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Subject: Mariah Carey Newsgroup FAQ, Part 2 of 5 (monthly)

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The Mariah Carey Newsgroup Frequently Asked Questions (for rec.music.artists.mariah-carey) Issue #039, 9th April 2001 MUSICAL QUESTIONS M1. How did Mariah come to be a recording artist? At just two-and-a-half years of age, Mariah first demonstrated her vocal talent by singing part of the Italian opera Rigoletto while her mother was practising. After Mariah's parents were divorced in 1973, Mariah's mother began to give her voice lessons, and in 1976 Mariah made her public debut. During her teenage years, from about age 14, she sang on demo tapes at various recording studios around Long Island, New York. Mariah began writing songs with her friend Ben Margulies at about age 16, and in 1986 cut her first demo with her brother. After graduating from high school in 1987, and leaving home to persue her ambitions, Mariah spent some time as a waitress and hat check girl. Eventually she got the chance to audition as a concert background vocalist for Brenda K Starr, and that turned out to be the break she needed. While attending a recording industry party with Starr in 1988, she was introduced to CBS Music president Tommy Mottola, and the demo cassette she handed him was her ticket to a recording contract with the label (see M7). M2. What songs has Mariah recorded? M2a. FINDING INFORMATION ABOUT DISCS AND SONGS If you are looking for information on the contents of Mariah's albums, a list of widely released singles, or information on the content of singles widely released in the past three years (including those from the albums Butterfly, Rainbow and Number Ones), then continue below. If you know the title of the song you are looking for, and want to find what album (or single) it appears on, refer to the song name index in question X4. (That question will also help you decipher abbreviations.) Starting from issue 35, fully detailed track lists will no longer appear for discs. It was felt that, while this is a useful resource (and is therefore maintained on the FAQ web site), it did not allow readers to rapidly find information about particular songs. Over the coming months, this section will be expanded to include more of the information that was presented in tabular format in previous issues. At any rate, I think you will agree that readability is much improved. If you require fully detailed track lists, or information on singles released more than three years ago, the original tabular data presented in previous issues is still being maintained, and can be found (in full) in the Mariah Carey FAQ Supplementary Discography: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/6413/MCFAQ-supp.html Please note that both the single discography appearing below and the supplementary version on the FAQ website are not exhaustive. For an exhaustive document I recommend the Mariah Carey Singles Discography [Ahmed], which is available by asking the authors nicely at <ahmbros@yahoo.com>. M2b. DISCOGRAPHY OVERVIEW Mariah Carey's studio albums are (in chronological order): Mariah Carey (1990) Emotions (1991) Music Box (1993) Merry Christmas (1994) Daydream (1995) Butterfly (1997) Rainbow (1999) Mariah has released one compilation including new tracks: Number Ones (1998) Mariah has one EP: MTV Unplugged EP (1992) All of these albums are available on Compact Disc, Compact Cassette and MiniDisc on Sony Music Entertainment's Columbia Records label (formerly CBS Records). Mariah has also made some guest appearances on other artists' solo albums: Luther Vandross's Songs with the duet Endless Love; Babyface's The Day, as a backing vocalist on single version of the original song Everytime I Close My Eyes. (She does not feature in the album version.); and Jermaine Dupri's Life In 1472 as a lead vocalist in Heartbreaker (which also appears on Number Ones). These albums are available on the Epic or Columbia Records labels from Sony Music Entertainment. Additionally, in Australia, Mariah's self-titled debut album was issued with a bonus interview disc at one stage. In terms of singles, the following have had a wide release: From Mariah Carey: Vision Of Love Love Takes Time (a limited edition was available in the UK) Someday (which had four remixes on the maxisingle) I Don't Wanna Cry (including one non-album version) There's Got To Be A Way (including bonus remixes) From Emotions: Emotions (including two remixes) Can't Let Go (a limited edition was available in the UK) Make It Happen (which had four remixes on the maxisingle) From MTV Unplugged EP: I'll Be There If It's Over (only released in Japan) From Music Box: Dreamlover (which had five remixes on the US maxisingle) Hero (which had a Spanish version Heroe) Without You Never Forget You (US maxisingle had three non-album versions) Anytime You Need A Friend (two maxisingles in Australia) From Luther Vandross's Songs: Endless Love (with one non-album version) From Merry Christmas: All I Want For Christmas Is You Jesus Born On This Day (US only) Joy To The World (maxisingle released in Australia only) From Daydream: Fantasy (two maxisingles in Australia) One Sweet Day (three remixes plus a Fantasy remix in the US) Always Be My Baby (two maxisingles in Australia) Open Arms (two singles in Australia) Forever (Australia only) From Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds's The Day: Every Time I Close My Eyes (three non-album versions) From Butterfly: Honey (with four remixes) Butterfly (outside US, with two dance remixes) Breakdown (outside US, with bonus remixes) The Roof (Europe only) My All (outside US, with three dance remixes) My All- Stay Awhile (US only, with bonus remixes) From Number Ones: Sweetheart- The Story (with four remixes) When You Believe (with one non-album version) I Still Believe (outside US, with dance remixes) From Rainbow: Heartbreaker (with four remixes) Thank God I Found You (with two remixes) Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (with three dance remixes) Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) (with one dance remix and one non-album version) In addition, Mariah has some rare studio-produced tracks which are not on all versions of albums or singles around the world. These include the so-called Spanish songs Heroe and El Amor Que Sone (see M10) and the so-called B-sides Everything Fades Away (on non-US Music Box versions), Do You Think Of Me (on the Dreamlover minisingle), Slipping Away (on some minisingles) and Do You Know Where You're Going To (on some non-US Number Ones versions). See M2d(i) for information. M2c. BRIEF ALBUM DISCOGRAPHY in chronological order (Track lists and lengths are for Australian die casts) (i) [Mariah Carey (debut album; studio set #1)] 1. Vision of Love (3:30) 2. There's Got To Be A Way (4:54) 3. I Don't Wanna Cry (4:49) 4. Someday (4:08) 5. Vanishing (4:11) 6. All In Your Mind (4:46) 7. Alone In Love (4:11) 8. You Need Me (3:52) 9. Sent From Up Above (4:05) 10. Prisoner (4:24) 11. Love Takes Time (3:50) Total time: 47:02 (ii) [Emotions (follow-up album; studio set #2)] 1. Emotions (4:08) 2. And You Don't Remember (4:27) 3. Can't Let Go (4:28) 4. Make It Happen (5:08) 5. If It's Over (4:38) 6. You're So Cold (5:04) 7. So Blessed (4:13) 8. To Be Around You (4:38) 9. Till The End Of Time (5:35) 10. The Wind (4:42) Total time: 47:02 (iii) [MTV Unplugged (third album; special live set)] 1. Emotions (3:58) 2. If It's Over (3:48) 3. Someday (3:57) 4. Vision