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Subject: Mariah Carey Newsgroup FAQ, Part 3 of 5 (monthly)

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The Mariah Carey Newsgroup Frequently Asked Questions (for rec.music.artists.mariah-carey) Issue #039, 9th April 2001 MUSICAL QUESTIONS (continued) 2e. VIDEOGRAPHY INDEX Video albums and singles are only available on VHS videocassette unless otherwise stated. (i) [Video albums (5)] VIDEO Title Year 01. The First Vision 1991 02. MTV Unplugged +3 ++ 1992 03. Mariah Carey (NBC TV Special) 1994 04. Fantasy: Mariah Carey Live At MSG (Fox TV Special) 1996 05. Daydream: From New York To Tokyo (Fox TV Special) * 1997 06. VH1 Divas Live (VH1 TV Special) + 1998 07. Around The World ** 1999 08. Number Ones ** 1999 * Available only as a DVD (see question T3). ** Available as DVD or VHS videocassette. 8 available on CD/MD (audio) also. + Available as DVD, VHS videocassette or CD/MD (audio). ++ Available as VHS videocassette or CD (audio). (ii) [Video singles (2)] VIDEO Title Year 01. Honey (Australia, UPC 664747 5, rated PG) 1997 02. My All & Breakdown (US, 38V78446, rated PG) 1998 (iii) [Video clips (36)] CLIP Title Directors Year 01. Vision Of Love Bojan Bazelli 1990 02. Love Takes Time Jeb Bien, Wayne Maser 1991 03a. Someday Larry Jordan 1991 03b. Someday (extended) Larry Jordan 1991 04. I Don't Wanna Cry Jeb Bien 1990 05. There's Got To Be A Way 1990 06a. Emotions Jeff Preiss 1991 06b. Emotions (extended) Jeff Preiss 1991 07. Can't Let Go Jim Sonzero 1991 08. Make It Happen Marcus Nispel 1992 09a. I'll Be There (live) Larry Jordan 1992 09b. If It's Over (live) Larry Jordan 1992 10. Dreamlover Diane Martel 1993 11a. Hero Larry Jordan 1993 11b. Hero (version) 1993 12. Without You Larry Jordan 1994 13a. Anytime You Need A Friend D Federici 1994 13b. AYNAF (remix) D Federici 1994 14a. All I Want For Christmas Is You Diane Martel 1994 14b. AIWFCIY (mimed) 1994 15. Miss You Most (At Christmas Time) Diane Martel 1994 16a. Joy To The World (live) 1994 16b. Joy To The World (remix) 1996 17a. Fantasy Mariah Carey 1995 17b. Fantasy (rap version) Mariah Carey 1995 18a. One Sweet Day 1995 18b. One Sweet Day (live) 1995 19. Open Arms (live) Larry Jordan 1996 20a. Always Be My Baby Mariah Carey 1996 20b. Always Be My Baby (rap version) Mariah Carey 1996 21. Forever (live) Larry Jordan 1996 22a. Honey Paul Hunter 1997 22b. Honey (rap version) Daniel Pearl 1997 23. Butterfly 1997 24. Breakdown Diane Martel 1998 24a. Breakdown (no rap) Diane Martel 1998 25a. My All Herb Ritts 1998 25b. My All (remix) Herb Ritts 1998 26. The Roof (remix) 1998 27. Sweetheart 1998 28. When You Believe 1998 29. I Still Believe 1998 30a. Heartbreaker 1999 30b. Heartbreaker (remix) 1999 31a. Thank God I Found You 1999 31b. Thank God I Found You (remix) 2000 32. CTTA (Mariah's Theme) 2000 33. Crybaby 2000 1,2,3b,4 appear on video album 1. First Vision 6b,7,8 appear on video album 2. MTV Unplugged +3 10 appears on video album 3. Mariah Carey 13b,18a appear on video album 4. Fantasy: Mariah Carey Live at MSG 23,24,25a,26 appear on video album 7. Around The World (DVD) 06a,09a,10,11a,17b,18a,20a,22a,25a,30a appear on video album 8. Number Ones (DVD) 22a,22b appear on video single 1. Honey 24,25a appear on video single 2. My All & Breakdown M2f. ALBUM AND SINGLE VIDEOGRAPHY Releases may vary from country to country. (i) [Video albums] VIDEO Title DESCRIPTION 01. The First Vision Clips: Vision Of Love, Love Takes Time, I Don't Wanna Cry (edit), Someday (extended); Live performaces: Vanishing, Don't Play That Song; Interviews; and a backstage look at her Saturday Night Live appearance (27 Oct 1990). VHS only. 02. MTV Unplugged +3 Clips: Can't Let Go, Emotions (extended), Make It Happen; Live performances from Kaufman Astoria Studios, NY: Emotions, If It's Over, Someday, Vision Of Love, Make It Happen, I'll Be There; Interviews; behind the scenes footage; and Mariah's home movies. VHS and CD (audio) only. 03. Mariah Carey Live performances from Proctor's Theatre, NY: Emotions, Hero, Someday, Without You, Make It Happen, Dreamlover, Love Takes Time, Anytime You Need A Friend, Vision Of Love, I'll Be There; Interviews; and Mariah's home movies. Clips: Dreamlover. VHS only. AKA Here Is Mariah Carey. 04. Fantasy: Mariah Live performances at Madison Square Garden, NY: Carey Live at Madison Fantasy, Make It Happen, Open Arms, Square Garden Dreamlover, Without You, One Sweet Day, I'll Be There, Hero, Always Be My Baby, Forever, Vision Of Love, Bad Boy Fantasy With ODB. Clips: One Sweet Day, Anytime You Need A Friend (extended). VHS only. 05. Daydream: From New Live performances from Madison Square Garden, York To Tokyo NY and Tokyo Dome, Japan. DVD only (see T3). Tracks: SONG Title (Venue) 01. Fantasy (Tokyo Dome) 02. Fantasy (Bad Boy Fantasy With ODB) (MSG) 03. Make It Happen (MSG/Tokyo Dome) 04. Underneath The Stars (Tokyo Dome) 05. Dreamlover (Tokyo Dome) 06. One Sweet Day (MSG) 07. Forever (Tokyo Dome) 08. Always Be My Baby (Tokyo Dome/MSG) 09. Hero (MSG/Tokyo Dome) 10. Anytime You Need A Friend (Tokyo Dome) 06. VH1 Divas Live Features Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Gloria Estefan, Celine Dion and Shania Twain. VHS, DVD and CD/MD (audio) available. Tracks featuring Mariah: CHAPTER/Track Song Title 01. My All- Mariah Carey 02. Make It Happen- Mariah Carey 08. Chain Of Fools- Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey 13. A Natural Woman- The Divas 07. Around The World Live performances from around the world. VHS and region 0 (NTSC) and region 2 (PAL) DVD. 01. Start 02. Butterfly Intro/Emotions 03. Fantasy 04. Dreamlover 05. My All 06. Japan/New York 07. Conversation 08. I Still Believe 09. I'll Be There- with Trey Lorenz 10. Fun In Australia 11. Hopelessly Devoted To You - with Olivia Newton-John 12. Number Ones Fan Appreciation Party 13. Whenever You Call- with Brian McKnight 14. Honey 15. Hero 16. Butterfly clip [unindexed] 17. Breakdown clip [unindexed] - with Bone Thugs 'N' Harmony 18. The Roof clip [unindexed]- with Mobb Deep 19. My All clip [unindexed] 08. Number Ones Video clips and live performances. VHS and region 0 (NTSC) and region 2 (PAL) DVD. 01. Start 02. Intro 03. Heartbreaker 04. My All 05. Honey 06. Always Be My Baby 07. One Sweet Day 08. Fantasy- with ODB 09. Hero (NBC special) 10. Dreamlover 11. I'll Be There (MTV Unplugged)- with T Lorenz 12. Emotions 13. I Don't Wanna Cry 14. Someday (MTV Unplugged) 15. Love Takes Time (NBC special) 16. Vision Of Love (Fox special) 17. Heartbreaker [unindexed] (remix) - with Missy Elliot, Da Brat etc. (ii) [Video singles] 01. Honey Both versions of the Honey video clip. See M2g below. VHS PAL only. 02. My All & Breakdown Includes the original My All clip and the Breakdown clip. See M2g. VHS NTSC only. M2g. CLIP VIDEOGRAPHY CLIP Title DESCRIPTION 1. Vision Of Love Set at the bottom of a staircase, on a large window sill looking out onto flowing clouds. Mariah wears a black jumpsuit. 2. Love Takes Time Black and white. Set on a beach. Mariah wears a one piece swimsuit, wrapped in a blanket. 3b. Someday (extended) Set in a school. Mariah wears a wide-neck black top and blue jeans. 4. I Don't Wanna Cry Sepia. Set in a living room. 6b. Emotions (extended) Sepia brown and blue; black and white. Shots of Mariah riding in a convertible, with some dancers, etc. 7. Can't Let Go Black and white. Set on a terrace. Mariah wears her hair in a beehive. 8. Make It Happen Mariah sings to an audience in a church. 9a/b. IBT/IIO Live performances at Kaufman Astoria Studios, NY. 10. Dreamlover Mariah in a field, swimming in a stream and riding in a hot air balloon. Letterbox approx. 16:9. 13b. AYNAF (remix) Black and white. Mariah with straight hair. Behind the scenes shots and out-takes. 14a. AIWFCIY Shots from: Merry Christmas album photo shoot, Mariah's Christmas home videos. 14b. AIWFCIY (mimed) Mimed sound stage performance (usu. black and white), Mariah on raised pontoon, background singers Mariah on raised pontoon, background singers behind; Mariah wears a Santa type dress. 15. Miss You Most (ACT) Shots from: Mariah's Christmas home videos. 16a. Joy To The World Live performance at St John The Devine, NY; (live) Arrangement similar to JTTW (Celebration Mix). 16b. Joy To The World Mariah in full length red dress, in the street and (remix) playing around with friends at the airport. Arrangement is JTTW (Celebration Mix). 17a. Fantasy Set in an amusement park. 17b. Fantasy (rap Set in an amusement park. Features rap segments by version) Ol' Dirty Bastard. 18a. One Sweet Day Set in a recording studio. 18b. One Sweet Day Mimed performance for live television broascast. (live) 19. Open Arms Live performance at Madison Square Garden, NY. 20a. Always Be My Baby Mariah on a swing, wearing blue. 20b. Always Be My Baby Black and white. Filmed at the recording studio (rap version) in Mariah's mansion with Da Brat and Xscape. 21. Forever Live performance at Tokyo Dome, Japan. 22a. Honey A Spanish-speaking Mariah escapes the villans by jet-ski. Mariah begins in a black dress, strips to a cream bikini after jumping into a pool, changes into a wetsuit for the jet-ski sequence etc. Interleaved are dancing sequences featuring Mariah. Set in Puerto Rico. Letterbox approx. 2:1. 22b. Honey (rap The same action sequences as the original version) version, but supplemented with additional scenes featuring Mase, The Lox and Puffy, including one where Mariah climbs aboard a helicopter. 23. Butterfly Mariah is in bed, wearing white, looking out to a horse under a tree outside the window. She decides to 'fly'. Letterbox approx. 16:9. 24. Breakdown Mariah is in a casino dressed in various guises as a showgirl. Her costumes: an exceedingly short black minidress with exposed stockings and suspenders, and a bowler hat; a tiger-striped dress with some kind of crown and feather arrangement; and a full length dress surrounded by a boa. 25a. My All Black and white. Mariah adrift near a light- house. Dreams of being reunited with the keeper. 26. The Roof Mariah and a friend suck lollipops while some breakdancers strut their stuff. Interleaved with shots of Mariah and her boyfriend reclined on a roof. 27. Sweetheart Details unavailable. 28. When You Believe Mariah and Whitney Houston sing on stage over scenes from the Prince Of Egypt. 29. I Still Believe Mariah sings for the soldiers, a la Marilyn Monroe. 