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Subject: Online Classical-CD Stores FAQ v69

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------------------------------ 1. Table of Contents 1. Table of Contents 2. Introduction and Intent 3. List of Online CD stores, including uniform resource locator 4. CD prices and stock 5. Shipping and other charges 6. Overall recommendation and other info 7. Home pages of Music labels 8. Acknowledgments Main changes since revision 68: Added the following stores: MSR Classics, Presto Classical, and Pristine Audio Direct. Please keep in mind that as time goes by, some data, especially related to prices, is becoming more and more outdated. I think it is becoming very demanding to keep this info updated, so I suggest that you take it as it is. I am not going to check every month the prices, since it would be an endless task. Last updated: Tuesday, 10 May, 2005. ------------------------------ 2. Introduction and Intent This FAQ contains all information you need to know about Online CD stores which deal with classical recordings. Since the question of which one offers the best prices/bargains/selection, etc. comes up fairly frequently in some newsgroups (particularly rec.music.classical.recordings) I have decided to summarize in this document the salient details of each one of the most useful stores. Please note that my aim is not to provide the most comprehensive list of sites. For that there are other sites with hundreds of links. I want to share only information which is relevant to serious lovers of classical recordings, including pricing, shipping details, feedback and recommendations (provided by actual customers of the sites). As an added bonus, I have added the web URLs of all Classical Labels which have a home page. **** Disclaimer **** This article is provided as is without any express or implied warranties. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this FAQ, the maintainer and contributors assume no responsibility for errors or omissions or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein. ------------------------------ Please, note that I have no longer the time to convert the HTML-version of the FAQ into a plain text file. Moreover, this is, by its nature, a list aimed at people who want to purchase CDs online using a web browser. Thus, it makes more sense to have the FAQ as an actual web page, rather than as a text-only document. Please refer to the URL above for the location of the FAQ. I will keep posting this reminder to the official repositories and newsgroups, so that you will always be able to find out where the FAQ can be found. I hope you will enjoy the list and don't spend too much money on CDs... ;-) Paolo