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Subject: Mariah Carey Newsgroup FAQ, Part 1 of 5 (monthly)

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The Mariah Carey Newsgroup Frequently Asked Questions (for rec.music.artists.mariah-carey) Issue #039 (9th April 2001)- The Welcome To Virgin Edition The maintenance of this FAQ is a non-profit project of Kasoft Typesetting, a division of Kasoft Software, Australia. The editor and author, Kade "Archer" Hansson, can be reached by e-mail at kade_fh@postoffice.utas.edu.au. Corrections, additions and all forms of feedback are encouraged. Copyright in this document is retained by the author, and it may not be adapted or offered for sale or hire, in whole or in part, without prior arrangement with Kade Hansson. An extensive hypertext version of this document (XHTML, suitable for most contemporary browsers) is available on the web at: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/6413/MCFAQ-index.html Note that if you are reading this text on a newsgroup or an FAQ archive, there may be a significant lag time before the hypertext version is updated to reflect the changes in the document you are now reading. That is, you could be seeing the previous month's version if you follow this link. All previous mirrors of the hypertext version are outdated, so this address is to be preferred over any others you may have. For those who prefer plain text, or the protocol FTP, the MIT archive has up- to-data copies of all FAQs in textual form on their FTP service. This FAQ is in five parts that can be downloaded from the directory: ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/news.answers/music/mariah-carey-faq/ For faster access, and to reduce the burden on the main service, I would recommend that you seek out mirrors of the MIT site, which can be readily found all over the world. The hypertext version of this FAQ includes local links to full lyrics and cover thumbnails, as well as selected articles and photographs. New readers should read the general section first, and then to browse through the music, movie, personal information and miscellaneous sections. People with a strong interest in Mariah Carey may like to browse the fan section, to find out about fan clubs and collectables. Regular computer users may also be interested in the technical section. At the end of the FAQ I give a selected bibliography. I also list some articles about Mariah and interviews she has done. See question G3 for recent developments, including updates on Mariah's move from Columbia to Virgin and the upcoming movie and soundtrack All That Glitters. INDEX OF QUESTIONS AND TABLES General questions G1. Who is Mariah Carey? G2. What kind of articles are posted on the newsgroup? G3. What is Mariah's most recent work? G4. Where can I find lyrics? Lyric archives G5. Are there instrumental or karaoke versions of Mariah's songs? G6. Should I post pictures, songs or sound clips on the newsgroup? G7. Where else on the Internet, besides the newsgroup, can I discuss Mariah? G8. Where can I find some other Mariah-focused Internet resources? Worldwide Web pages G9. What if my question isn't answered here? Musical questions M1. How did Mariah become a recording artist? M2. What songs has Mariah recorded? M2a. Finding information about discs and songs M2b. Discography overview M2c. Brief album discography Mariah Carey Emotions MTV Unplugged EP Music Box Luther Vandross: Songs Merry Christmas Daydream Babyface: The Day Butterfly Ones Jermaine Dupri: Life In 1472 Rainbow M2d. Brief single discography Single B sides Single remixes before Butterfly Honey single Butterfly single Breakdown single The Roof (UK) single My All single My All/ Stay Awhile (US) single Sweetheart (US) single When You Believe single I Still Believe single Heartbreaker (US) single Thank God I Found You (US) single Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (US) minisingle Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (US) maxisingle Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) (US) single Ungrouped single remixes M2e. Videography index Video albums Video singles Video clips M2f. Album and single videography M2g. Clip videography M2h. Songbook and sheet music bibliography Songbooks Sheet music: general Sheet music: choral M3. What awards has Mariah won? Grammy Awards World Music Awards Billboard Music Awards American Music Awards Soul Train Awards New York City Music Awards Australian Record Industry Association Awards UK Smash Hits Awards Germany's Bravo magazine Rockefeller Center Awards Blockbuster Awards Lady Of Soul Awards BMI Awards M4. What records and precedents has Mariah set? M5. Does Mariah do rap? Guest rap artists M6. What other songs has Mariah written? Unrecorded/unreleased Spanish songs from Mariah Carey Unrecorded/unreleased songs predating Mariah Carey Songs written for Trey Lorenz Songs written for