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Subject: Libertarian FAQ: Organizations

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Archive-name: libertarian/organizations Posting-Frequency: monthly URL: http://www.daft.com/~rab/liberty/lib-orgs.html Last-modified: 24 December 1999 Maintainer: Robert Bickford {rab} Copyright: Compilation copyright (c) 1995,96,97,98,99 Robert Bickford
Libertarian Organizations Please read this note: In an attempt to reduce both spam and other abuses, all fax numbers have been deleted from this list, and all email addresses have had the "at-sign" @ in them replaced by ".AT." -- the four characters dot, A, T, dot. If you want to email anybody listed here, just copy the address into your mail program, find the ".AT." somewhere in the middle of it, and replace those four letters with just one "at-sign". Sorry to have to do this, but it was necessary. _________________________________________________________________ Contents: 1. Major Libertarian Organizations 2. Abortion 3. Affinity Groups 4. Book, Tape, and Video Stores 5. Children and Families 6. College Organizations 7. Communities 8. Computer Mailing Lists 9. Drug Policy 10. Employment 11. Environment 12. Feminism 13. Free Market 14. Free Speech 15. Gun Policy 16. Health Policy 17. Legal 18. Miscellaneous 19. Objectivism 20. Political 21. Publications 22. Taxes 23. Term Limits 24. Think Tanks _________________________________________________________________ Credits, Sources, Disclaimers, etc. This document contains a list of "libertarian oriented" organizations. Some organizations included may not be specifically libertarian, but share a common view with libertarians on one or more issues. Sources used to be listed here, but there are too many to list now; most of the current info has come from the Web, as you might expect. Obviously, nothing here should be taken as implying either (a) that any of these organizations endorse the principles or platform of the Libertarian Party, (b) that any of these organizations endorse eachother's goals or beliefs, or (c) that either libertarians in general or the Libertarian Party in particular agree with everything that these organizations stand for. Libertarianism is a very deep and wide movement; there are many overlapping communities of thought both within that movement and with others. Comments, corrections, and additions are always welcome; please send them to rab.AT.daft.com Please refer to the "Last-modified" information above when you do so. Please don't send email that says ``Why don't you have so-and-so listed?'' unless you also include contact information for the organization you're concerned about. Note: this list is for organizations that have a physical address; if there is a Web page or an Email contact it is also listed. If you don't have a physical address, you can't be listed here. Sorry. Please don't assume that anything ``conservative'' must of necessity be of interest to Libertarians; the overlap between libertarians and conservatives is relatively small and certainly no larger than that between libertarians and liberals. Both are important, but ultimately peripheral. Any listing which cannot be verified or contacted for six months or more may be marked "DEFUNCT" and/or removed to the defunct organizations list, which may be reviewed at http://www.daft.com/~rab/liberty/lo-defunct.html if you like. When I can verify an organization's information, a line giving the date will be appended to its entry, looking like this: [1999.09.02] This document began life in 1994 as a (text-only) Usenet ``FAQ'' file which was created and maintained by Paul Schmidt pschmidt.AT.world.std.com of the Advocates for Self Government. It was first converted into HTML by Jeffrey Breen job.AT.NovPapyrus.com and that HTML was extensively edited and improved by Bob Bickford rab.AT.daft.com who also re-formatted all of the entries (whew!) into a standard format. It has grown a great deal since then, and Bob continues to actively maintain the document, and welcomes your input (see above). Additional Resources There are many other lists of organizations out there; one of the largest -- and longest-published -- is the Index On Liberty published by a Norwegian libertarian newsletter. A copy of this list is online at http://clipper.spinnaker.com/liberty/docs/index.txt Note that many of the entries have out-of-date contact information (regrettably, this is a persistent problem for all such lists, including mine). Also of interest is the directory of various (mostly quite old) files listing "libertarian organizations" both in the USA and abroad, found at http://www.mit.edu/activities/libertarians/libertarians/Reference/Orga nizations/ Most other lists I've seen tend to be conservative and thus not of much interest to Libertarians. _________________________________________________________________ Major Libertarian Organizations Advocates for Self-Government 1202 N. Tennessee St., Suite 202 Cartersville, GA 30120 770-386-8372, 800-932-1776 Email: Advocates.AT.self-gov.org Web Page: http://www.self-gov.org/ Non-profit educational organization. Organizes local chapters; offers conferences and programs encouraging people to encounter, evaluate and embrace the ideas of liberty and improve communications; publishes Liberator newsletter. Be sure to check out their wonderful Libertarian Celebrities page while you're there! [1999.09.02] CATO Institute 1000 Massachusetts Avenue NW Washington, DC 20001-5403 202-842-0200 Email: cato.AT.cato.org Web Page: http://www.cato.org/ Public policy research foundation; publishes Cato Journal, books, monographs and policy analysis material; conducts seminars, conferences and symposia. [1999.09.02] Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) 30 South Broadway Irvington-On-Hudson, NY 10533 914-591-7230 Email: freeman.AT.fee.org Web Page: http://www.fee.org/ Non-political, educational champion of private property, the free-market and limited government. Publishes The Freeman magazine. [1999.09.02] Future of Freedom Foundation 11350 Random Hills Road, Suite 800 Fairfax, VA 22030 703-934-6101 Email: freedom.AT.fff.org Web Page: http://www.fff.org/freedom/fff/fff.htm Educational foundation. Publishes Freedom Daily, containing articles on current issues from a libertarian and classical liberal perspective. [1999.09.02] Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) at George Mason University 3401 North Fairfax Dr., Suite 440 Arlington, Virginia 22201-4432 703-993-4880, 800-697-8799 Email: ihs.AT.gmu.edu Web Page: http://www.TheIHS.org/ Educational institute. Searches for moral arguments and scholarship which support the free society; discovers, encourages and supports scholars in the social sciences. [1999.09.02] International Society for Individual Liberty (ISIL) 836-B Southampton Road, #299 Benicia, CA 94510 707-746-8796 Email: isil.AT.isil.org Web Page: http://www.isil.org/ Promotes