of Love (3:36) 5. Make It Happen (4:09) 6. I'll Be There- featuring Trey Lorenz (4:43) 7. Can't Let Go (4:36) Total time: 28:48 (iv) [Music Box (fourth album; studio set #3)] 1. Dreamlover (3:53) 2. Hero (4:19) 3. Anytime You Need A Friend (4:26) 4. Music Box (4:58) 5. Now That I Know (4:19) 6. Never Forget You (3:47) 7. Without You (3:36) 8. Just To Hold You Once Again (3:58) 9. I've Been Thinking About You (4:48) 10. All I've Ever Wanted (3:52) 11. Everything Fades Away (5:28) Total time: 47:27 (v) [Luther Vandross: Songs (first guest appearance)] 1. Endless Love (4:21) (vi) [Merry Christmas (fifth album; studio set #4)] 1. Silent Night (3:45) 2. All I Want For Christmas Is You (4:05) 3. O Holy Night (4:32) 4. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) (2:40) 5. Miss You Most (At Christmas Time) (4:37) 6. Joy To The World (4:24) 7. Jesus Born On This Day (3:47) 8. Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town (3:29) 9. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing/ Gloria (In Excelsis Deo) (3:05) 10. Jesus Oh What A Wonderful Child (4:29) 11. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Total time: 38:53 (vii) [Daydream (sixth album; studio set #5)] 1. Fantasy (4:04) 2. Underneath The Stars (3:32) 3. One Sweet Day- featuring Boyz II Men (4:43) 4. Open Arms (3:30) 5. Always Be My Baby (4:21) 6. I Am Free (3:08) 7. When I Saw You (4:25) 8. Long Ago (4:34) 9. Melt Away (3:42) 10. Forever (4:00) 11. Daydream Interlude (Fantasy Sweet Dub Mix) (3:05) 12. Looking In (3:36) (viii) [Babyface: The Day (second guest appearance)] 1. Every Time I Close My Eyes * (4:56) * This album version DOES NOT feature Mariah Carey. (ix) [Butterfly (seventh album; studio set #6)] 1. Honey (5:01) 2. Butterfly (4:36) 3. My All (3:52) 4. The Roof (5:15) 5. Fourth Of July (4:22) 6. Breakdown (4:45) 7. Babydoll (5:07) 8. Close My Eyes (4:22) 9. Whenever You Call (4:22) 10. Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise) (3:49) 11. The Beautiful Ones (7:00) 12. Outside (4:48) 13. Honey (So So Def Radio Mix) (3:58) 14. Honey (Def Club Mix) (6:17) Total time: 67:36 (x) [Number Ones (first greatest hits compilation)] 1. Sweetheart- featuring Jermaine Dupri (4:25) 2. When You Believe- featuring Whitney Houston (4:37) 3. Whenever You Call- featuring Brian McKnight (4:23) 4. My All (4:52) 5. Honey (5:01) 6. Always Be My Baby (4:19) 7. One Sweet Day- featuring Boyz II Men (4:43) 8. Fantasy (Bad Boy With ODB)- featuring ODB (4:54) 9. Hero (4:21) 10. Dreamlover (3:55) 11. I'll Be There- featuring Trey Lorenz (4:25) 12. Emotions (4:11) 13. Someday (4:08) 14. Love Takes Time (3:49) 15. Vision Of Love (3:32) 16. I Still Believe (3:56) 17. Without You (3:36) 18. Do You Know Where You're Going To (3:48) Total time: 75:55 (xi) [Jermaine Dupri: Life In 1472 (third guest appearance)] 5. Sweetheart (4:45) (xii) [Rainbow (eighth album; studio set #7)] 1. Heartbreaker- featuring Jay-Z (4:46) 2. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (4:32) 3. Bliss (5:44) 4. How Much- featuring Usher (3:31) 5. After Tonight (4:16) 6. X-Girlfriend (3:57) 7. Heartbreaker (Remix)- featuring Da Brat, Missy Elliot (4:32) 8. Vulnerability (Interlude) (1:11) 9. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) (3:24) 10. Crybaby- featuring Snoop Dogg (5:20) 11. Did I Do That (4:16) 12. Petals (4:22) 13. Rainbow (Interlude) (1:32) 14. Thank God I Found You- featuring Joe, 98 Degrees (4:17) Total time: 55:47 M2d. SINGLE DISCOGRAPHY in chronological order (Full track lists and lengths are for Australian die casts, unless otherwise stated) (i) [Single B sides] SINGLE Title (Country) SONG Title Vision Of Love (UK) Medley (Someday, Prisoner, All In Your Mind) Dreamlover Do You Think Of Me Hero Everything Fades Away Open Arms (Aust) Slipping Away (ii) [Single remixes before Butterfly] SONG Title (Single) REMIX Title (Remixer) There's Got To Be A Way 7" Mix (Shep Pettibone) (There's Got To Be A 12" Mix (Shep Pettibone) Way) Alt Vocal Club Mix There's Got To Be A Way Alt Vocal Dub Mix (TGTBAW 12") Sample Dub Mix Emotions (Emotions) C&C Club Mix (D Cole and R Clivilles) C&C Club No 1 Mix (D Cole and R Clivilles) Emotions (Emotions 12") C&C Dub-Dub Mix (D Cole and R Clivilles) Make It Happen Extended Version (Make It Happen) Radio Edit Dub C&C Classic Mix (D Cole and R Clivilles) Emotions (MIH) Special Motion Edit Someday (Someday) New 7" Jackswing (Shep Pettibone) New 7" Straight New 12" Jackswing (Shep Pettibone) New 12" House Pianoapercapella Dreamlover (Dreamlover) Def Club Mix (David Morales) Def Instrumental (David Morales) USA Love Dub (David Morales) Eclipse Dub (David Morales) Def Tribal Mix (David Morales) Dreamlover (Hero) Club Joint Mix (Brian Morgan) Dreamlover Bam Jam Soul (Dreamlover 12") Def Club Mix- Edit Never Forget You Radio Edit (Without You) Extended Instrumental AYNAF (AYNAF #1) Soul Convention Remix (MC Rooney, M Morales) Stringapella (MC Rooney, M Morales) C&C Extended Mix (R Clivilles, D Cole) C&C Radio Edit (R Clivilles, D Cole) AYNAF (AYNAF #2) C&C Club Version (R Clivilles, D Cole) Ministry Of Sound Mix (R Clivilles, D Cole) Dave's Empty Pass (R Clivilles, D Cole) 7" Mix (R Clivilles, D Cole) Anytime You Need A All That & More Mix Friend (AYNAF 12") Broiqua Tribe Mix Endless Love (EL) Instrumental Joy To The World (Joy Celebration Mix (David Morales) To The World) Flava Mix (David Morales) Club Mix (David Morales) Joy To The World Crash Dub Crash (JTTW 12") Celebration Mix- Edit Fantasy (Fantasy #1) Bad Boy Fantasy (Sean "Puffy" Combs) Bad Boy With ODB (Sean "Puffy" Combs) Bad Boy Mix (Sean "Puffy" Combs) Def Club Mix (David Morales) Fantasy (Fantasy #2) Radio Mix (David Morales) MC Mix (David Morales) The Boss Mix (David Morales) Sweet Dub Mix (David Morales) Bad Boy With ODB (Sean "Puffy" Combs) Fantasy (One Sweet Day) Def Drums Mix (David Morales) Fantasy (Fantasy 12") Puffy's Mix (Sean "Puffy" Coombs) Puffy's Club Mix (Sean "Puffy" Coombs) One Sweet Day (One Sweet A Cappella Sweet Day) A Cappella Chucky's Remix (C Thompson) Always Be My Baby Mr Dupri No Rap Radio Mix (J Dupri) (Always Be My Baby #1) Mr Dupri Mix (Jermaine Dupri) Mr Dupri Extended Mix (Jermaine Dupri) Reggae Soul Mix (Cory Rooney) Always Be My Baby Def Classic Radio Version (David Morales) (Always Be My Baby #2) Always Club (David Morales) Groove A Pella (David Morales) ST Dub (Satoshi Tomiie) Every Time I Close My Radio Edit Eyes (Every Time I House Of Music Remix Edit Close My Eyes) Every Time I Feel The Groove Remix (iii) [Honey (debut Australian Butterfly single)] 1. Honey (LP Version) (5:01) 2. Honey (Bad Boy Remix)- featuring Mase, The Lox (5:31) 3. Honey (Classic Mix) (8:04) 4. Honey (So So Def Mix)- featuring Da Brat, Jermaine Dupri (5:12) 5. Honey (Classic Instrumental) (7:31) Total time: 31:21 (iv) [Butterfly (second Australian Butterfly single)] 1. Butterfly (4:35) 2. Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise) (3:48) 3. Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise) (Fly Away Club Mix) (9:53) 4. Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise) (Def 'B' Fly Mix) (8:41) 5. Honey (Morales Dub) (7:34) Total time: 34:32 (v) [Breakdown (third Australian Butterfly single)] 1. Breakdown (Radio Edit) (4:16) 2. Breakdown (The Mo' Thugs Remix) (5:00) 3. Breakdown (Album Version) (4:45) 4. Honey (Morales Club Dub) (11:01) 5. Honey (Mo' Honey Dub) (7:23) Total time: 32:25 (vi) [The Roof (UK Butterfly single)] 1. The Roof (Album Version) (5:15) 2. The Roof (Radio Edit) (4:24) 3. The Roof (Mobb Deep Extended Version)- featuring Mobb Deep (5:32) 4. The Roof (Full Crew's Club Mix- Version 1)- featuring Imperial, The Dreadlocked Lyricist (5:02) 5. The Roof (Full Crew's Club Mix- Version 2)- featuring Mobb Deep (5:02) Total time: 25:15 (vii) [My All (fourth Australian Butterfly single)] 1. My All (Album Version) (3:52) 2. My All (Classic Radio Mix) (4:17) 3. My All (Classic Club Mix) (9:12) 4. My All (My Club Mix) (7:08) Total time: 24:29 (viii) [My All- Stay Awhile (US Butterfly remix single)] 1. My All/ Stay Awhile (So So Def Remix)- featuring Lord Tariq, Peter Gunz (4:44) 2. My All/ Stay Awhile (So So Def Remix Without Rap) (3:45) 3. My All (My Club Mix) (7:10) 4. My All (Def Club Mix) (7:17) 5. The Roof (Funky Club Mix) (8:28) Total time: 31:24 (ix) [Jermaine Dupri: Sweetheart (US guest appearance single)] 1. Sweetheart (The Story) 2. Sweetheart (Album Version) 3. Sweetheart (Without Rap) 4. Sweetheart (Lil John Remix) 5. Sweetheart (The Story- Instrumental) (x) [When You Believe (first Number Ones single)] 1. When You Believe (Album Version)- featuring Whitney Houston (4:35) 2. When You Believe (TV Track)- featuring Whitney Houston (4:32) 3. I Am Free (3:08) 4. You Were Loved (4:09) Total time: 16:26 (xi) [I Still Believe (second Number Ones single)] 1. I Still Believe (3:56) 2. I Still Believe (David Morales Radio Edit) (3:53) 3. I Still Believe (The Eve Of Souls Mix) (10:54) 4. I Still Believe (Pure Imagination) (Damizza Reemix)- featuring Krayzie Bone, Da Brat (4:34) 5. I Still Believe (Pure Imagination) (Stevie J Clean Remix)- featuring Mocha, Amil (5:06) Total time: 28:24 (xii) [Heartbreaker (US maxisingle; first Rainbow single)] 1. Heartbreaker (Album Version)- featuring Jay-Z 2. Heartbreaker (Ain't No Fun Remix)- featuring Da Brat, Missy Elliot 3. Heartbreaker (If You Should Ever Be Lonely) (Junior's Club Mix) 4. Heartbreaker (If You Should Ever Be Lonely) (Junior's Club Dub) 5. Heartbreaker (If You Should Ever Be Lonely) (Junior's Hard Mix) (xiii) [Thank God I Found You (US maxisingle; second Rainbow single)] 1. Thank God I Found You (Make It Last Remix)- featuring Joe, 98 Degrees, NAS 2. Thank God I Found You (Make It Last Remix Without Rap)- featuring Joe, 98 Degrees - 3. Thank God I Found You (Album Version)- featuring Joe, 98 Degrees 4. Babydoll (xiv) [Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (US minisingle; third US Rainbow single)] 1. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) 2. Crybaby- featuring Snoop Dogg 3. Love Hangover/ Heartbreaker (xv) [Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (US maxisingle; third US Rainbow single)] 1. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (Morales Revival Triumphant Mix) 2. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (Morales Club Mix) 3. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (Morales Instrumental) 4. Crybaby (Album Version) 5. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (Album Version) (xvi) [Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) (third Australian Rainbow single)] 1. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)- featuring Westlife 2. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) (Pound Boys Main Mix)- featuring Westlife 3. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) (Mariah Only Version) (xiii) [Ungrouped single remixes] SONG Title (Single) REMIX Title (Mixed by/at) Honey Smooth Version (with intro) (Honey promo) Smooth Version (without intro) The Roof (The Roof 12") Radio Edit (Mobb Deep) Full Crew Radio Edit (Wayne La Wes, no rap) Funky Club Mix (David Morales) After Hours Mix (David Morales) Bass Man Mix (David Morales) My All (My All UK) Full Crew Main Mix Full Crew Radio Mix -- Archer http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/6413 End.