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Frequently asked questions in alt.magic/part4 (of 4)
Last modified: Mon Feb 2 15:50:32 EST 1998 Please send suggested corrections and additions to: nielsen@eecs.umich.edu Topics: Part 4 VII. LIST OF DEALERS ------------------------------------------------------------------------- VII. LIST OF DEALERS The following list of magic dealers is compiled from the contributions of readers of alt.magic Comments, appearing in parens after the dealer's name, represent the opinion of the contributor, though in some cases they have been edited for brevity. A. Harlequin Costume & Magic 9589 Foothill Blvd Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 Tel: (909) 948-2950 E-mail: makeup@earthlink.net WWW: http://www.costumemagic.com (Heavy on the costumes last time I looked at the site, but they're adding magic for beginners-intermediate level.) A-1 Multimedia 451 Parkfair Dr. #7A Sacramento, CA 95864 Tel: (916)-972-7735 Fax: (916)-972-0626 Abbott's Magic Company 124 St. Joseph St Colon, MI 49040 Tel: (616) 432-3235 Orders: (800) 92MAGIC (Catalog is very good and thick (about 500 large pages). It's got a lot of stuff in just about every area. The pricing seems fair to good.) Abracadabra Magic Supplies Shop 6 86 City Road Beenleigh Qld 4207 Tel: (07) 3287 3399 (Int. +61 7 3287 3399) Fax: (07) 3287 4244 (Int. +61 7 3287 4244) E-mail: ezytech@sv.net.au (Please include "MAGIC" in the subject) (Abracadabra Magic is one of the only Magic dealers in Australia, the catalog is currently in the making but a 6+ page price list is available, the prices are quite reasonable and they have a Pyrotechnics licence [required in Aust] so they can sell fireworks and flash paper legally to the public) Absolutely Magic 12 Church Street Bradford, NH 03221 Tel: (603) 938-5158 Academie de Magie Georges Proust 11 rue Saint Paul 75004 Paris France Tel: and Fax: Agility 96, rue des Martyrs de la Libiration 69310 Pierre Benite France Tel: Fax: Al's Magic Shop 1012 Vermont Ave. NW Washington, DC 20005-4901 USA Tel: (202) 789-2800 Orders: (800) ALS-MAGIC E-mail: alcomagic@aol.com WWW: http://www.clark.net/pub/alsmagic Aladdin Books 122 West Commonweath Fullerton, CA 92632 Tel: (714) 738-6115 (An independent Bookstore Featuring an Eclectic Selection of New and Antiquarian Books" has a very large selection of new, used and rare magic books and lecture notes. The owner is very knowledgeable about magic.) Aladdin's Magic Shop GPO Box 471 Hobart, Tasmania 7001, Australia Tel/Fax: (03) 62344571 Mobile: 019 970 634 E-mail: aladdin@southcom.com.au WWW: http://southcom.com.au/~aladdin Amer. Magic Co. 3261 Trinity Road Harrisburg, PA 17109 American Magic Company 136 Doulton Street St Helens, Merseyside, WA10 4NZ, ENGLAND Tel: 0831 280099 Fax: 01744 609446. Orders: 01744 759653 E-mail: american@magicco.u-net.co WWW: http://www.u-net.com/~magicco/ (We also except credit cards and stock videos from A-1 MultiMedia L&L Publishing and Brad Burts.) Arjan's Show-Biz Centre P.O. Box 368 2920 AJ KRIMPEN A/D YSSEL Holland Tel: +31 180 510011 Fax: +31 180 519171 E-mail: arjan@show-bizcentre.nl WWW: http://www.websmart.com/show-bizcentre (Arjan's Show-Biz Centre" is one of the largest mail order magic companies on the European Continent and due to our English language catalogue we now supply magicians in over 25 countries (including such far away places as New Zealand, South Africa, Japan and Brasil). We offer magic props and publications from dealers and publishers around the globe at very reasonable prices.) Astor Magie-Studio Postfach 220 121 D-42371 Wuppertal Tel: (0202) 425161 Axtell Inc. 230 Glencrest Circle - I Ventura, CA 93003-1305 Tel & Fax: (805) 642-7282 E-mail: steve@axtell.com WWW: http://www.axtell.com (To receive our catalog, just send your name and address via email We are the creators of the following products: The MAGIC DRAWING BOARD: Draw any cartoon face and it comes to life and talks to you! Patented. The BIRD ARM ILLUSION: By wearing a fake arm gimmick a bird puppet appears to be sitting on your arm. Your real arm is inside the puppet, but the illusion is mind blowing. The puppet is totally animated and looks alive on your arm! Patented. We also manufacture the worlds finest professional PUPPETS.) Balloon Box St. James Park 2416 Ravendale Court Kissimmee, FL 34758 Tel: (407) 933-8888 (Balloons, & related books) Barry's Magic Shop Wheaton, MD (The magicians who work at Barry's Magic Shop will teach a customer how to use anything they buy.) Ben'z Magic Shop 4552 Kirkwood Drive Sterling Heights, MI 48310 USA Tel: (810) 939-7745 Bill Brewe 1685 Harrison Ave. Fairmont (Cincinnati), OH 45214 Phone: 251-4218 (His is a neat old shop with stage and a neat display. It's worth a stop for anyone stopping in Cincy. It is close to downtown. Call for directions and hours, since Bill travels to many conventions and closes the shop during these trips.) Bill Tarr Dept 21, Box 700 East Hampton, NY 11937 B&J Magic Den 100 N. Dixieland Road Dixieland Mall Rogers, AR 72756 Tel: (501) 631-7080 Fax: (501) 631-7090 E-mail: bjmagicden@aol.com Black Diamond Entertainment Co. P.O. Box 42 Summit Hill, PA 18250 Tel: (717) 645-3634 WWW: http://members.tripod.com/~DiamondCutter (If you are looking for quality new magic at discount prices then stop in and check us out. We don't claim to be the cheapest but we do aim to provide the best service possible. You will find though that all of our prices are at least ten percent below the recommended retail price. We mail a quarterly monthly newsletter full of deals and every so often we hold a magic auction.) Bob's Magic Shop 107 Addison Avenue Elmhurst, IL Tel: (708) 833-TRIX Brad Burt's Magic Shop 4688 Convoy St Suite 109 San Diego, CA 92111 Tel: (619) 571-4749 (inquiries) Orders: (800) 748-5759 E-mail: bburt@magicshop.com WWW: http://www.bradburt.com Bradbury Associates Dan & Jobeth Bradbury 3318 Karnes Blvd. Kansas City, MO 64111 Phone/Fax: (816) 531-2468 E-mail: dbjb@sky.net (We buy and sell books (primarily out of print and used) related to magic (conjuring) and its allied arts and entertainments. Among our specialties are books focusing on the history and bibliography of magic and printed ephemera (advertising, instructions, programs, etc.), as well as a wide variety of books on performing.) Brian Richards' Magic Catalog Co. P.O. Box 4336 Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 U.S.A. Tel: (888) 988-9588 Tel: (609) 753-4599 outside the USA Fax: (609) 753-4607 WWW: http://www.brmagic.com Browser's Den of Magic, The 875 Eglinton Avenue West, Unit 13 Toronto, Ontario M6C 3Z9 Canada Tel: (416) 783-7022 Fax: (416) 783-3560 BAZAR DE MAGIA Tacuari 237 -3er Piso (1071) - Buenos Aires Argentina Tel/Fax: (54-1) 334-5594 E-mail: bazmag@mbox.servicenet.com.ar (The biggest shop of magic of South America) C & C Magic and Special Effects Company Inc. P.O. Box 331 Littleton, MA 01460-0331 or 5 Elm Court Maynard, MA 01754-1101 Tel: (508) 897-7599 Orders: (800) MAGIC-04 C & M Productions 4136 North 37th Street Tacoma, WA 98407-5611 Phone: (206) 752-8158 Fax: (206) 759-5897 E-mail: cmprod@wolfenet.com WWW: http://www.wolfenet.com/~cmprod (Manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer) California Magic & Novelty 1930 Oak Park Blvd. Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 USA Tel: (510) 939-6420 Fax: (510) 939-5436 E-mail: gerry@calmagic.com WWW: http://www.calmagic.com Callin Novelties House of Magic 412 SW 4th Portland, OR 97204-2202 Tel: (503) 223-4821 Fax: (503) 223-4821 Camirand Academy of Magic Dept. 300 Succ A P.O. Box 269 Longueuil QC J4H 3XC Canada Tel: (514) 670-6026 Fax: (514) 670-6131 Camtryx Magic Ltd 187 Gilbert Road, Cambridge, CB4 3PA UK Cards by Martin 44533 N. Date Lancaster, CA 93534 (High quality gimmicked cards/decks custom made) Carrandi W122 Monroe Avenue Belle Mead, NJ 08502 Tel: (908) 874-0630 Fax: (908) 874-4892 (Old books, apparatus, magazines, posters, catalogs, puzzles, etc. The latest catalog is 72 pages long and goes for $7.) Celestial Sorcery Inc. 11333 Moorpark Suite 1000 Studio City, CA 91602 (Operated by Jay Scott Berry) Chattanooga Magic & Fun 4738G Hwy 58 Chattanooga,TN 37416 Tel: (423) 892 5682 E-mail: manley@mindspring.com (I've been in business for 15 years and carry a full line of magic supplies, coins,silks,sponges, and a few illusions books,video's call or email for list of magic books on hand.) Chazpro Family Fun Shop and Magic Co. 603 East 13th Ave. Eugene, OR 97401 Tel: (503) 345-0032 (Makers of PK, raven, bat..) Chuck's House of Magic 18301 Dixie Hwy. Homewood, IL 60430 Tel: (708) 798-2111 Fax: (708) 798-4111 Cliff Lount's Bradford Magic Studio 12 Nab wood Crescent SHIPLEY W. Yorks BD18 4HX UK (They used to run a studio, but not anymore. They are now mail order, although they do sell at most conventions. They sell some nice tricks that are easy to perform and are well priced. Nearly all their items are their own design.) Climax 17, rue Favart 59200 Tourcoing France Tel: Fax: Clown Antics 38092 Hixford Pl Westland, MI 48185-3393 USA Tel: (313) 721-3970 Fax: (313) 721-6029 E-mail: magic@clownantics.com WWW: http://www.clownantics.com Collector's Workshop Misty Morn Farm Rte 1 Box 113A Middleburg, VA 22117 Tel: (703) 687-6476 Orders: 1-800-MAGICCW Fax: (703) 687-6122 (Most all of their stuff is very expensive, catalog is $5.00. For folks who don't know, CW is one of the few shops to take a less draconian stance on returns. Ever since a shop refused to accept a strait-jacket after the T-bar tore out the first time I tried it on, despite a history of business with them and full knowledge of the methods before I got the jacket, I've started to appreciate CW's policy more and more.) Comme par Magie 115, rue du Cherche-Midi 75006 Paris France Tel: Concept Magic Diffusion 1 bis, rue Caos de Pierlas 06300 Nice France Tel: 04 93 26 26 18 Fax: 04 93 26 44 04 Conjurors Corner Sam Webb -Proprietor 6170 Ivy St. Commerce City, CO 80022 Tel: (303) 286-8576 E-mail: swebb@netcom.com Crown Magic and Fun Shop 4202 E 10 Mile Rd Warren, MI 48091-1577 USA Tel: (810) 755-9181 Cuckoo's Net, The 1513 East Carson Street Pittsburgh, PA 15203 Tel: (412) 481-4411 E-mail: magicshop@usaor.net WWW: http://www.usaor.net/magicshop/ D. Robbins & Company, Inc. 70 Washington St 9th floor Brooklyn, NY 11201-1442 USA Tel: (718) 625-1804 Fax: (718) 858-2351 ($3 catalog. This is the source of the "E-Z Magic" catalog that most smaller shops offer. Wholesale and mail order) Dallas & Co. 101 E. University Champaign, IL 61820 Tel: (217) 351-5974 Fax: (217) 351-9255 (Owned by Andy Dallas who is primarily an escape artist. SAM #120 meets at the shop third Tues. of the month) Dan Garrett 4929 Salem Rd. Lithonia, GA 30038 Davenports, 7 Charing Cross Underground Shopping Arcade The Strand London, WC2N 4HZ Tel: 0171 836 0408 Dave Lord's Magic Works! PO Box 124 Lutwyche, Queensland, Australia 4030 Tel: 61+7 38622848 Fax: 61+7 38622985 David Ginn 4387 Saint Michaels Dr SW Lilburn, GA 30247-7426 USA Tel: (770) 923-1899 David Roth 310 East 12th Street, #2D New York, NY 10007 E-mail: droth@quicklink.com WWW: http://www.quicklink.com/~droth Daytona Magic 136 S. Beach Street Daytona Beach, FL 32114-4402 Tel: (904) 252-6767 Fax: (904) 252-9037 Orders: (800) 34-MAGIC E-mail: daytonamag@aol.com Denis the Magician Magic Supplies 234 College Ave. East Regina, Saskatchewan S4N 0V6 Tel: (306) 569-7444 Fax: (306) 543-1018 Orders: (800) 973-2422 Denny and Lee Magic Studio 325 S. Marlyn Ave Baltimore, MD 21221 Tel: (410) 686-3914 E-mail: Dennymagic@unitedmall.com WWW: http://www.dennymagic.com (We run a high-line studio here (no gags, pranks, or novelties) with the accent on books and manipulative magic.open seven days a week from 11:00 AM- 11:00 PM) Dick Zimmerman 15522 Ricky CT. Grass Valley, CA 95949 USA Tel: (916) 273-4585 Douglas Tilford P.O. Box 650 Experiment, GA 30212-0650 (404) 227-7634 (inquiries) ORDERS: (800) 537-5381 Dynamic Fx Limited Unit Six, Hertfordshire Business Centre, Alexander Road, London Colney, Herts. AL2 1JG Eagle Magic (Manager: Larry Kahlow) 708 Portland Ave Minneapolis, MN 55415 Phone: (612) 333-4702 (Oldest U.S. magic shop west of the Mississippi.) Eckhard Bottchers Zauberbutike Postfach 1343, D-82169 Puchheim Tel: 089/808230 Fax: 089/804160 E-mail: 089808230@btxgate.de Eddie's Trick & Novelty 70 South Park Square Marietta, GA. 30060 Phone: (770) 428-4314 Fax: (770) 422-4809 Orders: (800) 429-4314 E-mail: eddies1@aol.com WWW: http://www.imall.com/stores/magic/ EGELO Tordenskiolds gt 12 0160 OSLO 1 NORWAY Tel: +22208085 Fax: +22208085 (EGELO has the largest video collection in Europe. (PAL system) 20-70 dollar each. EGELO is a magic shop in the centere of OSLO, with a large selection and great variety. Books videos and an amazing collection of new items as well as all the great classics.) El Duco's Magic Box 31052 200 49 Malmo Sweden E-mail: magic@el-duco.se WWW: http://www.el-duco.se (Catalog $5) Electronic Magic Store (Charlie Ellis) 1498-M Reisterstown Road, #337 Baltimore, MD 21208 Tel: (410) 358-8889 Fax: (410) 653-9592 E-mail: emagic@universe.digex.net WWW: http://www.access.digex.net/~cdellis/emagic.html (We offer new magic books and instructional videos at up to a 25% discount!. March of 1997 will begin our fourth year in business as an internet magic shop. We were the first virtual