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Subject: Meteorology FAQ Part 2/7: Sources of weather data

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Recent changes: ==within last two weeks== ==within last four weeks== This article is copyright (c) 2000 by Tom Berg. It may be freely distributed for non-commercial purposes only, provided that this copyright notice and the instructions on retrieving a current copy are not removed. With special honor given to Ilana Stern who conceived of this FAQ and maintained it with the greatest of professionalism and care until the torch was passed to me. If the date in the headers of the document you're reading is more than a month old, you should retrieve a current copy. Current copies of this FAQ series can be obtained in hypertext form via WWW at <URL:http://www.mobile.gulf.net/~hcane/met/scigeo.html>. There are 7 documents in this FAQ series: Meteorology FAQ Part 1/7: Intro Meteorology FAQ Part 2/7: Sources of weather data <=== Meteorology FAQ Part 3/7: Sources of research data Meteorology FAQ Part 4/7: Sources of CD-ROMs Meteorology FAQ Part 5/7: Internet resources Meteorology FAQ Part 6/7: Print and other resources Meteorology FAQ Part 7/7: List of State Climatologists Corrections, additions, and comments should be sent to Tom Berg at hcane@mobile.gulf.net. Please include in your message where you read this FAQ series. Note that if I know about it, it's in these documents. ------------------------------ Subject: 1) Table of contents 1) Table of contents 2) Overview 3) Collections of weather data links 4) US Regional Climate Centers 5) US State Climatologists Each (major) section has a "Subject:" line, so you can search on the subject title above to find the section quickly. ------------------------------ Subject: 2) Overview This section used to contain weather data: satellite images, forecast maps, soundings, and so on. However, with the proliferation of many great sites which present lists of weather links, I've decided to remove this section and replace it with a list of a few of these comprehensive sites from which you can obtain many others. This will let me focus on the research data portions of the FAQ which are more important and interesting to me professionally. For weather related software, see the research data section (part 3). I may add it here in the future. ------------------------------ Subject: 3) Collections of weather data links <URL:http://cirrus.sprl.umich.edu/wxnet/> WeatherNet is a big collection of North American weather links, images, and information. <URL:http://www.comet.net/weather/> North American weather links including marine and tropical data. <URL:http://www.ugems.psu.edu/~owens/weather.html> Allentown Weather Center. Links to many weather data sources worldwide including climate data. Text-browser friendly. <URL:http://www.ugems.psu.edu/~owens/WWW_Virtual_Library/> The WWW Virtual Library -- Meteorology. (Formerly at the Free University of Berlin) <URL:http://www.ugems.psu.edu/~klee/Enforcer/wx-spot1.html> The Weather Spot. Links to many weather pages, organized by type of data (satellite, severe, forecast, surface, climate, etc.) Mostly US. <URL:http://www.nxdc.com/weather/> The Weather Resource. Links to many weather pages, and to forecasts, movies, etc. Frames. <URL:http://weather.miningco.com> The Mining Company weather page has links and reviews of weather related web pages, plus articles. <URL:http://www.met.reading.ac.uk/~brugge/index.html> Links to European weather sites. <URL:http://www.ozemail.com.au/~wbc/> Links to Australian weather sites. <URL:http://atmos.es.mq.edu.au/MACISS/query.html> Searchable database of atmospheric science servers. ------------------------------ Subject: 4) US Regional Climate Centers <URL:http://climate.sage.dri.edu> Western RCC <URL:http://met-www.cit.cornell.edu/nrcc_home.html> Northeast RCC <URL:http://sercc.dnr.state.sc.us/sercc.html> Southeast RCC <URL:http://maestro.srcc.lsu.edu/srcc.html> Southern RCC <URL:http://hpccsun.unl.edu/> High Plains RCC ------------------------------ Subject: 5) US State Climatologists <URL:http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/ol/climate/aasc.html> NOAA's official list of US state climatologists.