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Subject: FAQ: CFS IRC Internet Relay Chat

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Basics for CFS IRC This information is drawn from the #CFS channel web page at http://www.cfs-news.org/irc.htm . IRC is a live chat network. It allows people all over the Internet to type to one another in real-time! The CFS IRC channel is getting quite active. Recently it seems that people are available on channel #CFS at almost any time. We exchange some good information -- but it's also just a lot of fun! There are several different IRC networks. Our #CFS channel has been established on the Undernet IRC network. Try following the instructions below. If you run into problems, ask for help from one of our volunteers: For PCs, contact Linda Stolz <l.stolz@home.com> For Macs, contact Jane Sabel <jsabel@mindspring.com> ================================================ STEP ONE: THE SOFTWARE * For PCs (IBM-compatibles): Most people use mIRC software. Get it at http://www.mirc.co.uk/get.html . Some people like Pirch: http://www.pirchat.com/ . * For Macintosh: Most people use Ircle. Get it at http://www.ircle.com . Another software is ShadowIRC. See http://www.shadowirc.com/ . * For UNIX: If you're on a shell account where Unix is used, your ISP should have the software already installed on their end. In most cases, simply enter "irc" (without the quotes) and the program will execute. If not, ask your tech support office about it. * For AOL: If you're on America Online, get advice by looking at http://members.aol.com/mirc/aol.html . ================================================ STEP TWO: CONNECT TO A SERVER When you've got the software up and running, you then need to connect to a server. But first, you'll need to pick a nickname, a short name that everyone will see you as on IRC. Nicknames can be no longer than 9 characters. To set a nickname, use the /NICK command. For example, on the command line enter /nick Sally The next step is to actually connect to a server. If the nick you have chosen is already being used by someone else at that time, the system will tell you and you'll have to pick another nickname. The #CFS channel is on the Undernet network, so you'll need to connect to an Undernet server. Each kind of software has its own way of connecting, but all software will allow you to type in and enter standard IRC commands from the command line. In this case, you'd want to use the /SERVER command followed by the address of an Undernet server, and possibly followed by a port number (this is optional). There are many Undernet server addresses. You can find a complete list of them at http://www.undernet.org/servers.html . Or you can use one of the generic server addresses: USA: us.undernet.org<br> Europe: eu.undernet.org<br> Australia: au.undernet.org<br> Canada: ca.undernet.org<br> New Zealand: nz.undernet.org So for example, you can connect to the USA generic server by entering the following on the command line: /server us.undernet.org Sometimes it may be difficult to connect to a server. In that case, you may want to add a port number after the server address, or use a specific server that you have to be recently reliable (again, see the full list of servers addresses at http://www.undernet.org/servers.html). For further advice about servers and other technical aspects of IRC, see the FAQs whose links can be found on the IRC Info page at http://www.cfs-news.org/irc-info.htm . ================================================ STEP THREE: JOIN THE CHANNEL Once you are connected, joining the #CFS channel is simple. You just type /join #CFS and you're on! People may be on the channel at any time, but they are not always there. See the latest schedule at http://www.cfs-news.org/irc-time.htm . The #CFS channel is most often used in the evening hours (North American time). ================================================ Again, for further advice about technical aspects of IRC, see the FAQs whose links can be found on the IRC Info page at http://www.cfs-news.org/irc-info.htm . And if you need personal assistance, ask for help from one of our volunteers: for PCs contact Linda Stolz <l.stolz@home.com> ; for Macs contact Jane Sabel <jsabel@mindspring.com> . See you on the channel! ================= From: CFS-L@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU ================