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Subject: alt.music.roxette FAQ (Part 1 of 2)

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==================================================================== ROXETTE - Usenet alt.music.roxette FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS LIST Version 1.1 Revised 28 April 1997 Maintained by Colin Grace (cmgrace@ozemail.com.au) ===================================================================== This FAQ is stored at: http://www.ozemail.com.au/~cmgrace/roxette/newsgroup/FAQ.html (The original hypertext version) http://www.cis.ohio-state.edu/hypertext/faq/usenet-faqs/bygroup/alt/music/ ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/alt.music.roxette/ Changes in this FAQ: More Roxette WWW pages. New Roxette FTP site with Mp3 files Roxette video locations Release of Per Gessle album CONTENTS 0.0 General Information about this FAQ 0.1 General information on this FAQ list 0.2 Disclaimer 0.3 Common abbreviations 0.4 Contributions to the FAQ 1.0 The Newsgroup 1.1 What has Usenet to offer for a Roxette fan? 1.2 What is alt.music.roxette? 1.3 Can I post pictures or sound files to alt.music.roxette? 1.4 What if my site doesn't offer the newsgroup? 1.5 Is there an alt.music.roxette etiquette? 1.6 Why was alt.music.roxette created? 1.7 Is alt.music.roxette accessible from the World Wide Web? 2.0 Roxette and The Internet 2.1 How do I subscribe to the Roxette-Mailing list? 2.2 Where can I find Roxette-related files on ftp? 2.3 Are there any Roxette related newsgroups? 2.4 Are there any Roxette-related web sites? 2.5 What about the online services? 2.6 Is there a Roxette channel on IRC? 3.0 The music of Roxette 3.1 Who are Roxette? 3.2 What is the Roxette story so far? 3.3 What albums have Roxette recorded? 3.4 How many albums have Roxette sold worldwide? 3.5 What home videos have Roxette released? 3.6 What has been Roxette's most commercially successful album? 3.7 Are Roxette still active? 3.8 When will the new Roxette album be released? 3.9 When will the Greatest Hits album be released in the US? 3.10 When will "Pearls of Passion" be re-released? 3.11 What songs are on "Dance Passion"? 3.12 Where do Roxette record their albums? 3.13 What soundtracks have Roxette recorded? 3.14 What are the locations of the Roxette video clips? 4.0 Roxette, the band 4.1 Who are the band members of Roxette? 4.2 Who are the Roxette producers and engineers? 4.3 Who are the Roxette road crew? 4.4 Which band member eats cigarette packets? 4.5 Who writes Roxette's music? 4.6 Who has had the privelege to work with Roxette? 5.0 Roxette Live 5.1 How many live tours have Roxette made? 5.2 Are there any Roxette live albums? 5.3 Will Roxette tour again soon? 5.4 What guitar picks does Per throw into the audience? 5.5 What special effects have Roxette used in their concerts? 5.6 What does Marie like the audience to do during the concert? 5.7 How long do Roxette concerts normally last? 5.8 Which live songs do Roxette fans enjoy the most? 5.9 What are bootlegs? 6.0 Marie Fredriksson 6.1 Who is Marie Fredriksson? 6.2 What has Marie Fredriksson done so far? 6.3 When did Marie Fredriksson begin her musical career? 6.4 What instruments can Marie Fredriksson play? 6.5 Has Marie Fredriksson received any awards? 7.0 Per Gessle 7.1 Who is Per Gessle? 7.2 What are Per Gessle's favourite guitars? 7.3 Who is "Woody"? 7.4 What about Per Gessle's new solo album? 7.5 What about Per and Asa's new baby? 8.0 Roxette, The Early Years 8.1 Who started Roxette and when? 8.2 Where does the name Roxette come from? 8.3 In what countries was Pearls of Passion released? 8.4 When did Roxette become national superstars? 9.0 Roxette Look Sharp! 9.1 Is their a difference between the Look Sharp! CD and cassette? 9.2 Is their a video clip for the song "Silverblue"? 9.3 How many copies of Look Sharp! have been sold worldwide? 10.0 Miscellaneous 10.1 Who is Gyllene Tider? 10.2 Who are the Lonely Boys? 10.3 What if my question isn't answered here? 0.0 GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT THIS FAQ 0.1. GENERAL INFORMATION ON THIS FAQ LIST The Official Roxette Newsgroup FAQ was started by Colin Grace (cmgrace@ozemail.com.au), in January, 1997. It has been adapted from various sources including the Official Roxette FAQ, videos, articles, interviews, and personal experiences. If you want to make an edition to the FAQ, e-mail me at cmgrace@ozemail.com.au and I'll be happy to include it. Please do NOT quote the full text of the FAQ in your message. 0.2. DISCLAIMER All efforts have been made by the author to ensure the material on the Roxette Newsgroup FAQ is accurate and up to date, but the author is not liable for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from the possession, publication or use of or reliance upon that information. It is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty. Please address all corrections to the maintainer of the list and not to the "Roxette mailing list" or the newsgroup, as this clutters up newsgroups and mail boxes. All answers appear credited, and attributed to their original poster when it is possible. 0.3. COMMON ABBREVIATIONS AMR (or a.m.r) = alt.music.roxette FYI = For your information IMHO = In my humble/honest opinion RTFF = Read the friendly FAQ RX (or Rox) = Roxette PG = Per Gessle MF = Marie Fredriksson GT = Gyllene Tider Roxette songs and albums are sometimes abbreviated. Examples are: DBUGTTC = Don't Bore Us Get to the Chorus SIMC = Sleeping in my Car FLAF = Fading like a Flower SMT = Spending my Time CBB! = Crash Boom Bang! LTYH = Listen To Your Heart IMHBL = It Must Have Been Love YDUM = You Don't Understand Me 0.4 Contributions to the FAQ The following people have contributed valuable information to this FAQ: Roger Tetzlaff, Kay Templeman, Catherine Kim, and Steven Francis. 1.0 THE NEWSGROUP 1.1 What has usenet to offer for a Roxette fan? Usenet readers can keep informed about Roxette by reading the alt.music.roxette (AMR) and alt.music.swedish-pop (AMS-P) newsgroups. Members of the Roxette related mailing list also have the opportunity to subscribe to these groups. Usenet readers may read both groups regularly, post the latest news there and are willing to answer questions that people might have. Also, it is possible for people to have elaborate group discussions on the newsgroup that would otherwise not be suitable for the mailing list. 1.2 What is alt.music.roxette? alt.music.roxette is a newsgroup dedicated to the Swedish rock band Roxette, and their music. It allows the latest news about Roxette to be discussed in terms of single and album release dates, as well as upcoming concert dates and venues. However, it also is a place in which discussion can take place about the two members of Roxette, the Roxette band, and associated Roxette-related projects. The newsgroup also allows Roxette fans to exchange ideas, opinions, and thoughts about Roxette and their music. Additionally, it is a suitable place to trade Roxette merchandise and inform of any new Roxette WWW sites of interest. 1.3 Can I post pictures or sound files to alt.music.roxette? We suggest you do not post any type of binary file to the Roxette newsgroup. Picture files, soundfiles and other binaries take lots of bandwidth and tend to overload gateways and cause lots of problems for the entire net. Instead, post them to alt.binaries.pictures which is designed to handle it. Remember to post a note on alt.music.roxette informing people that a particular binary file has been posted. 1.4 What if my site doesn't offer the newsgroup? Usenet spreads by connections between computers. People own those computers and connections. They have a legitimate right to decide which newsgroups to carry. Many sites do not carry groups of a certain type. Some sites even exclude all alt.* groups. However, most system administrators will carry a group if you ask them friendly. Therefore, if your site does not carry "alt.music.roxette", then you should email your Internet Service Provider (ISP) with your request. 1.5 Is there an alt.music.roxette etiquette? You should already be familiar with Usenet etiquette. If not, the newsgroups to read are news.newusers.questions and news.announce.newusers. A particularly useful document is "Emily Postnews Answers Your Questions on Netiquette" by Mark Moraes <netannounce@deshaw.com>, stored at rtfm.mit.edu in a document called "part1" in the directory /pub/usenet/news.answers/usenet/emily-postnews/ As with all newsgroups, the best recommendation is for you to sit back and read for a while before you make your first posting. That way you can get a proper feel for the newsgroup. Then you will see which postings you think are valuable and which are wasting space or preventing good discussion. alt.music.roxette is not moderated, so within reason anything goes. However, certain types of postings are generally frowned upon. These include: o Unrelated advertisements (Commonly known as "SPAM's"). o Unrelated topics (Usually in the form of massive crosspostings). o Personal abuse or attacks towards an individual usenet user. o Using alt.music.roxette as an easy substitute for personal research. There are many resources available at your local library and over the Internet (via FTP, GOPHER, the World Wide Web and IRC). The numerous Roxette-related areas are detailed later on in this FAQ. You are strongly encouraged to consult this extensive material before asking on the newsgroup. For example, instead of asking hundreds of people for the songs played in the 1993 MTV Unplugged concert, you could simply look it up yourself in the many Roxette web pages. If the research material proves inadequate then of course you should post your question to the newsgroup stating this is so. In such cases you are much more likely to get a response! o Bootlegs. From time to time someone posts a request for contact details of bootleg dealers. Answers to these questions should be sent by private e-mail only. To post full details to the very public forum of alt.music.roxette is to put the dealers at risk. This may be an hysterical over-reaction to the real situation, but it keeps these bootleg dealers in business by not attracting any legality problems. Roxette themselves are in support of bootlegs, provided they are purchased by genuine fans. The objection to the posting of full trade listings is more along the lines of bandwidth wastage. If you wish to set up a trade you are best advised to send a polite e-mail message. o Lists of names of other artists in which you are also interested. Remember, this is a group for Roxette and related projects including Gyllene Tider and The Lonely Boys. Other artists should only be mentioned if you are making a comparison or discussion based on Roxette. o Questions to the group should be clearly indicated as questions in the subject line to avoid confusing those who are looking for new information. For instance, a subject header of "New Album" is likely to mislead those who read your post into expecting to find some news about a new album. Instead, you should ask the question "Is There a New Album?". 1.6 Why was alt.music.roxette created? Originally there was only a Roxette mailing list and the newsgroup called alt.music.swedish-pop. As time has gone on, the mailing list has become more and more congested with almost 40 messages per day. Also, the alt.music.swedish-pop newsgroup is too broad because it is used for many Swedish artists, and not specifically for Roxette. Therefore, alt.music.roxette was created to satisfy a growing need for Roxette fans and enthusiasts around the world. It allows effective public discussions to take place concerning Roxette and their music. 1.7 Is alt.music.roxette accessible from the World Wide Web? The Roxette newsgroup is also accessible from the World Wide Web at the site http://www.reference.com/. It is free to become a registered user at this site, and this enables the user to post articles to alt.music.roxette as well as read articles. 2.0 ROXETTE AND THE INTERNET 2.1 How do I subscribe to the Roxette mailing list? To subscribe to the Roxette mailing list, just send a message to <roxette@babylon.caltech.edu> with the subject line of subscribe. This will add your e-mail address to the list of subscribers. You will then receive all posts, and be allowed to post from the e-mail address you used to subscribe. 2.2 Where can I find Roxette-related files on FTP? FTP sites on the internet containing Roxette related material are: Roxette Sound Files: ftp://ftp.luth.se/pub/sounds/songs/roxette/ Roxette Lyrics: ftp://ftp.ms.mff.cuni.cz/Text/Songs/r/roxette/ Roxette Files: ftp://ftp.zcu.cz/pub/multimedia/sound/roxette/ Roxette MP3 Site: ftp://roxette:mp3@ 2.3 Are there any Roxette-related newsgroups? The primary Roxette newsgroup is alt.music.roxette. The other Roxette-related newsgroup is alt.music.swedish-pop. Discussion about Roxette can also take place in rec.music.misc, rec.music.info, rec.music.marketplace, alt.music.lyrics, alt.music.bootlegs, and soc.culture.nordic. 2.4 Are there any Roxette-related World Wide Web sites? Roxette have a huge presence on the World Wide Web. Fan pages are usually the most exciting, and the diversity between pages is large. All sites which I know to be up and running as of the date of this FAQ are included. Frankly, this section is thoroughly "out of control." If you have a Roxette page and it isn't listed here, e-mail me and I'll include it in the next version. ROXETTE PAGES 1. The Radio-Rox Page: http://www.aztec.co.za/users/bhatton/radiorox.htm 2. Roxette Central: http://www.icon.co.za/~tider/ 3. International Roxette Fanclub (Australia): http://netspace.net.au/~sharon/ 4. International Roxette Fanclub (The Netherlands): http://www.wirehub.nl/~introxfc/ 5. The Official Roxette Homepage: http://babylon.caltech.edu/roxette/ 