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Subject: Eudora for Macintosh: Finding the FAQs

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comp.mail.eudora.mac FAQs Pointers ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Last updated: 9 December 2001 [Note: This date refers to this posting and not to the Eudora/Mac FAQs. This file does not change too much. The actual FAQs, however, are constantly changing.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ FAQS: Eudora for the Macintosh: Pre-3.x Specific <URL:http://www.vampy-alumni.org/eudora/faqs/faq.html> Eudora for the Macintosh: 3.x Specific <URL:http://www.vampy-alumni.org/eudora/faqs/faq3.html> Eudora for the Macintosh: 4.x/5.x Specific <URL:http://www.vampy-alumni.org/eudora/faqs/faq4.html> These files are also posted regularly to comp.mail.eudora.mac, comp.sys.mac.apps, and comp.sys.mac.comm. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The latest version of this file can be found at <URL:http://www.vampy-alumni.org/eudora/faqs/pointer.html>. Qualcomm also maintains a Eudora FAQ at <URL:http://www.eudora.com/techsupport/faqs.html> Revisions to the comp.mail.eudora.mac FAQs can be found at <URL:http://www.vampy-alumni.org/eudora/faqs/revision.html> ------------------------------------------------------------------------ All FAQs copyright (c) 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 Hank Zimmerman -- Hank Zimmerman maintains the comp.mail.eudora.mac FAQ It can be found at <URL:http://www.vampy-alumni.org/eudora/faqs/> The [Unofficial] Eudora Site: <URL:http://www.emailman.com/eudora/>