international exchange of information and ideas on competitive economic systems with internal conferences; promotes campus libertarian organizations; publishes Freedom Network News and position papers. Their excellent Educational Pamphlet Series has been converted into HTML and placed online at their web page. [1999.09.02] The Libertarian Alliance 25 Chapter Chambers Esterbrooke Street London SW1P 4NN United Kingdom +44 71-821-5502 Email: LA.AT.capital.demon.co.uk Web Page: http://www.capital.demon.co.uk/LA/ Affiliated to the International Society for Individual Liberty: The Libertarian International. Publishes Free Life: A Journal of Classical Liberal and Libertarian Thought, numerous occasional papers and conducts seminars, conferences and symposia. Has over 600 publications in print, many in ASCII and HTML. [1999.12.24] Libertarian Party of U.S.A. 2600 Virginia Avenue, NW, Suite 100 Washington, DC 20037 202-333-0008 New member info only: 800-682-1776 Email: hq.AT.lp.org Web Page: http://www.lp.org/ Runs and elects candidates for public office; publishes Libertarian Party News; holds bi-annual conventions. [1999.09.02] Reason Foundation & Reason Magazine 3415 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 400 Los Angeles, CA 90034 310-391-2245 Web Page (Foundation): http://www.reason.org/ Web Page (Magazine): http://www.reason.com/ Educational foundation. Educates public on principles of free society; publishes Reason Magazine; publishes policy studies, op-ed articles and daily economic education and radio program. Operates and maintains privatization database and Local Government Center. [1999.09.02] Go back to table of contents. _________________________________________________________________ Abortion Note: the Libertarian Party has often used the slogan "We're pro-choice on everything." because that is (largely) true. But just like the rest of the population, there is a range of opinions on this difficult subject within the movement. Most positions are well-covered by existing (non-Libertarian) groups, but a non-religious case against abortion is one of the few that isn't. Hence the listing below. Libertarians for Life 13424 Hathaway Drive Wheaton, MD 20906 301-460-4141 Email: libertarian.AT.erols.com Web Page: http://www.l4l.org/ Formed to argue that abortion is aggression under general libertarian principles. Reasoning is expressly philosophical rather than religious. Founded 1976. Regrettably, they make the same mistake (assuming what one is trying to prove) that most debaters on both sides of this subject make. [1999.11.12] Go back to table of contents. _________________________________________________________________ Affinity Groups Association of Libertarian Feminists See entry under Feminism. Gays and Lesbians for Individual Liberty PO Box 65743 Washington, DC 20035-5743 703-920-4023 Email: glil.AT.glil.org Web Page: http://www.glil.org/ "An international organization of persons committed to the political philosophy of individual liberty, both generally and as it affects lesbians, gay men, and bisexual persons." Publishes Quill: Queer Individual Liberty Letter. [1999.09.09] Libertarian Futurist Society 89 Gebhardt Road Penfield, NY 14526 716-248-3112 [unverified] Email: Victoria Varga director.AT.lfs.org Web Page: http://www.lfs.org/ Futurists and science fiction fans who share a concern for individual freedom. Sponsors the Prometheus Award for the best libertarian SciFi novel of the year. Publishes quarterly libertarian science-fiction newsletter Prometheus. Founded 1982. [1999.09.07] Libertarians for Gay and Lesbian Concerns PO Box 447 Chelsea, MI 48118 [unable to verify 1999.09.08] Group to create a network for gay libertarians, create awareness of gay concerns within the libertarian movement, to provide libertarian outreach to gays and lesbians. Publishes LGLC Newsletter. Possible alternate address is POB 526175, Salt Lake City, UT 84152-6175 tel. 364-7216 Go back to table of contents. _________________________________________________________________ Book, Tape, and Video Stores American Liberty Publishers Box 18296 Minneapolis, MN 55418 612-789-3908 Email: amlibpub.AT.worldnet.att.net Web Page: http://www.webcom.com/amlibpub/ "We publish and sell books on libertarian politics, free-market economics, the environment, education, and free enterprise." [1999.09.10] Audio Forum 96 Broad St., Rm. E-609 Guildord, CT 06437 800-243-1234 Supplier of taped lectures and courses by prominent libertarian thinkers. [1999.09.10 -- I am attempting to verify that this organization in fact has something of interest to Libertarians; all the person on the phone knew about was "Foregin Language" tapes! So I asked for copies of their catalogues.] Freedom's Forum Bookstore CLOSED FOREVER July 1, 1997 ICS Press Institute for Contemporary Studies 1611 Telegraph Ave., Suite 902 Latham Square Oakland, CA 94612 510-238-5010 Email: mail.AT.icspress.com Web Page: http://www.icspress.com/ "ICS believes that men and women who control their lives through self-governing institutions live more productive lives." Promotes the self-governing and entrepreneurial way of life. [1999.09.10] Knowledge Products PO Box 305151 Nashville, TN 37230 615-742-3858 [unable to verify 1999.09.10] Offers audio classics introducing historical figures such as Tom Paine, Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson, John Stuart Mill, John Locke, and more. Laissez Faire Books 938 Howard Street, Suite 202 San Francisco, CA 94103-4114 415-541-9780 Email: custsvc.AT.laissezfaire.org Web Page: http://www.laissezfaire.org/ Extremely wide selection of libertarian, history, philosophy, economic and Randian books, tapes, videotapes; publishes informative monthly book catalog with book reviews. [1999.09.10] Liberty Tree Network 100 Swan Way Oakland, CA 94621-1428 510-568-6047 Web Page: http://www.liberty-tree.org/ Mail order purveyor of products for life, liberty and prosperity; books, audio and video tapes, games, gifts and collectibles. Free catalog available. A project of The Independent Institute. [1999.09.10] Loompanics Books PO Box 1197 Port Townsend, WA 98368 800-380-2230 Web Page: http://www.loompanics.com/ Carries unusual, controversial, and hard-to-find books. Catalog (and books!) banned in some countries. Some content may be offensive. [1999.09.10] Second Renaissance Books 143 West Street New Milford, CT 06776 860-355-7164 (orders) 860-354-5448 (office) Email: inquiries.AT.secondrenaissance.com Web Page: http://www.secondrenaissance.com/ Biggest outlet of material written by Ayn Rand and other Objectivists. Sees itself as appealing to "admirers of Ayn Rand and other individuals with an interest in rational ideas". Founded 1985. [1999.09.10] Turney Audio and Video PO Box 36564 Richmond, VA 23235 804-276-9255 Email: Jim.AT.look.com [unable to verify 1999.09.10] World's largest collection of video and audio tapes of libertarian/free-market conferences, conventions, speakers, presentations, etc. World