magic store. Get on our email and snail mail update lists at the website or by email to emagic@universe.digex.net. We accept all major credit cards on line or by phone/fax. Just say the magic words, "Here's My Money!") Elmwood Magic & Novelty 507 Elmwood Ave. Buffalo, New York 14222 Tel: (716) 886-5653 Orders: (800) 764-2372 E-mail: elmmagic@aol.com WWW: http://members.aol.com/elmmagic (A friendly magic shop with a large selection and great variety. Books, videos, and an amazing collection of new items as well as all the great classics. They also publish a newsletter and discount club called DISAPPEARING MONTHLY. A monthly ten page source of news, articles, reviews, and of course info on all the latest items on the shelf. Memebership also gets you a discount of up to 20% on all your purchases...a super bargain! You can receive a free sample by calling the numbers above or e-mailing a request to elmagic@aol.com) Encore Entertainments P.O Box 333 St Helier Jersey Channel Islands JE4 9YB Tel: 01534 46717 Fax: 01534 46717 EZ Magic (aka. Printing Dynamics, Magical Industries, Co.) (aka. EZ-Magical Illusions & Props Co) 11 Dexter Lane Kings Park, NY 11754 Tel/Fax: (516) 265-7616 E-mail: ezmagic@aol.com WWW: http://members.aol.com/ezmagic Fantasio Magic 1002 Country Club Prado Coral Gables, FL 33134-2117 USA Tel: (305) 264-3321 Fax: (305) 262-6010 Fantasy Festival Costume/Magic Centre 432 Virginia ST Crystal Lake, IL 60014-5936 USA Tel: (815) 455-4910 Fax: (815) 455-1706 E-mail: fanfest@aol.com Fearson's Magic 1120 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Suite 111 Las Vegas NV 89104 E-mail: fearmagic@aol.com WWW: http://members.aol.com/nosraef (Wholesale to dealers and retail mail and e-mail order. Accepts credit cards. Inventor of Fearson's Fantastic Flotation and Fearson's Floating Cigarette. Send $1.00 for catalog.) Fedko Magic Company 13111 Flint DR Santa Ana, CA 92705-1859 USA Tel: (714) 538-6044 Fax: (714) 538-6044 Fleming Book Co, 728 Madison Ave, York, PA 17404 Flora & Company Box 8263 Albuquerque, NM 87198 Phone/Fax: (505) 255-9988 WWW: http://www.floraco.com (Videos, audio tapes, practical marketing, mentalism, Bizarre, etc.) Flosso Hornmann Magic Co. 45 W 34th Street fm 607 New York, NY 10001 Flying Apparatus Catalogue 2121 Staunton Court Palo Alto, CA 94306 Tel: (415) 424-0739 (Juggling, etc.) Four Jokers Magic Shop 45 Main Street - P.O. Box 38 Tonawanda, NY 14150 Tel: (716) 693-7930 E-mail contact: brian_blake@gilbarco.com (Brian C. Blake) (There are larger stores, but its hard to beat these guys. If they know you are a magician and are interested in a trick they will let you in on the secret. After all, to be honest, if you are in the comunity (magic) you are bound to eventually find someone who has purchased the same thing and will eventually find out the inner workings. BUT, you might see something that just blows your socks off, go and buy it THEN find out it is beyond your abilities. At least this way, you have the chance to 'test drive' it to see if it is something you really want.) Frankel's Costume Co., Inc. 4815 Fannin Street Houston, TX 77004 Phone: (713) 528-6036 Fax: (713) 528-0047 Orders: (800) 848-0155 E-mail: bobsmith@frankelcostume.com WWW: http://www.frankelcostume.com Funtyme Magic & Novelty 38 E. Main - P.O. Box 1376 Nashville, IN 47448 Phone: (812) 988-6665 WWW: http://www.swiftsite.com/funtymemagic E-mail: leewills@sprynet.com (The largest magic dealer in central and southern Indiana, A complete line of magic from Thumb Tips to Metamorphous Boxes. Catalog available.) Gibson Magic PO Box 375 Nashua, NH 03061-0375 USA Tel: (603) 882-9287 Fax: (603) 598-0039 Gician Novelties Pte Ltd Block 3015, Ubi Road 1, #04-224 Singapore 1440 Shop at: 200 Victoria Street, #03-25, Parco Bugis Junction, S'pore 0718. Tel: (65)332 1223 Golden's Magic Wand PO Box 1509 San Marcos, CA 92079-1509 USA Tex: (619) 471-0100 Fax: (619) 471-7820 Goodliffe Publications 150 New Road Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, UK, B60 2LG Tel: 01527 872246 Fax: 01527 872246 Guaranteed Magic 27 Bright RD Hatboro, PA 19040-2023 USA Tel: (215) 672-3344 Fax: (215) 674-2826 H and R Magic Books 3702 Cyril Dr. Humble, TX 77396-4302 Tel: (713) 454-7219 or (713) 488-4578 E-mail: e-mail:hatch@ghgcorp.com (Specializes in old books, catalog is $3) Hades Publ. Box 1414 Calgary, Alberta Canada, T2P 2L6 Tel: (403) 254-0160 Fax: (403) 254-0456 E-mail: hades@trickster.com Haines House of Cards 2514 Leslie Ave P.O. BOX 12527 Norwood, OH 45212 Tel: (513) 531-6548 (Norwood is a suburb of Cincinnati. Retail, manufacture, and wholesale. Located near US Playing Card Co. They have just about everything you'd need in Bicycle stock.) Hampton Ridge Magic Creations 550 Fairview Ridge Rd. Palestine, WV 26160 (Wholesale) Hank Lee's Magic Factory Mail Order Division P.O. Box 789 Medford, MA 02155 Tel: (617) 482 8749 Fax: (617) 395-2034 Orders: (800) 874-7400 E-mail: magicfact@aol.com WWW: http://www.uelectric.com/magicfactory/ (Catalog is thick, chock full of good deals, and does what no other magic catalog I've ever seen do - offers fun to read descriptions.) Hermetic Press Box 20383 Seattle, WA 98102 Hocus Pocus Magic Company Conway House, 16 Conway Gardens Arnold, Notts, NG5 6LR Tel: 01773 768774 Hocus Pocus Magic Shop 523 South 4th Street Philadelphia, PA 19147-1569 Tel: (215) 629-8300 (Irv Fuhrman, owner. This is a relatively small shop, but has a pretty big selection. In addition, Irv is a great guy. The shop sponsors monthly meetings with lectures, etc. by magicians such as Dan Tong and George Schindler. Irv makes a lot of his items, is a consummate performer, and has a lot of great tips on performance. If he knows of a better method for a given effect even if it's less expensive than the gimmick you may be examining he tells you.) Hocus Pocus Magic Shop 777 E. Barstow Ave. Suite G Fresno, CA 93710 Tel: (209) 222-8501 Fax: (209) 432-0198 E-mail: hocuspoc@pacbell.net WWW: http://home.pacbell.net/hocuspoc (This shop is been in business for over 30 years. A traditional full-line magic shop; no gags, novelties, etc. Over 7000 items in stock for immediate delivery. From the smallest pocket trick to the largest of stage illusions. Also an extensive inventory of antique magic tricks, books, videos, etc. This is THE ONE-STOP SHOP for any magician! Owners and staff very friendly and knowlegeable; open to any phone inquiries on any products. Advertisements in M A G I C magazine; one of the best web sites around. Catalogs available.) Hollywood Magic 6614 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028 also Costa Mesa, CA Tel: (714) 646-4374 Fax: (714) 646-5520 WWW: http://www.swifty.com/MW/shop/hwood.htm Homeplate Magic Emporium 6061 Cottonwood CT Clarkston, MI 48346 USA Tel: (810) 625-8319 Fax: (810) 625-8319 E-mail: wbell10940@aol.com House of Magic, The 2025 Chestnut St. San Francisco, CA Tel: (415) 346-2218 (Carries both old and new stuff, and specializes in antiques, imported, and limited edition stuff. The primary drawback with this place is that it's full of rubber doggy-do, inflatable women, rubber snakes, etc., and seeing into the over-stuffed counters is sometimes tough. You have to become sort of known face to get the most value out of this store. It does have the largest local book section.) Hughes Magic, 352 N. Prospect St. Ravenna, OH 44266 Tel: (330) 296-4023 (High-quality feather flowers.) Ickle Pickle Products 883 Somerton Ridge St. Louis, MO 63141 USA Tel: (314) 434-3630 Fax: (314) 434-6337 Illusionist, the WWW: http://www.infohaus.com/access/by-seller/Illusionist (Strictly a virtual shop. Accepts payment through First Virtual's internet payment system.) Imaginative Entertainment Nelson Illusion Systems Division E-mail: znelson@epix.net WWW: http://www.imaginative.com (We design and develop proprietary stage illusions, of DC caliper. We are available to answer any questions anyone may have relating to illusions.) International Magic Studio 89 Clerkenwell Road London EC1 R 5BX UK Tel: 0171 405 7324 Fax: 0171 831 2927 Jeff Busby Magic Inc. 612 Cedar Street, P.O. Box 298 Wallace, ID 83873-2233 Tel: (208) 556-1191 Fax: (208) 556-1192 Orders: (800) 445-0918 (Carries mostly books, but also carrys some magic equipment. He uses a tremendous amount of hyperbola in his advertising, and makes it sound like he's the only guy who carrys the stuff that he carrys, which isn't true. But he does make unexcelled machined and spun copper, brass, and stainless steel cups for cups and balls (I'm not sure if he's doing this right now), and he also has some beautiful turned wood wands & cups.) Jester's Magic Workshop 1070 Bank ST. Painesville, OH 44077 USA Tel: (216) 354-8749 Fax: (216) 350-1966 John Gaughan and Associates Tel: (213) 245-4412 (They build great illusions for professionals only. For example, they are the only builders authorized to make Steinmeyer's "Origami"; they made crucial contributions to Copperfield's "Flying". John also builds fine collector apparatus in very small quantities; he is a world-class, award winning artist and craftsman quite apart from his magic work. No retail, by appointment only.) John Pooley's World of Magic P.O. Box 70822 Riverside, CA 92513. (Our current Professional Set of Catalogs (7 in all - over 500-pages) can be ordered by dropping us a line & $15.00 We offer Magic by Mail. We carry over 4,000 items including Magic Props, Special-Effects, books, Videos, Juggling Stuff, Ventriloquist Equiment, Comedy & Clown Props and much more.) Johnson Precision Magic Products, Inc. P.O. Box 734 Arcadia, CA 91066 (Well known manufacturer of coin magic.) Johnson Smith Co 4514 19th Court East P.O. Box 25500 Bradenton, FL 34206-5500 Joke Shop, the 265 W. Main St. Waukesha, WI. 53186 Tel: (414) 544-5678 Orders: (888) 414-5848 E-mail: mmgood@execpc.com WWW: http://www.execpc.com/~mmgood/thejokeshop/ Joker Deluxe 8, rue de l'Equerre BP 9230 95077 Cergy-Pontoise Cedex France Tel: Fax: Joker's Wild 1008 Vista Ave. Boise ID 83705 Tel: (208) 343-4889 Joker's Wild Too 5157 N. Glennwood Boise ID 83704 Tel: (208) 378-8525 Kardwell International, Inc. PO Box 775 Orient, NY 11957-0775 USA Tel: (516) 323-3880 Fax: (516) 323-3904 E-mail: kardwell@htp.net (Gambling supplies) Kaymar Magic Co 189a St Mary's Lane Upminster, Essex, UK, RM14 3BU Tel: 01708 640557 Keith Bennett 152 Yardley Fields Road Birmingham, U.K B33 8QU Tel: 0121 628 9697 Fax: 0121 784 2147 Kennedy 8 Winchester Irvine CA 92720 Tel: (714) 262-1164 Ken-Zo's Party Place Ken & Bernie Horsman 1025-29 S. Charles St. Baltimore, MD 21230 Tel: (410) 727-5811 Kevin James 9682 Katella Anaheim, CA 92804 Tel: (714) 520-4381 Fax: (714) 535-5237 Kidder's Magic Shop P.O. BOX 27871 Salt Lake City, UT 84127 Tel: (801) 486-6047 E-mail: kidder@aros.net WWW: http://www.aros.net/~kidder (A virtual internet magic shop.) Klamm Magic 1412-L Appleton Independence, MO 64052 Tel: (816) 461-4595 (They stock a wide range of books, close-up effects and even stage sized illusions.) KT Magic P.O. Box 260 Hebron, KY 41048 Tel: (606) 689-7080 (Collectable magic & books. Prompt service, good prices, and good quality merchandise. Catalog is $5.00.) L & L Publishing P.O. Box 100 Tahoma, CA 96142 Tel: (916) 525-5700 Orders: (800) 626-6572 Fax: (916) 525-7008 E-mail: LLPUB@aol.com WWW: http://www.uelectric.com/amazing/l.html La Boutique du Magicien 21, rue des Tanneries 87000 Limoges France Tel/Fax: La Maison de la Magie 4209 St-Jacques O. Montreal P.Q. Canada Tel: (514) 935-MAGI ou 935-6244 E-mail: magie@generation.net WWW: http://www.Generation.NET/~magie/ La Porta Magica Viale Etiopia 18 00199 ROMA - ITALY Mail address: Via Dessie' 2, 00199 ROMA - ITALY Phone and Fax: +39 6 8601702 (Very serious and card expert dealer. A large book section.) La Rocks's (Balloons + Clown Supplies) 2123 Central Avenue Charlotte, NC 28205 Tel: (704) 333-3434 Fax: (704) 536-4600 (10AM - 6PM) Orders: (800) 473-3425 Lakewood Clown & Magic Shop 5932 Lake Grove St. SW Tacoma, WA 98499 Tel: (206) 588-6062 Fax: (206) 584-6461 E-mail: dickb2@clownshop.com WWW: http://www.clownshop.com Lee Jacobs Productions P.O. Box 362-L189 Pomeroy, OH 45769-0362 Tel: (614) 992-5208 (Old posters/books, repro posters. Does wholesale.) Louis Tannen 24 West 25th Street, 2nd Floor New York City, NY 10010 Tel: (212) 929-4500 Fax: (212) 929-4565 Orders: (800) 72MAGIC E-mail: spinamagic@aol.com WWW: http://www.tannenmagic.com/ (Hardcover catalog (200+ pages) $15.00 plus $4.00 S&H (U.S.A.) Includes $5 merchandise coupon.) Magic 4 You PO Box 4308 Glen Allen, Virginia 23058-4308 Tel: (804) 739-3933 E-mail: magic@i2020.net WWW: http://www.i2020.net/~magic (Magic 4 You is an Internet Only Store.) Magic and Gambling Postfach 1742 D-85207 Dachau, GERMANY Tel: (081) 318-2793 Fax: (081) 318-3892 Magic by Post (Matchrite - The Funny Business) 167 Winchester Road Bristol BS4 3NJ England Phone/Fax: (0272) 774334 (Misc. & Tenyo. Free catalogue. "Refunds on unsuitable items") Magic Books By Post 29 Hill Avenue Bedminster, Bristol UK BS3 4SN Tel: 0117 9774409 Fax: 0117 9774409*1 E-mail: 106136.427@compuserve.com WWW: http://home.virtual-pc.com/ifenn/books.html (Enormous range of books. Generally very prompt turnround on orders. They take orders by telephone, but it's an answerphone, and they will never return calls as they are too busy to do so. However, they do provide advice