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[DRAGONLANCE®] Movie FAQ Version 2.62 http://www.cinemagine-ltd.com/dlmovie/
COMPILED & MAINTAINED BY BEN CRAIG COPYRIGHT NOTICE © Copyright 1995-98 Benjamin Craig. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted for reproduction, distribution, transmission, or storage (see exception below) of this FAQ for non-commercial purposes only and on the condition that the contents are not modified in any way. DISCLAIMER Whilst every effort has been made to maintain the accuracy of information provided in this FAQ, the author cannot accept any moral or legal liability for inaccurate or outdated information contained within. Furthermore, certain information presented in this FAQ is based on the opinions and experiences of the author only, and cannot be taken to be legally binding. "Dragonlance," "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons" and "AD&D" are registered trademarks owned by TSR Inc. This document is not affiliated with, nor authorised by TSR in anyway, and is presented as a free informational resource for DL fans. Trademarks referred to in this document are used without permission. Reference to these trademarks is for informational purposes only and should in no way be considered a challenge to their ownership. Distribution Exception - In response to their support of the former TSR's draconian Internet policy, this FAQ may not be uploaded or stored on the Multi-Player Games Network (mpgn.com) in any form whatsoever. ------------------------------------------------------------------ TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Latest Revisions Where can I get the latest version of this FAQ? Contacting the Author Gimme the current buzz regarding a Dragonlance® movie? What other news/rumours have been floating around? But I heard that a D&D movie was definitely happening. I heard something about Jim Henson/Muppet DL? Wasn't there an animated DL movie coming out? I heard that ... was going to play ... character? Who should play [insert character]? The Official Dragonlance® Dream Cast Poll. Other Dragonlance Movie Related Sites ------------------------------------------------------------------ INTRODUCTION This document has grown from a large number of questions that are being posted by every second new user on alt.fan.dragonlance regarding the possibility of a Dragonlance® movie of any kind. The intention of this FAQ is to provide answers to these questions to free up the newsgroup from repetitive questions. I will try and keep it as up-to-date as possible. If you come across any information that relates to DL movies, please let me know. Note however, all information given to me via non-official/media sources will be considered rumours until proven otherwise. Finally, this document is maintained by me due to a *personal* interest in the idea of movies based on Dragonlance®. Over recent months many Net users have taken the opportunity to congratulate, suggest, or flame me under the mistaken assumption that I, as a filmmaker, am involved in the production of such a movie. I would like to take this opportunity to announce to all prospective emailers that myself or the company I work for (Cinemagine) are not associated with any Dragonlance® film projects in anyway. Please do not email me with your congratulations or grievances. Comments and suggestions should be directed to Ben Craig ------------------------------------------------------------------ LATEST REVISIONS (Note dates are in sensible format - dd/mm/yy) 26/03/98 - Version 2.62 Small corrections to Muppet DL. 12/03/98 - Version 2.61 Small updates to D&D Movie info. 08/01/98 - Version 2.6 Updated current buzz information. 01/10/97 - Version 2.5 Added D&D movie info, restructured main movie info 01/08/97 - Version 2.4 Added Other DL Movie related sites section, deleted unanswered questions 18/07/97 - Version 2.31 Added further production rumours, funkified the design 11/12/96 - Version 2.3, Added Muppet DL news 06/12/96 - Version 2.2, Added Jim Henson stuff, Changed posting frequency to monthly 30/09/96 - Version 2.11, Added extra stuff to the Intro. 31/07/96 - Version 2.1, Updated movie info/poll info 17/02/96 - Version 2.0, New movie Info 03/02/96 - Version 1.3, DL Movie Poll results are included. 27/09/96 - Version 1.2, DL Movie Poll Closes 17/12/95 - Version 1.2, Added TSR staff/Margaret Weis comments 08/09/95 - Version 1.1, Added Poll info. 02/09/95 - Version 1.0 18/08/95 - FAQ Created. ------------------------------------------------------------------ WHERE CAN I GET THE LATEST COPY OF THIS FAQ? The most latest version of this FAQ is always available at the Dragonlance® Movie Homepage: http://www.cinemagine-ltd.com/dlmovie/ You can also pick up a copy from the following places: * USENET - Posted monthly to alt.fan.dragonlance, alt.answers, news.answers * FTP - available in ASCII from the MIT Usenet Archives (and relevant mirrors), ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/alt.answers/movies/dragonlance-faq * EMAIL (last resort) - Send email to the author with the subject MOVIE FAQ PLEASE. No need to put anything in the body of the message. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Contact Details (Contacting the Author) It is a real shame that I am forced to go to these lengths, but due to absolutely thoughtless people who do not respect email privacy, I have had to put anti-spam protection on this FAQ. To send email, simply drop the "NoSpam!" section from the address below. If you are reading the HTML version of the FAQ, there is no need to change anything. Just click on the link. dlmovie@toaster.globalnet.NoSpam!.co.uk What is spam? No, we're not talking tinned 'ham-like' products, we're talking mass unsolicited commercial email. Unscrupulous companies use bulk-extraction software to scan the Usenet and Web for valid email addresses (ie. lines of text that fit the user@somewhere.whatever format). They then compile all these email addresses into massive mailing lists, which are then sold off to whoever wants one. The result is pretty much anyone who is willing to pay for a list suddenly gains access to millions of email address, to which they send their unsolicited commercial email, offering anything and everything from Christian guidance to hardcore pornography. And this is done entirely on the premise of exposure - no thought is given to demographics, geographics or the fact that you never asked for it in the first place. At the end of the day the bill for this unwanted advertising is footed by ISPs and by you, the end user, NOT by the spammers that send it. You don't believe me? Check out http://spam.abuse.net for the complete rundown on why spam should be outlawed, and while you're there join the anti-spam campaign. Excuse the doom-preaching, but left unchecked, spam could make using email and the Usenet impossible. [Join the Anti-Spam Campaign - click here now!!] ------------------------------------------------------------------ Gimme the current buzz regarding a Dragonlance® movie? There is none. According to the TSR FAQ "the deal for the Dragonlance movie fell through." What deal? I hear you ask. Well, your guess is as good as mine. My immediate suspicion is the "talks with a large production company" rumour, however, it could be any of the wonderful tit-bits that have been floating around over the past 2 years. Another factor that may still be affecting potential movie deals could be the recent Wizards of the Coast buy-out. TSR will require time to settle into their new Seattle home, and probably have more pressing tasks at hand (such as getting their products out to the market place again) than diving into the movie game. A little while ago, Margaret Weis did put forward one reassuring thought: apparently Wizards have good relationships with several film companies so a movie project could be a serious idea further down the track. ------------------------------------------------------------------ What other news/rumours have been floating around? Lots. Welcome to the wonderful time in the genesis of a movie we in the business refer to as 'development hell'. It can mean anything from a producer simply having an idea in the back of their head (and telling people "I'm developing a project at the moment"), through to a company contracting a writer to bach out a screenplay. Some of the buzz so far... Fox & Dragonlance At the beginning of 1996 Margaret Weis informed us that 'talks' were being conducted between Fox and TSR regarding possible DL projects. The emphasis here is on projects (the plural), as ideas from telemovies, mini-series, features and even animation had been mentioned in connection with this. The other important questions regarding this potential partnership was, just which part(s) of Dragonlance® would be used? The existing novels, the game materials, both or something entirely new? Nothing has been heard of these discussions for over a year now so it is probably safe to assume that not much is happening there in the foreseeable future. Fox, Dragonheart & Dragonlance One interesting idea that emerged from the Fox scenario involved the film Dragonheart. It was suggested that Fox were closely watching the release of this film (in the second half of 1996) and planned to use it's success/failure to gauge the feasibility of a DL project. The fantasy genre hasn't really been a big money-spinner for any Studio in the past, the only notable exception being Conan The Barbarian. Well Dragonheart only did so-so business (something to do with a crap script perhaps?) so this may well have cooled the Fox enthusiasm for a potentially more expensive outing. Jim Henson (Muppet) Dragonlance Early 1997 came around and word on the street was that TSR and Jim Henson Productions were conducting discussions which formed the initial stages of a possible Henson-produced DL project. Henson is of course famous for bringing us The Muppets, amongst other things. There has since been no word as to how the buy-out will/won't/did effect these discussions. See "I Heard Something About Muppet DL" for more info. 'Large Production Company' & Dragonlance Also at the beginning of 1997, rumours suggesting that TSR was talking with a 'large production' company regarding a DL project were rife on alt.fan.dragonlance. This company was reportedly not Henson, the rumour stemming from a post by TSR staffer Steve Miller. Nothing further has immerged from this and since then several staff have departed TSR ranks. This is quite possibly the "deal that fell through". Oh, there was also this small corporate buy-out that happened recently too. ------------------------------------------------------------------ But I heard that a D&D movie was definitely happening? Yes, indeed there is. In late 1995 TSR sold the screen and associated rights for Dungeons & Dragons® to a film company called Sweet Pea Entertainment. This movie will focus on generic D&D and will have nothing to do with Dragonlance®. Word is, production has commenced on the film and you can expect to see it in US theatres (or more likely the bargain bin at your local video stores if insider buzz is correct) towards the end of 1998. Check rec.games.frp.dnd or the TSR Product FAQ (http://www.tsrinc.com/faq/faqproduct.html) for more information. ------------------------------------------------------------------ I heard something about Jim Henson/Muppet DL? On 25 October 1996 Margaret Weis dropped in this lovely post to AFDL: "Yes, dear friends, it's another rumor, to wit: the Jim Henson people have expressed an interest in DL. Which leads to the question: Which of your favorite Muppets should play which companion? I say Kermit as Tanis is a given." Of course this spurred AFDL casting gurus to plunge headlong into a massive thread regarding which Muppets should play which characters. Some insider info has now come to light. Apparently Jim Henson Productions were in talks with TSR over the possibility of some kind of DL project. One of the initial concerns raised by Henson was that they consider DL to be "too macho" for their audience (as Margaret pointed out, what ever that means?). One thing that is guaranteed to send a chill down many a DL-friendly spine is TSR's alleged response to this criticism, one simple sentence of perhaps Cataclysmic (sorry, couldn't resist :) proportions........ "It could be revised." This response is rather interesting really as the animated movie that was supposed to be happening reportedly died because Nelvana (the production company) wanted to do something "unDragonlance" and TSR didn't want to play ball. Does this mean that TSR has decided to sell out after all and "revise" DL to fit a Henson mould? Or will they try to force Henson Productions into using the material to do something entirely new? TSR were reportedly negotiating with Henson, but nothing seams to have come of this, and with TSR's cryptic "the deal for the DL movie fell through" message; who knows. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Wasn't There An Animated Movie Coming Out? Yes there was (note the past tense). Canadian animation company Nelvana Studios was slated to produce an animated telemovie based on the story gap between Dragons of Autumn Twilight (Chronicles Vol.1) and Dragons of Winter Night (Chronicles Vol.2) - ie. the Heroes' quest to recover of the Hammer of Kharas after freeing the slaves from Pax Tharkas). Those of you who have played the 'classic' game modules will recognise this as the story behind DL3: Dragons of Hope and DL4: Dragons of Desolation. This deal has fallen through because, according to Margaret Weis, "...they [Nelvana] wanted to go off in a bizarre direction that was very unDragonlance." ------------------------------------------------------------------ I Heard That ... Was Going To Play ... Character? Obviously because there aren't any concrete plans for a DL project at this stage, you heard crap. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Who should play [insert character]? An ongoing raging debate has existed on alt.fan.dragonlance for a long time now about who should play X character in a hypothetical DL movie. Suggestions have ranged from well thought out to down right ludicrous (Jim Carey as Tasslehoff, Arnie and Danny DeVito as Caramon and Raistlin!). Ignoring the ridiculous suggestions, there are two main schools of thought on which actors should play what roles in a hypothetical DL movie. One side of the argument suggests that all of the major characters should be filled by unknown actors who look right for the role and can act. To me, this seems like the more sensible option - why ruin the greatest part of DL, it's characters by having someone playing one of the Heroes who is better known in your mind for walking around with a 9mm Uzie and saying "Hasta La Vista Baby"? By casting stars in these roles you would most likely ruin the uniqueness that DL possesses (Caramon would cease to be Caramon anymore, becoming instead just another Schwarzenegger character). The other side want to see some of their favorite stars playing the roles of the Heroes. They advocate careful selection of stars who look right for the parts. A few advantages lie in following this path, particularly with regards to using star power to 1) get enough money for a good movie