Research Institute (& WRI Films) PO Box 9359 San Diego, CA 92169 619-456-5278 [unable to verify 1999.09.10] Produces excellent liberty-based educational films on economics, inflation, social justice, poverty, etc. No connection with several other organizations of vaguely similar name. Contact: Dan Loeffler Go back to table of contents. _________________________________________________________________ Children and Families California Homeschool Network PO Box 55485 Hayward, CA 94545 800-327-5339 Email: chnmail.AT.aol.com Web Page: http://www.comenius.org/chn/ "CHN Exists to provide resources and information about homeschooling; to protect fundamental right of family to educate its children at home in manner it deems appropriate without regulation; and to foster community among home educators in California." Founded 1994. [1999.09.10] Center for Market-Based Education 201 N. Central Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85004 602-256-7027 Email: info.AT.cmbe.org Web Page: http://www.cmbe.org/ "...to support and defend the principle of choice in public education." Newsletter: The Bellwether. Mostly, this group promotes Charter Schools. [1999.09.27] Separation of School & State Alliance 4578 N. First, #310 Fresno, CA 93726 559-292-1776 Email: separate.AT.sepschool.org Web Page: http://www.sepschool.org/ Wants to get the government out of the education business. Offers a proclamation which concludes "Therefore, we must end government compulsion in education funding, attendance, and content. Separation of school and state is essential to restore parental responsibility and create an environment of educational freedom in which students and teachers can flourish." Founder: Marshall Fritz. [1999.09.10] Libertarian Familist PO Box 4826 El Paso, TX 79914-4826 915-755-6940 [unable to verify 1999.09.10] Family oriented childrens' rights advocates. Publishes Libertarian Familist. Go back to table of contents. _________________________________________________________________ College Organizations I've given up on trying to maintain this section -- I just don't have time to keep tracking things down. See the Web pages listed at http://www.mit.edu:8001/activities/libertarians/lscwn.html for a partial listing. Go back to table of contents. _________________________________________________________________ Communities Abapa Freer PO Box 759 Veneta, OR 97487 [unable to verify 1999.09.13] Sampler of areas having attraction for libertarians. ($1 cash preferred.) From mentions elsewhere on (old) web pages, this appears to be some sort of anarchist publication. Freedom Now Mary Margaret Glennie 1317 Lakewood Dr. Fort Collins, CO 80521 [unable to verify 1999.09.13] Attracting libertarians to Ft. Collins, CO. Send $1 and SASE for more info. This item is from 1995 and probably long defunct. Port Watson Project Port Watson Foundation 2405 Lancashire 2A Ann Arbor, MI 48105 313-213-2074 Email: Kevin Bloom 23utopia.AT.CRIS.COM Creating an intentional (libertarian) resort community, originally to be on a small, privately owned island in the Bahamas.... economy will be based on tourism, hydroponic agriculture and information-age technologies (telecommuting). Once had a web page at portwatson.org but it's gone... [1999.09.13] Go back to table of contents. _________________________________________________________________ Computer Mailing Lists I am no longer maintaining this list -- see the list at http://www.rahul.net/dehnbase/liberml/ for current information. Go back to table of contents. _________________________________________________________________ Drug Policy Note: an extensive list of Drug Policy organizations can be found on the web at http://freedomnet.org/drugs.html American Anti-Prohibition League 3125 SE Belmont St. Portland, Oregon 97214 503-235-4524 Email: Floyd Landrath aal01.AT.teleport.com (No more information at present time.) [1999.09.14] Americans for Medical Rights 626 Santa Monica Blvd. #41 Santa Monica, CA 90401 310-394-2952 Email: Bill Zimmerman 76322.1165.AT.compuserve.com The organization that led the drive for Proposition 215 (medical marijuana) in California in 1996. Now working on other states. [1999.09.14] Common Sense for Drug Policy Foundation 3220 N Street, NW, #141 Washington, DC 20007 703-354-5694 Email: Kevin Zeese info.AT.csdp.org Web Page: http://www.csdp.org/ Fights mandatory minimum sentencing and other insanities of the War on Drugs; provides legal assistance, public education, expertise and consultation to public figures, etc. "...dedicated to expanding discussion on drug policy..." [1999.09.15] Drug Reform Coordination Network 2000 P Street NW #615 Washington, DC 20036 202-293-8340 Email: drcnet.AT.drcnet.org Web Page: http://www.drcnet.org/ "...working for drug policy reform from a variety of perspectives, including harm reduction, reform of sentencing and forfeiture laws, medicalization of currently schedule I drugs, and promotion of an open debate on drug prohibition." Founded 1993. [1999.09.14] Drug Policy Foundation 4455 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite B-500 Washington, DC 20008-2328 202-537-5005 Email: dpf.AT.dpf.org Web Page: http://www.dpf.org/ Advocates legalization of drugs and humane treatment of addicts. Runs conferences, sells books and videos. Publishes newsletter: Drug Policy Newsletter. [1999.09.14] Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM) 1612 K Street NW, Suite 1400 Washington, DC 20006 202-822-6700 Email: famm.AT.famm.org Web Page: http://www.famm.org/ "....working to repeal federal and state mandatory sentencing laws that remove judicial discretion. To ensure equity and fairness at all stages of the sentencing process, FAMM also works to improve sentencing guidelines." Founded 1991. [1999.09.14] The Freedom Organisation for the Right to Enjoy Smoking Tobacco (FOREST) 2 Grosvenor Gardens London SW1W 0DH United Kingdom +44 71 823 6550 [unable to verify 1999.09.14] (No more information at present time.) Legalise Cannabis Campaign BM Cannabis 2455 London, WC1N 3XX +742 425122 or +71 585 1031 [unable to verify 1999.09.14] They publish a magazine The Hookah and have information on Cannabis & the Law/Health/Economics/etc. Marijuana Policy Project P.O. Box 77492 Capitol Hill Washington, D.C. 20013 202-462-5747 Email: mpp.AT.mpp.org Web Page: http://www.mpp.org/ A lobbying organization committed to federal marijuana law reform. Founded 1995. [1999.09.14] National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) The NORML Foundation 1001 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 710 Washington, DC 20036 888-676-6765 202-483-5500 (??) Email: norml.AT.aol.com Web Page: http://www.norml.org/ Advocates legalization of marijuana. Newsletter: The Leaflet Founded 1970. [1999.09.14] National Drug Strategy Network 1225 I Street NW, Suite 500 Washington, DC 20009 202-835-9075 (??) Email: ndsn.AT.ndsn.org Web Page: http://www.ndsn.org/ Devoted