Allure Songs written for 7 Mile Other songs cowritten by Mariah Carey M7. What songs were on the famous demo tape? Original Mariah Carey demo tape M8. What other songs have been produced by Mariah? Songs coproduced for Allure Songs coproduced for 7 Mile M9. Where has Mariah performed concerts? M10. Which songs have Spanish versions? Spanish recordings Movie questions S1. What can you tell me about Paint Your Wagon? S2. Which movies has Mariah appeared in? S3. What's the story with the Honey video? Personal questions P1. What is Mariah's family like? P2. When and where was Mariah born? P3. How would I pick Mariah in a crowd? P4. What are Mariah's favourite things? P5. What was Mariah's first wedding like? P6. Does Mariah smoke? P7. Who was Mariah's first husband? Fan questions F1. What unofficial fan clubs are there? F2. How do I join Sony's official Mariah fan club? F3. Where can I write to Mariah Carey? F4. What are some Mariah collectables? Older posters Previous tour merchandise Limited release albums Limited release singles Special album versions Computer software Instrumental albums Known bootlegs F5. What are some rare Mariah collectables? Love And Dream F6. Where can I get Mariah collectables? Freelance collectable traders on Internet Technical questions T1. What does the Merry Christmas CD Extra offer? T2. What is the #Mariah_Carey chat channel all about? T3. Does Mariah have any DVDs? Miscellaneous questions X1. When was the newsgroup founded? X2. What is MCT? X3. What is The Gospel According To Vision? X4. What is all this AIWFCIY and AYNAF and DYTOM stuff? Index of Mariah Carey songs X5. What was "Crave"? X6. What is "Camp Mariah"? GENERAL QUESTIONS G1. Who is Mariah Carey? Mariah Carey is the biggest selling recording artist of the 1990s and the biggest selling female artist of all time (despite what you may have heard). Mariah Carey is unique in having both a breath-taking multi-octave vocal range as well as an amazing talent for writing and producing highly popular songs. Since her self-titled debut album was released in 1990, she has sold over 120 million albums and 20 million singles. Mariah Carey is often referred to as simply "Mariah", though some may prefer Ms Carey over such blatant familarity. Also, fans usually capitalize the personal pronoun "her" when discussing Mariah, viz "Her". MC is also a common abbreviation. Mariah has no middle name, and her first name is supposedly derived from the song They Call The Wind Mariah from the movie Paint Your Wagon (see S1). Mariah Carey has been married once, to Sony Music Entertainment President, Tommy Mottola, but that relationship ended in divorce in March 1998 after four years of marriage and nine months of separation. Her present marital status is single, but she is romatically linked to Luis Miguel, a latin singer. Mariah was originally signed to the Columbia music label, now a division of Sony Music Entertainment, by Tommy back in 1989 (see M1). Under Columbia she released nine albums (see M2), including one compilation and one EP. Since last month she is now signed to the Virgin label, a division of EMI Music Publishing. Her first album with Virgin will be the soundtrack to the upcoming movie All That Glitters (see S2), allowed under a special arrangement with Columbia (whose parent co-owns the rights to the movie). G2. What kind of articles are posted on the newsgroup? The newsgroup rec.music.artists.mariah-carey is about Mariah Carey, and that includes articles about, or at least closely related to, her life and her music. News bulletins, announcements, questions, opinions, reviews and discussions all have a place on the group. It is not dedicated to fans alone, and anyone who is interested in the discussions taking place is encouraged to participate. As a general rule, articles should not be crossposted to or from other music groups. The point of having the rec.music.* hierachy divided into separate sections is to allow discussions specific topics to take place without disturbing those who do not have an interest in them. Music is a very broad topic, and also one where opinions vary greatly and emotions can run high. Learn to respect others' opinions, and do not force your opinion on others. People who post deliberately provoking and generally thoughtless articles should be ignored. If you do feel a reply is necessary, use e-mail in the first instance. Public follow-ups to such articles should be avoided. In any instance, do not crosspost replies to any groups other than those to which the article is directly and indisputably relevant. G3. What is Mariah's most recent work? The most recent developments for Mariah have occurred on two fronts: 1. Details about the release of the upcoming movie All That Glitters (read on) have become public- Mariah has coproduced the soundtrack and stars in the film. 2. Mariah has left Sony for EMI, and has a $US20 million per album deal with the Virgin label. This has been rumoured ever since Mariah split with Sony CEO Tommy Mottola. Various sources cite Mariah being unhappy with promotion (or lack thereof) at Sony, but the truth is certainly more complicated. Mariah's most recent studio album is entitled Rainbow. This album is packed with collaborations with urban and R&B artists, but has a few ballads to pacify older fans. The work is testimony to Mariah's astounding ability to adjust herself to the popular styles of the day. The singles released from the Rainbow album appear to be different in each part of the world. Heartbreaker, the one which has a worldwide release, had a record debut week, with sales tying a Beatles record of 271 000 copies sold in the US. Thank God I Found You was then released to some markets (including the US), followed by Against All Odds and Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (paired with Crybaby in the US), though the order of release depends on the market. Mariah appeared in the movie The Bachelor, a film starring Chris O'Donnell which had wordlwide release around the beginning of 2000. Mariah's next movie role will be much bigger, as she will appear in the star vehicle All That Glitters, believed to be ready for an Autumn 2001 release. See question S2. Mariah's most recent worldwide video album (available on VHS and DVD worldwide) is Number Ones, containing video clips featuring Mariah's number one singles. Current Album: Rainbow (November 1999) Recent Videos: Around The World (1998) VH1 Divas Live (1998) Number Ones (1999) Previous Tour: Rainbow Tour 2000 (visited Canada, US and Europe in Feb/Mar/Apr 2000) Recent Singles: The Roof (March 1998, Europe) My All (May 1998, Australia & US) My All (Stay Awhile) (June 1998, US) When You Believe (From The Prince Of Egypt) (November 1998) Heartbreaker (September 1999, US) Thank God I Found You (December 1999, US) Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (May 2000, US) Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) (October 2000, Australia) Other Releases: Merry Christmas (CD Extra interactive disc, 1996) Valentines (CD limited edition single, 2000) VH1 Divas Live (DVD, 1998) Around The World (DVD, 1998) Number Ones (DVD, 1999) G4. Where can I find lyrics? Not on the newsgroup- check the FAQ website (address given below), amongst others. As the FAQ maintainer, I used to post new and updated lyrics to the newsgroup as they became available. This was to prevent the newsgroup being flooded with multiple conflicitng copies of Mariah's lyrics. The lyrics were cited with a revision number and date, and I encouraged readers to bring disagreements to my attention. The result of my efforts are the Mariah Carey lyric archives. The lyric archives are available as links from this page: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/6413/MCFAQ-general.html#g4 I still encourage people to correct the archives, because lyrics are very rarely 100% correct. Please note that not all archives are complete, and some are not yet publically available (those marked at revision 0). This is because they are very incomplete or I am otherwise unhappy with them. [Lyric archives] ARCHIVE Title Current revision 01. Mariah Carey (album) 1 (08 Apr 1996) 02. Emotions (album) 2 (08 Apr 1996) 03. I'll Be There (song) 2 (08 Apr 1996) 04. Music Box (album) 2 (08 Apr 1996) 05. Dreamlover (remixes) 1 (22 Apr 1996) 06. Do You Think Of Me (song) 2 (08 Apr 1996) 07. Heroe (song) 1 (15 Apr 1996) 08. AYNAF (remixes) 1 (22 Apr 1996) 09. Merry Christmas (album) 1 (22 Apr 1996) 10. Joy To The World (remixes) 2 (08 Apr 1996) 11. Fantasy (remixes) 4 (22 Apr 1996) 12. Daydream (album) 2 (15 Apr 1996) 13. El Amor Que Sone (song) 1 (15 Apr 1996) 14. Always Be My Baby (remixes) 2 (03 Jul 1996) 15. Slipping Away (song) 1 (08 Apr 1996) 16. Endless Love 1 (15 Apr 1996) 17. Honey (remixes) 1 (30 Jul 1997) 18. Butterfly (album) 2 (24 Sep 1997) 19. ETICME (song) 2 (24 Sep 1997) 20. Head Over Heels (song) 0 (01 Apr 1998) 21. Butterfly (remixes) 0 (01 Apr 1998) 22. Breakdown (remixes) 0 (07 Apr 1998) 23. My All (remixes) 0 (23 May 1998) 24. Mi Todo (song) 0 (24 Jun 1998) 25. Sweetheart (remixes) 0 (30 Nov 1998) 26. Number Ones (album) 0 (30 Nov 1998) 27. The Roof (remixes) 0 (01 Oct 1999) 28. Heartbreaker (remixes) 0 (01 Oct 1999) 29. Rainbow (album) 0 (01 Oct 1999) If a song you want isn't available here (and remember that album archives contain the full lyrics for all songs on international releases of that album), may I suggest you visit Mihau's Mariah Carey Lyrics Archive at: http://mariahlyrics.com/ G5. Are there instrumental or karaoke versions of Mariah's songs? There is are a few instrumental or karaoke albums available, but they are not officially endorsed. See question F4. Additionally, MIDI music files are readily available on the net (see G8). For the musically inclined, sheet music is available. Question M2h has a list of songbooks. Rachid Guernane has indicated that the avid Mariah fan can track down true instrumental versions (that is the exact same backing tracks Mariah sings to) of some songs. The instrumental tracks he has been able to find: Against All Odds [from the Japanese 5" CD single.] All I Want For Christmas Is You [from the Merry Christmas CD Plus, used in the introduction to the interactive session.] Endless Love [from the US/European/Australian 5" CD single & the Japanese 3" CD single.] My All [from a rare French compilation.] Sweetheart/ The Story Instrumental [from the US promo CD single & the Japanese 5" CD single.] When You Believe [from the US CD single.] DVD (see question T3) would provide the ideal format for delivering such material. However, to my knowledge, there is no DVD containing karaoke versions of Mariah's songs. However, Mariah's music DVDs (see question M2f) do include synchronised lyrics, and many audio receivers allow vocals to be suppressed. There may also be laserdiscs available with Mariah Carey songs on them, so check in a laserdisc catalogue. I myself have a long-standing project to create a karaoke machine based on a computer and a CD player, but I wouldn't wait for that. If you are interested, e-mail me and I'll tell you how it's coming along. G6. Should I post pictures, songs or sound clips on the newsgroup? This is not a newsgroup designed for binary traffic (such as music, sounds and images), so you should never post this material. The correct protocol is to post the binary file to the alt.binaries.* hierachy and then post a message here notifying the group of its whereabouts. G7. Where else on the Internet, besides the newsgroup, can I discuss Mariah? There is an established live chat channel called #Mariah_Carey (also try #Mariah) on Undernet IRC which is dedicated to the discussion of Mariah and her music. Look at the IRC newsgroups (such as alt.irc.undernet) to find out more about Undernet and IRC, and how you can connect. Some further information is given in question T2. Also, there are three mailing lists you can subscribe to: Description Name of list Posting address Mariah Carey's fan list Vision vision@pdafrance.com Mariah Carey news list Vision News vision-news@pdafrance.com Mariah Carey marketplace list Goddess-Mariah - (The Vision list is a superset of Vision News, in the sense that articles sent to Vision News appear on Vision, but articles sent to vision do not appear on Vision News.) You can subscribe to either of the Vision groups by sending a message to majordomo@pdafrance.com with a body containing the line: subscribe <name-of-list> To unsubscribe from a Vision group send a message to majordomo@pdafrance.com with a body containing the line: unsubscribe <name-of-list> (Replace <name-of-list> with one of the mailing list names given above.) To join the marketplace mailing list, send a message to majordomo@lists.io.com with a body containing the line: subscribe goddess-mariah Whenever you send to an automated "majordomo" account, you can leave the subject line blank. Messages posted to the mailing list you subscribe to will be sent to your e-mailbox. G8. Where can I find some other Mariah-focused Internet resources? There are a great many worldwide web pages dedicated to Mariah Carey, and the table below gives but a small sampling of these. Of foremost interest is the Official Sony Mariah Carey page at: http://www.mcarey.com/ There are many Mariah Carey chat channels. The one which is arguably the most popular is #Mariah_Carey on undernet. See question T2. Many web pages also include live chat facilities and message boards. [Other Worldwide Web pages] These pages are selected by the FAQ maintainer because they are reasonably contemporaneous and represent a reasonable cross-section of what is available. E-mail me if you would like me to review your page for inclusion. I have had to remove a lot of pages because they are no longer actively maintained- I would ask that you notify me should that happen to pages listed here, particularly if you are the maintainer. ADDRESS (Author) http://www.mariahcarey.org/ (M Batson/D Leveillee, US) http://mariahlyrics.com/ ("mihau", Germany) http://www.mcarchives.com/ (E De Ridder, Netherlands) http://www.geocities.com/richards_mariah_shrine/ (R Grunwald, Australia) http://users.bart.nl/~snowinnl/ (E Zwiggelaar, Netherlands) G9. What if my question isn't answered here? If your question has not been answered by this newsgroup FAQ, please feel free to ask on the newsgroup. If this fails, feel free to ask me at kade_fh@postoffice.utas.edu.au, and I will endeavour to learn the answer for you. If you feel any commonly asked question deserves to be listed in this FAQ, please contact me. It would be nice if you have an answer too, but not essential. -- Archer http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/6413 End.