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Subject: Mensa - FAQ: Do I qualify for Mensa? How do I Join? [BiWeekly]

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These are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) in rec.org.mensa. Before posting a message asking a question, read this article. Chances are the answer is in here, or one of the other Mensa FAQ articles. This article includes answers to: 6) What are the Qualifications for Mensa? 7) How do I apply for Membership in Mensa? 8) How do I Re-Join Mensa? 9) Where do I get more Information? Other articles include the answers to: Question Archive-Name Posted -------- ------------ ------ 1) What is Mensa? mensa/faq BiWeekly 2) Who is Mensa For? " " 3) Why Should I Join Mensa? " " 4) What are Members of Mensa Like? " " 5) What does "Mensa" mean? " " 10) What other High-IQ Societies are there? mensa/high-iq Monthly 11) What famous people are in Mensa? mensa/famous Monthly 12) What is the Mensa test like? mensa/test Monthly You may retreive copies of this article and the other answers to Mensa FAQs by anonymous FTP from rtfm.mit.edu. Those without FTP access should send e-mail to mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu with: "send usenet/news.answers/finding-sources" in the body to find out how to do FTP by e-mail. Comments? Suggestions? Corrections? Send e-mail to rom-faq@miracle.com ======================================================================== 6) What are the Qualifications for Mensa? * QUALIFICATION BY PROVIDING PRIOR EVIDENCE. Applicants must supply evidence of intelligence test scores in the top 2% of the population, or arrange to have it sent. All documentation will be returned. Notarized photostatic copies of original documents are usually acceptable. A list of qualifying scores for several of the major intelligence tests is given below: * QUALIFYING TEST SCORES# California Test of Mental Maturity IQ 132 (California) Test of Cognitive Skills IQ 132 Cattell IQ 148 Stanford Binet, Form L-M IQ 132 Wechler Adult and Children Scales (WAIS and WAIS-R, WISC and WISC-R) IQ 130 Otis-Lennon Tests IQ 132 Otis-Gamma Test IQ 131 SAT or CEEB (Verbal and Math combined) prior to 9/77 1300 effective 9/77 1250 GRE Verbal and Math combined) 1250 LSAT prior to 1982 662 effective 1982 39 ACT Composite 29 Miller Analogies Test raw score 66 MCAT or GMAT (overall) 95% Army GCT prior to 10/80 136 Navy GCT prior to 10/80 68 Many other intelligence tests may also be accepted subject to individual appraisal of the documentation by Mensa's Supervisory Psychologists, e.g.: Henmon-Nelson, NY State Regents Scholarship Test(Aptitude section only), Cattell Culture Fair, SRA Primary Mental Abilities. # Note: The term "IQ score" is used as a convenient, easily understood reference. Candidates for membership in Mensa must achieve a score at or above the 98th percentile on a standard test of intelligence. The "IQ Score" varies from test to test, as shown by the list above. Mensa reserves the right to alter or change these norms as the tests shown are renormed or restandardized. All prior evidence submitted to Mensa will be appraised individually and Mensa reserves the right to make the final determination about the acceptability of any test. * TO OBTAIN PRIOR EVIDENCE: * I.Q. TESTS GIVEN IN ELEMENTARY OR HIGH SCHOOLS. Write to the school you attended, and ask for a CERTIFIED copy of your score. It must include your birth date, the grade in which you took the test, the name of the test, and a clearly defined number, i.e., IQ, or percentile rank nationally. Mensa does not accept achievement tests. School seal must be stamped. * ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE, OR MARINE SCORES A certified copy of your records, which you may have, or a copy from Demobilized Records Branch, St. Louis, MO. Unfortunately, a fire there destroyed many records some years ago. * MEMO ON MILITARY SCORES The only scores that Mensa can accept are: the AGCT scores from the Army - before the use of the ASVAB, and the GT scores from the Navy - also prior to the use of the ASVAB. The new military tests are vocational aptitude tests and are not suitable for Mensa admission. Mensa has been asked specifically not to use them for this purpose. This is unfortunate, but communication with the government agency with the government agency that makes up and distributes the tests (ASVAB) indicates clearly that they are unsuitable for Mensa purposes. * INDIVIDUAL TESTING DONE BY A PSYCHOLOGIST, OR