditional 60's-style} [Current] "Dr. Skanksworthy" (Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA) {Ska/punk} [Current] "The Dreadnaughts" (Dallas/Fort Worth) {ska/2-tone/oi/blues} [Current-] See , for more info. "Dreamletts, The" (JAMAICA) {traditional} [1950--1960s] "Drips" (Quincy, CA) {Third Wave} [1994-present] "Drummond, Don" (JAMAICA) {Old School - Master} "Duck Missle" (JAPAN) {ska/punk} [Current-] "Duffus, Shenley" (JAMAICA) {Old School} "Durgano 95" "The Dynamics" (California) [Current] See , for contact information. E - "Earth Citizen" (SOUTH AFRICA?) {ska/punk} "East Of Eden" "Eastern Standard Time" (Washington, DC) {traditional/jazzy ska} [1995-] See , for more info. "Easy Big Fella" (Seattle, WA) [Current] See , for contact information. "Ecclectics" (Chicago, IL) {punky ska} [Current] "Edna's Goldfish" (Long Island, NY) [Current] See , for contact information. "Eighty Eights" (AUSTRALIA) {Ska/Rock} [early 80s] "El Bosso and The Ping Pongs" (GERMANY) "Elevators, The" (Milwaukee) [Current] See , for address information. "Ellis, Alton" (JAMAICA) {Old School} "Ellis, Bobby" () "Employees, The" (Europe) [80s] "English Beat" (UK - 2Tone, US name for The Beat) [1980s] "Engine 54" (GERMANY) See , for address information. "Engine 54" (Olympia, Washington) "Erector Set" (Brighton, Massachusetts) See , for address information. "Ernies" (Virginia) [Current] "Eskalators" (ITALY) [Current] "Eskarabajo" (PUERTO RICO) "Espias Secretos" (ARGENTINIA) {ska/?} [Current] "Etch-A-Sketch" (Ann Arbor, MI) "Ethiopians" {old school, "Train to Skaville"} "Executives, The" (Chicago) [Current] See , for contact information. "Exceptions, The" (Detroit) {metal/punk/ska} [Current] See , for contact information. "Exploding Kommodes" (Houghton) {ska/punk/ska-core} [1996-] See , for more info. Expresion Latina (Seattle/Tacoma, Washington) {ska/latin} [Current] See , for more info. F - "F-Troop" (AUSTRALIA) "Fast Yellow Tuesday" (San Francisco, CA) [Current] See , for contact information. "Fatfoots, The" (Springfield, VA) {ska} [Current] See , for more info. "Featherheads, The" (South Oxhey, Herfordshire, UK) [Current] See , for address information. "Feds, The" (Vancouver, Washington) [Current] "Fenster" (Columbus, Ohio) {ska} [Current] See , for more info. "Fiascos, The" (Columbia, SC) [Current] See , for contact information. "Fiddler's Green" (Erlangen, GERMANY) {irishindependentskafolk} [Current] See , for address information. "Fighting Chance" (Lancaster,OH) {ska/punk} [-] See , for more info. "Fighting Gravity" (Richmond, Virginia) {formerly Boy O Boy} [Current; StarSearch winner] See , for address information. "Filibuster" (Sacramento, California) {ska/rocksteady} See , for address information. "Fishbone" (Los Angeles, California) {funk/ska/metal} [1978-] See , for more info. "Five Iron Frenzy" (Denver, Colorado) {ska-core} [current] See , for more information. "Flames, The" (JAMAICA) {traditional - Became The Maytals} [67] "The Flesh Eating Monkeys" (Glendale AZ) {ska} [Current-Current] See , for more info. "Floor Kiss" (New York) See , for address information. "Flux Skapacitor" (Duluth, MN) [Current] See , for contact information. "Folkes Brothers, The" (JAMAICA) [1960s] "For Your Information" (Philadelphia, PA) [Current] See , for contact information. "Forest Hillbillies, The" (UK) "Four On The Floor" (Naperville, IL) {ska} [Current] See , for more info. "Franceska" (Portland, Oregon) [Current] "Fratelli Di Soledad" (Bologna, ITALY) {ska/rocksteady} [Current] "Frau Doktor" (Wiesbaden - Germany) {ska/rocksteady} [Current] See , for more info. "Freak Magnet" {psycho-surf ska} [Current] "Free Cheese for All" (Lausanne, SWITZERLAND) {punk/funk/rap/hardcore/beat/fusion/ska} [Current] See , for address information. "Free Radicals, The" (UK?) {Dave Wakeling's new band} [Current] "Freedom of Expression" (Nashville, Tennessee) See , for address information. "Fresh Fish" (Skelleftea, SWEDEN) {punk/rock} [1994-] See , for more info. "Frits, The" (GERMANY) {Third-wave} [Current] "Froglick" (Utah) [Current] See , for more info. "Fruity" (JAPAN) {ska/traditional} [Current-] "Fun Addicts" (Brisbane, AUSTRALIA) [mid 80s] "Fun Boy Three" (UK) {Hall, Staples, and Golding of Specials} "Fun Republic" (GERMANY) {former Skaos members} See , for Skaos address information. "Funicello, Annette" (Disneyland) {covers "JAMAICA Ska"} [1980s] "Funky Aphrodisiacs" (Hampshire, UK) [Current] "Funny Bone" (Seattle, Washington) {rocksteady/reggae/2tone} [Current] See , for address information. "Furious Turtles" (Brisbane, AUSTRALIA) [mid 80s] G - "G-Spot" (Lemon Grove, CA) [Current] See , for contact info. "Gadjits, The" [Current] See , for contact information. "Gal's Panic" (Austin, Texas) {ska} [-1997] See , for address information. Gal's Panic is now "Missle Command". "Galaxy of Prizes" () "Game, The" (Albany New York) {ska/oi/ska-core} [1995-] See , for more info. "Gangbusters" (San Diego) "Gangster Fun" (Detroit) [Current] See , for address information. "Gangster Politics" (Montreal, Quebec, CANADA) {mellow-rocking-samba-funk-ska} [Current] See , for more info. "Gangster Pump" (Wilmington, Delaware) {ska-core/hip-hop} [Current] See , for address information. "Gangsters" (Europe) [80s] "Gardner, Boris" (JAMAICA) {Old School} "Gaylads, The" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s] "General Public" (UK) {pop/ska, former Beat members} [mid 1980s] "Geoulah" (Monreal) {Spritiual skanking} [Current] See , for address information. "Ghetto84" (Bologna, ITALY) {oi/ska} [Current] "Gherkin" (Santa Cruz, CA) {ska-punk} [Current] "Giant Steps" (New Mexico) [Current] See , for contact information. "Girlsmen" (Stockholm, SWEDEN) [Current] "Glory, The" () "GNATT" (San Rafael, CA) {ska/ska-core} [Current] "Gnomosexuals, The" (West Hartford, Connecticut) {ska} [Current] See , for more info. "Go-Go 13" (St. George, Utah) {third wave} [Current] See , for more information. "Go-Go Rays" () {} [Current] See , for more info. "Gobblestones, The" (Seattle, WA) [Current] See , for contact information. "Goiter Baby" (Salt Lake City) {ska/rock/ska-core} [Current] "Goldfinger" (Los Angeles?) {punk/ska/ska-core} [Current] See , for Internet contact information. "Goonsquad" () "Gordon" (SWEDEN) "Graduate, The" (UK?) {current Tears for Fears members} [1980s] "Granville Williams Orchestra, The" (JAMAICA) {traditional} [1960s] "Grasshopper" (Santa Rosa, CA) {punk-ska} [Current] "Gray, Owen" (JAMAICA) {traditional} "Greenhouse" (Chicago) {ska, et cetera} [Current] See , for contact information. "Grover's" {ska/jazz/punk} [Current] (Formerly "Grover's Headache") "Grown Ups, The" (Denton, Texas) [Current] See , for contact information. "Guava Groove Guitiao" (PUERTO RICO) {Ska/Reggae/Rocksteady} [Current] H - "Haddock" (NETHERLANDS) [Current] "Half Fool" (Silver Springs, Maryland) [Current] "Halftones, The" [Current] See , for contact information. "Happy Campers, The" (Massachusetts) "Harriott, Derek" "Harry J and His Allstars" (JAMAICA) [60's] "Heavy Manners" (Chicago) [early 80's] See , for address information. "Heft" (New Jersey) {punk/ska} [Current] "Hepcat" (Van Nuys, California) {traditional} [Current] See , for address information. "Heptet" (Alaska) {ska} [1997-] (Formerly Ska King Crab) "Her Majesty's Secret Service" (Milwaukee) [early 1980s] "Hersang and the City Slickers" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s] "Highball Holiday" (Milwaukee) {ska/rocksteady/soul/reggae} [Current] "Hippos, The" (Van Nuys, CA) {ska-punk} [Current] See , for contact info. "HL Syndikat" (GERMANY) "Headline" [early 1980s] "Hihats" (Boston) "Hitch-hikers" (Stockholm, SWEDEN) [Present] "Hitmen, The" (Kansas) [Currently Norman Three-Sixty] See , for WWW information. "Hole in One" (Detroit, Michigan) {ska} [1996-1997] See , for more info. "Holsteins, The" (Orlando, Florida) [Current] See , for contact information. "Holt, John" (JAMAICA) {Rocksteady} [late 1960s-early 1970s] "Home Grown" (Orange County, California) {punk/ska} [1995-] "Hoodlum Empire" (San Francisco) {ska/punk} [Current] See , for address information. "Hoovers, The" (San Francisco) [late 1970s] "Hopping Penguns" (CANADA) "Hotknives, The" (UK) [late 1980s] "HoT stove JimmY" (Chicago) {ska-core} [1994-] See , for contact information. "House of Whoopee" (Kirkwood, Missouri) [Current] "Hubcaps, The" (St. Louis, Missouri) [Current] See , for address information. I - "I 'Ate It All" (Cincinnati) {ska/punk/jazz/big band} [1996-] See , for more info. "I. H. Ska" (GERMANY) "I-Spy" (Chicago) {2-Tone/R&B} [mid 1980s] "IhaFwhohas" (Charlotte, SC) {ska/punk/hardcore/ska-core} [Current-] See , for more info. "Imperials, The" (Los Angeles) See , for address information. "Independants, The" (Florence, South Carolina) [Current] See , for address information. "Inhalers, The" (Oslo, NORWAY) [Current] See , for contact info. "Inner City Unit" (Europe) [80s] "Insatiable" (Salt Lake City, Utah) [Current] See , for contact information. "Inspecter 7" (New Brunswick, New Jersey) {ska} [1992-] "Inspector 12" (Nashville, Tennesee) [Current] "Insteps, The" (New York City) {traditonal/rocksteady/Jamaican soul} [Current] See , for contact information. "Instigators, The" (Washington, DC) [Current] See , for email information. "The Insyderz" (Royal Oak, MI) {ska-core} [Current] See , for more info. "Intensified" (Forkenstone, Kent, UK) [Current] See , for address information. "International Beat, The" "International Jet Set" (Milwaukee) [late 1980s-?] See , for address information. "Invaders, The" (Milwaukee) [Current] See , for address information. "Investigators, The" (Tacoma, Washington) [Current] "Inward Variation" (Fairfield, CT) {punk/ska/ska-core} [1996-] See , for contact info. "The Irradicats" (Vallejo, CA (SF area)) {ska/jazz} [Current-] See , for more info. "Isaac Green and the Skalars" (St. Louis, Missouri) {traditional} [Current] See , for more information. "Israelites, The" (Sunland, CA) {ska/reggae/jazz/calypso/traditional} [-Current] "Itals, The" (JAMAICA) {traditional} [1960s] "Ivy League, The" (Ballard Canyon, California) {ska-core/metal/reggae/rap/country/waltz} [Current] See , for more information. J - "Jabber" (Montreal, CANADA) {ska} [1997-] See , for more info. "Jack Rabbit Slim" (De Kalb, Illinois) "Jackie Chans, The" {ska-core} [1997-] "Jamaican Survivers, The" (Europe) [80s] "Jamaicans, The" [1960s] "Jammah Tammah" (NETHERLANDS) [Current] "Janitors Against Apartheid" (San Jose, California) {hyper-ska} [1991-1996] See , for address information. "Java Dog" (Lansing, Michigan) [Current] "Javatones, The" (Massachusetts) {high-energy} [Current] See , for contact information. "Jesters, The" (Chicago) {ska/funk/punk/jazz} [Current] See , for more information. "Jesus Christ Superska" (New Haven, Connecticut) [Current] "JFK and the Conspirators" (Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA) {Modern Traditional} [Current] "Jiker" (New York City/Westchester County) {ska/punk/hardcore/traditional} [Current] See , for more info. "Jimmy 2 Times" (Santa Barbara, California) {ska with rock/rockabilly/hip-hop/punk/surf/swing} [1992-] See , for more information. "Jimmy Bastard" (SWITZERLAND) [Current] "Jimmy Skaffa" (Ohaha, Nebraska) [1993-] See , for contact information. "Jing and Jangsters" (Tampere, FINLAND) {ska/rocksteady/reggae} [Current] See , for contact information. "Jinkies, The" (Minneapolis, Minnesota) {60s-style} [1995-] See , for address and WWW information. "Jiving Juniors, The" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s] "JJ All Stars" () "Johnny Moore" () "Johnny Socko" (Indianapolis, Indiana) {ska/hardcore/polka}[Current] See , for address information. "Johnny Too Bad and The Strikeouts" (Willimanitc, CT) {third-wave} [Current] See , for contact info. "Johnson, Cluet (Clue J)" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s] "Jolly and the Flytrap" (SWITZERLAND) [Current] See , for address information. "Jubalation" (Los Angeles, CA) {ska/rocksteady/reggae/traditional} [1995-1995] "Judge Dread" (London) {ska/dub} [1970s-] "Julia" (Maracaibo, VENEZUELA) {SkaFun-LatinSka} "Jump With Joey" (Los Angeles) [1989-present] See , for address information. "Jumpers" (Adelaide, AUSTRALIA) {Ska/Soul, first AUSTRALIAn Ska band} [1980] "Jumpstarts, The" (Chapel Hill, North Carolina) {ska/rocksteady/R&B/soul} [current] See , for address information. "Just Kidding" () "Justin Hines and the Dominos" (JAMAICA) {Old School} K - "Kale Manneh" (The NETHERLANDS) [Current] "Keith and Tex" {rocksteady} [1960s] "Kelly, Pat" () "Kelly's Heroes" (Louisiana) [Current] See , for contact information. "Kemuri" (Japan) {ska/ska-core} [1996-] "Kicker Boys, The" () "Kidnappers, The" (Victoria, BC, CANADA) {ska/funk/reggae/jazz/2-tone} [1997-] "Kill Me" () "King Apparatus" (Toronto, Ontario, CANADA) {punk/ska} [Current] "King Chango" (New York, NY) {ska/latin-ska} [Current] "King Hammond" (UK) "Kingpins, The" (Montreal, Quebec, CANADA) {modern ska} [Current] See , for address information. "Kingstonians, The" () "Klink Hammer" (The NETHERLANDS) [Current] See , for internet information. "Knockouts, The" (SPAIN) {mod+ska horns} [Current] See , for address information. "Komando Moriles" (La Bisbal d'Empordà, Girona, SPAIN) {soul/funk/reggae/ska} [Current] See , for more information. "Kongo Shock" (Phoenix) [Current] See , for contact information. "Kortatu" (Pamplona, SPAIN [Basque]) See , for address information. "K'pa Prieto" (PUERTO RICO) {ska/carribbean/heavy} [1996-] L - "L. A. Dynamic Pressure" (Santa Barbara) {skinhead reggae} [Current] "La Banana Voladora" (Caracas, VENEZUELA) {latin ska/reggae/Venuzuelan folk} "La Bombó" (ARGENTINIA) {ska/?} [Current] "La Maldita Vecindad y los Hijos del quinto Patio" (MEXICO) {cha-cha/ska} [Current] "La Mano Negra" (FRANCE) "La Piche" (JAPAN) {punk/ska} "Las 15 Letras" (Los Angeles, California) {ska/punk/2-tone/ska-core} [Current] See , for more info. "Las Cebollas Ardientes" (Caracas, VENEZUELA) {LatinSka/Ska Punk} "Las Palmeras Canibales" (Caracas, VENEZUELA) {LatinSka} "Las Victimas del Doctor Cerebro" (MEXICO) {ska/rock latino} [Current] "Last Pedal" (Cheltenham) {ska/punk/hardcore/rap} [1996-] "Latenotes, The" (AUSTRALIA) "Lawsuit" (California) {R&B/jazz/ska} [Current] See , for address information. "Le Tremende" (Bologna, ITALY) {ska, female group} [Current] "Lee Harvey Skaswald" (Cincinnati, Ohio) {third wave ska/rock} [March 1996 - present] See , for contact info. "Leftovers" (Sydney, AUSTRALIA) [early 80s] "Legal Gender" See , for address information. "Les Bubars" (FRANCE) "Les Ejectes" (FRANCE) "Les Enfants de St. Gall" (Geneve, SWITZERLAND) [Current] See , for address information. "Les Frelons" (FRANCE) "Les Giovannis" (FRANCE) "Les Internes" (FRANCE) "Les Miserables" (Brooklyn, NY) See , for address information. "Les Saxas" (FRANCE) "Less Than Jake" (Gainesville, Florida) {punk/ska} [1993-] See , for address information. "Let's Go Bowling" (Fresno, California) {ska} [1986-] See , for address information. "Let's Quit" (Eindhoven, The NETHERLANDS) [Current] See , for address information. "Lettuce Boy" (Rhinebeck, New York) [Current] See , for contact information. "Lewis, Hopeton" (JAMAICA) {traditional} [1960s] "Liberator" (Lund, SWEDEN) [Current] See , for address information. "Lifskada" (Stanford, California) {punky, jazzy ska} [Current] "Link Eighty" (Berkeley, CA) {ska-core} [1993-] See , for contact information. "Lidds, The" (Pennsylvania) [Current] See , for address information. "Life Bal" (Osaka, JAPAN) {punk/ska} [Current] "Liquidators" (San Francisco) "Livingston, Dandy" () "Loaded" (GERMANY) [Current] See , for address information about these Americans living in GERMANY. "Loafers" (UK) "Lodgers" (GERMANY) "Loin Groin" (Melbourne, AUSTRALIA) [Current] "Lone Raspberry" (Placentia, CA) [-1996] See , for contact info. "Longshot" (The NETHERLANDS) {ska} [1995-] See , for address information. "Loonee Toons" (UK) {Two tone pop} "Lord Brynner and the Shieks" [1960s] "Los Atlantes" (ARGENTINIA) {ska/?} [Current] "Los Autenticos Decadentes" (Buenos Aires , ARGENTINA) {ska/carnival/latin/traditional} [1986-] See , for more info. "Los Calzones Rotos" (ARGENTINA) {ska} [1988-1997] See , for more info. "Lord Creator" (JAMAICA) {traditional} [1960s] "Los Diablos Del Mar" (Argentina?) {Latin-ska} "Los Fabulosos Cadillacs" (ARGENTINIA) {latin-ska } [Current] See , for internet information. "Los Hooligans" (Fresno, California) [1993-] See , for address information. "Los Incornformes" (PUERTO RICO) {skakokore=ska-hoodcore boricua-style} [Current] "Los Intocabkes" (Buenos Aires, ARGENTINIA) {2-tone/reggae} [mid-late 1980s] "Los Naborias" (PUERTO RICO) {2-tone/ska/rocksteady/Latin jazz} [Current] "Los Pies Negros" (PUERTO RICO) {Modern ska} [Current] See , for address information. "Los Rudiments" (San Francisco) [Current] See , for address information. "Los Saramambiches" (PUERTO RICO) {ska/reggae/ska-core} [1995-] See , for more info. "Los Skarnales" (Houston, TX) {Latin/ska/punk/surf} [Current] See , for internet information. "Lot Boy Steele" () "Lou and the Hollywood Bananas" (Europe) [80s] "Lucky Hiob" (SWITZERLAND) [Current] See , for address information. M - "Machtoc" (FRANCE) "Mad Butchers, The" (Kalamazoo, Michigan) "Mad Cow" (UK) {funk/ska} "Mad Monster Sound" (GERMANY) {ska/oi} "Madness" (UK) {2 Tone/"Nutty Music"} See , for more info. "Magadog" (Tampa, Florida) {Traditional/2-tone} [1993-present] See , for address information. "Magic Bullet Theory" (Arlington, TX) {ska/rocksteady/samba/reggae/2-tone} [1997-Current] "Mail Order Children" (Boulder, CO) {ska/punk/ska-core} [1996-Current] See , for more info. "Malarians, The" (Spain) "Manipulators, The" (Patchogue, NY) {ska/punk/jazz/2-tone/traditional/ska-core} [Current] See , for contact info. "Many Dogs, The" (Europe) [80s] "Marcel et son Orchestre" (Lille, FRANCE) {ska/punk/carnival} [Current] See , for more info. "Mark Foggo's Skasters" (The NETHERLANDS) [Current] "Marley, Bob" (JAMAICA) {Ska, then rock-steady, then reggae superstar} [1960s-1980s] "Marley, Rita" (JAMAICA) {Ska, then rock-steady, then reggae} [1960s-current] "Maroon Town" (UK/Massachusetts) {ska/reggae/rap} [late 1980's-?] "Mars Villa" (San Francisco) [Current] See , for contact info. "Martin Dupont and His Gitane Mais" (FRANCE) "Master Blaster" (Columbus) {ska/punk/ska-core} [-] See , for more info. "Maytals, The" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s] "McCook, Tommy" (Jamiaca) {Old School} [1960s-present] "Me Mom and Morgentaler" (CANADA) [Current] See , for address information. "Mealticket" (California) See , for address information. "Melodians, The" (JAMAICA) {Old School} "Melk Them" (SWITZERLAND) [Current] See , for address information. "Melting Pot" (San Pedro, CA) [Current] See , for contact info. "Memi Maura" (ARGENTINIA) {ska/?} [Current] "Mento Buru" (Bakersfield, CA) {Latin ska} [Current] "Mephiskapheles" (New York, NY) [Current] See , for address information. "Messer Banzani" (GERMANY) "Mexicano, The" (Europe) [80s] "Mikey Can't Skank" (St. Louis, Missouri) {ska/2-tone} [1996-] See , for more info. "Miggedys" () "Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The" (Boston) {ska-influenced} [Current] See , for address information. "Mighty Vikings" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s] "Millencolin" (Örebro) {ska/ska-core} [Current] "Millie" (JAMAICA) {traditional} "Missing Link" (San Francisco Bay Area) {ska/funk/jazz} [Current] See , for more info. "Mission Impossible" (Massachusetts) "Missle Command" (Austin, Texas) {ska} [-1997] Missle Command was See . "Mobsters, The" (ITALY) {ska/reggae} [Current] "Mobster Syndicate" (Montreal, Quebec, CANADA) {Modern ska} [1989-1995] See , for address information. "Mobtown" (Los Angeles) [Current] "Mock Turtle Soup" (New York) [1994-] See , for contact information. "Modocs" (Chicago) {ska/punk/ska-core} [1995-] "Model Citizen" (Logan, Utah) {Ska-core/third wave} [1993-present] See , for address information. "Monks, The" (CANADA) {Ska/Rock} [early 80s] "Monkey" (San Francisco Bay Area) {ska/rocksteady/latin/traditional} [-Current] See , for more info. "Monkey Shop" (Cologne, GERMANY) {traditional/2-tone} [1993-] "Monsignors, The" (Chicago) {ska-core} [Current] "Monsta Zero" (Malibu, California) {ska} [Current] "Monsters, The" (SWITZERLAND) [Current] See , for address information. "Morgan, Derrick" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s-] "Morris, Eric" () "Mosquitones" (Idaho) {ska} [Current] See , for more info. "Mr. Cranky" (Boston) [-1993] "Mr. Meyers" (Chicago) {ska/calypso/reggae/carribean rock} [Current] See , for internet info. "Mr. Review" (The NETHERLANDS) See , for address information. "M.S.Q." () "MU330" (St. Louis) [-present] See , for address information. "Mud Sharks" (Reno, Nevada) {ska} [Current] "Murphy's Law" () "Mustard Plug" (Grand Rapids, Michigan) {ska/funk/metal} [Current] See , for address information. "My Man Friday" (Provo, Utah) {ska/rocksteady/Carribean} [1996-] See , for internet contact information. "My Name" (Tacoma, WA) {punk/ska/funk} [Current] N - "Nabat" (Bologna, ITALY) {oi/ska} [Current] "Nails, The" (Denver) [late 1970s] "Nancy Vandal" (AUSTRALIA) {ska/punk/hardcore/rock/ska-core} [1994-] See , for more info. "Napoleon Solo" (DENMARK) "Native Sun" {Bigger Thomas} "Natural Rhythm" () "Neighborhood Watch" (Charlottesville, VA) {ska} [1995-] "Neosorskin" "Nervis Rex" (Anchorage, Alaska) {ska/rocksteady} [-] See , for more info. "Neurones En Folie" (FRANCE) "New Breed, The" (London) [Current] "New York Ska Jazz Ensemble" (New York City) {jazz/ska} [Current] See , for more info. "Ngobo Ngobo" (GERMANY) {Old Style} [Current] See , for address information. "No Doubt" (Los Angeles) {ska-influenced, early on} [Current] See , for address and internet contact information. "No Nonsense" (AUSTRALIA) {Nutty} [Early-mid 1980s] "No Sports" (GERMANY) {hip-hop influenced} [Current] See , for address information. "NOFX" (California) "Noir" (FRANCE) "Norman Three-Sixty" (Kansas) [Formerly The Hitmen] See , for WWW information. "North London Invaders" (UK) {later become Madness} [1977-1980] The Madness newsgroup, alt.music.madness, is available on some newsservers. "Noses, The" (SWITZERLAND) [Current] See , for address information. "Not For The Crowd" (Whittier, California) [Current] "Nothing But Trouble" (GERMANY) {old and new styles} [-1995] "Now, The" (Greenbelt, Maryland) {mod/ska} [current] See , for address information. "No Tiene Nombre (N.T.N.)" (VENEZUELA) {ska/reggae/rocksteady/raggamuffin} [1995-] See , for more info. "Nude Club" (SWITZERLAND) [current] See , for address information. "Nutty Boys" (UK) {former Madness members} The Madness newsgroup, alt.music.madness, is available on some newsservers. "NY Citizens" {NY Citizens were previously Legal Gender} See , for address information. O - "OB1" (Cincinnati, OH) {ska/punk/ska-core} [1996-] See , for more info. "Ocean 11" (Los Angeles) {traditional style} [Current] See , for contact info. "Odd Things Happen When It's 60 Below" (Spingfield, MO) {ska/punk/reggae} [Current] "Oddly Enough" (Cambridge, Massachusetts) [late 1980s] See , for address information. "Odi Odi" (The NETHERLANDS) [Current] "Off The Shelf" (Sydney, AUSTRALIA) [1987?-1993] See , for bio information. "Offbeats" (Berkeley) {ska/reggae/funk}[Current] See , for more information. "Offbeats, The" (Wellington, NEW ZEALAND) [Current] See , for more information. "Offs, The" (San Francisco, the NYC) {ska/punk} [late 1970s-mid 1980s] "Offset" (Bethesda, Maryland) [current] "Oi-Ska Mates" (JAPAN) {ska/punk} [Current-] "Omnious Seapods" (Upstate NY) {Ska influences} [modern] "One" (Toronto, Ontario, CANADA) {reggae/ska} [current] "One Eye Open" [Current] "One Step Behind" {"Madness" covers} "One Too Many" (Connecticut) [Current] See , for more information. "Oozie and The Boxers" (El Paso, Texas) {ska/rocksteady/jazz/2-tone/traditional/ska-core} [Current] See , for more info. "Opel, Jackie" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s] "Operation Ivy" (Berkeley) {Ska-core} [1987-1989] See , for WWW links. "Operation Retard (The Optarts)" (Parsippany, New Jersey(USA)) {ska/punk} [1996-] See , for more info. "O'Phil" (Winfield, KS) {hillbilly glam ska} [1994-] See , for more info. "Orange Street" (New York) {ska} [1997-] See , for more info. "Originals, The" () "Os Paralamas Do Sucesso" (BRAZIL) {skambalypso} [1980s-present] "Otis Reem" (Greensboro, North Carolina) {ska/metal/rap} [Current] See , for contact information. "Out of Order" (West coast US) [Current] See , for WWW home page information. P - "Pacers, The" (Minneapolis, was Milwaukee) [199x-present] See , for address information. "Pacman Crew" (SWEDEN) [Current] See , for more info. "Paragons" {Old School; "Tide is High"} [1960s] "Parka Kings" (Kalamazoo, Michigan) See , for address information. "Paro Civico" (Merida, VENEZUELA) {LatinSka/JazzSka} "Peacocks, The" (SWITZERLAND) {Punk/Psychobilly/Ska/Surf/Sixties/Pop/Western} [1991-] See , for address information. "Peapod Junior" (Jacksonville, Illinois) {rocksteady/bluebeat/old-school/2-Tone/ska-core} [Current] See , for contact information. "Pelukera Perez" (SPAIN) "Penfold" (St. Petersburg, Florida) {ska-punk} [1996-] See , for WWW info. "Perfect Thyroid" (NY) {ska/funk} [Current] See , for more info. "Perkins, Lascelles" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s] "Perry, Lee "Scratch"" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s] "Persiana Jones e le Tapparelle Maledette" (ITALY) {ska} [Current] See , for internet contact info. "Piala" (JAPAN) {rock/thrash/ska} "Pick It Up" (FRANCE) "Pietasters, The" (Washington, D.C.) {soul-ska} [1990-] See , for more info. "Pigbag" (UK) "Pilfers" (New York, New York) {ska/ska-core} [Current-] "Pimpslap" (Selinsgrove, PA) {ska-core} [1996-] See , for internet contact info. "Pioneers, The" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s] "Piranas" (UK) [early 80s] "Planet Smashers, The" (Montreal, Quebec, CANADA) {modern ska} [1993] See , for address information. "Plate O' Shrimp" (Cambridge, Massachusetts) See , for address information. "Plugs, The" (Europe) [80s] "Pocket Lent" (Lakewood, CA) [Current] See , for contact info. "Pork Hunts, The" (AUSTRALIA) "Pork Pie Tribe" (Sarasota, Florida) {Celtic/Ska} [1994-] See , for more info. "Porkers, The" (New South Wales, AUSTRALIA) See , for address information. "Potato" (Spain) "Potato Five, The" (London, UK) See , for address information. "Pother" (Kansas City) {ska/punk} [1995-Current] See , for more info. "Preschoolers, The" (Baltimore, MD) {Ska/Rocksteady} [Current] See , for contact information. "Press, The" (New York) See , for address information. "Pressure Cooker" (Victoria, BC, CANADA) {ska-core} [Current] See , for address infomation. "Pressure Cookers E.C., The" (Boston, Massachusetts {ska/rocksteady} [1997-] See , for more info. "Primative Reason" (Portugal) [Current] "Prince Buster" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s-present] See , for WWW info. "Pro Midgit Mafia" (Bloomington, Indiana) [Current] See , for more info. "Profeta Maboya" (PUERTO RICO) {heavy metal/ska} [1997-] "PROI" (Edinburgh, UK) [Current] "Public Service" (Philadelphia) {ska/funk} [Current] See , for address information. "Punch the Clown" (Davis, California) {ska/2-tone} [1992-] See , for more info. "Push, The" (SWEDEN) {reggae/ska} [Early 80s] "Puzzles" (The NETHERLANDS) [early 80s] Q - "Quatre in Toulouse" (Berne, Swizterland) {ska/reggae} [Current] See , for more info. "Question, The" {More Mod} R - "R5" (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) {punk-ska} [Curent] See , for contact information. "Radiation Kings, The" (Fairfield, CT) {traditional ska/jazz} [Current] See , for contact info. "The Radicals" (Curwensville, PA) {ska/2-tone} [Current] See , for more info. "Radio Noise" (San Francisco) [Current] "Ragadrops" (SWEDEN) "Rancid" (Berkeley, CA) {punky ska} [Current] "Randy" (SWEDEN) {hardcore/skate/ska} [Current] "Ranking Roger" (UK) {Former Beat/Gen Public} "Ranx, Coolie" (New York) [Currently with the Toasters] "Rare 'n Tasty" (Vienna, AUSTRIA) [mid 80s] "Rathskeller" (West Philly) {traditional} [Current] See , for more info. "The Readymen" (Eugene, Oregon) {punk/ska} [Current] "Realidad-Social" (Merida, VENEZUELA) {Latin-Ska} "Red Session" (Hawaii) {Raskapunk} [1996-] See , for address information. "Reel Big Fish" (Southern California) {ska/punk} [Current] See , for more info. "Refrescos, The" (SPAIN) "Regatta Sixty-Nine" (Chapel Hill, North Carolina) {ska/reggae/world beat/pop} [1988-] See , for address information. "Regulators, The" (The NETHERLANDS) [Current] "Reingolds" (Stockholm, SWEDEN) [Late 80s] "Reply" () "The Retarded Crickets" (Sterling, Va) {ska/punk/hardcore/rock/oi/ska-core} [1996-Current] See , for more info. "Rhyth-o-Matics" (San Francisco) {Afro-Caribbean/Ska} "Riffs, The" (UK) "Rimshots" (Europe) [80s] "The Robustos" (Atlanta, GA) {ska/rocksteady/jazz/traditional} [1996-] See , for more info. "Rock Steady Posse" (San Luis Obispo, CA) {Ska/reggae} [Current] "Rocket From the Crypt" (San Diego, California) {punkabilly with brass/ska-core} [Current] See , for more information. "Rodrigues, Rico" (JAMAICA/UK) {ska trombone heir to Don Drummond} [1960s-present] "Rolondo and the Soul Brothers" "Romeo, Max" "Roosevelt's Plan" (Waynesboro, VA) {ska/punk/hardcore/2-tone} [1993-Current] See , for more info. "Roscoe P. Soultrane" (Urbana, Illinois) [Current] See , for contact information. "Rottweilers" {Fishbone-style} [Current] "Rowskabouts, The" (Joplin, MO) {ska/punk/jazz/blues} [1995-Current] See , for more info. "Royalties, The" (Belle Mead, New Jersey) [Current] See , for address information. "Rude Bones" (JAPAN) [Current] "Rude Boys, The" () "Rude Boys" (Uppsala, SWEDEN) {2 Tone covers} [Current] "Rude-O-Rama" (Boston) [late 1980s] "Rudeness 8" () "Rudeness Empire" (The NETHERLANDS) [Current] "Ruder Than You" (Pennsylvania) {2-tone} [1989-] "Rudiments, The" (San Francisco, CA) {Punk/Ska} [1989-present] "Rulers, The" (JAMAICA) {Old School} S - "The Saltines" (Orlando, FL) {ska-core} [1996-] "Samuel, Winson" (JAMAICA) {traditional} [1967] "Satélite Kingston" (ARGENTINIA) {ska/?} [Current] "Save Ferris" (Anaheim, CA), [Current] See , for contact info. "Sax-O-Tromba" (Ohio) {ska} [Current] See , for contact info. "Saxawhaman" (FRANCE) [-1996] See , for address information. "Scafull Kings" (JAPAN) {ska} [Current-] "Scarper" (Devon, UK) [Current] "Scandals, The" (Eugene, Oregon) [Current] "Scatologists, The" (Delaware) {funky ska} [Current] See , for address information. "Scene, The" (NY) "Schleprock" {ska/ska-core} [Current] "Scholars, The" (Anaheim, California) {ska-core/hip-hoppy/punky} [Current] "Scooby and the Skamatics" (Houghton, Michigan) {Ska-energy} [1992-1993] "Scofflaws, The" (Huntington, NY) [Current] See , for address information. "Scrappy Doo" (Las Vegas) [Current] "Scraps" (ARGENTINIA) {ska/?} [Current] "Screamin' Abdubs" (The NETHERLANDS) {reggae/dub/ska} [1995-] See , for more information. "Screamin' Monkey Stick" (Dallas, Texas) {ska/punk/samba/2-tone/traditional/polka} [1997-] See , for more info. "Seattle Ska All-Stars, The" (Seattle, Washington) [Current] See , for contact information. "Second Grade" (Utah) [Current] See , for contact information. "Second Step" (New York City) See , for address information. "Secret Cajun Band" (St. Louis, MO) [Current] See , for contact information. "Secret Society, the" (Minnesota) [Current] See , for more information. "The Secretaries" (St. Louis, Missouri) {ska} [1997-] "S.E.E.D" (Connecticut) [Current] See , for contact information. "Seespot" (Encino, CA) {ska} [1991-] See , for contact info. "Selecter, The" (UK) {2 Tone} [1979-1981, and current] "Sensations, The" {Rocksteady} "Seven Foot Politic" (Athens, GA) {swing/ska} [Current] See , for WWW information. "Sgt Scagnetti" (Seymour, Connecticut) {3rd-wave} [Current-] See , for more info. "Shaken 69!" (Berkeley, CA) {Rancid all-ska side project} [Current] "Shakin' Not Stirred" (New Jersey) [Current] See , for contact information. "Shamus" (Columbus, Ohio) {ska} Now known as Fenster. See , for contact info. "Shanties, The" (California?) {All-girl} [Current] "Sharp Sound Connection" () "Shrimp Skampi and the Skallops" (Lower Merion, PA) [1997-] See , for more info. "Shish Ska Bob" (bethesda, md) [current] "Shonky Business" (Sydney, AUSTRALIA) [-1993] "Shot Black and White" (NY) "Shoulder Hopper" (JAPAN) {ska-core} [Current-] "SHU" (New York) {rock/ska} [Current] See , for address information. "Shy Five" (Massachusetts) "Sideburns, The" (JAPAN) {traditional} [Current] "Silly Walks" (NETHERLANDS) [Current] "Silvertones, The" (JAMAICA) {traditional} [1960s] "Simaryp" (JAMAICA) {Old School; They do the `skinhead girl' tune} a.k.a. The Pyramids. "Sir Lord Comic" (JAMAICA) {traditional} [1960s] "The Siren Six" (Milwaukee) {3rd Wave/Traditional/Reggae/2 Tone/Rocksteady} [Current] Formerly *Stinkfish*. "Situation Normal" (Chicago, IL, USA) {ska/punk/reggae/jazz/ska-core} [Current-Current] See , for more info. "Six Feet Deep" (Bell Gardens, CA) See , for address information. "Six Feet Under" (Connecticut) "Ska Blazers" (Pennsylvania) [Current] See , for contact information. "Ska Capella" (Poughkeepsie, NY) {ska} [1996-] See , for more info. "Ska Dynamics, The" (UK ?) {instrumental ska} [Current] "Ska Flames, The" (Tokyo, JAPAN) {New Ska in the old style} [Current] "Ska Humbug" (Richmond, Indiana) [Current] See , for address information. "Ska King Crab" (Middletown, CT) [1993-] See , for contact information. "Ska Trek" (GERMANY) "Ska-p" (Madrid, SPAIN) {ska/rock} [Current] "Skablins" (Pittsburg) [Current] See , for address information. "Skaboodah and the Skalaktites" (New Hampshire) [Current] See , for contact information. "Skaboom" (UK) "Skachoo" (Rockford, Illinois) {traditional and ska-core} [Current] "Skadanks,The" (New York) {ska/dancehall/roots/rap} [Current] "Skadatel" (Kenosha, WI) {ska} [Current] See , for more info. "The Skadillacs" (New Jersey) {ska/punk} [Current-Current] See , for more info. "Skadows" () "Skaface" (Toronto, Ontario, CANADA) See , for address information. "Skaferlatine" (FRANCE) {hyperfast} [Current] See , for address information. "Skaflaws, The" (Boston) {!= Scofflaws} [Current] "Skagina" (Tinley Park ,IL) {ska/punk} [1995-] See , for more info. "Skalatones, The" (SWEDEN) [Current] "Skali Baba and the Forty Ounce Horns" (Champaign-Urbana, Illinois) [1996-] See , for contact info. "Skallie MacDougal" (CANADA) [Current] "Skaltere Club" (GERMANY) "The Skamets" (West Chester, PA) {ska/rocksteady/2-tone/traditional/ska-core} [1997-] See , for more info. "Skamp Boys" (FRANCE) See , for address information. "SKAmpton" (Skalamzoo (Kalamazoo, MI)) {ska/punk/hardcore/ska-core} [1996-] See , for more info. "Skamunists" (Vermillion, South Dakota) {ska/2-tone/oi/ska-core} [1994-] See , for more info. "Skandal, The" () "SKAndalous All-Stars" {ska} [Current] "Skandalo Publiku" (Euskadi, SPAIN) {ska/reggae/rock} [Current] "Skandals, The" (Seattle) [Current] See , for more information. "Skandanavia" (N. Patchogue, New York) [Current] See , for address information. "Skandanks, The" [Current] "Skank" (BRASIL) [Current] "Skankhead" (California) "Skankin' Pickle" (Monte Sereno, CA) {Punk/Ska} [1989-1996] See , for address information. "Skanksters, The" (CANADA) {modern/traditional} [Current] "sKaNtRaCePtIvEs" (Bellevue, WA) {ska} [Current] See , for more info. "Skanus" (The NETHERLANDS) [Current] "Skanxters, The" (UK) "Skaos" (GERMANY) See , for address information. "Skaooters, The" (Europe) [80s] "Skaoters" [1980s] "Skapa" (Wellington, NEW ZEALAND) "Skapara" a.k.a. Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. See , for more info. "Skaparapid" (València, SPAIN) {ska} [Current] "Skapone" (Chicago) {traditional-style, contains former members of State of Emergency} [Current] See , for address information. "Skapelle" (GERMANY) "Skapularios" (PUERTO RICO) {traditional} [Current] "Skarab" (Europe) [80s] "Skarabajos" (Spain) "Skarface" (FRANCE) [Current] See , for more info. "Skarnio" (Galiza (North Spain)) {ska/rocksteady/reggae} [1997-] See , for more info. "Skarotum" (New Hampshire) [Current] See , for contact information. "Skarred By Ska" (Massachusetts) "Skartel" (COLOMBIA) {ska/latin/oi} [Current] See , for more info. "Skasquatch" (Oxford, Ohio) [Current] See , for contact information. "Skastafarians" (Dallas, Texas) [Current] "Skatala" (Barcelona, SPAIN) {punk/ska} [Current] See , for WWW info. "Skatalites" (JAMAICA; now USA) {*The* Old School ska band;, Tommy McCook, Don Drummond, Roland Alphonso, Lloyd Knibbs, Lloyd Spence, Jah Jerry, Lester Stirling, Baba Brooks} [1964-1965, and present] http://www-personal.ksu.edu/~lashout/skat.gif, skat.gif (76K). http://www.cybercom.net/~upsetter/skatalites/index.html, another Skatalites Home Page. http://www.ziplink.net/~upsetter/skatalites/index.html "Skatalogicals" (NETHERLANDS) [Current] "Skaturday" (Portland, Oregon) {ska-core} [1997-] See , for more info. "Skatet" (Minneapolis) {old school-style} [Current] "Skatfree" (bethesda, md) [current] "Skatilater" (NEW ZEALAND) "Skatish, the" (bethesda, md) [current] "Skatland Yard" (bethesda, md) [current] "Skatobeat" (Barcelona, SPAIN) [Current] See , for internet contact information. "Skatrek" () "Skatroits" (JAPAN) "Skats, the" (bethesda, md) [current] "Skatterbrains, The" (Ottawa) "The Skavacados and the High Flying Horns" (Washington, DC) [1994-1996] See , for more info. "Skavengers" (Europe) [80s] "Skavengers" (Boston) {instrumental ska/rocksteady/swing/jazz} [1993-1996] "Skavenjah" (Saskatchewan, CANADA) [Current] "Skavossas" (Fort Wayne, Indiana) {ska/traditional} [1996-] See , for more info. "Skazilla" (Detroit-Windsor) {ska/punk/rock/metal/hip-hop/ska-core} [12-Current] See , for more info. "Skazoo" (Newcastle, AUSTRALIA) [current] "Skavoovie and the Epitones" (Boston) {Old style} [Current] See , for address information. "Skeletones, The" (Anaheim/Riverside, California) [Current] See , for address information. "Skif Dank" (Port Orange, Florida) [Current] See , for address information. "Skin Deep" () "Skinnerbox NYC" (New York City) {The Boilers;funk/heavy ska} See , for address information. "Skiptooth" (California) [Current] See , for contact info. "Skism SKAsm" (Louisville) {ska} [1995-] See , for more info. "Skokopelli" (Houghton, Michigan) {ska/punk/hardcore/latin/metal/ska-core} [Current-Current] See , for more info. "Skolars, The" (Detroit, Michigan) [Current] See , for contact information. "Skooby and the Skamatics" (Houghton, MI) {Ska-Engery} [1992-93] "Skunks, The" (Washington, D.C.) [Current] See , for address information. "Slackers, The" (New York City) {ska/punk/mod/soul/jazz} [Current] See , for contact information. "Slap and Tickle" (Colorado Springs, Colorado) {all styles} [Current] "Slapstick" (Chicago, IL) {ska/ska-core} [-1996?] See , for more info. "Sleestacks, The" (Cincinnati, Ohio) [Current] See , for contact information. "Slickers, The" () "Slim Pickins" (Las Vegas) {ska/punk} [Current] See , for more info. "SLK" (Whitmore Lake, Michigan) See , for address information. "Slow Children" (Concord, MA) {ska/funk} [Current] See , for WWW infomation. "Slow Gherkin" (Santa Cruz, CA) {ska, but not ska-core} [Current] "S.M.A." (Westfield, Massachusetts) {modern ska} [1996-] See , for address information. "Small Axe" (The NETHERLANDS) {Featuring Floyd Lloyd} [Current] "Smog UK" (England) {ska/punk} [Current] "Smokers, The" (Sudbury, Ontario, CANADA) {ska/jazz/traditional} [1995-] See , for more info. "Smugglers, The" (Washington, DC) [Current] See , for contact information. "Snail Rail" (JAPAN) {ska/punk} [Current-] "Snappers, The" (Connecticut) [Current] See , for contact information. "Soda Toe" (Anchorage, Alaska) [Current] "Soilers, The" (Seattle, Washington) {horns} [Current] "Something Ska" (Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA) [Current] "Songhai" (SPAIN) {Afro-reggae-ska} "Soul Brothers, The" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s] "Soul Vendors, The" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s] "Soulmates, The" () "Soundpuppets" (Panorama City) {ska} [1995-] See , for more info. "Sound System" (Toronto, Ontario, CANADA) {ska/dub} [Current] Includes former members of King Apparatus. See , for more info. "Space Ate Mafia" (King Of Prussia PA) {ska} [1995-] See , for more info. "Special Beat, The" (UK) {Specials and The Beat, 2 Tone} "Special Guests, The" (Corpus Christi, TX) {ska-core} [1996-] See , for more info. "Specials, The" (UK) {*The* 2 Tone band(1)} [1978-1984] "Special A.K.A, The" (UK) {a.k.a. The Specials} [1978-] "Specs, The" (California) [Current] "Spectre, The" (Columbus, Ohio) {tradional} [Current] "Sprawl" (Houston) {ska/psycho-funk} [-1993] See , for address information. "Spring Heeled Jack" (New Haven, Connecticut) [Current] See , for address information. "Spy Eye" (Trieste, ITALY) See , for address information. "Square Roots" (San Francisco bay area) [Current] See , for address information. "State Of Emergency" (Chicago) {now Skapone} "Statics, The" () "Statuto" (Tourin, ITALY) [Current] "Steadys, The" () "Steady Earnest" (Boston) {includes members of Bim Skala Bim, others} [Current] See , for address information. "Stepbacks, The" [Current] "Sticker" (Chicago) {ska/punk/hardcore/reggae/2-tone} [1996-] See , for more info. "Stiff Breeze" (Stockholm, SWEDEN) [Current] See , for internet contact information. "Stiliti" (ITALY) [1993-] See , for contact and other info. "Stinkfish" (Milwaukee/Madison, WI) {Third Wave} [1993-present] See , for older internet information. Now known as "The Siren Six". "Sto Zvirat" {Czech-Ska} [Current] "The Stoutbeats" (Statesboro, Georgia) {ska/samba/reggae/jazz/latin/traditional/ska-core} [1997-Current] See , for more info. "Strange Tenants" (AUSTRALIA) {Traditional} [Early-mid 1980s] "Stranger Cole" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s] "Stretch" (Provo, Utah) See , for address information. (Formerly *Stretch Armstrong*.) "Stubborn All Stars" (New York City) {traditional} [Current] "Sturgeon General" () {ska} [Current] See , for more info. "Sublime" (California) {ska/dancehall/hip-hop} [Current] See , for more info. "Sucker Punch" (Houghton) {ska/punk/ska-core} [Current-] See , for more info. "Sugar and Spice" (GERMANY) {all female} "Suggs" (UK) {Madness front solo work} [Current] "Suicide Machines, The" (Michigan) {ska/punk/ska-core} [Current] See , for address information. (Formerly known as "Jack Kevorkian and The Suicide Machines".) "Supafly" (New Orleans) [Current] "Supertones, The" (Southern California) {ska-core} [Current] See , for more information. "Sunday Best" (UK) {Staples, Golding of FB3/Specials} "Suspect Bill" (Minneapolis, Minnesota) {big band ska} [Current] "Suspects, The" (Houston, Texas) [Current] See , for address information. "Swan Lake" {a la Madness} "Swim Herschel Swim" (Provo, Utah) See , for more info. "Swing Kids" (Glastonbury) {ska-core} [Current] See , for more info. ---------- Footnotes ---------- (1) Jerry Dammers founded 2 Tone. T - "T-Shirts" (SWEDEN) [early 1980s] "Take It Or Leave It" (Reading) {ska} "Taitt, Lynn" (JAMAICA) {traditional} [1960s] "Tango Wedding Band" (Chicago) {ska-core} [Current] "Tantra Monsters" (Hawaii) {Ska} [1992-1995] "Tardies, The" (Napierville, Illinois) {punk/ska} [1995-] See , for WWW contact information. "Taxicab Samurais" (South Orange/Maplewood, NJ) {ska-punk/jazz/traditional} [1994-] See , for internet contact info. "Telegraph" (Detroit, Michigan) {ska/punk} [1990-] "The Temporaries" (Montreal, CANADA) {ska/samba/reggae/jazz/rock/latin/blues} [Current-] "Ten Cent Fun" (St. Paul, Minnesota) [1992-1993] See , for address information. "Tension