6. Roxette Newsgroup Homepage: http://www.ozemail.com.au/~cmgrace/roxette/newsgroup.html 7. Luke's Roxette Page: http://www.globalserve.net/~lukeban/rox.htm 8. Baladas En Espanol: http://intercom.es/dima/baladas.htm 9. Brazillian Roxette Homepage: http://www.icmsc.sc.usp.br/~cleber/roxette.html 10. Yu Kuen's Home Page: http://www.fys.ruu.nl/~tang/ 11. Roxette Special Area: http://home.hkstar.com/~gotoh/music/roxette.html 12. Roxette's "And In The Dark" Page: http://www1.surfsouth.com/~brad/joyride/roxette.htm 13. Roxweb: http://www.umcs.maine.edu/~clark26/rox.html 14. Roxette FTP Archives: http://ftp.uwp.edu/pub/music/artists/r/roxette/ 15. Roxette's CBB! World Tour: http://www.bahnhof.se/~bullen/roxette.html 16. Elektroniska Tider!: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/3727/ 17. Roxette Links Page: http://www.student.wau.nl/~alwin/roxette.html 18. Kathy's Roxette Page: http://ecs.ie.cuhk.hk/~kathyf/Roxette.html 19. Jakub's Roxette Page: http://student.uci.agh.edu.pl/~slocki/roxette/ 20. The Roxette Archives: http://jupiter.cs.up.ac.za/~pelle/Roxette/ 21. Anton Zykov's Roxette Page: http://dickinson.edu/~zykov/rox/roxette.html 22. German Roxette Home Page: http://home.pages.de/~roxette/ 23. Articles about Roxette: http://ecs.ie.cuhk/~kathyf/articles.html 24. Cherry Lane: Best of Roxette: http://www.cherrylane.com/bkthebestofroxette.html 25. Rox Forever: http://www.balawce.demon.co.uk/roxette/roxette_index.htm 26. Roxette Lyrics Page: http://www.netverk.com.ar/~marsosa/roxette/ 27. You Know You're a Roxette Fan When...: http://www.belgonet.be/~bn000049/ykyarfw.htm 28. Thomas Hansen's Roxette Page: http://www.ifi.uio.no/~thomasha/roxette.html 29. Visa Kopu's Roxette Page: http://www.sll.fi/ll/valu/visa/roxette 30. The Joyride Philosophy: http://www.wp.cc.nc.us/~megaman/joyride/ 31. #Roxette Unplugged: http://orff.cs.sun.ac.za/~marty/IRC/ 32. #Roxette Uncensored & Uncut: http://www.ozemail.com.au/~cmgrace/roxirc.html 33. Skywalker's Guide to Cinamon Street: http://www.rucus.ru.ac.za/~cbm/roxette.html 34. Join the Joyride Page: http://www.is-1.net.au/~volvoman/roxette/index.html 35. Edward's Roxette Page: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/7564/index.html 36. Another German Roxette Page: http://baracke.rus.uni-stuttgart.de/~zrx70104/roxette.html 37. Mark Kirkwood's Roxette page: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/Mark_Kirkwood/ 38. Japanese Roxette Homepage: http://www.students.chiba-u.ac.jp/~qkawa/roxette.html 39. Hungarian Roxette page: http://www.hir.hu/pestiest/9602/zenekep.htm 40. Chinese Roxette Homepage: http://cissun51.cis.nctu.edu.tw/~is81001/roxette.htm 41. German Roxette article: http://www.innet.net/vum/nbcdroxet.html 42. Roxette Re-evaluated (A Critical Perspective): http://plains.uwyo.edu/~tetzlaff/review.html 43. Complete Roxette Lyrics: http://www.elogica.com.br/users/bffk/roxlycbb.html 44. Swedish Marie Fredriksson Page with Interview: http://www2.passagen.se/ScandinaviaToday/musiknoje/marie_f9644.html 45. Gyllene Tider omtale: http://www.vg.no/vg/95/omtale/musikk/0607gyllene.html 46. Sounds Good (Article by Anders Herrlin): http://www.ivo.se/sounds.good/products/drumtool.html 47. Another Gyllene Tider Homepage: http://www.ing.umu.se/~da95fst/gylle.html 48. Per Gessle News: http://www.aftonbladet.se/noje/9703/19/gessle.html 49. New Zealand Roxette Page http://www.geocities.com/SouthBeach/4316/joyride.htm 50. Gyllene Tider - The Addition http://members.aol.com/CChristier/GylleneTider 2.5 What about the online services? There are many major online services for Roxette merchandise. CD NOW: http://www.cdnow.com/ PerMarie Records: http://www.algonet.se/~permarie A B CD's - http://www.abcds.com/ CD Cellar - http://www.dnaco.net/~cdcellar/ Compact Disc Connection - http://www.cdconnection.com/ EMusic - http://emusic.com/ CD Universe - http://www.cduniverse.com/ 2.6 Is there a Roxette channel on IRC? Roxette have their own channel called #Roxette on the dalnet and efnet IRC servers. Check out the web pages, #Roxette Uncensored & Uncut and #Roxette Unplugged. 3.0 THE MUSIC OF ROXETTE 3.1 Who are Roxette? Roxette are the Swedish rock band comprising of Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle. Fredriksson and Gessle met in 1978 at a recording studio in Sweden. This chance occurrence laid the foundation for the "Roxette music" which has eventually spread all over the world. Roxette recordings started in 1985, and in 1986, Roxette were officially formed. 