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Frequently asked questions in alt.magic/part3 (of 4)
Last modified: Tue Dec 2 12:37:47 EST 1997 Please send suggested corrections and additions to: nielsen@eecs.umich.edu Topics: Part 3 VI. OTHER MAGIC REFERENCES VI-A. MAGAZINES VI-B. VIDEOS ------------------------------------------------------------------------- VI. OTHER MAGIC REFERENCES ------------------------------------------------------------------------- VI-A. MAGAZINES ON MAGIC The following list of magic magazines is from contributions from the following people: barnett@grymoire.crd.ge.com (Bruce Barnett) nielsen@eecs.umich.edu (Paul Nielsen) NHJV85A@prodigy.com (MR GARY E HUNT) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- General Magic ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Genii PO Box 36068 Los Angeles, CA 90036 thegenii@aol.com Tel: (213) 935-2848 Color cover, 80 pages an issue. The largest circulation of any magazine. Everyone should get this just for the ads, as most items are advertized here. Some columns are useless. I currently enjoy "The Giorgio Letters" which describes how the Erdnase book is a lot of bull. Jamy Ian Swiss is the current book reviewer. At present, the price of a one-year subscription for the U.S., Canada or Mexico is $30; two years $55. Contact them for information about overseas rates. ------- MAGIC - an Independent Magazine for Magicians. Circulation Office 7380 S. Eastern Ave. Suite #124-179 Las Vegas, NV 89123 USA Tel: (702) 798-4893 Fax: (702) 798-0220 E-mail: subscriptions@magic-mag.com $35 a year/ 12 issues. WWW: http://www.magic-mag.com Similar to Genii (actually - they are competitors) Color cover and color inside. Columns by Paul Gertner (performance tips), Richard Kaufman (editor of the magic section), and reviews by Mike Weber. In my (st922964@pip.cc.brandeis) opinion, is certainly the BEST magic magazine out there. It is where I learn about 90% of my magic news and features very interesting articles by the likes of Stan Allen and Michael Caveney. ----- Goodliffe's Abracadabra Published weekly. $88.50 for 52 issues 20 pages each issue. (Send $2.00 in cash for sample issue ) Goodliffe Publications 150 New Road, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire B60 2LG. England ----- Precursor: A Magazine of Innovation unikorn magic 2215 Mytle St. Erie, PA 16502 Edited by Bill Miesel 3 issues a year $16 in US. Canada, Mexico, $19 elsewhere Similar to Ibidem. Mostly new/experimental card work. ------- The Trapdoor Steven L. Beam Trapdoor Productions 407 Carrington Drive Knightdale, NC 27545 (919) 266-7900 5 issues a year $30 USA, $42.50 Overseas Excellent artwork and Humor, Closeup ------- The Minotaur P.O. Box 470025 Broadview Hts. Oh 44147 $18/year (I think 4-5 issues) This is Dan Harlan's magazine and its suppose to be one of the best close up magazines. Not much card stuff. Dan's has a great mind (I should probably get a subscription-- Mike Kamlet) ------- Apocolypse Harry Lorayne 62 Jane Street NY NY 10074 $48/12 issues Contains a lot of heavy duty card magic ------- The Crimp. Jerry Sadowitz, Flat 28, 177 Finchley Rd., London NW3 Glg., UK. This is definitely not for young people because of the language, but it is a great and funny monthly. Mostly great card stuff plus some other good items. Lots of clever, very usable stuff. It recently got a good review in Magic magazine (Mac King loves it..) ------- THE MAGIC MENU 21 Noe Place Beacon Falls, CT 06403 (203) 729-4278 $18 a year/6 issues It's a bi-monthly journal for professional restaurant and bar magicians with a circulation in ten countries published by Jim Sisti magicmenu@aol.com (MagicMenu) ------------------------------- Tom Stone posted the following message: I'm announcing the birth of a Swedish independent magic newsletter. The first issue of Dr. Faustus Journal will appear in mid-april(95). There will be 10 issues/year. 8-12 pages in each issue. The focus will be performance material and theory. You who are interested in a subscription write to: Tom Stone/Bengtsson Julias gata 111 422 51 Hisings Backa SWEDEN ------- Club 71 REPRO MAGIC publish "Club 71" magazine. Independant editorial, covering all branches of magic. Four colour cover and 84 pages published six times per year. Annual subscription 12 British pounds 20 dollars. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- New Age, Bizarre Magic, Mentalism, Occult, Tarot, Crystals, etc ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ------- The Altar Flame Thaumysta Publishing Company P.O. Box 17174, Minneapolis, MN 55417 $20/year published quarterly by Mary Tomich (alchemy13@aol.com or thaumysta@aol.com) It focuses on presentation-based magic in the areas of alternate belief systems, occult themes, etc. An issue was reviewed in the August 1995 issue of MUM. ------- ARCANUM c/o Joe Cabral, 115 Pinehurst Avenue, Waterbury, CT 06705 $10 published twice annually by The Inner Circle of Bizarre Magic. It has been around for 8 issues but is in the middle of a brief hiatis ------- Syzygy 2901 N. 55th Avenue Phoenix,AZ 85031-3301. Internet - LeeE7@aol.com. $38.00 US per year Lee Earle has the goods with this monthly offering for the mentalist. Just effects and routines by the real workers and sources in his editors column. ------- Krypts Quarterly Crier c/o David Zver 89 West Broad St. Bethehem, PA 18018 4 issues for $20. An issue is 16 pages of 8 1/2 by 11. Specializes in Bizarre, New Age, Occult presentations. ------- The New Invocation (Edited by Docc Hilford) PO Box 17163 Phoenix, AZ 85011 $20 for 12 issues (12 pages, 8 1/2" by 11") Published irregularly. Specializes in Bizarre, New Age, Occult presentations. ------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Magazine for Collectors ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Aphelion Thomas A. Sawyer 521 S. Lyon St., No. 105 Santa Ana, CA 92701 $30 ----------------- Magic Collector's Bulletin George Daily's Magacana for Collectors 3778 Cayuga Lane York, PA 17402 (717) 757-3098 $4 for current issue ----------------- The Collectors' Forum Fred Evans editor PO. Box 391 Knoxville, TN, 37901 This quarterly publication costs $20 per year. It is based on letters and short articles that reads submit, and thus has a very friendly feeling. Fred includes with each issue various magic "stuff", which itself is collectable. Well worth the money. ------------- Magicol David Meyers PO BOX 427 Glenwood, ILL 60425 this is the quarterly publication of the Magic Collectors Association. For information on joining write David Meyers, PO Box 427, Glenwood, Ill, 60425. The dues are $20 per year. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Magic Clubs ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Linking Ring (monthly magazine) International Brotherhood of Magicians PO Box 192090 St. Lousis MO 63119-9998 Tele: (314) 351-7677 Fax: (314) 353-4771 ---- M. U. M. (monthly magazine) Richard Blowers, National Administrator P.O. Box 510260 St. Louis, MO 63151 (314) 846-5659 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Special Interests ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Rubber Chicken Chronicles Comedy and Christian Newsletter Send $2 for sample issue P. O. Box 505 Sweetwater, TN 37874 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- VI-B. VIDEOS ON MAGIC The following is a list of video tapes on magic. The intent is to list tapes which instruct rather than tapes of magic performances. If you are interested in the later, Jeff Isozaki (jti01@duts.ccc.amdahl.com) posts a monthly list of "Magic in Movies" indicating movies, actors, and scenes in which magic appears. Contributors: HCM100@psuvm.psu.edu (Sleight of Hans) cragaisi@isis.cs.du.edu (Chris Ragaisis) georgec@eng.umd.edu (George B. Clark) gumby@matt.ksu.ksu.edu (David B. Gumminger) halw@hpwrce.mayfield.hp.com (Hal Work) jti01@duts.ccc.amdahl.com (Jeff Isozaki) msibbern@nyx.cs.du.edu (Michael Sibbernsen) nielsen@eecs.umich.edu (Paul Nielsen) nigel@ietech.demon.co.uk (Nigel G. Backhurst) dennymagic@aol.com (Dennymagic) soupking@aol.com (Soup King) 1. General Brad Burt Video Tapes - Brad Burt series Are excellent for instructional purposes. They are not fancy studio productions but are easy to follow. One includes the Zarrow shuffle and appears excellent. The tapes are advertised in Genii from Brad Burt's Magic Shop in San Diego. From Jay Malone (malone@crash.cts.com) I know Brad and I have four of his videos (both coin videos, the sponge and the chop cup). Brad has been teaching many years and was, until he opened his shop, an active performer. He studies each effect that he sells and I feel that his "rating system" is fair. I've never been disapointed in my dealings with him. 2. Performance/Philosophy [No items in this topic] 3. For the Beginner Mark Wilson Videos The Mark Wilson videos are terrific. If you liked the book, you'll like the videos. Well produced, very good instructional layout, easy to follow and understand. I highly recommend them especially for a beginner. 