Friends" (SPAIN) "Techniques, The" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s] "Those Darn Accordians" (San Francisco) {Eastern European/TexMex/swing/rock/pop/ska/polka} See , for contact information. "Three Tops, The" () "Thumper" (Somerville, Massachussetts) {ska/punk/metal} [Current] See , for address information. "Tic-Tox" (Stockholm, SWEDEN) [Current] "Tigers, The" (Europe) [80s] "Tijuana No" (MEXICO) {ska/rock latino} [Current] "Tin Circus" (Santa Rosa, CA) {ska/punk/funk} [1995-] See , for more info. "Tiny Hat Orchestra" (Seattle) [-1995] See , for address information. "Tjalling and The Heli's" (NETHERLANDS) [Current] "Toasters, The" (NY) {3rd wave ska} [1983-present] See , for contact information. "Tom Collins and The Cocktail Shakers" (Michigan) [Current] See , for address information. "Tommy McCook and the Supersonics" (JAMAICA) {Old Style/Rocksteady} "The Tones" (Redmond, WA) {ska} [1997-] "Toniks, The" (Pittsburgh) [Current] "Too Fat To Skate" (Lexington, Kentucky) {ska-funk} [Current] See , for address information. "Too Hot" (Devon, UK) See , for address information. "Too Many Crooks" (London) {third wave} [Current] "Too True" (Montclair, NJ) See , for address information. "Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra" (JAPAN) [Current] See , for internet information. "Toot 'n' Skamen" () {ska} [Current] See , for more info. "Toots Hibbert" (JAMAICA) "Toots and the Flames" {Old School, pre-Maytals} "Toots and the Maytals" {Old school, "Pressure Drop", "Monkey Man"} "Tosh, Peter" (JAMAICA) {Old School} "Trenchant" (Vancouver B.C.) {ska} [Current] See , for more info. "Trenchtown" () "Tribe, Tony" (JAMAICA) [1960s] "Triggahappy" (Columbus, OH) {ska} [1994-] See , for more info. "Trippin' Phils All Ska's" (Melbourne, AUSTRALIA) [Current] "Trojans" (UK) {ska-afro-celtic} [1987-] "Tru-Tone" (Fresno, CA) [1996-] "Turkey Mallet" (San Diego, California) {Ethnic Ska} [Current] See , for more info. "TwistOffs, The" (Kent, Ohio) [1987-] See , for address information. "Two Tonne Bowlers" (Penticton, BC, CANADA) {2 Tone/ska-core} [-1995] See , for internet information. U - "The Umpires" (Winnipeg, CANADA) {ska-influenced hard-core} "Uncle J and the Holy Freejoles" (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) {ska/traditional/ska-core} [Current-] See , for more info. "Undercover S.K.A." (San Francisco) {third wave} [1984-] See , for contact information. "UnSteady" (San Diego, California) {Horn-heavy 60's-style ska with a lot of swing} [Current] See , for more information. (Include former Gangbusters members) "Untouchables, The" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s] "Untouchables, The" (Los Angeles) {esp. earlier work} [1981-present] "Usuals, The" (Gainsville, Florida) [Current] "Upbeat, The" (Carpinteria, California) See , for address information. "Upsetters" (JAMAICA) {Old School, Lee Perry} "Upstanders, The" (West Chester, Pennsylvania) {traditional and third-wave influences} [1995-] See , for address information. "Uptones, The" (Berkeley, CA) [mid 1980s] See , for address information. "Uptown Rulers, The" (Illinois) {ska/reggae} [mid 1980's] "Urban Blight" (NY) [Current] See , for address information. "Urge, The" (St. Louis) {ska/punk/funk/thrash} [198x-Current] See , for address information. "U.S College Boys All-Stars (USCB)" (Göteborg, SWEDEN) [Current] See , for more info. "Usuals, The" (Gainsville, Florida) [Current] See , for contact information. V - "Vallanzaska" (Milan, ITALY) {demential ska} [Current] "Venice Shoreline Chris" (Toronto, Ontario, CANADA and Los Angeles) {King Apparatus' Chris Murray's solo project} [Current] See , for contact info. "Ventilators, The" (Buren, SWITZERLAND) [Current] See , for address information. "Venus In Furs" (Houston, Texas) [1990-present] "Verska Vis" (FRANCE) "Vicious Cycle" (New Orleans, LA) {ska} [1994-] See , for more info. "Vikings, The" (JAMAICA) {became the Maytals} [1960s] "Village Beat" () "Viskasity" (Chapel Hill) {ska/rocksteady/big band} [1996-Current] See , for more info. "Vodska" (FRANCE?) [80s] "Volcanoes, The" "VooDoo Glow Skulls" (Riverside, California) {ska-core} [-present] See , for address information. W - "W8ters" (The NETHERLANDS) "Wailers, The" (JAMAICA) {originally Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer} "Wakeling, Dave" (UK) {Ex Beat/Gen Public, 1 Release: No Warning} "Warsaw" (Arizona) {ska/punk/funk/reggae} [Current] See , for address information. "Weaker Youth Ensemble" (Madison, Wisconsin) [1992-1995] See , for address information. "What" (Florida) [Defunct] "Whole Lotta Milka" (Winnipeg, CANADA) {Modern ska/funk/punk} See , for contact information. "Wild Kingdom" (Milwaukee) {ska/funk} [1980s-1992] "Wilson, Delroy" (JAMAICA) {Old School/rocksteady} [1960s-present] "Wise Guys" (Olympia, Washington) {ska/jazz/traditional} [1996-] See , for more info. "Wiskasin" (Bethesda, MD) [current] "Wise, Duke" (JAMAICA) {Old School} [1960s] "World Service" {indutrial electronic ska} [Current] "The Worms" (West Palm Beach, Florida) {ska/punk/hardcore/reggae/traditional/ska-core/oi} [1995-] See , for more info. X - "X's For Eyes" (Huntsville, Texas) {ska/reggae} [Current] See , for more info. Y - "Yebo" (GERMANY) {traditional style} [Current] "Yeska" (Los Angeles) {Latin jazz/ska} [Current] "Young Punch" (JAPAN) {ska} [Current-] "Youth In Asia" (Long Beach, California) {punk/reggae} [Current] See , for contact information. *I remember an early punk band of this name in Milwaukee, c. 1980. -Editor* Z - "Zwit" (The NETHERLANDS) [Current] See , for address information. Addresses ========= Subject: 3.4: *Can I write to any of these bands? Call them on the phone? Do they have Web sites and email?* A> You bet! Here are addresses and/or contacts for over 400 ska bands: Hey, we try to keep these addresses up to date and accurate. Sorry if they are not. 100 Men ------- 100 Men 18 Westend Ave Bentley, Doncaster South Yorkshire, DW5 9RG, UK *Send "a large SASE" for* the `100 Men Newsletter' 17 Tight -------- 17 Tight 437 E. Walnut St. Lancaster,OH 43130 Phone: (614)653-9460 Email: debbieh@fairfieldi.com. WWW: http://www.angelfire.com/oh/TIGHT/index.html. 2000 Flushes ------------ 2000 Flushes WWW: http://www.crayola.cse.psu.edu/~gordon/2000.html 3 Ball Combo ------------ 3 Ball Combo PO Box 93246 Albuquerque NM 87199 USA Booking: 1-800-577-7468 ext. 2556810 Email: fmangel@unm.edu WWW: http://www.unm.edu/~fmangel/ 311 --- 311 PO Box 401286 Redford, MI 48240 Phone: (916) 332-2222 Email: 311@aol.com WWW: http://www.311.com/ 2 Many Daves ------------ 2 Many Daves 17321 Napa st, Northridge, CA 91325 Email: Rudi2tone1@aol.com 3 Minute Hero ------------- 3 Minute Hero 2211 South 11th Street Moorhead, MN 56560 USA Phone: 218-236-0620 Email: iceband@rrnet.com WWW: www.barkingdogrecords.com/3minutehero.html 5point0 ------- 5point0 701 S. Washington St. Kennett Square, PA 19348 USA Email: SkaKingMoe@aol.com WWW: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/6772/ 7-6-1 Trifecta -------------- 7-6-1 Trifecta New Jersey Email: tri761@aol.com WWW: http://members.aol.com/tri761 75 -- 75 SWEDEN Email: Joffa@geocities.com WWW: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Alley/7805 A Dream I Had ------------- A Dream I Had 2022 St-Laurent Montreal, QC H2X 2T2 CANADA Active Culture -------------- Active Culture c/o Class Acts Boston, MA USA Voice: (617) 524-8100. The Adjusters ------------- The Adjusters Chicago, IL USA Email: dklarimo@midway.uchicago.edu WWW: http://www.reaproductions.com/adjusters/ Agent Groundhog --------------- Agent Groundhog Duluth, MN Contact Michael Klemetson, mklemets@ub.d.umn.edu, or, Jason Wussow, jwussow@ub.d.umn.edu, or Chris Felton, cfelton@ub.d.umn.edu Air Cushion Soul ---------------- Air Cushion Soul Douglas Colston C/O 52 Currong Street Braddon ACT 2612 AUSTRALIA Voice: (IDD) 61 6 277 3693 (B/H) 61 6 247 6805 (A/H) FAX: 61 6 277 3694 Email: david@email-one.com WWW: http://student.uq.edu.au/~s309676/acs/acs.htm Aks Mamma --------- Aks Mamma 14317 Harrison Livonia Mi. 48154 Email: aksmamma@aol.com Alien Spy --------- Alien Spy Email: sem@sirius.com Allentons --------- Allentons P.O. Box 1141 Wilmington, CA 90748-1141 Phone: 310.669.4917 Email: stdybeat@universe.digex.net The Allstonians --------------- The Allstonians 62 W. Rutland Square #5 Roxbury, MA 02118 USA Email: Nigelkeys@aol.com WWW: http://www.cybercom.net/~jpn1/allstonians/index.html Almost Barry Manilow -------------------- Almost Barry Manilow 8110 Anacortes Houston, TX 77061 Email: culloden@juno.com Animal Chin ----------- Animal Chin Kick Flip Records c/o Jamie Woolford 2609 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis, MN 55408 USA Phone: (612)377-9143 Email: jwool78037@aol.com Anti-Quix --------- Anti-Quix 8223 Sunshine Trail San Antonio TX, 78244 USA Phone: 210-661-5722 Email: ANTIQUIX@aol.com *"Ska for the Underground"* The Antix --------- The Antix Box 325 Westtown,PA 19395 USA Phone: 610-399-6651 Email: lslug@erols.com Email: FatAlberrt@aol.com WWW: http://www.erols.com/lslug/ Apollo's Creed -------------- Apollo's Creed 437 E. Walnut St. Lancaster, OH 43130 USA Email: jhouse@geocities.com WWW: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Alley/5432/index.html The Aquabats ------------ The Aquabats Email: aquaweb@theaquabats.com WWW: http://www.theaquabats.com Army of Juan ------------ Army of Juan c/o Johnny Mason G-5431 Corunna Rd. Flint, MI 48532 Phone: (810) 732-4776 WWW: http://www.net.gull-lake.sk.ca/pp/aoj/. WWW: http://www.moonska.com/aoj.html The Articles ------------ The Articles 1270 Hampshire Canton, MI 48188 USA Phone: 313-397-2829 Email: thearticles@hotmail.com WWW: http://www.thearticles.com/ Assorted Jelly Beans -------------------- Assorted Jelly Beans WWW: http://www.intcomm.net/~punchy/beans.htm Attaboy Skip ------------ Attaboy Skip P.O. Box 80966 Las Vegas, NV 89180 USA Email: attaboy@juno.com WWW: http://members.aol.com/Boombox/SkaVegas.html Bad Manners ----------- Bad Manners 33 Springhill London E59 BY, UK be Nuts ------- be Nuts Bavaria, Germany http://www.informatik.tu-muenchen.de/~walterm/web_nut2.htm Beat Soup --------- Beat Soup 12 Bigelow St Brighton, MA 02135 Email: dcuetara@metworks.com WWW: http://www.metworks.com/soup The Beatdowns ------------- The Beatdowns http://www.iac.net:80/~tbone/ Ben Rosenfield - Bass, tbone@iac.net Check out their sampled songs, in Mac and Windows formats. Big Dog Small Fence ------------------- Big Dog Small Fence 314 N. 16th St. Montebello, CA 90640 Phone: (213)727-7288 Email: bdsf1@aol.com WWW: http://www-scf.usc.edu/~ptovar/bigdog Big Lick -------- Big Lick Boston, MA USA gnetter@ici.net Bigger Thomas ------------- Bigger Thomas New Jersey, USA Marc Wasserman - Bass, mwasserm@edelman.com http://members.aol.com/rudesax/bt1.html Bim Skala Bim ------------- Bim Skala Bim c/o Bib Records P.O. Box 441606 Somerville, MA 02144 USA For booking call Pretty Polly: 617-965-1245 Email: bim@bimska.com WWW: http://www.bimska.com/. WWW: http://www.bibrecords.com/ The Bishops ----------- The Bishops Mike Bechtel, veggie@elwood.probe.net Bleichreiz ---------- Bleichreiz Leberstr. 63 1000 Berlin 62 GERMANY Merchandise and records available through Edition NoName, Weichselstr. 66, D-12043 Berlin, phone 0049-30-613 42 11, fax: 0049-30-613 43 27. Blind Spot ---------- Blind Spot Sonoma County California, USA Voice: (707)538-0137 Email: junderwo@sonic.net http://userwww.sfsu.edu/~sbliss/blindspot.html The Blue Beat Stompers ---------------------- The Blue Beat Stompers c/o Dan Pinkas 1305 Boulevard Way #316 Walnut Creek, CA 94595 Email: pinkas@uclink3.berkeley.edu The Blue Beats -------------- The Blue Beats New York, NY USA Steve Prisco - Guitar, sprisco@pb.net Blue Chateau ------------ Blue Chateau Gojenbergsweg 104 2050 Hamburg 80, GERMANY Blue Meanies ------------ Blue Meanies Chicago, IL USA lmn52210@uxa.cso.uiuc.edu http://herb.ema.wisc.edu/bluemean/ http://www.soundz.com/bluemeanies/ The Boilers ----------- The Boilers 340 E. 64th St. #23B New York, NY 10021 (212) 758-9254 Bob's Quick Fix --------------- Bob's Quick Fix Buckeye, AZ USA WWW: http://www.starlink.com/~mrclean/ Email: mrclean@starlink.com Bop Harvey ---------- Bop Harvey PO Box 23257 Providence, RI 02903 Born Annoying ------------- Born Annoying Born Annoying 265 Ridge Rd. Tyrone, GA 30290 USA Phone: (770)631-3479 Email: skeeterf@mail.atl.bellsouth.net Boston Stranglers SC -------------------- Boston Stranglers SC c/o Greg Woodbury 51 Melcher Street, Apt. 9 Boston, MA 02210 USA Bowler Boys ----------- Bowler Boys 1609 Lupine Lane Austin, TX 78741 USA (voice) (512) 445-7114 bowler_b@eden.com Brave New Girl -------------- Brave New Girl Booking info: (917) 314-9215 Email: aram@bravenewgirl.com WWW: http://www.interport.net/~sinnbest/bng.htm The Brownies ------------ Brownies, The P.O. Box 623 Morgan Hill, CA 95038 USA Buck-O-Nine ----------- Buck-O-Nine P.O. Box 151141 San Diego, CA 92175 USA Email: the.saint@esbbs.esnet.com, or Email: keybree@aol.com WWW: http://www.sdam.com/artists/buckonine Butumbaba --------- Butumbaba Crespo 2775 C.P. 3000 Santa Fe, ARGENTINA Phone: (01)-812-4796 Email: BUTUMBABA@mailexcite.com WWWW: http://www.geocities.com/sunsetstrip/lounge/1913/ Burnt Toast ----------- Burnt Toast Houston, TX USA Herman Gartler - Vocals, herm@rice.edu http://www.owlnet.rice.edu/~stadler/burnt.toast.html The Busters ----------- The Busters GERMANY Official WWW: http://home.t-online.de/home/busters/ Fan page WWW: http://www.oase.de/bands/busters/default.htm The Butlers ----------- The Butlers Wolodja Salzmann Uhlandstr. 