30a. Heartbreaker Mariah and her friends prey on Mariah's character's ex-boyfriend. Set in a movie theatre, the feature showing is an animated representation of Mariah. Stars ex-Sliders Jerry Connell as Mariah's ex. 30b. Heartbreaker Black and white. Mariah, Da Brat and Missy (remix) strut around. Mariah is on rollerblades. Mariah is also seen washing a car at the "Rainbow Wash". 31a. Thank God I Found Mariah and 98 Degrees sing to an open air You audience. 31b. Thank God I Found Mariah in a cowgirl hat sings in a club You (remix) environment. Pillarbox approx. 1:1. 32. CTTA (Mariah's Mariah lying down watching slow-motion Theme) biographical tributes on TV. 33. Crybaby Mariah raids the kitchen. Letterbox approx. 2:1. M2h. SONGBOOK AND SHEET MUSIC BIBLIOGRAPHY In chronological order, with compilations last (alphabetical). [Songbooks] SONGBOOK Title Catalogue/ISBN Pages Mariah Carey 308098 80 Mariah Carey- Easy Piano 110001 48 Emotions 308127 76 MTV's Unplugged 308159 47 Music Box 308214 55 Music Box- EZ Play Today 102305 48 Merry Christmas 306007 55 Daydream 306069 64 Butterfly 306201 80 Number Ones 306264 104 The Best Of Mariah Carey- Easy Guitar 702095 64 The Essential Collection- Mariah Carey 0-7119-4463-6 79 Note: All songbooks published by Hal Leonard Corporation, except those with ISBNs listed. [Sheet music: general] SONG Title Category Publisher (Catalogue) Always Be My Baby Piano/Vocal Hal Leonard (351305) Anytime You Need A Friend Piano/Vocal Hal Leonard (353499) Endless Love Piano/Vocal Hal Leonard (351053) Jazz Ensemble Hal Leonard (7010018) Hero Easy Piano Hal Leonard (349530) Piano/Vocal Hal Leonard (353231) Original Warner Brothers (WBVS6306) Honey Piano/Vocal Hal Leonard (351662) I'll Be There Piano/Vocal Hal Leonard (351387) I Still Believe Piano/Vocal Hal Leonard (351956) Original Warner Brothers (WBPV9905) My All Piano/Vocal Hal Leonard (351803) One Sweet Day Easy Piano Hal Leonard (110054) Piano/Vocal Hal Leonard (351246) Open Arms Original Warner Brothers (WBPV95232) Vision Of Love Piano/Vocal Hal Leonard (355876) When You Believe Easy Piano Hal Leonard (2500109) [Sheet music: choral] SONG Title Publisher Butterfly Hal Leonard Forever Hal Leonard Jesus Born On This Day Hal Leonard One Sweet Day Hal Leonard M3. What awards has Mariah been credited with? (i) [Grammy Awards] 1991 Best Pop Vocal Performance Best New Artist (ii) [World Music Awards] 1995 World's Best Selling Recording Artist World's Best Selling Pop Recording Artist America's Best Selling Recording Artist 1996 World's Best Selling Female Recording Artist World's Best Selling Pop Recording Artist World's Best Selling Female R&B Recording Artist America's Best Selling Female Recording Artist 1998 World's Best Selling R&B Recording Artist World's Best Selling Recording Artist Of The 1990's (iii) [Billboard Music Awards] 1991 Hot 100 Singles Artist Top Pop Artist Top Adult Contemprary Artist Top Album Artist (for Mariah Carey) Top Pop Album Artist (for Mariah Carey) Top Pop Single Artist (for Vision Of Love) Top Pop Female Single Artist (for Vision Of Love) 1992 Top Female Album Artist (for Emotions) Top Female Single Artist 1994 Female Artist Of The Year 1996 Hot 100 Singles Artist Hot 100 Airplay (for Always Be My Baby) Hot Adult Contemporary Artist Special Award- Chart Performance (for One Sweet Day) 1998 Special Award- Hot 100 (iv) [American Music Awards] 1992 Favourite Soul/R&B Female Artist 1993 Favourite Pop/Rock Female Artist Top Contemporary Album (for MTV Unplugged EP) 1995 Favourite Pop/Rock Female Artist 1996 Favourite Pop/Rock Female Artist Favourite Soul/R&B Female Artist 1998 Favourite Soul/R&B Female Artist (v) [Soul Train Awards] Mariah has been honoured in the catagories of: 1990 R&B / Urban Contemporary New Artist R&B / Urban Contemporary Single, Female (for her debut single Vision Of Love) R&B / Urban Contemporary Album, Female (for her debut album Mariah Carey) (vi) [New York City Music Awards] 1991 Best Female Pop Vocalist (vii) [Australian Record Industry Association Awards] 1994 Most Popular International Album Of The Year (for Music Box) Take 40 Australia Best Chart Album Performance (for Music Box) Most Popular Solo International Female (viii) [UK Smash Hits Awards] 1994 Best Female Solo Singer 1995 Best Female Solo Singer (ix) [Germany's Bravo magazine] 1994 Goldener Otto Award for Best Female Artist (x) [Rockefeller Center Awards] 1994 Award for worldwide Music Box sales of over 20 million Award for sales of 55 million records worldwide since 1990 (xi) [Blockbuster Awards] 1995 Most Popular Female Artist 1996 Favourite Single (for Fantasy) Favourite Adult Contemporary Single (for One Sweet Day) 1997 Most Popular Female Artist 1998 Most Popular Female Artist 1999 Most Popular Female Artist (xii) [Lady Of Soul Awards] 1998 Aretha Franklin Entertainer Award Entertainer Of The Year (xiii) [BMI Awards] 1991 Pop Song Of The Year (for Love Takes Time) 1992 Pop Songwriter Of The Year 1993 Million-Air x 3 (for Can't Let Go, Emotions, Make It Happen) 1994 Million-Air x 2 (for Dreamlover, Hero) 1995 Million-Air x 3 (for Anytime You Need A Friend, Dreamlover, Hero) 1996 Million-Air x 1 (for Anytime You Need A Friend) 1997 Million-Air x 4 (for Always Be My Baby, Fantasy, Forever, One Sweet Day) 1998 Million-Air x 1 (for Always Be My Baby) 1999 Pop Songwriter Of The Year (shared) Million-Air x 3 (for Honey, Butterfly, My All) M4. What records and precendents has Mariah set? Worldwide: * On average, one Mariah Carey album is bought every three seconds. * Mariah has sold over 120 million albums in her first ten years. (Mariah Carey, Emotions, MTV Unplugged EP, Music Box, Merry Christmas, Daydream, Butterfly, Number Ones) * Music Box has sold over 25 million copies. * Daydream has sold over 20 million copies. * Mariah Carey was one of the first artists to release an interactive CD Extra. In the US: * Mariah has spent more weeks at Billboard #1 than any other artist. (60 weeks) * Mariah is second only to the Beatles and Elvis Presley in total number of #1 singles. (14) * Mariah and Boyz II Men jointly hold the record for most consecutive weeks at Billboard #1 for a single. (One Sweet Day) * She was the first artist in Billboard history to have her first 5 singles reach #1. (Vision Of Love, Love Takes Time, Someday, I Don't Wanna Cry, Emotions) * 13 of Mariah's 16 solo US singles have gone to #1 on the Billboard chart. (Vision Of Love, Love Takes Time, Someday, I Don't Wanna Cry, Emotions, I'll Be There, Dreamlover, Hero, Fantasy, Always Be My Baby, Honey, My All, Heartbreaker) * Mariah has cowritten 13 of her 14 #1 hits (Vision Of Love, Love Takes Time, Someday, I Don't Wanna Cry, Emotions, Dreamlover, Hero, Fantasy, One Sweet Day, Always Be My Baby, Honey, My All, Heartbreaker) * Mariah has coproduced 10 of her 14 #1 hits (Emotions, I'll Be There, Dreamlover, Hero, Fantasy, One Sweet Day, Always Be My Baby, Honey, My