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Subject: alt.mens-rights Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Part 3/6

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Zohrab (also posted to Usenet, SEPARATELY FROM THE ALT.MENS-RIGHTS FAQ, around the 1st day of each month) (N.B. THIS LIST IS DISTRIBUTED FREE OF COPYRIGHT, FREE OF CHARGE, AND IN GOOD FAITH, BUT WITHOUT GUARANTEE AS TO THE CURRENT ACCURACY OF ALL THE DETAILS CONTAINED IN IT.) Contents of Part 3 of alt.mens-rights FAQ: Fathers' Rights Usenet alt.dads-rights  alt.dads-rights.unmoderated alt.discuss.mens-issues.parental-rights alt.juvenilecourt.california alt.support.divorce alt.support.single-parents alt.support.step-parents de.soc.familie.misc de.soc.familie.vaeter  Email Lists ACFC To subscribe, send email to: acfclist@usa.net (Message in subject line: subscribe acfc) Dads in Family Court http://edit.clubs.yahoo.com/config/sjg?.k=99038f3a7aaE413H Denman http://www.egroups.com/subscribe?list=denman&vcode=28878 Email: mailto:denman-req-s28878@egroups.com%20<denman-req-s28878@egroups.com Moderator: bobhirschfeldjd@nolawyer.com At-Home Dads TO: listserv@daddyshome.com subscribe dadlist [your name] Fathers' Rights Email: tom@cuy.net Father's Rights E-Mail group nfrc@egroups.com FREE (Fathers' Rights and Equality Exchange) FREE-L@INDYCMS.BITNET NUANCE TO: nuance@vicnet.net.au outlining request, background and bio... United Fathers of America Contact: mack@isomedia.com International Fathers' Rights Network http://www.hky.com/frn/frnhome.html Parents Forever International http://www.vev.ch/pfi/ Vaeteraufbruch fuer Kinder http://www.paPPa.com/vafk/ Email lists: vafk_info@on-luebeck.de (members only)                     pappa@on-luebeck.de (open list) Worldwide Christian Divorced Fathers (WCDF) Divorce without Court, 1429 Columbia Drive, N.E. Albuquerque, NM 81706, USA. Ph.: (800) MY DADDY World-Wide Divorced Dads Argentina Asociacion de Nuevos Padres (Anupa), WWW.ANUPA.COM.AR CRAMER 4031, BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA (1429) Phone: 054-1-7030613, 054-1-15-4906295, 054-1-15-4736002. E-MAIL mail@anupa.com.ar   Australia Abolish Child Support and Family Court Party MC Box 1246, South East Mail Centre, VIC 3176, Australia. Ph. 03 9764 8504 Email: bgriffin@melbpc.org.au Australia Family Association, (1) PO Box Q69 Queen Victoria Building, PO 1230, Level 12, 456 Kent Street, Sydney 2000, Australia. Ph.: 02 9267 6159        02 9283 1472 (2) 949-951 Wellington Street West, Perth WA 6005, Australia. Ph 08 9321 2822       08 9364 6401   Australian Family Law Case Database http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/cases/cth/family_ct/   Dads Against Discrimination (DADS) (1) C/- Alex Simpson, P.O. Box 83, Forestville NSW, Australia. Ph.: 02 9451 1305 (2) PO Box 571, Paddington, QLD 4064, Australia. Ph.: 07 3381 0994 (3) PO Box 51, Palmwoods, QLD 4555, Australia. Divorce in Australia, Japan, and New Zealand http://patriot.net/~crouch/adr/world.html Equity for Fathers, 90 Lady Davidson Circuit, ForestvilleNSW2087 Australia. Ph.: 02 9975 4324   Family Law Reform & Assistance Association Inc., 115 Auckland Street, Gladstone QLD 4680, Australia. Ph.: 015 639 348 07 4972 5899   Family Law Reform Association, (1) PO Box 807, Sutherland NSW 2106, Australia. Ph.: 02 9521 3790 (2) 1/11 Sandown Street, Woree, Cairns QLD 4870, Australia. Ph.: 07 4054 