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Subject: File of Alt.Magick.Tyagi Rules and Assorted Dogma - FAMTRAD

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Archive-name: magick/tyagi/famtrad Posting-Frequency: monthly
Revised: 50060606 http://www.arcane-archive.org/faqs/fam.-------.trad.php -------------------------------------------------------------- File of Alt.Magick.Tyagi Rules and Assorted Dogma (FAMTRAD) -------------------------------------------------------------- "_Student_. His business is to acquire a general intellectual knowledge of all systems of attainment...." _Magick_, By A. Crowley, ed. Symonds/Grant; p. 328, Appendix II ___________________________________________ "The vulgar and debased cannot practice this art, neither such as have no understanding." _Pau P'u Tzu_, by Ko Hung, quoted within _The Forge and the Crucible_, by Mircea Eliade. _________________________________________ alt.magick.tyagi (AMT) is the synthesis of meta-knowledge. at the nexus of all mystical and magical systems, AMT functions as a forum for the synthesis of psychological gold and religious esoterica, purifying the textual Universal Medicine, a remedy for runaway technology and rapidly diversifying knowledge systems operating in cross- fertilization at the branches of metaphysical speculation and the roots of practicality. a diffusing specialization may be seen within the academic community as a whole. constellating gradually increasing bubble-islands of technical knowledge, cybernetic forums dissolve under the influence of entropic conflagration, their products are further and further removed from the average human being. AMT is a melting pot within which the quintessentia of human experience may be derived by the dedicated, flexible and syncretic of mind. ========================================================== FAMTRAD CONTENTS 00 Identity 01 Charter 02 Purpose 03 Posting Rules 04 Call for Charity 05 Assorted Dogma 06 Terminology ========================================================== 00 Identity this is the regularly posted reference file for the AMT newsgroup. if you wish to post, you are welcome to do so provided you keep the following in mind: __________________________________________________________ 01 Charter articles shall be reposted and X-posted to alt.magick.tyagi in order to fertilize synthesis and create an educational archive/consortium for the study of magick, mysticism and associated subjects of meta-knowledge (the mysteries). it shall also include derived discussion which grows in response to such a fertilization and consortium. __________________________________________________________ 02 Purpose alt.magick.tyagi (AMT) is the synthesis of meta-knowledge in the fields of magick and mysticism within the usenet internet forum structure: alt. => alternative trunk magick. => occult and magical arts tyagi => monastic and mystical sciences the newsgroup is a forum designed to fulfill its Charter (01), an educational mechanism and forum of cross-fertilization of meta-knowledge within the fields of magick and mysticism. access to esoteric information to those who diligently seek it, without restriction, integrating the various disciplines and weaving a web of vivifying communication amongst a diversity of global cultures. it is an attempt to utilize usenet as a thinktank and reference engine. elaboration this group shall be used as a REposting site for articles, found in the various internet archives, of interest to mages and mystics, including other newsgroups like alt.lucky.w, other alt.magick.* newsgroups, alt.pagan.magick, alt.paranormal.spells.hexes.magic, alt.religion.*, alt.satanism.*, alt.*.zen, soc.religion.*, talk.religion.*, and any other religious, magical, mystical or miscellaneous newsgroup which qualifies. AMT shall also carry subsequent exchanges of threads which are of particular interest to esotericists, tied together via REpost and Xpost so as to ease access to the working, eclectic magical/mystical student. this newsgroup shall also function as a place to move very long, complicated conversations, philosophical exchanges, regarding magick, mysticism and associated subjects that often annoy regular readers of the normal alt.magick.*, psychology, mysticism or religious groups, yet serve the interests of dedicated specialists. ___________________________________________________________ 03 Posting Rules there shall be no restrictions as to *who* is allowed to post to the group and yet the group's parameters are clearly stated herein. AMT can be used for this purpose, exposing the commonality of subjects and patterns within them to the many readers who will almost certainly prove amateur in all. overall, post in a manner which serves the Purpose (02) of the newsgroup. AMT was created to address a specific need. posts made to it should generally be of three types: 1) REPOSTS these should be the most common seed fodder. their function is to make accessible articles from other internet forums which could be of interest to mages who don't have the time or incentive to read *every* group which is relevant to their field. they can also be used to expose the post to newsgroups which were pertinent but not originally within the header. Followups to all relevant forums are fruitfully specified. 