29 10719 Berlin Phone: +49 30 325 55 25 BVD --- BVD (Bij Vorrbatt Dank) Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS http://rugmd0.chem.rug.nl/~sevink/agur/own.html g.j.a.sevink@chem.rug.nl C'mon Jack ---------- C'mon Jack c/o Jason Flatowicz 8325 Selleck 600 N. 15th St. Lincoln, NE 68508-1296 USA 00206716@bigred.unl.edu, Jason Flatowicz. Checkered Cabs -------------- Checkered Cabs WWW: (The DCSka! site) http://www.access.digex.net/~chkrdcab/ Checkmate --------- Checkmate 5731 North Dewolf Avenue Clovis, CA 93611 WWW: http://kenjoaudio.com/checkmate/ Cheesecake Circus ----------------- Cheesecake Circus 657 Fleury Fabreville, QC H7P 3B6 CANADA Chencha Berrinches ------------------ Chencha Berrinches Phone: Javier 213-585-4360 The Cherry Poppin' Daddies -------------------------- Daddies c/o Merch 1260 1/2 Patterson Street Eugene, OR 97401 USA http://www.bitech.com/daddies/index.html Chickenpox ---------- Chickenpox c/o Peter Swedenhammar Hastskogatn 7A S-582 53 Linköping SWEDEN Email: chickenpox_se@hotmail.com WWW: http://www.burningheart.com/chickenpox/index.html Chickenpox is on See . Chico and the Hornets --------------------- Chico and the Hornets 4083 North Peach Avenue No. 134 Fresno, CA 93727 USA Clay Henry ---------- Clay Henry Crank ----- Crank, Jolly and the Flytrap, Lucky Hiob, Melk Them, The Monsters, The Peacocks, The Noses, and Nude Club c/o Benno Riedmann Schonengrundstrasse 2 CH-8600 Dubendorf, Switzerland Crawdaddy --------- Crawdaddy 513 Wilshire Clvd. Box 178 Santa Monica, CA 90401 USA -or- 2608 17th St. Bakersfield, CA 93301 USA Email: ska@crawdaddy.com WWW: http://www.crawdaddy.com/ The Creepers ------------ The Creepers WWW: http://www.ugmadness.com/records/creepers.htm Critical Mass ------------- Critical Mass WWW: http://www.trope.com/ska/ Crucial DBC ----------- Crucial Dread Beat Control 1418 1/2 Euclid Santa Barbara, CA 93101 Cryin Out Loud -------------- Cryin Out Loud Golda Bowlfish Records Box 1553 Hoboken, NJ 07030 Dance Hall Crashers ------------------- Dance Hall Crashers P.O. Box 40219 Berkeley, CA 94704-4219 USA Email: dhc1000@aol.com WWW: http://www.crashers.com/ WWW: http://dhc.vfive.com/index2.htm Dave's Big Deluxe ----------------- Dave's Big Deluxe c/o Paul Sachelari 136 N. Euclid Tucson, AZ 85719 USA Email: pauls@gas.uug.arizona.edu WWW: http://www.opus1.com/~violist/labels/twu/daves/index.html Daybreakers ----------- Daybreakers Barry Kuula, Sunrise Enterprises (212) 865-8505 USA Deal's Gone Bad --------------- Deal's Gone Bad Chicago, IL USA Email: dgonebad@aol.com Debonaires ---------- Debonaires Tom Cook 5153 Hallwood Ave. Riverside, CA. 92506 Phone: (909) 682-8996 Email: Patsackover@aol.com The Decals ---------- The Decals "Big Shoe Productions" c/o Heidi Brehm 66. W. Dodridge Columbus, OH 43202 USA Phone: 614-268-5502 Email: GerrieMcM@aol.com The Decepticonz --------------- The Decepticonz P.O. Box 5731 Arlington, VA 22205 (703) 534-2970 mpezzime@vms1.gmu.edu http://members.tripod.com/~Fireflash/index.html Deep Six -------- Deep Six 2424 P St #5 Sacramento, CA 95816 USA (916) 444-9639 The Defactos ------------ The Defactos New York, NY USA Martin Cunningham - Tenor Sax, mac7386@is.nyu.edu The Delroys ----------- The Delroys Phone: 614-237-9940 Email: GerrieMcM@aol.com The Deltones ------------ the Deltones Stella Manzos 76 Lincoln Rd. East Finchley London N2 9DL England Dymentia -------- Dymentia 8144 Egret Ft. Myers, FL 33912 USA Phone: (941) 466-PIPE Email: mcclurlo@concentric.net Desorden Publico Fan Club ------------------------- Desorden Publico Fan Club c/o Ingrid Dreissig Aptdo 66820 Caracas 1061-A VENEZUALA FAX: (+582) 985 52 70 Email: cultura@ccs.internet.ve WWW site: http://www.ldc.usb.ve/~90-21972/desorden/ Albums and other merchandise are available, as well as concert booking and management from the above site. Also, The Dial-Tones -------------- The Dial-Tones c/o Jason Moreau WPI Box 1849 100 Institute Road Worcester, MA 01609 Phone: 603-430-9788 Email: jaymo@wpi.edu WWW: http://dial-tones.home.ml.org/ Die Aeronauten -------------- Die Aeronauten c/o Hipp Mathis and Michael Bugmann Seefeldstrasse 199 8008 Zurich, SWITZERLAND The Double Agents ----------------- The Double Agents c/o Matt Kearney 3100 Riverside Dr. #202 Coral Springs,Fl 33065 Phone: 954-753-1007 Find `DblAgents' in SKA CHAT! Downbeat Rulers --------------- Downbeat Rulers Washington, DC USA Dr. Calypso ----------- Dr. Calypso Capità Swing Ap. Co. 8041 08080 Barcelona, SPAIN http://www.ilimit.com/calypso Dr. Castrato ------------ Dr. Castrato Des Moines, IA USA WWW: http://www.mac.drake.edu/s/dereks/castrato.html. Dr. Manette ----------- Dr. Manette Champaign, IL USA http://www.students.uiuc.edu/~carrozza/manette.html Dr Raju ------- Dr Raju 1/4 Ruth St Naremburn NSW 2065 Australia drraju@matra.com.au http://www.matra.com.au/~drraju/ The Dreadnaughts ---------------- The Dreadnaughts PO Box 307718 Denton, TX 76203 Email: dnaughts@aol.com WWW: http://members.aol.com/dnaughts The Dynamics ------------ The Dynamics California, USA Email: karma3@ix.netcom.com WWW: http://www.geocities.com/sunsetstrip/6423,,,http://www.geocities.com/sunsetstrip/6423 Eastern Standard Time --------------------- Eastern Standard Time P.O. Box 65892 Washington, DC 20035 Phone: 1-888-EST-TIME (378-8463) Email: chkrdcab@access.digex.net WWW: http://www.access.digex.net/~chkrdcab/est/ Easy Big Fella -------------- Easy Big Fella New York, NY USA Mike Birenbaum - Keyboards/Vocals, mikesha@wolfenet.com http://www.wolfe.net/~mikesha/ebf.html Edna's Goldfish --------------- Edna's Goldfish Long Island, NY USA dag0517@is2.nyu.edu The Elevators ------------- The Elevators The Elevators 2009 E. Ivanhoe Pl. Apt. 311 Milwaukee, WI 53202-1152 USA Engine 54 --------- Engine 54 HEATWAVE Christian Fritsch/Thorsten Rehahn Heidelbergerstr. 46 69221 Dossenheim, GERMANY (49) 6222-860164 Erector Set ----------- Erector Set 112 Colborne Road Brighton, MA 02135 USA The Executives -------------- The Executives Chicago, IL USA WWW: http://www.ECNet.Net/users/mubdk2/Executives WWW: http://members.aol.com/Executives/TheExecutives.html Email: Executives@aol.com, Kevin Dorsett. The Exceptions -------------- The Exceptions Detroit, MI USA Jim - Trombone, Xceptions@aol.com http://www.colby.edu/wmhb/revenge/ex.html Exploding Kommodes ------------------ Exploding Kommodes Houghton MI 49931 USA Email: monchichi@rocketmail.com WWW: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Towers/2687/ek.html Expresion Latina ---------------- Expresion Latina P.O. Box 7598 Tacoma, WA 98407 Phone: (253) 756-0937 Fast Yellow Tuesday ------------------- Fast Yellow Tuesday San Francisco, CA USA ska123@ix.netcom.com http://www.premenos.com/~gabeh/fyt/ The Fatfoots ------------ The Fatfoots 8765 Cold Plain Ct Springfield, VA 22153 USA Phone: (703) 455-5908 Email: thefatfoots@hotmail.com WWW: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Palms/8172 The Featherheads ---------------- The Featherheads 244A Gosforth Lane South Oxhey, Herfordshire WD1 6PA ENGLAND Fenster ------- Fenster Columbus, OH USA Email: fensterband@juno.com WWW: http://www.cis.ohio-state.edu/~kravec/fenster.html The Fiascos ----------- The Fiascos Columbia, SC USA Drew Sentivan - Guitar, andrews@univscvm.csd.scarolina.edu Fiddlers Green -------------- Fiddler's Green Deaf Sheppherd Recordings Gebbertstrasse 28 91052 Erlangen GERMANY Fighting Chance --------------- Fighting Chance 437 E. Walnut St. Email: fightingchance@rocketmail.com WWW: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Alley/5432 Fighting Gravity ---------------- Fighting Gravity (formerly Boy O Boy) P.O. Box 666 Richmond, VA 23218-0666 USA Email: fg@fightinggravity.com Filibuster ---------- Filibuster P.O. Box 161415 Sacramento, CA 95816 http://www.digimag.com/music/filibust/filibustno.htm Fishbone -------- Fishbone California USA WWW: http://www.aristarec.com/fishbone/home.html Fan pages: *The Atomic Underground* http://gladstone.uoregon.edu/~cschatz/fishbone.html *Da Boneyard* http://www.risingsun.com/fishbone/ There is a mailing list dedicated to Fishbone: To join it, mail a message to mailserv@supernova.uwindsor.ca Write `subscribe fbone' on the first line of the email. When write to the group write to: fbone@supernova.uwindsor.ca Five Iron Frenzy ---------------- Five Iron Frenzy Denver, CO USA 104047.522@compuserve.com http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/five_iron_frenzy/ The Flesh Eating Monkeys ------------------------ The Flesh Eating Monkeys 5645 W Poinsettia Glendale, AZ 85304 Phone: (602)934-9266 Email: Fleshmonk@juno.com Floor Kiss ---------- Floor Kiss Illuminati Music ASCAP 46 E. 29th St. New York, NY 10016 Flux Skapacitor --------------- Flux Skapacitor 1308 Ridgeview Terrace NE Alexandria, MN 56308 USA Voice: 320-762-2007 Email: klemet@rea-alp.com WWW: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Alley/6324 For Your Information -------------------- For Your Information Philadelphia, PA USA John Abercrombie - Guitar, johna@ccat.sas.upenn.edu Four On The Floor ----------------- Four On The Floor 939 Darius Lane Naperville, IL 60565 USA Email: Scott Angst: Skacat3@aol.com Email: Bob Mikan: Bugspray64@aol.com WWW: http://members.aol.com/jazzers5/home.html Frau Doktor ----------- Frau Doktor Kulturzentrum Schlachthof Gartenfeldstr. 57 65189 Wiesbaden Germany Phone: +49-177-2737933 Email: skailight@aol.com WWW: http://members.aol.com/skailight Free Cheese for All ------------------- Free Cheese for All c/o Magnus Gustafsson Redbergsvägen 17 B S-416 65 Sweden WWW: http://www.algonet.se~petwal. Freedom of Expression --------------------- Freedom of Expression 4821 Foley Nashville, TN 37211 USA Fresh Fish ---------- Fresh Fish Scharinsvägen 932 36 Ursviken SWEDEN Phone: +46 (0)910-30200 Email: . WWW: http://hem.passagen.se/olni7327. Froglick -------- Froglick UT, USA Email: froglick@usa.net WWW: http://www.itsnet.com/~firstake/froglick.htm Funny Bone ---------- Funny Bone 21328 SE 284th St Kent, WA 98042 USA brentp@halcyon.com, Brent Phelps. G-Spot ------ G-Spot P.O. Box 1113 Lemon Grove, CA 91945 USA The Gadjits ----------- The Gadjits Brandon - Guitar, Lead Vocals, eeyore@sky.net, or rudeness@aol.com Gal's Panic ----------- Gals Panic P.O. Box 8717 Austin, TX 78713-8717 USA http://www.eden.com/galspanic The Game -------- The Game 16 Knickerbocker Rd Scotia NY 12302 Phone: 518-346-5178 Email: vaprub@aol.com Gangbusters ----------- Gangbusters c/o Image Development 3082 Driscoll Drive San Diego, CA 92117 See , where some ex-members of Gangbusters play now. Gangster Fun ------------ Gangster Fun 23 Niagra Pontiac, MI 48341 USA http://www.cen.uiuc.edu/~drapa/gangster/ Gangster Politics ----------------- Gangster Politics Headquarters 111 Broughton Road Montreal West, Quebec H4X 1J9 CANADA Phone: (514) 694-5760 Email: gangster@innocent.com WWW: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Lounge/6078 Gangster Pump ------------- Gangster Pump P.O. Box 1684 Hockessin, DE 19707-5684 Hotline: (302) 738-8654 (24hr/day) borg@gangsterpump.com - Jeff GPump@aol.com - Jeremy http://www.gangsterpump.com/ Geoulah ------- Geoulah c/o Antara Productions 33 Prince Montreal, QC H3C 2M7 CANADA Giant Steps ----------- Giant Steps c/o Skaliente, USA 4916 Oso Grande Ct. NE Albuquerque, NM 87111 hefman@swcp.com http://www.swcp.com/~hefman/gstep.htm The Gnomosexuals ---------------- The Gnomosexuals West Hartford, CT USA Voice: (860) 233-3479 Email: Infamous_gnomosexuals@juno.com WWW: http://members.tripod.com/~gnomosexuals/ Go-Go 13 -------- Go-Go 13 St. George, UT USA WWW: http://home.earthlink.net/~aquafeet/gogo13.html Go-Go Rays ---------- Go-Go Rays WWW: http://www.moonska.com/gogo.html The Gobblestones ---------------- The Gobblestones Seattle, WA USA Mr. Mark - Manager, shortwav@u.washington.edu, for contact information. Goldfinger ---------- Goldfinger http://www.mojo-music.com/goldfinger/index.html Greenhouse ---------- Greenhouse Eric Ottens - Keyboard, slimy@ripco.com, or Mark Barthelemy - Tenor Sax, markb@nwu.edu http://www.iguys.com/greenhouse The Grown Ups ------------- The Grown Ups P.O. Box 140361 Dallas, TX 75214 214-342-8760 grownups@aol.com http://members.aol.com/Grownups/ The Halftones ------------- The Halftones erdesign@mindspring.com http://www.mindspring.com/~erdesign/Halftones.home.html Heavy Manners ------------- Heavy Manners 4409 1/2 Greenview #2W Chicago, IL 60640 USA Hepcat ------ Hepcat c/o Nigelex Music 6442 Hazeltine #2 Van Nuys, CA 91401 WWW: http://www.sure.net/~arkham/hepcat.html (Includes chat room) The Highball Holiday -------------------- The Highball Holiday USA WWW: http://www.moonska.com/hball.html The Hippos ---------- The Hippos 7442 Amestoy Avenue Van Nuys, CA 91406 USA Email: Hipposka@aol.com Hole in One ----------- Hole in One 42660 Walker Clinton Twp., MI, 48308-5409 WWW: http://www.mutiny.net/holein1/ The Holsteins ------------- The Holsteins Orlando, FL USA Espinoza - Keyboards, spicy@magicnet.net Hoodlum Empire -------------- Hoodlum Empire P.O. Box 10423 San Francisco, CA 94610-0423 [sic] USA HoT StovE JimmY --------------- Hot Stove Jimmy Chicago, IL USA ambro@crown.icongrp.com, Sam Ambrosini. The Hubcaps ----------- The Hubcaps 427 Lynwood Forest Drive Manchester, MO 63021 USA I 'Ate It All ------------- I 'Ate It All 1027 Highland Ave. Phone: 781-3818 Email: ahague@one.net. IhaFwhohas ---------- IhaFwhohas Charlotte, SC Phone: 704 825 1161 The Imperials ------------- The Imperials c/o Diego Carlin 1903 W. Folsom St. Anaheim, CA 92802 USA The Independants ---------------- The Independants c/o Gore Productions P.O. Box 1392 Florence, SC 29503 USA rockduster@aol.com The Inhalers ------------ The Inhalers P.O. Box 509 Sofienberg 0559 Oslo, NORWAY Insatiable ---------- Insatiable Salt Lake City, UT USA Email: insat@sisna.com The Insteps ----------- The Insteps Contact Noah Roy, nr24@columbia.edu The Instigators --------------- The Instigators Washington, DC USA Email: rudeboy464@aol.com Mike Frank - Vocals, frankm@gunet.georgetown.edu WWW: http://careerweb.georgetown.edu/staff/fallin The Insyderz ------------ The Insyderz P.O. Box 1976 Royal Oak, MI 48068 Phone: (810)414-5297 Booking:1-800-617-4970 Email: insyderz@ix.netcom.com WWW: http://members.wbs.net/homepages/v/o/l/volcanovomit/INSYDERZ.HTM WWW: http://www.jesusfreak.com/insyderz/ WWW: http://www.fmgmusic.com/insyderz/ Intensified ----------- Intensified 29 Downs Way Sellinge, NR Ashford Kent, TN25 6EZ, ENGLAND International Jet Set --------------------- International Jet Set 124 W. Polk, Apt. 207 Chicago, IL 60605 The Invaders ------------ The Invaders WWW: http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Park/4226/skank.htm The Investigators ----------------- The Investigators Tacoma, WA USA skullie@eskimo.com Inward Variation ---------------- Inward Variation Email: GlryStmprs@aol.com The Inward Variation single "Who Shot Tupac" will be featured on the upcoming `WELCOME TO SKANECTICUT' CD compilation, which is due out in October 97 and will be put out by Elevator music. -IV The Irradicats -------------- The Irradicats Phone: (707) 421-5970 Isaac Green and the Skalars --------------------------- Isaac Green and the Skalars St. Louis, MO USA The Ivy League -------------- The Ivy League Ballard Canyon Santa Ynez Valley, CA USA 805.882.3456 Email: cbenson@silcom.com, Carter Benson. Jabber ------ Jabber Serguei Khromov 3905 University Street #727 Montreal, Quebec H3A 2B5 CANADA Phone: (514) 398-8877 Email: serguei_khromov@hotmail.com WWW: http://tool-box.com/rc/owa/freeweb.page?id=1039738 Janitors Against ---------------- Janitors Against Apartheid P.O. Box 700692 San Jose, Ca 95170 paponeggs@aol.com worster@oxy.edu http://www-leland.stanford.edu/~jbrooks/janitors.html The Javatones ------------- The Javatones Boston, MA USA http://www.cis.umassd.edu/~s17557dg/index.html Demetrius Grandel - Keyboard, dems@lyra.cis.umassd.edu The Jesters ----------- The Jesters Chicago, IL Contact: David Fisher boogieman@nwu.edu http://pubweb.acns.nwu.edu/~djf835/jesters.html Jiker ----- Jiker 129 Second Ave Apt 2 New York, NY 10003 USA Phone: (212) 529-5658 Email: abodor@flotsam.com WWW: http://www.newpaltz.edu/~henry37/ Jimmy 2 Times ------------- Jimmy 2 Times c/o Shinebox Productions 212 Devon Drive San Rafael, CA 94903 USA Email: ddbaker@nbn.com WWW: http://www.sb.net/mcconn/j2x/ Jimmy Skaffa ------------ Jimmy Skaffa Ohaha, NE USA Matt Nelson - Trombone, q838@nemomus@academic.nemostate.edu Johnny Socko ------------ Johnny Socko P.O. Box 1612 Indianapolis, IN 46206-1612 USA (Get their newsletter by writing to them.) Email: socko@kiva.net WWW: http://www.johnnysocko.com Johnny Too Bad and The Strikeouts --------------------------------- Johnny Too Bad and The Strikeouts 66 Spring St Willimanitc, CT 06226-2515 USA Voice: (860) 423-9949 (Scott/Jay) Email: diska@aol.com, Mat. Jump With Joey -------------- Jump With Joey 1565 Labaig Ave. Hollywood, CA 90028 Jing and Jangsters ------------------ Jing and Jangsters Tampere, FINLAND FAX: 358-3-261-2228 Email: larmila@sci.fi Jinkies ------- The Jinkies Minneapolis, MN WWW: http://www.waste.org/jinkies/ Email: rudeboy@waste.org The Jumpstarts -------------- The Jumpstarts Chapel Hill, NC USA (910) 273-8123 Email: jumpstarts@mindspring.com WWW: http://www.mindspring.com/~jumpstarts/home.html Kelly's Heroes -------------- Kelly's Heroes Louisiana, USA Voice: (504) 866-9245 Email: lburnet007@aol.com, Lance The Kingpins ------------ The Kingpins Contact: Ian (514) 484-2238 Montreal, Quebec, CANADA Ian Hodkinson, bjcc@musicb.mcgill.ca KlinkHamer ---------- KlinkHamer The Knockouts ------------- The Knockouts Ap De Correus 38.013 08004 Barcelona, SPAIN Komando Moriles --------------- Komando Moriles La Bisbal d'Empordà, Girona SPAIN Management: Pere 34-(9)72-64 06 85 http://prest.gna.es/kmoriles/ kmoriles@gna.es They sing in Catalan, Spanish, English or "Alansnayers". Kongo Shock ----------- Kongo Shock Phoenix, AZ USA shock911@primenet.com Kortatu ------- Kortatu Matxitxa Konde Kalea 12 Mutriku, Gipuzkoa Pamplona, SPAIN [Basque] Las 15 Letras ------------- Las 15 Letras PO Box 39084 Downey CA 30239 Phone: 213-828-8503 Email: gomezgrrrl@aol.com WWW: www.csun.edu/~hbjou016/15letras.html display Lawsuit ------- Lawsuit P.O. Box 10482 Pleasanton, CA 94588 USA (510)-426-9622 Lee Harvey Skaswald ------------------- Lee Harvey Skaswald 3215 Glendora Street Cincinnati, OH 45220 USA Voice: (513) 961.1064, Ask for Jay, Cliff, or Matt WWW: http://www.eng.uc.edu/~jbohland/lee.html Les Enfants de St. Gall ----------------------- Les Enfants de St. Gall 1-3 rue Lissignol 1201 Geneve, Switzerland 022-738 99 34/022-346 82 47 Les Miserables -------------- Les Miserables 277 Washington St. #35 Brooklyn, NY 11025 USA Less Than Jake -------------- Less Than Jake Gainesville, Florida USA Email: ltj@afn.org WWW: http://www.afn.org/~ltj WWW: http://www.waste.org/~ltj WWW: http://hollywoodandvine.com/lessthanjake LTJ Capitol Records site Let's Go Bowling ---------------- Let's Go Bowling P.O. Box 4385 Fresno, CA 93728 USA Email: lgbmail@aol.com WWW: http://www.letsgobowling.com/ Let's Quit ---------- Let's Quit P.O. BOX 440475604 LA Eindhoven, The Netherlands Tel: (31) 040 - 418855 Merkx Management Lettuce Boy ----------- Lettuce Boy Rhinebeck, NY USA Chris Lafave - Trumpet, lettuceb0y@aol.com Liberator --------- Liberator elegans@algonet.se http://www.algonet.se/~elegans/L.htm c/o Burning Heart Records. Box 441 S-701 48 Orebro SWEDEN Phone: +46-19-183000 Fax: +46-19-183034 E-mail: bhr@heartcore.se (see ). The Lidds --------- The Lidds Pennsylvania, USA awkatz@wam.umd.edu, akatz@bmgtmail.umd.edu, (Aron W Katz) Link Eighty ----------- Link Eighty (510) 653-3900 (Matt) http://www.nettap.com/~tanner/bands/link_eighty.html Loaded ------ Loaded c/o Jeff Coffman 26th ASG CMR 419, Box 551 Unit 29237 APO AE 09102 coffmanj@heidelberg-emh11.army.mil, Jeff Coffman. Look for `Turn Your Head and Cough' on the "Heatwave" label in October 1996. Lone Raspberry -------------- Lone Raspberry 1514 Shasta Way Placentia, CA 92670 USA Longshot -------- Longshot c/o Marc Hanou Woestduinstraat 36-II 1058 TE AMSTERDAM The Netherlands Phone (020) 6694256 hanou@xs4all.nl, Marc Hanou. hanou@rop.rpd.minvrom.nl, Marc Hanou. http://www.xs4all.nl/~hanou/ls.htm Los Autenticos Decadentes ------------------------- Los Autenticos Decadentes Bulnes 1661 Pb 2 Cap Fed (1425) Buenos Aires, ARGENTINIA Phone: 541-8245807/5418271333 Email: decadentes@cano.com.ar Email: canopus@cano.com.ar The band started in `86. We are 12 musicians: four percusionists, 3 brass section, and 3 guitars. We have 4 records. We are very popular in Agentina and Latinoamerica. Los Calzones Rotos ------------------ Los Calzones Rotos General Palacios 144 Lomas de Zamora, CP (1832) Buenos Aires ARGENTINA Phone: (54-1) 292-0218 Email: calzones@sminter.com.ar Los Fabulosos Cadillacs ----------------------- Los Fabulosos Cadillacs ARGENTINIA WWW: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Alley/4934 WWW: http://tec-cem.itesm.mx/spanish/alumnos/450218/fc.html Los Hooligans ------------- Los Hooligans 938 East Hampton Fresno, CA 93704 USA (209) 226-8618 Email: jazzska@aol.com Los Pies Negros --------------- Los Pies Negros Preionero del Vietcong Box 2 Cabo Rojo PR006 Puerto Rico Los Rudiments ------------- Los Rudiments c/o Powell 657 Clayton San Francisco, CA 94117 USA Los Saramambiches ----------------- Los Saramambiches Box 3856 Marina Station Mayaguez, Puerto Rico 00681 Phone: (787) 833-8447 Email: Ceboller@coqui.net Los Skarnales ------------- Los Skarnales http://www.tyrell.net/~skansas/los/. Madcap ------ Madcap c/o Dave K. 1410 Falls Of Venice Cir. Venice, FL 34292 Phone: (941) 496-4877 Email: Disco411@aol.com Madness ------- Madness UK WWW: http://www.madness.co.uk There are a number of *Madness* resources on the 'Net, including: *alt.music.madness* This is the Usenet Madness newsgroup available on some news servers. *http://www.80s.com/cgi-bin/jukebox.cgi?song=i6* The popular song, `Our House', in "RealAudio" format. *http://www.euronet.nl/users/sjaak/Madness/Index.html* Jacco van't Riet's homage to Madness. *http://www.mindspring.com/~bowendp/* the Complete and Utter Madness page. *http://www.uea.ac.uk/~u9530037/madness/* Madness Page, pictures, samples, charts and more. Magadog ------- Magadog 309 E. North Street, Apt. B Tampa, FL 33604 USA -or- Magadog P.O. Box 320541 Tampa, Florida 33679-2541 USA (813) 238 3985 (813) 238 9668 fax ska@seas.marine.usf.edu The Manipulators ---------------- The Manipulators c/o Nick 21 Sharon Drive Patchogue, NY 11772 Phone: 516 654 2848 Email: Ska112@pipeline.com Mars Villa ---------- Mars Villa 41 Valpaiso St. San Francisco, CA 94133 USA Mail Order Children ------------------- Mail Order Children 916 14th St. Boulder, CO 80302 Phone: (303) 440-9863 Email: lankutis@ucsu.colorado.edu WWW: http://www.geocities.com/Broadway/3266/index.html Marcel et son Orchestre ----------------------- Marcel et son Orchestre c/o Franck VANDECASTEELE Residence St Maurice des Champs 59000 LILLE FRANCE Phone: (33) 3 20 55 88 58 Email: topbeauf@chez.com WWW: http://www.chez.com/topbeauf/ "Marcel est son Orchestre, le meilleur groupe ska/punk/moules-frites du Nord de la France!" - Aline Gamain Master Blaster -------------- Master Blaster C/O Ian Terry #4 Stires Lake Columbus, NE 68601 Phone: (402)564-9846 Email: xianx@hotmail.com Me Mom and Morgentaler ---------------------- Me Mom and Morgentaler Chooch Records 3431 St-Denis Montreal, QC H3X 3L1 CANADA Mealticket ---------- Mealticket 16161 Nordhoff St #249 North Hills, CA 91343 USA Email: dik@netvoyage.net Email: dik@mealticket.com Melting Pot ----------- Melting Pot 3838 South Pacific Avenue No. 207 San Pedro, CA 90731 USA Mephiskapheles -------------- Mephiskapheles 319 W 38th St RH New York, NY 10018-2925 USA (voicemail) (212) 780-3426 Email: mephiska@aol.com, Brendog -- Guitar WWW: http://WWW.Mephiskapheles.Com/ The Mighty Mighty Bosstones --------------------------- The Mighty, Mighty Bosstones c/o Pretty Polly Productions PO Box 938, Boston, MA 02117 USA Voice: (617) 965-1245. Unofficial WWW site: http://lyco.lycoming.edu/~braseth/bosstones.html Mikey Can't Skank ----------------- Mikey Can't Skank Email: jkertz@ldd.net WWW: http://home.stlnet.com/~slunk/ Missing Link ------------ Missing Link c/o Barley Records 2550 Shattuck Ave Suite 86 Berkeley, CA, 94704 Phone1: 510-452-1158 Phone2: 510-835-3902 Fax: 510-251-2757 WWW: http://www.barleyrecords.com/missinglink/index.htm Mobster Syndicate ----------------- Mobster Syndicate Contact Nick (514) 849-3566 CANADA Mock Turtle Soup ---------------- Mock Turtle Soup New York, USA mocktsoup@aol.com Model Citizen ------------- Model Citizen c/o Steve Pervis 1100 North 106 West #4 Logan, UT 84321 USA On Unity Squad Records) Monkey ------ Monkey P.O. Box 254 Cupertino, CA. 95014-0254 Phone: (408)235-0610 Email: kvmodius@ix.netcom.com WWW: http://www.nettap.com/~monkey/ Mosquitones ----------- Mosquitones c/o Theo Montrose PO Box 7264 Boise, Idaho USA Voice: (208) 343-3125 WWW: http://www.weirdrichard.com/SKA.HTM Mr. Meyers ---------- Mr. Meyers Chicago, IL USA Email: myersnet@aol.com WWW: http://members.aol.com/myersnet/ Mr. Review ---------- Mr. Review Postbus 315 1270 AH Huizen THE NETHERLANDS (may be obsolete) MU330 ----- MU330 St. Louis, MO 63123 USA Email: mu330rok@aol.com WWW: http://www.cjnetworks.com/~silver/mu330.html Mud Sharks ---------- 2260 Budrow Drive Reno, NV 89509 USA Mustard Plug ------------ Mustard Plug P.O. Box 1440 Grand Rapids, MI 49501 (616) 774-7152 (Dave) WWW: http://www.mustardplug.com My Man Friday ------------- My Man Friday Provo, UT USA WWW: http://www.rivenweb.com/friday Nancy Vandal ------------ Nancy Vandal PO Box 703, Kensington, NSW, 2033 Australia Email: vandal@pop.real.au Nervis Rex ---------- Nervis Rex 521 E 45th Anchorage, AK 99503 Phone: 907-563-7655 Email: emeryspp@corecom.net WWW: http://www.corecom.net/nervisrex/ New York Ska Jazz Ensemble -------------------------- New York Ska Jazz Ensemble WWW: http://www.flytrap.net/skajazz/frontp.htm Ngobo Ngobo ----------- Ngobo Ngobo HEATWAVE Christian Fritsch/Thorsten Rehahn Heidelbergerstr. 46 69221 Dossenheim, GERMANY (49) 6222-860164 No Doubt -------- No Doubt c/o Knock Yourself Out Music 1173 Beacon Ave. Anaheim, CA 92802 USA Email: ocnevik@aol.com WWW: http://www.hallucinet.com/no_doubt, The Offical No Doubt Web Page. *No Doubt* has a fan club, with merchandise and other info about the band. ND Friends Club P.O. Box 8899 Anaheim, CA 92812 USA No Sports --------- No Sports Bernd Schelling Harmony 304 Georgetown, TX 78626 USA voice (512) 863 0948 fax (512) 863 2026 (This is the US contact address.) WWW: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/8819 Norman Three-Sixty ------------------ Norman Three-Sixty Kansas, USA (formerly The Hitmen) http://falcon.cc.ukans.edu/~bdelorio/hitpage.html jade@falcon.cc.ukans.edu, Jade (Saxaphone). bdelorio@falcon.cc.ukans.edu, Ben (Trumpet). The Now ------- The Now 6216 Breezewood Dr. #304 Greenbelt, MD 20770 USA No Tiene Nombre (N.T.N.) ------------------------ No Tiene Nombre (N.T.N.) VENEZEULA Email: rude_boy@usa.net WWW: http://www.geocities.com/BourbonStreet/7214/ NY Citizens ----------- NY Citizens 1316 Halsey St. Brooklyn, NY 11237 O'Phil ------ O'Phil Winfield, KS USA WWW: http://www.sckans.edu/~malay/ophil.html OB1 --- OB1 Attn: Jason Kerl 837 Bakewell ST Covington, KY 41011 Phone: (606) 291-0344 Ocean 11 -------- Ocean 11 1433 Edgecliff Drive Los Angeles, CA 90026 USA WWW: http://crsites.com/hooligan/ocean11.htm Odd Things Happen When Its 60 Below ----------------------------------- Odd Things Happen When Its 60 Below Springfield, MO Email: Questionem@aol.com WWW: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Palms/6363/ Oddly Enough ------------ Oddly Enough PO Box 2129 Cambridge, MA 02238 Off The Shelf ------------- Off The Shelf AUSTRALIA WWW: http://www.ivvaust.com.au/~mooredl/ Offbeats -------- Offbeats PO Box 12626 Berkeley, CA 94712-3626 USA info@offbeats.com http://www.offbeats.com/ The Offbeats ------------ The Offbeats Wellington, NEW ZEALAND David Gray - Vocals, skaville@actrix.gen.nz http://www.vuw.ac.nz/~wiljef/offbeats.html One Too Many ------------ One Too Many Connecticut, USA http://www.netaxis.com/~2-tone/otmindex.htm 2-tone@netaxis.com, Julians Caskanetti. Oozie and The Boxers -------------------- Oozie & the Boxers 7356 Franklin El Paso, TX 79925 USA Phone: 915-779-2938 Operation Ivy ------------- Op Ivy is gone, but the fans still remain! *http://www.cs.nmt.edu/~bankshot/opiv.html* Sean McCullough's Op Ivy Paage *http://www.angelfire.com/pa/opiv/* Tony's Op Ivy Page *http://www.angelfire.com/pa/dmiller/index.html, Don Miller's Op Ivy page.