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Subject: comp.os.msdos.mail-news FAQ (02/02) software

This article was archived around: 07 Jul 2002 01:00:00 -0600

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Archive-name: msdos-mail-news/software Original-Archive-name: comma-software Comp-os-msdos-mail-news-archive-name: software Posting-Frequency: monthly Last-modified: 2001-Apr-08 Posting-Via: news.demon.net (mail2news) Not-Posting-Via: my connectivity provider who doesn't do news for uucp now Not-Posting-Via-The-Cable-Modem-Because: I don't want to
Comp.Os.Msdos.MAil-news == c.o.m.ma == comma FAQ == Frequently Asked Questions The FAQ lists for comp.os.msdos.mail-news can be found on the Internet: <ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/comp.os.msdos.mail-news/intro> <ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/comp.os.msdos.mail-news/software> <http://www.faqs.org/faqs/msdos-mail-news/intro/> <http://www.faqs.org/faqs/msdos-mail-news/software/> ======================================================================== Contents: Part 1: 1. Disclaimer 2. Spam 3. Where are the Questions? 4. Charter 5. QWK 6. `offline' 7. Related Groups/Mailing Lists 8. Books and Online Resources 9. ftp and how to get files from the Internet a. help is easy to obtain b. where to find software c. archie d. not on the Internet: accessing ftp archives e. not on the Internet: accessing archie 10. RFCs 11. announcements 12. other FAQs 13. What do the technical or jargon terms mean? 14. How can I get mail/news on my PC at home? a. I have a UNIX login, but don't want to tie up the phone lines. b. I can get a `feed' -- but what do I do with it? c. I'm reading over someone's shoulder. d. I want better software than what I've got now. 15. How can I use waffle newsreaders with other packages? 16. How can I decode proprietary Microsoft TNEF attachments? 998. spelling 999. credits Part 2: 1000. notes and index 1001. Disclaimer 1002. I want mail and/or news on msdos! what software is there? 1003. summary only - no reviews 1004. what the addresses mean 1005. maintainer index 1006. location index 2000. uucp 2001. discussion 2002. waffle 2003. uupc, uupc-msw [msw], uupc-os2 [os2] 2004. fsuucp 2005. mks-uucp 2006. internetanyw [msw] 2007. uuslave 2008. pduucp/pcuucp 2009. dcp 2010. xp/crosspoint 2011. fxuucico 2012. mail-it-rem [msw] 2013. minihost [msw] 2014. winnetmail [msw] 2015. uufree 2016. ntnetnews [nsw] 2017. uulink 3000. mail/news transport agents, batchers, servers 3001. discussion 3002. filesystem 4000. network 5000. mail/news user agents 5001. discussion 5002. filesystem 6000. network 7000. other 8000. source 8001. discussion 8002. dcp 8003. uuslave 8004. pduucp/pcuucp 8005. uupc 8006. uupc-msw 8007. uupc-os2 8008. snews 8009. hackticnr 8010. rnr 8011. winelm 8012. mit-red 8013. pcrrn 8014. smaildos 8015. pmnews 8016. snuz 8017. barbnews 8018. olsenews 8019. slnr 8020. rexxnews-os2 8021. procc 8022. wsmtpd 8023. trn 8024. trn-os2 8025. tin-os2 8026. winvn 8027. nexp 8028. mimelite 8029. wrn 8030. appsig 8031. aser 8032. solar 8033. makenews 8034. mailqueue 8035. tmailpostnews 8036. nnrnews 8037. uufree 8038. mpack 8039. mime64 8040. unpost 8041. nntpd-dvx 8042. nn-dvx 8043. brn 8044. paperboy 8045. wafpegasus 8046. edrhr 8047. newsmerg 8048. foldscan 8049. multimail ======================================================================== 1000. notes and index 1001. Disclaimer Read at your own risk. The current, previous, or original authors make no claim as to fitness for any purpose or absence of any errors, and offer no warranty. Do not eat. 1002. I want mail and/or news on msdos! what software is there? then read on! this part of the FAQ is the big answer to that one question. to use it, you'll need to know: how will you be sent mail? (usual choices: uucp/rmail, SMTP/POP/IMAP) how will you be sent news? (usual choices: uucp/rnews, NNTP) 1003. summary only - no reviews this is (right now) a summary only. if you feel more information is required to be useful, mail me, keeping in mind that there is another posting which has a lot of detail (esj's `personal uucp' list). it is posted very infrequently. due to illness, it has not been updated for quite some time, as far as I know. this post is meant primarily to let people know what is available, so they can grab the packages and evaluate them for themselves. if you are looking for reviews, post your requirements and see who else knows what you need. please do not be vague -- no one can help you when you just say you're looking to evaluate some `mail packages'. what kind of network is in place? or is it for a single-user site? how much are you willing to pay per seat? what sort of interface do you need? what platform? how sophisticated are your users? etc. I will not be putting any reviews in here, partly because they would be difficult to maintain, and partly because I want to avoid any flak from a negative review which I did not write. if you want to periodically post a collection of reviews, go ahead. you don't need my approval. code requires ---- -------- [dvx] DesqView/X [geo] GEOS (probably will require v2.0? none on the list yet) [msw] MS Windows (often requires v3.1) [os2] OS/2 (often requires v2.1) [wnt] MS Windows NT I have tried to complete all the required codes. however, I have not tried all packages personally. if I am missing one for your package, please inform me, so that people who do not have the required underlying software do not waste time or money obtaining it. thanks. 1004. what the addresses mean when a location reference is given that looks like this: ``wuarchive.wustl.edu:/mirrors/msdos/uucp/00-index.txt'' this does not imply that it is the only place where the file is available on the Internet. you may want to use `archie' or any web search engine to help you locate the closest (network-cost-wise) copy of the file. for brief help with archie, see the comma intro. the Coast to Coast Software Repository seems to have disappeared in mid-1998. the special entry ``coast:'' indicates the Coast to Coast Software Repository collection, available in many places, including CD-ROMs, and its main ftp mirror, ftp.coast.net:/Coast/ -- if you connect to <http://simtel.coast.net/Coast/> you'll get a list of mirrors. most files can be found at <http://simtel.coast.net/Coast/msdos/>, and in particular <http://simtel.coast.net/Coast/msdos/waffle.html>, <http://simtel.coast.net/Coast/msdos/uucp.html>, and <http://simtel.coast.net/Coast/msdos/offline.html>. Coast to Coast seems to be in the process of discontinuing their Software Repository. Coast/SimTel had decided to stop allowing files which do not include the address and phone number of the author, which annoys me to no end. there are rumors that this policy has been dropped; if not, consider alternate sites. Coast to Coast used to use the name `SimTel', but has renamed its collections directories (but probably not all the mirrors) to `Coast', so I have reflected that change here. the special entry ``simtelnet:'' indicates the SimTel.net collection, available in many places, including CD-ROMs, and its main ftp mirror, ftp.simtel.net:/pub/simtelnet/ -- if you connect to <http://www.simtel.net/simtel.net/> you'll get a list of mirrors [?]. SimTel.net, which is clearly not a network provider, and is thus badly misnamed, is run by Walnut Creek (a Net-friendly CD-ROM vendor). the special entry ``cica:'' indicates the cica collection, available in many places, including CD-ROMs, and its primary ftp site, ftp.cica.indiana.edu:/pub/pc/win3/. see also ftp.winsite.com , cica's new home(?). the file name reflects the latest version that I knew of (or was told of) at the time this FAQ was sent out. if you know a newer one is available, and there was no announcement posted to comma after a week or so, please send me the information for inclusion (or better yet, post the entire announcement to comma so everyone can get the whole story, instead of just the summary here). see also the `announcements' section in the comma intro on how to get the announcements automatically crossposted to comma. 1005. maintainer index this information is culled from public postings to newsgroups, or files available to the public on the Internet. because of this, I have not tried all the addresses to make sure they are still functional, nor do I have the time to do a routine check of them every so often. you may also want to check, e.g., ftp://garbo.uwasa.fi/pc/pd2/author35.zip ftp://garbo.uwasa.fi/pc/pd2/authwn07.zip please do not abuse these people's time -- send them mail specific to their own products, not about how to get files via ftp. that gives them more time to work on software, and that benefits us all. if you have some burning questions, the best thing you could possibly do is to check out news.newusers.questions -- there's a lot of information already there. maintainers: if I have the wrong address or a suboptimal address listed here, _please_ contact me directly so that I can correct it for you as quickly as possible. I don't want to put any email addresses in here that don't want mail. thanks. some addresses are for people who ported a package from one platform to another, not the author(s) of the original package. waffle dell@wiretap.spies.com uupc help@kew.com uupc-msw help@kew.com uupc-os2 help@kew.com fsuucp fsuucp-request@punk.net snews dan@fch.wimsey.bc.ca pcnews-uu lindh@uhasun.hartford.edu cppnews cppnews@trmphrst.demon.co.uk tmail dcs@witsend.stat.com tmailpostnews dcs@witsend.stat.com helldiver meteor@sprintmail.com wrn frankv@alf.pec.co.nz nwreader sreck@rebox.in-berlin.de rwmail sreck@rebox.in-berlin.de rnf daniel@blackhl.xs4all.nl trumpet peter@trumpet.com.au wintrumpet peter@trumpet.com.au rnr Russell_Schulz@locutus.ofB.ORG pc-eudora eudora-sales@qualcomm.com eumail bguthrie@nmaa.org ftpnuz 72357.3547@compuserve.com mks-uucp inquiry@mks.com internetanyw mksia@mks.com zipnews jkilday@nlbbs.com zipnewsreader jkilday@nlbbs.com solar kjhoule@iowegia.des-moines.ia.us tin-dvx seant@ratsys.com tin-os2 ... tin-msw ... pcelm freiss.pad@sni.de elm4waf ianj@ijpc.uucp elm-pc pjc@ic.ac.uk winelm pjc@ic.ac.uk mush moc@lena.uucp uuslave ellis@ftel.net pduucp ... xp/crosspoint crosspoint@bionic.zer.de hackticnr kafka@desert.hacktic.nl popmail (superseded by minuet) minuet minuet@boombox.micro.umn.edu nupop nupop@casbah.acns.nwu.edu fxuucico jorge@satlink.net fxuucico info@dier.com winvn rushing@titan.ksc.nasa.gov [winvn@ is the developer list] snuupm mlawrie@apies.frd.ac.za pegasusmail support@pmail.gen.nz, bugs@pmail.gen.nz winpegasus support@pmail.gen.nz, bugs@pmail.gen.nz wafpegasus ross@westmead.health.su.oz.au wafwinpegasus cosmo@halcyon.com pmfx ... newsreader/2 [part of the IBM OS/2 TCP/IP retail package] lamail-ibm [part of the IBM OS/2 TCP/IP retail package] multimail-ibm [part of the IBM OS/2 TCP/IP retail package] qvtnet djpk@troi.cc.rochester.edu qvtnet chloe@qpc.com snuz mcdonald@aries.scs.uiuc.edu pcrrn ... boxer paul@eunet.co.at mail-it mail-it@unipalm.co.uk mail-it-rem mail-it@unipalm.co.uk cinetic Cinetic@speedy.cam.org cnews-dos cnews@joker.ruhr.de, cnews-request@faerun.mi.org elm-os2 ... dumpgrp ... lamailpop ... latimes gutzs@crl.aecl.ca tinymail-kalf turgut@ege.edu.tr mail-ccg geurin@nosc.mil pmnews serls@dashs.denver.co.us rn-os2 ... rexxnews-os2 ... trn davison@borland.com trn-os2 haen@veces.stgt.sub.org, term@godot.stgt.sub.org snews-os2 ... pmfsudg xmpcwsh@dp7up.com ecsmail ecs-info@edm.isac.ca smaildos sct%seldon@skybridge.SCL.CWRU.Edu nfsmail 4341@msg.abc.se mit-red ... barbernews sob@bcm.tmc.edu olsenews kjetilo@usit.uio.no pcnews-nfs pilchuck!jgray emacs-gnus ... emacs-rmail ... eep paul@eunet.co.at winbiff winbiff@stecksoft.com hsend meteor@sprintmail.com nscu ... cwexp cwinemil@keys.lonestar.org sexpire ... mexpire ... nexp ... hpv meteor@sprintmail.com yarn cthuang@io.org yarn cthuang@vex.net yarn-os2 cthuang@io.org yarn-os2 cthuang@vex.net unor rrusbasa@nyx.cs.du.edu paperboy 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wmcbrine@clark.net 1006. location index if you are the maintainer of a package, and I have shown a site that you feel is not appropriate, please let me know. if I have shown a frequently-updated mirror site, keep in mind that using a mirror site that has everything on it may be easier for users than having to go to a different site for every package. if I have shown a site which mirrors, but too infrequently, please inform me of a better reference. many of these files come from the coast repository. the main site is ftp.coast.net but http://www.coast.net will give you a list of mirrors worldwide and connect you to them. please try to strike a balance between instant