to be made; and 2) make DL appeal to a wider audience. ------------------------------------------------------------------ The Official Dragonlance® Dream Cast Poll. Before we get into this I'd like to make the fact perfectly clear that the results of this poll itself DO NOT contain my views on casting. Please do not email me with suggestions/flames for the choices listed below. The final list is compiled ENTIRELY of responses from users of alt.fan.dragonlance. For the last few months of 1995 and January 1996 a poll was conducted on alt.fan.dragonlance regarding the best actors to play the characters in a hypothetical DL live action movie. The poll closed on 22 January 1996. Before we get into it, a couple of points. Firstly, the poll was administered by Chris Pierson, and in return for the more-than-it-looks amount of work involved, Chris has reserved the right to list his personal choices with the poll. I will also take the liberty of putting my general views on the poll in this FAQ because, hey - I wrote it! (see the end of this section). Secondly, this poll was compiled solely from Internet user's votes (a total of 285 valid ballots). As mentioned before, the results do not reflect Chris' or my point of view in any way. Finally, these results do not belong to any official casting list whatsoever, nor are they being actively submitted to any official parties - it's all for our interest and amusement only. Live Characters CHARACTER ACTOR CHRIS' CHOICE Tanis Kevin Costner Eric Stoltz Caramon Arnold Schwarzenegger Liam Neeson Raistlin Brent Spiner John Malkovich Sturm Christopher Lambert Patrick Bergin Laurana Michelle Pfeiffer Robin Wright Kitiara Demi Moore Michelle Forbes Goldmoon Meg Ryan Meg Ryan Riverwind Lou Diamond Phillips Wes Studi Flint Danny De Vito Malcolm Dixon Tasslehoff Elijah Wood James Robinson Tika Nicole Kidman Helena Bonham Carter Gilthanas Cary Elwes Cary Elwes Verminaard Jeremy Irons Clancy Brown Gunthar Gene Hackman James Cosmo Astinus Patrick Stewart Christopher Walken Eben Duncan Regehr Steve Buscemi Theros Morgan Freeman Morgan Freeman Toede Wallace Shawn Wallace Shawn Elistan Charlton Heston Charlton Heston Derek Dennis Quaid Harvey Keitel Ariakas Rutger Hauer Rutger Hauer Fizban Christopher Lloyd Richard Harris Berem Brad Pitt Willem Dafoe Silvara Drew Barrymore Drew Barrymore Bupu Rhea Perlman Carol Kane Solostaran Frank Langella Frank Langella Alhana Courtney Cox Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Gnosh Kenny Baker Kenny Baker Bakaris Sting Sting Maquesta Angela Bassett Angela Bassett Amothus John Cleese John Cleese Zebulah Sean Connery Robert Duvall Apoletta Halle Berry Halle Berry Takhisis Teri Hatcher Sigourney Weaver Otik Bob Hoskins Mike McShane Lorac Donald Sutherland Donald Sutherland Bertrem David Hyde-Pierce David Hyde-Pierce Hederick Tommy Lee Jones Robbie Coltrane Mishakal Moira Kelly Moira Kelly Highbulp Jack Purvis Jack Purvis Porthios Kiefer Sutherland Ian Hart Pyros Sam Neill Sam Neill Sestun Mike Edmonds Mike Edmonds Crysania Sandra Bullock Madeleine Stowe Dalamar Daniel Day Lewis Daniel Day Lewis Voice Characters CHARACTER ACTOR CHRIS' CHOICE Soth James Earl Jones Jeremy Irons Gakhan Robert Englund Michael Wincott Skie Jack Palance Jack Palance Pyrite John Rhys-Davies John Rhys-Davies Forestmaster Rene Russo Rene Russo Khisanth Linda Hamilton Linda Hamilton Matafluer Kathy Bates Kathy Bates Alright. Comment time... Overall I think that the results of this poll show a general lack of imagination possessed by many DL fans on the Net. Films like Star Wars worked so well because they used unknown actors who had the acting ability and look that the director considered suitable for the relevant character. More importantly, their personality and on/off-screen history did not interfere with the portrayal of their character. I believe the importance of the characters to DL cannot be stressed enough - the skeleton story is the same as a million other fantasy trilogies, but it is the unique, three-dimensional characters that give it a life of its own. It would be a real shame to see such a potentially brilliant story watered down (a la Jurassic Park) and turned into mindless Hollywood garbage. One thing that might work is to hand out minor roles as cameos to stars who 1) can act, and 2) were right for the role. Just my 2 steel pieces worth. ------------------------------------------------------------------ 11. Other Dragonlance Movie Related Sites The Official TSR Product FAQ - http://www.tsrinc.com/faq/faqproduct.html Not specifically related to the movie idea, but it does contain extremely brief info regarding films based on AD&D/DL. Dragonlance® Dream Soundtrack Page - http://www.accent.net/sabin/dl-movie/ Raven has provided some Real Audio samples of music he thinks would fit particular scenes from the books. The Newsgroup alt.fan.dragonlance Of course! ------------------------------------------------------------------ This FAQ is © Copyright Benjamin Craig, 1995-98. All Rights Reserved. -- Benjamin Craig London, UK. Please drop "NoSpam69" from my email address before replying.