4. Card Magic Advanced Card Work - all of the Tannen's Stars of Magic-Paul Harris series. Paul is good, funny, and weird. The tapes are extremely well done, and the selection of magic is commercial (i.e. not just finger flinging to impress other magicians, its finger flinging to impress _everybody_!) Definitely not for beginners! Basic Card Slights - Bill Tarr 90min tape packed with, as Bill Tarr says, "everything you need to know to be a dynamite card magician." The video has fairly poor production quality, and the backdrop is quite confusing. This aside, the instruction is excellent; Bill Tarr is a very good teacher. The topics include: The Slip Shuffle, Jog Shuffle, Hindu Shuffle, Slip Cut, False Triple Cut, Double Cut Classic Pass, Invisible Pass, Say When Pass, Classic Force, Riffle Force, Top- Palm, Double Lift, Top Change, Glide, Buckle, Elmsley Count, Card Weaving, and Key Cards. It includes good bits of card business and a few good card tricks. Recommend to any beginning magician as a good way to start with almost all basic card slights. Also pretty good for those more experienced that need to work on old skills. Card Manipulation and Flourishes "Art of Card Manipulation" - Jeff McBride "Card Flourishes" - Lou Lancaster "The Major Card Flourishes" - Brad Burt "Fedko - Card Illusions" - John Fedko "Card and Ball Manipulation" - Peki "Steven's Vol 3" - Shimada On the Pass - Richard Kaufman I just bought the video "On the Pass" by Richard Kaufman last weekend. It is a good presentation of the classic pass, riffle pass and Herrmann pass along with several variations and tricks based on them. He first demonstrates the pass as the spectator would see it. Then carefully shows finger positions and moves very slowly. This is shown from the performer's point of view. Then he speeds things up. Awesome! My first time through the tape, I just sat there with my mouth hanging open. Do I ever have a lot of practicing to do. One comment he makes near the end of the 40 minute video is, "Practice the classic pass 100 times a day for a year and you'll really have something special." Zarrow Shuffle, The - Brad Burt This man has to be one of the best teachers I've ever seen. Here, he teaches both the Zarrow and Faro shuffles as well as tricks. The Zarrow is the best looking table false shuffle I've ever seen. Unless you are specifically looking for it, you can't tell the difference between a Zarrow shuffle and a tabled riffle shuffle - even then you might not do it. 5. Coin Magic Expert Coin Magic Made Easy - David Roth A must have for anyone who wants to get into coin magic. He will teach any necessary sleights, then he will show a routine on a spectator, and then he will have a breakdown of the routine that he did. 6. Card & Coin Combinations Basic Card and Coin Sleights - Brad Burt series Brad is the best teacher of effects around. He has beginners' tapes on cards, coins, flourishes and sponge balls. They are self-produced so they are more reasonably priced than Tannen tapes. Brad "guarantees" you can learn the stuff from the tapes. I don't know if that means refunding the price of the tape if you can't, but it seems worth a try. For more info, call (619) 571-4749, Fax: (619) 571-7943. Daryl's Encyclopedia of Card Sleights The most complete videos on card sleights currently available. There are eight volumes total. Each volume is around $30. He explains things in a clear way and has a nice sense of humor. 7. Mentalism Eugene Goes Bizarre - Eugene Burger - STEVEN'S VOL 4" I'm very impressed with Burger's Videos. The number of tricks is pretty low but the production values are the highest I've seen in any of the 8 videos I own. I do a modified version of his "Retribution" (aka the burned card) and just left people with jaws on the floor. His Gypsy thread routine in "..Bizzare" is REALLY nice. I have several of his books and attended a small seminar that he gave in St. Paul last year. A thoroughly enjoyable person, he really puts a lot of work into his routines, books and videos. 