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Subject: rec.music.christian Wedding Song List

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*********************************************************** rec.music.christian Wedding Song List *********************************************************** last modified: 19 November 2001 Copyright (c) 1995-2001 Andrew D. Taylor <af883@freenet.carleton.ca>. This is a list of contemporary Christian songs which have been suggested by various readers of the Usenet newsgroup rec.music.christian as applicable for use at a wedding, either in the ceremony or the reception. Contents: Is this the most up-to-date version of the list? Adding to the list. The List =========================================================== Is this the most up-to-date version of the list? =========================================================== Possibly. The most up-to-date version can be found at http://www.ncf.carleton.ca/ip/sigs/arts/music/christian/usenet/wedding.u Also the soc.couples.wedding WWW page points to this list. It is located at http://www.wam.umd.edu/~sek/wedding.html where there is more wedding related info. If you do not have access to the World Wide Web, a copy can be obtained via e-mail. Just send an e-mail to me at af883@freenet.carleton.ca with a subject header REQUEST WEDDING SONG LIST and I'll e-mail a copy off just as soon as I get a chance. =========================================================== Adding to the list. =========================================================== If you have any suggestions for me to add to the list they can be e-mailed to me at af883@freenet.carleton.ca with the subject header WEDDING SONG LIST SUBMISSION Keep in mind that this is a list of contemporary Christian songs when you make a suggestion. Also, if you can provide it, the name of the album that the song appears on and the composer of the song would be helpful. =========================================================== The List =========================================================== "Above All Things" Phil Keaggy - Phil Keaggy "Across The Miles" (Paul Alan) Nouveaux - Beginnings "All For You" Billy Crocket "All I Ever Wanted" Margaret Becker - Simple House "All My Dreams" Lenny LeBlanc "All Of Me" (Michael Sweet) Stryper - To Hell With The Devil "Arise My Love" Michael Card - The Way of Wisdom "Author of Love, The" Paul Clark "Babe" Scott Wesley Brown - Signature "Beautiful" Plankeye - Commonwealth "Blessing, The" The Electrics "Bonded Together" Twila Paris - A Heart That Knows You Twila Paris - Same Girl "Bride's Song 1984" Riki Michelle - Big Big Town "Bridge Across The Water" (Robert White Johnson & Taylor Rhodes) Nouveaux - Beginnings "Butterfly Kisses" (Bob Carlisle, Randy Thomas) Bob Carlisle - Shades of Grace "Charm Is Deceitful" Kim Hill - Talk About Life "Cherish The Treasure" Steve Green - Find Us Faithful "Cross My Heart" (Wayne Kirkpatrick & Michael W. Smith) Michael W. Smith - Go West Young Man "Dance" Billy Crocket - Starlite Night "Dedicated" Phil & Brenda Nicholas "Devoted To You" Imperials - This Years Model "Do You Dream of Me" Michael W. Smith - The First Decade "Do You Know What Love Is?" (Karl Ney, Tony Palacios, David Bach & Jamie Rowe) Guardian - Miracle Mile "Doubly Good To You" Amy Grant - Straight Ahead "Dream In My Life" King's X - King's X "Edge Of The Dream" White Heart - Emergency Broadcast "Enough For Me" Leslie Phillips - Various Artists Love Songs For Christian Couples "Eternity" Brian Doerksen - Jesus Alone "Faithful Friend" Twila Paris "Fall in Love Again" Mark Schultz - Mark Schultz "Fallin' In Love" Shaded Red - Shaded Red "Falling In Love With You" Sweet Comfort Band - A&R "Finally" Gary Chapman - Light Inside "Five Candles (You Were There)" Jars of Clay - Much Afraid "Flesh Of His Flesh" Michael Card - Present Reality "Flesh Of My Flesh" Leon Patillo "For His Bride" John Michael Talbot "For You" (Wayne Kirkpatrick, Michael W. Smith & William Owsley III) Michael W. Smith - Go West Young Man "Forever Yours" (Gregg Fulkerson) Michael Sweet - Michael Sweet "Found Someone" Shaded Red - Shaded Red "Friend In My Eyes" (Peter King, Davia Vallesillo, Derik Toy & Chuck Cummings) Dakoda Motor Co. - Welcome Race Fans "Friends" Michael W. Smith - Michael W. Smith 2 "Gabriela" (Mark Gersmehl & Billy Smiley) White Heart - Tales of Wonder "Give Me Forever (I Do)" John Tesh & James Ingram - Grand Passion "Go There With You" Steven Curtis Chapman - Great Adventure "Godsend" dc Talk - Supernatural "Great Adventure, The" Steven Curtis Chapman - Great Adventure "Hand" Jars of Clay - If I Left the Zoo "Hand In Hand" (Eddie DeGarmo & Dana Key) DeGarmo & Key - The Pledge DeGarmo & Key - Destined To Win The Classic Rock Collection "Heirlooms" Amy Grant - Christmas Album "Here And Now" Phil Keaggy - Way Back Home "Holding On To You" Servant - Caught In The Act Of Loving Him "Honestly" (Michael Sweet) Stryper - To Hell With The Devil Stryper - Can't Stop The Rock The Stryper Collection "Household Of Faith" Steve Green - For God And God Alone "How Beautiful" Twila Paris - Cry for the Desert Twila Paris - A Heart That Knows You "I Could Never Promise You" Don Francisco - Forgiven "I Do (Promise To Love You)" Phil & Brenda Nicholas - More than Music "I Found Myself In You" Clay Crosse - Time To Believe "I Found Love" Geoff Moore & the Distance - Foundations "I Found Love" (David Bach, Tony Palacios, John Elefante & Jamie Rowe) Guardian - Miracle Mile "I Promise You" Greg Long - Days of Grace "I Will Be Here" Steven Curtis Chapman - More To This Life "I Will Be Here For You" Michael W. Smith - Change Your World "I Will Never Go" Twila Paris - For Every Heart "I Wish" Billy Sprague - La Vie ??? "If That's What It Takes" Clay Crosse - My Place Is With You "If You Could See What I See" (Geoff Moore & Steven Curtis Chapman) Geoff Moore and the Distance - Evolution "If You Ever Need Me" Gary Chapman - Shelter "I'll Be Here Loving You" Amy Morriss - I'm a Believer "I'll Give" Smalltown Poets - Smalltown Poets "I'll Never Get Tired Of You" King's X - Faith, Hope, Love "I'm Committed To You" Steve Camp - Taking Heaven "In Your Arms Again" Michael W. Smith - Live the Life "Jesus In Your Eyes" Julie Miller - Orphans and Angels "Jesus Let Us Come To Know You" Michael Card - The Final Word Michael Card - The Life Michael Card - Scandalon "Kiss Me" Sixpence None The Richer - Sixpence None The Richer "Let It Be So" Victoria Williams - Musings Of A Creekdipper "Lost Inside of You" Jon Gibson - The Hits "Love" (Bob Hartman) Petra - Beyond Belief "Love" (Matt Slocum) Sixpence None the Richer - Sixpence None the Richer "Love Divine" (Phil Keaggy) Phil Keaggy - Crimson & Blue "Love Has a Hold On Me" Amy Grant - House of Love "Love I Found In You, The" Steve Camp - Taking Heaven By Storm "Love I Know, The" (Joel Hanson) PFR - Great Lengths "Love Like This, A" Phil & Brenda Nicholas - A Love Like This "Love Moves in Mysterious Ways" Michael English - Hope "Love Never Fails" Servant - Swimming "Love Of My Life" Sheila Walsh - For a Time Like This "Love Song" Dighayzoose "Love Song" (Mac Powell) Third Day - Third Day "Love Song For Number 2" Mickey and Becky Moore - Love Song For Number 2 "Love Will Be Our Anchor" Gary Chapman "Lover of My Soul" Amy Grant - Various/My Utmost for His Highest "Margee Ann" Fernando Ortega - The Breaking of the Dawn "Matter of Time" Michael W. Smith - Live the Life "Maybe Tomorrow" (Paul Alan, Steve Ashley, K.C. Smothers) Nouveaux - And This Is How I Feel "Melody's Song" Keith Green - Prodigal Son Keith Green - The Ministry Years 1977-79 Disk 1 "Mt. Nebo" Twila Paris - For Every Heart "My Love I'll Always Show" (Michael Sweet) Stryper - Yellow and Black Attack "My Promise" (Gary Lenaire) Tourniquet - Vanishing Lessons Tourniquet - Carry The Wounded "Never Say Goodbye" (Jamie Rowe, David Bach, Tony Palacios & John Elefante) Guardian - Fire & Love "Now That I've Found You" Angelo & Veronica - A&V "Nowhere Closer To Heaven" Charlie Peacock - West Coast Diaries #2 "Nowhere Else" (Mark Tootle) 77's - Sticks & Stones "Oh How the Years Go By" Amy Grant - House of Love "Once In A Lifetime Love" Acapella - Conquerors "One At Heart" Servant - Light Maneuvers "One I've Been Waiting For, The" Out of the Grey - Diamond Days "One Of The Best Ones" Bruce Cockburn - Nothing But a Burning Light "One of Two" Gary Chapman "Only God Could Love You More" Kelly Nelon Thompson "Only The Beginning" (Bob Cull) Dakoda Motor Co. - Into the Son "Open Arms" Amy Grant - Straight Ahead "Other Side of Me, The" Michael W. Smith - I'll Lead You Home "Over And Over" Annie Herring - There's a Stirring "Page is Turned, A" Bebo Norman - Ten Thousand Days "Perfect Union" Matthew Ward - Fade to White "Precious Love" Al Denson "Razor's Edge" Gary Chapman - The Light Inside "Say Once More" Amy Grant - Lead Me On "Security" Leon Patillo - The Sky is the Limit "Sentimental Song" (Steve Hindalong) The Choir - Circle Slide "She's My Angel" (Dan McCabe) Dreamer - Full Metal Racket "Shine On Us" Philips, Craig and Dean - Various/My Utmost for His Highest "Since I Found You" Matthew Ward - Fortress "So We Never Got to Paris" Out of the Grey - Gravity "Song of Reconciliation" Ashton, Becker, Dente - Along the Road "Still In Love" East to West - North of the Sky "Strong Determination" Phillips Craig and Dean - Lifeline "Take Hold" Fear Not - There is a God "Take My Hand" Between Thieves - Between Thieves "Tapestry" Glen Kaiser - All My Days "That's Why God Made the Moon" John Elefante - Windows of Heaven "There Will Never Be Another" Amy Grant - My Father's Eyes "There's No Remedy For Love" Susan Ashton - Susan Ashton "They Say It's Love" Cindy Morgan - Listen "Thigpen's Wedding" Kemper Crabb - The Vigil "This Day" (Lowell Alexander) Point of Grace - Point of Grace "This Flame" Margaret Becker - Soul "This Is The Day" Scott Wesley Brown "Thy Word" (Amy Grant & Michael W. Smith) Amy Grant - Straight Ahead Amy Grant - The Collection "Till the End of Time" Steve Green - The Letter "Time" Rachel Rachel - You Otta Know By Now "To Keep Love Alive" Out of the Grey - Shape of Grace "Together As One" (Michael Sweet) Stryper - Soldiers Under Command Stryper - Can't Stop The Rock The Stryper Collection "True Companion" Marc Cohn - Marc Cohn "True Friend" Twila Paris - For Every Heart "Trust" (Matt Slocum) Sixpence None the Richer - Fatherless and the Widow "Two Hearts" Jonathan Pierce "Two Of You, The" Phil Keaggy - Underground "Two Trusting Jesus" Mark Heard - Appalachian Melody "Virginia Rose" Fernando Ortega - Home "Vow, The" Geoff Moore & The Distance - Home Run "Walk Forever By My Side" The Alarm - Strength "Watercolour Ponies" Wayne Watson - Watercolour Ponies "Wedding, The" Michael Card - Scandalon Michael Card - The Life "Wedding Prayer" Glenn Kasier - All My Days "Wedding Song (There Is Love)" Noel Paul Stookey - Noel Paul Stookey and Bodyworks "What A Wonder You Are" Phil Keaggy - Town to Town "Whatever It Takes" (Amy Grant, Keith Thomas & Gary Chapman) Amy Grant - House of Love "When Love Comes Home" Sheila Walsh - For a Time Like This "When The Love Is Right" (Ted Kirkpatrick) Tourniquet - Carry The Wounded "When You are a Soldier" Steven Curtis Chapman - For the Sake of the Call "Why Don't We" (Karl Ney) Guardian - Swing Swang Swung "Wonderful" Bleach - Space "You and I" (Jamie Rowe, David Bach, Tony Palacios) Guardian - Miracle Mile "You And I" Kathy Trocolli - Pure Attraction "You Must Have Been an Angel" Bob Carlisle - Shades of Grace "Your Love" Guardian - Swing Swang Swung "You're A Gift From God" Kenny Marks - Right Where You Are "You're The Best" Kenny Marks - Right Where You Are