3.2 What is the Roxette story so far? In the late Eighties and early to mid Nineties, a bunch of catchy and well-executed singles made the duo Roxette Sweden's most successful musical import since Abba. Unlike Abba however, singer Marie Fredriksson and songwriter, rhythm guitarist, and vocalist Per Gessle specialized in guitar-oriented rock. Gessle had fronted a popular Swedish band, Gyllene Tider, and Fredriksson had embarked on a solo career before the two joined forces in the mid-Eighties. From the start, they set their sights on the English-speaking market that is essential to international stardom, writing and recording in English. Their plan paid off in 1989, when Roxette's second album, 1988's "Look Sharp!", made a big impact in the U.S, generating the #1 hit singles "The Look" and "Listen to Your Heart", the #2 hit single "Dangerous", and the #14 hit single "Dressed for Success". In 1990, Fredriksson and Gessle again topped the singles charts with the ballad "It Must Have Been Love", featured on the soundtrack to the film "Pretty Woman". The following year, Roxette released their fourth album, "Joyride", which spawned another #1 hit with the title track; another cut, "Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave)", went to #2 in the U.S. Also in 1991, Roxette began their first worldwide tour, performing over 107 concerts and attracting more than 1.6 million people from Europe, North and South America, and Australia. During the tour, Roxette also produced 3 more international hit singles from the Joyride album, including the power ballad hit, "Spending My Time". Roxette finally ended their first worldwide tour in July, 1992, and had indeed established themselves as one of the most popular bands in the world. Many music magazines had Roxette as the No.2 band in Europe, just behind U2. Hit singles and constant touring were the main reason for Roxette's high popularity. During late 1992, Roxette released their fourth album, "Tourism", which produced another 2 hit singles, "How Do You Do!", and "Queen of Rain". After 4 years of hit singles and constant promotion and touring, Roxette were invited to perform at the prestigous MTV Unplugged in January, 1993 at Stockholm, Sweden. The year, 1993, was a very eventful one for Roxette, with Marie having her first baby, and Per becoming married to Asa Nordin. However, Roxette spent the majority of their time in the recording studios developing material for their upcoming new album. During late 1993, Roxette again appeared in another commercial movie soundtrack with the song "Almost Unreal", in the movie "Super Mario Bros". Almost Unreal was a big hit for Roxette especially in Europe, and it received much airplay around the world despite the poor quality of the movie itself. The year of 1994 will always be remembered for when Roxette changed their complete style, both appearance-wise, and musically. Marie had adopted a much shorter hairstyle, while Per had gone for the "natural" long hair look. When Roxette released Crash! Boom! Bang! in early-1994, critics were confused and even shocked on the overall style of the album. They really didn't know where Roxette were going anymore in terms of music, and consequently could not place them in any one category of music type. Not surprisingly, critics fell short in reviewing the album completely, and many presented previous beliefs of Roxette in their reviews, which were obviously false. Crash! Boom! Bang! will always be remembered as a musical success story, artistic-wise, even though it did not sell as well as previous Roxette albums. Roxette began their second worldwide tour during mid-1994 to support the Crash! Boom! Bang! album. They travelled to Europe, South Africa, Australia, Asia, and South America. One of the highlights of the tour was Roxette's live performance in China, in which they were the second band ever to perform live in that country. The tour ended during mid-1995, and it was overwhelmlingly more rock-oriented than the previous Joyride tour. As 1995 progressed, Roxette went into slightly different directions. Per Gessle wrote and performed songs for the band called, "The Lonely Boys", and also got together with his old band, Gyllene Tider. Marie also did several performances with other artists. Roxette released their Greatest Hits album in late-1995 titled "Don't Bore Us - Get To The Chorus!", which contained 14 of their greatest hits and with an additional 4 new songs including the hit singles "You Don't Understand Me" and "June Afternoon". So far, the album has sold just over 4.5 million copies. During 1996, Roxette's one and only release was the Spanish album, "Baladas En Espanol". Throughout the year, Roxette were in continual negotiations with their record company in the US, which had failed to promote Roxette effectively. Per Gessle spent most of his time working and performing with his band Gyllene Tider, while Marie Fredriksson was busy recording her new solo album. During late-1996, the Greatest Hits album re-entered the albums charts in many countries especially in Australia in which it achieved top 10 status. So far in 1997, there has been the release of "Baladas En Espanol" in North America, and the release of the new Marie Fredriksson solo album. Per Gessle has released his new single, "Do you wanna be my baby?", which has topped the Swedish charts. The new Per Gessle album titled, "The World According to Gessle", has been released in many European countries. 3.3 What albums have Roxette recorded? The official albums Roxette have recorded and their year of release are as follows: Pearls of Passion - 1986. Dance Passion - 1987. Look Sharp! - 1988. Joyride - 1991. Tourism - 1992. Crash! Boom! Bang! - 1994. Don't Bore Us - Get To The Chorus! - 1995. Baladas En Espanol - 1996. 3.4 How many albums have Roxette sold worldwide? As of March, 1997, it is estimated that Roxette have sold just over 37 million albums, and over 17 million singles. This makes Roxette the second biggest selling Swedish artist of all time! 3.5 What home videos have Roxette released? The home videos Roxette have released are as follows: Look Sharp Live! (1989) worldwide. Roxette The Videos (1991). Live-ism (1992) worldwide. Don't Bore Us - Get To The Chorus! Roxette's greatest video hits (1995). Crash! Boom! Live! - The Johannesburg Concert (1996). 3.6 What has been Roxette's most commercially sucessful album? The 1991 Roxette album, "Joyride" is Roxette's most successful album to date, selling just over 11 million copies as of 1996. 3.7 Are Roxette still active? Roxette have just had a 12 month break from writing and recording, and Marie has just had another baby. However, Per Gessle will release a worldwide solo album in early 1997. Recordings for the new Roxette album are likely to begin in early 1997. 3.8 When will the new Roxette album be released? As mentioned above, recordings for the new album will begin sometime in early 1997. Rumours of a release date of early 1998 have been circulating. If anyone has any extra information on this, then please email me. 3.9 When will the Greatest Hits album be released in the US? The answer to this question is vague as no one (even Roxette themselves) has any definite answers. More than likely, it will be released in the next 2 years depending upon Roxette's record company in the US. 3.10 When will Pearls of Passion be re-released? The re-release of Pearls of Passion has again been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances with EMI. Information gathered so far suggests that Pearls of Passion may be released anytime in the next 2 years. Anyone with any definite release date for PoP, then please email me. 3.11 What songs are on Dance Passion? Dance Passion is basically a remixed version of Pearls of Passion, excluding the tracks, "Call of the Wild", "Voices", "Surrender", "From One Heart to Another", and "So Far Away". 3.12 Where do Roxette record their albums? Roxette mainly record their albums at EMI Studios, Stockholm, Sweden; Tits and Ass Studios, Halmstad, Sweden; and London, England. Roxette have also recorded at Capri, Italy, and also various places around the world including South America. 3.13 What Soundtracks have Roxette Recorded? Roxette have appeared in four soundtracks. They are: Pretty Woman (1990) - With the song, "It Must Have Been Love". Paradise (1992) - With the song, "Fading Like a Flower". Super Mario Bros (1993) - With the song, "Almost Unreal". Neverending Story III (1994) - With the song, "Crash! Boom! Bang!" 3.14 What are the locations of the Roxette video clips? Listen To Your Heart and Dangerous - Borgholm Slottsruin, Sweden. Fading Like A Flower - Stockholm, Sweden. Church Of Your Heart - A church in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Australia and crowd footage from the Sydney concert used in Live-ism plus some from an extra shoot done on the morning of their first Sydney concert. (Do You Get) Excited? - Western Australia Desert. Vulnerable - Carrington Hotel in Katoomba (Blue Mountains 1 hour drive west of Sydney) and around Bondi Beach in Sydney. Sleeping In My Car - Tesco Shopping Center in the North of London. Fireworks - City scenes are in London not sure about the country settings. You Don't Understand Me - National New Forest in London. She Doesn't Live Here Anymore - a factory in Stockholm. (Information by Steven Francis)