2) XPOSTING these should used subtlely to join disparate disciplines when contributing articles which apply to their intersection or when a particular post within any newsgroup would likely be of interest to those whose studies include the subject of magick or mysticism. 3) DISCUSSION discussion subsequent to posted articles should be less common and determined by interest and quality of the posts to which response is given. humor and quips should be minimized, or utilized to effectively place in contrast the overseriousness of the author to whom one replies. for a set of general guidelines, see the alt.magick RULES at: http://www.luckymojo.com/altmagickfaq/ruleref REposts should be made in something like the following manner: [a] find a pertinent newsgroup other than AMT; (if you don't know what's pertinent, don't post, read alt.magick or alt.consciousness.mysticism for a month or two first and see how this compares with AMT) [b] find an article that is thought-provoking, well-researched, representative, or otherwise interesting; [c] pretend you are going to 'follow-up' but instead of leaving the 'Newsgroups:' 'Reply-To:' lines as you found them, replace the newsgroups with "alt.magick.tyagi" and any other applicable newsgroups omitted in the original posting, and use the address given in the automatic 'response-indicator' ("in article <artcl#snltrs>, <address> writes:") for both the 'reply-to' field and for what is called an ATTRIBUTION: "[from <original newsgroup>: <author's name and address>]"; [d] remove all the 'quote-symbols' from the text that were applied when you began your follow-up (usually a left sidebar of '>'; this can be done with the command: ':%s,>,' in VI) and be sure that the header fields are accurate (sometimes when I remove all those >'s I get the first one in the 'References' field also, or in the author's name); [e] you may also change the Subject: header to include the author's name -- first init, last name, then a reasonable subject header with (Was ...) if the original was ugly. [f] fill in the 'Followup-to:' with the original groups if applicable and any others to which you sent it, targetting the most applicable and being sure also to include AMT. exclude forums that don't like followups, such as alt.magick.chaos, or those that don't tend to like massive Xposting. ___________________________________________________________ 04 Call for Charity contact nagasiva@luckymojo.com if you have extra time to volunteer for archival activities, would like to mirror the Esoteric Archive, and/or have interest in lending technical expertise to its improvement. ___________________________________________________________ 05 Assorted Dogma alt.magick.tyagi lies fallow or burgeons with ripe cyberfruits dependent entirely upon the dedication of the few. through the REposting and Xposting procedure (detailed above) many specialists within diverse fields of meta-knowledge are brought together into one forum allowing us to envision our commonalities. it thus makes possible a networking function which would otherwise not be possible, whilst the group itself serves as an outlet for a sometimes verbose and syncretic type of communication. other alt.magick.* newsgroups by far the bulk of traffic within the alt.magick.* newsgroups occurs in the original group (alt.magick). alt.magick.chaos is a forum which often contains posts and discussion on chaos and chaos magick as understood by its regular posters. alt.magick.tantra was started as an alternative to the glutted alt.magick.sex, and includes posts regarding tantra, taoist sexual alchemy and sex magick. alt.magick.order and alt.magick.ethics were created in frustration at the volume and noise/signal ratio within alt.magick, and are being utilized to divide up the various areas of interest that collide in the hub group. alt.magick.folk and the related alt.pagan.magick are subforums to the alt.magick and alt.pagan newsgroups which place focus upon the more religious aspects of magick. alt.magick.* groups of other types exist, but these do not, by and large, contain posts relevant to magick. other related forums for other newsgroups, elists and other related internet forums, please see the alt.magick FAQ: http://www.luckymojo.com/altmagickfaq/ ___________________________________________________________ 06 Terminology the word 'tyagi' is Sanskrit (East Indian) and can be literally translated as 'monk' or 'one who renounces (or sacrifices) all'. in this way the newsgroup name symbolizes the fusion of magick and mysticism through the combination of terms, and provides a kind of arena in which writings of a decidedly esoteric nature may be drawn together, compared, contrasted and fused into a cybernetic Hieros Gamos. ---------------------------------------------------------------- comments: mailto:nagasiva@luckymojo.com ---------------------------------------------------------------- EOF