and suggestions by post, even to telephone questions and they take orders from all round the world.) Magic Boutique 22, rue Longue 69001 Lyon France Tel: 04 72 00 80 86 Magic Cave, the 8323 N. Lombard Portland, OR Magic City 15528 Illinois Ave Paramount, CA 90723-4111 USA Tel: (310) 531-1991 Fax: (310) 531-4516 Magic Collector's Bulletin George Daily's Magacana for Collectors 3778 Cayuga Lane York, PA 17402 Tel: (717) 757-3096 Magic Company, the PO Box 488 Southampton SO14 2ZL United Kingdom Tel & Fax: +44 01703 222448 E-mail: webwizard@magic.co.uk WWW: http://www.magic.co.uk/ Magic Concepts 338 Claymore Blvd Richmond Hts, OH 44143 USA Tel: (216) 486-4540 Fax: (216) 486-4540 Magic Corner and Costume Shop, the 1213 Hillsborough Street Raleigh, NC 27603 Tel: (919) 834-0925 Fax: (919) 834-5950 E-mail: wdukes@vnet.net WWW:http://www.citysearch.com/rdu/magiccorner/ Magic Den, the 5225 NW N Macedo Blvd. Port Saint Lucie, Fl 34983 Tel: (561) 343-0500 Fax: (561) 343-0335 WWW: http://members.aol.com/LarryNye/Magic.html WWW: http://members.aol.com/MagicDen/Den.html (Magic: Retail / Wholesale Established 1980. Originator: Cut-a-card / Six Pack Stacks, etc. Master Card / Visa available) Magic Dragon Tel: (214) 253-6224 2322 Rock Island Rd Irving, TX Magic Dungeon, the (David Lander) 2421 Larkin Rd. Lexington KY 40503 E-mail: Elmsley@aol.com Magic-Fest Co. 3205 SW Cedar Hills Bv Beaverton, OR Magic Hands, the Wolfgang Wollet Koenigsberger Strasse 105 71139 Ehningen, Germany Tel: 07034-31774 Fax: 07034-31709 Magic House of Babcock 3755 Eels Rd Cashmere, WA 98815-9745 USA Tel: (509) 782-2730 Magic, Inc 5082 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL 60625 Tel: (312) 334-2855 (Large publisher of books. Catalog is $7.00 Retail and wholesale.) Magic Land Phone from Narita airport (outside of Tokyo city) : 03-3666-4749 Phone from inside of Tokyo city : 3666-4749 (The most famous magic shop in Tokyo is Ton Onosaka's, "Magic Land". It's located near Kayaba-Cho subway station (Tozai-line or Hibiya-line). Near the Tokyo Station. The shop is very small and hard to find. Call for directions. Closed Mondays. Tu-Sat 10-18:00 (?)) Magic Masters Inc. 3044 Miller Rd. Lithonia, GA 30083 Orders: (800) 369-6244 E-mail: MagicMasters@Webtv.net WWW: http://members.tripod.com/~MagicMasters (Expensive and targeted to the mass market.) Magic Methods Tel: (864) 232-4220 (Jerry Mentzer's company.) Magic Max Locations in: Walt Disney World Area; Times Square NYC; San Francisco Bay Area; Greater Seattle; Miami; Dallas; Minneapolis/St. Paul Area; Ontario California; Orlando Tel: (407) 847-7552 Fax: (407) 847-7882 Orders: (800) 366-3129 E-mail: magic@magicmax.com WWW: http://www.magicmax.com ("The world's largest magic dealer." Expensive and targeted to the mass market.) Magic Methods P.O. Box 4105 L Greenville, SC 29608 Magic Moments PO Box 278 Artarmon NSW 2064 AUSTRALIA Fax: (02) 419 8585 E-mail: staylor@enternet.com.au, jphegan@zip.com.au WWW: http://www.zip.com.au/~jphegan/mm/ Magic Production 1 rue Froment 75011 Paris Tel: Magic Shop, the Evan Katz 829J State St. Lemoyne, PA 17043 (near Harrisburgh) Tel: (717) 737-7559 Magic Shop, the 940 South Broadway, Hicksville, NY 11801 Tel: (516) 822-5074 (The largest magic shop on Long Island, NY, has operated for over twenty years. Friendly atmosphere, soon to offer a mail-order catalog.) Magic Shop Copenhagen, the Vanmanden 83 3650 Oelstykke Denmark Tel: (+45) 40 52 38 44 Tel: (+45) 38 34 35 44 Magic Shoppe, the 6689 Middlebelt Rd., Garden City, MI 48135 Tel: (313) 261-6016 Fax: (313) 261-9488 E-mail: magicshop@worldnet.att.net WWW: http://www.gatecom.com/~magic Magic Vision Box 14 891 21 Ornskoldsvik Sverige Tel: 0660-121 23 Fax: 0660-123 09 E-mail: gs@gsmagic WWW: http://www.gsmagic.se/magicvision Magic Warehouse (the) 12417 Knollcrest Road Reisterstown, Maryland 21136 Tel: (410) 561-0777 E-mail: magickatzy@aol.com WWW: http://members.aol.com/magickatz Magical Fun Discount Magic Store 764 North Geyer Road Kirkwood, MO 63122 Tel: (314) 965-5389 Fax: (314) 965-6249 E-mail: magicalfun@primary.net WWW: http://www.wimall.com/magicalfun Magical Secrets Toronto, Ontario, Canada E-mail: magical@inforamp.net WWW: http://www.magical.com/secrets (A virtual magic store.) Magical Wonders 9 Canterbury Road Watford Herts, WD1 1QT England Tel: 01 923 467956 Fax: 01 923 220653 International Dial 441923 + number E-mail: magic@hey-presto.demon.co.uk Magic World Machine 1992 Green Rd. Cleveland, OH 44121 Fax: (216) 383-3881 E-mail: magic@harborcom.net WWW: http://www.harborcom.net/~magic (Manufacturer, Wholesale, Retail, Mail Order) MagicBug Productions P.O. Box 183 Hudson Falls, NY 12839 USA Tel: (518) 747-0173 E-mail: rex@global2000.net WWW: http://www.inc.com/users/magicbug.html (Operated by Bryn Reynolds) Magicians Favorite Outlet 1074 E Fairview Ave Bowling Green, OH 43402 Tel: (419) 353-6812 E-mail: puzzles@wcnet.org WWW: http://members.tripod.com/~puzzler/KOMHOME.html (Appears to be going out of business.) Magicland Tel: (214) 350-0966 Forrest Lane & Marsh Dallas, TX (Operated by Howard Hale) Magix 6, rue de Guebwiller 67100 Strasbourg France Tel: Fax: Mamma Mia Magic PO Box 3006 Granada Hills, CA 91344 Tel: (818) 360-3959 Fax: (818) 360-5756 E-mail: acmagic@aol.com Mark Leveridge Magic 29 Wresfords Close, Exeter, Devon UK EX4 5AY Tel: +44 1392 52000 Fax: +44 1392 435725 (Mark produces all his own effects with an emphasis on practical commercial close-up and childrens effects. The great thing is that everything he sells he uses.) Mark's Mystical Magic 2443 North 114th St. Milwaukee, WI 53226-1227 USA Phone/Fax (414) 258-5683 E-mail: MysticShop@aol.com WWW: http://home.navisoft.com/magicbymax/home.htm Market Magic Shop 1501 Pike Place #427 Seattle WA 98101 USA Tel: (206) 624-4271 Fax: (206) 624-4919 Orders: (800) 903-4271 E-mail: magic@speakeasy.org WWW: http://eyeball.speakeasy.org/cgi-bin/magic/browse Martin Breese International P.O. Box 842 Sheffield, UK S2 5TB Tel: 0742 737441 (24 hour answering machine) Fax: 0742-726420 (24 hours) E-mail: martin@breese-books@herefordshire.com WWW: http://www.herefordshire.com/breese-books/ (Close-up books, props, etc.) Mayette Magie Moderne 8 rue des Carmes 75005 Paris Tel: Fax: E-mail: duvivier@mayette.com WWW: http://www.mayette.com Maxilla & Mandible, LTD The Natural History and Science Emporium 451-5 Columbus Ave New York, NY 10024 Tel: (212) 724-6173 (Bones, specimens, skulls, etc. Catalog: $9.95) Mecca Magic 49 Dodd Street Bloomfield, NJ Tel: (201) 429-7597 E-mail: sorcerer@meccamagic.com WWW: http://www.meccamagic.com/ Meir Yedid P.O. Box 2566, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 USA Tel: (201) 703-1171 Fax: (201) 703-8872 E-mail: MeirYedid@aol.com WWW: http://www.uelectric.com/meiryedid/ Mel's Magic Co. Holts Cottage, Honington Shipston-on-Stour WARWICKSHIRE CV36 5AA U.K. Tel/Fax: 01608 661657 Mobile: 0860 485578 E-mail: efhmrh@ibm.net (Specialising in Children's magic including tricks from Edwin's Magic Arts, Punch & Judy Puppets, Ventriloquist dolls, (New & second hand) Plus commercial Close-up magic, and second hand books. Free Catalogue) Metaempirical Magic P.O. Box 500-M Stockbridge, MA 01262 Tel: (413) 243-4573 Michael Canick 80 East 11th Street, Room 430 NY, NY 10003 E-mail: canick@panix.com Phone (24 hours): (212) 780-9767 (Michael has established the first on-line dealership of used and antiquarian magic books & props. To be on the mailing list, send your e-mail address to: canick@panix.com or send a SASE for a hard copy by snail mail to: above address. People can now make appointments to visit the office and view material or sell books/props.) Mike Rogers P.O. Box 461723 Escondido, CA 92046-1723 Tel: (619) 489-1303 Misdirections Magic Shop (formerly Hou-dee-neez, but the Houdini family took exception!) 1236 9th Avenue San Francisco, CA Tel: (415) 566-2180 (A nice neighborhood magic shop a few blocks from Golden Gate park, next to a terrific Greek restaurant. Good mid-range magic props, helpful, knowlegeable folks behind the counter, much recent and new magic, a well-chosen book and video selection. They seem to try to fit the customer's needs and proficiency level rather than just push stuff indiscriminately. Strong emphasis on magic, few novelties, no fake dog-doo, no inflatable women etc. Some juggling equipment.) More Than Magic Bob Lloyd 11 Davenport St Somerville, NJ 08876 Tel: (908) 218-0065 Morrissey Magic Ltd. 2882 Dufferin Street Toronto, Ontario M6B 3S6 Canada Tel: (416) 782-1393 Fax: (416) 782-4619 (This is probably an economical choice for the Canadians of the group. What with the Canadian dollar sitting so low and everything.) Mr. Magic 8912 Stagecoach Rd. #17 Little Rock, AR 72209 Tel: (501) 455-6242 (We have a fine magic dealer in Arkansas. Jim Henson has a large store in our state that will ship to anyone. The prices are right.) Misty Morn Farm, Rt#1, Box 113A Middleburg, VA 22117 Tel: (703) 687-6476 Orders: (800) MAGICCW Fax: (703) 687-6122 Mountain Pastimes 320 Spring St Nevada City, CA 95959-2421 USA Tel: (916) 265-6692 E-mail: kathyh@nccn.net Mr. Magic and Novelties 8912 Stagecoach Rd. #7 Little Rock, AR 72209 USA Tel: (501) 455-6242 Fax: (501) 455-1773 Mystical Magic Creations 2294 Park Place Merrick, NY 11566 Tel: (516) 379-8189 E-mail: Elnick@earthlnik.net WWW: http://home.earthlink.net/~elnick/index.html (We are Mystical Magic Creations a true discount magic mail order business specializing in low prices and customer service. We offer a FREE catalog and monthly specials.) Mr. Mystic's Magic Corner 372 State Salem, OR Munari Magic Co. MGM Grand Hotel 3799 Las Vegas Blvd. So. Las Vegas, Nv 89109 Tel: (702) 736-2883 Fax: (702) 798-0045 E-mail: genomunari@aol.com (Geno Munari) (A complete line of magic for the amateur & professional. Noted for custom cut stripper decks, belly strippers, end strippers using your decks or ours. We also publish magic books, and release new magic items.) Murphy's Magic P.O. Box 7373 St. Louis, MO 63177-7373 Mysterious Magic 20 Riverstone Drive Baguley, Manchester, UK M23 9QW Tel: 0161 998 7713 Mystique Magic Mfg. P.O. Box 577 Rush Springs, OK 73082 Tel: (405) 476-2481 Fax: (405) 476-2692 Nielsen Magic P.O. Box 34300 Las Vegas, NV 89133 Tel/Fax: (702) 656-7674 WWW: http://www.nnmagic.com/ O'Dowd Conjuring (Mike O'Dowd) 7313 Kohler Drive Barnhart, MO 63012-2013 Tel: (314) 464-1026 (Tons of old books and apparatus, autographed pictures, just about anything.) Old Town Costume & Magic Shop 58 S. De Lacey Street Pasadena, CA 91105 Tel: (818) 683-8351 Fax: (818) 564-2897 E-mail: magicmarkt@aol.com WWW: http://www.net101.com/magicmarket/ Olde Town Magic 5770 W. Bronson Highway Suite 220 Kissimmee, FL 32741 Olde World Magick P.O. Box 162 Oakville, CT 06779 (Catalog: $1, Props for the Bizarre Magician) Ossinsky Novelties & Magic 914 Rollins Av Ormond Beach, Florida 32176-7855 Tel: (904) 677-9050 Fax: (904) 676-2442 E-mail: magician@america.com (Owner: Seth Jon Ossinsky) Owen Magic Supreme 734 N. McKeever Azusa, CA 91702-2394 Tel: (626) 969-4519 Fax: (626) 969-4614 E-mail: alanz@abac.com WWW: http://www.owenmagic.com (Owners: Les and Gertrude Smith, Alan Zagorsky Makers of eye-poppingly beautiful, highest grade apparatus (with prices to match) in every category, from Morrison Pill Boxes to the largest and most exotic illusions. Direct successors to Thayer and Merv Taylor, in unbroken succession for 90 years. A magnet for working pros building big shows. Best turned wood apparatus, flawless 15" tubular linking rings (they ring like anvils), and on and on. Unlike some other manufacturers of exotic magic, Owen's stuff works! Much of their smaller magic is sold mail order (they do not wholesale), but there is a modest sized, beautiful showroom. Custom magic built to order, phone for appointment. It's a good idea to phone ahead anyway, since Azusa is 20 minutes east of Los Angeles. Open Saturdays by appointment. Their catalog retails for $32 softbound or $75 hardbound) P & A Silks 25 Lavelle Ave New Fairfield, CT 06812 Tel: (518) 537-4616 (High quality silk.) Palmer Magic, 23 Duane Number 6, Redwood City, CA 94062 Tel: (415) 365-3818 Paris Magic 18, rue Brillat-Savarin 75013 Paris France Tel: Fax: Paul Diamond's Magic Company P.O. Box 11570 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33339 Tel: (305) 772-8067 Orders: (800) 330-2713 (The place seems to have a HUGE selection of books, even things that are supposed to be out of print!) Paul Howard Pro Magic 37 Kingsley Drive Harrogate, North Yorkshire UK HG1 4TJ Tel: 01423 885313 Paul Scott Magic 1 Ashley Close, Penwithick, St Austell, Cornwall PL26 8UB Tel: 01726 851823 Perfect Magic 4781 Van Horne Ave. Suite 206 Montreal, PQ H3W 1J1 Canada Tel: (514) 738-4176 Fax: (514) 738-9738 Toll Free: (800) 665-3754 E-mail: permagic@montrealnet.ca PIATNIK & Sons Huetteldorferstr. 