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Subject: soc.motss FAQ v2007.09

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Archive-name: motss/faq Posting-Frequency: monthly (8th day) Last-modified: 2007/09/08 Version: 2007.09 URL: http://www.soc-motss.org/doc/faq/faq_intro.html Copyright: Public Domain Maintainer: Jess Anderson <anderson@facstaff.wisc.edu>
====| ====| Soc.Motss FAQ v2007.09 ====| 0.0-+ | | Introduction | | Welcome to soc.motss, the oldest newsgroup for lesbian and | gay people. This FAQ introduces our unique discussion | environment. | | The easiest, most effective approach is to spend time in | listening mode, that is, to read the articles and observe | what goes on in soc.motss. You'll gain a feel for the range | of viewpoints expressed and for our varied personal styles. | | You don't have to be gay or lesbian yourself to participate, | but bigots are not welcome. Soc.motss has zero tolerance for | homophobia, sexism, misogyny and racism. If you're clear | about that, feel free to join any discussion that interests | you or to start a new topic. | | If you decide to stay around, the complete FAQ (see below) | explains the group's history, in-group lingo and much more. | It tries to help you feel at ease in our midst. However, | there are a couple things you need to know right away: | | * The acronym "motss" stands for "members of the same | sex". It's not the most obvious name, but it's the | original one and it has stuck. There are various ways | to pronounce soc.motss: the two most common ones are | "soash-mahts" and "sock-dot-mahts". | | * Soc.motss is definitely NOT for discussion of whether | homosexuality is good or bad, natural or unnatural, | moral or immoral; other groups exist expressly for | debate on those topics. | | The problems most often encountered by newcomers are these | (for more detail, see | | http://www.soc-motss.org/doc/faq/faq_problems.html) | | and avoiding them will spare you emailed or posted protests | from the cohort: | | * Do not cross-post, that is, post both to soc.motss and | to another newsgroup at the same time. | | * Don't post commercial messages, personal ads, pictures | or multimedia files. | | * If your posting software is MIME- or HTML-capable, turn | that feature off so you post in plain text only. Adjust | your line length to 60-65 characters and type a | [return] at the end of each line. | | This is enough to get you started. The complete FAQ is online | at | | http://www.soc-motss.org/doc/faq/faq_overview.html | | It's a series of 34 web-based documents with a link index that | makes it easy to browse. | | Send corrections or comments concerning any aspect of the | FAQ to the FAQ Maintainer, faq@soc-motss.org. | | The FAQ is in the public domain; it may be freely copied for | any purpose. It comes without warranties of any kind. This | introduction is posted on the 8th of every month to soc.motss, | soc.answers and news.answers. | | 8 Sep 2007 -- * faq@soc-motss.org * soc.motss FAQ: www.soc-motss.org/doc/faq/faq_intro.html