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Subject: Libertarian Party FAQ: Presidential Campaign Info

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LIBERTARIAN PARTY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES Libertarian Party candidates for President and Vice-President are selected by the delegates at the LP's national convention. The nominations for 2004 will be made at the convention expected to be held in the late spring or early summer of 2004. The following candidates have said that they are seeking or considering seeking the LP's nomination, are considered likely to seek the LP's nomination, or are being promoted for the LP's nomination by an active "draft" effort. This information is provided for the convenience of LP members, potential supporters, and others who may want to learn more about the candidates or how to contact them. Listing here does not imply any endorsement or support by the Libertarian Party or the maintainer of this FAQ. For President DAVE HOLLIST P.O. Box 1414, Alta Loma, CA 91701 909-980-4198 E-mail: constitution@compuserve.com WWW: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/constitution L. NEIL SMITH Ad Hoc Conspiracy to Draft L. Neil Smith for President E-mail: tlknapp@free-market.net WWW: http://www.smith2004.org/ For Vice President The LP nominee for Vice President is chosen by the convention after the nomination for President has been made. In the past, nominees for Vice President have often been individuals who specifically sought that position, although the convention is free to select one of the candidates who sought the presidential nomination, or somebody else entirely. ========================= PAST CANDIDATES FOR PRESIDENT AND VICE-PRESIDENT OF THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY 1972 * President: John Hospers * Vice-President: Theodora (Tonie) Nathan 1976 * President: Roger MacBride * Vice-President: David Bergland 1980 * President: Ed Clark * Vice-President: David Koch 1984 * President: David Bergland * Vice-President: Jim Lewis 1988 * President: Ron Paul * Vice-President: Andre Marrou 1992 * President: Andre Marrou * Vice-President: Nancy Lord 1996 * President: Harry Browne * Vice-President: Jo Jorgensen 2000 * President: Harry Browne * Vice-President: Art Olivier ========================= LIBERTARIAN 2004 PRESIDENTIAL BALLOT QUALIFICATION States Still Qualified From The 2000 Election (22) Alaska Indiana South Carolina California Kansas South Dakota* Colorado Massachusetts Texas* Delaware Mississippi Utah Florida Missouri Vermont Georgia Montana Washington Idaho Oregon Wisconsin Wyoming States Where Petitioning Currently Is In Progress (6) Michigan Nebraska* New Mexico North Carolina Ohio* Virginia* Remaining States Where Petitioning Will Be Needed (21-26) Alabama Arkansas Connecticut District of Columbia Hawaii Illinois Iowa Kentucky Maine Maryland Minnesota Nebraska* Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New York North Dakota Ohio* Oklahoma Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Dakota* Tennessee Texas* Virginia* West Virginia * significant risk of losing qualification in 2002; additional petitioning may be required for presidential qualification Remaining States Where Registration Drive Will Be Needed (1) Arizona Not Yet Qualified, But No Petition Requirement (1) Louisiana (filing fee)