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Subject: [alt.algebra.help] FAQ pointer and welcome

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Welcome to alt.algebra.help! To help you fit in to our community, and to help us help you most effectively, please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list at http://oakroadsystems.com/aah/ You'll find answers to some common math questions there, as well as some hints on working with the other newsgroup members. You probably want to start with these items: How do I post math expressions? <http://oakroadsystems.com/aah/xexpr.htm> I need help with my homework! <http://oakroadsystems.com/aah/xhwork1.htm> Please try to skim these for anything relevant before you post, and of course please look at <http://oakroadsystems.com/aah/> to make sure your specific question isn't answered there. Anyone can point out errors in the FAQ or suggest improvements. Once again, welcome! We look forward to your participation. (This announcement is posted about every four days. You should not see multiple copies, because it is posted with "Expires" and "Supersedes" headers. Otherwise, you may want to adjust your kill file appropriately.)