availability of the newest versions and practical ability to handle the transfers. if your software is available on a bogged down SLIP link and two days later on ftp.uu.net, I would rather point people to the latter. waffle coast:msdos/waffle/waf165.zip uupc omnigate.clarkson.edu:/pub/msdos/uupc/* uupc-msw omnigate.clarkson.edu:/pub/msdos/uupc/* uupc-os2 omnigate.clarkson.edu:/pub/msdos/uupc/* uupc ftp://ftp.kew.com/ uupc-msw ftp://ftp.kew.com/ uupc-os2 ftp://ftp.kew.com/ uupc http://www.kew.com/ uupc-msw http://www.kew.com/ uupc-os2 http://www.kew.com/ fsuucp ftp.punk.net:/pub/FSUUCP/* fsuucp simtelnet:msdos/uucp/uupls151.zip snews coast:msdos/uucp/snws191*.zip snews coast:msdos/uucp/snews191.zip snews http://www.wimsey.com/~danf/software pcnews-uu ... cppnews ftp.demon.co.uk:/pub/trumphurst/cppnews/cppnws40.zip tmail coast:msdos/uucp/tmail116.zip tmailpostnews [posted to c.o.m.ma] helldiver ftp.halcyon.com:/pub/waffle/news/helld107.zip helldiver simtelnet:/msdos/waffle/helld108.zip wrn ftp.halcyon.com:/pub/waffle/news/wrn093.zip wrn ftp.halcyon.com:/pub/waffle/news/wrnsr094.zip nwreader ftp.fu-berlin.de:/pub/pc/msdos/news/nn315.zoo rwmail ftp.fu-berlin.de:/pub/pc/msdos/news/rwm225.zoo rnf coast:msdos/waffle/rnf078.zip trumpet ftp.utas.edu.au:/pc/trumpet/trmp106b.zip wintrumpet ftp.utas.edu.au:/pc/trumpet/wintrump/* trumpet ftp.trumpet.com.au:/dostrump/ wintrumpet ftp.trumpet.com.au:/wintrump/ rnr http://www.worldgate.ca/~rschulz/uucp/ pc-eudora coast:msdos/windows3/eudora14.zip pc-eudora ftp.qualcomm.com:/... eumail simtelnet:msdos/mailnews/eumal610.zip ftpnuz ftp.ftp.com:/support/pubdom/ftpnuz11.zip mks-uucp [retail package] internetanyw [retail package] zipnews coast:msdos/offline/znews97g.zip zipnewsreader coast:msdos/offline/znr093b.zip solar http://www.netins.net/~kevin/solar.html solar simtelnet:msdos/waffle/solar953.zip solar coast:msdos/waffle/solar094.zip solar ftp.netis.com: ? tin-dvx coast:msdos/dv-x/dvxtin.zip tin-dvx ftp.qdeck.com:/pub/desqview-x/us/ver-2/ports/apps/dvxtin.zip tin-os2 ftp-os2.cdrom.com:/os2/2_x/network/tin122.zip tin-msw ftp.scn.de:/pub/news/tin/binaries/win32/tintcp.exe.gz tin-msw ftp.tin.org:/pub/news/clients/tin/binaries/win32/tintcp.exe.gz pcelm coast:msdos/ka9q/pcelm321.zip elm4waf 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becky http://www.bekkoame.or.jp/~carty/ setnet http://www.setnet.com solstice http://www.sun.com/solstice/Networking-products/sims/download.html#client freemail http://www.freemail.com dtmail coast:win3/mail/dtmail1b.zip mailroom http://www.sierrasol.com/sierrasol/ mailroom simtelnet:win3/email/mrwin20b.zip akmail http://www.student.informatik.th-darmstadt.de/~akinzler/ mail4u http://mail4u.home.ml.org upcom [ none yet - requires 4DOS, so not yet released ] upcom ftp.univ-lyon1.fr:/pub/... upcom simtel.net:msdos/uucp/upcom118.zip calypso http://www.mcsdallas.com golded http://www.goldware.dk/ mountainrdr http://www.pacifier.com/~awatson/ mkbook simtelnet:msdos/lan/mkbook30.zip quickmail http://www.cesoft.com transoftmail http://www.bmtmicro.com/tmc/ transoftmail ftp://ftp.bmtmicro.com/bmtmicro/tmc325.exe vpop3 http://www.pscs.co.uk/software/vpopdownload.html allnews http://members.tripod.com/~MikeRead/allnews.htm eureka http://www.ie.com/ wafnospam simtelnet:msdos/waffle/nospam10.zip em_ai simtelnet:msdos/mailnews/em_ai111.zip changi http://www.egnite.com/ bmmail simtelnet:msdos/tcpip/bmpgp01.zip pminews http://www.stardock.com/products/pminews/pminews.html nplex http://www.isocor.com - look for N-PLEX netmaildos simtelnet:msdos/internet/nmdos200.zip connect2uucp http://www.InfiniteMail.com/ connect2uucp ftp://ftp.simtel.net/pub/simtelnet/msdos/internet/c2uucp.zip expressit http://www.InfiniteMail.com/ expressit ftp://ftp.simtel.net/pub/simtelnet/msdos/mailnews/express.zip pronews http://www.panaceasoft.com/ newswidget http://www.newswidget.com/ cheetahpro ftp://ftp.demon.co.uk/pub/ibmpc/dos/apps/cheetah/ multimail ftp://ftp.clark.net/pub/wmcbrine/bbs/offline/ 2000. uucp 2001. discussion at the heart of uucp is `uucico', which is a file transfer protocol, like kermit or zmodem. however, with uucp it is easier, or at least there are conventions which make it portably _possible_, to do some networking/system administration tasks, like: - queue a file transfer to be done automatically at a later time when phone rates are lower - assign a command to be run once a file is received (common examples include rmail for delivering mail, and rnews for unbatching network news). this command can have parameters, such as an address to pass to rmail uucp has, historically, often been poorly/incompletely implemented, and these poor/incomplete implementations have often been relatively slow. this does not mean uucp itself is slow, and we are seeing more uucp implementations of late which are fast, yet still as network-capable as uucp has always been. the 2000s section will look at uucico implementations. often, these come with add-ons to make up a full uucp suite -- uucp, uux, uuqueue, and similar programs. 2002. waffle from LEGAL.DOC: > UUCICO.EXE is copyrighted but freely distributable. This ONLY > applies to uucico and not to ANY other files in the Waffle package. see the entire file for more information. non-redistributable source for most of the waffle modules is available for a fee. 2003. uupc, uupc-msw [msw], uupc-os2 [os2] -- uupc/extended shareware/freeware -- depends on how you interpret the license docs. native ms-windows, os2, and ms-nt versions are ftp-able also. 2004. fsuucp > shareware. command-line, standalone versions of the modules. > New version 2.0 includes Taylor UUCP extensions, 'i' protocol, and new > pop-up text-window interface. UUCICO is now waffle compatible, for > plug-and-play replacement with older waffle UUCICOs. 2005. mks-uucp not available for ftp part of the mks toolkit included as part of their _DOS User's Guide to the Internet_ book [see intro] contact: inquiry@mks.com, 800-265-2797, +1 519-884-2251 voice > [the release manager] said that if those programmers want to get > information about writing newsreaders, he would be glad to help them. > In general, we've not made a packet of information available as we > do not support programmers using our products. We will give them > the information they need, if they request it. 2006. internetanyw [msw] not available for ftp > We have done our own Cnews port to DOS. It is based on Cnews but has its > own modifications. For example, we use a database to store all the news > articles. > > For the mail reader, we've written our own interface that can handle > standard e-mail. 2007. uuslave can not originate calls? can only originate calls? ... 