* Operation Retard (The Optarts) ------------------------------ Operation Retard (The Optarts) Email: optarts@aol.com WWW: http://members.aol.com/optarts/index.htm Orange Street ------------- Orange Street c/o Bob Timm 50 West Street New York, NY 10006 USA Voice: (718) 445-0380 Email: btimm@dcdu.com WWW: http://www.dcdu.com/btimm/orangestreet/ Otis Reem --------- Otis Reem Greensboro, NC USA Karen Bencke, pjfz71d@prodigy.com Out of Order ------------ Out of Order tripleo@csulb.edu The Pacers ---------- The Pacers <6442 W. Pierner Place> <Milwaukee, WI 53223 USA> The Pacers have relocated to Minneapolis. (612) 625-4932 Pacman Crew ----------- Pacman CREW SWEDEN Email: pacmancrew@hotmail.com WWW: http://www.geocities.com/BourbonStreet/5603/ Parka Kings ----------- Parka Kings 29251 Bon Mar Court Warren, MI 48093 USA The Peacocks ------------ The Peacocks WWW: http://home.pi.net/~roy/psycho/bands/peacocks.html Peapod Junior ------------- Peapod Junior c/o Robb McClintock Illinois College Box 2248 Jacksonville, IL 62650 Randall Anderson - Guitar, peapod_junior@hilltop.ic.edu Penfold ------- Penfold c/o Eric Watkins 12215 97 Ave N Seminole, FL 33772 USA Voice: (813) 393-3274 Email: penfold8@juno.com WWW: http://home1.gte.net/crash15/index.htm Perfect Thyroid --------------- Perfect Thyroid WWW: http://www.rpi.edu/~uedad/PT Persiana Jones e le Tapparelle Maledette ---------------------------------------- Persiana Jones e le Tapparelle Maledette ITALY Email: persianajonesska@iol.it Email: uaz@rivarolo.alpcom.it WWW: http://www.aries.it/persianajones The Pietasters -------------- The Pietasters Washington, DC USA WWW: http://www.bandpages.com/pietasters/home.html WWW: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Club/4796/pietaster.html WWW: http://www.uri.edu/students/dcha2003/ Pimpslap -------- Pimpslap Email: lesperan@roo.susqu.edu WWW: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Alley/1435/ The Planet Smashers ------------------- The Planet Smashers 371 Carre St-Louis #5 Montreal, QC H2X 1A8 CANADA WWW: http://www.mtl.net/~guy/planet.htm (en Français) bh28@musicb.mcgill.ca http://www.openface.ca/~skow/ps.html Their video for `Mission Aborted' was shot on the set of `The X Files'. Their cool Web site includes audio and video clips! Plate O Shrimp -------------- Plate O' Shrimp 56 Market St. Cambridge, MA 02138 Pocket Lent ----------- Pocket Lent 5321 Meadow Wood Lakewood, CA 90712 USA Pork Pie Tribe -------------- Pork Pie Tribe P.O. Box 1273 Sarasota, FL 34230-1273 USA Email: porkpietribe@home.com WWW: http://members.home.net/porkpietribe Pork Pie Tribe is the premiere Celtic Ska band of the Americas. We are a 6-piece band using the Scottish Highland bagpipe, Irish pennywhistle, trumpet, baritone sax, trombone, didgeridoo, guitar, Celtic bodhran, bass & drums. We also play a healthy dose of Latin ska, traditional ska, reggae, rocksteady & two-tone ska. Most lyrics are sung in English. Some songs are sung in Scots Gaelic and Spanish. Our debut CD will be available in August. --Allen Bell The Porkers ----------- The Porkers P.O. Box 5093A Newcastle West New South Wales, 2302 AUSTRALIA The Potato Five --------------- Potato 5 c/o Simon Driscoll 57b Vale Road London N4 1PP ENGLAND Pother ------ Pother Email: pother@hotmail.com WWW: http://www.netcom.com/~mthom/pother.html The Preschoolers ---------------- The Preschoolers Baltimore, MD USA Bob Phair - Guitar, ruderanger@aol.com The Press --------- The Press Heavy Duty Productions 116 Norfolk St. #1 B New York, NY 10002 USA (212) 982-3158 Pressure Cooker --------------- Pressure Cooker 1240 Maywood Road Victoria, BC, V8X 2R2 CANADA The Pressure Cookers E.C. ------------------------- The Pressure Cookers Boston, MA USA Email: adamdob@bu.edu WWW: http://acs1.bu.edu:8001/~adamdob/ Prince Buster ------------- Prince Buster Fan WWW: http://users.aol.com/Lizkel/Buster.html Pro Midgit Mafia ---------------- Pro Midgit Mafia P.O. Box 4500-226 Bloomington, IN 47402 Voice: (812)-355-3108 Email: mloggins@indiana.edu, for booking Email: joauxier@indiana.edu, trumpet and web WWW: http://php.ucs.indiana.edu/~joauxier/pmmska.html Public Service -------------- Public Service 709 Annin Street Philadelphia, PA 19147 USA Punch the Clown --------------- Punch the Clown 321 South Main Steet Ste 4 Sebastopol, CA 95472 Phone: 707.829.0306 Email: raj@sonic.ne WWW: www.sonic.net/~raj/ptc Quatre in Toulouse ------------------ Quatre in Toulouse Landorfstr.54 CH-3098 Koeniz Switzerland Phone: +41 31 972 4653 Email: andre.wyss2@swisscom.com WWW: http://www.qit.ch R5 -- R5 6445 Drexel Rd Philadelphia,PA 19151 r5prod@op.net, Sean Agnew. The Radiation Kings ------------------- The Radiation Kings c/o Josh Suitskin 59 South Main St, Apt. A South Norwalk CT 06854 Email: IckyVick@aol.com They will be featured on Elevator Music's upcoming `Skanecticut' compilation. The Radicals ------------ The Radicals 102 Bailey Road Curwensville, PA Email: Fred@clearnet.net Rancid ------ Rancid Rathskeller ----------- Rathskeller 32nd and Summer St. Philadelphia, PA Phone: 215.382.4491 Email: alfredo@punx.com Email: redcalvin@aol.com WWW: http://gethep.high-speed.com/Rathskeller/ Reel Big Fish ------------- Reel Big Fish Po Box 801 Seal Beach, CA 90740 Email: reelbgfish@aol.com WWW: http://www.mojorecords.com/ReelbigFish/mainpage.html WWW: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Palms/3446 Fan Pages: WWW: http://members.aol.com/palascqua/reel_big_fish.html Red Session ----------- Red Session PO Box 1825 1142 Auahi Street Honalulu, HI 96814 Phone: (808) 396-2897 Email: cmaas96734@aol.com, Chris - Bass Email: redsess WWW: http://iav.com/~redsess/rspage.html Regatta Sixty-Nine ------------------ Regatta Sixty-Nine c/o APB Records P.O. Box 1275 Chapel Hill, NC 27514-1275 USA (919) 416-0607 regata69@email.oit.unc.edu http://www.cs.unc.edu/~priebe/regatta69.html The Retarded Crickets --------------------- The Retarded Crickets c/o Dan Stayne 21058 Alcott Way Sterling, VA 20164 Phone: (703) 450-8062 The Robustos ------------ The Robustos Email: sodapop@mindspring.com WWW: http://www.mindspring.com/~sodapop/ Rocket From The Crypt --------------------- Rocket From the Crypt P.O. Box 33723 San Diego, California 92163-3723 USA Email: info@rftc.com WWW: http://www.rftc.com Roosevelt's Plan ---------------- Roosevelt's Plan 2012 Forest Drive Waynesboro, VA 22980 Phone: (540) 943-6935 Email: roosevlt@hotmail.com WWW: http://www.cfw.com/~gam/rooseveltsplan Roscoe P. Soultrane ------------------- Roscoe P. Soultrane Urbana, IL USA Ted Sammons - Bass, esammons@ux4.cso.uiuc.edu The Rowskabouts --------------- The Rowskabouts c/o Adam Speer 323 N. Moffet Joplin, MO 64801 Phone: 417-623-3246 The Members of the band include: Adam Speer, Doug Dicharry, John Gilbreth, Arin Gilbert, Gene Herbert, Dale Benfield, Michael Weston, Rob Corcoran. We have a 4-piece rhythm section, and a 4-piece horn section Also the age of our members range from 15-17 years. -Adam The Royalties ------------- The Royalties P.O. Box 363 Belle Mead, NJ 08502-0363 USA (908) 874-SKA7 Email: ssrnj@ix.netcom.com, Jeff Red (vocals). WWW: http://www.eden.rutgers.edu/~rhitt Formerly SkaSkank Redemption Ruder Than You -------------- Ruder Than You PO Box 31202 Philadelphia, PA 19147 USA Email: ruder1@aol.com WWW: http://www.reaproductions.com/ruder Save Ferris ----------- Save Ferris 1935 West Tadmar Avenue Anaheim, CA 92804 Sax-O-Tromba ------------ Sax-O-Tromba Independence, OH 44131 USA Voice: (216) 646-0287 Email: chefswdw@salamander.net WWW: http://www.chefswindow.com/saxot.html Saxawhaman ---------- Saxawhaman Christine Cailleaux 33, rue de Neuilly 92110 Clichy FRANCE Saxawhaman sadly is no more, but Christine says: This is Christine, from Saxawhaman. The band doesn't exist anymore. But if some people want to join me, I live now at this [the above] address. The Scatlogists --------------- The Scatologists 60 Elkton Road Apt. F-9 Newark, DE 19711 http://www.cris.com/~tjenkins/index.htm The Scofflaws ------------- The Scofflaws P.O. Box 802 Huntington, NY 11743-0802 USA Screamin' Abdubs ---------------- Screamin' Abdubs The Netherlands http://www.xs4all.nl/~hanou/abdubs1.htm Screamin' Monkey Stick ---------------------- Screamin' Monkey Stick 8111 Manderville Ln. #1415 Dallas, Texas 75231 Phone: (214) 987-1406 Email: cyberstare@aol.com The Seattle Ska All-Stars ------------------------- The Seattle Ska All-Stars Seattle, WA USA shortwav@u.washington.edu Second Grade ------------ Second Grade Utah, USA Rich - Sax, slw25@usu.edu Second Step ----------- Second Step 718-941-5171 212-870-0923 Secret Cajun Band ----------------- Secret Cajun Band St. Louis, MO USA Scarecrow - Slide Trombone, mnichols@saucer.cc.umr.edu The Secret Society ------------------ The Secret Society Email: fight12@bitstream.net WWW: http://www2.bitstream.net/~fight12 http://users.aol.com/karp911/SecretSociety/Home.html S.E.E.D ------- S.E.E.D Connecticut, USA Justin, cookjustin@aol.com SeeSpot ------- SeeSpot P.O. Box 17076 Encino, CA 91416 USA Phone: (909) 864-7218 SEESPOT has just released a new CD "IS THERE ANY LOVE IN YOUR SKA' on Landera Records Feb. 8 1997 it is available by mail order or ask for it at your local record store. Seven Foot Politic ------------------ Seven Foot Politic Athens, GA USA http://www.hepcat.com/7fp/ 7fp@io.com node Sgt Scagnetti Sgt Scagnetti ------------- Sgt Scagnetti P.O. BOX 99 Seymour, CT 06483 USA Email: um@no.duh.com WWW: http://www.neca.com/~alex/sgt/ Shakin' Not Stirred ------------------- Shakin' Not Stirred New Jersey, USA Andy Gumpper - Guitar, gumpper@gcsserv.attmail.com Shrimp Skampi and the Skallops ------------------------------ Shrimp Skampi and the Skallops Lower Merion, PA USA For booking call Mike at (610) 642-3263 http://www.voicenet.com/~gflicker/skallops/ SHU --- SHU New York, USA To hear or buy from SHU, call 617-739-0000 extension SHU. To book SHU, call 518-761-3133 (Roger Sharp). freezehed@global2000.net http://www.naples.net/~nfn03665/shu.htm, Bob Smith. Six Feet Deep ------------- Six Feet Deep 6761 Toler Ave Bell Gerdens, CA 90201 USA Joey Aguilera, arkham@ix.netcom.com Situation Normal ---------------- Situation Normal Email: SitNormal@aol.com WWW: http://members.aol.com/sitnormal Ska Blazers ----------- Ska Blazers Pennsylvania, USA Eric Loyack - Bass, st92j9fe@dunx1.ocs.drexel.edu Ska Capella ----------- Ska Capella Poughkeepsie, NY WWW: http://students.vassar.edu/~pathuree/comingsoon.html Ska Humbug ---------- Ska Humbug c\o Mike Dixon Earlham College Box 642 Richmond, IN 47374 USA Mike Dixon - Vocals, dixonmi@earlham.edu Ska King Crab ------------- Ska King Crab Box 5244 222 Church St. Middletown, CT 06459-5244 Email: rsbrogna@wesleyan.edu WWW: http://www.con.wesleyan.edu/~rsbrogna/skakingcrab.html dvoukydis@eagle.wesleyan.edu Skablins -------- Skablins c/o Jump Up Records P.O. Box 1721 York, PA 17405 Skaboodah and the Skalaktites ----------------------------- Skaboodah and the Skalaktites New Hampshire, USA skaboodah@dartmouth.edu Skadatel -------- Skadatel 7609 20th Ave Kenosha, WI 53143 Phone: (414)654-5126 Email: skadatel@toosexyforyou.com WWW: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Towers/4605 The Skadillacs -------------- The Skadillacs 27 Chestnut Trail Flemington NJ 08822 USA Email: OpelSka@aol.com. WWW: Coming soon ... Skaface ------- Skaface c/o Lynneda Scott P.O. Box 820 Streetsville, Ontario L5M 2C4 CANADA Skaferlatine ------------ Skaferlatine HEATWAVE Christian Fritsch/Thorsten Rehahn Heidelbergerstr. 46 69221 Dossenheim, GERMANY (49) 6222-860164 or Skaferlatine 194 Rue De Pont-a-Mousson 57158 Montigny les Mertz, FRANCE Skagina ------- Skagina 6810 Crown Ln Tinley Park, IL 60477 USA Phone: (708) 429-4336 Email: skagina@juno.com. WWW: www.geocities.com/sunsetstrip/alley/6201. The Skamets ----------- The Skamets 1387 Nathan Hale Drive Phoenixville, PA 19460 USA Phone: (610) 917-9253 Email: Skamet@AOL.com Skali Baba ---------- Skali Baba Champaign-Urbana, IL USA WWW: http://users.net66.com/~saladino/band_info.html Skamp Boys ---------- Skamp Boys 21 rue de Toulon Bat A 94140 Alforville FRANCE SKAmpton -------- SKAmpton 8434 Warbler Kalamazoo, MI 49009 USA Phone: (616)327-9201 Email: Moneheart@aol.com Email: johnnymeat@usa.net WWW: http://www.com/sunsetstrip/club/7041/skampton.html Skamunists ---------- Skamunists James n Jansma aka.jimi jazz 25 Elm Vermillion SD 57069 Phone: (605) 624-8354 The Skandals ------------ The Skandals Seattle, WA USA http://www.jurai.net/~identd/ identd@jurai.net Skandanavia ----------- Skandanavia 33 Suffolk Ave. N. Patchogue, NY 11772 USA Mogate@gnn.com Skankin' Pickle --------------- Skankin' Pickle c/o Gerry Lundquist 3827 Mabel Ave. Castro Valley CA 94546 USA The Pickle Hotline - (408)395-0662 paponeggs@aol.com http://www.xmission.com/~grue/pickle/index.html http://www.dillnet.com/sp/skankinpickle.html sKaNtRaCePtIvEs --------------- sKaNtRaCePtIvEs WWW: http://pw1.netcom.com/%7Erudypunk/index.html Skaos ----- Skaos Ralph Lang (NPP) Viktor-Scheffel-Str. 4 8000 Munich 40 GERMANY Skapone ------- Skapone 1327 Parkside Park Ridge, IL 60068 (708) 679-2910 Skarface -------- Skarface 74 Rue du Faubourg St Antoine 75012 Paris FRANCE WWW: http://www.mygale.org/~caroff/solange/music/ WWW: http://www.efrei.fr/~gentil/music/skarface.html Skarnio ------- Skarnio Gran Vía nº8 - 3ºiz C.P.36,203 Vigo (Pontevedra) SPAIN Phone: 34-86-433733 Email: g.monroy@cgac.es Skarotum -------- Skarotum c/o At Home Entertainment P.O. Box 889 Durham, NH 03824-0889 USA Email: skarotum@nh.ultranet.com WWW: http://www.skarotum.com/ Tons of audio samples on the web pages. Skartel ------- Skartel Kalle 66 No. 32-15 Bogota, COLOMBIA Phone: 2500199 Fax: 6310043 Email: SKARTEL@HOTMAIL.COM Skasquatch ---------- Skasquatch Oxford, OH USA Brendan Bogosian - Bass, bdbogosian@miavx1.acs.muohio.edu Skatala ------- Skatala Barcelona, SPAIN Email: skatala@arrakis.es WWW: http://www.arrakis.es/~skatala/ Skaturday --------- Skaturday Email: Skaturday@geocities.com WWW: http://members.aol.com/Skaturday/index.html Skatobeat --------- Skatobeat Barcelona, SPAIN http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/6185/skatobeat.html The Skavacados and the High Flying Horns ---------------------------------------- The Skavacados and the High Flying Horns Washington, DC USA Email: jsd@columbia.edu WWW: http://www.columbia.edu./~jsd18/index2.html Skavoovie and the Epitones -------------------------- Skavoovie and the Epitones 14 Saxon Rd. Newton, MA 02161 USA Jesse Farber - Trumpet, jefarber@vaxsar.vassar.edu Skavossas --------- Skavossas c/o Justin Maloney 1917 Alabama Ave Fort Wayne,IN 46805 Phone: 219-424-5702 Email: kare01@aol.com Skazilla -------- Skazilla 4268 Kellogg Center Albion Mi 49224-5002 Phone: 517-629-1425 or 248-887-6684 Email: ncucinella@alpha.albion.edu The Skeletones -------------- The Skeletones c/o MJC Inc. 2295-B Renaissance Drive Las Vegas, NV 89119 USA WWW: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/4305 Skif Dank --------- Skif Dank P.O. Box 290916 Port Orange, FL 32129 USA Email: XSKIFDANKX WWW: http://members.aol.com/xskifdankx/index.html Skinnerbox NYC -------------- Skinnerbox NYC c/o Stubborn Records 504 Grand Street #F52 New York, NY 10002 USA Skiptooth --------- Skiptooth 24511 Skyland Drive Moreno Valley, CA 92670 USA Skism SKAsm ----------- Skism SKAsm Phone: 1-800-883-3333 Skokopelli ---------- Skokopelli Houghton, Michigan Email: rkrumm@edcen.ehhs.edu WWW: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Club/3103/skoko.htm The Skolars ----------- The Skolars Detroit, MI USA Mark Penxa - Guitar, weird@oeonline.com Steve - Trombone, kachnows@emuvax.emich.edu,mailto:kachnows@emuvax.emich.edu The Skunks ---------- The Skunks P.O. Box 5 Riverdale, MD 20737-0005 USA (202) 728-SKA1 The Slackers ------------ The Slackers New York, NY USA Jeremy Mushlin - Trumpet, jdm7548@acfcluster.nyu.edu stubborn@interport.net Slapstick --------- Slapstick Chicago, IL USA WWW: http://icarus.uic.edu/~mvyeni1/slapstick/slapstick.html The Sleestacks -------------- The Sleestacks Cincinnati, OH USA sleestacks@aol.com Slim Pickins ------------ Slim Pickins Las Vegas, NV USA (702) 871-9388 Email: SlmPickins@aol.com WWW: http://members.aol.com/Boombox/SkaVegas.html SLK --- SLK 9020 Walnut Drive Whitmore Lake, MI 48189 USA Slow Children ------------- Slow Children 1377 Old Marlboro Rd Concord, MA 01742 USA Email: slowkids@net1plus.com WWW: http://www.net1plus.com/users/slowkids/ Slow Gherkin ------------ Slow Gherkin PO Box 1411 Santa Cruz, CA, 95061 USA Email: peter@deeptht.armory.com WWW: http://klemp.com/CRK/index.shtml S.M.A. ------ S.M.A. S.M.A. P.O. Box 2170 Westfield, MA 01085 E-mail: sma96@map.com The Smokers ----------- The Smokers 394 Howey Drive Sudbury, ON CANADA The Smugglers ------------- The Smugglers Washington, DC USA Kevin Rooney - Bass, krooney@worldweb.net The Snappers ------------ The Snappers Connecticut, USA Cortney Roy Bird, crbird@bgnet.bgsu.edu Soundpuppets ------------ Soundpuppets 7809 Allott Avenue Panorama City 91402 USA Phone: (818) 948-6249 Email: soundpuppets@webtv.net Sound System ------------ Sound System Station P PO Box 490 Toronto, Ontario M5S 2T1 CANADA Email: ggirio@clo.com Space Ate Mafia --------------- Space Ate Mafia 428 Abrams Mill Road King of Prussia, Pa 19406 Phone: 610-337-3004 WWW: http://www.pond.com/~themeesh The Special Guests ------------------ The Special Guests 3102 Sante Fe #24C Corpus Christi, TX 78404 Phone: (512) 888-4652 Email: bischoff2@juno.com WWW: http://members.tripod.com/~skaphunk/index.html Sprawl ------ Sprawl 2140 Lexington Houston, TX 77098 USA Spring Heeled Jack ------------------ Spring Heeled Jack PO Box 382 Monroe, CT 06468 USA Voice: (203) 268-4886 Email: shj@ebs.com Email: james@ebs.com, James Riley WWW: http://pubpages.unh.edu/~jalarsen/shjmain.html WWW: http://cs.wpi.edu/~skacore/ska/shj/shj.html Spy Eye ------- Spy Eye Lorenzo Fragiacomo Via Romagna 58 34134 Trieste ITALY Square Roots ------------ Square Roots PO Box 597004 - Dept. 103 San Francisco, CA 96159 USA Steady Earnest -------------- Steady Earnest c/o DVS Media 321 South Huntington Ave. #1 Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 ratpic@usa1.com WWW: http://www.ziplink.net/~upsetter/earnest/ Art Cohen - Guitar, upsetter@cybercom.net Sticker ------- Sticker 1437 Keenland Way Schererville, IN 46375 Phone: 219-322-9288 Email: sticker@mindless.com WWW: www.angelfire.com/ok/skatone/ Stiff Breeze ------------ Stiff Breeze stiffbreeze@mbox330.swipnet.se SWEDEN Expect a new album out in November 1996. Stiliti ------- Stiliti Ska-Band Caligaris Andrea Via S. Grato 11 10090 Romano C.SE Torino, ITALY Email: wally@to2.flashnet.it, Wally (drums). WWW: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Palladium/3049/ FUN CLUB(non ufficiale) Email: stiliti@geocities.com Stinkfish --------- Stinkfish 413 Meadowlark Madison, WI 53714 USA http://www.uwm.edu/People/cjconrad/ The Stoutbeats -------------- The Stoutbeats Wade Page 1502 O'Neal Drive Statesboro, Georgia Phone: (912) 681-3895 Email: gsi01036@gsaix2.cc.gasou.edu WWW: www2.gasou.edu/student/gsi01032/ Stretch ------- Stretch c/o Messy Records P. O. Box 1143 Provo, UT 84603-1143 USA Voice: (801) 785-4687 (ask for Scott) Email: msouth@itsnet.com, Mike South - Guitar WWW: http://www.itsnet.com/~msouth/stretch/ Stubborn All-Stars ------------------ Stubborn All-Stars New York, NY USA stubborn@interport.net Sturgeon General ---------------- Sturgeon General WWW: http://users.aol.com/usekgb/sturgeon.htm Sublime ------- Sublime WWW: http://www.hallucinet.com/sublime/ WWW: http://www.geocities.com/~skunk_2/subindex.html WWW: http://www.iuma.com/IUMA/band_html/Sublime.html WWW: http://holly.colostate.edu/~lelling/Sublime/Sublime.html Sucker Punch ------------ Sucker Punch Hougton, Michigan Email: kommode@geocities.com WWW: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Towers/2687/sucker.html The Suicide Machines -------------------- Suicide Machines c/o Eternal Artists 29209 Northwestern Hwy. Suite 723 Southfield, MI 48034 WWW: http://www.hollywoodrec.com/suicidemachines Fan WWW: http://skafunk.ml.org/suma/ Formerly known as "Jack Kevorkian and The Suicide Machines". Superdot -------- Superdot Detroit, MI USA Eric Abbey, abbeyeri@pilot.msu.edu The Supertones -------------- The Supertones Matt Marjinsky, lead vocals Kevin "Slim" Chen, guitar Darren Mettler, trumpet & Oi vocals Dave "Faceless Crusader" Chevalier, tenor saxophone & Oi vocals, lifebranch@earthlink.net Tony Terusa, bass Jason Carson, drums WWW: http://www.blarg.net/~melt/supertone/ WWW: http://members.tripod.com/~killershark/supertones/supertones.html The Suspects ------------ The Suspects c/o Bill Grady PO Box 73441 Houston, TX 77273-3441 Bill Grady - Guitar/Vox, bildo@neosoft.com Swim Herschel Swim ------------------ Swim Herschel Swim Provo, UT USA WWW: http://www.itsnet.com/~firstake/swim.htm Swing Kids ---------- Swing Kids 268 Cavan Lane Glastonbury Phone: 633-8512 Email: georgewine@juno.com Email: mcginley@connix.com The Tardies ----------- The Tardies Napierville, IL USA Phone: (708) 357-6632, Jay. (815) 753-7658, Tim. Email: sherera@student.lfc.edu, Ed Sherer. WWW: http://chem3.lfc.edu/sherer/ska.html Taxicab Samurais ---------------- Taxicab Samurais P.O. Box 1263 Maplewood, NJ 07040 USA Phone: (201) 761-7614, ask for "Michael" Email: taxicab@taxicab.samurai.com WWW: http://www.taxicab.samurai.com/ Ten Cent Fun ------------ Ten Cent Fun jminer@macalstr.edu *(Ten Cent Fun has broken up.)* Those Darn Accordians --------------------- Tom Torriglia 2269 Chestnut Street, #183 San Francisco, CA 94123 USA (415) 346-5862 tommy@crl.com Thumper ------- Thumper 62 Powderhouse Blvd. Somerville, MA 02144 USA Email: dreichgott@bics.bwh.harvard.edu, Doug Reichgott - Alto Sax WWW: http://kalypso.cybercom.net/~xavier/thumper/ Tin Circus ---------- Tin Circus Email: tincirc WWW: http://www.sonic.net/~tincirc Tiny Hat Orchestra ------------------ Tiny Hat Orchestra P.O. Box 4652 Seattle, WA 98704-4652 USA The Toasters ------------ The Toasters c/o Moon Records New York, NY USA Email: moonska@pipeline.com WWW: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Stage/6507/ WWW: http://www.ultranet.com/~cjwalker/toasters Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra ---------------------------- Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra a.k.a. Skapara JAPAN WWW: http://netnavi.nikkeibp.co.jp/top/skapara/skapara.html (Mostly Japanese) WWW: http://oak.cats.ohiou.edu/~sc314095/skapara.html Tom Collins ----------- Tom Collins and The Cocktail Shakers c/o Chuck Taylors 4409 1/2 Greenview #2W Chicago, IL 60640 Too Fat To Skate ---------------- Too Fat To Skate c/o Eric Little 632 Pasadena Dr. Lexington, KY 40503 USA plunney@macalstr.edu Too Hot ------- Too Hot c/o G. Hardy 2 Seymour Villes Totnes, Devon TQ9 5QR ENGLAND Too True -------- Too True 211 Midland Ave. Montclair NJ 07042 USA Toot n Skamen ------------- Toot n Skamen WWW: http://www.jepa.co.uk/tootnska.html Trenchant --------- Trenchant 4330 Gallant Deep Cove B.C. V7G 1K8 Phone: 604-984-8422 Triggahappy ----------- Triggahappy Columbus, OH Voice: (614) 268.5502 Email: triggahapy@aol.com WWW: http://members.aol.com/Triggahapy/triggahappypage.html Turkey Mallet ------------- Turkey Mallet San Diego, CA Email: immune@connectnet.com WWW: http://www.cnw.com/~satan/turkey/ WWW: http://www2.connectnet.com/~immune/mallet/index.htm The TwistOffs ------------- The TwistOffs P.O. Box 1832 Kent, OH 44240 USA Email: dustin@twistoffs.com WWW: http://www.twistoffs.com/ Two Tonne Bowlers ----------------- Two Tonne Bowlers gmarshal@awinc.com http://www.awinc.com/users/gmarshal/ Uncle J and the Holy Freejoles ------------------------------ Uncle J and the Holy Freejoles 11100 Blue Stem Back Road Oklahoma City, OK 73162 USA Phone: (405) 721-7141 Email: C.A.McWilliams@juno.com Urban Blight ------------ Urban Blight 232 W. 22nd St. New York, NY 10011 USA Undercover S.K.A ---------------- Undercover S.K.A. 915 Cole St. #137 San Francisco, CA 94117 tel: (415) 626-9444 fax: (415) 626-9447 Email: solopro@aol.com, Jay. WWW: WWW: http://reality.sgi.com/akhiani/undercoverska.html. UnSteady -------- UnSteady 3965 Normal St #3 San Diego, CA 92103 USA Voice mail/booking info: (619) 687-6193 WWW: http://www.acusd.edu/~vallerga/unsteady.html Email: vallerga@pwa.acusd.edu The Urge -------- The Urge Patrick Hagin c/o Pagan Music Agency P.O. Box 13282 St. Louis, MO 63137 (314) 963-1015 fax (314) 963-9233 The Upbeat ---------- The Upbeat c/o Seider 6326 Via Real Carpinteria, CA 93013 The Upstanders -------------- The Upstanders PO Box 616 Westtown, PA 19395 Home (610) 430-6048 jabrett@acad.ursinus.edu upstanders@aol.com The Uptones ----------- The Uptones 2245 5th Street Berkeley, CA 94710 USA Their new record `Live At 924 Gilman' is out now on Son of Beserkley Records. U.S. College Boys All-Stars (USCB) ---------------------------------- U.S. College Boys All-Stars (USCB) c/o Dyhre Fredbergsgatan 6a S-414 65 Gothenburg SWEDEN Phone: +46 (0)31-245530 Email: uscb@hem.passagen.se WWW: http://home2.swipnet.se/~w-25916/uscb.htm The Usuals ---------- The Usuals Gainsville, FL USA Julie - Vocals, usuals@freenet.ufl.edu WWW: http://www.jepa.co.uk/tootnska.html Venice Shoreline Chris ---------------------- Venice Shoreline Chris 12228 Venice Boulevard No. 434 Los Angeles, CA 90066 USA The Ventilators --------------- The Ventilators Monika Schneider Postfach 919 300 Bern 9 SWITZERLAND Voice: 031 302 62 02 Fax: 031 302 81 10 WWW: http://www.bielnews.ch/cyberhouse/ventilators/home.html Vicious Cycle ------------- Vicious Cycle 2047 Broadway New Orleans, LA 70118 USA Phone: (504) 866-JUMP Email: mkofler@mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu Viskasity --------- Viskasity PO Box 1053 Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Phone: (919) 942-2224 Email: jbarr1@email.unc.edu. WWW: http://www.unc.edu/~jbarr1/viskasity.html. Voodoo Glow Skulls ------------------ Voodoo Glow Skulls 6871 Eagle Rock Dr Riverside, CA 92505 USA WWW: http://www.voodooglowskulls.com Warsaw ------ Warsaw 2012 North 2nd Street Flagstaff AZ, 86001 USA Contact Jim or Chris at (602) 773-0314 kaetz@nauvax.ucc.nau.edu Wise Guys --------- Wise Guys 6919 Littlerock Rd SW Tumwater, WA 98512 USA Phone: (360) 943-3693 Email: bassdave@olywa.net WWW: http://www.geocities.com/~fattyboombatty "Ska, ska, ska, till ya can't ska no more pretty baby" Whole Lotta Milka ----------------- Whole Lotta Milka Winnipeg, CANADA Greg Crowe - Guitar/Vocals, umcrowe5@cc.umanitoba.ca The Worms --------- The Worms 1714 Pinestead Drive Lantana, FL 33463 USA Phone: (561) 963-0495 X's For Eyes ------------ X's For Eyes Huntsville, TX USA WWW: http://www.iuma.com/IUMA-2.0/ftp/volume7/X's_for_Eyes/ Youth In Asia ------------- Youth In Asia Po Box 14652 Long Beach, Ca. 90803 Phone: (310)621-7082 Email: jdeleon@ucla.edu Email: bshort@ucla.edu WWW: http://aiolos.cti.gr/~chris/yia Zwit ---- ZWIT P.O. Box 1739 3000 BS Rotterdam THE NETHERLANDS phone: +31 10 4331300 fax: +31 10 4134622 jmr@euronet.nl Promoters ========= Subject: 3.5: If I'm in a band, who can I contact for gigs and production? Do they have Web sites and email? Are there any sound companies that specialize in ska music? Do they have Web sites and email? A> Here are some promoters and production groups with a strong interest in ska: (See , for record labels that handle and promote ska.) A> Here are some sound companies with a strong interest in ska: *Ska Promoters:* A to Y Productions ------------------ A to Y Productions c/o Tazy Phyllipz P.O. Box 5766 Irvine, CA 92716-5766 USA SKAPARADE@aol.com http://www.frontside.com/AtoY/main.html See , their label. Adam Metz Presents ------------------ Adam Metz Presents 538 W. Mifflin St. #1 Madison, WI 53703 USA Phone/Fax (608) 286-8184 E-mail: ajmetz@students.wisc.edu Only all-ages: punk and ska mainly. Beloved Entertainment Group/Beloved Recordings ---------------------------------------------- BELOVED ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, LLC 201 Monroe Avenue, Suite 45D Maitland, FL 32751-6646 Voice:(407) 539-2998 FAX: (407) 539-3930 beloved@belovedgroup.com. http://www.belovedgroup.com/beloved.htm. See , their label. Big Shoe Productions -------------------- Big Shoe Productions Columbus, OH USA Voice: (614) 268.5502 Email: triggahapy@aol.com WWW: http://members.aol.com/Triggahapy/triggahappypage.html Cosmic Productions ------------------ Cosmic Productions P.O. Box 15945-149 Lenexa, KS 66285-5945 Phone (913) 541-8954 FAX (913) 541-0636 Email: CosmicEvan@mobsters.com WWW: http://www.rudenet.com/cosmic "All ages ska shows in the Kansas City area. Can also hook you up with show in Springfield, Missouri. You play show, you leave happy!" - Evan Moon Ska Productions -------------------- Moon Ska Productions P.O. Box 1412 Cooper Station New York, NY 10276 USA (212) 860-0300 (fax) 860-8082 Email: moonprop@walrus.com WWW: http://www.moonska.com/ Contact: Steve Video contact: Drew See , their label. Porkchop Productions -------------------- Porkchop Productions, Inc. 102 St. Mark's Pl. #2 New York, NY, 10009 (212) 228-7213 Email: ccampbell@lib.schoolofvisualarts.edu R5 Productions -------------- R5 Productions 6445 Drexel Rd Philadelphia,PA 19151 r5prod@op.net, Sean Agnew. Philly's D.I.Y. ska production company! Rude Buoy Enterprises/Big Boss Promotions ----------------------------------------- Rude Buoy Enterprises/Big Boss Promotions P.O. Box 54 Elsternwick 3185 Victoria, AUSTRALIA Tel/Fax: 03 9531 2891 Solo Productions ---------------- Solo Productions - Jay Siegan 915 Cole St. #137 - San Francisco, CA 94117 Voice: (415) 626-9444 FAX: (415) 626-9447 Email: solopro@aol.com Steady Beat Promotions ---------------------- "Steady Beat Recordings" P.O. Box 1141 Wilmington, CA 90748-1141 USA (310) 669-4917 Email: stdybeat@universe.digex.net, Luis Correa. WWW: http://www.universe.digex.net/~stdybeat/. Booking ska at *The Alligator Lounge*, *The Whiskey A Go Go*, *The Roxy Theatre*, and various coffee houses in the L.A. area. Mostly traditional ska, "adding to the scene, not taking away from it." Vicious Entertainment --------------------- Vicious Entertainment Joel Pash Montreal, QUEBEC CANADA Phone: 514-985-0072 Fax: 514-398-7490 jpash@po-box.mcgill.ca *Sound Companies:* Corporate Sound --------------- Jim Saurman Corporate Sound Tampa, FL USA jsaurman@cftnet.com See section 1.12 (in part 1) for citations. ------------------------------ End of FAQ: Ska (alt.music.ska) Frequently Asked Questions: Part 3 ******************************************************************