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Subject: alt.newlywed mini-FAQ and posting guidelines

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Archive-Name: lifestage/newlywed/mini-faq Posting-Frequency: Weekly Last-modified: November 28, 2001 Version: 2.7 Maintainer: Vicky Larmour <vicky@jifvik.org>
The full alt.newlywed FAQ is available at http://www.altnewlywed.com/faq/index.htm The maintainer (Vicky Larmour) will post a text version of the FAQ to alt.newlywed approximately once per month, and this mini-FAQ once per week. 1. What is alt.newlywed? Alt.newlywed is a forum for discussing issues that are common to newly married couples. Potential issues of interest mentioned when the group was configured on May 6, 1996, include name changes, finances, combining of households, and compromises. 2. What topics belong on alt.newlywed? Topics should generally be related to the unique experiences that come with the early years of marriage. There also is a legitimate and valued element of "staying in touch" with other graduates from the wedding newsgroups. Alt.newlywed is not a wedding planning group, and wedding or honeymoon planning questions do not belong here. Alt.newlywed is also not a general marriage support group; people looking for support for marriage problems should turn to alt.support.marriage. Pregnancy, babies and infertility are topics that inevitably crop up when a group of newlyweds get together! Threads that are solely about these and related issues should be labelled (eg by putting [Preg] in the Subject: header) so that people who are not interested can skip over those threads. 3. Is advertising allowed on alt.newlywed? Messages advertising products or services are not permitted on alt.newlywed. Products or services may be promoted only in (a) recommendations in response to a specific inquiry and (b) the poster's .sig file. Using the newsgroup as a source of mailing list names for unsolicited commercial or political e-mail messages is also forbidden. ---------------------------------------------------------------------