2008. pduucp/pcuucp appears to be just dcp with a rmail. may be dcp itself in a new package. 2009. dcp `d'os copy instead of `u'nix-`u'nix copy 2010. xp/crosspoint Deutsch-only documentation currently officially available, but see ftp location list for a rumored English version. 2011. fxuucico superset of Waffle v1.65 UUCICO - more secure, simpler configuration 2012. mail-it-rem [msw] > Mail-it [remote]'s uucico was written specifically for use with > Mail-it [remote] and its file formats and naming conventions are > specific to the program (details are available on request, if required). 2013. minihost [msw] ... 2014. winnetmail [msw] > WinNET Mail is a an MS Windows application that provides a tremendous > front end interface to Computer Witchcraft's uucp Internet/Usenet > service or any uucp service provider. When used with an alternative > UUCP provider WinNET is ShareWare with registration required. The > software is extremely easy to use and has a beautiful tool bar for > point and click functionality. 2015. uufree free uucp/mail/news implementation, with easy installation and configuration, and a menu-driven interface. uses waffle's uucico (included) or fxuucico (not included). 2016. uulink unable to contact authors so far... 2017. uupc-su ... Soviet uupc extension 2018. ramnet > RamNet/uucp is an email/news/file-transfer/uuxqt DOS package running in > the background, without any third party multi-taskers (such as Windows) > needed. PGP enabled, it uses your copy of PGP to encrypt sensitive > files and email, automatically. Address books, alias lists, vacation > program, .forward and kill files, automatic uuencode/decode, mailing > lists, file attachments, multiple local users and a host of other > features. Configuration files follow HDB UUCP closely, with Permissions > /Systems/Devices/Passwd/Getty/etc. 2019. spinmail [msw] reported to have a stand-alone mode to just do uucp -- checking. > Spinmail now supports news as well 2020. winuucpxp [msw] > WinUUCP/XP application is an UUCP email transport provider for Microsoft > Exchange and other MAPI-client applications. This is quite simple, yet > very effective implementation of UUCP email transport layer suitable > for the users of popular MAPI-client applications willing to exploit > the power of UUCP. 2021. eureka [wnt] Usenet> Does anybody know an UUCP package for Windows NT Usenet> Eureka! from Information Electronics see http://www.ie.com/whatsnew/uucppr.html 2022. upcom > UPCOM is a mail and newsreader for MSDOS and a complete UUCP system > manager. UPCOM works on MSDOS and Windows systems and all compatibles. > UPCOM as an UUCP manager is fully compatible with Waffle v1.65. UPCOM > can be used as a private UUCP system as well as a BBS. 2023. connect2uucp > Connect2UUCP is for network users who want to exchange e-mail with > others via the Internet. It's an e-mail gateway that offers > cost-effective, dial-up access to the Internet. [...] > You install Connect2UUCP on your existing messaging server, > or on the GWDEMON PC in a NetWare Global MHS environment [...] 3000. mail/news transport agents, batchers, servers 3001. discussion some packages work with messages stored on disk and transferred to other machines later (often using uucp, and the rmail and rnews commands), while others send or receive the mail immediately over a network connection (often using SMTP, POP, or IMAP for mail, and NNTP for news). 3002. filesystem 3003. waffle - waffle mail; waffle news (including feeds) 3004. uupc - uupc mail; can unbatch news 3005. uupc-msw [msw] - uupc mail 3006. uupc-os2 [os2] - uupc mail (uses hpfs) 3007. fsuucp - fsuucp mail; fsuucp news (including feeds) 3008. snews (for uupc) - uupc news 3009. snews-os2 [os2] - `news reader for UUPC/extended' (also unbatches?) 3010. cnews-dos - waffle news (including feeds) 3011. mks-uucp - ported C News 3012. internetanyw [msw] - ported C News 3013. smaildos 3014. zipnews 3015. solar - soup 3016. watergate - `an Internet/Usenet and FidoNet mail processor and gateway' 3017. uugate-os2 [os2] - Internet/Fidonet gateway 3018. uubatch - batched, compressed mail (DOS rewrite of uubatch 1.0.5) 3019. uufree - leaf only 3020. uulink [...] 3021. amanda - fido<->usenet 3022. tfsgateway - msmail<->uucp 3023. dics - mapi<->smtp 3024. souper [os2] - creates a soup file set from SLIP mail and news 3025. souper [msw] - creates a soup file set from SLIP mail and news 3026. pbbsuucp - UUCP<->Fido(*.msg) Easy handler 3027. wssoup [msw] - creates a soup file set from SLIP mail and news 3028. slipit-ukappp - creates a soup file set from SLIP mail and news 3029. faxbatch - pegasus->fax gateway 3030. uupc-su - ? 3031. uuptoccm - cc:mail<->uucp 3032. mail4u [msw] - `UUCP Transport Provider' `over the filesystem too' ###. a bunch of pegasus<->waffle,uupc gateways... 4000. network for an overview of TCP/IP implementations for msdos, ms-windows, or os2, see the newsgroup `comp.protocols.tcp-ip.ibmpc'. it has a FAQ of its own which can be obtained via ftp. see the `other FAQs' section in the comma intro. 4001. wsmtpd [msw] - smtp 4002. wsgmail [msw] - smtp, pop 4003. ipswitchmail [msw] - smtp, pop 4004. unnamed part of IBM OS/2 TCP/IP retail package...? 4005. nntpd-dvx [dvx] - nntp 4006. cybord [msw] - smtp 4007. winsmtp [msw] - smtp, pop 4008. windis [msw] - ? `smtp <-> pegasus, ka9q ; packages soup news' 4009. inetformsmail [msw] - ms-mail <-> smtp/pop 4010. ftp-smtpsrv ? smtp 4011. pop3d [os2] - pop ... 4012. mailsrv-os2 [os2] - ultimail replacement 4013. ntnetnews [wnt] - nntp-compliant news server 4014. intergate [wnt] - free msmail/smtp gateway 4015. popserver-os2 [os2] - POP2/3 server 4016. sidis-os2 [os2] - `pop3 server' 4017. sendmail-os2 [os2] - `IBM TCP/IP sendmail 1.3.17' 4018. sendmail-nt [msw] - `NT port of sendmail 8.8.x' 4019. secantpop3 [os2] - pop3 server 4020. mailcoach [msw] - `Smtp/pop3 server with UUCP transport' 4021. pop-uupc-os2 [os2] - POP3 gateway to UUPC/extended mail 4022. uupc-os2 [os2] - POP3 gateway to UUPC/extended mail 4023. mail4u [msw] - `UUCP Transport Provider for the MS Exchange client' 4024. vpop3 [msw] - `POP3/SMTP email server/gateway program' 4025. changi [msw+os2] - ... 