All, Heartbreaker) * She was only the second artist in Billboard history to debut at #1. (Fantasy) * The was the first artist in history to do it three times, twice with a solo single. (Fantasy, Honey) * She is the only artist to have two Billboard #1 debuts, with successive singles. (Fantasy, One Sweet Day) * She is the only artist to debut in the Billboard airplay charts top ten twice. (Fantasy, Honey) * She holds the most weeks at Billboard #1 for a female artist. * She holds the most weeks at Billboard #1 for a Sony artist. * Mariah has had eight consecutive albums go triple platinum. (Mariah Carey, Emotions, MTV Unplugged EP, Music Box, Merry Christmas, Daydream, Butterfly, Number Ones) * Mariah has 84 RIAA gold, platinum and multi-platinum certifications (includes singles, albums and video albums) * She holds the record for most number ones by a female songwriter. (Vision Of Love, Love Takes Time, Someday, I Don't Wanna Cry, Emotions, Dreamlover, Hero, Fantasy, Always Be My Baby, Honey, My All, Heartbreaker) In Australia: * Music Box has sold over 1.5 million copies. That is one for every fifteen Australians. * Fantasy debuted at ARIA #2, and reached #1 in its second week * During December 1995, Mariah had three simultaneous ARIA top 40 singles (Fantasy, One Sweet Day, Joy To The World) In Japan: * Daydream sold 0.5 million copies in its first week, beating the previous record by 0.1 million. This was the best performance of any album in its debut week in any country in the world! * Number Ones has sold 3.5 million copies in Japan, and is the best selling foreign album in Japan. (Editor's note: if you have any statistics or facts to add, perhaps about your own country, please submit them to me. Note that I cannot include information for awards unless you have the award title and date.) M5. Does Mariah do rap? Yes. Mariah does a rap on the song "Prisoner" from her debut album. All other raps on Mariah's singles have been performed by guest artists. [Guest rap artists] Old Dirty Bastard (ODB) Fantasy (Bad Boy Fantasy With ODB) Fantasy (Bad Boy Mix) Fantasy (Puffy's Club Mix) Da Brat and Jermanine Dupri Always Be My Baby (Mr Dupri Mix) Always Be My Baby (Mr Dupri Extended Mix) Honey (So So Def Mix) Da Brat and Missy Elliot Heartbreaker (Ain't No Fun Remix) Imperial and The Dreadlocked Lyricist The Roof (Full Crews Club Mix, one version) Lil' Vicious Always Be My Baby (Reggae Soul Mix) Mase and The Lox Honey (Bad Boy Remix) Mobb Deep The Roof (Mobb Deep Radio Edit) The Roof (Mobb Deep Extended Version) The Roof (Full Crew Club Mix, both versions) Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz My All (Stay Awhile) (So So Def Remix) M6. What other songs has Mariah written? (i) [Unrecorded/unreleased Spanish songs from 'Mariah Carey'] SONG (Translation) Write Algun Dia (Someday) MC, BM Desaparecer (Vanishing) MC, BM Desde Arriba (Sent From Up Above) MC, RL El Amor Toma Tiempo (Love Takes Time) MC, BM No Quiero Llorar (I Don't Wanna Cry) MC, NW Me Necesitas (You Need Me) MC, RL Prisionero (Prisoner) MC, BM Solo Enamorada (Alone In Love) MC, BM Todo Esta En Tu Mente (All In Your Mind) MC, BM Vision De Amor, Una (Vision Of Love) MC, BM Abbrev Name MC Mariah Carey BM Ben Margulies RL Rhett Lawrence NW Narada Michael Walden (ii) [Unrecorded/unreleased songs predating 'Mariah Carey'] SONG Write Do You Ever Wonder MC, BM Don't Take The World Away MC, BM Echoes Of Love MC, BM Here We Go Round Again MC, BM Hypnotized MC, BM I Lose Control MC, NW Into The Light MC, BM Let Me Go MC, BM No Doubt MC, BM Now You Got My Heart MC, BM Surrender To Me MC, BM Unspoken Emotion MC, BM (iii) [Songs written for 'Trey Lorenz'] SONG Write Always In Love * MC, LS Someone To Hold WA, MC, TL * Background vocalists include Mariah Carey Abbrev Name WA Walter Afanasieff TL Trey Lorenz LS Lloyd Lorenz Smith (iv) [Songs written for 'Allure'*] SONG Write Head Over Heels MC, NJ, SB, JO, MW, SM Last Chance MC, MR * Album vocals were arranged by Mariah Carey Abbrev Name NJ N Jones (lyrics) SB S Barnes JO JC Oliver MW M Williams SM S Moltke MR Mark C Rooney (v) [Songs written for '7 Mile'] SONG Write After MC, MR Abbrev Name MR Mark C Rooney (vi) [Other songs cowritten by Mariah Carey] SONG Write Breaking The Chains MC, BS, DR Help Me Find A Way To Your Heart WA, MC, AG, DH, JS Can You Hear Me MC, BM Abbrev Name AG Alan E Gorrie BM Barry Mann DH Daryl F Hall JS Jeffrey Y Smith BS Brenda K Starr M7. What songs were on the famous demo tape? (see also M1) [Original Mariah Carey demo tape] SONG Alone In Love (demo version) Someday (demo version) All In Your Mind (demo version) Prisoner (demo version) Do You Ever Wonder (demo version) (see M6) M8. What other songs have been produced by Mariah? (see also M1) [Songs coproduced for 'Allure'*] SONG Produce/Arrange All Cried Out MC, WA Head Over Heels MC, PT Last Chance MC, MR * Album vocals were arranged by Mariah Carey Abbrev Name WA Walter Afanasieff MR Mark C Rooney PT Poke & Tone for Track Masters Entertainment [Songs coproduced for '7 Mile'] SONG Produce/Arrange After MC,MR Abbrev Name MR Mark C Rooney M9. Where has Mariah performed concerts? CITY Dates Antwerp, Belgium 14 Feb 2000 Atlanta, Georgia (US) 01 Apr 2000 Boston, Massacusetts 13 Apr 2000 Brisbane, Australia 31 Jan 1998 Cologne, Germany 20 Feb 2000 Chicago, Illinois 25 Mar 2000 Frankfurt, Germany 14 Jun 1996 Honolulu, Hawaii 21 Feb 1998 London, United Kingdom 23 Jun 1996, 26 Feb 2000 Los Angeles, California 01 Mar 2000 Madrid, Spain 29 Feb 2000 Melbourne, Australia 13 Feb 1998 Miami, Florida 03 Nov 1993, 29 Mar 2000 Milan, Italy 17 Feb 2000 New York, New York 16 Mar 1992, 10 Dec 1993, 08 Dec 1994, 10 Oct 1995, 11 Apr 2000 Paris, France 20 Jun 1996, 23 Feb 2000 Perth, Australia 10 Feb 1998 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 02 Dec 1993 Rosemont, Illinois 17 Nov 1993 Rotterdam, Netherlands 17 Jun 1996 San Jose, California 21 Mar 2000 Singapore, Singapore 13 Mar 2000 Sydney, Australia 03 Feb 1998, 06 Feb 1998 Tokyo, Japan 07 Mar 1996, 10 Mar 1996, 14 Mar 1996, 11 Jan 1998, 14 Jan 1998, 17 Jan 1998, 20 Jan 1998 Toronto, Canada 18 Apr 2000 Worcester, Massachusetts 09 Nov 1993 M10. Which songs have Spanish versions? Mariah has recorded Spanish versions of one song from Music Box, Daydream and Butterfly, in keeping with the native language of her father. These songs (except Mi Todo, the Spanish version of My All) have appeared on singles and albums in some countries- refer to the "Mariah Carey Singles Discography" document [Ahmed] for information (see M2b(iii) to find where to get this). In addition, each song from the Mariah Carey album has a Spanish version registered in the BMI music database, however these have not been released, and recordings may not even exist. [Spanish recordings] ENGLISH Title SPANISH Title Hero Heroe Open Arms El Amor Que Sone My All Mi Todo -- Archer http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/6413 End.