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The alt.lucky.w FAQ v.3.9 by catherine yronwode ========================================================= TABLE OF CONTENTS ========================================================= 1) What is alt.lucky.w? 2) What is Lucky W? 3) What is the official logotype of Lucky W? 4) What is Luck? 5) What is W? 6) Where are this FAQ and selected alt.lucky.w posts archived? 7) How can i get my isp to supply me with alt.lucky.w? ========================================================= 1) What is alt.lucky.w? ========================================================= Alt.lucky.w is a usenet newsgroup devoted to discussion of the metaphysics of beneficent synchronicity. It includes catalogues of, experiences with, and rationales for the operation of artifacts, tokens, and devices intended to increase beneficent synchronicity and decrease malevolent synchronicity. Such objects include good luck coins, rabbit feet, four-leaf clovers, "special" numbers, reverse swastikas, white elephants, black cats, saint cards, wishbones, ace and joker playing cards, horseshoes, small smooth rocks, godseyes, rattlesnake rattles, anointing oils and floor washes, wadjet eyes, conjure bags, dorjes and phurbus, zodiacal gemstones, cauls, pocket-sized representations of human genitalia, powders of varied chemical composition, pentacles and other geometric figures, milagros and ex-votos, munachis, magic squares, animal fetishes, representations of deities and angels, amulet boxes, prayer candles, protection packets, crystals, the penis bones of various species of mammals, lodestones and magnetic sands, coral horns and forks, votary figures, charmstones, hell bank notes, strategically placed mirrors, all-seeing eyes, hamsa hands, strange attractors, and feathers or leaves that fall from the sky and are caught before they touch the earth. Offers to buy, sell, and trade artifacts, tokens, and devices intended to increase beneficent synchronicity and decrease malevolent synchronicity are permissible in this newsgroup. Commercial spam is not permitted. ========================================================= 2) What is Lucky W? ========================================================= That, friends, is the 64 dollar question. Lucky W speaks to me of Policy Dreambooks; of the Lucky 7 Grocery Store in Nevada City, California; of childhood Westerns set on ranches known by letter-brands, like the Flying A and the B-Bar-B; of radio station "KDIA Lucky 13," playing R&B music out of Oakland, California (and its remarkable, musically unresolved theme jingle); of the hair dressing called "Lucky Brown Pressing Oil;" of fresh fruit from California's Central Valley packed in wooden crates with beautiful figurative labels and "lucky" brand names like "High Hand;" of Lucky Wilbury, better known as Bob Dylan; of early 20th century "Good Luck" postcards; of canned vegetables from California sold under the Double Luck and Lucky Trail brand names; of the 1920s British cigarette trading cards called Wills's Lucky Charms; of Lucky Luke cowboy comics (in French) and Lady Luck comics (In English); of the seventh son of a seventh son; of air-conditioned motels like the Flying W Lodge in Ozona, Texas; of the garden roses "Lucky Piece" and "Lucky Lady;" and of all manner of hoodoo potions, like Sonny Boy's Lucky Hand Alleged Indian Grandma oil and E. Davis Double Fast Luck Soap, which i used to buy in Oakland and later in Chicago and New Orleans -- and Lucky Mojo Brand New Orleans Style Fast Luck Self-Lighting Incense Powders, which i actually manufacture myself. Here are some of the popular brands in the Lucky W family of products: Lucky W Washing Powder "Gets the Blues Out of Your Genes" Lucky W Ranch-Pakt Asparagus Tips "Shipped Fresh While U Sleep" Lucky W Numbers and Policy Book "Your Winning Ticket to Dreamland" Lucky W Ripe Olives "Send 25 Cents for Italo-American Recipe Booklet #4" Lucky W Lubricants "Good and Greasy -- Now With New Added Zodiac Oil" Lucky W Valencia Oranges "Victorville Orange Growers Association, V'Ville, Calif." Lucky W Russian Style Hot Sweet Mustard with Horseradish "It Packs a Wallop!" Lucky W Cafe "You'll Love Our Full-Cream Coffee" Lucky W Weatherstripping "Your Best Protection Against the Unknown" ========================================================= 3) What is the official logotype of Lucky W? ========================================================= The official logotype of Lucky W is this: In upper/lower case Rope Script, the word "Lucky," with a four-leaf clover twined into the starting loop of the initial "L" In an upward (U-shaped) horseshoe, the letter "W" in upper case Stempel Garamond Bold. ========================================================= 4) What is Luck? ========================================================= For the purposes of alt.lucky.w, luck is beneficent synchronicity. ========================================================= 5) What is W? ========================================================= W is the 23rd letter of the English alphabet. 23 is a prime number. Fnord. W is the only letter of the alphabet whose English name is described in terms of another letter -- and it is at the same time the only letter of the alphabet whose name is a blatant falsehood: it is in fact a "double V," not a "double U." The use of Stempel Garamond Bold in the official Lucky W logotype (see question 3 above) is a reminder of the radical contradiction between the form of the letter W and its name. Stempel Garamond Bold is one of a few select type fonts in which the upper case W is composed of two separate but overlapping Vs. ========================================================= 6) Where are this FAQ and selected alt.lucky.w posts archived? ========================================================= Both can be found at the Lucky W Amulet Archive. The URL for the FAQ is http://www.lucky.mojo.com/altluckywfaq.html. The URL for the topic index, which includes archived articles, is http://www.luckymojo.com/luckywindex.html. ========================================================= 7) How can i get my isp to supply me with alt.lucky.w? ========================================================= At the present time, alt.lucky.w is available through most service providers. If your service provider does not carry alt.lucky.w, address a polite letter to the system administrator or newsgroups administrator and ask for alt.lucky.w to be added to the list of accessible newsgroups. For complete directions on how to do this, see "How to Access Arcane Newsgroups" at http://www.luckymojo.com/access.html. Alt.lucky.w is a Reconditioned Newsfroup (tm) acquired through Froggy's Usenet Salvage Company. Used newsgroups are the ecologically sound and economical choice! For your own reconditioned and low mileage used newsgroup needs, visit Froggy's Usenet Salvage Company, conveniently located at http://www.angelfire.com/la/carlosmay/FUSC.html Alt.lucky.w -- What it did for ITSELF, it can do for YOU! (c) 1995-2000 catherine yronwode. All rights reserved. Send your comments to: cat@luckymojo.com.