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Subject: FAQ: CFS Hello survey

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The HELLO Survey The following is an optional questionnaire for the participants of the CFS-L / alt.med.cfs discussion group. By reading these mini-biographies we can get to know our fellow participants. Please fill in the form below and send your responses to our volunteer compiler at e-mail address: cfs-news@cais.com These responses are compiled into files whose latest version can be obtained by sending the commands GET CFS HELLO-1 GET CFS HELLO-2 GET CFS HELLO-3 as an e-mail message to the Internet address LISTSERV@HEALTH.STATE.NY.US. ------------------------------------------------------------------- "HELLO!" Survey for CFS-L / alt.med.cfs Name: E-mail address: Gender, marital status: City, state/province, country: Date-of-birth and/or astrological sign: Interests/hobbies: Personal comments (an essay question): --------------------------------------------------------------------- ================== From: CFS-L@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU ===============