AGENCY. The report must be sent to Mensa on professional letterhead, with the psychologist's or agency's license or registration number. Mensa accepts only tests given by those people qualified to do testing privately in the state in which the examiner resides. Date of test, name of test, and full score must be given, and the report must be signed. * MILLER ANALOGIES TEST (MAT) Psychological Corp., 555 Academic Ct., San Antonio, TX 78204 Call (512) 299-1061 for latest advice. * QUALIFICATION THROUGH MENSA TESTING If you're not sure whether you're Mensa material, simply complete the application below, and return it with your check or money order for $12. Mensa will send you a pretest you can take in the privacy of your home. When you've finished it, send it back to Mensa. It will be scored, and you will be notified of the results. If your score indicates an IQ at or above the 95th percentile, you'll be invited to take the qualifying supervised test#, which costs $25. (Although the pre-test is not required for admission, many people take it anyway simply for the challenge.) If you prefer, you may apply directly to take the supervised test at one of many locations convenient to you. If your score on that test is at or above the 98th percentile, you'll be offered membership in Mensa. # Note: Mensa's tests are not valid for people under the age of 14; they can qualify for membership via prior evidence, described earlier. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7) How do I apply for Membership in Mensa? ---CUT---CUT---CUT---CUT---CUT---CUT---CUT---CUT---CUT---CUT---CUT---CUT--- APPLICATION FORM Mail to: American Mensa, Ltd. Dept. Usenet 2626 East 14th Street Brooklyn, NY 11235-3992 (718) 934-3700 Name _______________________________________ Date of birth _____________ Address ________________________________________________________________ City _______________________________ State ______________ Zip _________ Home phone (____) _______________ Work phone (____) _______________ [ ] Please send me the at-home pre-test. I understand that if I score in the top 5%, I will be invited to take the supervised test. Enclosed is U.S. $12 (check or money order) for the pretest. [ ] I wish to go directly to the Mensa-supervised test. Please send me the name and address of the nearest proctor (a $25 fee is to be paid to the proctor.) I understand that if I score in the top 2%, I will be invited to join Mensa. [ ] I claim exemption from testing and enclose prior evidence of intelligence test scores in the top 2% of the general population. Enclosed is my U.S. $20 (check or money order) non-refundable evaluation fee. (If the evidence is being sent to us directly by a psychologist or testing institution, please note that the score must be sent on an official letterhead and signed by the psychologist or institution responsible for the testing.) Amount enclosed: $___________ (All checks must be drawn on U.S. banks in U.S. funds.) I learned about Mensa through: Usenet newsgroup "rec.org.mensa" Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Prepared by Phil Hill, Boston Mensa ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ---CUT---CUT---CUT---CUT---CUT---CUT---CUT---CUT---CUT---CUT---CUT---CUT--- It should be noted that the information given as to how to join Mensa applies only to residents of the United States. Others should write to one of the addresses given at the end of the FAQ or to Mensa International, 15 The Ivories, 6-8 Northampton St, London N1 2HY, UNITED KINGDOM. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 8) How do I Re-Join Mensa? If you were a member at any time in the past contact the national office and they can reinstate your membership after the payment of the current year's dues. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 9) Where do I get more Information? OFFICERS OF NATIONAL MENSAS (NOTE: IBD indicates membership on the International Board of Directors. CEO denotes the Chief Executive Officers of a national Mensa. Provisional Mensas are indicated by a (P) in the entry.) Australia, CEO, IBD: Therese Moodie-Bloom, Australian Mensa, Inc., P.O. Box 213, TOORAK, VICTORIA 3142, Australia. Austria, (P), CEO: Rudolf Challupner, Mensa Oesterreich, Stofling 13 A-4850, Timlekam, Austria, (43) 732 56442 250; FAX: (43) 732 56441 783. Belgium CEO: Andre Jacquet, Mensa Belgium-Luxembourg, 13, Rue de Mazy, B-5030 Gembloux, Belgium, (32) 81 61.05.63 Britain, CEO, IBD: Sir Clive Sinclair, British Mensa, 18 Shepherd House, 5 Shepherd St., London W1Y 7LD UK, (44) 71 636 4488, FAX: (44) 71 580 6628 Britain, NATREP, IBD: John McNulty, Oxhey Hall, Oxhey Herts WD1 4NU (44) 923 228 466 Britain, NATREP, IBD: Neil Goulder, 28 Peppercorn Way, East Hunsbury, Northampton NN4 OTT, UK, (44) 604 768882 Canada, CEO, IBD: Joel Matthews, 866 Grosvenor Ave., Winnepeg, MB, R3M 0N3 Canada, (204) 477-5774 Channel Islands, CEO, IBD: Dr. Jacqueline Berlet, 4 Choisi Terr., Les Gravees, St. Peter Port, Guernsey, (44) 0481 722515 Czechoslovakia (P): Jan Fikacek, Chairman, Borskeho 664/33, 15200 Prague 5, Czechoslovakia, (42) 1798 9608 Denmark, CEO, IBD: Maria McGrail, Kronprinsesse Sofies, Vej 43, 3 Tv, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark, (45) 31 860 737 Finland, CEO, IBD: Mr. Seppo Jarvinen, Laajavuorenkuja 8 E 56, 01620 Vantaa, Finland, (60) 878-2319 France, CEO, IBD: Francois Adrien, International Liaison, 9 Av du General Mangin, 78000 Versailles, France, (33) 1 3955 1048, FAX: (33) 1 4767 5415 Germany, CEO, IBD: Margot Schmied, Chairman MinD, Saarlandstrasse 22, W-8940 Memmingen, Germany Germany: Office of MinD: Mensa in Deutschland e.V., John Plate, Muenzstrasse 6, W-5000 Koeln 80, Phone (49) 221 618215, Fax (49) 221 622169 Hong Kong (P), CEO: Don Meyer, Penthouse 25 Plantation Rd., The Peak, Hong Kong, (852) 849 6579; FAX: (852) 849 7018 Ireland, CEO: Judy Hewitt, 67 Merville Gdn Village, Newtown Abbey, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, (44) 0232 851675 Italy, CEO: Mr. Menotti Cossu, Via Cassia 1328, 00123 Rome, Italy, (39) 6, Fax: (39) 6 Malaysia, CEO, IBD: Mr. Heah Kok Soon, 97a Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, (03) 718 9561 Netherlands, CEO, IBD: Mr. Bram van Haren, Postbus 100, 3500 UN Utrecht AC Utrecht, Nederland, (31) 10 4382507 New Zealand, CEO: Susan Askew, Box 35080, Browns Bay, Auckland 10, New Zealand, (64) 9 478 9552 South Africa, CEO: Leni van de Velde, Box 1396, Pinegrowrie, 2123 South Africa, (011) 792-2378; FAX: (011) 792-5558 Spain, CEO: Mr Xavier Belles Ros, Escorial 115 6-3, 08024 Barcelona, Spain, (34) 3 430 6543 Spain, Mensa Espa~na, Apdo. 35126m 08080 Barcelona, Spain (34) 20 25 6127 Sweden (P), CEO: Jola Sigmond, Tryffelvagen 17 183 38 Taby, Sweden, (46) 8 7581987 United States, CEO, IBD: David D. Felt, Chairman, POB 515, Sierra Madre, CA 91025 USA, (818) 355-8825, FAX: (818) 308-6041 United States, NATREP, IBD: Darlene Criss, 2311 S. Santa Fe, Wichita, KS 67211 USA, (316) 264-5234 United States, NATREP, IBD: Dave Remine, 4 Gander Ln., Manalapan, NJ 07726 USA, (201) 462-5336, FAX: (201) 738-6776 United States, NATREP, IBD: Gabriel Werba, 400 Renaissance Ctr. Ste. 2770, Detroit, MI 48243 USA, (313) 259-4947 United States, NATREP, IBD: Amy Shaughnessy, 369 O St. SW, Washington, DC 20024 USA, (202) 484-2697 United States, NATREP, IBD: Rose Lee B. Crutcher, POB 20355, Louisville, KY 40250-0355 USA, (502) 458-4949 United States, NATREP, IBD: Helen Kupper, 1450 E. 55th Pl., No. 519, Chicago, IL 60637-1877 USA, (312) 363-6105 Yugoslavia, (P): Josip Saban, President, Avenija Borisa Kidrica 9a, 41020 Zagreb, Yugoslavia, (38) 41 527 876, FAX: (38) 41 527 847 EMERGING MENSAS MENSA BULGARIA George Chavdarov, Chairman, Blvd Tsar Osvoboditel 29a, 1504 Sofia, Bulgaria, 359 2 437 448 MENSA COLOMBIA Camilo Trujillo de Rueda, Apartado Aereo 28414, Santa Fe de Bogota, DC COLOMBIA, (57) 616 5442 MENSA INDIA Mr. K.C. Shroff, Chairman, Mensa India, Excel Industries, 184-87 S.V. Road Jogeshwari, Bombay - 400102 INDIA MENSA INDONESIA Thomas Thoha, J1 Duren Sawit Timur V Blok NIII/1, Jakarta Timur, Indonesia, (62) 21 82 1332 795; FAX: (62) 21 82 460 0857 MENSA GREECE Andreas Halkiadakis, President, PO Box 71504-15210, Athens, Greece MENSA PAKISTAN Mr Faisal Qureshi, G-5 Al Yusuf Chambers, New Challi, Shahrah-e-Liaquat, Karachi 74200, Pakistan, (92) 21 262 4888/9 MENSA POLAND Dr. A. Fal, Chairman, Mensa Polska, Ul Szronowa 7, 53-023, Wrocaw, Poland, (64) 9 478 9552 MENSA ROMANIA Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Serbanica, CP 22-509, Bucharest, Romania, (40) 0 714 303 MENSA SINGAPORE Lew Sin Chye, Secretary, 21 Cuscaden Rd, Ming Arcade #06-08 Singapore 1024 MENSA SWITZERLAND Laura Anne Hartmann, President Mensa Ch, Residence 49 CH-1752 Villars-sur-Glane, Switzerland, (37) 224 572 MENSA THAILAND Mr. Peter R. Davis, New World House, 2, Thanon Samsen, Banglam Phy, Ban Pranthom, Pranakhon, Bangkok, Thailand 10200, (66) 2 281 5596-605 MENSA TURKEY Mr. Kerem Kaner, Kukurtlu, Karagoz sok., Ergun apt. 39/13, 16080 Bursa, Turkey