to circulating information about the debate over illicit drugs. Newsletter: Newsbriefs [1999.09.14] Religious Coalition for a Moral Drug Policy 3421 M St. NW, Suite 351 Washington, DC 20007 Argues for an end to the Drug War on religious and moral grounds. Founded 1990. [1999.09.14] Washington Hemp Education Network PO Box 1217 Olympia, WA 98507 360-866-6523 Email: Bob Owen when.AT.olywa.net Web Page: http://www.olywa.net/when/ "W.H.E.N. is a community of volunteer hemp activists providing verfiable information on cannabis. We counteract disinformation, and work to change cannabis laws that harm all Americans and their environment. We want to create informed citizenry, reclassify medicinal marijuana, promote industrial hemp, and end cannabis prohibition." [1999.09.08] Go back to table of contents. _________________________________________________________________ Employment Employment Policies Institute Suite 1200 1775 Pennsylvania Ave, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20006-4605 202-463-7650 Email: epi.AT.epionline.org Web Page: http://www.epionline.org/ Research organization dedicated to expanding employment opportunities at all levels of America's economy. "...focuses on issues that affect entry level employment..." "...sponsors nonpartisan research which is conducted by independent economists at major universities around the country." [1999.09.23] Go back to table of contents. _________________________________________________________________ Environment Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment 945 Technology Blvd., Suite 101F Bozeman, MT 59718 406-585-1776 Email: free.AT.mcn.net Web Page: http://www.free-eco.org/ Promotes public policy reform supporting conservation & wise use of natural resources based on property rights, reliance on market processes. [1999.09.23] Political Economy Research Center 502 South 19th Avenue Bozeman, MT 59718 406-587-9591 Email: perc.AT.perc.org Web Page: http://www.perc.org/ "A market-oriented think tank focusing on environmental and natural resource issues. Our research and policy analysis covers endangered species, forestry, fisheries, parks, public lands, property rights, Superfund, water, and environmental education." Specializes in natural resource economics, hazardous waste policy, Native American issues; publishes PERC Reports, also books & op-ed pieces. [1999.09.23] National Wilderness Institute PO Box 25766 Washington, DC 20007 703-836-7404 Email: nwi.AT.nwi.org Web Page: http://www.nwi.org/ "The voice of reason on the environment" ... "We believe that an informed public can make the best decisions regarding environmental policies...." [1999.09.23] The Nature Conservancy 4245 North Fairfax Drive, Suite 100 Arlington Virginia 22203-1606 703-841-5300 Web Page: http://www.tnc.org/ Works to preserve and protect the environment by "preserving habitats and species by buying the lands and waters they need to survive." . . "The Nature Conservancy operates the largest private system of nature sanctuaries in the world -- more than 1,500 preserves in the United States alone." Above address is their "international headquarters", but they have offices in 49 states and overseas. [1999.09.23] Go back to table of contents. _________________________________________________________________ Feminism Association of Libertarian Feminists PO Box 20252 London Terrace New York, NY 10011 212-924-4345 (??) Web Page: http://www.alf.org/ Seeks to provide a libertarian alternative to those aspects of the wonen's movement that discourage independence and individuality. Publishes ALF News and discussion papers. [1999.09.23] Feminists Against Censorship BM Box 207 London WC1N 3XX +44 81 552 4405 [unable to verify 1999.09.23] Founded in 1989 by women to campaign against censorship from a feminist perspective. Feminists for Free Expression 2525 Times Square Station New York, NY 10108-2525 212-702-6292 Email: freedom.AT.well.com Web Page: http://www.well.com/user/freedom/ Works to opposes censorship and banning of books etc., especially by pointing out how such efforts divert attention from the substantive causes of social ills and offer a cosmetic, dangerous "quick fix." "To suppress free speech in the name of protecting women is dangerous and wrong." Founded 1992. [1999.09.23] The Women's Freedom Network 4410 Massachusetts Ave NW, Suite 179 Washington, D.C. 20016 202-885-6245 Web Page: http://www.womensfreedom.org/ "The Women's Freedom Network was founded in early 1993 by a group of women who were seeking alternatives to extremist ideological feminism and the anti-feminist traditionalism. It believes in the full participation of women in every area of American life. It celebrates the achievements women have already made, and it views women's issues in light of a philosophy that defines women and men as individuals and not in terms of gender. It does not set different standards of excellence, morality, or justice for men and women." [1999.09.23] Go back to table of contents. _________________________________________________________________ Free Market Adam Smith Institute (USA) 305 9th St., SE Washington, DC 20003 202-544-8071 Educational and research institute based in England. Publishes studies on privatization and deregulation, and suggests free market policy applications. American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) PO Box 1000 Great Barrington, MA 01230 413-528-1216 Email: aierpubs@aier.org Web Page: http://www.aier.org/ Introductory economics, useful cost-of-living calculator on website, various books and publications available. Founded 1933. [1999.12.20] Atlas Foundation 4084 University Drive, Suite 103 Fairfax, VA 22030 703-352-0525 Expounds principle that economic actions have economic consequences; helps set up new free-market think tanks; publishes Highlights and Atlas Report. Cascade Policy Institute 813 S.W. Alder, Suite 707 Portland, OR 97205 503-242-0900 Email: info.AT.CascadePolicy.org Web Page: http://www.cascadepolicy.org/ "Oregon's free market think tank". Promotes both individual freedom and economic liberty in Oregon through publications, commentaries, speakers, and events. Center for the Study of Market Alternatives 2399 S. Orchard Boise, ID 208-368-7811 Conducts free-market seminars for teachers and the general public, and debate seminars for high schools. Publishes CSMA Newsletter. Center for Market Processes George Mason University 4084 University Drive, Suite 208 Fairfax, VA 22030 703-993-1142 Group of academics and graduate students who apply market process analysis to problems and organizations. Citizens for a Sound Economy 1250 H Street, NW, #700 Washington, DC 20005-3908 202-783-3870 Email: cse.AT.cse.org Web Page: http://www.cse.org/cse/ Free market public interest advocacy organization; lobbies for free-market legislation (e.g. Individual Retirement Accounts, free trade, privatization & deregulation). Also offers information through The CSE Foundation. Competitive