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Subject: Internet Filmmaker's FAQ - Pointer

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INTERNET FILMMAKER'S FAQ http://www.filmmaking.net
The Internet Filmmaker's FAQ has been one of the leading resources for filmmakers on the Internet since 1994. It covers a wide range of frequently asked filmmaking questions and other moviemaking issues, both for new and independent filmmakers. Frequently asked questions are taken from moviemaking newsgroups including rec.arts.movies.production, alt.movies.independent, and rec.arts.movies.tech. The Internet Filmmaker's FAQ also provides additional resources for filmmakers including a used filmmaking equipment forum, filmmaking software archive, and a bookstore, as well as reviews and links to other useful filmmaking articles on the web. At present the Internet Filmmaker's FAQ covers questions falling into the following loose categories: * Cinematography * Companies * Crew Roles * Film Festivals * Film School & Career * Financing Issues * Glossary * Industry Reference * Industry Training Courses * Legal Issues * Online Resources * Post-Production * Production * Screenwriting * Software * Sound * Talent & Actors * Unions * Useful Organisations * Visual Effects This is the monthly posting of the Internet Filmmaker's FAQ - Pointer. More information about the purposed of FAQ Pointers can be found in the news.answers newsgroup. The Internet Filmmaker's FAQ is now a web-only service. This pointer is provided to allow Usenet users to locate the web site as the Internet Filmmaker's FAQ covers many issues raised in film-related newsgroups. The Internet Filmmaker's FAQ is (C) 1994-99 Cinemagine (UK) Ltd. All Rights Reserved. ************************************************************************* CANNES - A FESTIVAL VIRGIN'S GUIDE (TM) http://www.cinemagine.com/cannes/ The authors of the Internet Filmmaker's FAQ are proud to be able to bring you the irreverent guide for new and independent filmmakers to attending the Cannes Film Festival. "Cannes - A Festival Virgin's Guide" provides useful tips and information on both the attending the festival and the city of Cannes. From budget accommodation and flights to tips making the biz work or you, Cannes - A Festival Virgin's Guide is the only guide for new and indie filmmakers. ************************************************************************* -- Benjamin Craig benc[at]cinemagine[dot]com Internet Filmmaker's FAQ - www.filmmaking.net Dragonlance Movie FAQ - www.cinemagine.com/dlmovie/