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Subject: Winona Ryder FAQ [4/4 - 11/15/96]

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The alt.fan.winona-ryder Frequently Asked Question List =20 November 15, 1996 =20 -------------------------------------------------------------------------= ----- This document is produced for free redistribution for non-commercial = purposes only. Permission is granted for it to reproduced electronically on any = system connected to the networks which compose the Internet, Usenet, and = FidoNet, and copies can also be printed. This document may not be altered in any way,= and printed and electronically distributed copies must contain the copyright notice and disclaimer intact. DISCLAIMER: While every effort is made to maintain the accuracy of this document, the author cannot accept liability for any outdated or = inaccurate information contained herein. Copyright 1995, 1996 C. Scott Duprey, all rights reserved. -------------------------------------------------------------------------= ----- This FAQ is broken up into *four* parts as follows: 1/4-> Introduction 1.1-> Formatting 1.2-> Basic Netiquette 1.3-> About the FAQ and Its Sources of Info 1.4-> Where can I get a copy of the FAQ? 1.5-> Feedback 2/4-> Frequently Asked Questions 2.1-> Biographical Information 2.2-> Where can I write to Winona Ryder? 2.3-> What are some of her favorite films? 2.4-> Where can I get pictures of Winona on the Internet? 2.5-> How do I uudecode pictures posted to Usenet groups? 2.6-> Has Winona ever done nudity? Where can I get nude photos of = her? Will she appear nude soon? 2.7-> Does Winona have an Internet e-mail address? 2.8-> Who is Polly Klaas? Why is the film "Little Women" dedicated= to her? 3/4-> Winona Related Internet Sites 3.1-> Photo Archives 3.2-> Mailing List 3.3-> World Wide Web Sites 4/4-> Filmography and Other Credits 4.1-> Current Projects 4.2-> Upcoming Projects 4.3-> Filmography Lucas (1986) Square Dance (1987) Beetlejuice (1988) 1969 (1988) Heathers (1989) Great Balls of Fire! (1989) Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael (1990) Edward Scissorhands (1990) Mermaids (1990) Night on Earth (1991) Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) The Age of Innocence (1993) The House of the Spirits (1993) Reality Bites (1994) Little Women (1994) How to Make an American Quilt (1995) Boys (1996) 4.4-> Other Credits 4.5-> Rumors & Other Stuff -------------------------------------------------------------------------= ----- Filmography and Other Credits 4.1-> Current Projects =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D The Crucible (1996) -=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D- Starring: Winona Ryder, Daniel Day-Lewis, Joan Allen =20 Written by Arthur Miller based on his play Directed by Nicholas Hytner =20 Story about the 17th century Salem witch trials, based on the mandatory American high-school reading assignment. Ryder is Abigail, Day-Lewis is = John Proctor, Allen is Elizabeth. Opens in the US on November 27, 1996. Looking for Richard (1996) = -=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D- Starring: Alec Baldwin, Al Pacino, Aidan Quinn, Winona Ryder, Kevin Spacey =20 based on the play "Richard III" by William Shakespeare Written for the screen & Directed by Pacino =20 Documentary which combines "Richard III" with Pacino's attempts to stage = the play and figure out exactly what it's about. Pacino's directorial debut. 4.2-> Upcoming Projects =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D Alien: Resurrection (1997) = -=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D- Starring: Sigourney Weaver and Winona Ryder =20 Written by Joss Whedon Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet =20 Yes, at this moment in time, Ryder is signed and scheduled to co-star in = round 4 of the Alien saga. This time around, a half-alien genetically = engineered Ripley (Weaver) teams up with a female android (a newly buffed up Ryder) = to do some more intergalactic butt kicking. Planned as one of 1997's summer blockbusters, this is easily Winona's highest profile project to date. 4.3-> Filmography =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D =46ollowing are brief synopses of the films Winona has appeared in. They= are not reviews, and I will not get into the artistic merit of each film. I didn't want to just list titles, though, because sometimes you're racking= your brain trying to come up with title of the film she was in where she was = high school valedictorian. Someone might tell you "Reality Bites" when you = were actually thinking of "1969". I've also included the names of some of = Winona's co-stars, the year of release, and some other pertinent info. Lucas (1986) -=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D- Starring: Corey Haim, Kerri Green, Charlie Sheen, Winona Ryder =20 Written & Directed by David Seltzer MPAA Rating: PG-13; Running time: 104 Minutes =20 Lucas (Haim) is a 14 year old genius. Skipped ahead a few grades in = school, he's an outsider -- too young, too smart. Maggie (Green) is the new girl= in town. Since she has no friends , she forms a friendship with Lucas. = Lucas falls in love with her. The only problem is, Maggie's in love with = Cappie (Sheen), the popular captain of the football team -- and Lucas's only = friend.=20 Winona Ryder plays Rina, the girl who has a crush on Lucas, in her film = debut. Square Dance (1987) -=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D- Also known as "Home is Where the Heart Is" =20 Starring: Jason Robards, Winona Ryder, Jane Alexander and Rob Lowe =20 Written by Alan Hines Directed by Daniel Petrie MPAA Rating: PG-13; Running time: 112 Minutes =20 Coming of age story about a Texas girl named Gemma (Ryder) who leaves her grandfather's (Robards) farm to live with her mother (Alexander). Rob = Lowe received a Supporting Actor Golden Globe Nomination for his change of = pace role as Rory, Gemma's mentally retarded friend. Beetlejuice (1988) -=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D- Starring: Michael Keaton, Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis, Winona Ryder, Jeffrey Jones = and Catherine O'Hara =20 Written by Michael McDowell & Warren Skarren Directed by Tim Burton MPAA Rating: PG, UK Rating: 15; Running time: 92 Minutes =20 Ghostbusters in reverse. Adam (Baldwin) and Barbara (Davis) are young, = in love -- and dead. Now the Deitzes (Jones and O'Hara) have just moved = into their house and they're not letting Adam and Barbara rest in peace. Even though Adam and Barbara have befriended the Deitzes' daughter Lydia = (Ryder), the Deitzes still have to go. So Adam and Barbara enlist the aid of Betelgeuse (Keaton), who decides to marry Lydia so he can stay in the physical world. Followed by an animated series. 1969 (1988) -=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D- Starring: Kiefer Sutherland, Robert Downey Jr., Winona Ryder =20 Written & Directed by Ernest Thompson MPAA Rating: R; German Rating: 12; Running time: 93 Minutes =20 Ralph (Downey) and Scott (Sutherland) are best friends, coming of age in = a turbulent time in America's history. They do all the clich=82d Age of = Aquarius things: hitchhike, experiment with drugs, meet nudists, and break into = the Post Office to burn their draft cards. Their friendship is threatened = when Ralph's sensitive younger sister, Beth (Ryder), and Scott fall in love. Heathers (1989) -=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D- also known as "Lethal Attraction" =20 Starring: Winona Ryder, Christian Slater, Shannon Doherty =20 Written by Daniel Waters Directed by Michael Lehmann MPAA Rating: R; Running time: 102 Minutes =20 Dark satire concerning Veronica (Ryder) a popular girl who runs with the Heathers, the most elite and ruthless clique at Westerburg High. = Veronica's about fed up with the way they treat everyone when she hooks up with the = new bad boy in town, J.D. (Slater). The two of them begin picking off their enemies one by one and making their murders appear to be suicides.=20 Ultimately, Veronica has to make a choice: to stand up for what she = believes or to follow one leader or another for the rest of her life. Great Balls of Fire! (1989) = -=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D- Starring: Dennis Quaid, Winona Ryder and Alec Baldwin =20 Written by Jack Baran & Jim McBride based on the book by Myra Lewis with Murray Silver Directed by McBride MPAA Rating: PG-13; Running time: 102 Minutes =20 Biography of 1950's rock and roll star Jerry Lee Lewis (Quaid) and the = scandal surrounding his marriage to his 13 year old second cousin, Myra (Ryder).=20 Baldwin plays Jerry Lee's bible thumping cousin, Jimmy Swaggart. Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael (1990) = -=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D- Starring: Winona Ryder, Jeff Daniels =20 Written by Karen Leigh Hopkins Directed by Jim Abrahams MPAA Rating: PG-13; Running time: 98 Minutes =20 A small town in Ohio goes nuts over the anticipated return of local hero = Roxy Carmichael. Dinky Bosetti (Ryder), the town's weird girl, is convinced = that Roxy is her long lost mother, and plans to run away with her when she = arrives. Edward Scissorhands (1990) = -=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D- Starring: Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, Dianne Wiest, Alan Arkin, Anthony Michael Hall= and Vincent Price =20 Written by Caroline Thompson based on a story by Tim Burton Directed by Burton MPAA Rating: PG-13, UK Rating: PG; Running time: 100 Minutes =20 Edward (Depp) is created by a lonely inventor (Price), who dies before = giving him human hands, leaving him