Enterprise Institute 1001 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 1250 Washington, DC 20036 202-331-1010 Explores free-market solutions to environmental problems, antitrust reform & trade; sponsors Jefferson Group pro-market information exchange forum. Fraser Institute 626 Bute Street Vancouver, BC Canada V6E 3M1 604-688-0221 Web Page: http://www.fraserinstitute.ca Public policy research with free-market orientation; publishes books & studies on economic effects of government policy. Free Market Foundation: Russia PO Box 27251 Tucson, AZ 85726-7251 602-325-0598 Public policy foundation; publishes newspapers in Moscow. Free Market Foundation of Southern Africa PO Box 52713 Saxonwood, South Africa 2173 642-4407 Promotes privatization, deregulation & the free-market; publishes books & studies; sponsors conferences. Heartland Institute 634 S. Wabash Ave., 2nd Floor Chicago, IL 60605 312-427-3060 Web Page: http://www.heartland.org/ Provides privatization and deregulation studies and conferences aimed at Midwest news editors, news directors and legislative aides. The Independent Institute 100 Swan Way Oakland, CA 94621-1428 800-927-8733 (U.S. only); 510-568-6047 (outside U.S.) Email: David J. Theroux, President DTheroux.AT.independent.org Web Page: http://www.independent.org/ Public Policy institute. Sponsors non-political studies into critical public issues; publishes books and a book catalog; publishes The Independent Review; conducts conferences. John Locke Institute 4084 University Drive, Suite 102 Fairfax, VA 22030 (No more information at present time.) Knowledge Network Foundation 14307 23rd Ave. SW Seattle, WA 98166 206-248-0510 Not-for-profit educational foundation whose goal is to disseminate market-oriented research. Ludwig von Mises Institute 518 W. Magnolia Avenue Auburn, AL 36832-4528 334-844-2500 Email: mail.AT.mises.org Web Page: http://www.mises.org/ Promotes Mises' principles with seminars, books; publishes The Free Market, The Mises Review (book reviews), The Review of Austrian Economics (a scholarly journal) and Austrian Economics Newsletter. Occasionally strays in a paleo-conservative direction, and its officers have been known to make very anti-libertarian pronouncements on unrelated subjects, but is still very good for all that. Manhattan Institute 52 Vanderbelt Ave. New York, NY 10017 212-599-7000 Promotes the free market with books, symposia & Manhattan Report for scholars, officials & the public. Pacific Research Institute 177 Post St. San Francisco, CA 94108 415-989-0833 Publishes studies & books on market solutions to social, economic, environmental issues. Young America's Foundation 110 Elden St. Herndon, VA 22070 703-318-9608 Voice for liberty and free markets on college campuses. Sponsors free-market speakers for college students. Go back to table of contents. _________________________________________________________________ Free Speech American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) 125 Broad Street, 18th Floor New York, NY 10004-2400 212-944-9800 (??) Web Page: http://www.aclu.org/ Defends free speech, fights the draft, and supports civil liberties. Claims to support the Bill of Rights, but ranges from indifferent to hostile on the subject of Second Amendment rights. Very strong in fighting censorship and other repression of free speech. Founded 1920. [1999.09.16] The Center for Democracy and Technology 1634 Eye Street NW, Suite 1100 Washington, DC 20006 202-637-9800 Email: info.AT.cdt.org Web Page: http://www.cdt.org/ "The center's mission is to develop and advocate public policies that advance constitutional civil liberties and democratic values in new computer and communications technologies." Publishes CDT Policy Post electronically. Founded 1995. [1999.09.16] Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) 1550 Bryant Street, Suite 725 San Francisco CA 94103-4832 415-436-9333 Email: ask.AT.eff.org Web Page: http://www.eff.org/ Public policy/civil liberties organization that works to empower individuals in the new information society, and to ensure that traditional Constitutional rights continue to exist in "cyberspace". Thus, it promotes policies that support such things as freedom of speech, privacy, encryption, and access to the information infrastructure. Founded 1990. [1999.09.16] Feminists Against Censorship See entry under Feminism. Free Press Association P.O. Box 63 Port Hadlock, WA 98339 614-291-1441 old? Professional organization to encourage excellence in libertarian journalism and develop an international communications network among libertarian professionals. Gives out Mencken Awards for civil libertarian journalism and cartooning Individual Rights Project Center for the Study of Popular Culture 12400 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604 800-538-3152 (No more information at present time.) Go back to table of contents. _________________________________________________________________ Gun Policy Gun Owners of America 8001 Forbes Pl., Suite 102 Springfield, VA 22151 703-321-8585 Email: goamail.AT.gunowners.org Web Page: http://www.gunowners.org/ Supports legislation that respects the right to self-defense and responsible gun ownership; opposes legislation that does not. Publishes The Gun Owners newsletter. Assembles fact sheets and other materials for effective activism at both state and federal levels. [1999.09.16] Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership PO Box 270143 Hartford, WI 53027 414-673-9745 Email: jpfo.AT.jpfo.org Web Page: http://www.jpfo.org/ "America's Most Aggressive Defender of Firearms Ownership." Membership open to all law-abiding firearms-owners. [1999.09.16] Libertarian Second Amendment Caucus (No more information at present time.) National Rifle Association of America 1600 Rhode Island Ave. NW (??) Washington, DC 20036 (??) 202-828-6000 (??) Web Page: http://www.nra.org/ Lobbies for and against bills in Congress and in states, etc. Offers training in responsible and safe gun ownership. [1999.09.16] Second Amendment Foundation James Madison Building 12500 NE Tenth Place Bellevue, WA 98005 425-454-7012 Email: info.AT.saf.org Web Page: http://www.saf.org/ Literary research and publishing organization. Publishes Gun Week, Women & Guns, Gun News Digest, and other materials. "...dedicated to promoting a better understanding about our Constitutional heritage to privately own and possess firearms." [1999.10.06] Go back to table of contents. _________________________________________________________________ Health Policy National Health Federation PO Box 688 Monrovia, CA 91017 818-357-2181 (No more information at present time.) Go back to table of contents. _________________________________________________________________ Legal Federalist Society for Law & Public Policy Studies 1015 18th Street, NW, Suite 425 Washington, DC 20036 202-822-8138 Web Page: http://www.fed-soc.org/index.htm Promotes the principles of limited