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Subject: Listing of open musical jam sessions

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[ January 2000 update: currently being rewritten ] Here's the latest revision of the open jam sessions list. Further additions, comments, corrections, etc. VIA MAIL PLEASE, are welcome. My thanks to all of you who have contributed to the list! Copyright Rich Kulawiec, 1997,2000. A lot of people have written to ask me why I created this. Well... it's for everyone one of us who has ever stood in the rain and cold in Chicago or Dublin or Tokyo, holding a beat-up guitar case, or maybe an old sax, waiting for a chance to get into the spotlight that waits inside, just to play for the love of it. Most of us will never meet, and most of us will never achieve the wild success that a few do, but wherever we play, whatever we play, we have a lot in common. Our reward is a smile from our fellow musicians, a quick round of applause, and maybe a beer on the house. So this is for us. This edition of the list has been (1) sorted by State/Province/Country (2) mostly tagged with musical genres to make searching a bit easier (3) partially tagged with dates to help keep track of how current the various bits of information area and (4) reformatted a bit. (It's slowly mutating toward digest format.) I hope these changes, made in response to comments and suggestions, are helpful. About those timestamps -- a lot of the entries on the list either don't have timestamps (because the entries predate when I started adding them) or they have timestamps that are quite old. If you see a jam session listed that no longer exists (often because the venue no longer exists!) then please drop me a line. Conversely, if you attend one of the jam sessions that has a timestamp that's getting old, please drop me a line and let me know about that, too, so that I can update the timestamp. And if you're thinking of showing up at a session that's quite old...well, you should probably phone first. ;-) Finally, if you notice a missing "Contributed-by" field where your name should be, please let me know; it's handy to have someone to steer questions to when they come up, and it's also nice to know who should get the credit for the entry. As a note to folks out there who have questions about particular jams: sometimes the person who contributed the entry has current information, sometimes they don't. The best way to find out is to ask nicely, and not to be too surprised if it turns out that they moved away from the area 2 years ago. :-) READ THIS NOTE: I receive an average of hundreds of mail messages per day. If you want to make sure that your update/correction/reply to this article comes to my attention when I'm working on the next version, please send your message as a reply to this article, i.e. make absolutely certain that you preserve the "Subject:" line. If you don't do this, your reply may sit in one of my numerous mail queues for months or even years. Please don't send an update more than once -- doing so only adds to the queue that I have to process when doing updates. If you want to make certain that I've received something, then make a note of the information on the "Version:" line above. If it has changed when you next see this article, and your information isn't included, then I've missed it. Otherwise, it's safe to presume I've got it and it queued for inclusion. The FAQ may be reproduced and propagated via http, ftp, gopher or other common Internet protocols by anyone provided that (1) it is reproduced in its entirety (2) no fee is charged for access to it and (3) it's kept up-to-date. This latter is probably best accomplished by mirroring one of the FAQ archives -- that way you'll get a new copy everytime I update it, which is approximately monthly. (If you do put it up on the web, I'd like to know the URL, but that's not a requirement. It just would be nice.) Reproduction of this FAQ on paper, CDROM or other media which are sold is permissible only with the express written consent of its author. If you are reading a copy of this document which appears to be out-of-date, there are a variety of methods that you can use to retrieve the most current method. If you are familiar with access to the FAQ archives via mail, ftp, and www, then you already know how. If not, then send email to mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu with the command "send usenet/news.answers/news-answers/introduction" in the message, and a complete guide to FAQ retrieval will be mailed to you. ---Rsk Birmingham, Alabama, USA: [Folk/Blues] Open jam at Homewood Musical Instrument Co.; 3027 Central Ave in Homewood, Alabama. Phone (205) 879-4868. All levels, friendly to acoustic blues, bluegrass; squeezeboxes; mandolins etc. Each saturday 10-4pm. Contributed-by: retedrow@the-matrix.com Phoenix, Arizona, USA: [Unknown/Folk?] Fri & Sat 7:30 pm open jam at Fiddler's Dream Coffeehouse 17th St and Cactus Wren, Phoenix Contributed-by: Joe Bethancourt <locksley@indirect.com> [Dec 94] Tucson, Arizona, USA: [Old-Time/Celtic] The Folk Shop, 2525 N. Campbell Avenue, 881-7147, hosts music jams every Tuesday and Wednesday evening. Tuesday's jam runs from 8-11 and features Old-Time/Celtic the 4th Tuesday of the month, and Bluegrass every 2nd Tuesday. These jams are open to anyone with a smile and an intrument. The Wednesday "Slow-Jam" is strictly for participants, mainly those with a propensity to read the written note, and play at a slower pace. For those of us just beginning or learning a different instrument. 7:30 - 9:00 By the way, check <http://www.lpl.arizona.edu/~tzf/fd_az.html for a web page on folkish music and dance in Tucson, maintained by Terry Friedman. Also, there are other places in town with jams that come and go. If you`re passing through town, try calling any of: SW Center For Music: 2175 N 6th Ave, 881-1220 Cushing Street Bar: Stellar Cellar: ? E. Grant (currently open mike on Friday nights) Tucson Bluegrass Association: 761 8384 Contributed-by: Theron Friedman (tzf@lpl.arizona.edu) [Aug 94] and folkie@AZStarNet.com (folk shop) [Sep 95] Tucson, Arizona, USA: [Folk] "Slow Jam" for beginners, Wednesday Nights at Bookman's (Grant at Campbell Ave.) ~8 - ~10. Basic fiddle/contra tunes played very slowly; sight reading skills are optional. Contributed-by: Theron Friedman (tzf@lpl.arizona.edu) [Aug 94] Tucson, Arizona, USA: [Folk] There is currently an Irish jam at the Harp & Shamrock (a bar - noisy & smokey) 7002 E. Golf Links Rd., 2nd Thursday of each month, 8-10pm Contributed-by: tzf@LPL.Arizona.EDU (Terry Friedman) [Aug 96] Tucson, Arizona, USA: [Folk] The Arizona Old Time Fiddlers have an open mike jam every Tuesday, 7-10pm at the Southwest Community Center. Music genre runs to old standards, old country, and fiddle tunes. Contact: Jack Childs, 520/883-4029. Contributed-by: tzf@LPL.Arizona.EDU (Terry Friedman) [Aug 96] Little Rock, Arkansas, USA: [Celtic] Celtic session meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month at Barnes & Noble Booksellers, 11500 Financial Centre Parkway, 8-10 pm. Novices to experts welcome. For info call (501) 372-7619. Contributed-by: Ellen Stern <estern@aristotle.net> [Nov 96] Bakersfield, California [Bluegrass] Buskers Music, 18th and R Streets. Saturday afternoon jams from about 12:30 PM to about 4:00 PM and every other Thursday night. Generally bluegrass but this depends upon who walks in; there may be concurrent folk/traditional sessions. Players range from beginners to professional but anyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. Contributed-by: rickbsox@ix.netcom.com (Rick Bowersox ) [Jul 95] Berkeley, California, USA: [Celtic] The Starry Plough, corner of Shattuck and Prince Irish music and dancing every Monday night. Dancing classes start around 7pm, music starts around 9pm. Contributed-by: James Moore <james@wrs.com> [Sep 94] Chico, California, USA: [Blues] The "Midnight Blues Society" hosts an open Blues Jam every Sunday from 2:00 to 6:00 pm at the "Sports Club" in Chico. MBS has over 150 members with a lot of participation by both pro and recreational musicians. We assemble "bands" (vocalist(s), 2 guitars, bass, drums, horn/harmonica, etc.) off a sign-up list for half-hour jam sessions, with the objective of allowing as many musicians to play as possible. Very supportive and fun atmosphere. MBS also brings top blues groups to the Chico in an ongoing "Blues lovers" series. There are also blues jams in other neighboring towns such as Mt. Shasta, Redding and Oroville. Contributed-by: sdj1@can02.pge.com (Scott D. Johnson) Covina, California, USA: [Unknown] The Fret House - guitar store by day, open mic session at night. Open mic is the first Saturday of the month, starting at 8 pm and going till around midnight. There's a sign-up at 7:30, it costs a buck either to play or watch and refreshments are served at intermission. Overall the crowd is very friendly and the sound system is excellent. The average performer is moderately talented and plays both familiar tunes and original material. Contributed-by: Peter Poirier <ppoirier@kofax.com> Half Moon Bay, CA, USA: [Bluegrass] Cameron's, on Highway 1 about 1 mile south of hwy 92, has a Bluegrass jam every Tuesday night from 8:00 to 10:00. Contributed-by: John.Treacy@Eng.Sun.COM (John Treacy) [Dec 94] Los Angeles, California, USA: [Jazz] In Melrose, the Nucleus Nuance is a classy place with a Monday night jam session. Mostly real book type tunes, good house rhythm section but rhythm players can also sit it. Contributed-by: marco.zagha@enquirer.scandal.cs.cmu.edu (Marco) Los Angeles, California, USA: [Celtic] The Celtic Arts Center has an open session on Monday nights, with ceili dance class starting around 7pm and instrumental jam starting an hour later. They meet at the Raven Theater in North Hollywood, still on Monday nights. The address is 5233 Lankershim Blvd, and phone 213-462-6844 for info. Contributed-by: howard@locus.com (Howard Chu) [Dec 96] Los Angeles, California, USA: [Irish] There is another session that I've started attending on Thursday nights in Palms. The pub is called Irish Times, on Motor Ave at the corner with National Blvd. The pub regulars are definitely Irish; the session is lead by a singer on guitar, but one of the bartenders (Bridget) plays fiddle - very fine stuff. Just to give an idea of the crowd here - on Thanksgiving, about 30 of the dancers from Riverdance came down to the session after their show finished. Highly recommended. (Again, I'm sending you this without address & phone # in hand. Sorry! Will update this week, since I will be playing there again.) Contributed-by: howard@locus.com (Howard Chu) [Dec 96] Los Angeles, California, USA: [Folk] The Santa Monica Traditional Folk Music Club meets on the first Friday of every month from 7:30-11:30 pm at the First Methodist Church in Westwood (10497 Wilshire Blvd. at Warner). The club asks for a $3 door-donation (helps with rent/food), dues are $20/yr. which also gets you the club newsletter. There's a brief break halfway through the evening for food/drink and talk. Currently we have three rooms active. Upstairs is a folk-circle gathering where songs are sung by individuals or the group together. Material ranges from old Scottish ballads to Pete-Seeger-type material as well as new songs in the folk tradition. All talent levels participate, from beginner to professional. Downstairs we have two rooms. One is an old-time jam session dedicated to group instrumental playing. Material is mainly fiddle tunes, American and some Irish. All traditional instruments are welcome. We've had: fiddles, guitars, banjos (tenor, five-string, banjo-ukes), mandolins, autoharps (diatonic and chromatic), mountain dulcimers, accordions, penny whistles, harmonicas and bodhrans. All skill levels have participated from beginner to Winnifield Kansas winner, most are intermediate. (There is often some music lying around such as Brody's book to help out those who don't know a tune). The other downstairs room is dedicated to those who enjoy playing and singing in more contemporary styles ranging from blues to C&W to Beetles to original songs. Talent level ranges from good to extremely good amateur. Contributed-by: Dee W. Pack <Dee_Pack@qmail2.aero.org> [Nov 93] Mountain View, California, USA: [Folk] Mountain View Folk Club, 8 p.m. the third Friday of every month. For location (it varies) call Kathryn at (415) 328-6903. Contributed-by: carln@netcom.com (Carl D. Neiburger) [Feb 94] Palo Alto, California, USA: [Folk] Saint Michael's Art Cafe, Homer and Emerson streets has an old-time jam at 8 p.m. the third Monday of each month, sponsored by Gryphon Stringed Instruments. For details, call Tom Culbertson at Gryphon, (415) 493-2131. Contributed-by: carln@netcom.com (Carl D. Neiburger) [Feb 94] Sacramento, California, USA: [Blues] There's a pretty traditional blues jam held at the "Torch club", 16th and Lst in Downtown Sacramento every Sun and Tues night from 9pm 1-am. Ranging from good to pro musicians. No cover. Contributed-by: Danny Kurywchak <dakurywchak@ucdavis.edu> Sacramento, California, USA: [Bluegrass/Folk/Country] The New Fifth String Music Store at 53rd and H St. hosts an open jam session every Thursday evening from about 7pm til 11 or so. Contributed-by: Tom Kuhn <tomk@mothra.rose.hp.com> [Sep 95] San Carlos, California, USA: [Folk] Peninsula Folk Music Club, 8 p.m. the first Friday of every month at the clubhouse in Laureola Park. For details call (415) 592-0115. Contributed-by: carln@netcom.com (Carl D. Neiburger) [Feb 94] San Jose, California, USA: [Folk] Santa Clara Valley Fiddlers Association has a jam from 1:30 to 5:30 p.m. on the first Friday of every month at John Muir Middle School, 1260 Branham Lane. Various styles, including old-time, bluegrass, western swing. Contributed-by: carln@netcom.com (Carl D. Neiburger) [Feb 94] Santa Cruz, California, USA: [Blues] Callahan's - On Water St. one block east of Ocean St. Thursday night blues jam, 8:30 - 1. House band plays a couple sets. Sign up on set list (usually 4 sets). Players range from not very good to very good. Anyone who gets on the list gets to play. Also have a "talent night" on Sundays. Contributed-by: leff@sco.com (Bill Leff) Santa Cruz, California, USA: [Jazz] The Kuumbwa holds a weekly jam, usually on Tuesday nights. Admission is $2; usually mainstream jazz, beginner to advanced. Contributed-by: tombrown@cats.ucsc.edu San Diego, California, USA: [Jazz] The Espresso Literati (a cafe/bookstore) has a Saturday afternoon jam from 2-5 PM, hosted by guitarist Art Johnson and a rhythm section. It usually consists of a first set by Art and his friends then the jammers sit in. Espresso Literati is in La Jolla (a nice part of San Diego), at the corner of Fay and Kline (downtown La Jolla. Not to be confused with downtown San Diego). Jazz, real book type stuff. [ Update: Keith Pilotti, ktp@qualcomm.com, reports that as of 1/94 this place no longer exists.] Contributed-by: Sue Raul (sue@snafu.seada.com) San Diego, California, USA: [Jazz] El Campo Ruse, 940 16th Avenue, telephone (619) 702-2030, has open mic's every Saturday, hosted by the Gilbert Castellanos Quintet. Check the schedule by clicking on the "Outlate" icon on their home page at http://www.n2.net/ecruse/ Acoustic instruments; piano available. Three sets from 12AM till 4AM. Contributed-by: ecruse@n2.net (Turiya Mareya) [Dec 96] San Francisco, California, USA: [Celtic] The Plough and Stars, 116 Clement, SF, has an open Irish jam on Sunday nights. This is a very hot session, the level of playing is at a professional level. Sessions begin at 8 PM or so, and often last until 1 or 2 AM. Leif Sorbye, of Tempest and formerly Golden Bough, has been a regular in the past. Contributed-by: darsie@eecs.ucdavis.edu (Richard Darsie) San Francisco, California, USA: [Folk] Owl & Monkey Cafe, 9th Street btwn Irving & Judah (Sunset). Folk music every Thursday night. Signup at least one or two Thursdays in advance. [10 minutes each.] It gets crowded really fast, so show up early. Really laid back atmosphere. They also have an open poetry night -- I forget which night [I'll find out.] Contributed-by: bert@netcom.com (Roberto Sierra) San Francisco, California, USA: [Folk] San Francisco Folk Music Club, 9 p.m. "until late" every other Friday at 885 Clayton St. For details call (415) 661-2217. Contributed-by: carln@netcom.com (Carl D. Neiburger) [Feb 94] San Jose, California, USA: [Jazz] Garden City, 360 S. Saratoga Ave., has a Tuesday night jazz jam session hosted by pianist Smith Dobson supplying the core rythm section. Pretty open atmosphere, real book type of tunes. (408)-244-3333 Contributed-by: Larry Lewicki <ldl@galaxy.nsc.com> Alameda, California, USA: [Misc] John Patrick's - 1813 Park St. (510) 522-5105. Jam night every Tuesday. Band usually starts around 9:30 and plays a set, then the jam sessions start, roughly 10:30 - 1:30. Level of playing is variable, from novice to pro, depending on who is in town. Bring your instrument (unless you're a drummer), amps and PA are provided. Current host band (as of 8/94) is "Strawberry Jam", a loose aggregation of players specializing in early '60's British Invasion, but jams can encompass rock, blues, folk, etc. Never a cover charge. Contributed-by: Michael Barrett <baritone@crl.com> Black Forest, Colorado, USA: [Bluegrass/Celtic] Black Forest Community Center, on Black Forest Road, just Northwest of Shoup road. The Black Rose Acoustic Music Society meets on the second and fourth Friday of each month. Starts around 7:30 pm. There is a $1 admission/donation [this may climb to $2 with a $5 family max in the near future]. Refreshments are available for sale but no alcohol. There are usually about two hours of 20 minute "open mike" sessions that anyone can sign up for in advance. These blocks are followed by an indefinate amount of open Bluegrass Jam. It has looked like a musical version of Brownian motion on occasion as folks break out into smaller sub-groups and then combine and split, ... There are a, currently, small number of Celtic musicians that show up as well. Contributed-by: Dean.Karres@Central.Sun.COM (Dean Karres) Boulder, Colorado, USA: [Blues] The Colorado Daily mentioned that The Pearl Street Cellar (nee Club Makalu) at Ninth and Pearl has a Wednesday blues jam sponsored by the group Bleeker Street. I haven't made it there yet. It's free according to the article. No other specifics mentioned. Contributed-by: Tom Wurtz <wurtz@neocad.com> Boulder, Colorado, USA: [Folk] The Boulder Folk Music Makers sponsor an open stage/jam session the fourth Friday of (most) every month. They're held at the Unitarian Church, 5001 Pennsylvania, Boulder, CO. The church is between Arapahoe and Baseline, and west of 55th. The open stages start at 7:30 pm, and are followed by the jam. The open stage is first come-first served, and 3 (normal length) songs are allowed. There is a sound system provided, but is often not necessary as the accoustics are great. No smoking, no alcohol, kids are welcome, and coffee and goodies are sold at intermission. Contributed-by: Howard Gluckman <hgluckm@farside.ecte.uswc.uswest.com> Ft. Collins, Colorado, USA: [Jazz] The Sunset Jazz Club on Linden (downtown) has a jazz jam on the first Thursday of each month, 8-11. The house band is led by saxophonist Max Wagner, and I (Marc Sabatella) am on the keyboard, and all musicians are welcome. Phone (303) 484-4604. Contributed-by: Marc Sabatella <marc@sde.hp.com> [Oct 94] Denver, Colorado, USA: [Blues/Bluegrass] Swallow Hill Music Association has an open acoustic blues jam on the third Sunday of the month; the session is led by Mary Flower and takes place from 4 to 6 pm. There's also an open bluegrass jam (also on the third Sunday) from 1 to 3 pm. Contributed-by: ecummin@nma.mnet.uswest.com (Ed Cummings) Denver, Colorado, USA: [Unknown] Acoustic Music Center, 1932 S. Broadway, has jam sessions 1st and 3rd Fridays; Ph 744-1737. Contributed-by: ecummin@nma.mnet.uswest.com (Ed Cummings) Denver, Colorado, USA: [Unknown] Golden Oldies, 15680 W Colfax Ave, 278-3344. Jam Night Sundays. Contributed-by: ecummin@nma.mnet.uswest.com (Ed Cummings) Denver, Colorado, USA: [Blues] Ristau's Restaurant, 2035 S Sheridan, 980-5614. Blues Jam Thursdays and Sundays. Contributed-by: ecummin@nma.mnet.uswest.com (Ed Cummings) Denver, Colorado, USA: [Jazz] Falcone's (jazz), 1096 S. Gaylord, Ph 777-0707 has an open stage on Wednesdays. Contributed-by: ecummin@nma.mnet.uswest.com (Ed Cummings) Denver, Colorado, USA: [Rock] Mercury Cafe (pop/rock), 2199 California St, (303) 294-9258; has an open stage on Wednesdays. Contributed-by: ecummin@nma.mnet.uswest.com (Ed Cummings) Denver, Colorado, USA: [Unknown] Ziggie's Saloon, 4923 W 38th Ave, (303) 455-9930; Jams Thursdays. Contributed-by: ecummin@nma.mnet.uswest.com (Ed Cummings) Denver, Colorado, USA: [Blues] There's an open blues jam every Wed night from 9PM until closing at Billy Blues BBQ (Kipling and 6th ave right behind Jackson's Hole). Guitar, bass, drummers, etc. are welcome. Contributed-by: plyall@netcom.com (Pete Lyall) [Mar 95] Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA: [Celtic] Poor Richard's Restaurant, 324 1/2 North Tejon. Has a free, open Celtic jam every Thursday night from 8pm until 10 or so. Laid back family atmosphere. Contributed-by: Dean.Karres@Central.Sun.COM (Dean Karres) [Sep 94] Aurora, Colorado, USA: [Celtic] Sheabeen Irish Pub, 2300 S Chambers Rd, Ph 696-6131. Tuesdays - Irish Jam Sessions. Contributed-by: ecummin@nma.mnet.uswest.com (Ed Cummings) Longmont, Colorado, USA: [Misc] Rewards Bar & Grill, 10763 Turner Blvd (I-25 and CO 119 interchange) Wed eve, 7:30 - ?, Open Mike, all styles of music; hosted by Loren Dusenbery. Contributed-by: Mark Wroblewski <markwrob@btc.adaptec.com> [Mar 96] Granby, Connecticut, USA: [Unknown] Susan's Coffeehouse-Cafe, 10 Hartford Ave has open mic's twice a month (one Thurs, one Fri or Sat) Please see schedule - click on music icon on our homepage at http://www.susans-cafe.com. Acoustic instruments, original songs, 3 song/15 min max. Piano available. Call us: (860) 653-6600 Contributed-by: scafe@tiac.net (Susan Wutka) [Apr 96] Hartford, Connecticut, USA: [Unknown] Lord Jim's Pub, 242 Trumbull St. (attached to Skywalk), 522-7623, has an open mic night every Wednesday, sometimes hosted by a local band. Contributed-by: rsk@itw.com (Rich Kulawiec) [Aug 94] Hartford, Connecticut, USA: [Blues] Municipal Cafe, 485 Main Street, 527-5044, has a blues jam on Thursday nights. Contributed-by: rsk@itw.com (Rich Kulawiec) [Aug 94] Hartford, Connecticut, USA: [Unknown] Sports Page Cafe, 860 Main St. in East Hartford, 528-6962 has an open jam on Sunday nights. Contributed-by: rsk@itw.com (Rich Kulawiec) [Aug 94] Hartford, Connecticut, USA: [Unknown] JP's Restaurant, 15 Asylum St. at Main, 247-8144, has an open mic night on Monday nights. Contributed-by: rsk@itw.com (Rich Kulawiec) [Aug 94] Washington, D.C., USA: [Misc] Open mike in Adams Morgan on Wednesdays. The place: Sundown, at 2471 18th Street, N.W. 8:30 signup. 9:00 start. Mostly acoustic. We don't have space for drums, (sorry), no need to haul a guitar amplifier. We have all the sound equipment. Songwriters are especially encouraged to come out. Sundown is just off of 18th and Columbia, near the McDonald's, next door and downstairs from the Subway Sandwich shop. Call 202-483-7123 for directions. Please show up to sign up. There's plenty of room. Hope to see you there. Contributed-by: Sara Landymore <NVLANDS@NVMUSIC.VCCS.EDU> [Oct 95] Washington, D.C., USA: [Unknown] New Vegas Lounge, 1415 P Street NW, (202) 483-3971 has an open mike night on Thursdays. It's run by a local band led by Rickie Lee who is a hot guitarist. The club is run by Dr. Blues who will get up and sing without much encouragement. Lots of fun, but Ave. P and 14th is not a nice place to be at two in the morning. They also have "Professionals' jam nights on Tuesday and Wednesday - "Bring your tools" (I've been wondering just how they determine whether you're a professional or not. I'm gonna have to go check this out.) Contributed-by: keith.graham@execnet.com (Keith Graham) Washington, D.C., USA: [Jazz] Twins Lounge, 5516 Colorado Avenue NW, (202) 882-2523 has a Sunday night jazz jam from 8 to midnight with the Peter Edelman Trio. Contributed-by: Eli Asher <easher@capaccess.org> [Jun 96] Washington, D.C., USA: [Jazz] HR57 -- House Resolution 57 Society jam, Tuesdays from 8 PM to 11:30 or so. 9th and P streets NW. (It's a killer.) Contributed-by: Eli Asher <easher@capaccess.org> [Jun 96] Washington, D.C., USA: [Jazz] One Step Down runs 3:30-7:30 PM on Saturdays and Sundays with the Lawrence Wheatley trio. (jazz workshop) Contributed-by: Eli Asher <easher@capaccess.org> [Jun 96] Washington, D.C., USA: [Blues] Busara, 2340 Wisconsin Ave. NW., (202) 337-2340 Sunday, "Open Mic Night Blues Jam with Chai & the Strangers All Musicians Welcome" 8pm-12am (The club bills itself as blues & jazz.) Washington, D.C., USA: [Blues] Emerald Isle, 633 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, (Capitol Hill area), (202) 544-4753. Sunday, Blues jam; Tuesday, Acoustic jam. Washington, D.C., USA: [Folk] Food For Thought, 1738 Connecticut Ave. NW., (202) 797-1095 Monday, open mike (acoustic) Washington, D.C., USA: [Jazz/Blues] Kala Kala, 2439 18th St. NW., (202) 232-5433 Monday, open mic with Bob Becker Tuesday, Jazz jam session with Steve Bernstein & GeorgeColligan Thursday, Blues Jam (to quote the ad, "A Smoke Free Space!") Washington, D.C., USA: [Jazz] Mr. Henry's, 1836 Columbia Rd. NW, (202) 797-8882 Tuesday and Wednesday, open mic night with Tom Saputo (jazz, I believe) Washington, D.C., USA: [Celtic] Nanny Obrien's Irish Pub, 3319 Connecticut Ave. NW (202) 686-9189. Sunday, open mike with Ace Smith Monday, "Traditional Irish Session" at 8:30. David Scheim comments that it's about the best Irish jam in DC. The bar owner is a musician. Contributed-by: David Scheim (des@helix.nih.gov@alw.nih.gov) Washington, D.C., USA: [Jazz] One Step Down, 2517 Pennsylvania Ave. NW., (202) 331-8863 Saturday & Sunday, Afternoon jam session with Lawrence Wheatley. [Editor's note: alive or dead? ---Rsk ] Washington, D.C., USA: [Jazz] HR57 Center for the Preservation of Jazz and Blues, open jazz workshop. 6:30pm-11pm every Tuesday. $3 non-musicians, $2 musicians. Open blues jam with Nap "don't forget the Blues" Turner. 6:30pm-11pm every Wednesday. Additional information available on Crescendo (301 490 4775 modem), or contact Tony at 202 667 3700. Address is 1426 9th St NW, Washington. Contributed-by: roger.wood@shendo.com [Sep 95] and Riddim <riddim@worldnet.att.net> [Dec 96] Washington, D.C., USA: [Unknown] Round Table, 4859 Wisconsin Ave. NW, (202) 362-1250 Tuesday, open mike (acoustic) Washington, D.C., USA: [Jazz] Twins Lounge, 5516 Colorado Ave. NW., (202) 882-2523 Sunday, jam session (jazz) 12 -4 pm. Contributed-by: Riddim <riddim@worldnet.att.net> [Dec 96] Washington, D.C., USA: [Misc] A note from John about current info: BTW, I highly recommend anyone wanting to know what's currently happening in town, as far as the music scene is concerned, pick up a copy of the Washington City Paper (free, comes out on Thursdays) and possibly the Friday edition of the Washington Post for their Weekend magazine (which also includes Baltimore clubs in its listings). These two together will basically inform you about 80-90% of the live music clubs in the area. Contributed-by: John Shepherd <wes@ice.stx.com> Wilmington, Delaware, USA: [Rock] Keenan's Irish Pub, 4400 N. Market St., (302) 764-6913, sometimes has a Saturday night jam hosted by their houseband. Mostly 50's, 60's and 70's stuff. Contributed-by: rsk@itw.com (Rich Kulawiec) [Jul 94] Wilmington, Delaware, USA: [Blues] The Varsity Grill, 837 Orange St. (302) 655-8872 has a blues jam on Thursday, 9 PM -1 AM. Contributed-by: rsk@itw.com (Rich Kulawiec) [Jul 94] Wilmington, Delaware, USA: [Unknown] The Knucklehead Saloon, 1208 Washington St., (302) 429-0749, sometimes has a Tuesday night jam hosted by Nik Everett. Contributed-by: rsk@itw.com (Rich Kulawiec) [Jul 94] Wilmington, Delaware, USA: [Jazz] Christina Cultural Arts Center, 705 N. Market St. (302) 652-0101 has an open jam every Friday night (7-11 p.m.) The house band plays basically jazz; likewise most of the talent which shows up plays jazz. However I believe most any kind of musician is welcome. Contributed-by: meyerdt@carbon.dmpc.com (Dayton Meyer) [Jun 96] Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA: [Jazz] Hot Jazz & Alligator Gumbo Society - 4th Sunday each month, 1:00 to 5:00 pm at Elk's Club 1517, 3rd Avenue at New River Bridge (but check this - the property has been sold and the Jazz Society will have to find a new home after December 1994) - Dixieland, trad and pop sets assembled by music director from available musicians - Jerry Pascoe, President (305) 946-4436. Contributed-by: Will Connelly <willc@alpha.acast.nova.edu> [Oct 94] Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA: [Jazz/Irish] River Liffey Saloon Jazz Band, 1:00 to 4:30 - Dicey Riley's Pub, 217 S.W. 2nd Street. Leader Will Connelly permits sit-ins, but listen first and don't ask to sit in unless you can cut it. Band plays Dixieland, 30s - 40's pop and a little Irish. Connelly's number is (305) 791-6183. Contributed-by: Will Connelly <willc@alpha.acast.nova.edu> [Oct 94] Delray Beach, Florida, USA: [Jazz] Larry Kenzora Jazz Band - 7:30 pm Tuesdays at Scarlett O'Hara's, Linton Blvd. at U.S. 1. Mainstream and Dixieland. (407) 272-6239. Professional sit-ins only. Contributed-by: Will Connelly <willc@alpha.acast.nova.edu> [Oct 94] Orlando, Florida, USA: [Folk] Orlando Friends of Florida Folk meet each Sunday 7-11 pm at Spiral Circle Bookstore, 350 N. Thornton Avenue. No mike - round robin singing. Mostly contemporary. Info: Bill (407) 323-1804. Contributed-by: abbysale@orlinter.com (Abby Sale) [jun 94] Orlando, Florida, USA: [Folk] Ballew-Champion Folk Club meets Wednesday 8pm at the LaCasta Brave Apts clubhouse, 710 E. Michigan St.; Round-robin singing. A Friends of Florida Folk member group. Info: Roz (407) 648-0945 Contributed-by: abbysale@orlinter.com (Abby Sale) Orlando, Florida, USA: [Unknown] Storytellers of Central Florida; 1st Wednesday of month, 7:30-9:00 pm; Maitland Art Center, 231 W. Packwood Ave. Contact: Lynn Shenefield (407) 366-1773. Contributed-by: abbysale@orlinter.com (Abby Sale) [Jun 94] Orlando, Florida, USA: [Bluegrass] Bluegrass jam; each Thurs, 7:00pm; Pinecastle American Legion Hall; 529 Fairlane. Contributed-by: abbysale@orlinter.com (Abby Sale) Orlando, Florida, USA: [Bluegrass] Mid-Florida Bluegrass Assoc.; 1st Thurs of month; Pinecastle Center, 5903 Randolph Ave., Info: (407) 298-3519. "Pickers needed." Contributed-by: abbysale@orlinter.com (Abby Sale) [Jun 94] Orlando, Florida, USA: [Folk] Central Florida Folk Club; House concert (floating venue); every 4th Saturday, 7:00 pm. Generally, a covered dish meal followed by a main folk singer/group followed by round-robin singing. A Friends of Florida Folk member group. Info: Bill (407) 323-1804. Contributed-by: abbysale@orlinter.com (Abby Sale) [Jun 94] Orlando, Florida, USA: [Misc] There's an open mic for songwriters every tuesday night, starting at 8:00 pm; at the Let's Bagel on Orange Avenue in downtown Orlando. call 407 425-2972. Contributed-by: songdoc@nebula.ispace.com (SongDoc) [Nov 95] Casselberry, Florida, USA: [Unknown] Old-time Contra Dance; last Sat. of month, 7:30-11:00 pm; Secret Lake Park, 200 N. Triplet Lake Dr, Casselberry. Info: Erica (407) 834-7786 or Bob & Dana (407) 365-5720. "No experience or partner required." Contributed-by: abbysale@orlinter.com (Abby Sale) [Jun 94] Mount Dora, Florida, USA: [Folk] Lake County Folk Club. Saturday, every 4 weeks: covered dish dinner, featured singer & jam. At "The Depot," Alexander St. A FOFF member group. Info: Elaine or Jim (904) 357-2011. [Jun 94] Contributed-by: abbysale@orlinter.com (Abby Sale) Atlanta, Georgia, USA: [Misc] The Freight Room, 301 E. Howard Ave., Decatur, GA (15 minutes from downtown Atlanta) (404) 378-5365. Every Sunday Evening Acoustic Open Mike, 7-10pm. Sign up around 6pm. Contemporary folk, traditional folk, blues, folk-rock, jazz, unclassified. Light meals and beverages in an old train station. Contributed-by: Douglas W. Olsen <olsen@esmlsun.gatech.edu> Atlanta, Georgia, USA: [Jazz] Fellini's Pasta in Little 5 Points has a Monday night jazz jam, which starts at 10 PM. The house rhythm section is the JAS trio, one of whom (James) leads the session. Atlanta, Georgia, USA: [Jazz] Just Jazz in Buckhead has a Sunday night jazz jam, and a Tuesday night blues jam "with the Hammond B3 Organ". Both start at 9 PM; call 404-355-5423 for more details. Atlanta, Georgia, USA: [Jazz] Penta Hotel, 26th floor, in downtown Atlanta...starts at 9 PM on Wednesdays. The purpose of this open Jazz session is to recruit local folks for the live broadcasts on Friday and Saturday. Atlanta, Georgia, USA: [Jazz] Excellent jam sessions at a place is called Ying-Yangs. It's located at 3rd and Spring St. in midtown. Every Sunday night they have a "naked jazz jam". I've been there a few times and most of the musicians were very good. The club is relatively small (a bit larger than Twins in DC) and the crowd varies in ages but most are 35 and under. There is a cover charge (about $4). Contributed-by: Roderick Gee <gt6127c@prism.gatech.edu> [Mar 95] Decatur, Georgia, USA: [Jazz, Swing, Acoustic] The Hot Club of Atlanta plays the music of Django Reinhart and the Hot Club of France at Sweet Melissa's, 127 East Court Square every Tuesday evening from 8-11:00 PM. We do swing music (mostly accoustic) from the twenties, thirties and early forties. It's an open jam. All instruments are welcome and vocalists are encouraged too. We have had every instrument imaginable and sometimes we have had up to fifteen people jamming on one stage at a time. Other times, trios, quartets etc. Levels of playing are novice to seasoned professional. Often, those getting started will find themselves playing with pros with many years experience. We've had all manner of vocalists sit it. Odetta has jammed with us. We even have swing dancing. Contributed-by: Frank Hamilton <hamprod@mindspring.com> [Jan 97] Chicago, Illinois, USA: [Blues] B.L.U.E.S. Etcetera, 1122 W Belmont, 312/525-8989; open jam on Weds. 9pm; $3.50 cover This is a well laid out, spacious club near Wrigley Field. Open jam sessions follow a set by Glenn Davis and Straight Shooter. Contributed-by: Beth Scheid (bscheid@ux1.cso.uiuc.edu) and Mark Chung <chung@ils.nwu.edu> and Joe Terrasi <jterrasi@interaccess.com> Chicago, Illinois, USA: [Blues] Buddy Guy's Legends, 754 S Wabash, 312/427-0333; open jam on Mon. 8:30pm; $3.00 cover This is the newest club on the circuit. The inside is very blue(!) and it has a great stage/sound system set-up. Contributed-by: Beth Scheid (bscheid@ux1.cso.uiuc.edu) and Marianne Pyra <mpyra@mcs.com> Chicago, Illinois, USA: [Blues] Rosa's Lounge, 3420 W Armitage, 312/342-0452; Mon. 9:00pm; $3 cover. Very friendly club on near northwest side. Jams hosted by co-owner and drummer Tony Mangiulio and David Lindsay. Sometimes Mama Rosa makes her great lasagna. Rosa's also does the periodic 1:30-6am BluesCruises on Lake Michigan during the summer. Contributed-by: Beth Scheid (bscheid@ux1.cso.uiuc.edu) and Marianne Pyra <mpyra@mcs.com> Chicago, Illinois, USA: [Jazz] The Green Mill, 4802 N Broadway, 312/878-5552; Fri. 1:30-4:30am no cover Late night open jazz jam session with the Green Mill Quartet-baritone sax, piano, bass, drums. Saturday night, `After Hours Jazz Party with Sabretooth Jazz Quintet.' Great club, former Al Capone hangout and now home of the famous Sunday night Uptown Poetry Slams (open mike 7-8pm). Contributed-by: Beth Scheid (bscheid@ux1.cso.uiuc.edu) and Marianne Pyra <mpyra@mcs.com> Chicago, Illinois, USA: [Unknown] The Playhouse, 7407 W. Madison St. in Forest Park, (708) 366-6363, has an open jam on Tuesday nights. Contributed-by: rsk@itw.com (Rich Kulawiec) and Marianne Pyra <mpyra@mcs.com> Chicago, Illinois, USA: [Unknown] Pete's Place (in Lyons), 8550 West Ogden, (708) 447-9773, has a Wednesday night jam session. Contributed-by: Marianne Pyra <mpyra@mcs.com> Chicago, Illinois, USA: [Unknown] The Edge (in Midlothian), 147th and Cicero, (708) 687-4244, has a Thursday night jam. Contributed-by: Marianne Pyra <mpyra@mcs.com> Chicago, Illinois, USA: [Unknown] Saltes, 7541 Irving Park Rd, (312) 589-9460, has an open jam on Wednesday nights. Contributed-by: rsk@itw.com (Rich Kulawiec) Chicago, Illinois, USA: [Unknown] Hugh's, 720 S. Barrington Rd. in Streamwood, (708) 894-3830, has an open jam on Sundays beginning at 6 pm. Contributed-by: rsk@itw.com (Rich Kulawiec) Chicago, Illinois, USA: [Blues] Lee's Unlead Blues, 7401 South South Chicago Blvd., (312) 493-3477. Every Friday and Saturday Lee (a woman) hosts Buddy Scott & The Rib Tips. Buddy is a Chicago staple along with Muddy Waters, Koko Taylor, and others. He has been at Lee's for at least the past 5 years. He is almost always on Chicago Blues Legends tapes. There is an open mic usually on the late set both nights. The first starts around 11pm. Good local regulars (including Johnnny Taylor's son) appear. Update: Unfortunately, Buddy is now hosting jams on another ethereal plane; it's unclear what the status of the host band is. Contributed-by: lewis@ils.nwu.edu (Sharon Lewis) and jterrasi@interaccess.com (Joe Terrasi) Chicago, Illinois, USA: [Celtic/Folk] The (Irish) Abbey Pub, 3420 W. Grace, has open sessions for Irish traditional music every Sunday night (starting around 8pm). The real hot-shots from around town have been known to show up here (Liz Carroll, Martin Hayes -- before he moved to Seattle, Marty Fahey, Larry Nugent, Dennis Cahill, etc). The people here are pretty serious about what they do, but they still have a lot of fun doing it. This is still the big session in Chicago... There are also Folk concerts on Wednesday and Friday nights, as well as a much more pop-oriented concert on Saturday. The focus is definitely Irish. Contributed-by: George Keith <keith@athens.dis.anl.gov> [May 94] (Further comments from Greg) The Abby Pub (At Grace and Elston, 312-478-4408) was the site of one of the hottest Irish sessions in town. There was a session on Sunday nights, and one during the week (Wed or Thurs?) as well. People like Liz Carroll, Marty Fahey and other Chicago Irish notables would play there when I was there. ['87-'91] If there are other sessions in Chicago, this is the place to find out about them. Contributed-by: Greg Sandell <sandell@epunix.sussex.ac.uk> Chicago, Illinois, USA: [Celtic/Folk] The Hidden Shamrock (on Halsted, 1/2 a block south of Diversey) has sessions starting at around 4pm (or 7pm, if there's a game on). This is one of the best sessions in town, with a great mix of common and rare tunes together. It is usually run by either Larry Nugent or John Williams, along with a good back-up player (Joe Sobol, or Jim Dewan spring to mind). It can be noisy, but the atmosphere is very friendly. Contributed-by: George Keith <keith@athens.dis.anl.gov> [May 94] Chicago, Illinois, USA: [Jazz] There's a jazz jam session at the Woodlawn Tap, on the corner of Woodlawn and 55th in Chicago Illinois, on Sunday nights from 9PM to 12AM. There's no cover, and only the second set is open to guest musicians. The session is run by Curtis Black (trumpet), and features Jonathan Cohen (piano), Robert Hodge (bass), and Douglas Mitchell (drums). Contributed-by Jonathan Cohen <jdc5@cs.uchicago.edu> [Jan 95] Evanston, Illinois, USA: [Celtic/Folk] (near-north suburb of Chicago): Tommy Nevins Pub (1450 Sherman) has open sessions every Sunday afternoon, usually starting around 3pm. Liz Carroll is scheduled to play here every-other week, along with a couple other fine musicians from Chicagoland. Makes for a GREAT session. On the Sundays Liz is not scheduled to be there, there are usually several people that show up and sing Irish songs (some in Gaelic, some in English). There are often some old-time fiddle tunes played by the few fiddlers in the room between songs. Contributed-by: George Keith <keith@athens.dis.anl.gov> [May 94] Brookfield, Illinois, USA: [Celtic] (western suburb of Chicago): Irish Times, 8869 Burlington, has open sessions every Wednesday night, starting around 8:30pm. There are usually 6-9 musicians each night, playing Irish tunes until 12-1am. It's a very friendly crowd, and all the musicians know each other pretty well. It's not as dictatorily Irish as the Abbey, but less high-powered. There is plenty of opportunity for singing, for those who wish to. Contributed-by: George Keith <keith@athens.dis.anl.gov> [May 94] Chicago, Illinois, USA: [Blues] Booeymonger in Des Plaines (northwest suburb near O'Hare), 1504 Miner, 708-299-7656, has a Tuesday night blues jam. Contributed-by: Marianne Pyra <mpyra@mcs.com> Brookfield, Illinois, USA: [Misc] Brixie's, at 9526 W. Ogden Ave in Brookfield, (708) 387-0050 Wednesday nights. Jam run by John Kattke (gtr/keys/sax) former keyboardist for the Buddy Guy Band, the Deadbeats, and many other Chicago bands. 10 PM, $1 cover; anything goes program; recent jams have included acoustic, rock, and jazz. Contributed-by: Jack Gallagher <u42753%uicvm@uic.edu> and Marianne Pyra <mpyra@mcs.com> Champaign, Illinois, USA: [Jazz] Open Stage Jazz Session, every first Tuesday of every month, at Six Feet Under from 9:30pm-12:30am. Six Feet Under is located at the corner of Fourth and Green in Champaign. Ph: (217) 328-7232. Hosted by the Tim Green Quartet; for more info contact Tim Green (teagreen@prairienet.org). Contributed-by: teagreen@prairienet.org (Timothy G. Green) [Jun 95] Chicago, Illinois, USA: [Unknown] Wrigleyside at 3527 N. Clark, Chicago, IL 312-525-5908 Tuesday nights, hot neighborhood by Cubs Park. Contributed-by: Jack Gallagher <u42753%uicvm@uic.edu> Chicago, Illinois, USA: [Unknown] Fitzgerald's (in Berwyn, a near-west suburb), 6615 West Roosevelt Road, 708-788-2118, has an open jam and poetry on Tuesday nights at 8 pm. Contributed-by: Marianne Pyra <mpyra@mcs.com> Chicago, Illinois, USA: [Unknown] The Stingray, in Oak Lawn, 10415 Cicero Avenue, 708-424-8881, has an audition "Jam Nite" on Tuesday nights and an acoustic jam ("unplugged") night on Thursdays. Contributed-by: Marianne Pyra <mpyra@mcs.com> Chicago, Illinois, USA: [Unknown] Slice of Chicago, in Palatine (northwest suburb), 36 South Northwest Highway, 708-991-2150, has a Thursday night un-plugged session. Contributed-by: Marianne Pyra <mpyra@mcs.com> Chicago, Illinois, USA: [Unknown] The Interaction Lounge, Stone Park, 3815 West Lake Street, 708-345-4080 has a Tuesday night jam session at 9PM. Contributed-by: Marianne Pyra <mpyra@mcs.com> Chicago, Illinois, USA: [Blues] Mike's Place (was Hugh's) (in Streamwood), 720 South Barrington Road, 708-894-3830 has an open jam on Sunday night beginning at 6 pm. Specializing in blues and R&B. Contributed-by: Marianne Pyra <mpyra@mcs.com> Chicago, Illinois, USA: [Unknown] Adam's Place (in Villa Park), 54 East St Charles Road (3/4 mile W of Rt 83), 708-530-2077, has a Tuesday open mic. Contributed-by: Marianne Pyra <mpyra@mcs.com> Chicago, Illinois, USA: [Folk] No Exit Cafe, 6970 N. Glenwood, Chicago, Il, has a folk and singer/songwriter open stage every Monday at 9:00. Contributed-by: noexit6792@aol.com (Sue Kozin) Jan 95 Warrenville, Illinois, USA: [Folk] Warrenville Folk-Lore Center (downtown at the intersection of Butterfield and Geneva Roads- Song Circle on Fridays 7:30-9:30pm Free, great time had by all. Contributed-by: scotwitt@interaccess.com (Scot Witt) Downer's Grove, Illinois, USA: [Folk] Plank Road Folk Music Society & Two Way Street Coffeehouse holds a sing-a-round every Saturday at 2pm at the Coffeehouse- 1047 Curtis in Downtown Downer's Grove. Contributed-by: scotwitt@interaccess.com (Scot Witt) Edwardsville, Illinois, USA: [Folk/Misc] (St. Louis, MO suburb) "The Stagger Inn" has an open-mike every Wednesday and Sunday. Wednesday is more sedate, concentrating on the folkier elements. Sunday is pretty much a free-for-all; lots of new and experimental folks! Contributed-by: Jimmie D Bone <jbone@tucker.isg.siue.edu> [Jun 95] Edwardsville, Illinois, USA: [Rock/blues/jazz] "The Gallery" in Edwardsville has an open-mike on Monday nights; mostly rock and blues, and occasionally reggae or jazz. Contributed-by: Jimmie D Bone <jbone@tucker.isg.siue.edu> [Jun 95] Grayslake, Illinois, USA: [Old-time] Old-Time Music and Clogging Session: First Sundays of Month @ Tavern on Lake Street, SW corner of Lake St. & Route 83 in Grayslake, IL (Midway between Milwaukee and Chicago). 7 PM - around 10 PM Open to all levels. Listeners welcome, also. Sponsored by the Lake County Folk Club and hosted by Lynn "Chirps" Smith and Dot Kent. Contributed-by: Lynn Smith <chirpssmith@delphi.com> [Mar 95] Peoria, Illinois, USA: [Old-time/country] 2nd and 4th Sundays 3:30-5:30 PM Forest Park Nature Center In nice weather we all sit outside, winter, we move inside About 1/2 million guitars, a few banjoes, basses, harmonicas, and my musical saw, total about 15 - 30 people. Contributed-by: pwentwor@prairienet.org (Peter A. Wentworth) [Aug 95] Bloomington, Indiana, USA: [Jazz] The Wild Beet at the corner of 4th St and Walnut hosts jazz jams every Tuesday night at 8pm for $2 cover charge. Contributed-by: Monika Herzig <mherzig@indiana.edu> [Nov 95] Bloomington, Indiana, USA: [Jazz] During the semester, the Unionboard of Indiana University sponsors jazz jams every Tuesday night in the Kiva, located in the Indiana Memorial Union on the IU campus, hosted by Monika Herzig & Friends. There is no cover charge. Contributed-by: Monika Herzig <mherzig@indiana.edu> [Nov 95] Bloomington, Indiana, USA: [Blues] The Bluebird Nightclub, 216 North Walnut. The evening start off at about 10:00 with the house band, The Blues All Stars, playing a least one set. Fairly loose and easy to get to sit in. Players range from fair to excellent, mostly local. There have been some celebrity appearances, such as members of John Mellencamps' band (who are, after all, locals) and others. But those are rare. It's not unusal to wait until midnight to play, so be prepared to wait. Contributed-by: Lloyd T Jones <tj@iuvax.cs.indiana.edu> Columbus, Indiana, USA: [Blues] "Decades" has open blues jam every Wednesday. Contributed-by: "K. Hoggard" <kelly@netusa1.net> [Jan 95] Knightstown, Indiana, USA: [Bluegrass] There is regular Bluegrass jam session in Indiana. It's at Doug's Pickin' Parlor in Knightstown, on Rte 40 about halfway between Indianapolis and Richmond. I've never been, but a buddy of mine says there are 20-40 musicians every Wednesday night, with another session Fridays. Generally there are two groups, beginners and advanced that fill the place. I hope to get over in July to check it out and send a better review. Contributed-by: Ed Delaney <edwardd@yin.earlham.edu> Indianapolis, Indiana, USA: [Blues] The Slippery Noodle Inn is downtown on Meridian a couple of blocks south of The Circle, i.e. just about at Union Station. Blues jam on Wednesday nights; pretty open atmosphere, and usually lots of fun. Musicians vary from complete amateur to medium pro. (317) 631-6968. Contributed-by: rsk@itw.com (Rich Kulawiec) [Jun 89] Indianapolis, Indiana, USA: [Blues] Every Sunday at C.T. Pepper's in Broad Ripple (near The Patio); open blues jam hosted by Gordon Bonham. Contributed-by: "K. Hoggard" <kelly@netusa1.net> [Jan 95] Indianapolis, Indiana, USA: [Jazz] The Jazz Kitchen at the corner of 54th St and College hosts jazz jams every Monday night at 8pm with no cover charge. Contributed-by: Monika Herzig <mherzig@indiana.edu> [Nov 95] Mishawaka, Indiana, USA: [Misc] Midway Tavern has open jam (all styles) hosted by Doug Rice and Beat 66 every Wednesday. Contributed-by: "K. Hoggard" <kelly@netusa1.net> [Jan 95] Plainfield, Indiana, USA: [Blues] Timothy's Pub has open blues jam every Sunday. Contributed-by: "K. Hoggard" <kelly@netusa1.net> [Jan 95] South Bend, Indiana, USA: [Misc] Katz has open jam (all styles) every Sunday Contributed-by: "K. Hoggard" <kelly@netusa1.net> [Jan 95] Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA: [Blues] Blues jam session on Monday nights at the Hot Spot, 2150 Fairfield Avenue, 219-456-5439. Core band is excellent and the atmosphere is friendly and fun. There is no cover charge. Contributed-by: "Celia Price" <celia.price@mci2000.com> [Jan 97] Des Moines, Iowa, USA: [Folk, Celtic] Java Joe's, 214 4th Street, has Open Stage each Wednesday 8:00-10:30 p.m. (with occasional special guests); sign up at 6:30. Celtic Jam is the second Tuesday of each month, from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. (Just in case: their phone number is 515-288-JAVA (5282).) Contributed-by: James Jones <jejones@microware.com> [Mar 96] Iowa City, Iowa, USA: [Blues] Gunnerz, 123 E. Washington St. hosts an informal blues jam Monday nights at 9:30 - close, hosted on alternate weeks by Kevin "B.F." Burt and Shade of Blue. All levels of experience are welcome; talent usually ranges from amateur to semi-pro. Drummers bring sticks, everyone else bring guitars/basses/horns/keyboards. Admission is free if you're playing, $1 if you aren't. Guinness, Bass, Foster's, Samuel Adams, Anchor, Boulevard and Millstream on tap. Contributed-by: James Robinson <robinson@blue.weeg.uiowa.edu> [Jan 96] Lexington, Kentucky, USA: [Jazz] Chuck's Jazz Cafe, Patchen Village, every Wednesday night from eight until eleven or midnight. Music ranges from straight ahead jazz to blues and even big band if enough instrumentalists show up. Beginners are welcome. Contributed-by: Ed Williams <eswill00@mik.uky.edu> Lafayette, Louisiana, USA: [Blues] "Vince's Backstage" Blues jam at Poets Restaurant and Bar, 119 James Comeaux Rd., Lafayette, every monday night beginning at 9 pm. Everyone welcome; bring harps, fiddles, guitars etc. PA amps and keys provided by Vince's Backstage Music (hence the name). Call Poets for more info at (318) 235-2355. Contributed-by: olcomtl@lafayette.unocal.com (Mark Lynch) Lafayette, Louisiana, USA: [Misc] Songwriter's Night, City Cafe 537 Jefferson St. 318-233-1723, A really good time in a really great room. Happens every Wed around 8:30-9:00pm. Anyone is welcome to play, just show up with your instrument; the only requirement is that you play *only* original music. Call the proprietress, Caleen Lopez, for more info. (They also have Songwriter's Night again on thursday after a poetry reading, and an occasional acoustic jam on Tuesdays. Call ahead.) Contributed-by: olcomtl@lafayette.unocal.com (Mark Lynch) [Sep 94] South Portland, Maine: (Eclectic-usually acoustic) Open mic at Spring Point Cafe on Pickett St. 207-767-4627, Maine Wats 800-774-4627 Hosted by Peter Gleason, local music legend, has been running every Tuesday nite from 8 to 11PM for over 6 years. Contributed-by: arnes@agate.net (Arne Schussler) [Aug 95] Farmington, Maine, USA: [Unknown] Open mike session every Thurday evening at The Grainery. Contributed-by: Zen Ben <IO20278@maine.maine.edu> [Jun 96] Baltimore, Maryland, USA: [Unknown] Coffeehouse Uptown--Wilson Memorial United Methodist Church 3509 N. Charles St at University Pkwy., (410) 235-4251 Open mike first Thursday of every month from 8-11 pm. No cover charge, $1 for coffee and cookies from 8 to 9:30. Contributed-by: Bill Gawne <gawne@stsci.edu> Baltimore, Maryland, USA: [Unknown] Friday night open mike at the Mt. Vernon Methodist Church with a $2 cover charge. Contributed-by: Bill Gawne <gawne@stsci.edu> Baltimore, Maryland, USA: [Jazz] Baltimore, Maryland: Buddies Pub and Jazz Club on Charles Street near E. Pleasant Street. Open jazz jam every thursday night. Usually quite good quality players, but it's open to learners too. Contributed-by: Thomas F Brown <tombrown@jhunix.hcf.jhu.edu> [Jun 95] Baltimore, Maryland, USA: [Jazz/Blues] Wall St Lounge, Maryland Avenue and Northern Ave. Jazz and blues. Rhythm section typically electric. Wednesdays. Contributed-by: Riddim <riddim@worldnet.att.net> [Oct 96] Baltimore, Maryland, USA: [Jazz/Blues] Sportsman's Lounge, 4628 Gwynn Oak; Liberty and Gwynn Oak. Jam session hosted by master drummer Bobby Ward. Typically organ trio format, plus however many thousand horns appear. Mondays from 9 or so until 2; strongest session in town. Contributed-by: Riddim <riddim@worldnet.att.net> [Dec 96] Bethesda, Maryland, USA: [Jazz] Brewbaker's, 6931 Arlington Rd., (301) 907-2602 Thursday, "Jazzy Jam night with the Bruce Middle Trio" Camp Springs, Maryland, USA: [Unknown] Cheers, 4710 Auth Pl., (301) 423-7676 Wednesday, open mike with Butch Grant & the Crossfire Band. Bethesda, Maryland, USA: [Unknown] Durty Nelly's, 4714 Montgomery La.; (301) 652-1444; Monday, open mike Rockville, Maryland, USA: [Unknown] Fatty's, 51 Monroe St., (301) 762-4630 Tuesday, open mike. Laurel, Maryland, USA: [Misc] Crescendo is sponsoring its first open jam session October 14th, 11am-11pm at the Carroll Baldwin Hall in Savage MD. This is an informal, open jam - anyone is welcome to come play or just listen. Musicians looking for bands and bands looking for musicians are encouraged. Bring an instrument, come out and have fun. Demos and independant releases are encouraged - bring samples for review on Crescendo, and feel free to sell them during the event. Contact Roger Wood at 410 792 7230, on Crescendo at 301 490 4775, or at roj@shendo.com. Contributed-by: roger.wood@shendo.com [Sep 95] Olney, Maryland, USA: [Blues] Grand Marquis, 18320 Village Mart Dr., (301) 924-3544. Thursday, open mike with Sam (Sam, who's last name I don't know, is the singer/harmonica player in a band called Blue Plate Special. I haven't been to one of these open mikes but I would assume it's mostly blues oriented, because that's what BPS does, and very well I might add. I understand there is a drum kit there.) Wheaton, Maryland, USA: [Unknown] Marquis, 2418 University Blvd, (301) 942-3292 Tuesday, open mike with Sam (See the note for the Grand Marquis above. Both bars are run by the same owner. This place is a bit rougher around the edges. Hell, it's rougher in the middle, too. Great place to go to watch the fights. And they have a TV, also. If you like a good rowdy drunk audience, and who doesn't, check this place out.) Bethesda, Maryland, USA: [Unknown] McSweeny's, 4918 Del Ray Ave., (301) 913-9111 Saturday, open mike. Takoma Park, Maryland, USA: [Unknown] Taliano's, 7001 Carrol Ave., (301) 270-5515 Tuesday, open mike with John Harbison. Mostly acoustic, but not necessarily. Boston, Massachusetts, USA: [Blues/Jazz] Blues jam on Mondays at Wally's, Mass. Ave. and Columbus, 9PM - 1:30AM. SMALL place. Oldest jazz club in New England. Hosted by the F.T.F. Band. Jazz jams Tuesday-Sunday from 9 PM - 2 AM. Hosted by "Jose Raimos and the Special Blend Band". Contributed-by: gub@elf.com (Glen Daniels) [Mar 94] Boston, Massachusetts, USA: [Blues] R&B jam with the Stovall Brown band at Harper's Ferry Sunday nights from 10PM - 1:30AM. $1 cover if you're playing, $2 otherwise. A good 'un, lotsa soul + funk too. Contributed-by: gub@elf.com (Glen Daniels) [Mar 94] Boston, Massachusetts, USA: [Blues] Rick Russell's all-star blues jam at the House of Blues in Harvard Square. $5 admission gets you a cajun buffet as well as music. NOTE: you need to stop by/call in the afternoon to audition; generally not a problem if you're passable, but it's a little weird. Contributed-by: gub@elf.com (Glen Daniels) [Mar 94] Boston, Massachusetts, USA: [Blues] Blues jam on Sundays at Johnny D's in Davis Square 4:30 PM - 8:30 PM, hosted by the Brew Dogs. Cover is $2, and it's a great room...and they serve yummy food. Contributed-by: gub@elf.com (Glen Daniels) Boston, Massachusetts, USA: [Blues] House of Blues (Dan Akroyd's place) is a blues tourist trap, very interesting, but expensive. If you like blues, go once on a Friday or Saturday. I went on a Thursday and had to listen to some college student Commitments wanabees. Buy a tee shirt at the gift shop. If you buy dinner you get a blues ID card with your picture on it. Contributed-by: keith.graham@execnet.com (Keith Graham) Boston, Massachusetts, USA: [Blues] R&B Jam on Sundays at the Cantab Lounge on Mass. Ave. in Central Square, 9:30PM - 1AM. Belmont, Massachusetts, USA: [Celtic] Green Briar Restaurant and Pub 304 Washington St., Brighton has an Irish session every Monday night starting about 9:00 or so, and extending until closing time (1:00am I believe). This is the extension of the old Coach House Session which used to be held in Brookline. Several big names in the local Irish music community occasionally come here, including Johnny Cunningham, Seamus Connally, and Skip Healy. The bar's telephone number is (617) 789-4100. The man in charge of the session is Larry Reynolds, but I don't have his telephone number. Contributed-by: bwhite@inmet.camb.inmet.com (Bill White) Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA: [Folk] Late night open Folk Jam, every Saturday at Club Passim, from midnite to 4 a.m. (not a typo). Hosted by Jabe Beyer. Free. Passim has been the nexus of New England Folk for over 25 years. In Harvard Square at 47 Palmer St. Contributed-by: David Fagan <daf@bbn.com> [Apr 96] Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA: [Folk] Open Mic "In the Round" at Club Passim. Tuesdays 2 8pm. $2 for players, $3 for watchers. 3 players on stage at once for a round robin, switching off, each gets to play 2 songs. Poets, performance artists, instrumentalists welcome. Contributed-by: David Fagan <daf@bbn.com> [Apr 96] Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA: [Folk/Acoustic/Alternative] Open Mic at the Kendall Cafe on Cardinal Medieros Ave near Kendall Sq. Hosted by Eric Marcos, who also books the place. Play well -> get a gig. Day:?? Cost:?? Contributed-by: David Fagan <daf@bbn.com> [Apr 96] Westborough, Massachusetts, USA: [Folk] Open Mic at the Old Vienna Kaffeehaus, at the rotary in the town center. Thursdays @ 8pm, donation requested. Contributed-by: David Fagan <daf@bbn.com> [Apr 96] Wilton, Massachusetts, USA: [Folk] Open Mic at Java Joe's, hosted by Steve Rabson. Day:??, cost:?? Contributed-by: David Fagan <daf@bbn.com> [Apr 96] Lawrence, Massachusetts, USA: [Folk] The Canal Street Coffeehouse. Open mike for acoustic musicians, poets, and storytellers fourth Saturday of every month at 7:00 in the Heritage State Park Visitors' Center on Canal St. in Lawrence. Sponsored by the Cowpasture Collective. For more information, call (508) 688-3569 or (508) 374-1058. Contributed-by: Sean.P.Donahue@Dartmouth.edu (Sean P. Donahue) Waltham, Massachusetts, USA: [Folk] Fiddle Jam 1st and 3rd Saturdays each month, Luthier's Workshop, 99 Moody St, 3:30PM - 6:30PM. Mostly contra-dance tunes, but also a fair bit of old-time, Swedish, Scottish, jazz/blues improv, depending on who turns up. Not just for fiddles! Usually lots of fiddles and guitars of all standards, plus banjo, mandolin, recorder, accordion, bass, whatever, and a very friendly atmosphere. Contributed-by: richard@meiko.com (Richard Cownie) [Apr 94] Worcester, Massachusetts, USA: [Blues] Open blues jam and "recording workshop" (you can have your performance recorded on DAT). Sundays, 8-12 PM, Gilrein's, 802 Main St., 508-791-2583. Host band is BBQ Bob and the Rhythm Aces. Band leans toward more traditional/retro blues styles (no Hendrix!!). Contributed-by: Brian Rost <rost@maelstrom.Timeplex.COM> [Feb 95] Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA: [Jazz] Bird of Paradise, (207 S. Asheley, 662-8310) has a jazz jam on Sunday hosted by Paul Finkbeiner and friends. The jam runs ~9:30 pm to 1 am. Contributed-by: John I. Hritz (jih@ox.com) and Genie Baker <gbaker@umich.edu> [Apr 95] Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA: [Blues] Blind Pig ((208 S. First St., 996-8555) has a blues jam on Sundays hosted by various bands, from 9:30 pm to 1:30 am. Contributed-by: John I. Hritz (jih@ox.com) Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA: [Misc] The Ark, 637-1/2 S. Main, Ann Arbor, MI, 313-761-1451. Acoustic Open Stage on Wednesday nights, usually 2 or 3 times a month (call for exact nights). Folk, jazz, blues, international, other, and storytelling are usually heared; acoustic is the only rule. All levels of ability and experience. Hosted by local folk musician/radio host. Good mic'ing and lighting, and there's a baby grand available. Starts at 8:00, door opens and musicians sign up at 7:30. Performers are free, students/seniors $2, others $3. Contributed-by: collicot@brutus.aa.ab.com (Duane Collicott) Lansing, Michigan, USA: [Bluegrass] The Mid-Michigan Bluegrass Association sponsors an open stage and bluegrass jam session at Lewton School on Mt. Hope in Lansing on the second Saturday of each month from 7-11 p.m. Contributed-by: ben@lansing-online.com <Greg Smith> [Feb 96] Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, USA: [Unknown] The New Riverside Cafe has open jam sessions one Thursday each month, as well as the best veggie food in the Twin Cities. 329 Cedar Avenue (at Riverside Avenue in the Seven Corners theatre district) (612) 333-4814. [This place was reported as closed, but has now been reported as open again. --Rsk] Contributed-by: pmk@craycos.com (Peter Klausler) and Gwendolyn M Vickers-1 <vicke004@maroon.tc.umn.edu> Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, USA: [Blues] Whiskey Junction, at 348 Cedar Ave., (612) 338-9550 in Minneapolis/west Bank. Monday night blues jam with RJ Mischo. Good sound stage with equipment available for harp, guitar, bass drums, vocals and horns. Blues jam with a traditional Flair. 9:30-1:00am. Contributed-by: Chris Michalek <micha018@maroon.tc.umn.edu> Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA: [Blues] The Viking Bar at 1829 Riverside Avenue (near Cedar Avenue in the Seven Corners theatre district), 332-4259, has a Monday evening Blues jam with Wille Murphy/ Wed Reggae jam w/Les Exodus. Small stage with musicians playing through out the entire bar. No Cover 4:00-8:00pm. Contributed-by: Chris Michalek <micha018@maroon.tc.umn.edu> and Don Berryman <don_berryman@adc.com> [May 94] Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, USA: [Jazz] The Minneapolis Cafe/Calhoun Beach club in Minneapolis/Lake Calhoun has a Tuesday night Acoustic Jazz jam. Traditional jazz standards. Hosted by Bobby Peterson on piano...*no drums* Vocalist must bring own mic. 8:00-12:00am. Contributed-by: Chris Michalek <micha018@maroon.tc.umn.edu> Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, USA: [Unknown] The St Anthony East Music House has a Tuesday open mic.; acoustic performances only. 9:00-1:00am Contributed-by: Chris Michalek <micha018@maroon.tc.umn.edu> Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, USA: [Blues/Jazz] The Blues Alley in Minneapolis/Target Center has a Thursday night blues/jazz jam hosted by Joel Johnson. Professional Musicians only; organist Jack McDuff frequently attends. No Cover for musicians 8:00-12:00am. Contributed-by: Chris Michalek <micha018@maroon.tc.umn.edu> Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, USA: [Blues/Rock] Fernandos on Lake Street, Sunday night. Loose blues/rock jam hosted by the Blue Oasis Blues Band. Sometimes the band with charge a $2.00 cover but usually no charge. 9:00pm-? Contributed-by: Chris Michalek <micha018@maroon.tc.umn.edu> Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, USA: [Blues/Rock] The Poodle Club in Minneapolis has an oldies/jazz/RB/blues/country/? jam hosted by Bob Scoggins; no cover; 8:00-12:00am. Contributed-by: Chris Michalek <micha018@maroon.tc.umn.edu> Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, USA: [Blues] The Brown Derby on Stryker Avenue in West St. Paul has Thursday and Sunday night Blues/RB jams usually hosted by Andy Bailey or other bands. Very Casual just pick up a mic and jam all night. Cheap beer in a heafty blue collar environment. Watch your wallet outside of the bar. Thursday 9:00-1:00am Sunday 8:00-12:00am No Cover. Contributed-by: Chris Michalek <micha018@maroon.tc.umn.edu> Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, USA: [Blues] Rockin' Eastside in East St. Paul has a Wednesday night Blues/RB jam with Andy Bailey(keyboardist for Lamont Cranston). Newly renovated bar with female strippers in the other half of the bar. No Cover 9:00-1:00. Contributed-by: Chris Michalek <micha018@maroon.tc.umn.edu> Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, USA: [Blues] The Blues Saloon on Western Avenue in St. Paul/Frogtown has a Monday night blues jam. On Sundays there is a jam for women only, hosted by various bands. 9:00-1:00am. Contributed-by: Chris Michalek <micha018@maroon.tc.umn.edu> Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, USA: [Blues/Jazz] Arnella's on University Avenue has a Monday night jazz/blues jam for professionals. Acoustic only no amps or drums. $4.00 Cover $2.00 for musicians. Contributed-by: Chris Michalek <micha018@maroon.tc.umn.edu> Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, USA: [old time] Toejam (Appalchian Old Time) Odd Fellows Hall near St. Paul Campus of U of M; 8:00PM Every Tuesday. Toejam is one of the oldest continuous jam sessions in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Old time music, no Irish, no bluegrass, is the mainstay. Donations are accepted by Theresa who pays the $15 for the hall. Players of all levels and abilities are equally welcome and lots of tune swapping/taping also occurs. Contributed-by: harold89@skypoint.com (Harold L. Maurer) [Feb 96] Richfield, Minnesota, USA: [Bluegrass/Folk] Homestead Pickin' Parlor, 6625 Penn Avenue S., Richfield, MN 55423, phone (612) 861-3308. One of the largest folk music shops in the Midwest. Jam sessions: Beginning bluegrass 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month, 7 pm; intermediate bluegrass 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesdays, 7 pm; Old Timey Jams every Thursday at 7 pm; Folk jams 1st, 3rd & 5th Tuesdays at 7 pm; Wednesday jams at 1pm. Contributed-by: Gwendolyn M Vickers-1 <vicke004@maroon.tc.umn.edu> Greenville, Mississippi, USA: [Misc] "One Block East", 240 Washington Avenue - contact David Weiss or Rain Jaudon at (601) 332-3800 has an open mic night every Sunday from 8:00 pm until whenever. All music styles welcome - Rock, Blues, Acoustic, Electric, Jazz, Country, oldies, originals, you name it! PA, mics, and lights provided. Bring your own personal gear. Contributed-by: Rain Jaudon <rainj@tecinfo.com> [Jan 96] St. Louis, Missouri, USA: [Blues] Cicero's Basement Bar, 6510 Delmar. Wednesday nights, 9:30 pm to 1 am. Mojo Syndrome hosts this jam session. Strictly blues, it can be a guitar player logjam session, but horns are welcome any time. The host band likes to do first and third sets, but if a singer and drummer can be found, have been known to wait until 12:45 to start their third set. If you go, ask for Derek, and tell him you saw it on the rec.music.bluenote. You will get at least 20 minutes of air time if you can play a little. [Update: this info is being revised.] Contributed-by: derek@wubios.wustl.edu (Derek Morgan) St. Louis, Missouri, USA: [unknown] The Saint Louis Brewery, 21st and Locust, 241-BEER. Open mike night with Tom Wood, Mondays at 9 PM; don't know what kind of music it's likely to be, though. Contributed-by: Rich Kulawiec <rsk@itw.com> Kansas City, Missouri, USA: [Jazz] Note: Not all of these events are called jam sessions but all are open to professional sit-in's (but probably not amateurs, sorry). All are no cover, no minimum. 1. Mutual Musicians Foundation (90 years old) Midnight Sat til ??. 2. Majestic Steak House: Sun Jam 5-9pm. 3. Phoenix Bar & Grill: no jam, pro set in's ok 5-9pm (Sat 4-8). 4. Drum Room: Sat Jazz Brunch 10am-2pm; Afternoon Jam: 3-6pm; Wed Jam Night 9-1pm. 5. Harling's Mama Ray Jam Session Sat 2-6pm. 6. Jardines Jazz Club: Sat jazz 3pm-3am, jam 3-7pm & 12am-3am. 7. Annie's Santa Fe: Last Sun ea month 4-8pm. 8. Costello's Greenhouse: Ruskin/Turner Jam Wed 5-8. 9. Inge's Lounge: 1st Fri ea month. (late afternoon). For more info, call: Jazz Hotline (7 minutes) 816-753-5277 or the KC Jazz Ambassadors at 816-967-6767, or drop by their website at http://www.kansascity.com/kcjazz/ Contributed-by: dhampton@sound.net (Dean Hampton) [Mar 95] St. Louis, Missouri, USA: [Misc] Every Tuesday night from 9 to 1, there's an open jam session at Marion's 1860's Saloon & Hard Shell Cafe, 1860 S. Ninth @ Geyer (in Historic Soulard), (314) 231-1860. All styles welcome; Hosted by STONEBRAKER. Drummers please bring sticks cymbals & pedals. Guitarists and Bassists bring instruments. Keyboard available. This session has been going on for 4 years and draws the best blues, rock and jazz players in St. Louis. Contributed-by: stonebraker@oui.com (James Stonebraker) St. Louis, Missouri, USA: [Misc] A note on how to get current information if you're in town: In St. Louis, the best source for information is the alternative weekly ``The Riverfront Times,'' which has club information in the middle. A generally less extensive listing is in the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch on Thursdays, which includes a useful list of bands with the styles they play. Contributed-by: Phil Dybvig <dybvig@dybfin.wustl.edu> Merrimack, New Hampshire: [Blues] Stormy Monday's Cafe (attached to the Country Gourmet) on Rt. 3. Blues Jam every Monday night, starting between 8 and 9pm 'till closing. Contributed-by: James T. Francis Jr. <jfrancis@ctron.ctron.com> Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA: [Misc] The Bean Gallery on the Mall. Coffee House. Open Mike every Thursday night. Contributed-by: David.T.Greenfield@Dartmouth.EDU (David Greenfield) [Aug 95] West Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA: [Misc] The Seven Barrel Brew Pub. Open Mike every Tuesday night. Contributed-by: David.T.Greenfield@Dartmouth.EDU (David Greenfield) [Aug 95] Carrboro, North Carolina, USA: [Jazz] (near Chapel Hill and Durham) The Arts Center. Open jazz jam second Sunday of every month, 7-10 p.m. Musicians admitted free. Experienced and less experienced players are welcome. House section of Mark Lewis (piano) and Tony Galliani (bass) Just show up and sign in. The Carrboro Arts Center is on Main St. in Carrboro, N.C. Contributed-by: Michael R. Volow <ecsvax!mvolo@uncecs.edu> or <ejlamb@eos.ncsu.edu> and kvansant@nando.net (Kevin Van Sant) [Dec 95] Charlotte, North Carolina, USA: [Celtic] The Celtic Trader has a Celtic jam session on Thursday nights. A fair bit of old-time is played, too. It starts around 7:30 and goes till 10:30 or 11 most nights. The Celtic Trader is located at 600 Park Rd. on the south side of town. Call Regis Malady, the owner, before making a long trip, as the session gets cancelled sometimes if there is something going on in Charlotte or if he has the shop packed up and on the festival circuit. The number is 1-800-822-2420. Contributed-by: Edward Baker <tbaker@gibbs.oit.unc.edu> Charlotte, North Carolina, USA: [Folk] There is a session in Charlotte, NC on Sunday nights from 6-9pm (weekly). It is held at Hickory Grove Presbyterian Church on Harris Blvd. The music style is typically accoustical traditional folk music. Mostly consists of amateurs and people who just like to play/listen! Contact Mary Anne Locklear at (704) 596-0345 for more info and directions. Contributed-by: Randy Owens <randyo@nando.net> [Jan 95] Greenville, South Carolina, USA: [Celtic/folk] Norm's. Stewart Square, Brushy Creek Rd. Every Wednesday night from about 7:30 to 11:00. Mix of Irish and old-time, with visiting Highland pipers a regular feature. Contributed-by: Edward Baker <tbaker@gibbs.oit.unc.edu> Raleigh, North Carolina, USA: [Blues] The Berkeley Cafe, on Martin St., downtown. The Rhythm and Blues Review, hosted by guitarist Larry Hutcherson, is usually frequented by the hottest musicians in town. It takes place every other Thursday night (sometimes every Thursday night during the summer). Just tell Larry you want to play. Contributed-by: <ejlamb@eos.ncsu.edu> Raleigh, North Carolina, USA: [Blues] Easy Street, downtown has the Blues Jam from Hell, hosted by Mike Pitz. Mike plays a little, then turns to a sign up sheet. Usually random groups, lots of fun; happens every other Wednesday. Contributed-by: <ejlamb@eos.ncsu.edu> Raleigh, North Carolina, USA: [Folk] Cloud and Fire Cafe Express, Hillsborough St, over the bowling alley (really!). Tuesday & Thursday nights are open-mike. Thursdays specifically for original material. Mostly folk, some poetry. No smoking or drinking. Talent varies WIDELY. No cover charge, free refreshments, donations accepted. Very bohemian. Contributed-by: Kevin Smith <ksmith@raleigh2.smos.com> [Feb 95] Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA: [Jazz] Winston-Salem, NC, Leon's Cafe, 920 South Marshall St. Every tuesday from 10pm to 1am. JAZZ 910-725-9593 Host trio The Matt Kendrick Trio. Bass, Piano and drums Contributed-by: "Matt Kendrick/R. Ziesk" <artjazz@ols.net> [Nov 95] Hackensack, New Jersey, USA: [Blues] The Fox's Lair has open mike night every Thursday. Mainly blues. Contributed-by: cscnj!pat@rutgers.edu Long Branch, New Jersey, USA: [Unknown] Cheers, on Broadway across from the municipal building near the RR tracks, has as jam night on Tuesdays. Contributed-by: joshs@tsdiag.ccur.com (Joshua B. Shar) Bloomfield, New Jersey, USA: [Misc] The Feedbag Saloon on Broad Street has an open jam on Sunday nights starting at 9:30 PM. Organized by Mad Max on drums, the regulars step up when the sign-up list thins out. Lots of variety including blues, jazz, and folk. Contributed-by: moskowit@paul.rutgers.edu (Len Moskowitz) Hackensack, New Jersey, USA: [Blues] Cafe Acapella, Tuesday 8-1 w/ Moose and the Bulletproof Blues Band. Contributed-by: sanjay@tvrisc.timeplex.com (Sanjay Subramanian) [Dec 96] Hoboken, New Jersey, USA: [Blues] Scotland Yard; Saturday 4-7 Joe Taino's Blues Jam; Monday 9-1 Blues Jam. Contributed-by: sanjay@tvrisc.timeplex.com (Sanjay Subramanian) [Dec 96] East Orange, New Jersey, USA: [Unknown] Radio Station WFMU at Upsala College, in East Orange, New Jersey (91.1 FM), they have an open telephone jam session, where you can call up and play on the air. The musicianship has been quite good. If I recall correctly, it is scheduled for Sunday evenings. Contributed-by: tet@holborn.com (Phil Kramer) Mt. Vernon, New York, USA: [Jazz/Blues/Zydeco] The Bayou at 580 Gramatan Avenue, Mt. Vernon, NY 10552, (914) 668-2634, has open mic nights on most Tuesdays. The format can vary from jazz to blues to zydeco. Contributed-by: phoff@pipeline.com (Peter Hoffmann) [Nov 95] New York (Manhattan), New York, USA: [Blues] Manny's Car Wash, Third Avenue bet. East 87th and 88th. Sunday night Blues Jam with the Chris Carter (house) Band. Good sound system. No cover, Bass on draft @$3. Contributed-by: gld@cunixb.cc.columbia.edu (Gary L Dare) and moskowit@paul.rutgers.edu (Len Moskowitz) and keith.graham@execnet.com (Keith Graham) New York (Manhattan), New York, USA: [Blues] Mondo Perso on Bleeker St. has an open blues jam on Sunday, 4-9 pm. Contributed-by: sanjay@tvrisc.timeplex.com (Sanjay Subramanian) [Dec 96] New York (Manhattan), New York, USA: [Blues] Chicago B.L.U.E.S. has an open blues jam on Sunday from 9 pm on. It's between 13th and 14th street, on 8th ave. Contributed-by: sanjay@tvrisc.timeplex.com (Sanjay Subramanian) [Dec 96] New York, New York, USA: [Celtic] Flannery's, 14th St. at 7th Avenue, Wednesday nights. Irish set dancing classes start at 6:00; these are coordinated with the Irish Arts Center. Around 10:00, the musicians set up and play for more dancing. Contributed-by: mittle@panix.com (Joshua Mittleman) New York, New York, USA: [Celtic] The Emerald Pub, Spring St. and Hudson St., 8:00 Thursdays. Irish musical session. Contributed-by: mittle@panix.com (Joshua Mittleman) New York, New York, USA: [Celtic] Ryan's Pub, 2nd Avenue between 9th and 10th Sts., starts around 8:30. Irish session. Contributed-by: mittle@panix.com (Joshua Mittleman) New York, New York, USA: [Celtic] Paddy Reilly's, 29th St. and 2nd Avenue, Thursdays. Irish musical session starts about 10:00. Contributed-by: mittle@panix.com (Joshua Mittleman) [Aug 94] New York, New York, USA: [Celtic] Muldoon's. Manhattan, 3rd Ave. at 43rd St. 212-599-2750. Tuesdays and Saturdays, starting about 8PM. Contributed-by: mittle@panix.com (Joshua Mittleman) [Aug 94] New York, New York, USA: [Celtic] There is a new session at An Bheal Bacht, 445 W. 238th St. in Riverdale (the Bronx). Thursdays starting about 9:30. Contributed-by: mittle@panix.com (Joshua Mittleman) [Aug 94] New York, New York, USA: [Misc] Off Wall Street Jam is an amateur music club that specializes in matching (mostly) amateur musicians together to play in jam sessions. They provide studio space, instruments, everything you need, including finding appropriate musicians for your musical style and skill level. Contact owsj@maestro.maestro.com (John Watts). Contributed-by; owsj@maestro.maestro.com (John Watts) [Feb 95] New York, New York, USA: [Jazz] The World Famous Blue Note Jazz Club in NYC holds open jam sessions after their last set on Fri and Sat nights. It features trumpet player, Brian Lynch and is always a great time. (Editor's note: if you're reading this in Usenet's rec.music.bluenote, or if you have any recordings on the Blue Note label, now you know where the name of the newsgroup came from! ---Rsk ) Contributed-by: ST910740@PIP.CC.BRANDEIS.EDU [Feb 95] New York, New York, USA: [Jazz] Open jazz standards jam. Sidewalk cafe 6th St Ave A Tuesdays from 11 pm. Singers should bring charts. Feel free to email jgood@panix.com for more info. Contributed-by: Jason Goodrow <jgood@panix.com> [Aug 95] Albany, New York, USA: [Unknown] The Eighth Step, 14 Willett Street, has an open mike night every Wednesday; sign-up at 7:30 for show at 8:00. Contributed-by: Allen Lutins <al2032@thor.albany.edu> Saratoga Springs, New York, USA: [Unknown] Caffe Lena, 47 Philadelphia Street, has an open mike night every Thursday; sign-up at 7:00 for show at 7:30 ($2.00 admission). Contributed-by: Allen Lutins <al2032@thor.albany.edu> Binghamton, New York, USA: [Celtic/Folk] The Church of the Good Shepherd, 74 Conklin Ave., has a get-together every Tuesday night around 7:30 so that folks can play Irish, Scottish and old-time music for a couple hours. Everyone is welcome to join in, we have excellent musicians and beginners. It's not a club, not in a bar, no audience (usually), no sign-up list, no waiting, no performing sets. It's a bunch of people playing music. Contributed-by: Jeff Bronfeld, <73507.322@CompuServe.COM> Nancy Smith, nsmith@gdlvm7.vnet.ibm.com. Buffalo, New York, USA: [Unknown] The Algonquin Table Coffee House meets every Tuesday from 8 to 11:30 at Putnam's on the North Campus of the University of Buffalo. They have an open mike night every three weeks or so, and are always looking for bands to play for free. There is no cover charge: free coffee, free music. Contributed-by: Aardvark <V067RCYF@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu> Ithaca, New York, USA: [Blues] On Monday nights at 10 there is the Blue Monday Jam at the Nines on College Avenue. The core band comes from members of Pete Panek and the Blue Cats, and most of the tunes are like that groups Chicago repertoire, with more jazz or folk flavor depending on who comes. All blues musicians are welcome. Cover is $3. (Bill commented that this jam attracts pretty high caliber musicians for a small college town.) Contributed-by: Lenny Silver <len@gibbon.cit.cornell.edu> or Bill Sloan <wls1@cornell.edu> Ithaca, New York, USA: [Celtic] Irish sessions at MicCawber's Pub on Aurora St. 7-10:30 pm on the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Sundays. Contributed-by: bobb@rochgte.fidonet.org (Bob Berch) [May 95] Rochester, New York, USA: [Celtic] Long time running Irish session is on the 2nd Friday of the month at McGinnity's, 534 W. Ridge Rd. starting about 9. Generally some dancers will show up, too. Contributed-by: bobb@rochgte.fidonet.org (Bob Berch) [May 95] Rochester, New York, USA: [Celtic] A relatively new Irish session is happening on the last Sunday of the month at the Rochester Brew Pub, 800 Jefferson Rd. from 4 to 7. Followed by hired "Irish" entertainment. Contributed-by: bobb@rochgte.fidonet.org (Bob Berch) [May 95] Cincinnati, Ohio, USA: [Bluegrass] Fries Cafe, 3247 Jefferson Ave, Coryville hosts an open bluegrass jam upstairs every Tuesday evening. Open to all levels of bluegrass musician. This jam usually starts around 9pm. Contributed-by: John Billerman <billerman@xavier.xu.edu> [Oct 94] Cincinnati, Ohio, USA: [acoustic, any] The Crows Nest, 4544 W. 8th St., Price Hill, has open acoustic jam session every Sunday from 9:00 pm until 1:00 am or so. Anything acoustic goes, sometimes electric bass. Hosted by Capt. Mike Kammer. Contributed-by: MikeJLeroy@aol.com (Mike Jenkins) Feb 95 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA: [Rock/elec&acoustic/any] Murray's Pub, 2169 Queen City Ave., Fairmont, has open jam session every Monday from 10:00 pm to 2:00 am. Starts acoustic then bands, then all-out come-as-you-are jam. Hosted by Capt. Mike Kammer. Contributed-by: MikeJLeroy@aol.com (Mike Jenkins) Feb 95 Cleveland, Ohio, USA: Sunday: [Unknown] Bop Stop, 391-0394, E.40th and St.Clair. Sunday, 8:30pm-1:00am, professional, Ron Busch hosts. Saturday, 2:00p-6:00p, student level and up, Ron Busch hosts. Contributed-by: David J. Henning <djh10@po.CWRU.Edu> Cleveland, Ohio, USA: [Unknown] Elk's, 5p-8p Sundays, I've never been there. Contributed-by: David J. Henning <djh10@po.CWRU.Edu> Cleveland, Ohio, USA: [Unknown] Monday: Coffees of the World, 7:30p-10:30p, some pros, some hacks. atop Cedar Hill in Cleveland Heights. Contributed-by: David J. Henning <djh10@po.CWRU.Edu> Cleveland, Ohio, USA: [Unknown] Wednesday: 6th Street Under, some pros, some hacks, Ray Ferris and Chink Stephenson host. Located by the Flats. Contributed-by: David J. Henning <djh10@po.CWRU.Edu> Cleveland, Ohio, USA: [Unknown] Saturday: Nature's Sun, 6-8p, E.149th and Kinsman, allegedly professional, once again, I haven't been there. Contributed-by: David J. Henning <djh10@po.CWRU.Edu> Cleveland, Ohio, USA: [Bluegrass/folk] Goose Acres Folk Music Center 2175 Cornell, has open Old Time and Bluegrass jams on the first and third fridays of each month from October to May and on the first friday of each month from June thru September, from 7:30pm till 11:00pm. There are usually 2-3 separate jams going on in different rooms. Their phone number is (216) 791-5111. Contributed-by: Mike Sherman <shermane@ct.picker.com> [Sep 94] Columbus, Ohio, USA: [Celtic] The second Friday of each month there is a Celtic jam session at the Tara Hall Pub on the corner of Grant and Naghten streets. The pub is located on the second floor of St. Patrick's Catholic Church Social Hall. Musicians are served free. one rule (to date anyway) there is no singing. There is entertainment there on other Fridays as well but those are the performance type. any other info you need can be directed to me, since i am the entertainment coordinator. please give me a few days to respond as i may be on the road or in the studio. Contributed-by: Dave Hawkins <jdhawkin@freenet.columbus.oh.us> [Mar 95] Warren, Ohio, USA: The Gargoyle coffee house on East Market Street in Warren, Ohio, holds an open stage night every Tuesday from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. The first Tuesday of the month Brian Lee, an excellent acoustic guitarist, occupies some stage time but invites anyone to jam with him. Contributed-by: nicholsenmd@hiramb.hiram.edu (Iron City Mike) [Mar 94] Oklahoma City/Midwest City, Oklahoma, USA: [Folk] The Oklahoma City Traditional Music Association meets the 1st Saturday of each month at the Tom Steed building on the Oscar Rose State College Campus. The Tom Steed building is at the intersection of Interstate 40 and Hudiburg Drive in Midwest City. Meetings start at 6PM, and consist of workshops on various instruments (including guitar, banjo, hammered and mountain dulcimer) followed by the PlayAround (ie: "open mike" show), followed by jam sessions until midnite. No cover, but the "hat" is passed to pay for the building. All kinds of music - folk, traditional, bluegrass, celtic, cajun, blues, whatever! Guests welcome - bring your axe (acoustic instruments preferred). Contributed-by: robjohn@ocdis01.oc.aflc.af.mil (Bob Johnson) Eugene, Oregon, USA: [Celtic] Irish music session 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, 4:00-7:00 at Sam Bond's Garage (541-343-2635). Also some Tuesday evenings, call for info. Sessions irregularly at Java Joe's (541-484-9504), call for info. For impromptu Irish happenings call Dan Kaplan at the Buy and Sell Music Store (541-344-9273) or Scott DeLancey (w. 541-346- 3901, h. 485-2128). Contributed-by: Scott C DeLancey <delancey@darkwing.uoregon.edu> [Dec 96] Eugene, Oregon, USA: [Blues/Jazz] Jo Federigo's, 259 E 5th, (541) 343-8488: Wednesday night, acoustic blues jam w/ Nicolette Helm; Thursday night, jazz jam w/ John Workman (both 9:00) Contributed-by: larryk@efn.org [Feb 96] Eugene, Oregon, USA: [Blues/Jazz] Good Times, 375 E 7th, (541) 484-7181: Monday night, Rooster's Blues Jam (9:30) Contributed-by: larryk@efn.org [Feb 96] Portland, Oregon, USA: Wednesdays at the X-Ray Cafe (214 W. Burnside), 8 to 9 pm. Open Drum Jam - bring along your favorite percussion instruments and join the fun! Alternative music types and slackers abound...Led by Joel Seed. Contributed-by: john_bartholomew@mentorg.com (Bart) [Mar 94] Portland, Oregon, USA: [Unknown] Monday's at Produce Row, 7:30 to 10:30 PM. Led by Ron Steen. Contributed-by: jhale@wv.MENTORG.COM (Jim Hale) Portland, Oregon, USA: [Unknown] Dance Musicians' Sessions, Wednesday nights; call Susan (503) 771-0035. Contributed-by: Mary Benson <syren@teleport.com> [Jan 95] Portland, Oregon, USA: [Folk] Portland Folklore Society Song Circle, on Monday nights; 1615 SE 30th, Portland, Oregon; 503 641-8580. Contributed-by: Mary Benson <syren@teleport.com> [Jan 95] Portland, Oregon, USA: [Blues] Candlelight Cafe & Bar, 2032 S.W. 5th Ave. (222-3378), 10 p.m.-2 a.m. SUN: Jams with the No Delay Band, Peter Dammann, guitar, leader MON: Jam with D.K. Stewart, Dave Stewart, keys, leader TUE: Jam with Jim Mesi Band, Mesi, guitar, leader WED: Jam with Terry Robb Band, Robb, guitar, leader THU: Jam with Norman Sylvester Band, Sylvester, guitar, leader Contributed-by: boydroid@netcom.com (Boyd Martin) [Dec 94] Portland, Oregon, USA: [Blues] Trails End Saloon, 1320 Main St., Oregon City, (656-3031), 9 p.m.-1 a.m. THU: Jam with Kevin Collins & The Mojos, Collins, vocals, leader Contributed-by: boydroid@netcom.com (Boyd Martin) [Dec 94] Portland, Oregon, USA: [Blues] Bojangles, 2229 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd., 8 p.m.-midnight SUN: All-Star Jam, Craig Mayther, guitar, leader Contributed-by: boydroid@netcom.com (Boyd Martin) [Dec 94] Portland, Oregon, USA: [Blues] Lucille's, 239 S.W. Broadway, 248-4170, 9 p.m.-1 a.m. WED: Jam with Mel Solomon Band, Dale "The Nail" Morris, guitar, leader Contributed-by: boydroid@netcom.com (Boyd Martin) [Dec 94] Portland, Oregon, USA: [Blues] Sunset Club, end of Barnes Rd., 9 p.m.-1 a.m. WED: Jam with Robbie Laws & The Urban All-Stars, Laws, Guitar, leader Contributed-by: boydroid@netcom.com (Boyd Martin) [Dec 94] Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA: [Jazz] In the Homewood area (not the nicest neighborhood in the world), Too Sweet has a jam session led by saxophonist Tony Campbell on Saturday afternoons, mostly Real book tunes, good rhythm section. If in Pittsburgh, check the free weekly paper "In Pittsburgh" for jazz listings. Contributed-by: marco.zagha@enquirer.scandal.cs.cmu.edu (Marco) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA: [Blues] The Backroom, hosted by Jeff Bell Bluz Band. The newest blues jam in the city, hosted by a master guitarist. House band plays Allman Bros, Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, & The Police. 3 piece band. All graduated from the local university in jazz studies, so they're talented as well as versed in blues AND jazz... Bar is located at 12th & Carson, on the South Side. Contributed-by: vaughan@psy.cmu.edu (Lisa Laverne Vaughan) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA: [Blues] Gene's Bar, Rt. 51, almost adjacent to the Liberty Tunnels. Heavy weight blues masters meet Monday's. Contributed-by: vaughan@psy.cmu.edu (Lisa Laverne Vaughan) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA: [Blues] Excuses, 27th (?) & Carson, SouthSide. Thursday night jam session, probably the most popular in PGH. Mid to heavy weight blues night. Contributed-by: vaughan@psy.cmu.edu (Lisa Laverne Vaughan) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA: [Celtic] Mullaney's Harp & Fiddle, Strip District, 2329 Penn Avenu, has Irish Sessions on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month in the afternoons (roughly 5-8 pm), usually followed by performance by one or another of the local groups in early evening. (412) 642-6622. Contributed-by: Rebecca Roolf (rr3b+@andrew.cmu.edu) and "Richard M. Moore" <rmm@cs.cmu.edu> [Apr 95] Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA: [Folk] Every 3rd Wednesday of the month, Calliope House holds folk singing jams at the Lawrenceville Library at 7:30PM. There are also shape-note singing sessions at 6:30PM on the 3rd Sunday and Songwriter's Jam on some other day, I think the 4th Wednesday, but I'm not sure. Contributed-by: Gordon Banks <geb@cs.pitt.edu> Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA: [Rock/Misc] "Brother's Grimm" at 1198 Beaver Grade Rd., Robinson Township, PA (15 minutes from Pittsburgh) has a jam night every Wednesday. Rock based....but all are welcome **Call ahead--412-787-1198. This Jam night is hosted by two local Pittsburgh bands... "Den of Thieves" and "Ashes to Ashes" (Each every other week). Mostly full rock bands come out. (Originals please!) But accoustic, blues, and metal acts often pop up also. Towards the end of the night (Around 1 or 1:30) is the "Drunken Jam" with alot of Pgh's popular musicians present and drunk! Contributed-by: apdst4+@pitt.edu (Anthony P Deluca) [Dec 94] Carnegie, Pennsylvania, USA: [Folk] (Pittsburgh suburb) The Pour House has Old-time jam sessions on Thursdays at 9 PM. No cover. There are usually 2 or 3 excellent fiddlers (some have recorded), a banjo or two, guitars, and a bass. I believe they also have Irish sessions on one other night, but I've never been to those. Clogging is also allowed. They're at 215 E. Main St, Carnegie, PA; phone is (412) 279-0770. Contributed-by: Gordon Banks <geb@cs.pitt.edu> and "Richard M. Moore" <rmm@cs.cmu.edu> [Apr 95] New Hope, Pennsylvania, USA: [Blues] John & Peter's holds the "Liberty Blues Jam" on Tuesday nights, (215) 862-5981. Contributed-by: rsk@itw.com (Rich Kulawiec) [Aug 94] Philadephia, Pennsylvania, USA: [Misc] J.C. Dobbs at 304 South Street in Philadelphia [(215) 925-4053] has a blues/funk/r&b/rock jam on Tuesdays. Starts pretty early. You have to sign up. House band does a couple of short sets, but there's time to jam. The house band will even back you up if you are, say, a guitartist and you need a bassist and drummer, etc. Pretty good jam. Some "clique-ishness" but unknowns do get their shots. Talk to Wally Smith, the house keyboard player, and tell him that Dan Barron sent you. (seriously). Contributed-by: barron@eniac.seas.upenn.edu (Daniel P. Barron) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA: [Blues] Barbary, (215) 552-8971 at Delaware & Frankford Avenues (just north of Penn's Landing) has a blues jam on Wednesdays. Contributed-by: rsk@itw.com (Rich Kulawiec) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA: [Unknoown] Tin Angel Acoustic Cafe has an open mic night on Wednesdays, (215) 928-0978. Sometimes the format is a competition. 20 S. 2nd St. Piano available on site. Contributed-by: rsk@itw.com (Rich Kulawiec) [Aug 94] Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA: [Misc] The Middle East has a "World Rhythms Open Jam" on Mondays; call between 7 and 9 to get into the act. 128 Chestnut St., (215) 922-1003. Contributed-by: rsk@itw.com (Rich Kulawiec) [Aug 94] Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA: [Misc] Dr. Watson's Pub, 216 S. 11th St., (215) 922-3427 has a Thursday night open jam featuring Paul Edelman. Contributed-by: rsk@itw.com (Rich Kulawiec) [Aug 94] Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA: [Misc] The Grape St. Pub, corner of Grape & Main streets in Manayunk (215) 483-4890 or (215) 482-2269. Open mic night on some Mondays. Contributed-by: rsk@itw.com (Rich Kulawiec) [Aug 94] Greenville, South Carolina, USA: [Folk/Celtic] On the 1st Sunday of every month, the Upstate Dulcimer Players get together at Wood, Strings, and Dulcimers at 115 Pelham Road. It's mostly old-time and Irish instrumental. Everyone is welcome, but you'd be well-advised to bring your own seat (lousy folding chairs). The session runs from 2:30 to about 6:00. For more info, call Carolee at (803) 235-6291. Contributed-by: Edward Baker <tbaker@gibbs.oit.unc.edu> Columbia, South Carolina, USA: [Blues] Sunday Night Blues Jam at Decisions, hosted by Brainstorm. Blues and R&B welcome. Contributed-by: Elliott New <ncrcol!elliott@ncrcae.columbiasc.NCR.COM> Columbia, South Carolina, USA: [Bluegrass] Every Friday and Saturday night Bill's Pickin' Parlor has bluegrass jam sessions. It's free if you have an instrument with you, and one dollar if you don't. There are seven or eight different rooms where people are jamming. Players are usually very good, and are always happy to have another person join them. Contributed-by: Samantha Bonk <hellmann@cs.scarolina.edu> Church Hill, Tennesee, USA: [Folk/Bluegrass] There's a Thursday evening jam session at Ratliff Music (this is the shop where Audie makes his "Ratliff" mandolins.) Church Hill is just south of Kingsport in the north- east corner of the state. Allison Brown has been known to drop by on occation. Folks from ETSU's College of Bluegrass are also frequent participants. Contributed-by: Shelley R. Heard <srheard@heard.b30.ingr.COM> Nashville, Tennesee, USA: [Bluegrass] Bluegrass Inn has a bluegrass jam on Sunday night. Contributed-by: smiller@vf.jsc.nasa.gov Nashville, Tennesee, USA: [Bluegrass] Station Inn (two or three blocks off Broadway near 10th Street) has a bluegrass jam on Sunday nights at 8 PM. Best BG jam in the area, well-known folks show up. Contributed-by: smiller@vf.jsc.nasa.gov Nashville, Tennesee, USA: [Unknown] Bell Cove Restaurant has a songwriter's showcase (free appearances) on Sunday nights. Contributed-by: smiller@vf.jsc.nasa.gov Austin, Texas, USA: [Celtic] Colorado St. Cafe, 705 Colorado St., has a Scottish-Irish jam on Mondays at 7:30 PM going till 10PM or so. Everyone welcome. Contributed-by: jason@cs.utexas.edu (Jason Martin Levitt) or: hmueller@orca.tamu.edu (Hal Mueller) Austin, Texas, USA: [Blues] Blues jam at Pearl's Oyster Bar, 9003 Research Blvd., Monday night. [Update: Roberto Bayardo <bayardo@cs.utexas.edu> reports that this jam may be defunct as of summer 1994.] Contributed-by: jason@cs.utexas.edu (Jason Martin Levitt) Austin, Texas, USA: [Blues] Blues jam, every Sunday night 9-12 at Ginos Bar and Grill on the corner of Stassney and South First. Contributed-by: Roberto Bayardo <bayardo@cs.utexas.edu> Austin, Texas, USA: [Blues] Blues jam at the 311 Club, 311 E. 6th, 477-1630, on Sunday nights. Contributed-by: jason@cs.utexas.edu (Jason Martin Levitt) Austin, Texas, USA: [Bluegrass] Bluegrass jam at Cap'n Tom's BBQ, 11800 N. Lamar, 834-1858 on the second Saturday of the month (sometime in the afternoon). Contributed-by: jason@cs.utexas.edu (Jason Martin Levitt) and smiller@vf.jsc.nasa.gov Austin, Texas, USA: [Blues] Blues jam at Joe's Generic Bar, 315 E. 6th, 480-0171 on Sunday nights. Contributed-by: jason@cs.utexas.edu (Jason Martin Levitt) Austin, Texas, USA: [Jazz] Jazz jam session every Monday night at The Elephant Room, 315 Congress Avenue. Starts around 9:30, lasts until the wee hours of the night. Many of Austin's best jazz players show up, lots of good music. No cover, reasonably priced drinks, great jazz atmosphere (dark and smokey). Call 473-2279 for details. Contributed-by: hatter@ccwf.cc.utexas.edu (John Eichenseer) and jason@cs.utexas.edu (Jason Martin Levitt) Austin, Texas, USA: [Celtic/Misc] Senor O'Brien's, 624 E. 34th Street 78705 - 451-9665 (34th Street, just west of Guadalupe). Saturday nights - Irish jam session 2nd & 4th Friday nights - Song session. Contributed-by: hmueller@orca.tamu.edu (Hal Mueller) and Bran Muffin <captain@armadillo.net> [Sep 96] Austin, Texas, USA: [Folk/old-time] Art's Rib House - Tuesday nights - fiddler's jam session. 2330 South Lamar Boulevard 78704, 442-8283 Contributed-by: Bran Muffin <captain@armadillo.net> [Sep 96] Austin, Texas, USA: [Irish] Draught Horse Pub & Brewery - Monday & Wednesday nights - Irish jam session. 4112 Medical Parkway 78756, 452-6258 CAUTION: very smokey bar, despite the "no smoking near the musicians" sign. Contributed-by: Bran Muffin <captain@armadillo.net> [Sep 96] Austin, Texas, USA: [Misc] Dog & Duck - Friday evenings (early) - Bagpipe & drum practice 406 West 17th Street 78701, 479-0598 (near downtown). Contributed-by: Bran Muffin <captain@armadillo.net> [Sep 96] Austin, Texas, USA: [Folk] There is a group that plays tunes for the folk dancing at the Hancock Recreation Center on Wednesday nights (and maybe Fridays?) I'll be adding info, when I get it, to the Hancock Neighborhood web page at http://www.armadillo.net/hancock. Also see a list of Austin sessions at http://www.actlab.utexas.edu/~captain/music.html. Contributed-by: Bran Muffin <captain@armadillo.net> [Sep 96] Austin, Texas, USA: [Celtic] General info: http://www.io.com/~rarii/auscelt/acmn.html contains more information on Celtic jam sessions in Texas and the Southwest. Contributed-by: lrone@hrw.com (Larry Rone) [Dec 96] Dallas, Texas, USA: [Celtic/Folk] Open session, Wednesday nights at George Wesby's Pub in Deep Ellum (Commerce St.). Usually starts about 9:00. Mixture of instrumentals (jigs, reels, etc.) and songs, with instrumentals usually predominating in the earlier part of the session. There's a group of "regulars" (and a lot of "semi-regulars"), but newcomers are extremely welcome. Contributed-by: jturner@tad.eds.com (Jonathan Turner) [Mar 95] Houston, Texas, USA: [Bluegrass] The Bay Area Bluegrass Association (BABA) hosts a bluegrass jam at the League City Civic Center on the 3rd Saturday of every month, 5 PM for beginners, 7 PM others. Open stage for performance, good audience of 300-2000. Contributed-by: smiller@vf.jsc.nasa.gov Houston, Texas, USA: [Acoustic/Irish] McGonigel's Mucky Duck, at 2425 Norfolk (http://www.printnet.com/md/) offers an acoustic open mike Monday nights, hosted by Hillary Arwen. Signup is at 7pm. Wednesday Irish Session (Celtic). Music starts around 8PM and goes til about 12 (usually). Typical: 8-12 musicians 30-50 audience. Phone (713) 528-5999. Contributed-by: toster@watson.bcm.tmc.edu[ [Aug 94] and Kaetron@neosoft.com (Michael Croft) [Feb 96] Houston, Texas, USA: [Unknown] Every Thursday night, Open Mic at The Brazos Bottom Bar & Grill, hosted by Joe Kirkpatrick and sponsored by the Fort Bend Songwriters Association. Contributed-by: donal@brewich.hou.tx.us (Donal) Houston, Texas, USA: [Unknown] Every Sunday night, Open Mic at Molly Maquires near 1960 and Kuykendahl. Contributed-by: donal@brewich.hou.tx.us (Donal) Houston, Texas, USA: [Unknown] Every Thursday night, Open Mic at Dan Electro's Guitar Bar. Contributed-by: donal@brewich.hou.tx.us (Donal) Houston, Texas, USA: [Celtic] Chelsea Pub (University@Kirby) Wed 8PM-til it's over. This is the current home of the sessions that were for years at the now-defunct Red Lion Inn. The deal is, if you play, you get a free beer. Contributed-by: <kaetron@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM> [Oct 94] San Antonio, Texas, USA: [Bluegrass] STBMA (South Texas Bluegrass Music Assoc) jam session. 2th & 4th Sunday every month, 2-6 P.M., Leon Springs Cafe, IH10 @ Leon Springs. Info call (210) 698-3338. Contributed-by: David O. Laro <dlaro@Lonestar.utsa.edu> San Antonio, Texas, USA: [Bluegrass] Harwood Jam Session (bluegrass) Every 3rd Saturday (except August). 2-10 P.M. (dinner at 5:00 P.M. B.Y.O.C.D.) 1l miles south of Luling, TX, Info call Archie at (512) 648-4728. Contributed-by: David O. Laro <dlaro@Lonestar.utsa.edu> San Antonio, Texas, USA: [Folk] The Martindale Jam Session: Every Saturday 6-10P.M. in Martindale, TX, just east of San Marcos on Highway 80. "Not bluegrass, mostly old-time backporch music." Info call Cliff (210) 379-6207. Contributed-by: David O. Laro <dlaro@Lonestar.utsa.edu> San Antonio, Texas, USA: [Unknown] Startzville Jam Session; The 1st Saturday of each month, 2 P.M. till ? Potluck supper at 5pm at the Startzville Community Ctr, 7 miles west of Sattler on Hwy 2763. Info call Raymond/Mary Dawson (210 899-7762 or 834-0902. Contributed-by: David O. Laro <dlaro@Lonestar.utsa.edu> Salt Lake City, Utah, USA: [Bluegrass/Folk] Bluegrass/acoustic jam session every Wednesday night at 7 p.m. till ... , April through September at the southeast corner of Sugarhouse Park, 1500 East 2100 South, Salt Lake City. October through March jam sessions are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at Crompton's Roadside Attraction in Emigration Canyon at 7 p.m. till 10 p.m.. Celtic/British Isles/Contradance tuhne(tune) sessions are held at the same locations as the bluegrass jams, but alternate weeks (2nd and 4th Wednesdays). Open to anyone who wants to play for fun. Contributed-by: Bill Moore (bill_moore@novell.com) and rebling@cc.utah.edu [Jan 93] Salt Lake City, Utah, USA: [Jazz] There is an open jazz jam each Monday evening after about 9:30 at the club "D.B. Cooper's." Adress is approximately 200 South between State St. and Main St. Contributed-by: richard.dixon@uuserv.cc.utah.edu (Richard Lee Dixon) Richmond, Virginia, USA: [Jazz] Rick's Cafe on Broad St., Friday and Saturday nights. Real book tunes. All levels of players. Richmond is the home of an excellent jazz school - Virginia Commonwealth University. Contributed-by: Pete <jaz50019@mail.idt.net> [Jul 96] Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA: [old-time/Celtic/Misc] Weekly jam at White Horse Pub, Pembroke Mall, Virginia Beach Boulevard, Virginia Beach, VA. Emphasis varies depending on who's there. Usually lots of Celtic and oldtime tunes, good mix of vocals (Celtic, contemporary folk, occasional gospel, humorous songs, etc). Jam starts around 8:00 p.m., usually runs to around 11:00. Contributed by: George Bame <bame@infi.net> [Mar 96] Woodbridge, Virginia, USA: [Unknown] Crystals, 14335 Jefferson Davis Highway (aka Rt. 1), (703) 494-1700. Sunday, open mike with Doug Parks and the Lone Wolves. Tysons Corner, Virginia, USA: [Unknown] Finicky's, 8330 Old Court House Rd., (703) 506-0016 Thursday, open mike w/ the Moondogs. Alexandria, Virginia, USA: [Unknown] Laughing Lizard Lounge, 1322 King St., (703) 548-2582 Wednesday, open mike. Rosslyn, Virginia, USA: [Unknown] Lone Star Grill, 1819 N. Lynn St., (703) 528-1323 Sunday, Open mike with T.V. John Langworthy & The Legendary Band. Alexandria, Virginia, USA: [Unknown] Nick's, 642 S. Pickett St. (703) 823-6425 Monday, Open Mike with Doug Parks and the Lone Wolves. Annandale, Virginia, USA: [Unknown] Sunset Grille, 7250 Columbia Pike, (703) 658-0928 Sunday, open mike with James Mabry. Alexandria, Virginia, USA: [Unknown] Tiffany Tavern, 1116 King St., (703) 836-8844 Monday and Thursday, open mike. Fairfax, Virginia, USA: [Unknown] T.T. Reynolds, 10414 Main St., (703) 591-9292 Tuesday, open mike. Williamsburg, Virginia, USA: [Folk] Friends of Appalachian Music (FOAM) meet every Wednesday night at 7:30 at the Wesley Foundation on the William and Mary Campus. Old-time fiddle dance tunes. Contributed-by: Joe Rehder <joe@vab02.larc.nasa.gov> Burlington, Vermont, USA: [Folk/Bluegrass] The Last Elm Cafe, corner of N. Winooski + North St. Every Tuesday night, 8:30 (roughly) until we get bored. A mix of Bluegrass, Appalachian, Old-time, Folk, + Celtic. Also some contra-dance tunes. Contributed-by: Bruce Jamieson <b_jamieson@vnet.IBM.COM> Hartland, Vermont, USA: [Misc] Skunk Hollow Tavern, Hartland Four Corners. Restaurant/bar. Open Mike every Wednesday night. No cover charge. Music starts around 8:30 pm and runs until midnight. Mostly acoustic music, but all are welcome. Sign up early as the list (and seats) often fill up by 9pm. There are usually people willing to play along if you don't want to play alone. Contributed-by: David.T.Greenfield@Dartmouth.EDU (David Greenfield) [Aug 95] Fairlee, Vermont, USA: [Misc] The Third Rail, Rte 5. Restaurant/bar. Open Mike every Thursday night. No cover charge. Music starts around 9pm and runs until midnight. Mostly acoustic music with the emphasis on folk, country and bluegrass. Other types welcome. Contributed-by: David.T.Greenfield@Dartmouth.EDU (David Greenfield) [Aug 95] Seattle, Washington, USA: [Folk/Celtic] There is an open band - open caller contradance Monday nights at the Tractor Tavern (5213 Ballard Avenue NW); rumors of this ending have circulated since the place changed names from the Old Town and the flavor of the other events here took a sharp turn toward rock and pop, but it is still alive and well as of August 1994. There's a $2 cover charge which is optional for musicians who play most of the time they're there; 100% of the cover proceeds go to the coordinating musician and caller of the night. Contributed-by: dbb@tc.fluke.COM (Dave Bartley) [Aug 94] Seattle, Washington, USA: [Unknown] The 102 Tavern at 10200 Greenwood, hosts an acoustic/electric jam w/Burl Etue on Mondays. Contributed-by: Derek Gross <derek@prodigal.psych.rochester.edu> Seattle, Washington, USA: [Unknown] The New World. 15th NW at NW 85th, hosts a Monday jam w/ Kevin Rock. Contributed-by: Derek Gross <derek@prodigal.psych.rochester.edu> Seattle, Washington, USA: [Unknown] The Scarlet Tree, 6521 Roosevelt, w/ Cat's & Jammers, R&B jam on Mondays. Contributed-by: Derek Gross <derek@prodigal.psych.rochester.edu> Seattle, Washington, USA: [Unknown] The Dubliner Pub, NW 34th & Fremont, has an acoustic open mike w/Linda Lee on Tuesdays (and Saturdays?). Contributed-by: Derek Gross <derek@prodigal.psych.rochester.edu> Seattle, Washington, USA: [Unknown] The OK Hotel, Western Downtown, has a Tuesday acoustic jam. Contributed-by: Derek Gross <derek@prodigal.psych.rochester.edu> Seattle, Washington, USA: [Unknown] Murphey's Pub, 1928 N. 45th, hosts a Wednesday acoustic open mike w/Jon Weiss. Their phone number is (206) 634-2110. Contributed-by: Derek Gross <derek@prodigal.psych.rochester.edu> Seattle, Washington, USA: [Unknown] The Owl & Thistle, 808 Post St., has a Thursday acoustic and electric open mike w/Linda Lee. Their number is (206) 621-7777. Contributed-by: Derek Gross <derek@prodigal.psych.rochester.edu> Seattle, Washington, USA: [Blues] Newcastle's, East Marginal Way, has a Thursday blues jam. Contributed-by: Derek Gross <derek@prodigal.psych.rochester.edu> Seattle, Washington, USA: [Country/Rock] The Little Red Hen, 7115 Woodland, hosts a Sunday country/rock jam w/band. ( 206) 522-1168. Contributed-by: Derek Gross <derek@prodigal.psych.rochester.edu> Seattle, Washington, USA: [Blues] Sunday R&B jam at Scarlet Tree, 6521 Roosevelt. (206) 523-7153. Contributed-by: Derek Gross <derek@prodigal.psych.rochester.edu> Seattle, Washington, USA: [Unknown] One of the best open mike events in the area is at the Antique Sandwich in Tacoma,WA 5102 North Pearl 206-752-4069. The open mike is run by Victory Music and sign up is by 6:30 and it starts at 7pm. Also on some Friday and Saturday nights they have concerts with the best of national acts and local acts. The open mike is broadcast live on KVTI-FM 90.9. Contributed-by: Mark Spittal <mspittal@cyberspace.com> Seattle, Washington, USA: [Misc] This is just a general note on the Seattle area. There are other jams in town (like a once-a-month for Cajun/Zydeco). Visitors should always ring the Seattle Folklore Society ((206) 782-0505) when they hit town for the most recent listings of goings-on. Contributed-by: jdavid@halcyon.com <David Ruggiero> Vancouver, Washington, USA: [Folk] Acoustic Musicians' sessions, on 2nd Tuesdays, Sept-May only; Columbia Arts Center, 400 West Evergreen Blvd. Contributed-by: Mary Benson <syren@teleport.com> [Jan 95] Vancouver, Washington, USA: [Folk] Old Time Jams, 1st Monday of the month; 409 W. 25th St., 206 695-4361. Contributed-by: Mary Benson <syren@teleport.com> [Jan 95] Morgantown, West Virginia, USA: [Old-time/Irish] Every Tuesday 7:30-10:30--old-time, traditional and Irish-flavored jam session at Percival Hall, West Virginia University. Contributed-by: <sstephe@wvnvm.wvnet.edu> [Nov 95] Morgantown, West Virginia, USA: [Old-time/Irish] Most every Friday 7ish until wheneverish at the Jerome Park General Store on Richwood Ave--now called Mountain Visions--folk singing, traditional with a twist, drum circles and more! Contributed-by: <sstephe@wvnvm.wvnet.edu> [Nov 95] Madison, Wisconsin, USA: [Celtic] Mickey's Tavern on Williamson st & the Yahara river. Wednesday nights, round abou 9:30-10:00. Frequented by former all-Ireland champ Martin Dowling, and about 15 more. Contributed-by: Miss E Padgham <hauar@csv.warwick.ac.uk> or <beimborn@csd4.csd.uwm.edu> Madison, Wisconsin, USA: [Rock] Anchor Inn, 1970 Atwood Ave. Monday night Rock Stew Jam hosted by Art Paul Schlosser (of "Purple Bananas on the Moon" and "My Cat was Taking a Bath" fame). After Art does his thing, a host band comes on and plays a few of their own tunes, then the stage opens up for jamming on miscellaneous blues and rock. All levels of players are welcome and don't have to worry about getting "blown off the stage". The host band is different every week, and they are always looking for a band. From 9-1 every Monday. Contributed-by: JDO <jolson@Waisman.Wisc.Edu> Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA: [Celtic] Nash's Irish Castle. Weds, Sun nights, start around 8pm. Weds has dancing as well. Home session of the Glenghillies. Contributed-by: Miss E Padgham <hauar@csv.warwick.ac.uk> or <beimborn@csd4.csd.uwm.edu> Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA: [Jazz] The Jazz Oasis, at 2379 N. Holton, about two blocks north of North Avenue, phone (414) 562-2040. Jazz Jam Monday nights. Contributed-by: Joe Hellerstein <hellers@cs.wisc.edu>: and Sean M O Donnell <sod@csd4.csd.uwm.edu> Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA: [Misc] There is an open mike on Wednesdays and Sundays at Quarters, 900 East Center Street. It usually starts around 9:00 or 9:30 pm. Open to most every style of music. Contributed-by: Jason William Grzanna <grzanna@csd4.csd.uwm.edu> Moose, Wyoming, USA: [Folk] Folk - traditional and newer jam, every Monday, at Dornan's Bar (the only bar in town), from 6-10 in winter and 7-11 in summer. Open mike, first 14 to sign up, jamming in groups not encouraged unless you make a deal with someone(s) backstage. Usually solos or 2's, you get 2 songs first set and one or two second set, depending on timeavailable. Sometimes there is a "featured" performer (like Tom Rush, or some other talented local). 307-733-2415. Contributed-by: Adrienne Brown <adrienne760@delphi.com> [Dec 94] Calgary, Alberta, Canada: [Blues] The King Eddie Hotel has a blues jam on Saturday afternoons (I believe). There's an LRT stop nearby at this downtown place, but that's all I remember. Contributed-by: uunet!cs.ualberta.ca!cdshaw (Chris Shaw) Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: [Blues] The Commercial Hotel. This dive in Edmonton between 103 and 104 streets on Whyte (82nd) Avenue has a blues jam every Saturday from 2PM til 6PM (or later, depending on the host band). The current week's house band opens the show with a small set and usually finishes with a tune or two. Musicianship is usually good, but participation is clique-ish in the sense that most of the people have at least a semi-regular gig either in or out of town. If you can convince the guy running the Jam that you know which way is up, you'll likely get on after an hour's wait. The place is usually crawling with drummers, and is usually packed, so if you have a band with you, that will improve your chances. They also have a jam on Monday evenings, but I don't know whether it's still running. Much less crowded on Monday. Contributed-by: uunet!cs.ualberta.ca!cdshaw (Chris Shaw) Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: [Jazz] The Yardbird Suite, on 103 St and 85 Ave has a Jazz Jam on Tuesday evenings at 9PM til Midnight or so. Very small crowd, and a $2 cover pays for the house jazz band to supply support/opening tunes. No drunks in evidence every time I've been there. Musical calibre is quite good. Contributed-by: uunet!cs.ualberta.ca!cdshaw (Chris Shaw) Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: [Celtic/Blues] Koerner's Pub at the UBC grad centre runs a weekly jam (Fridays). During the summer of 1994 it is early, 6--10 p.m., and the focus is on acoustic acts. The format is like this: 6 p.m.: two sets from a headline act, with open mic spot in between 8 p.m.: one more open mic spot 8:30 p.m.: Irish session 9:30 p.m.: acoustic blues jam, more open mic spots $100 of free beer for performers/jammers, headliners get paid as well. Beginning in September there may be more electric jams. For more info e-mail the contributor or in the long term, phone the GSS office at 822-3203 or the pub at 822-8954. Again, the summer jams will focus on celtic, bluegrass, acoustic blues, singer songwriters, folk, and maybe a late electric blues jam. Contributed-by: <dalton@geop.ubc.ca>, contact <gss1@unixg.ubc.ca> if the Dalton address has expired. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: [Blues] 1. Yale Hotel, 1300 Granville, Was the highest calibre blues jam in town, but now has a bit of a rock element as Jack Lavin has left. show up early and get your name on the list if you want to play. Hosted by Mike Jacobs, Sat. 3-8, Sun. 3-12. Call (604) 681-YALE for further info. 2. Fairview Pub, 898 W. Broadway, blues jam every Sunday, hosted by Jack Lavin. Further info: (604) 872-1262. 3. Maximum Blues Pub, Hotel California, 1176 Granville; blues jam Sat. 3--7 p.m. hosted by Incognito. Call (604) 688-8701 for details. 4. Jake O'Grady's 3684 E. Hastings. Blues jam every Sun. 8 p.m.--midnight and every Mon. 9:30 p.m.--1:30 a.m. They also occasionally have `Songwriter Showcase' and `Composer Presents' series. Further info: (604) 298-1434. 5. Murphy's Pub and The Piccadilly Pub have blues jams. Contributed-by: David Dalton <dalton@geop.ubc.ca> Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: [Misc] W.I.S.E. Lounge (downstairs), west entrance, 1882 Adanac, (604) 254-5858. Every Wed.--Sat. the club allows acoustic jamming (no PA) in the downstairs lounge, with folk, blues, celtic, etc. musicians sitting around drinking beer and trading licks. On Sundays from 7--11 p.m. there is a more formal (but still round table) time slot allotted. This can be fun, but this depends on who shows up (sometimes nobody). I have found that it is a good idea to your own organizing and call a few people first. There are two (not the best) acoustic house guitars. Jams often don't begin until late, after 10 weeknights and 11 on Friday and Saturday, after people have a chance to have a few beers. Non-members have to be signed in, but this isn't a problem if you are a musician and probably isn't a problem for audience for the Sunday afternoon jams. It sometimes goes right to 2 (last call) or later. Occasionally a musician from an upstairs concert comes down and jams --- Johnny Cunningham (ace Scottish fiddler) was once there until 2:45 a.m. and Raven MacLeod often drops by, although he likes to work on his guitar instead of the warpipes. For further information, call the W.I.S.E. at (604) 254-5858. Contributed-by: David Dalton <dalton@geop.ubc.ca> Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: [Jazz/Misc] Railway Club, 579 Dunsmuir, (604) 681-1625. Rockin' Ronnie's Saturday Swing. Ron Hayward, stand up bass player for the Bughouse Five (and formerly Nervous Fellas) and Jellyroll Blues Band, hosts a jam from 4 to 7:30 p.m. each Saturday featuring rockabilly, hillbilly swing, jazz, etc. Some very good musicians, who often hang out at the Railway, turn up. If you are not a member, they will probably sign musicians in, or just say you are meeting a member. Contributed-by: David Dalton <dalton@geop.ubc.ca> Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: [Misc] Misc: West Point Grey Community Centre, Coffehouses on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month. Pre-registration is probably required. Contact Eva. Kitsilano Neighbourhood House often has Sunday night coffeehouses. The Glass Slipper has Monday night bluegrass jams and jazz other nights. Friends' Meeting Place usually hosts Folk Song Circle sessions. The Broadway Express has a series of women's open mics. The Railway has a monthly women's showcase but that is pre-booked. The Carnegie Centre has an open mic night hosted by Earl Peach. Contributed-by: David Dalton (dalton@geop.ubc.ca) Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: [Rock] The Ankor, in Gastown, has a rock jam. Frank's Place, in Richmond, also has a rock jam. A place called Bar None has an all-star jam with people from Brian Adams, Barney Bentall band, and more. May be hard to get to play, though. Contributed-by: David Dalton (dalton@geop.ubc.ca) Vancouver, BC, Canada: [Rock] The Hard Rock Cafe, 364 Water St., has a rock jam, hosted by Mad Max, every Mon. night. Call (604) 684-1968. Frank's Place, in Richmond, also has a rock jam. There is also an after hours place that caters to musicians and jamming, ask the cab driver or the Railway doorman or bartender Paul or other for directions. Contributed-by: David Dalton (dalton@geop.ubc.ca) Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: [Jazz] Cafe Bergman has a Wednesday night session, I think the Latin Quarter has a lively Latin/jazz jam, and Cafe Django, Cafe Bergmann, the Glass Slipper and Alma St. Cafe occasionally have jams or allow guests with the house band. The Glass Slipper is now organizing jam nights for members and non-members. The Hot Jazz Club also may have jam sessions. Santo's Tapas (Portuguese) has a hot jam session. Contributed-by: David Dalton (dalton@geop.ubc.ca) Victoria, British Columbia, Canada: [Jazz] Hermann's Jazz Club at 753 View St., (604) 388-9166, has a jam on Thursday at 8:30 pm. It's hosted by pianist Tom Vickery and friends. Contributed-by: Hyong-Joong Kim <hjkim@sol.UVic.CA> Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada: [Celtic] An Irish music session is held at the Irish Club On Erin Street in Winnipeg on the first Tuesday of the month. Contributed-by: ao275@freenet.carleton.ca (Allan Meltzer) Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada: [Folk/Blues] O'Leary's Pub, Princess Street : A very busy usually acoustic folk/blues open mike is held every Wednesday from about 9:30 to 1:00. Come early to get on the list ; a very open atmosphere that welcomes anyone in to the madness. No cover. Brent Mason hosts the evenings. Contributed-by: Brent Mason <MASON@admin1.UnbSJ.CA> Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada: [Folk/Celtic] Rye's Deli, within spitting distance of a place called the Cosmo, has a folk-jam every Saturday from about 8:30pm until 1:00am or a wee bit later. Different local folk-singers/ musicians host it every week. The music ranges from Celtic to experimental, with covers of everyone from Stan Rogers to Vic Chesnutt (who? ok, so he's not exactly folk... still, when Angie O'Brien gets up there and belts out a Chesnutt tune...!). There's absolutely no admission, and if it's a slow night, Claude the waiter gets up to sing a few, too. Contributed-by: Mylene d. Ouellette <870652@academic.stu.StThomasU.ca> St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada: [Celtic] Humphrey's Pub, downtown, Wed. night folk night. Usually a local headline act and lots of floor spots. $2 cover. High calibre celtic music, sea shanties and lots more. This used to be at Bridgett's, and that has changed names to Brendan's, although it may still feature a session. Contributed-by: David Dalton (dalton@geop.ubc.ca) St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada: [Celtic] The Captain's Quarters, a pub in a motel between downtown and Quidi Vidi lake, has a great celtic session every Friday and Saturday from 9--1, but get there early to avoid sitting near the video gaming machines. It may be suspended when host Kelly Russell is on tour with Plankerdown. There is a host (usually Kelly) and a headline act that does some sets, and then lots of spots in between and a table session at the end. Free, but bring quarters. Contributed-by: David Dalton (dalton@geop.ubc.ca) St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada: {Folk] The St. John's Folk Arts Council now holds their wednesday night sessions at the BLARNEYSTONE on George Street. Still the same format. A weekly guest with lots of session players and singers welcome during the breaks. This is a great place to hear some of the best locals trading and mixing their talents. All are welcome. Also THE SHIP INN has a session on Saturday afternoons beginning around 5:00 p.m. Mostly session tunes. Contributed-by: fobyrne@nfld.com (Fergus O'Byrne) [Dec 96] Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada: [Folk] The Harbour Folk Society holds a weekly "Coffee House", open mike format, every Wednesday evening in the Earl of Dalhousie pub on Dalhousie University Campus 8.00- 11.00pm. They also hold a monthly Pub-Night in the Graduate House on university Avenue. First Sat. of the month. Featured performer plus open mike sets. Contributed-by: mmerrin@ace.acadiau.ca (Marcus Merrin) London, Ontario, Canada: [Blues] Old Chicago's at 153 Carling St., (519) 434-6600 Blues jam with the house band. Contributed-by: cnorley@irus.rri.uwo.ca (Chris Norley) [Aug 94] Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: [Celtic] Rasputin's Ottawa, on Bronson near Carling. Celtic instrumental jam on Mondays, Celtic song jam on Tuesdays. Talent level from good to terrifyingly good, everybody all together. Open mike night Wednesdays, hosted by local pro -- one person or (small) group at a time. Talent level all over the place. Contributed-by: David O'Heare <oheare@jetform.com> Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: [Blues] The New Live Penguin, on Elgin near MacLaren. Blues jam Thursday nights with "The Bird". Contributed-by: David O'Heare <oheare@jetform.com> Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: [Celtic] Mick's Pub (formerly Cock Robin), a pub in the Byward Market area has a Celtic jam every Thursday night. The pub is cozy, smokeless (on Thursday evenings) and the beer is free for musicians. Contributed-by: ao275@freenet.carleton.ca (Allan Meltzer) and Peter Quenter <peterque@pop.web.apc.org> [Dec 96] Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: [Bluegrass] Every first Sunday of the month (Sep-May) at The Ottawa Folklore Centre, 744 Bronson Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario Canada. (613) 238-7222. Starts at 2pm-6pm. All levels of pickers, free coffee, some workshops. Runs from September to May of each year; organized by the Ottawa Valley Bluegrass Music Association. For more info, contact Steve Hanes at (613) 825-1856 or (613) 825-0524 Fax. Contributed-by: ah870@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Stephen Hanes) [Mar 94] Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: [Bluegrass] Every third Saturday of the month (Sep-May) at The Ottawa Police Youth Centre at the corner of Meadowlands Drive and Prince of Wales Drive in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Starts at noon-5pm. All levels of pickers, coffee, etc. Runs from September to May of each year; organized by the Ottawa Valley Bluegrass Music Association. For more info, contact Steve Hanes at (613) 825-1856 or (613) 825-0524 Fax. Contributed-by: ah870@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Stephen Hanes) [Mar 94] Waterloo, Ontario, Canada: [Blues] Blues jam at The Red Pepper with the house band from the (now-closed) Pop the Gator. Tuesday nights. Contributed-by: Jennifer Schmitt u <schm9620@mach1.wlu.ca> [May 95] Arhus C., Denmark: [Jazz] Jazz jam sessions every Monday and Friday at 4 PM at Bent J's, Norre Alle 70, 8000 Arhus C., Denmark. No cover. Contributed-by: Torsten B. Hagemann <Torsten_B._Hagemann@europe.notes.pw.com> Arhus C., Denmark: [Blues] Blues jam sessions every Sunday at 21:00 at Vores sted, Norregade 12, 8000 Arhus C., no cover. Contributed-by: Torsten B. Hagemann <Torsten_B._Hagemann@europe.notes.pw.com> Amsterdam, The Netherlands: [Blues/Jazz] The Bamboo Bar at Lange Leidsedwaarstraat 66. Every Wednesday night, beginning about 10 and going til about 2 AM. Anybody can play, players range from beginners to really good amateurs. You need to show up early or you might need to wait til pretty late (it's on first-come first-served basis except for the first set.) Oh yeah, it's nominally a Blues jam but you hear also some bluesy jazz (they think that's blues here in Holland.) Contributed-by: Jeffrey Templon <templon@paramount.nikhefk.nikhef.nl> Amsterdam, The Netherlands: [Celtic] Mulligans Traditional Irish Bar, Amstel 100. Open Mon-Thur 16:00-01:00, Fri 16:00-02:00 Sat 14:00-02:00 Sun 14:00-02:00. Their telephone number is (020) 622 13 30. Draught: Guinness, Kilkenny, Oranjeboom, de Koninck, Dentergems, Cider Whiskeys: All Irish Food: Crisps, sandwiches, sushi[!] Traditonal sessions with local and Irish musicians every Sunday afternoon from appr. 16:00 until everybody is tired. Sessions are acoustic/non-amplified. Everybody welcome. Mulligans is home to the large Irish community in Amsterdam. Monday nights from 21:00 Tin Whistle classes (free). Bring your own whistle. Sessions also occur on other nights of the week, but are not planned. Contributed-by: Kees Huyser <keeshu@paramount.nikhefk.nikhef.nl> Amsterdam, The Netherlands: [Jazz] The Bimhuis, a jazz club, has jam sessions for musicians and vocalists on a weekly basis. Admission is free, the support band is good, and drinks are cheap. Contributed-by: Giuseppe Slomp <Giuseppe.Slomp@Smallworld.co.uk> Dublin, Ireland: [Celtic] Hughes' on Chancery Street. You almost always find Kevin Glackin and Ronan Browne here, along with any other greats who happen to be around (James Keane, Tony MacMahon, Ciaran Tourish, Siobhan Peoples). I think Monday and Thursday nights are the good ones, but it could have changed. Contributed-by: Edward Baker <tbaker@gibbs.oit.unc.edu> Dublin, Ireland: [Unknown] The Meeting Place. On or near Wellington St. This is a nice very open session with some very good musicians, but not the ones you're likely to recognize from records, etc. Try Sunday afternoons and maybe Wednesday nights. Contributed-by: Edward Baker <tbaker@gibbs.oit.unc.edu> Dublin, Eire: [Unknown] J Hanlon's Pub, Sunday noon. Often sees Barney or Brendan McKenna. Contributed-by: Miss E Padgham <hauar@csv.warwick.ac.uk> or <beimborn@csd4.csd.uwm.edu> Dublin, Eire: [Unknown] (Howth) The Lighthouse (sun night about 6pm), and The Abbey (haunt of the dubliners). Both have excellent beer, pound-a-pint for the players. [ Although your editor is certainly not proficient enough to play in this venue, please note that he feels discounts on fine beer for players are an excellent incentive. ---Rsk ] Contributed-by: Miss E Padgham <hauar@csv.warwick.ac.uk> or <beimborn@csd4.csd.uwm.edu> Galway, Ireland: [Unknown] Noughton's (the name is probably misspelled) on High Street is great. Contributed-by: Edward Baker <tbaker@gibbs.oit.unc.edu> Galway, Ireland: [Unknown] Taafe's, on High Street. Down the street from Noughton's. More great music. Contributed-by: Edward Baker <tbaker@gibbs.oit.unc.edu> Galway, Ireland: [Unknown] The Crane (I think). Breda Lewis runs a really relaxed session with a beginner to medium-high level of musicianship. Contributed-by: Edward Baker <tbaker@gibbs.oit.unc.edu> Kinvara, Ireland: [Unknown] Frankie Gavin has a pub here (presumably called Frankie Gavin's) He's the fiddler from De Dannan. Contributed-by: Edward Baker <tbaker@gibbs.oit.unc.edu> Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland: [Celtic] Molloy's on Bridge Street. There's a guy here that plays flute really well...Matt Molloy from the Chieftans, Palnxty, Bothy Band. I caught a couple of sessions here on a Friday and a Monday in the summer. There's a fantastic singer that is sometimes found here. Contributed-by: Edward Baker <tbaker@gibbs.oit.unc.edu> Carrick, Co. Donegal, Ireland: [Celtic] McGinley's (I think). As of summer, 1991, there was a session every Sunday night with fiddler James Byrne hosting things. When I was there, Con Cassidy from Teilann was also there. If you like Donegal music, this is a great place to be. Contributed-by: Edward Baker <tbaker@gibbs.oit.unc.edu> Carrick, Co. Donegal, Ireland: [Celtic] The Crossroads. This is at the bottom of the hill as you come into Glencolumbkille. Especially good in mid-August when the fiddle school is on down the road. Contributed-by: Edward Baker <tbaker@gibbs.oit.unc.edu> Soutergate, Ulverston, Cumbria, England: [Celtic/Irish] The Old Friends pub has a session every Saturday night (9pm onwards). It's a very friendly/social session, celtic but predominantly Irish tunes - fiddles, concertina, flute, bodhran, guitar etc.... Contributed-by: Gordon Jones (Gordon@hartown.demon.co.uk) [Jul 95] Greenside, England: [Celtic, Northumbrian etc.] Fridays at the White Swan, Greenside, Tyne & Wear Contributed-by: andy@a-seag.demon.co.uk [Jun 95] Burbage, Hinckley, Leicesershire,, UK: Ampersand (&) Folk Club, Saturday Nights, guests monthly, at the Cross Keyes. Contributed-by: EDWARD MURPHY <em2@coventry.ac.uk> [Apr 95] Newcastle Upon Tyne, England: [Celtic & Northumbrian] Mondays at the Tanners Arms, Shields Road, Byker. Contributed-by: andy@a-seag.demon.co.uk [Jun 95] Newcastle Upon Tyne, Uk: [Folk] Good Irish music session on Wednesday nights in the Cumberland Arms, Stephen Street, Byker. Contributed-by: Andy Seagroatt <andy@a-seag.demon.co.uk> [May 95] Redditch, near Birmingham, England: [Folk] Redditch Folk Club, at the White Hart Pub, Evesham Road, Headless Cross, Redditch. Open Jam session every Tuesday night. Folk / Celtic. Saturday night club night has 2 guests a month, other nights are singarounds. For info email sally@ftel.co.uk or 'phone Sally Whytehead on 01527 401040. Contributed-by Sally Whytehead <sally@ftel.co.uk> [Dec 95] Oxford, Uk: [Folk] The Bullingdon Arms, Cowley Road: Wednesday evenings. Open session, Irish music (reels jigs, hornpipes), and some singing also. Contributed-by: Danny Chapman <chapmand.teaching@physics.oxford.ac.uk> [Nov 94] and Michael Mc Gettrick (mmg@maths.bath.ac.uk) [Apr 93] Oxford, Uk: [Folk] The Half Moon, (in Cowley): Sunday lunchtime/afternoon from about 1 o'clock. Contributed-by: Danny Chapman <chapmand.teaching@physics.oxford.ac.uk> [Nov 94] Oxford, Uk: [Folk] The Elm Tree, Cowley road, on Sunday evenings. Contributed-by: Danny Chapman <chapmand.teaching@physics.oxford.ac.uk> [Nov 94] Kidlington- the six bells. Friday night, about 8:30 pm. Contributed-by: Miss E Padgham <hauar@csv.warwick.ac.uk> or <beimborn@csd4.csd.uwm.edu> Coventry, Uk: [Unknown] Forester's arms. Weds & Fri nights. Contributed-by: Miss E Padgham <hauar@csv.warwick.ac.uk> or <beimborn@csd4.csd.uwm.edu> Salisbury, Uk: [Blues] Open jam at the Old Ale House in Salisbury, UK. Strictly Blues, at least the night I showed up. First Monday of every month. Don't know the address. Contributed-by: robb@ycrdi.com (Robb Scott) [Aug 95] Bergen, Norway: [Rock] Maxime (Rock Pub), jam sessions Monday nights. Contributed-by: Thor Legvold <T.Legvold@edb.uib.no> Chester, Englang, UK: [Bluegrass] Open Jam at "The Commercial Hotel", St. Peter's Square, 20 yds from The Cross (centre of Chester), behind the "Victoria Inn". Bluegrass, but "Old-Timey" is OK. Nothing which is Struck, Blown, Pushed, Pulled or Strummed allowed. Every Monday (except Bank Holidays). Beginners/novice tutorial/workshop 8 to 9pm-ish, general jam to 11-15. All levels. Info: Tel: Derek (012440) 683563 Contributed-by: Derek Brandon (brandond@newi.ac.uk) [Jun 95] Wealdstone, Middlesex, England: [Folk] Herga Folk Club, at the Royal Oak, Peel Road. Meets every Monday night, with guests every 3-4 weeks with either theme evenings or open evenings in between. For further info, contact Dorothy Cullinane on 0923 250640. Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> Northampton, England: [Folk] Soles N' Eels Folk Club, at The Old House at Home, Wellingborough Road. One guest night a month, pluse one music and one song session. Not sure what night of the week. For info call Derek Coates 0327 843159. Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> Ely, Cambridgshire, England: [Folk] Ely Folk Club meets 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at the Royal Standard, Fore Hill, Ely. Often has performances, but open singers' nights usually once a month. Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> Buntingford, Hertforshire, England: [Folk] The Crown, every Monday night 8:00. Informal club/session. Call Penni Mclaren Walker, 0763 271515 (evenings). Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> Hazlemere, Essex, England: [Folk] Hezlemere Folk Club takes place on a narrow boat located behind the 'Old English Gentleman,' Hazlemere Marina, Waltham Abbey, Essex. For details call Sylvia or Keith on 0992 7680813. Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> High Wycombe, England: [Folk] Wycombe Folk Club meets every Wednesday at 8:30 at the Irish Club, Station Road. Guests as well as singers' nigths. For info ring Chris Coates at 0865 891813. Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> Stevenage, England: [Unknown] Every Sunday from 1-3pm at the Red Lion, Stevenage Old Town High Street. Roy 0438 318708. Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> Arlesey, England: [Unknown] Session at the Mallard on Tuesday ngihts. Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> Shillington, England: [Folk] Folk nights at the Musgrave Arms. Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> Bancroft, Hitchin, England: [Celtic] Irish session at the Adam & Eve, Thursdays. Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> Wimpole, England: [Folk] Folk nights every Friday at the Wheatsheaf on the A603 about 5 miles west of Cambridge. Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> Lower Stondon, England: [Unknown] There is a singaround every Tuesday evening and Sunday lunchtime at the Twist & Cheese. Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> Fenny Startford, England: [Celtic] Irish sessions at the Foundry Arms every Friday. Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> Harlington, England: [Celtic] Irish sessions at the Carpenters' Arms, ring 0582 882831 for dates. Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> St. Michael's, St. Albans, England: [Unknown] Thursday night sessions at the Rose & Crown. Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> Wavendon, England: [Unknown] Sunday night sessions at The Plough. Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> Milton Keynes village, England: [Unknown] Sunday night sessions at The Swan. Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> Salford, England: [Unknown] Sunday night sessions at The Swan. Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> Cambridge, England: [Celtic] Sunday night Irish sessions at The Man on the Moon, Norfolk Street. Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> Cambridge, England: [Celtic] Thursday night Irish sessions at the Royal Standard, Mill Road. Cambridge, England: [Folk] Cambridge Folk Club, Fridays at The Man on the Moon, Norfolk Street. Frequent performances by local and national groups. Open nights about once a month. Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> Cambridge, England: [Folk] Mayflower Folk Club, Tuesdays at The Man on the Moon, Norfolk Street. Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> Cambridge, England: [Blues, Jazz] "The Boat Race", junction of East Road and Burleigh Street. Blues jam advertised as 12-3 every Sunday, but usually starts around 1pm. Well-attended; mostly blues but regular "guest spots" by bands if they happen to turn up. Wide range of ability, but everyone usually gets a go. A chance to play on a stage that is gaining a reputation. Jazz jam every Sunday evening. Contributed-by: jonathan@mantis.co.uk (Jonathan Egre) [Oct 94] and dom@i-cubed.demon.co.uk (Dom Latter) [Jan 95] Bishop's Stortford: [Unknown] Stortfolk meets Thursdays in the Vestry of All Saints Church, Stanstead Road. Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> Chesham, Bucks., England: [Folk/Blues] Tudor Folk & Blues Club, Mondays at The Whitehill Centre. Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> Hitchin, England: [Folk] Hitchin Folk Club meets Sundays at the Sun Hotel, Sun Street Hitchin. Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> Redbourn, Herts., England: [Folk] The Hollybush Folk Club meets Thursdays at The Hollybush P.H., Church End. Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> St. Neots, England: [Folk] St. Neots Folk Club meets Tuesdays at The Coneygeare P.H., Eynesbury, St. Neots. Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> Stony Stratford, England: [Unknown] The Song Loft, Cock Hotel, Wolverton Road, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes. Fridays. Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> Barton, Cambs., England: [Unknown] The Crofters host a session/singalong the second Tuesday of every month at The Hoops. Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> Brighton, Sussex, England: [Celtic] Irish session on Wed. nights and Sun. afternoons at The Bugle, 24 St. Martins St 0273-607753. To find it, look for St. Martin's church on the map, the street runs next to it. Contributed-by: Greg Sandell <sandell@epunix.sussex.ac.uk> Hove, Sussex, England: [Celtic] Irish session on Sun. nights at The Lion and Lobster. Hove is the next town west of Brighton (on the coast). Contributed-by: Greg Sandell <sandell@epunix.sussex.ac.uk> Brighton, Sussex, England: [Folk] A 'folk circle' at The Stable, 7 Albion St, 0273-605235. All kinds of music: songs, bluegrass, Irish, klezmer, etc. Monday nights. Contributed-by: Greg Sandell <sandell@epunix.sussex.ac.uk> London, England: [Misc] A note from Greg on sessions there: Too many sessions to list here, and in any case, I haven't gone to more than a few of them. Here's what you do: buy TIME OUT, the weekly magazine listing entertainment events in London, look in the music section under folk. All the Irish sessions are listed. Last I looked, there were two on Tuesdays, one on Wednesdays, four on Thursdays, two on Fridays, one on Saturday, two on Sundays. Nearly all of them were accessible by tube, although very few were in central London, you have to go to outlaying areas. I'm told that the 'Irish part of town' is near the Kensal tube stop. Contributed-by: Greg Sandell <sandell@epunix.sussex.ac.uk> Doolin, Co. Clare, Ireland: [Unknown] The town has three pubs, all with great sessions. Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> Cregg Castle, Co. Galway, Ireland: [Celtic] This is a bed & breakfast in a 17th century Irish Castle that also hosts a center for Irish Traditional music. The proprietors play Uillean pipes, whistles, Bodhran, etc., and during the summers have help from an 'artist in residence.' There are regular sessions Friday nights, but other nights as well if the mood arises. Hosts are a bit scattered as far as the B&B is concerned; be sure to remind them to show you where your room is if you are staying overnight. Contributed-by: Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> Oslo, Norway: [Unknown] Smuget ("The Alley"), jam sessions Monday nights, with house band MOMS (Masters of Mixed Sessions). Often internationally acclaimed musicians drop in, especially when in Norway on tour... Contributed-by: Thor Legvold <T.Legvold@edb.uib.no> Hong Kong: [Jazz] "The Jazz Club" in Lan Kwai Fong has jam sessions every Monday night. Regular house band and occasional international visitors rest of the week. Contributed-by: blowers@hkucc.hku.hk Hong Kong: [Jazz] The Dickens Bar has a jam session on Sunday afternoons from 3 to 6 PM. Tony Carpio's band allows folks to sit in. The guys play sheets but also jam and the band's made up of professionals playing in hotel house bands the rest of the week. Contributed-by: blowers@hkucc.hku.hk (Geoff) Frankfurt, Germany: [Rock/Blues/Misc] "An Sibin", Wallstr. 9, This is an Irish cellar pub with acoustic sessions (*real* unplugged, except electric bass and occasionaly electric guitar). Tuesdays: Pop, Blues, Rock and more (like Joe Jackson, Bob Dylan, Talking Heads and whatever you bring); Wednesdays: Irish Folk Tunes; Thursdays (first and third Thursday of every month): Bluegrass session, mostly; what they play depends mainly on who plays. During winter, participation tends to be higher and there are usually quite good players around. In summer I've even experienced no one playing at all. They always welcome new players, regardless of their level. Contributed-by: Kosta Kostis <kosta@live.robin.de> and Manuel Reiter <reiterma@mibm.uni-freiburg.de> [Sep 94] Dubna, Russia: [Jazz] We have the only jam-session every year at the Christmas night. There are a few jazz musicians in our little town, Dubna (80 miles to the north of Moscow). Slava Wakhrushev(guitar), Sasha Getmanov (piano) and their combo. Also the big-band from Protvino plays good swing. I myself play blues-harmonic and bass. [Editor's note: it sounds like a great way to spend Christmas night; should I find myself in your neighborhood, I'd love to drop in. ---Rsk] Contributed-by: Alex Nikitsky <nikitsky@inr.jinr.dubna.su> [Sep 92] Kayseri, Turkey: [Unknown] In the piece of medieval fortification beside the Alaca Kumbet (contains a small teahouse and theatre). Every night as far as I know (I was there 2 weeks ago). Saz players/singers ("asiklar"). Contributed-by: jack@cee.hw.ac.uk (Jack Campin) [Oct 94] Clifton Hill, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia: [Irish] The Normandy Hotel has Irish sessions Saturday nights, in the front bar (not out the back, from about 9:00 - 9:30 pm till closing. Contributed-by: khatt@muffin.pronet.com (Andrew Royle) [Oct 94] Hobart, Tasmania, Australia: [Irish] The New Sydney Hotel Has Irish sessions every saturday arvo, from about 4:00 till about 8:00. They also provide drinks tickets for the musicans, have Guiness on tap, and perhaps the best atmosphere of any pub in Tasmania. Contributed-by: khatt@muffin.pronet.com (Andrew Royle) [Oct 94] Perth, Australia: There is an open mike blues session Tuesday nights at the Grosvenor Hotel, Hay St, Perth. Contributed-by: Robert HOPE_HUME <rhope_hu@scorpion.cowan.edu.au> [Sep 94] Tokyo, Japan: [Irish] Bewley's Pub, Meiji Dori St., Harajuku (a neighborhood of Tokyo); Phone: 03-3499-3145. Call ahead to see when the next session is -- musicians are about half westerners and half Japanese. (I played St. Patricks day at this place -- it was great!!) Contributed-by: "Richard M. Moore" <rmm@cs.cmu.edu> [Apr 95] Tokyo, Japan: [Irish] Another Tokyo Restaurant which holds Irish sessions is called "1066". I don't have the phone number, but if you pick up a copy of "Tokyo Journal" (an english publication for westerners living in Tokyo), check out the restaurant section -- they are listed. I believe that the sessions are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays. Contributed-by: "Richard M. Moore" <rmm@cs.cmu.edu> [Apr 95] Jim Mercer (jim@reptiles.org) mentions this helpful hint: According to the February issue of Open Season Magazine, there are more than 40 jams of various flavours happening in Toronto, Ontario CANADA. This magazine (booklet) sell for $1 ($15 for a 10 issue subscription) It is put out by a local Blues dude, Gary 17 and includes a calendar, map, articles about shows, musicians and opinions and ads from Toronto clubs. The address for more information is: The Open Season c/o SongRise Productions 89 Granby Street Toronto, Ontario CANADA M5B 1H9 +1 416 348-8731 Harry Ferguson <hcf@mail.ast.cam.ac.uk> notes that: Much of the info [in Harry's contributions ---Rsk ] comes from a free tri-monthly folk magazine called the 'Unicorn,' Published by Alan Creamer and Theo Thomas. The address is 6 Dudley Street, Luton, LU2 0NT, England, phone (0582) 24261 (Alan), or (0582) 882831 (Theo). Other folks who have helped out with this list include: mrhine@thor.gatech.edu (Michael), linimon@lonesome.com (Mark Linimon), Andrea Aldridge <n9040513@henson.cc.wwu.edu>, Michael L. Rhine <acmmlr@gsusgi2.gsu.edu>, David Ruggiero <jdavid@halcyon.halcyon.com>, David Carta <dbc@hedley.east.sun.com>, Jim Long <f48.n105.z1.fidonet.org>, Greg Skinner <gds@cs.ucla.edu>, blewis@wwa.com (Benjamin Lewis), jpollack@sarnoff.com (Jeremy Pollack), Matthew Kramer <mkramer@census.gov>, Rob Hutten <rob.hutten@acadiau.ca>, Will McCorry <aa328@chebucto.ns.ca>.