7988   Family Law Reform Party (1) 9 Apple Street, Chelmer QLD 4068, Australia. Ph.: 07 3379 2871 (2) PO Box 30, Huntingdale, VIC 3166, Australia. Ph.: (03) 9387 7044 Fathers for Family Equity PO Box 260 Nunawading 3131, Australia Ph.: 613 9878 6588 http://www.familyequity.asn.au/ Focus on the Family, PO Box 5210, Claton VIC 3168, Australia. Ph.: 03 9558 2977   Kangaroo Courts Bastardise Children http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Lobby/7077/WATSON.HTM   Lone Fathers Association of Australia, (1) P.O. Box 492, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia. Ph.: 61 6 258 4216 Fax: 61 6 259 2947 (2) Moranbah QLD 4744, Australia. Ph. 07 4941 5439 (Michael) Parents Without Rights, PO Box 130, Glen Iris VIC 3146, Australia. Ph.: 03 9587 1570   Parents Without Rights & FLARG, 14 Tarton Road, Holden Hill, SA 5088, Australia. Ph.: 08 8261 2785 0412 324 967 Austria Aktion "Recht des Kindes auf beide Eltern" Landesorganisation Wien Aribogasse 28/5/2, Vienna, Austria. Tel: (+431) 285 02 64 0676 / 46 44 603 http://members.aon.at/eltern-fuer-kinder/ http://members.teleweb.at/recht-des-kindes/ Email: eltern-fuer-kinder@aon.at recht-des-kindes@teleweb.at ICQ: 9543757 Aktion Recht des Kindes auf beide Eltern http://www.ivnet.co.at/justizwaisen/ Postfach 95, 1061 Wien, Austria. Ph.: (0222) 597.5224 Eberhard Probst justizwaisen@ivnet.co.at OR: Dr. Guenter Tews Email: 100553.607@compuserve.com http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/tews_guenter/ Aktion "Recht des Kindes auf beide Eltern" Helmut Schuckermaier Email: e8325682@student.tuwien.ac.at   Beloruss Oleg Bacoulin, Association of Fathers Rights Protection, Belorussian Childrens Fund, Kommunistitcheskaja 2, Minsk, Beloruss. Ph.: 366.267 adfr@user.unibel.by Brazil APASE - Associação de Pais Separados de Florianópolis http://www.apase.com.br Canada Alliance national des Organisations pour l`entraide des parents Non-Gardiens (A-ONG), 117 Carruthers Avenue, Ottawa K1Y 1N4, Canada. Ph.:(613) 729-1106 Home Ph.:(613) 957-0193 Work Fax:(613) 238-3491    Association pour les Liens Peres Enfants de Quebec, 722 de Brabant #C, Sainte-Foy, Quebec, G1X 3H1, Canada. Ph.:(418) 659-4213 Email: gilclaes@oricom.ca Canadian Men`s Parenting Association, Bruce Rosove, 21 Morris Street, Ottawa K1S 4A6, Canada. Tel;(613) 233-8013 Fax (819) 994-2085 Children's Voice Bill Flores, 3 Chestnut Hills Cres.,Etobicoke M9A 2W3, Canada. Tel: (416) 233-2757 Email: kidshlp@expresslane.ca Fax: (416) 233-2809 and Hotline.   D.A.D.S. Canada http://www.dadscanada.com 1995 Weston Road, P.O. Box 79513, Weston M9N 3W9, Canada. Tel: (416) 243-9582 Fax (416) 243-3066 Messages to: (416) 750-882 Entraide Peres-Enfants Separes (E.P.E.S.) http://www.travel-net.com/~pater/index.html 92 boul. St-Raymond, Hull, Quebec J8Y 1S7, Canada. Tel:(819)771-2277 Fax: (819)771-5566 pater@travel-net.comEmail: pater@travel-net.com Ex-Fathers http://www.glen-net.ca/ex-fathers/ Fatherhood...Imagine that! 9 Esson Road, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B2Y-2H7, Canada. Tel:(902)466-6784 Email: dads@atcon.com   Fathers Are Capable Too (F.A.C.T.), 1995 Weston Rd., P.O. Box 79513, Weston M9N 3W9, Canada. Tel:(905) 459-7907 Email: greg.kershaw@sympatico.ca FAX (416) 289-9590   Fathers Battling Injustice http://www.canadian.net/~fact/ dave@ionsys.com   Fathers For Family Justice, Graham Jordan, P.O. Box 11, Owen