4026. nplex [msw] - IMAP server 5000. mail/news user agents 5001. discussion some sites mount their news disks over (e.g.) NFS, so the news appears as, for instance, x:\news\comp\mail\misc\22694 (this would be the 22694th article in the group comp.mail.misc). on such a system, you should be able to read mail or news with any of the `filesystem' packages (possibly with some extra setup). most other IP network (TCP/IP, SLIP, PPP) connections are with NNTP, SMTP, POP, or IMAP. with some tweaking (usually just duplication of configuration files) you can often read mail/news with any of the filesystem-based packages (snews' separate format is the biggest exception). you might not be able to post/reply very easily, due to the more drastic differences in the file layouts the uucico modules expect. unfortunately, uucp often deals with file names like D.foo2b6IC which Unix sites can handle easily, but msdos cannot. there are a few obvious ways to translate these names to msdos-compatible names, but, unfortunately, they're not compatible with each other. there have been intentions posted of having more software work with more of the uucico layouts, which is a Good Thing. waffle and fsuucp, at least, have explicitly documented their conversion routines in the past (and fsuucp has moved to waffle-compatible munging). and uupc ships with source. 5002. filesystem 5003. waffle - waffle mail; waffle news 5004. uupc - uupc mail 5005. uupc-msw [msw] - uupc mail 5006. uupc-os2 [os2] - uupc mail 5007. snews - uupc news 5008. pcnews-uu - uupc news 5009. cppnews - uupc news (snews) 5010. tmail - uupc mail; waffle mail 5011. fsuucp - fsuucp mail; fsuucp news 5012. helldiver [msw] - waffle mail; waffle news 5013. wrn [msw] - waffle news 5014. nwreader - waffle news 5015. rwmail - waffle mail 5016. rnf - waffle mail; waffle news 5017. rnr - waffle news; some waffle mail support; uupc news 5018. pcelm - uupc mail; waffle mail (elm4waf) 5019. zipnewsreader - waffle mail; waffle news; zipnews mail; zipnews news 5020. mush - uupc mail 5021. hackticnr - waffle news 5022. pegasusmail - waffle mail (wafpegasus); fsuucp mail (pmfsudg); uupc? 5023. boxer [msw] - waffle mail; waffle news 5024. mail-it-rem [msw] - mail 5025. cinetic mail manager [msw] - uupc mail; fsuucp mail 5026. mks-uucp - mks mail; mks news 5027. internetanyw [msw] - internetanyw mail; internetanyw news 5028. tin-os2 [os2] - uupc(?) news 5029. tin-msw [msw] - ? 5030. nfsmail - nfs mail 5031. tinymail-kalf [os2] - mail (calls `sendmail') 5032. pcnews-nfs - any filesystem-based news; read-only 5033. emacs-gnus - (?) news 5034. emacs-rmail - (?) mail 5035. hpv - soup 5036. yarn - soup 5037. yarn-os2 [os2] - soup 5038. unor [msw] - soup 5039. paperboy [msw] - soup 5040. minihost [msw] - minihost mail 5041. slnr - soup 5042. trn - ... 5043. trn-os2 [os2] - uupc news 5044. winpegasus [msw] - pop mail; smtp mail outgoing; pegasus gateways 5045. winuuall [msw] - waffle mail; waffle news 5046. relaysysmail - waffle mail; waffle news 5047. coprivreader - waffle news 5048. readmail - soup; various other formats for read-only 5049. umail - uupc news, uupc mail(?) 5050. niespnr - downloaded files with messages all run together 5051. newsy [msw] - waffle mail; waffle news; uupc mail; uupc news 5052. mailto - pegasus mail send-only 5053. offliner [msw] - soup; DISCONTINUED 5054. telematrix [msw] - waffle mail; waffle news 5055. alamito [msw] - waffle mail; waffle news 5056. nn-dvx [dvx] - nntp news (filesystem with nntpd-dvx) 5057. searchlitnews - waffle news 5058. winn - waffle mail; waffle news 5059. newswerthy - soup 5060. tetrix [msw] - slip-based soup, nntp, smtp, pop 5061. brn - waffle news; in perl 5062. genesis - includes copy of fxuucico beta; unknown format 5063. elm-os2 [os2] - uupc, tcp/ip (smtp?) 5064. wsomr - soup 5065. forte-agent [msw] - propietary offline and nntp+smtp/pop 5066. dante [msw] - waffle mail; waffle news 5067. beautymail - ? 5068. dml - ? 5069. imail - downloaded stripped mail messages 5070. phhnews [msw] - ? 5071. pmmail [os2] - `SMTP and POP3 PM mail front end' 5072. quickelm - offline for Unix shell account 5073. shownews - proprietary offline news 5074. opmail [msw] - Windows-based MIME mailer for UUPC 5075. alhambra [?] - UUPC mail (Spanish only) 5076. tass-os2 [os2] - UUPC news? 5077. pmnews [os2] - UUPC news? 5078. lilreader - waffle news 5079. ramnet - ramnet mail? 5080. nfx - soup 5081. tropical [msw] - soup 5082. mh-os2 [os2] - ? `MH 6.8.3 patches for OS/2' 5083. snews - uupc news 5084. snews-os2 [os2] - `news reader for UUPC/extended' 5085. palmtopreader - zipnews news, other text-based formats 5086. digestreader [msw] - `mailing-list-digest reader' 5087. upcom - waffle mail; waffle news; upcom mail; upcom news 5088. golded - soup 5089. mountainrdr [msw] - soup 5090. multimail - soup 6000. network 6001. trumpet - nntp news 6002. wintrumpet [msw] - pop mail; nntp news 6003. pc-eudora [msw] - mail; eumail=utilities for same 6004. ftpnuz - nntp news 6005. waffle - nntp news 6006. tin-dvx [dvx] - nntp news 6007. tin-os2 [os2] - nntp news 6008. mail-ccg [os2] - pop mail 6009. popmail - pop mail (superseded by minuet) 6010. minuet - pop mail; nntp news 6011. nupop - pop mail 6012. winvn [msw] - nntp news 6013. elm-pc - mail 6014. winelm [msw] - mail (requires elm-pc) 6015. newsreader/2 [os2] - nntp news 6016. qvtnet [msw] - nntp news; `mail' (pop3?) 6017. snuz - nntp news 6018. pcrrn - nntp news 6019. mail-it [msw] - mail 6020. cinetic mail manager [msw] - mail 6021. dumpgrp [os2] - nntp news 6022. mit-red - nntp news 6023. barbernews - nntp news (read only) 6024. olsenews - nntp news 6025. tinymail-kalf [os2] - mail (reads mail locally) 6026. pc-pine - imap mail 6027. pine-os2 [os2] - imap mail 6028. pathways - imap mail 6029. rexxnews-os2 [os2] - nntp news 6030. commset - pop mail; nntp news 6031. chameleon [msw] - smtp mail; nntp news 6032. mosaic [msw] - smtp mail; nntp news 6033. cyberdesk [msw] - front end to Unix-based mail and news 6034. air-mail-news [msw] - pop mail; nntp news 6035. wsgmail [msw] - pop mail; pop mail server; smtp receive; smtp send 6036. ipswitchmail [msw] - pop mail; pop mail server; smtp receive; smtp send 6037. emacsmail-os2 [os2] - ...? 6038. lamail-ibm [os2] - mail 6039. multimail-ibm [os2] - mail 6040. ecsmail [msw] - imap mail 6041. pronto [msw] - front end to Unix-based mail and news 6042. pcmailmanager [msw] - imap mail; smtp mail 6043. winpegasus [msw] - pop mail; smtp mail outgoing; pegasus gateways 6044. lamailpop [os2] - ... 6045. latimes [os2] - nntp news 6046. xrn-dvx [dvx] - nntp news 6047. rfdmail [msw] - front end to Unix-based mail; smtp mail; pop mail 6048. panda [msw] - nntp news 6049. netscape [msw] - nntp news 6050. nn-dvx [dvx] - nntp news (filesystem with nntpd-dvx) 6051. techmail [msw] - pop mail 6052. ucdavismail - pop mail 6053. nosview - smtp mail (ka9q) 6054. olavtollefsen [wnt] - nntp news 6055. newsxpress [msw] - nntp news 6056. newsbase [msw] - demon-internet-services/snews news 6057. tetrix [msw] - slip-based soup 6058. pronto-ip [msw] - smtp mail; pop mail 6059. newswin [msw] - demon-internet-services/snews news 6060. neologicsuite [os2] - nntp news...? 6061. cmail-os2 [os2] - text mode mail front end for IBM TCP/IP (smtp?) 6062. elm-os2 [os2] - uupc, tcp/ip (smtp?) 6063. edrhr - nntp 6064. qnews [msw] - nntp 6065. autonews [msw] - offline slip? .exe posted to news.software.readers (dumb) 6066. postroad [os2] - pop3 mail; nntp 6067. tetrix [msw] - slip-based soup, nntp, smtp, pop 6068. ibminetcon [msw] - nntp, smtp? 6069. supertcp [msw] - nntp, mail 6070. [nautnews [msw] - nntp, slip-based proprietary offline] 6071. mimail [msw] - pop 6072. pop3client [msw] - pop 6073. inetsuite - ? 6074. forte-agent [msw] - propietary offline and nntp+smtp/pop 6075. turnpike [msw] - proprietary offline and nntp+smtp 6076. netcetera [msw] - proprietary offline and nntp+smtp/pop 6077. oui [msw] - priorietary? 6078. atismail [msw] - pop, imap, smtp `MIME Novell/TCP-IP with X.500 DUA' 6079. exploreinet ? - `mail' and `usenet' listed, no details yet 6080. nettamer - pop3 mail; smtp mail; nntp news 6081. simeon [msw] - imap mail 6082. embla [msw] - imap mail; pop3 mail 6083. doslynx - pop? mail, nntp news 6084. ultimail-os2 [os2] - ? `Ultimail/Lite for Warp IAK' 6085. mr2 [os2] - `Internet EMail client. Both POP3 and SMTP'; also UUCP 6086. graphicemail [msw] - smtp mail, pop mail 6087. graphicmail [msw] - smtp mail, pop mail 6088. slrn-os2 [os2] - nntp news 6089. slrn-msw [msw] - nntp news 6090. virtualaccess [msw] - nntp news, smtp mail, pop mail, `net' ones free 6091. bnr-os2 [os2] - `'binary' news reader (NNTP)' 6092. gravity [msw] - announcement didn't mention -- NNTP news assumed 6093. rexxpop-os2 [os2] - `pop client written in REXX' 6094. dumpit-os2 [os2] - `binary NNTP retrieval program' 6095. juno [msw] - works with free JUNO.COM service 6096. newsbeat [os2] - announcement didn't bother to say -- NNTP? 6097. gcmail [msw] - POP3 read-only 6098. denpachi [msw] - ? - announcement' didn't say 6099. bnewsgatherer [os2] - binary news gatherer (NNTP) 6100. inetadventure [os2] - NNTP and proprietary offline 6101. mailcat [msw] - `Email package' `using WinSock, SMTP and POP3 protocools' 6102. pgmail [msw] - ? - `E-Mail program' `Compatible with internet accounts' 6103. officetalk [msw] - ? - `internet email' 6104. dana+michelle [msw] - POP mail agent 6105. becky [msw] - POP mail agent 6106. setnet [msw] - ? - `Email software' `Features Internet remote access' 6107. solstice [msw] - IMAP mail 6108. freemail - ? `Internet email' 6109. dtmail [msw] - POP3 mail 6110. mailroom [msw] - POP3 mail 6111. akmail [msw] - POP3 mail 6112. calypso [msw] - ? 6113. quickmail [msw] - POP3 mail 6114. transoftmail [msw] - ? - announcement didn't say 6115. allnews [msw] - NNTP, multiple servers 6116. bmmail - ka9q mail 6117. pminews [os2] - ? NNTP? 6118. netmaildos - SMTP mail, POP3 mail 6119. expressit - mail (with connect2 gateways) 6120. expressit [msw] - mail (with connect2 gateways) 6121. expressit [os2] - mail (with connect2 gateways) 6122. pronews [os2] - ? NNTP? 6123. newswidget [msw] - NNTP newsreader add-on (filtering, adding headers...) 6124. cheetahpro - ka9q; POP3 mail? nntp? haven't downloaded (it's 700k) 7000. other 7001. snuupm The SNUUPM package provides a simple way to install and configure the Snews newsreader, UUPC uucp-compatible transfer package, and Pegasus Mail mail user agent packages. Using DOUGMENU as a front-end, it provides a uucp-based mail and news system for MS-DOS. It will work in a Windows or in a command-line environment. if you have been frustrated by your first installation, or you want a painless installation (for you or someone else), make sure you check out this package. 7002. eep eep is a .newsrc editor [...] 7003. winbiff > "WinBiff 3.6a is an e-mail notification utility for use with > Pegasus Mail, Eudora for Windows, MS Mail, Windows Messaging, > cc:Mail, Lotus Notes, Novell MHS, PC-NFS, UUPC, and Waffle > under Windows 3.1/95. WinBiff is also a POP3 and IMAP4 > client using WinSock. [...] Any Windows or DOS mail reader can > be launched by mouse clicking. 7004. hsend utility for batching news from different programs with a simpler interface than rnews [...] 7005. nscu news spool cleanup utility [...] 7006. cwexp > This is a freeware expire program for Waffle. You may contact the author > for copies [by email]. 7007. sexpire expire [...] 7008. mexpire expire [...] 7009. procc process Control: messages for waffle 7010. wafcontrol > process Control: messages for waffle, can create a join_new file > in users' home directories that nwreader knows to look in for > new groups to ask users if they want to join 7011. pgpwaffle > reads the messages in Waffle's smarthost spool directory and encrypt > with PGP any messages bound for individuals whose keys you have in > your public key ring 7012. offlinepgp > Offline AutoPGP (AutoPGP or APGP for short) is a program that > integrates PGP encryption into your offline mail reader. 7013. wafvacation processes mail files in Waffle's user directories. 7014. wfs > Waffle File Server (WFS) provides a number of add-on functions for > MS-DOS based Waffle. > The Mail Based Archive Server (MBAS) permits files from Waffle's > files system to be retrieved by remote users via email. Files are > sent as ascii files, uuencoded, or xxencoded depending on SysOp > and/or user specified controls. Mailed files are divided into parts > suitable for mailing; the size of the parts is under SysOp control. > The Automatic Mail (AutoMail) facility provides automatic reply for > any mail addressed to a specific UserID at the site. [...] > The Remote Command Execution Facility (RCEF) provides the SysOp a > means to invoke commands of his(her) own invention by sending commands > to WFS via email, [...] > The Mailing List Server (MLS) provides full mailing lists facilities. > Multiple mailing lists are supported and are isolated from > interaction. [...] 7015. v-mailserver > V-MailServer is a powerful MSDOS-based list and file server. It > provides all the usual file server features, plus full mailing list > support, automatic file requests, user-defined commands and a > scripting language. It is designed to work with any > RFC822/1123-compliant mail system that runs under MSDOS. > For more information send a blank message to vminfo@vansys.com. 7016. aser waffle mail-based archive server 7017. admstat evaluates Waffle's "uucico", "net", and "traffic" files 7018. nexp waffle expire in Perl 7019. appsig signature control for waffle -- pick signature from many 7020. mimelite > mimelite is a "lightweight" library written in ANSI C that supports > the parsing of MIME headers and encoding/decoding of body parts, > suitable for inclusion in offline-readers. It also contains UNMIME, a > standalone utility to decode MIMEd messages encoded with BASE64 or > QUOTED-PRINTABLE encoding. 7021. mail-shuffle [os2] > E-Mail separator/distributor for IBM's TCP/IP SENDMAIL > SHUFFLE is designed to separate incoming email by the userid in the > "To:" field, subject to a list of defined userids. Separated userids > are placed in predefined & specified directories/in-boxes. email to > unlisted userids is left untouched in the master in-box controlled by > SENDMAIL. (LaMail can be reconfigured to use one of the separate > in-boxes, and still automatically sense arrival of new mail.) > By allowing separated in-boxes, multiple users of a single OS/2 > system can have segregated and reasonably private email in-boxes. 7022. newsdb-os2 [os2] > make database of news articles 7023. rmheaders > Removes/changes headers of e-mail, news files 7024. newsuudecode > UUdecoder for news articles 7025. subnet > a utility that logs incoming and outgoing mail by date, > length, sender, receiver and creates a summary of all > mail activities in the bottom of the log files... 7026. wafpostnews written to get around a limitation in old versions of rusnews -- but undoubtedly handy for those missing `Pnews' and ilk. 7027. mpack > Mpack and munpack are utilities for encoding and decoding > (respectively) binary files in MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail > Extensions) format mail messages. For compabibility with older forms > of transferring binary files, the munpack program can also decode > messages in split-uuencoded format. 7028. mime64 > MIME base64 is an encoding described in RFC1341. Its purpose is to > encode binary files into ASCII so that they may be passed through > e-mail gates. In this regard, MIME64 is similar to UUENCODE. > > This package contains both executable and ANSI-C source code for a > MIME64 encoder/decoder (MIME64.EXE and MIME64.C respectively). 7029. makenews > makenews moves files into a directory in such a way that they > can be easily used with filesystem-based newsreaders. it uses > numbers for filenames which are higher than any filename in > the directory already. 7030. mailqueue two modes of operation: in one mode (selected when you do not have much memory available) it simply queues rmail or rnews requests. in the other mode (selected when you have more memory available) it passes everything in the queue to rmail or rnews. 7031. tmailpostnews source posted, not yet up for ftp 7032. ruux replacement uux for waffle... 7033. nnrnews > NNRNEWS v1.0 converts files saved by NN into rnews-batches (according to > RFC-1036 section 4.3), for the purpose of loading them into news-systems > or offline-readers. When saved by nn, the messages are simply separated > by an empty line. The program requires access to FLIP.EXE, to work. 7034. wmserver-os2 [os2] > WMServer executes REXX scripts located in a specific path, and the > administrator of the server may write his own scripts, expanding > the server or creating new kinds of servers, such as databases, > remote email control (shudder :-/ ) or anything else. The only > limit is the REXX language. 7035. batscan gets around waffle rnews.exe array overwriting on long headers which cause weird crashes (see ruuxqt) 7036. unpost uudecodes a big mess of articles all stored in one file 7037. sysget > This service intends to provide an easy way to change your entry in the > 'sys-file' of your current news host. 7038. ruuxqt replacement uuxqt for waffle -- internal (optional) batscan, which prevents waffle's rnews from crashing on long headers 7039. themodassist msdos software to make a waffle newsgroup moderator's job easier 7040. mailpagegate SMTP/SNPP Internet Gateway for Paging Terminal 7041. metamail MIME handling 7042. metamail-os2 [os2] > MetaMail for use with Emacs and MIME mail 7043. pmbiff [os2] > biff utility for OS/2 7044. newsmerg > The newsmerg suite consists of four programs which manipulate the > state files used by news readers such as trn and trumpet. 7045. popbiff-os2 [os2] > POPBiff is a Unix xbiff analogue. Only it has been designed to work > with a POP3 server i.e. it doesn't monitor a file on disk. Instead > it periodically checks your POP3 mailbox. It will raise its flag > and optionally beep on incoming mail. 7046. uuplan > UUPLAN is an email & Usenet news solution for Netware or LANtastic > networks which integrates Pegasus Mail, UUPC/extended and Tabloid > newsreader. 7047. thurn > The stand-alone equivalent of UUPLAN, Thurn, is [...] 7048. taxis > Taxis Mail is a new Win32 (Windows 95 or Windows NT) UUCP email package > for Pegasus Mail. > Taxis uses the UUPC/extended suite with WinPM-32 with a Delphi front-end > and WISE installation utility to provide a seamless multi-user UUCP > email solution for Windows 95 or Windows NT. > Taxis is a Win32 successor to the UUCP package THURN (based on SNUUPM), > and will safely upgrade THURN installations. 7049. cfvvotetaker > This program count votes for Call For Votes for new usenet newsgroups, > the program sorts incoming messages at subject and put email-addresses > and names in a file. All Yes-votes in one file, all No-voters in one > file and all abstain-voters in a file. > > Special requirements: Working setup of MS-DOS Waffle 7050. ddigest > DDigest (De-Digest) will extract individual articles from a digest > format mailing list and place these articles into a rnews packet to be > imported into an offline news reader. DDigest will find these digests > in either a mail packet (in soup format), or a Yarn folder. > [v007] Added direct support for SOUP packets and additional folder > formats. De-Digest will now add the extracted articles to a newsgroup in > the same SOUP packet the digest is in. 7051. foldscan > It scans your newsbase or folders, searching for keywords, and puts > "hits" in a file/folder of your choice. (It can produce a yarn > compatible folder, containing only messages that contain a 'HIT') > It supports OR AND and NOT operations, and has an interface program or > can be run from the command line. Supports expression lists, and rexx > data queues (the interface program does this) 7052. popwatch-os2 [os2] checks POP mailbox for new messages 7053. mailboxskim > Mailbox SKIMMER is a program that will select only the messages of > interest for you, especially if you are subscribed to a mailing list. > You can delete all messages that contain a specific string in the > "Subject:" line of their header. 7054. waffdomo > I've just ported the Majordomo 1.93 mailing list server to > MS-DOS/Waffle, using Waffle's RMAIL.EXE as the MTA, and Darryl > Okahata's "bigperl" 5.000c. > [based on] Majordomo for OS/2, which was ported by John Leonard, > john.leonard@ce.gatech.edu . (He has created a Web page for his OS/2 > version of Majordomo 1.93, at <http://traffic.ce.gatech.edu/majordomo/>.) 7055. majordomo-os2 [os2] > Majordomo, mailing list processor 7056. softventlist > SVList is a mailing list server designed for use with any PC running > Windows 95 and having a SMTP mail account with an Internet service > provider. You can easily set up your own mail list. > > SVList features: > - Can be setup to use any SMTP/POP3 mail account. > - Supports Mail List and List Digest functions. [...] > - Simple command set: SUBSCRIBE, UNSUBSCRIBE, DIGEST SUBSCRIBE, DIGEST > UNSUBSCRIBE, HELP, WHO, PRIVATE. [...] 7057. chexpire-os2 [os2] > news expiration tool 7058. trombone [msw] > Newman's Trombone is a mail filtering program. announcement didn't mention anything about compatibility with anything. 7058. mailextension [msw] [not distributed now] > Mail eXtension is a Set of Components that e-mail enable your Visual > Applications: > *Visual Basic 3.0 (VBX) > *Visual Basic 4.0 (16 & 32) (OCX-16 & 32) > *Visual C++ 4.x > *Visual FoxPro 3.0 > *MS Access 7.0 > *Borland Delphi 1.0 & 2.0 > Mail Systems supported: Lotus cc:Mail, Lotus Notes, MS Mail, MS Exchange > & Internet Mail 7059. newsflash [msw] > If you choose, NewsFlash can check for your incoming Email (POP3 > Compatible only) and display email headers in the scrolling window. > An audible "New Mail" sound effect alerts you to new mail. 7060. pinetables > This is a collection of mapping tables for PC-Pine. Reference: > <http://www.cac.washington.edu/pine/tech-notes/low-level.html#char-set> > These tables allow you to use other character sets in your mail and news > messages than on your PC. For example, you might use Code Page 852 or > Code Page 1250 on your PC but send and receive messages in ISO-8859-2. 7061. celec [msw] > Cartero Electronico (CElec) is a tool to help you to know quickly your > new mails that arrive to your mailbox. It's small, elegant and easy to > use. 7062. eyeinthesky > Eye in the Sky is a general purpose "notify" and scheduler tool. It > allows a selection of Mail, News or similar services to be checked for > new messages. The system is extendible and new services can be added via > DLLs. Each entry can be set to check a mail service or launch a file. 7063. mkbook > Builds Pegasus mail address book import files, Mercury alias files or > HTML tables of email addresses from the Netware bindery. Now supports > multiple servers. 7064. wafnospam > NoSpam v1.0 (alpha) is an e-mail filter for DOS Waffle systems. > It deletes or diverts into a different mailbox incoming e-mail > from unknown sources. Those sources are automatically notified > of the rejectection and are provided a means for 'registering' > with the filter so that future e-mail messages will be passed > through. The means provided is resistant to mass e-mailer > attacks. NoSpam runs under Perl5; all source code is provided, > making possible ports to other e-mail systems. 7065. em_ai > EM_AI v1.11 is a monthly publication that is a menu driven executable > manual for accessing the Internet by email with search and save and > print features. The manual contains Dr. Bob's and Gerald E. Boyd's > offline access to the Internet, pix4u and email4u manuals, in easy to > search and save and print format. The manual also contains email > letters from mailing list that provide useful information and troubled > problems that others have had with workable solutions to accessing the > Internet by email. 8000. source 8001. discussion why is source important? ... if you're looking for projects, instead of writing yet another newsreader from scratch, maybe consider... - a library of routines that work with a bunch of packages, so that people can use the same software with different uucp packages - a library of routines that work with a bunch of packages, so that people can use the same software with different dos tcp/ip stacks - a good uucp setup/configuration program - a free uucico with source and no security holes - a winsock emulator for flat-file news setups to make accessing news with an nntp reader possible - ... - suggestions? 8002. dcp 8003. uuslave 8004. pduucp/pcuucp 8005. uupc 8006. uupc-msw 8007. uupc-os2 8008. snews 8009. hackticnr 8010. rnr 8011. winelm 8012. mit-red 8013. pcrrn 8014. smaildos 8015. pmnews 8016. snuz 8017. barbnews 8018. olsenews 8019. slnr 8020. rexxnews-os2 8021. procc 8022. wsmtpd 8023. trn 8024. trn-os2 8025. tin-os2 8026. winvn 8027. nexp 8028. mimelite 8029. wrn 8030. appsig 8031. aser 8032. solar 8033. makenews 8034. mailqueue 8035. tmailpostnews 8036. nnrnews 8037. uufree 8038. mpack 8039. mime64 8040. unpost 8041. nntpd-dvx 8042. nn-dvx 8043. brn 8044. paperboy 8045. wafpegasus 8046. edrhr 8047. newsmerg 8048. foldscan 8049. multimail