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Subject: Welcome to misc.kids.info!

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Welcome to misc.kids.info. This group is moderated. The charter is: For the periodic posting of informational posts and FAQ files related to groups in the misc.kids hierarchy. Occasional one-time announcements of interest to misc.kids readers (such as juvenile product recall, misc.kids picnics or photoalbums) may be crossposted here from misc.kids (and/or the appropriate subgroup(s)). However, as a low volume newsgroup, birth announcements, web page announcements, etc. are not appropriate for this group. Posts to this group should be informational; discussion and questions will not appear here. No advertising. Posters should be aware that the moderator cannot do distributions for other regions, and that there may be moderation delays. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Below I answer the most common questions that come up regarding what postings are acceptable in misc.kids.info. Q1. What are the requirements for periodic posts (FAQs) in this group? Q2. What types of announcements are appropriate for this group? Q3. Where can I find misc.kids FAQs that don't appear here, or which have expired at my site? Q4. If I can't post it here, where can I post it? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q1. What are the requirements for periodic posts (FAQs) in this group? A1. FAQs in this group have no format requirements. They may be Q/A, compilations of postings from misc.kids on a topic, or anything else. They should not include privately emailed text without the permission of the author. Content-wise, they must have some relevance to parenting, children, pregnancy, etc. They must either present all sides of any controversial issue broached, or clearly indicate that they are written from one particular point of view. They must be non-commercial -- product reviews from unaffiliated consumers are acceptable, but a FAQ promoting any product will not be accepted. There are two administrative requirements for FAQs in this newsgroup: 1) They must be listed in the misc.kids FAQ index. Contact Maureen Vahey (pyewackt@song.iii.net). 2) They must be crossposted to news.answers and misc.answers, which are also moderated. Please contact me at kids-info-request@ai.mit.edu for the details of how to obtain approval for these groups. FAQs should *not* be crossposted to misc.kids or any of the other groups in the misc.kids hierarchy. Followups, however, *must* be set to misc.kids or another appropriate group. Q2. What types of announcements are appropriate for this group? A2. Announcements in this group should be one-time-only non-commercial announcements beneficial to the misc.kids community. They should be relevant to a large proportion of misc.kids readers, and not just those in a small community (misc.kids local get-togethers excepted). Examples of the types of announcements permitted in this group are: o Juvenile product recalls o Announcements of misc.kids "community" projects, such as local picnics, photo albums, T-shirts, cookbooks, etc. (In this case multiple announcements/reminders are permitted.) o Announcements of non-commercial WWW pages of interest to parents or children o RFDs and CFVs for groups of interest to the misc.kids community Q3. Where can I find misc.kids FAQs that don't appear here, or which have expired at my site? A3. The misc.kids FAQ index is posted here and to misc.kids, news.answers and misc.answers on a weekly basis. It contains information on how to obtain each of the FAQs, as well as information on misc.kids etiquette, and potentially relevant mailing lists. It is also available by anonymous ftp at: URL: ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/news.answers/misc-kids/faq Many of the other FAQs are also available in this directory. Q4. If I can't post it here, where can I post it? A4. There are several unmoderated newsgroups in the misc.kids hierarchy: misc.kids Children, their behavior and activities. misc.kids.pregnancy Pre-pregnancy planning, pregnancy, childbirth. misc.kids.consumers Products related to kids. misc.kids.vacation Discussion on all forms of family-oriented vacationing. misc.kids.computer The use of computers by children. misc.kids.health Children's health. misc.kids.breastfeeding Information, support, and decisions re breastfeeding. In addition, there are several other Usenet groups of interest to parents and children: rec.arts.books.children (children's literature) misc.education.home-school.christian Christian home-schooling. misc.education.home-school.misc Almost anything about home-schooling. soc.adoption.adoptees Discussion of adoption by adoptees. (Moderated) soc.adoption.parenting Adoptive parenting by adoptive parents. alt.adoption Adopting people. alt.child-support Raising children in a split family. alt.kids-talk A place for the pre-college set on the net. alt.kids-talk.penpals (discussions among children with net access) alt.missing-kids Locating missing children. alt.parents-teens Discussions about raising teenagers. alt.infertility Discussion of infertility causes and treatments. alt.support.breastfeeding (dealing with breastfeeding issues) alt.support.diabetes.kids Support for kids w/diabetes and their families. alt.support.step-parents Dealing with step parents. alt.support.single-parents (being a single parent) alt.support.foster-parents (being a foster parent) alt.parenting.attachment (attachment parenting) alt.parenting.spanking (spanking as a disciplinary measure) alt.parenting.twins-triplets (parenting multiples) alt.parenting.solutions Like misc.kids.*, only different. alt.adoption.adoptive.parenting (adoptive parenting) alt.adoption.issues (adoption issues) alt.adoption.agency Licensed non-profit adoption agency information.