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Subject: [rec.music.makers.trumpet] Trumpet - FAQ (Version 1.21)

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Archive-name: music/brass/trumpet-faq Rec-music-makers-trumpet-archive-name: trumpet-faq Version: 1.21 Posting-Frequency: monthly Last-modified: February 14, 2008 URL: http://everythingtrumpet.com/trumpet-faq.html
Trumpet FAQ An FAQ for the USENET Newsgroup rec.music.makers.trumpet Version 1.21 By David A. Roth Copyright (c) 1996-2008 by David A. Roth, all rights reserved. Date of first publication: May 25, 1997 This article is a description and primer on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the musical brass wind instrument called the Trumpet. This document serves as a starting point for anyone with an interest in the Trumpet who reads and posts to the USENET Newsgroup rec.music.makers.trumpet. The latest edition of this FAQ can be retrieved from: http://EverythingTrumpet.com/trumpet-faq.html