government and a limited judiciary within the legal community. Describes itself as "a group of conservatives and libertarians" so be forwarned. [1999.09.08] Forfeiture Endangers American Rights PO Box 33985 Washington, DC 20033-3985 888-FEAR-001 (888-332-7001) Email: tomgordon.AT.fear.org Web Page: http://www.fear.org/ Fights against asset forfeiture; educates public on abuses of civil asset forfeiture laws in various cases (drug and others). Fights "to restore due process and protect the property rights of innocent people". Note that only 8 of the 200 federal offenses for which forfeiture applies are drug offenses! [1999.09.08] Fully Informed Jury Association PO Box 59 Helmville, MT 59843 406-793-5550 Web Page: http://www.fija.org/ "FIJA is a non-profit educational association whose mission is to inform all Americans about their rights, powers and responsibilties when serving as trial jurors. FIJA also seeks to restore the political function of the jury as the final check and balance on the American system of government. It is supported by tax-deductible contributions and foundation grants." Newsletter: FIJA Activist [1999.09.08] Help Abolish Legal Tyranny (HALT) 1612 K Street, NW, Suite 510 Washington, DC 20006 888-367-4258 Email: halt.AT.halt.org Web Page: http://www.halt.org/ "...dedicated to the principle that all Americans should be able to handle their legal affairs simply, affordably and equitably." Works to prevent and redress legal abuses by lawyers. Founded 1976. [1999.09.15] Institute for Justice 1717 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Suite 200 Washington, DC 20006 202-955-1300 Web Page: http://www.ij.org/ Advocates economic liberty, educational choice, and private property rights as three of the most powerful forces for positive change in the inner city. "Founded in 1991, the Institute for Justice is what a civil liberties law firm should be. As our nation's only libertarian public interest law firm, we pursue cutting-edge litigation in the courts of law and in the court of public opinion on behalf of individuals whose most basic rights are denied by the State -- rights like economic liberty, private property rights, and the right to free speech, not only on paper but also on the Internet." [1999.09.08] Libertarian Law Council c/o Manuel S. Klausner, Chairman One Bunker Hill Building, Suite 800 601 West Fifth Street Los Angeles, CA 90071 213-617-0414 Email: MKlaus.AT.aol.com [unable to verify 1999.09.08] (No more information at present time.) Pacific Legal Foundation 10360 Old Placerville Road, Suite 100 Sacramento, CA 95827 916-362-2833 E-mail plf@pacificlegal.org Web Page: http://www.pacificlegal.org/ "Pacific Legal Foundation was established to provide an effective voice in the courts for mainstream thinking -- a voice that speaks for less government and the preservation of free enterprise, private property rights and individual liberties." Founded 1973. [1999.09.08] Go back to table of contents. _________________________________________________________________ Miscellaneous Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty 161 Ottawa NW, Suite 301 Grand Rapids, MI 49503 616-454-3080 Email: info.AT.acton.org Web Page: http://www.acton.org/ Promotes a contemporary understanding of the Classical Liberal philosophy of liberty and free markets; targets clergy and seminarians. Holds conferences, publishes a newsletter, does op-ed pieces. "The mission of the Institute is to promote a free society characterized by individual liberty and sustained by religious principles." [1999.09.08] American Justice Federation 3850 S. Emerson Ave., Suite E. Indianapolis, IN 46203 317-780-5204 Produced Waco, The Big Lie video. American Motorcyclists Association PO Box 61114 Westerville, OH 43081 800-262-5646 (No more information at present time.) Candlestick Publishing P.O. Box 39241 San Antonio, TX 78218-1241 Email: David Alter davydoodle_.AT.hotmail.com Web Page: http://business.fortunecity.com/simplot/708/ "Books on Faith and Freedom: A catalog containing often otherwise unavailable books and materials on the subject of freedom." Basically, these are Christian Libertarians. [1999.09.16] The Centre for Independent Studies PO Box 92 St Leonards, NSW 1590 Australia 02-9438-4377 Email: cis.AT.cir.org.au Web Page: http://www.cis.org.au/ "The leading independent public policy research institute in Australia and New Zealand." Promotes free markets, individual liberty, "democratic government under the rule of law", and a "free civil society". Founded 1976. [1999.09.16] Center for the Study of Public Choice George Mason University 4400 University Dr. Fairfax, VA 22030 703-993-2330 (No more information at present time.) Center for Libertarian Studies (CLS) PO Box 4091 Burlingame, CA 94011 800-325-7257 415-692-8456 Holds conferences, seminars & symposia for "scholarly business people." Publishes In Pursuit of Liberty Newsletter and Journal of Libertarian Studies Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation 1401 I Street, NW, Suite 300 Washington, DC 20005 202-842-4616 Private charity that seeks to advance the understanding and appreciation of the value of a free society in advancing the well-being of mankind. Offers grants and programs to support the development and application of market-based solutions to pressing social problems. Citizens for Safe Government, Inc. PO Box 80949 Atlanta, GA 30366 404-841-9057 Southeastern constitutional rights organization and is not affiliated with any political party. Constructive Action, Inc. c/o Herbert A. Philbrick PO Box 312 Rye Beach, NH 03871 Seeks to support and strengthen "the ideals of American liberty" represented in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Free Nation Foundation 111 West Corbin Street Hillsborough, NC 27278 Advancing the day when coercive institutions of government can be replaced by voluntary institutions of civil mutual consent. Publishes Formulations Freedom School Seminars 4415 W. Pacific Coast Hwy. Newport Beach, CA 92663 714-650-5259 Runs 40-hour seminars teaching the principles of freedom. Institute for Liberty and Community Concord, VT 05824 802-695-2555 Research institute engaged in public policy, research and publication dealing with preservation of individual liberty, restoration of the small scale human community, and changing federal, state, and local tax policies. Liberty Fund/Liberty Press 8335 Allison Pointe Trail, Suite 500 Indianapolis, IN 46250 317-842-0880 Educational foundation to encourage study of the ideal of a society of free and responsible individuals. National Motrists Association 6678 Pertzborn Road Dane, WI 53529 (800) 882-2785 (No more information at present time.) National Secular Society (NSS) 702 Holloway Road London N19 3NL United Kingdom Founded in 1886 and asserts that "supernaturalism is based upon ignorance and assails it as the historic enemy of progress." Rampart Institute (RI) PO Box 22231 Carmel, CA 93922 