229-231 P.O.Box 79 A-1141 Vienna, Austria Tel: +43-1-914 41 51 0 Fax: +43-1-911 14 45 (European Card Company) PM Magic 12977 View Mesa St. Moorpark, CA 93021 Tel: (805) 529-8416 PM Magic 125 Celia Place Las Vegas, NV 89128 Phone or Fax: (702) 341-5843 E-mail: pmmagic@earthlink.net WWW: http://www.uelectric.com/pmmagic/ PM Productions 1701 Monroe St LaPorte, IN 46350 Powerful Magic 1516 Purdue Ave #7 Los Angeles, CA 90025 Presto magic 9 Brookfields, Stebbing, Dunmow, Essex CM6 3SA Progetto Magia 5 Ashford Court, Ashford Road, Cricklewood, London, NW2 6BN Tel: 0181 452 7220 Puzzling Pastimes 1074 E Fairview Ave Bowling Green, Ohio 43402 Tel: (419) 353-6812 E-mail: puzzles@wcnet.org WWW: http://members.tripod.com/~puzzler/KOMHOME.html (Appears to be going out of business.) Quality Props 11 Hartridge Walk Allesley Park Coventry, UK CV5 9LF Tel: 01203 672512 (Makers of Stage illusions, Cabaret props and Childrens Magic. Also stock close up items, and Terry and Norma products. Due to high shipping costs they will only send items inside the UK.) Queen of Hearts Tel: (214) 578-1969 E 15th & Ave K Plano, TX Rabbit In The Hat Ranch 1017 Crystal Bowl Circle Casselberry, Florida 32707-4536 Tel: (407) 695-3630 (RITHR puts out a semi-monthly mailing (10 or 12 pages) listing some unusual magic that I seldom find elsewhere. Prices are discounted, and I've always received good service from them. Buying magic based on written descriptions can be tricky, but the mailings are fun to read and the prices are good.) Radella 9222 159th St, Suite #346 Orland Park, IL 60462 Repro Magic, 46 Queenstown Road London SW8 3RY ENGLAND Tel: +44 (0171) 720 6257 Fax: +44 (0171) 498 2443 E-mail: repro@geoffm.demon.co.uk WWW: http://www.geoffm.demon.co.uk (United Kingdom's Largest supplier of professional magical equipment. Everything from a thumb tip to full scale stage illusions. 450 page catalogue available. Full details on web site. Richard Kaufman Suite 183-a 8401 Colesville Rd Silver Spring, MD 20910 Rob's Magic and Juggling 3023 Central NE Albuquerque, NM 87106 Tel: (800) 705-8425 E-mail: magic@nmia.com WWW: http://www.olworld.com/olworld/mall/mall_us/c_toys/m_robs/index.html Robinson Wizard, Inc. P.O. Box 472 Lenox Hill Station New York, New York 10021 USA Phone: 212 861-8708 Fax: 212 794-3983 E-mail: rwizard@holonet.net WWW: http://www.uelectric.com/magicsoftware Ron Gilbert 7 woods View Road, Talbot Park, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH9 2lJ Tel: 01202 517584 Ronjo's 4600 Nesconset Hwy, Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776 Tel: (516) 928-5005 Fax: (516) 928-2227 12 noon to 8 p.m. Mon-Fri & 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday. (They stock over 6500 items and close to 4000 of that it magic & juggling items. The rest includes theatrical supplies, costumes, novelty & gags and more. Ronjo's also manufactures approximately 50 items including the Magician's Choice Performance Mats. The shop has a lecture room.) SASCO, Inc. 403 E. Pennsylvania Blvd. Feasterville, PA 19053 (For coin effects. Wholesale) Scott Magic Company 1007 Kramer Lane Austin, TX 78758-4306 Tel: (512) 837-4752 (Small but excellent magic shop; good selection of books. Close-up and stage magic items for beginners on up to professionals. Best to call first; sometimes the owners are away performing.) Selecciones Magicas Calle Enamorados, 124 08026 Barcelona SPAIN Tel: 34-3-246 65 64 Fax: 34-3-265 37 10 Movil: 34-07-294 111 E-mail: selemagi@arrakis.es WWW: http://www.arrakis.es/~selmagic Show-Biz Services 1735 East 26 Street Brooklyn NY 11229 Tel: (718) 336-0605 Fax: (718) 627-1397 E-mail: showbiz10@aol.com (Wholesale to dealers. Retail Video and Ventriloquist supplies.) Show Stoppers Company 3603 Spring Arbor Way Kingwood, TX 77345 Tel: (713) 360-8014 Silques Etc. P.O. Box 272 Renssselaer, IN 47978-0272 Tel: (219) 866-4287 Smoke & Mirrors Magic Shop P.O. Box 517 Sheboygan, WI 53082-0517 WWW: http://www.excel.net/celebrate/magic/magic.htm The Sorcerer's Cellar Gold Mountain Corp. Box 94 Novelty, OH 44072-0094 (Wholesale) Sound Ideas 37 Berne Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey, UK CR7 7BJ Tel: 0181 684 3066 Fax: 0181 684 3066 Spectram Magic 1592 East Jean-Talon St Montreal, PQ H2E 1T1 Canada Tel: (514) 376-2312 Fax: (514) 727-2408 St. Croix Studios P.O. Box 6662 Fullerton, CA. 92834 USA Tel: (714) 773-0556 Fax: (714) 773-0120 E-mail: stcroixmagic@earthlink.net WWW: http://members.aol.com/stcroixmgc/shop.htm (The St. Croix Magic shop is well stocked with books, videos, and magic effects from close-up to stage. Many unusual and imported items along with their own high quality custom made magic equipment. To be added to their catalog list send $3.00. Fred Cruz / owner) Stanford Prod. P.O. Box 161 Stilwell, KS 66085 Stephen Tucker Tel: 0684 566485 Sterling Magic PO Box 7670 Auburn, CA 95604 Tel: (916) 823-7077 Fax: (916) 823-7078 E-mail: magic@foothill.net WWW: http://www.foothill.net/~magic/ (Producer of coin and money tricks.) Steven Dawsons Magic Touch 144 N. Milpitas Blvd. Milpitas,CA 95035 Tel: (408) 263-9404 (Steve Dawson owns and runs the place. Tends to carry new stuff only, not antiques or second hand. They also carry a few of their own manufactured tricks of various types. They have a newsletter which comes out every few months. He also is now in the mail order business, so he has a catalog available. Steve can get many more things than he stocks. What he stocks is a good selection of closeup stuff, including coins, plus standards like vanishing canes, cups & balls, etc. And some of the usual strangely painted boxes & tubes. Steve keeps a close eye on the trade, and can usually offer comments on new or old tricks. Catalog $4) Stevens Magic Emporium 2520 E. Douglas Wichita, KS 67214 USA Tel: (316) 683-9582 or (316) 683-5861 Fax: (316) 68-MAGIC E-mail: sme@southwind.net WWW: http://www.uelectric.com/stevensmagic/ (Much good stuff. Pay $7.50 to get on their catalog list. They carry imported magic, and intermediate priced magic in general. They carry lots of finely made brass pieces too.) Supreme Magic Company, the is out of business... T.A.T Studio 252 Finchley Road, Hamstead, London UK NW3 7AA Tel: 0171 431 6487 Fax: 0171 435 5799 T. Everett Bookings, III Box 12252 Dallas, TX 75225 Tel: (214) 373-7262 (Ghost, Seance and Spirit effects. Also creates custom effects for spooky entertainment. Member PEA.) Ted Lesley's Wonder Workshop, Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz 4, D-12161 Berlin, Germany Tel: 4930-851-6660 (during business hours) Tel/Fax: 4930-851-6861 (24 hrs) (Ted is English living in Germany and he recently published a very good book entitled "Paramiracles".) Thaumysta Magic Co. P.O. Box 17174 Minneapolis, MN 55417 Tel: (612) 724-8287 Fax: (612) 724-3128 (Thaumysta Magic specializes in bizarre effects and accoutrements. They have an annual catalog of merchandise and will send it to interested parties for $1 which will be refunded with order.) Theatre Effects 642 Frederick St. Hagerstown, MD 21740 Mail: P.O. Box 957, Funkstown, MD 21734-0957 Tel: (301) 791-7646 Fax: (301) 791-7719 E-mail: service@theatrefx.com WWW: http://www.theatrefx.com (Lighting