Sound N4K 5P1, Canada. Tel: (519) 371-6522 (home) (519) 376-1805 (work) Fathers For Justice Inc., Joe Lopez, 380 King Street North, Waterloo, Canada. Tel: (519) 888-0909   Fathers' Group, Wayne Glancy, 58 Middlefield Road, Peterborough K9J 1H2, Canada. Tel: (705) 749-6209 Email:WGLANCY@TrentU.ca   Father`s Rights, Bill Olinyk, 381 Sheriton Street, Brantford N3S 4S3, Canada. Tel: (519) 376-1805   Father`s Support Group, Cathy Gardiner, 44 Draffin Court, Nepean K2G 5T8, Canada. Tel: (613) 228-2898 FAX (613) 228-2898 (613) 228-9008 DISTRESS LINE ONLY Legal Kids http://www.legalkids.com   Men's Divorce Centre Ph.: 1-877-273-2587 National Alliance for The Advancement Of Non-custodial Parents (NAANCP), Jason Bouchard, 117 Carruthers Avenue, Ottawa K1Y 1N4, Canada. Ph.:(613) 729-1106 Home Ph.:(613) 957-0193 Work Fax:(613) 238-3491 Email: naancp@connect.ca Ottawa Men`s Parenting Association, Jason Bouchard, 117 Carruthers Avenue, Ottawa K1Y 1N4, Canada. Ph.:(613) 729-1106 Home Ph.:(613) 957-0193 Work Fax:(613) 238-3491   Single Fathers Of Niagara Alan Roth, 5 Welstead Drive, St. Catherines L2S 3Y1, Canada. Tel: (905) 684-3069   Toronto Fathers Resources, 40 Jenoves Place, Toronto M5A 4A7, Canada. Tel: (416) 861-0626 Email: doppler@astral.magic.ca Chile Corporation de Padres por la Igualidad de Derechos Frente a los Hijos http://www.geocities.com/heartland/flats/2934/ ringmaster-parents@webring.org Czech Republic Poradna pro otce Dr. Eduard Bakalar CSc., U. smaltovny 6, 170 00 PRAHA 7, Czech Republic. Ph.: (42 2) 805948 (home) Eduard.Bakalar@ff.cuni.cz Spravedlnost detem (Justice for Children) jdlckj@post.cz Denmark DAD-For the support of children and parents (Foreningen Far-til stoette for boern og foraeldre), Sct Pederstraede 39, DK 1445 Copenhagen. Ecuador Fundación "PADRES POR SUS HIJOS" Email: maperez@interactive.net.ec France ALLO Papa Peres Francais (Divorced Fathers) Enfant Et Son Droit 12 rue Alphand, 75013 Paris, France. Ph.: 01 45 81 19 84 Fax: 01 48 07 24 62         01 69 08 81 20 World Wide Web: http://www.magic.fr/enfant-papa/ Association Condition Paternelle http://w3.neotech.fr/papa/ pthiery@neotech.fr Federation des Mouvements de la Condition Paternelle -- L'Enfant et son Pere 144 avenue Daumesnil, 75012 Paris, France Tel: 33 1 43 41 45 18 Fax: 33 1 40 04 94 95 World Wide Web: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/ev/FMCP/ Ligue des Droits du Pere http://www.sos-divorce.org Mouvement de la Condition Paternelle World Wide Web: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/ev/FMCP/   NMCP, (Nouveau Mouvement de la Condition Paternelle), 9 rue Jacques Hillairet, 75021 Paris, France. Ph.: (1) 43414518 (1) 44734750 fax: (1) 40049495   SOS PAPA, B.P. 49, 78230 Le Pecq, France. Germany Bürgerinitiative Familienpolitik im Rechtsstaat (BIFIR) (Petition gainst male-bashing change in the law) http://www.bifir.de Buendnis fur Kinder und Menschenrechte buendnis@paPPa.com Datenbank Kindschaftsrecht http://members.aol.com/andrip/kind.html Kindschaftsrecht http://home.t-online.de/home/ralf.koester/h102.htm Trennungskinder http://www.trennungskinder.de/ Vaeter aktuell http://www.es.shuttle.de/topical/ Vaeteraufbruch fuer Kinder http://www.vafk.de Vaeteraufbruch Online http://members.aol.com/fathermove/index.htm Vaeter fuer Kinder Postfach 380 268, 8000 Muenchen 38, Germany. Ph.: (089) 155926 World Wide Web: http://members.aol.com/VfK/index.html