408-626-8417 Seeks to foster public awareness of libertarian/individualist ideas. Publishes Rampart Individualist Seniors Against Federal Extravagance (SAFE) 206 Main Street Odessa, DE 19730-0602 302-475-7060 (Bill Morris, president) Web Page: http://www.s-a-f-e.org/ Concentrates on retirement issues from a moderately Libertarian perspective; supports Individual Medical Accounts and partial privatisation of Social Security; non-partisan and 501(C)3; "no age limit for membership". Founded 1997. [1999.11.04] Social Philosophy and Policy Center Bowling Green State University Bowling Green, OH 43403 419-372-2536 (No more information at present time.) Go back to table of contents. _________________________________________________________________ Objectivism Ayn Rand Institute The Center for the Advancement of Objectivism 4640 Admiralty Way, Suite 406 Marina del Rey, CA 90292 Email: mail.AT.aynrand.org Web Page: http://www.aynrand.org/ Seeks to promote and expound Rand's philosophy (Objectivism) with various resources and activities. Founded in 1985 by Leonard Peikoff, it currently has an annual budget over $1.5 million. Central Jersey Objectivists Daniel C. Ust Email: neptune.AT.mars.superlink.net Apparently disbanded as of Sept. '96 per email from Daniel Ust. Old newsletters "In Principle" are being made available at http://mars.superlink.net/neptune/InPrin.html as of July 1999. Front Range Objectivist Group Lin Zinser 8700 Dover Court Westminster, CO 80005 (No more information at present time.) Institute for Objectivist Studies 82 Washington St., Suite 207 Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 914-471-6100 (No more information at present time.) The New Intellectual Forum Marsh Enright 9400 South Damon Ave. Chicago, IL 60620 (No more information at present time.) The Objectivist Club of Michigan David Oyerly 1175-D Kirts Blvd. Troy, MI 48084 Email: reedstrom.AT.fullcontext.org Publishes Full Context. Washington Metropolitan Study Group Mark Lerner 2384 Hunters Square Court Reston VA 22091 (No more information at present time.) Go back to table of contents. _________________________________________________________________ Political Central Massachusetts Liberty Coalition P.O. Box 2336 Worcester, MA 01613 508-754-1859 Email: George Phillies phillies.AT.wpi.edu Web Page: http://www.cmlc.org/ Political activist group. Supports pro-liberty parties and events via educational action. Focus is Massachusetts Congressional Districts 1, 2, 3, and 5. Encourages local activism. Growing Web Pages. Democratic Freedom Caucus P.O. Box 9466 Baltimore, MD 21228 Email: romike.AT.crosslink.net Web Page: http://www.progress.org/dfc/ A "progressive libertarian" group within the Democratic Party. Very good site for shattering the bizarre myth that Libertarians are somehow just a variety of conservatives. Libertarian Party of Canada 1 St. John's Road, Suite 301 Toronto, Ontario M6P 4C7 416-763-3688 Web Page: http://clipper.uvic.ca/GVLA/lpcan.html Runs candidates for public office; conducts an annual convention. Libertarian Party of U.S.A. (See entry under Major Libertarian Organizations.) Liberty Amendment Committee of the U.S.A. PO Box 20888 El Cajon, CA 92021 619-579-8500 Purpose is to promote the passage of a Liberty Amendment (repeatedly introduced in Congress as H.J. Res. 23) and "to reduce the size and cost of the federal government to those functions specified by the Constitution." Republican Liberty Caucus 611 Pennsylvania Ave #370 Washington, DC 20003 800-752-9646 Web Page: http://www.rlc.org/ Infamous throughout the libertarian movement in the 1980s and early 1990s for their founders' repeated slanderous attacks on Libertarian Party candidates, this group has matured somewhat and appears to have settled down to the serious (even if likely futile) business of trying to persuade Republicans to embrace the ideas of Liberty. Although annoying when they confuse conservative ideas with libertarian ones, they are nonetheless interesting. Web site was down for a long time and recently restored. Go back to table of contents. _________________________________________________________________ Publications Access To Energy PO Box 1250 Cave Junction, OR 97523 A Pro-Science, Pro-Technology, Pro-Free Enterprise Monthly Newsletter. American Enterprise 1150 17th St. NW Washington, DC 20036 202-862-5800 (No more information at present time.) Anumeralist PO Box 2084 Norristown, PA 19404 Bimonthly publication against government serial numbers. $5/year (cash only). Aristos PO Box 1105 Radio City Station New York, NY 10101 Bills itself as a "journal of aesthetics." Newsletter style. Previous issues have included critical discussions of Rand's theory of art. $20/yr (6 issues). Atlantis PO Box Box 94332 Seattle, WA 98124-6632 An aesthetics magazine written by Objectivists. Ballot Access News PO Box 470296 San Francisco, CA 94147 415-922-9779 Email: ban.AT.igc.apc.org Web Page: http://www.ballot-access.org/index.html Newsletter of the struggle to end official USA government discrimination against alternate political parties. Extensive reporting on legal cases, party statuses, etc. $11/yr (12 issues). [1999.09.02] Claustrophobia 400 N. High St. #137 Columbus, OH 43215 Email: phobia.AT.bronze.coil.com Monthly newsletter for those interested in individual liberty and the philosophy behind politics. $10/yr. Critical Review P.O. Box 1254, Dept. W Danbury, CT 06813 203-794-1312 Email: critrev.AT.aol.com A 160-page interdisciplinary quarterly that devotes special attention to the nature, politics, and history of capitalism and the modern state, especially to help evaluate their effects on human well-being. Subscriptions: $15 students, $29 individuals, $35 foreign surface mail, $50 foreign air. Ethnic Enterprise News 16 Warren Lane London SE18 6BW United Kingdom A bi-monthly review concerned with ethnic groups and the market economy. The Exchange 711 15th St SE Cedar Rapids, IA 52403 319-364-1597 North America's Libertarian Culture Magazine. Sample issues $5. EXTROPY: The Journal of Transhumanist Thought Extropy Institute 13428 Maxella Avenue, #273 Marina del Rey, CA 90292 310-967-3989 Email: exi-info.AT.extropy.org Web Page: http://extropy.com/ "Extropy Institute acts as a networking and information center for those seeking to foster our continuing evolutionary advance by using technology to extend healthy life, augment intelligence, optimize psychology, and improve social systems." [1999.09.02] The Freethinker G.W. Foote & Company 702 Holloway Road London N19 3NL United Kingdom Britain's oldest freethinking monthly journal. A forthright secular view of the world. Further details from Full Context 1175-D Kirts Blvd. Troy, MI 48084 Email: editor.AT.fullcontext.org Web Page: http://www.fullcontext.org/ Contains interviews of prominent libertarians, book and movie reviews, letters and notes of interest. $25/yr (10 issues). Heterodoxy 12400 Ventura Blvd., Suite 304 Studio City, CA 91604 (No more information at present time.) Living Free PO Box 29F Hiler Branch Buffalo, NY 14223 Newsletter promotes self-liberation. $8/6 issues. Liberty Magazine PO Box 1181 Port Townsend, WA 98368 360-385-5097 Web Page: http://www.LibertySoft.com/liberty/ Liberty magazine has about 9,000 paid subscribers and sells about 4,000 copies per issue on newsstands (the best-seller on newsstands, according to them, of all libertarian periodicals). Bimonthly review of libertarian and classical liberal thought, culture and politics; contributors include major libertarian movement figures. Libertarian Party NEWS P.O. Box 3391 Gainesville, GA 30503 770-536-5243 Email: 71610.3614.AT.compuserve.com Official newspaper of the Libertarian Party of the United States. New Humanist Rationalist Press Association 14 Lamb's Conduit Passage London WC1R 4RH United Kingdom Quarterly journal of the Rationalist Press Association. Objectivity 3023 N. Clark St., Suite 238 Chicago, IL 60657 Web Page: http://www.bomis.com/objectivity Objectivist-leaning philosophy journal. $18/6 issues. Pragmatist PO Box 392 Forest Grove, PA 18922 (No more information at present time.) The Reality Check 34518 Warren, Suite 152 Westland, MI 48185 Reason Papers Tibor R. Machan Department of Philosophy Auburn University AL 36849 A libertarian-run philosophy journal. $15/issue. Regulation 224 2nd St. SE Washington, DC 20003 202-546-0200 (No more information at present time.) SALON: A Journal of Aesthetics 305 West Magnolia, Ste. 386 Fort Collins, CO 80521 (No more information at present time.) Taking Children Seriously (TCS) 23 Whitley Road London N17 6RJ United Kingdom +81 808 3200 One of the only libertarian magazines worldwide that focuses on issues affecting children. It provides a forum for discussing ideas challenging traditional wisdom about how children learn and how they should be treated. The Voluntaryist PO BOX 1275 Gramling, SC 29348 Web Page: http://members.aol.com/vlntryst/ "Voluntaryists are advocates of non-political strategies to achieve a free society. We reject electoral politics, in theory and in practice, as incompatible with libertarian principles." Bimonthly publication explores non-political strategies for achieving liberty. Go back to table of contents. _________________________________________________________________ Taxes All-County Taxpayers Association PO Box 177 Star Route Glens Falls, NY 12801 518-656-3578 (No more information at present time.) Council for Citizens Against Government Waste 1301 Connecticut Ave.,NW, Suite 400 Washington, DC 20036 202-467-5300 (No more information at present time.) Institute for the Research on the Economics of Taxation (IRET) 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 515 Washington, DC 20004 202-347-9570 Non-profit policy research and educational organization devoted to informing the public about policies that will promote economic growth and efficient operation of the free market economy. Lead or Leave 1100 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 1300 Washington, DC 20036 202-857-0808 800-44-CHANGE Non-profit organization focusing on deficit spending and the national debt to make them the most important issue in Washington. National Taxpayers Union 713 Maryland Ave., NE Washington, DC 20002 202-543-1300 800-TAX-HALT Does ratings of Congress and Senate members, governors, etc. Go back to table of contents. _________________________________________________________________ Term Limits Throw the Hypocritical Rascals Out (T.H.R.O.) 4127 W.Cypress St. Tampa, FL 33607 (No more information at present time.) US Term Limits 666 11th St. NW, Suite 840 Washington, DC 20001 800-733-6440 (No more information at present time.) Go back to table of contents. _________________________________________________________________ Think Tanks American Enterprise Institute 1150 17th St., NW Washington, DC 20036 202-862-5800 Private research organization dedicated to preserving and improving open and competitive private enterprise, limited and public spirited government, and strong and well-managed defense and foreign policies. Apparently owns a net address, but always refuses HTTP connections to same (aei.org). Cascade Policy Institute (See entry under Free Market.) Heritage Foundation 214 Massachusetts Ave., NE Washington, DC 20002-4999 202-546-4400 Email: info.AT.heritage.org Web Page: http://www.heritage.org/ Public policy research institute designed to make the voices of "responsible conservatism" heard. Some research of interest to libertarians, but be careful of religious-conservative bias. "The Heritage Foundation is committed to rolling back the liberal welfare state and building an America where freedom, opportunity, and civil society flourish." [1999.09.02] Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace Stanford University Stanford, CA 94305-6010 650-723-0603 Web Page: http://www-hoover.stanford.edu/ "The Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, Stanford University, is a world-renowned library and archives, and a unique center of scholarship and public policy research, committed to generating ideas that define a free society." . . . "The purpose of the Institution is to promote peace." Founded 1919. [1999.09.02] Independence Institute 14142 Denver West Pkwy, Suite 185 Golden, CO 80401 303-279-6536 Web Page: http://i2i.org/ "The Independence Institute is established upon the eternal truths of the Declaration of Independence. Founded in 1985, the Independence Institute is a non-partisan, non-profit public policy research organization dedicated to providing timely information to concerned citizens, government officials, and public opinion leaders." [1999.09.02] John Locke Foundation 200 West Morgan Street, Suite 200 Raleigh, NC 27601 919-828-3876 Web Page: http://www.johnlocke.org/ Non-profit policy institute to conduct research, disseminate information, and advance public understanding of society based on individual liberty, voluntary exchanges of a free market economy, and limited government. "The John Locke Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, nonpartisan research institute dedicated to improving public policy debate in North Carolina." [1999.09.02] National Center for Policy Analysis 12655 N. Central Expwy., Suite 720 Dallas, TX 75243-1739 972-386-6272 Web Page: http://www.ncpa.org/ Research foundation dedicated to the study and understanding of mechanisms by which a free society properly functions. Wide range of issues covered. [1999.09.07] Go back to table of contents. _________________________________________________________________ This document is part of A Liberty Library, which is located at http://www.daft.com/~rab/liberty/ on the Web. This document was created (in 1995) and is maintained by Bob Bickford rab.AT.daft.com and is based in part on previous work by Paul Schmidt pschmidt.AT.world.std.com and numerous others. Compilation copyright (c) 1995,96,97,98,99 Robert Bickford