with shears for fingers. Found by a kindly = Avon lady (Wiest) who takes him in, Edward tries to fit into normal society. = Just when Edward finds his niche, things fall apart as he falls in love with = the Avon lady's daughter, Kim (Ryder), and incurs the wrath of Kim's jealous boyfriend, Jim (Hall). Depp received a Golden Globe Nomination = for his performance as Edward. Mermaids (1990) -=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D- Starring: Cher, Bob Hoskins, Winona Ryder, Michael Schoeffling, and Christina Ricci =20 Written by June Roberts based on the novel by Patty Dann Directed by Richard Benjamin MPAA Rating: PG-13, UK Rating: 15; Running time: 111 Minutes =20 Charlotte Flax (Ryder) is having a hard time growing up. Between her = ultimate embarrassment of a mother (Cher), her confusion concerning her sexual awakening, her attraction towards the monastery's grounds keeper, Joe (Schoeffling), and the fact that her family moves whenever her mother = breaks up with a boyfriend, Charlotte just can't seem to find her place = anywhere.=20 Ryder received a Golden Globe Nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Night on Earth (1991) -=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D- Starring: Winona Ryder, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Beatrice Dalle, Roberto Benigni, Matti Pellonpaa =20 Written & Directed by Jim Jarmusch MPAA Rating: R; Running time: 125 Minutes =20 Anthology chronicling the experiences of five taxi drivers from all over = the world: Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Rome, Helsinki. In her vignette, = Ryder plays Corky, a cab driver whose fare wants to make her a star, but that = would ruin Corky's plans. Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) = -=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D- Starring: Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Anthony Hopkins, Keanu Reeves =20 Written by Jim Hart based on the novel by Bram Stoker Directed by Francis Ford Coppola MPAA Rating: R, UK Rating: 18, German Rating: 16, Finland Rating: K-16; Running time: 122 Minutes =20 Retelling of the classic story with Oldman as the Count; Ryder as Mina, = his eternal love; Hopkins as Van Helsing; and Reeves as Mina's fiancee, = Jonathan Harker. Winner of the Academy Award for Best Costume Design; nominated = for Best Production Design. The Age of Innocence (1993) = -=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D- Starring: Daniel Day-Lewis, Michelle Pfeiffer, Winona Ryder =20 Written by Jay Cocks & Martin Scorsese based on the novel by Edith Wharton Directed by Scorsese MPAA Rating: PG, UK Rating: U; Running time: 139 Minutes =20 In the high society of 1870s New York, Newland Archer (Day-Lewis) is = engaged to be married to the beautiful but (apparently) empty-headed May Welland (Ryder). When Archer meets May's cousin, the Countess Ellen Olenska (Pfeiffer), he is immediately smitten by her unconventional ways. Archer desperately wants to be with Ellen, but doing so will break every = unwritten law regarding society and everyone's place in it that he and the rest of = his circle follow. Can Archer give up everything he has for the only person = he truly wants? The Age of Innocence received Golden Globe nominations for Best Drama; = Best Director (Scorsese); Best Actress (Pfeiffer); Ryder won a Golden Globe = for Best Supporting Actress (Drama). The film also received the following = Academy Award nominations: Best Supporting Actress (Ryder); Best Original Score = (Elmer Bernstein); Best Screenplay Adapted from Material Previously Published in Another Form (Cocks & Scorsese); Best Production Design (Dante Ferretti).= =20 Gabriella Pescucci received the film's sole Oscar, for Best Costume = Design. The House of the Spirits (1993) = -=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D- also known as "Geisterhaus, Das" =20 Starring: Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Jeremy Irons, Winona Ryder and Antonio = Banderas =20 Written by Billie August based on the novel by Isabel Allende Directed by August MPAA Rating: R; Running time: 145 Minutes =20 Story following three generations of the Trueba family, a wealthy South American clan, amidst social, economic and political upheaval. Reality Bites (1994) -=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D- Starring: Winona Ryder, Ethan Hawke, Ben Stiller =20 Written by Helen Childress Directed by Stiller MPAA Rating: PG-13; UK Rating: 12; Finland Rating: S; Sweden Rating: 7; Running time: 99 Minutes =20 So-called "Generation X" film basically is nothing new: should Lelaina = (Ryder) choose rich yuppie Michael (Stiller) over slacker buddy Troy (Hawke) for romantic happiness? Little Women (1994) -=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D- Starring: Winona Ryder, Trini Alvarado, Claire Danes, Kirsten Dunst, Samantha = Mathis and Susan Sarandon =20 Written by Robin Swicord based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott Directed by Gillian Armstrong MPAA Rating: PG; UK Rating: U; Finland Rating: S; Running time: 119 = Minutes =20 =46ourth retelling of the classic novel (this one with a bit of a = feminist slant) of that time between adolescence and womanhood follows the ups and downs of the March sisters during the 19th century. The film received = Academy Awards nominations for Best Actress (Ryder), Best Original Score (Thomas Newman), and Costume Design (Colleen Atwood). How to Make an American Quilt (1995) = -=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D- Starring (in alphabetical order): Maya Angelou, Anne Bancroft, Ellen Burstyn, Kate Capshaw, Claire Danes, = Jared Leto, Samantha Mathis, Dermot Mulroney, Winona Ryder, Rip Torn, Mykelti Williamson, Alfre Woodard =20 Written by Jane Anderson Directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse =20 When her boyfriend proposes marriage, Finn (Ryder) seeks the advice of = her grandmother Hy (Burstyn). The members of Hy's sewing circle share = stories of their lives (a la Joy Luck Club) as they make Finn's wedding quilt. Boys (1996) -=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D- also known as "Drive By Kiss" also known as "The Girl You Want" =20 Starring: Winona Ryder, Lucas Haas =20 Written & Directed by Stacy Cochran =20 =20 John Baker (Haas) discovers Patty Vare (Ryder) injured in the woods after= a horseback riding accident. He sneaks her back to his dorm room at an all= boys school to nurse her back to health, but she's on the run from the police.= He decides to run with her and along the way, they fall in love. 4.4-> Other Credits =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D Originally, I intended to list only Winona's films, but due to enormous = e-mail response, here is a listing of some of her other credits. ----> appeared as a sniper in the music video "Without a Trace" from = Grave Dancers Union ----> a guest voice-over on an episode the American animated television series, "The Simpsons". Winona provided the voice of Alison, Lisa Simpson's prodigious rival. ----> read the audio tape of the definitive version of "The Diary of a = Young Girl" by Anne Frank. The tape was nominated for a Grammy award. ----> a cameo in a concert special, "Philips DCC Presents Zoo TV = Featuring U2" ----> appeared in the music video for Mojo Nixon's "Debbie Gibson is = Pregnant With my Two-Headed Love Child". Winona played Debbie. ----> appeared in the music video for Cher's version of "It's In His Kiss= (The Shoop-Shoop Song)" from the film "Mermaids" ----> a guest voice over on an episode of the American animated = television series "Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist". 4.5-> Rumors & Other Stuff =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D= =3D Just a couple of rumors that need confirmation one way or another: ----> appeared in a corporate video for "The Gap" as part of the deal to = use their franchise in "Reality Bites" ----> will star in "Girl Interrupted" for director Jocelyn Moorhouse. The story concerns a young woman who is committed to an asylum in = the 1950's. Other stuff: ----> might star in "Company of Angels" for director Kathryn Bigelow. "Company of Angels" is a Joan of Arc film that Bigelow has been developing with screenwriter Jay Cocks for at least five years now.= At one point Sinead O'Connor was slated to play St. Joan, but the = current front runner seems to be Claire Danes. ----> has optioned the novel "Roustabout" by Michelle Chalfoun, with the intention of producing and starring in the film version. The story concerns a circus performer who goes through a hard life under the = big top. ----> might guest star on the American television series "The X-Files". = By now, I'm sure many of you have heard this one, but at the moment, = no contract is signed, and I doubt that she will make an appearance = anytime soon. Between promoting Looking for Richard and The Crucible, = getting buffed up for, and then shooting, Alien: Resurrection (see Section = 4.2), when is she supposed to have time to be on "The X-Files"? In a = related note, there is a rumor that she is romantically involved with "The = X- Files" star David Duchovny. I don't know (frankly, I don't care) if= this is or isn't true, so please don't e-mail asking about it. ----> will be starring with Christian Slater in a remake of a film = entitled "All Night Long". A reliable source tells me that Winona's east = coast based PR firm knows nothing about this project, so it doesn't seem likely. ----> will star in an adaptation of the novel "The Trials of Maria = Barbella." As of this writing, 20th Century Fox has optioned the novel, but = there is no script, director, or stars attached to the project. END PART 4/4