Vaeter Kaempfen Fuer Ihre Kinder http://user.cs.tu-berlin.de/~ralfo/ ralfo@cs.tu-berlin.de Vaeter Online http://www.inx.de/~hbk/ hbk@dailysoft.com   Holland Comite Ouders Blijven Ouders http://home.wxs.nl/~rzwart2/cobo.html Email: rzwart2@wxs.nl Dwaze vaders Nederland http://home.worldonline.nl/~csnel/jz/dwaas.html zander@freemail.nl Platform for Co-operating Member Organizations c/o Divorce and Continued Parenthood Foundation. Platform Samenwerkende Cliëntenorganisaties c/o Stichting Scheiden en Blijvend Ouderschap Stationsstraat 43, Kapelle 4421 AK The Netherlands Ph.: 011-31-113-330030 FAX: 011-31-113-330031 E-mail sbo@richel.org Hungary Csaba Keresztes, Haller ul. 27, 1096 Budapest IX, Hungary. Ph.: Union of Divorced Fathers, Dr. Hegedus Istvan, 1211 Budapest, Csepel Ipari Egyesules, Gyepsur u.1 1751 B.R P.F. 93, Hungary. Iceland Abyrgiv Fedur (Responsible Fathers) http://www.mmedia.is/~peterson/fedur.htm (1) HJARTAR GUÐMUNDSSONAR math@vortex.is (2) Peter Peterson peterson@mmedia.is Ireland Nondisposable Daddies Ireland (N.O.D.D.I.) 69 St Nicholas’ Ave., Dundalk Co. Louth, Ireland Helpline: 353 42 9326374 Mobile: 087 2292142 sknoddi@eircom .net nondisposabledaddies@hotmail.com   Israel Prisoners in Zion http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/4072/   Italy Associazione Genitori Separati dai Figli (GESEF) Via Pietro Giannone, 3 Roma tel. 06/65743557 - 06/39733626 http://www.aspide.it/freeweb/marcos/gesef.htm Associazione Padri Presenti Via Lungadige Rubele, 6 Verona tel. 045/8036566 Associazione Papa' Separati - Imperia http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Lobby/1250/aadoc01.htm Associazione Padri Separati - Bologna Via Ca' Bianca, 5 Bologna tel. 051/6346060 Linea "Pronto Papa'" tel. 051/6340152 Associazione Padre Separati Via Canne, 47 44048 S.M. Cidufume, Ferrara Associazione Papa' Separati - Imperia http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Lobby/1250/aadoc01.htm Associazione Padri Separati - Bologna Via Ca' Bianca 5, Bologna, Italy. Tel. 051/6346060 Linea "Pronto Papa'" Tel. 051/6340152 Associazione Papa' Separati - Milano Via Appiani, 25, 20121 Milano, Italy. Tel. 02/ 6554736 Fax 02/ 6551717 Associazione Papa' Separati - Pavia c/o Quartiere Centro P.zza della Vittoria, 21/d Pavia tel.-fax 0382 / 528625 Associazione Papa' Separati - Torino tel. 011/2168865 Centro Genitori Ancona Via Barbavara 7, Ancona, Italy. Tel.02/8376778 Crescere insieme Prof. Marino Maglietta md4919@mclink.it Fathers - Rivista "Nuova Paternità" http://www.raccolta.com/padri Genitori Separati dai Figli (GESEF) http://www.ronchiato.it/gesef/ gesef@ronchiato.it http://www.aspide.it/freeweb/marcos/gesef.htm http://www.ronchiato.it/gesef/ Email: sea_sky@iol.it Istituto di studi sulla paternita, Dott. Maurizio Quilici, Via Giovanni Ansaldo 9, 00154 Roma tel. 06/5139144 http://www.mclink.it/assoc/isp Papa' Separati (Italian Association for the protection of Children in separation and divorce) http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Lobby/1250/aadoc01.htm PAPA' SEPARATI - Email: tmauro@mbox.greenplanet.it   Japan   Divorce in Australia, Japan, and New Zealand http://patriot.net/~crouch/adr/world.html  New Zealand A Page of Men's and Fathers' Links http://www.freeyellow.com/members2/zohrab/menlinks.html A Page of Men's and Fathers' Links http://www.geocities.com/peterzohrab/menlinks.html Divorce in Australia, Japan, and New Zealand http://patriot.net/~crouch/adr/world.html  Dunedin Father’s Group Rene Smit Father & Child Trust Otago Email: rene.smit@clear.net.nz Father’s Centre, Wynard House, 17 Moray Place Dunedin;, New Zealand. Tel 477 6560 (weekdays 10-12). Families First PO Box 5551 Wellington, New Zealand Father & Child Trust Otago (DN), Rene Smit, 149 Melvern St, Leith Valley, Dunedin, New Zealand. Email: mailto:rene.smit@clear.net.nz Father-Child Relationships http://www.freeyellow.com/members4/autar/page1.html It's Just Not Fair ! http://www.fairsplit.org.nz MERA (New Zealand Men for Equal Rights Association) Inc. New Zealand Men for Equal Rights Association http://www.geocities.com/peterzohrab New Zealand Men for Equal Rights Association http://www.freeyellow.com/members2/zohrab/index.html 74 Wellington Road, Wainuiomata, Lower Hutt 6008, New Zealand. Ph.: 64 4 564-1427 Email: zohrab@xtra.co.nz My Battle in the Family Court http://paulr.freeyellow.com/index.htm Nelson Dads Inc. 15 Endeavour St Nelson, New Zealand. Ph (03) 548 9208 Email: Lines.Chapman@xtra.co.nz New Zealand Education Development Foundation http://www.nzedf.org.nz Property (Relationships) Act Summary http://www.familylaw.org.nz/media/release050401.asp Property (Relationships) Act http://rangi.knowledge-basket.co.nz/gpacts/actlists.html Separated Fathers' Support Trust Refuge House, PO Box 20495, Glen Eden, Auckland, New Zealand. Ph.: (09) 8133747 Norway Erland Vestli, F2F (Fareningen 2 Foreldre), PO Box 1461, Vika, 0116 Oslo, Norway. Poland Dr. Andrej W. Ziemba, Stowarzyszenie obrony praw ojca, Hoza 21/23 m. 38. 00-521 Warszawa, Poland. Ph.: 284230 413238 Portugal Pais (e Filhos) Para Sempre http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Prairie/6589/ paisefilhos@geocities.com   Russia Tjurin G.V., 142 110 Podolsk, ul. K. Gotvalda d. 17. kv. 37, Russia. Ph.: 275.76921. Slovak Republic Ing. L. Balvin, Kalinciakova 14, 970 00 Banska Bystrica, Slovak Republic. South Africa Children After Relationships End(CARE) http://www.travel-net.com/~pater/care.htm robgreen@iafrica.com   Spain Associacion de Padres de Familia Separados -- APFS http://www.vev.ch/apfs/ fmestre@posta.unizar.es Federacion Andaluza de Madres y Padres Separados c/ San Cecilio, 5.3-E. 18300 Loja (Granada), Spain. Ph./Fax: 958 32 15 77 Mobile Ph.: 939 61 15 01 Email: Apino@cl.caja-granada.es Unión de Separados de España http://www.hispamerica.com/union_separados http://www.tsc.es/union.separados/ Email: manager@consuleuro.com union.separados@tsc.es     Sweden Gunnar Jernberg, Bondegatan 17, S - 11623 Stockholm, Sweden. Ph.: (0)8.6423660.   National Association of Non-Custodial Parents, Sune Wicklander, President, Vidjestigen 6, 136 72 Haninge, Sweden. Ph.: 46 8 776 2410 Email: ufr.pip@public.decam.se Project for the Improvement of Child Support Litigation Technology (PICSLT) http://www.vix.com/pub/men/child- support/swede.html Roger F. Gay (US Citizen, Swedish resident), Fiskarnas gata 161 v2, 136 62 Haninge, Sweden. Email: Roger.F.Gay@telia.se UFR! Umgängesrätts- Föräldrarnas Riksförening http://www.ufr.org/ Email: info@ufr.org     Switzerland Hunger Strike http://www.inf.ethz.ch/~gut/hungerstrike/ http://www.inf.ethz.ch/~gut/hungerstrike/program_e.txt Mouvement de la Condition Paternelle (MCP) http://www.gael.ch/mcp/ hlehman@worldcom.ch Mouvement pour la condition paternelle - MCP http://www.vev.ch/fr/mcp.htm   Parents Forever Switzerland http://www.vev.ch/pfs/   Promoting Responsible Fatherhood http://www.vev.ch/en/ Verantwortungsvoll erziehende Vaeter http://www.vev.ch/ VeV@vev.ch Verantwortungsvoll erziehende Vaeter http://piero.warplink.ch/VeV/ United Kingdom  FamilyRoutes 56 Louis St - Leeds LS7 4BN United Kingdom email : familyroutes@aesops.force9.co.uk Tel : 0044 (0)113 - 229 8949 Father on Hunger-Strike http://www.backlash.com/content/gender/2000/12dec00/lem1200.html   Parents Forever Scotland, PO Box 23, Kirkaldy, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom   Uruguay PAPA (Paternidad Asumida Por Amor) Luis Franco, Av. 18 De Julio, 1006 Ap. 701, Montevideo, Uruguay. Phone: (005982) 901 52 48 Fax: (005982) 900 70 61 E-mail: luisfranco@redfacil.com.uy USA ACFC http://www.acfc.org Phone: 1-800-978-DADS Alabama Family Rights Association (AFRA), P.O. Box 9239, Huntsville, AL 35812, USA. Ph.: 1-800-992-1190 E mail: Alfra@rocketmail.com Website: http://members.tripod.com/ALfra Alliance for Non-Custodial Parents Rights 9903 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 267 Beverly Hills, CA 90212 P.O. Box 80438 Goleta, CA 93118-0438 USA. http://www.ancpr.org Bay Area Congress for Fathers' Rights, Krzysztof Stec, 628 Clement Street, San Francisco, CA 94118, USA. Ph.: 415-221-6280. Blind Justice Breakdown of the Family http://www.heritage.org/heritage/issues/chap6.html Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute http://www.c-fam.org/index_1.html Central Intake 1780 East 26th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11229, USA. Ph.:. & Fax (718) 382-1293 http://www.familyunity.com E-mail Dr.Monty1@aol.com Classic Marriage: New rules for a new generation http://www.divorcereform.org/cla.html CPF-The Fatherhood Coalition http://www.fatherhoodcoalition.org PO Box 700 Milford, MA 07157, USA. Ph.: 617-723-3237 Email: brontis@ziplink.net CPS Watch, Inc. http://www:cpswatch.com 168B Fall Creek Dr., PO Box 974, Branson, MO 65615-0974, USA Ph.: (417) 339-9192 1-877-CPS-WATCH CPSWatch@cpswatch.com D.A.D. (Dads Are Displaced) http://home.swbell.net/ugh/DAD.html 1413 N. Winston Ave. Tulsa, Ok 74115 Email: ugh@swbell.net  Dad the Family Shepherd, Administrator:Norman Hoggard P.O. Box 21445, Little Rock, Arkansas 72221 (501) 221-1102   Daddy & Me, your virtual world. ILANET BBS, POBX 1379, Los Gatos, CA, 95031, USA. Contact: Ilan Rabinowitz Email: ir@ilanet.org BBS: (408)354-9602   Daddys Home http://www.daddyshome.com/   Dads Against Discrimination (1) National Headquarters, 320 SW Stark #516 Portland, Or 97204 Ph.: (503) 222-1111 http://www.teleport.com/~dads/ (2) Dads Against Discrimination (DADS),P.O. Box 1275,Albuquerque, NM 87103, USA. (3) Dads Against Discrimination (DADS), Robert Karls,P.O.Box 65131, Seattle, WA 98155-9131, USA. Ph.: 206-623-3761. OR: 506 2nd Ave Smith Tower Ste. 1518, Seattle, WA 98104, USA. (3) Dads Against Discrimination, WV http://members.aol.com/DadsWV Post Office Box 20108, Charleston, WV. 25362 Ph.:(304) 768-9823 DadsofWV@Juno.com Dads and Divorce: An Internet Resource Guide http://www.digitalfx.com/dads/ Dads and Kids of Santa Cruz County, Josh Wagner, 123 Park Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95062, USA. Ph.: 408-423-2323. FAX: 408-423-8254. Dads Are Displaced (D.A.D.) http://home.swbell.net/ugh/DAD.html 1413 N. 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