8. Other Magic Animation and Levitation - Kevin James' Floating Rose This tape is phenomenal! You might never do the floating rose, but you learn everything you need to do levitiation and animation (close up and stage). It is difficult, but Kevin takes you step by step and leaves nothing out. Chop Cup, The - Brad Burt Everything to do the Chop cup, complete with the double large load endings standing up and surrounded. David Harkey Lecture - David Harkey Top notch! His routines are simple, visual, and strong. It requires some good misdirection, but its not overly finger flinging. Most (all) of the material is in his book. His lecture consists of 10 items. His book has 60 items. All of the material is similar in style/strength. He is very innovative. His routines have been used to win awards. He spent "10 years of his life" working on this book and it shows. He is a nice guy and quite funny. He is easy to talk to and not egotistical. He has a knack of ribbing people in the audience w/out insulting them. This is a rare talent. Strongly recommend the lecture and the book. Greatest Hits - Randy Wakeman C&S Enterprises - 1116 Brookview - Brentwood, TN USA 37027 90 minutes. 13 effects all taught. All Card routines. Great quality, post production editing by pro magician (Jim Suprise). Three good routines are Overclock, Card under glass, and Spectator on stage. I have included Spectator on stage in my own performance it is a great ace cutting effect. Harry Loryane Linking Ring "Fine Selections, fine quality, fine teaching tape" Impossibilia - The John Bannon Video. It demonstrates and explains 13 tricks, and it runs 90 minutes. It's excellent. Linking Rings - Here is a partial list of tapes with instructions on the linking rings: 1) Fedko - John Fedko has a series of 6 tapes numbered 1 thru 6. One of the tapes has linking rings as well as other platform effects. I believe the linking rings are on the "Classic Magic" volume. 2) Marc DeSousa - "Prize Winning Magic" 3) Richard Ross - Stevens' "Greater Magic" series The most beautiful version of rings I have ever seen. I watched it many times and was always impressed. He's great. Off the Cuff - Greg Wilson From: Jim Lewis (jimlewis@teleport.com) He demonstrates a ton of effects on it (way more than are listed on the case). They are all impromptu magic and very impressive. There are so many good effect on this video that it will keep you busy for months. I'd recommend this video over any other that I own for someone who is just beginning. It's great for advanced magicians too. Pat Page's Spongeball Magic (1991, T.A.T) From: Stephen "PH" Buxton (mei141@cch.cov.ac.uk) This video is a must for all beginners in spongeball magic. He covers four basic vanishes, which are performed cleanly. He shows you his professional sponge ball routine, and gives a variety of other methods of bringing a surprise climax to any routine. Eg sponge to silk, colour changing balls, sponge to coin, etc. Different methods of productions are also shown, like split, and ball from mouth. He also shows his variation of the Benson rice bowl trick (from Classic Secrets Of Magic, B. Elliot), and a few ideas for chop cup routines, including a chop Top Hat. As well as these, he gives a number of tips about spongeball magic that he has picked up over the years. All in all, an excellent video for the beginner, but with bits of interest for those who are more advanced in the art. Routine Closeup - John Mendoza's C&S Enterprises - 1116 Brookview - Brentwood, TN USA 37027 1 hr 40 min tape. Mendoza performs 10 effects and teaches 6 of them. Great quality, post production editing by pro magician (Jim Suprise). Particularly well explained are Mendoza's Cups and Balls and Dice Stacking. The Dice stacking are done in slow motion with a clear glass. Phil Willmarth in Linking Ring said, ".. it is far and away the finest instructional video I have ever seen" Thumb Tips - Patrick Page - from the Trik-A-Tape Company, 45-47 Clerkenwell Road, London, EC1M 5RS tel 71 253 9693 Having watched perhaps a dozen instructional VHS tapes on magic, this one has to be my favorite. It gives an incredible amount of detail for the endless variety of tricks you can do using a thumb tip. I see beginners frequently posting inquiries about how to get started in magic. Buying a copy of this tape is my advice. 9. History/Reference [No items in this topic] 10. Business Issues in Magic Negotiating Higher Performance Fees audio tape - Michael Ammar Recommended regarding fees earned by magicians. Restaurant Magic Business - Charles Green Tape that is VERY helpful for the restaurant performer. 11. Performing for Children Ballooning 101 - T. Myers An introduction to balloon characters. -- PN