effects, pyrotechnics, aerotechnics, and other special effects devices.) Toms Magic Corner (of Village Video) 8S. Prospect Avenue, Clarendon Hills, IL Tel: (630)325-8989 (Carries strictly beginners magic) Tony Curtis Magic 26 Chillington Street Maidstone, Kent UK ME14 2RT Tel: 01622 752819 Fax: 01622 752819 Tony's Trick and Joke Shop 532 Broughton Stret Victoria, British Columbia V8W 1C6 Canada Tel: (250) 385-6807 Fax: (250) 385-5543 E-mail: tonyeng@magictrick.com WWW: http://www.magictrick.com Top Hat, The c\o Allan Adcock 2232 W. Richwoods Blvd. Peoria, IL 61614 Tosi's Magic Manufacturing 4042 Cypress Landing Winter Haven, FL 33884 Tel: (813) 324-7122 (Little known manufacturer of coin magic) Trickery, the PO BOX 4651 WAYNE, NJ 07474-4651 Tel: (973) 831-7937 E-mail: magi@webspan.net WWW: http://www.webspan.net/~magi (A virtual magic shop.) Trickshop International Company P.O. Box 68441 Scahumburg, IL 60168-0441 Tel: (630) 250-1599 Fax: (630) 250-8058 E-mail: sales@trickshop.com WWW: http://www.trickshop.com/ (Fast loading, secure Website offering pro quality magic - from close-up tricks to stage illusions. JavaScript-powered form for on-line orders. Checks drawn on US or Canadian banks accepted through Redi-Check.) Trimble Silks 2033 Twelve Oaks Circle Kennesaw, GA 30144 Tel: (404) 426-4095 Twin Cities Magic and Costume 241 West Seventh St. St. Paul, MN 55102 Tel: (612) 227-7888 Fax: (612) 227-1297 (A large, excellent shop with free parking (a real plus in downtown St. Paul) and a stage on premises. It has a good selection of standard effects, books, and tapes, plus some original effects. Prices are average for magic shops. You'll get good, friendly service from the owners -- Fred Baisch, a professional magician, and Jim Berg, enthusiastic amateur and business manager. There's also a superb collection of costumes, make-up, and stage props. Meeting place for the local IBM ring.) UMSI Incorporated 125 Lincoln Blvd Dept D Middlesex, NJ 08846-1060 USA Tel: (908) 805-0200 Fax: (908) 805-0604 E-mail: abramagic@aol.com Unique Magic 165 N. Marion Street Oak Park, IL 60301 Tel: (708)386-0854 Up Your Sleeve Discount Magic P.O. Box 610 Friendswood, TX 77549-0610 Tel: (713) 996-5232 Fax: (713) 482-1253 E-mail: magicsecrt@iwl.net WWW: http://members.aol.com/magicsecrt (A virtual magic store) Vanishing Productions Inc. Johnstown, PA 15904 E-mail: magician@twd.net Tel: (814) 269-1394 Orders: (800) 817-6267 Viking Mfg. Co. PO Box 1778 Mcallen, TX 78505-1778 USA Tel: (210) 380-3929 Fax: (210) 380-3930 (Wholesale) Village Magic 152 E. Limestone Street (Mail Orders) 100 Corry Street (Showroom) Yellow Springs, OH 45387-1821 USA Tel: (937) 767-3441 E-mail: magic@VillageMagic.com WWW: http://www.VillageMagic.com/ Wheeler-Tanner Escapes P.O. Box 349 Great Falls, MT 59403 Tel: (406) 453-4961 (Escape artist equipment) Wheeler-Tanner Escapes order). 3024 E. 35th Spokane, WA 99223 Tel: (509) 448-8457. (Mainly escape artist supplies. Catalog is $2, refundable with first order.) Williams Magic 6528 East 22nd Street Tucson, AZ. 85710-5210 USA Mail: PSC Box 82147, Tucson AZ 85707 Phone: (520) 790-4060 Fax: (520) 889-4950 E-mail: Alvon@primenet.com WWW: http://www.primenet.com/magic/ Winklers Warehouse of Wonders 24 Doyle Road Oakdale, Conn, 06370 Tel: (860) 859-3474 Fax: (860) 859-3135 WWW: http://www.magichq.com (Owned and run by Magician David Winkler (Member I.B.M)) Wizard Magic Shop 1395 North Scottsdale Road c/o Los Arcos Mall Scottsdale, Arizona 85257 Tel: (602) 874-9095 E-mail: wizardman@wizardmagic.com WWW: http://www.wizardmagic.com (Featuring everything from props, videos, books, juggling, clowning, jokes, novelties, and much more. Magic School and others services also available. Owned and operated by Leigh Hotz (The Wizard of Fun) who been in the magic retail business for 20 years who recently relocated to Arizona to start franchises.) Wizard Magic Shop II 5115 N 27th Ave. c/o Swapmart (Booth H9-H11) Phoenix. AZ Tel: (602) 864-6563 E-mail: artemis961@aol.com WWW: http://www.wizardmagic.com (Open Fridays thru Sundays only) Zauber - Bartl Billhorner Brckenstr. 40 Mercedes-Haus 6. Etage D-20539 Hamburg Tel: 040-7898281 Fax: 040-7898655 Zauberladen Zurich Bandlistrasse 29, CH-8064 Zurich Tel: (CH)-1-4312171 Fax: (CH)-1-4312527 E-mail: zauberladen@access.ch WWW: http://www.access.ch/whoswho/showwho?zauberladen Zauberzentrale Muenchen Harold Voit Kirchplatz 9 D-82049 Pullach Tel: 089/ 7938283 Fax: 089/ 7938800 =================================================== The following is a list of dealers in Switzerland Pierre Magic-Studio Vertrieb v. Zauberartikel u. Requisiten Zauber-Shows Kehlhofrain 4 6043 Adligenswil Tel: 041 / 372 07 11 Fax: 041 / 372 07 13 Magic-Studio-Almeico Zauber-Apparate Meier Albert Murtenstr. 224 3027 Bern Tel: 031 / 991 06 71 Zauber Entertainment Abraxas GmbH Schareggstr. 1 5506 Magenwil Tel: 064 / 56 70 10 Fax: 064 / 56 31 22 Flip-Flap's Zauber- und Geschenklaedeli Magic Design AG Hauptstr. 79 4450 Sissach Tel: 061 / 971 80 70 Nikolin Zoran Fellerstr. 52 3027 Bern Tel: 031 / 992 08 94 Magie Contact accessoires et cours r. Vollandes 60 Fax: 022 / 736 70 40 1207 Geneve =================================================== The following is a list of Dealers in the Netherlands and Belgium From: gjans@diac.nfe.be (Geert Janssen) Geert Janssen is the system operator of MAGIC!-BE BBS, a magic oriented bulletin board system, part of MAGIC!NET. A. VAN DE KRAATS ST. MAARTENSDREEF 42 3564 UTRECHT THE NETHERLANDS DE MARTINO'S ST. MAARTENSDREEF 192 3564 UTRECHT THE NETHERLANDS GOOCHELSTUDIO KALI KROMMENDIJK 5 - 7 3312 CD DORDRECHT THE NETHERLANDS Tel: +31-78-130408 Fax: +31-78-133133 H. KEYL GOUDBLOEMSTRAAT 15 8612 XI ZWOLLE THE NETHERLANDS J. KNIP BURMANLAAN 17 2241 JD WASSENAAR THE NETHERLANDS MAGIC F/X EINDHOVENSEWEG 119 5552 AA VALKENSWAARD THE NETHERLANDS Tel: +31-4902-43810 Fax: +31-4902-46780 MAGIC SHOP VICTORIA HOF TEN BIERGESTRAAT 9 2390 WEELDE BELGIUM Tel: +32-14-659358 MEPHISTO HUIS H.CONSCIENCESTRAAT 20 8500 KORTRIJK BELGIUM Tel: +32-56-213053 Fax: +32-56-214259 PETER WILLIS KARTUIZERSVEST 55 B 2500 LIER BELGIUM Tel + Fax: +32-3-4880478 Tel: +32-3-4881236 Open: Appointments only Also jugglersmaterial RAIMONI MAGIC CENTER VAN ARTEVELDESTRAAT 45 1000 BRUSSEL BELGIUM Tel: +32-2-5112407 ook op zaterdag van 9 tot 19 uur. ROCA MAGICS KORTRIJKSESTRAAT 88 8520 KUURNE BELGIUM SELECT MAGIC CV SLACHTHUISSTRAAT 21 8500 KORTRIJK BELGIE Tel: +32-56-217315 Fax: +32-56-258813 VAT registration number: B-431.757.292 Mo/We/Th/Fr: 09.00-12.00 / 14.00-18.00 Sa : 10.00-12.00 / 14.00-17.00 Tu : Closed (Retail, Wholesale, Fabrication, import, export. Free quarterly newsletter "Select-O-Gram".) -- PN