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Subject: FAQ: CFS Treatments

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CFS Treatments This is a tentative FAQ for CFS treatments. A fuller document is being developed. Treatments for CFS can be found in the following books: "The Doctor's Guide to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" by David S. Bell, MD. Addison-Wesley Publishing Company. "Living With M.E.: the Chronic/Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome", new edition for 1992, by Dr. Charles Shepherd, MD. "Running On Empty: Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome" by Katrina Berne, Ph.D.; 1992; 320 pages; softcover $13.95, hardcover $21.95, add shipping cost: $2 USA, $3 Canada; make check payable to Hunter House Inc., 2200 Central Ave., Alameda, CA 94501-4451, USA; or use VISA or M/C; tel. 1-510-865-5282, fax 1-510-865-4295. References for diagnosis and treatment of CFS Conservative approaches "Management of a Patient with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" by Nelson Gantz; appears as Chapter 14 in the book "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" edited by David Dawson and Thomas Sabin, 1993, Little, Brown & Co. "Treatment of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Review and Practical Guide", Edith Blonde-Hill and Stephen D. Shafran, Drugs 46(4):639-651, October 1993. "Psychotropic Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Related Disorders", PJ Goodnick and R Sandoval; J Clin Psychiatry 54(1):13-20 January 1993 Moderate/aggressive approaches [The following are available by mail order from the CFIDS Association of America, Inc., PO Box 220398, Charlotte, NC 28222-0398 USA. Several of these are also available on Internet by e-mail retrieval; see instructions below.] "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a Real Disease", Charles Lapp; North Carolina Family Physician, Winter 1992. $3.00 Series of articles in Sept. '92 "Diagnosis" edition of CFIDS Chronicle, by Drs. Bell, Calabrese et al., Cheney and Lapp, Jay Goldstein, Hickie and Wakefield, Klimas, and other useful letters and reports. $8.00 Series of articles in Fall 1993 "Treatment" edition of CFIDS Chronicle, by Drs. Cheney and Lapp, Dimitri Viza and Giancarlo Pizza, Perry Orens, Edward Conley DO, Burke Cunha, James McCoy, Jay Goldstein and others. $10.00 Book, "Living With M.E.", Dr. Charles Shepherd, M.D., revised 1993. $15.00 ------------------------------------------------------------------- There are a series of medical articles regarding the diagnosis of CFS which are available on the SJUVM File Server. Article titles and authors, with their filenames, are listed below, followed by instructions on how to retrieve the files. FILENAME Title of article -------- ------------------------------------------- CFSLAPP1 TXT | Chronic fatigue syndrome is a real disease. Lapp, CW. North Carolina Family Physician, Winter 1992. Contents: The CFIDS Chronicle Physicians Forum / CFIDS: The Diagnosis of a Distinct Illness. September 1992. Section I: Descriptive Articles CFIDS923 BELL | CFS: Recent Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment. Bell DS. CFIDS923 CALABRE# | Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Calabrese L, Danoa T, Camara E, Wilke W. CFIDS923 CHENEY# | The Diagnosis of CFS: An Assertive Approach. Cheney PR, Lapp CW. CFIDS923 GOLDSTEI | The Diagnosis of CFS as a Limbic Encephalopathy. Goldstein JA. CFIDS923 HICKIE# | Diagnosing CFS: Principles and Pitfalls for the Patient, Physician, and Researcher. Hickie I, Wakefield D. CFIDS923 KLIMAS | Diagnosing CFIDS: An Immunologist's Approach. Klimas NG. CFIDS923 JONES# | Section II: Clinical Comments; by Jones JF, Komaroff AL, Natelson BH, Peterson DL. Section III: Research Articles CFIDS923 CDC | CFS Research at the Centers for Disease Control. CDC CFS Research Group. CFIDS923 YUNUS | CFS and Fibromyalgia Syndrome: Similarities and Differences; Yunus MB CFIDS923 SANDMAN# | Protocol for Cognitive Assessment of CFIDS. Sandman CA, Moore S. CFIDS923 IGER | The MMPI-2 CFS Profile. Iger LM. CFIDS923 HERST | 2'-5' Oligo-Adenylate Synthetase and RNase-L: Key Enzymes in the Antiviral Defense Mechanism. Herst CV. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The above articles and other files of interest are available from the SJUVM LISTSERV at St. John's University. To use the SJUVM file server, send commands (described as follows) by e-mail to LISTSERV@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU To get a list of current files available, send the command GET CFS-FILE FILELIST to the LISTSERV address above. To retrieve specific files, note the filenames on the FILELIST and then send the command GET <filename1> <filename2> to the LISTSERV address (each file has a two-part name). If you have any difficulties with these procedures, please contact the moderator at CFS-L-REQUEST@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU. In addition to the articles listed above, there are other files of interest at a different Listserv. (In the future, all of these should be consolidated at the SJUVM Listserv. "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Pamphlet for Physicians" published by NIH in May 1992, is filename CFS NIH-DOC ; and also the CFS working case definition by Holmes, et al. published in Annals of Internal Medicine, March 1988, is filename CFS-ART CDC-DEFN . Send GET <filename1> <filename2> to the address LISTSERV%ALBNYDH2@ALBANY.EDU . Also, those who may want to get more familiar with LISTSERV and networking may want to retrieve the file named CFS NET-HELP (available at either Listserv). Thanks to the CFIDS Association and to Molly Holzschlag for making these materials available in electronic form. Roger Burns CFS-L-REQUEST@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU Moderator, CFS-L / alt.med.cfs ================ From: CFS-L@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU ================